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Ill 111!
They Didn't Stand Much
Show Against Britishers
National League
Club Won Lost Pot.
Pittsburg is s
Xcw York 14 : MW
Cincinnati IT IS .507
St. Louis I'i lrt .5"0
Brooklyn 12 12 .500
Philadelphia 11 13 .4.,$
Chicago 17 .Wi
Boston r. Is .217
Batteries: Demareo, Wiltse
Myers. McLean: Douk, Sallee
anil !
Evans and Weber Eliminat
ed and Britain Rejoices
Hopes of United States
Bashed in Third Round at
associated press dispatchj
SANDWICH, England, .May 21.
Charles W. Evans of Chicago ami
Harold Weber of Toledo, two surviv
ors of the ten American competitors
in the British amateur golf champion
ship, were eliminated in the fourth
round, and as a consequence there
is much jubilation anions? the follow
ers of the British golf players.
C. B. .MacFarlane, the Scotch
player who defeated Evans, played
better golf today than ever before,
and his 31 for the first nine holes
broke all records for the course.
There was no fault to find with
the game as played by the former
western open champion, but he was
not insnired. and his defeat was in
evitable. MacFarlane was five up.
and at the turn he was four up, with
two to play.
Detroit Washington
New York
St. Louis
Won Lost
Slugfest for Pirates
PITTSBURG, May 21. Pittsburg
hit Ayers and Alexander hard and
won the. opening game. Harmon
the Philadelphia hits scattered.
Score R.
Philadelphia 2
Pittsburg fi
Batteries: Avers, Alexander
Dooin: Harmon ami Gibson.
H. K.
12 0
in o
. . 21
. . 17
. 14
.. 13
. . 14
. . 12
. . 14
Federal League
Club Won Lost Pet.
Baltimore 1 '1 .75H
St. Louis Ifi II ..117
Chicago 14 14 .500
Indianapolis BI 1" .500
Brooklyn 11 11 .500
Buffalo 12 13 .4S0
Kansas City 12 17 .414
Pittsburg 1" 17 .:17
Coast League '
club Won Lost IV t.
Venice 29 1!
San Francisco 28 21 .571
Los Angeles 2.r. 23 .521
Sacramento 22 2.". .46$
Portland 1 24 .442
Oakland IS 21' .SnS
.500 !
.."ulij I
.4S3 '
! and Deiiiitr
' White Sox
Hai"s coming Back J
CHICAGO, May 21. The batting of
Chase, who ma.le four hits, one of i
them a triple, in four times at bat,
figured largely in
victory over Boston.
pitched a masterly garni-
the sixth inning.
B tteries: Bonn and Schall.
son, Leonard and Cady.
except m i
o i!
.lohn- '
It's a Long Streak
WASHINGTON, May 21. The lo
cals continued their winning streak
by taking the first game of the series
from St. Lotus. At the end of the
ninth inning the score was 4 to 4,
with two out. Moeller started for third
nd score! when Wares
National League
Philadelphia at Pittsburg.
Brooklyn at Cincinnati.
Ilimion at Chicago.
New York at St.
from second
threw wild
St. Louis . .
and Agnew;
. (
teller . JikfMJ fSvti&feJ:
Finest Concert Given Rendition By
Organization This Year
j Trinity Pro-Cathedral stood behind
I the concert of the Phoenix choral
society last night and the society
under the direction of William Gon
j rati .Mills, reciprocated by doing their
best work of the season,
i The concert was for the purpose
j of creating a fund for a pipe organ
I for the new F.pisropal cathedral an,!
j the vehicle they used was "lieth
jany," a sacred cantata by Ilhys
j Herbert and Wm. ApMadoc. It will
j never rank as one of the great
! works. it is sweet enough in its
j music, but one. tires of sweets as
I a steady diet, it is lacking in variety
land badly in ne,ed of climaxes but.
: it is too hot for serious criticism.
I The work of the society was most
j pleasing, they sang well and showed
1 marked improvement over anything
1 we have ever heard them do. The
voices were better balanced and the
! ensemble
spots excellent.
The work of
sisting of Miss
uno; Mrs. Barr
violins; Albert
was good,
the orchestra, con
Nellie TeasdaUs pi
and Carl Lindstrom.
Wolfe, viola, and A.
. 4
If. F..
1 0
S 2
anil Henry.
Left io right : Ouimct, Evans and Travers.
G. L. Baxter Takes Charge of DuBois
Company Chase Trucks Being
Tried Out Prove Good
American League
Louis at Washington.
Detroit at Philadelphia.
cteveland at New York.
Chicago at Boston.
Proprietor DuBois of the Cole motor
nrtr- ntrencv here, has signed G. L.
Baxter for the season as sales man
ager. As a seller of cars, i.ny sort
from coal to Cole, Baxter bats well
over .400 any series in the schedule.
He has already taken charge ami put
a. lot of pep into the force.
Three of the Chase trucks, which
are handled by this concern were
placed with local firms the past week.
.Woodlawn dairy is using one, having
replaced Dobbin and the nnik wagon.
Ninety miles of service every
th record of the motor milk-
The Valley Meat company is
nnA of the light delivery cars.
Bertram Bros, are discarding
mntoreveles :ind hiking to and
their electrical jobs with a Chase.
Delivery has been made of a new
Cole six-cylinder seven-passenger car
to Mrs. Clyde M. Ferry of this city.
Another Cole sale was made to James
A. Johnson, the well-known cattleman.
He .is going east on an extended trip;
will attend the big race at Indianapo
lis May 20; meets his car at the fac
tory, and drives it
Federal League
Louis at Pittsburg.
Chicago at Baltimore.
Kansas City at Brooklyn.
Indianapolis at Buffalo.
I Poor Old Ed!
: PHILADF.LPHIA. May 21. Detroit
j drove Plruik off the rubber in tjie sec-
end inning and his successors. Shaw-
key and 'ovaleski. were both taken
I out in the third inning.
I Score
j Batteries: Covaleski, (
I Stallage; Plank, Shawkey,
j 1'eunoek and Schang.
. . C. 13 3
. . 4 il 2
ivet and
Coast League
Venice at Sacramento.
Portland at Oakland.
San Francisco at I
day is
won the
Cleveland. (
in the earlv
Yanks Beats Naps
YOISK, -May 21. New York
first game of the series from
dlamore was hit i freely
innings. Fisher pitched
but as
See the Conque !
AGO, May 21. In the first
Johnny Kvers, making his de
tbe visitors' captain against
a strong game for New York.
New York
Batteries: Collamon
Fisher and Gossett.
II. U.K.
and Bassler
back to Arizona.
Hire a little salesman
publican office. A Want
more customers than
:i The Re
Ad will see
vou on n.
his former team mates, walked and I
scored on Marnnvillc s triple.
Score p'- fl- K-
Boston s -
Chicago 1 " 1
Batteries: Tyler, and Cowrty:
Cheney. Smith and Bresnahau.
I All in One Space
j CINCINNATI. May 21. Bagon hsul
lone bad inning, the second, when
I Cincinnati scored seven runs on four
walks, four hits.
Brooklyn ,; J 1
j Cincinnati s " "
j Batteries: flagon and o. Miller. Er
'win: Ames, llowan and Clark.
Baltimore's Uphill Fight
BALTLMoKK, .May 21 Uuinn got
away to a bad start. Chicago getting
runs in the first inning. After that
he held the visitors to three hits with
out a tally and Baltimore finally won.
Score K.
Chicago 2
Baltimore 3
Batteries: Ifendrix and W
Quinn and Jtussell.
H. I".
7 4
12 1
lson :
, Phoenix riders who are members of
jibe Federation of American Motorcyc
lists, the national organization of two-
which is coordinate wirh the American
Automobile Association, are looking I
forw ard with interest to me nexi pi ev
idential cam-, aign. To date the strong
est candidates are the present incum
bent. Dr. B. J. Patterson, and A. B.
Coffman, manager oc the Motorcycle
Manufacturers' association. The latter
has now a campaign manager, a slo
gan and a platform, all in line for his
candidacy for president of the F. A. M.
Arthur Davidson lias taken the job of
campaign manager.
The Coffman campaign slogan is. "A
Bigger and Greater F. A. M."
The Coffman platform is as follows:
"An economical business administration.
"Efficient officers, working with the
'f cooperation of every member to build
up the federation to the highest stand
ard, that will demand just recognition
and protection for every rider.
"A president who will visit affiliated
clubs the country over.
"A arger representative membership.
"More activity in touring.
"An elimination of petty jealousies,
and a square deal to everyone.
"My efforts would be exerted along
lines to accomplish tbese results, and I
am assured of the right kind of sup
The election takes place
nual ''invention in Chicagr
in Jul j".
v ,'
men for they are.
Briton must have
started laying for
vers and lleireshof
U. H. F-
17 South Center
Cards Whip Giants
ST. LOUTS. May 21. Through sharp
base running- and timely hitting St.
Louis overcame a three-run b-ad and
won x to 4. The Giants scored in the
first inning.
Score- B. H.E.
Vmv Vrirli 4 2
St. Louis
S 12
Packers Win
BROOKLYN, May 21 Packard
held Brooklyn to three hits; Lafitte
was hit hard in the fourth.
Score U- H.E.
Kansas City s 13 f
Brooklyn 2 3 I
Batteries: Packard and Easterly:
Lafitte, Chappie and Land.
at the an
some time
Bui the way tie
leveloptd since he
oiiiniet and Tra
i' must have beer.
ja sin. We hint mildly at this fact:
the development of the American
I golfer has been left in the hands of
j the casual amateur, who happens to
j have a limber shoulder, a g 1 eye
I Mid ennui. Taking a leaf from mi,'
i ow n athletic book, the Briton has
' studied the game, reduced it to a
! science, practiced his best amateur
j i eprosentath i s and then adopted the
i paid trainer system.
j Correct pronunciation of ouimef
1 Tile beady eyes of many an Amor
jiean fight promoter, vaudeville nan
; ager and booking agent are turned
I upon the coming Frank Moran-Jack
) .b hnson heavyweight fistic trial in
j Paris. Unless we ure much mis
taken, that "fight'' will not end
.when the last gong has sounded.
Mesa Officers' Wives Re
ceive Notice Warning
Them of Fate of .Marshal
Hi Peterson Designed for
Their Husbands
the matter with a
economy trial'.'
Jim c'
,'i V
m' III r
Hurler Hits in Run
BUFFALO, .May 21. Pitcher
derson scored the winning run i
tenth inning by hitting to, deep ci
ter after Blair had singled.
Score K. H
Indianapolis all 4
Buffalo 1" 1
lotteries: Mosely, . Anderson and
Rariden: Moran and Blair.
1 the
. K.
Wonder if the fans will go to Grant
park Sunday to see a baseball game, fir
to see Manager Baum give signals. In
either event there is plenty at which to
be amused. The Solon manager is
finding it different from last year,
when he successfully piloted his Tcmpc
kids to A-iciory.
Sensational development No. 2.
Frank Clow has found the temper he
lost last Sunday.
All is not golf that looks like
shinny. Not to depreciate the stock
of American followers of the great
Scotch game, we must call them e.ist
"Say. Sneaky." says our rough
necked friend, "Wat do you think
this ginny is talkin' about now?
Look up in that paragraph, just
above us ami tell me for the love
uh Alike whass 'e mean? W'y that
bloke Johnson will kick Moran stiff
wit' jist one hook. Ifouda I know?
I seen 'em both fight, tliass howl"
"I'm of fa that long ride stuff for
a while," writes K. G. Baker, the
motorcyclist. "When ,1 have got a
pair of half-soled racing pants and
n. flock of skin on my knees, again,
I am going to' start around some of
these plowed fields they call mile
tracks. But no more 3,r00 milers for
me for yet a while.'"
; i Special to The Bepuhlioani.
MF.SA. Ariz., .May 21. The wives
i of Constable Burton and .Marshal
Payton have received letters written
I in a heavy scraw l with an attempt
I at printing, warning them that their
husbands will be killed if they do not
resign. The work is supposed to be
some one incensed at the recent ac
tivity of the officers in suppressing
certain forms of vice which has been
permitted to go unmolested for some
The letter addressed to Mrs. Bur
ton was as follows:
Mrs. BUP.TO.V. TcLL Your H US
BAN that he had BETTER Besine
Ore we will KILL Him in Mesa.
The letter was addressed:
Mrs Kate, Burton,
Mesa, A. T.
The, letter to the wife of Marshal
Payton was along the same line. The
.only difference being that Mrs. Pay
ton was notified that unless her hus
band resigned that he would meet
the fate of "Hite" Peterson.
The matter has been turned over
to the civil authorities for further
investigation. The postal authorities
were first consulted hut for the rea
son that the letters were both sealed
they will not take action in the mat
ter for the present. officer Burton
has offered 100 in gold for infor
mation as to the party writing the
The matter has caused no little
comment in Mesa. The threats fol
lowing so close upon the heels of the
recent raids on a number of places
in the city gives rise to the belief
I.. Kyle, bass, was exceptionally
good, in fact their work stood out
among the most pleasing things of
tl.o evening.
-Mrs. Frances Rodcwill, Mrs. H. Z.
Barlow, Carl Sargent and A. Mono
r;eff Carr did the solo work ind
rleased the audience greatly.
The society js steadily growing,
not only in numbers but in the
merit of their work.
tion of "Kate." Then again, the
fact that the letters "A. T." used to
designate the state, lead to the as
sumption that the writer, must have
been more active several years ago
than at the present time and that
the habit of writing the initials "A.
T." for Arizona Territory became
firmly fixed. These two facts would
lead to the belief that the writer was
probably pa.st middle age or at least
not young, and that he was acquaint
ed with the family. The scrawl ap
pears to be a man's handwriting. The
body of the note offers a clue, in
that it infers that there are at least
two peopfe interested in warning the
wives of the officers. The personal
pronoun "We" is used in stating who
will do the killing. This may have
been used as a subterfuge cir again
it may not. This much is certain.
considerable effort was put forth in
making the characters and in that
way possibly the sense of the note
was somewhat distorted. The small
"a" was not attempted in following
put the idea of printing the entire
note but that letter was invariably
The letters were
Mesa postoffice and
at 4 p. m., Tuesday.
which the letters were written
watermarked "Certificate Bond"
was purchased at the Bressley
mailed in the
were stamped
paper on
Lots of Hits
PITTSBURG, May 21. Both teams
hit the ball hard. Pittsburg bunching
1 hits and winning. There were twen
ty-nine safe hits, six of them for ex
tra, bases.
R. H. E.
r 14 3
10 13 2
Herbert and Chapman;
St. Louis
Adams and
Just bear in mind that
here you will find the
finest line of Hand-bags,
Suit-cases and Trunks.
Guaranteed by
At Los Angeles
San Francisco
Los AngeL'-s
Batteries: Fanning and
Ehmke and Boles. (Eleven
R. H.E.
.15 3
At Sacramento
Venice ,'
Batteries: Decannier
Gregory and Hannah.
R. H.E.
4 7 0
1 fi 1
40 North
40 North
At Oakland
Portland Oakland
Batteries: Krause and
Geyer, Ramey and Mitze.
R. H. E.
. S 11 0
High School Exercises
Take Place Today
All is in readiness for the com
mencement exercises tonight at the
high school, when the largest class
in the history of the institution will
receive the diplomas tiiat stand for
the successful completion of four
years of preparatory work. Two
members of the class of seventy
eight are to deliver orations, and the
class address will be delivered by
the Rev. C. B. Da Hon, of Pomona,
Cal. In order that friends and rela
tives of the graduates may be as
sured of seats, admission will be by
ticket, but no seats will be. reserved
after S:l". The program will begin
at S:30.
that some one has hecome incensed
at the vigilance of the officers. How
ever, os, i far as is known there is
nothing in the clue that has been
given out that would lead to this he
lief. There are certain clues that re
fuse to be downed. The letters them
selves afford a certain amount, of in
formation according to those work
ing on the ease. For instance in the
address on the envelope. It was evi
dently some one well acquainted with
the Burtons or else they would not
have known Mrs. Burton's first name.
Her real name is Katherine, but she
has come to be known among her
more intimate friends by the appella-
nrp-er Jimmv Culla'.iin is re
i H to be makmj' an effort tc tn-
i.c llarrv I.-.rt!, Chicago White Sox
third baseman and captain, who re
sii'ned the other dav because he felt
himself slinmnt'. to return to
Lord in his !av was one of the
greatest hitters in the American
league and his slugging ability kept
him in the frame.
ance of the show windows in the busi
ness district next Tuesday and Wed
nesday alone will be worth the price
of admission. The windows will be
dressed then as they never were be
fore in Phoenix. Those aro the days
of The Republican's competition win
dow display for which two prizes are
offered, one of $12.50 and the other of
$7.50. The judges will be Shirley
Christy, O. A. Mauk and G. A. Mintz.
The beauty contest will begin Tuesday,
May 26. J JtM
the U X r' 4?i.
sir mf-wr t N
5 1
Harry Lord.
At Same Time One From Other Camp
Makes Its Appearance
The, first petitions in the campaign
for state-wide prohibition were filed
simultaneously yesterday afternoon
with the secretary of state. There are
two petitions, one having for its ob
ject absolute prohibition of all manu
facture, or sale of intoxicating liquors,
the other seeking to amend the present
local option law to the effect that
whenever an election shall be held on
the question of prohibition that no
other election shall be held on the
question of prohibition for a
term of eight years, and that the
result of anv such election shell be in
effect for a period of eight years from
the time of said election.
The first petition, which was sent in
from Pinal county and carries 40 sig
natures asks for an election on a pro
posed amendment to the constitution
prohibiting the introduction into, man
ufacture of, giving away, bartering,
selling or disposing of ardent spirits,
ale, beer, wine or intoxicating liquors.
The amendment proposed is sweeping
in its scope and is the one drawn up
by the temperance forces in the fight
to make Arizona dry.
A lengthening of the term during
which a vote on the question of pro
hibition shall have effect, from two to
eight years is the object of the second
petition which came from Greenlee
county, and is signed by 20 voters. It
provides that when an election is held
on the question of prohibition and any
town or precinct which is found to
have voted against prohibition the sale
and traffic in intoxicating liquors shall
not there be prohibited. On the other
hand any town or precinct having
voted in favor of prohibition shall be
"dry" for the next eight years. The two
petitions are the first guns fired in
the battle between the temperance
forces and the liquor interests and
while it is not known what other peti
tions will be presented, it is expected
that there will be several important
developments in the near future.
donian society was very pleasantly
entertained last evening at a lawn so
cial given at the home of Mrs. A.
Davidson at her home at Central ave
nue and McDowell road. The features
of the evening included the Highland
fling, as danced by the little daughter
of Duncan McDonald, and the piano
solo and Scotch songs by Miss For
sythe. A. Henderson sang "My
Heather Hills," and the inimitable
Harry Brodie scored a big hit in his
interpretation of Harry Lauder's songs.
After appropriate refreshments the
paty of canny folk disbanded vowing
that they bad enjoyed a most splendid

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