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Former Senator JJcvcrioVc
Declares That Our Hand
ling of the .Mexican Ques
tion lias Set the Rest of
the "World to Lauirhinir.
Last Tueseiay night Former Senator
Albert J. l!e-veiidge- in ;m address be
fore the Progressive' Club of Indian-
until the American government has
j become so tangled ui in Mexican fac
I tional warfare; the administration ad
mits that the United States can not
alone deal with the situation; and in
this plight three weaker countries
offer to get the United States out of
its jiredictament, and the administra
te accepts.
"Where is now our high, place as
the first power in the western hemis
phere, our position; as one of the first
powers in the world, which more than
a century of nonpartisan statesman
ship had won for us? Or do we no
lemge-r care what place we hold in the
family of nations?
What to Mediate?
"Just what is there to 'mediate?"
The administration says that Huerta
must go in any event. How, then,
can there be an "mediation' with
apolis, in speaking of the Mexican i Huerta?
situation under the heading if Vaude
ville Diplomacy, said:
"No man in this country wants war,
nw or ever, unless the price of peace
Vy national humiliation or national
"Suppose that the 'A. H. media
tors' sustain Huerta. Where does that
leave the United States?
"Or suppose, as is possible, this
'mediation' finally brings about a Lat-
Last evening Brunst defeated Wood
in the play off for third and fourth
prize in the five-men tie at the St. I
Elmo. ffrunst by defeating Wood ,
makes a second three-handed tie for
third and fourth between Wood Avery
and Rrunst.
Wood lost his game by the small
margin of one point. There has. been
i great deal of interest connected with
I the games. There will be plenty of
room for the expected large crowd to
night when Wood meets Avery for the
third time. Each haH defeated the
other so it looks like a game well worth
see inf.
The game will take place promptly at
S o'clock at the St. Elmo parlors.
Hdcp. Won Lost Pet.
dishonor. The mistakes in Mexican i in America.i solidarity as against the
affairs made during the last sixteen United States. Where does that leave
months have steadily drawn us to-j the United States, not only as to our
ward war, and the present situation, ' power, prestige and importance in in-
instead of preventing war, is sowing
the seeds of serious troubles in the
"What we need is a policy which
will settle things in that distracted
country for all time to come. Kut
instead of this we are attempting .o
cover iin active volcano with tissue
pa.per, and in doing so we are de
stroying the work of more than a
century of American statesmanship.
Laughing Stock
"The administration's lack of poli
cy has surrendered our position and
lowered us in opinion of other na
tions until Former Ambassador Guild
declares that we now are a. laughing
stock in the clianeeHeries of the world.
"The last of these blunders is the
acceptance of the "A. H. C. mediation"
to get us out of our tangle in Mex
ico which preceding blunders got us
i to and which the administration
now confesses that it can not alone
get us out.
"If our government had intended to
mix in Mexican matters at all and
had undertaken promptly to straight
en out that country's distracted af
fairs, it would have been big and
generous of us to ask the three most
stable South American countries to
take part in our work, under our
guidance, direction anil supremacy.
Kven this would not have been with
out hazard.
Bad to Worse
!ut instead of this, we have help
ed matters go on from bad to worse
Avery .
Wood .
. .100
.. 70
. . SO
. . so
Hrunst SO
ON Hx20 OVAL FRAMES with con
vex glass. Real attractive. Phone
37 N. 1st AVE. PHONE IB 50. tf
C. P. Lee, Successor to Lee fe
Plunkett, 309 National Rank of Ari
zona Ruilding, Accounting, Auditing.
Systematizing. Will open and Close
iiooks of Account and make up Analy
tical statements and reports. tf
WANTED Horses to pasture,
smooth wire, well water, shade. Chas.
II. Uarnes. Orand Canal and Ave. 17.
Phone 11SR3. t
SHEEP PASTURE) Quarter section.
chean. Phone 8193. tf
smooth wire, well water,
R. Barnes, Grand Ave.
Phone 118R3.
to pasture,
shade. Chas.
and Ave. 17.
moved from 116 N. Center St., to 24
Broadway, directly behind Kresses
store. By permission of the manager
of Kresses those who desire can go
through the rear door of the store.
Is now located in its old quarters, 116
North Center, where I will be pleased
to meet all my old customers. E. John
son, tf
Transfer and Storage
ternational affairs, but as to
our trade and commercial relations
throughout the western hemisphere?
"But suppose Huerta resigns. Is
the mediation then at an end. If so,
the records of history will show that
the 'A. B. C interference in our for
eign affairs rid us of a single embar
rassing individual whom our own ad
ministration was powerless to elrnin
ate. "What else are the "A.. P.. ('. med
iators' to 'mediate' for us? Are they
going' to decide the form of apology
for the affront to our flag? Can any
one imagine Great Britain, Germane,
France, or any first-class power, in
a like situation, consenting to that?
"Are the 'mediators' to settle for
us the reparation to be made for the
killing of our sailors and marines at
Vera Cruz? No; for if, as the admin
istration declares, we are not at war,
then by the law of nations, we are
the ones who must pay in hard cash
for the taking of Vera Cruz: and the
mediators must so determine.
"Thus, too, the administration plac
ed the American government definite
ly against one faction in Mexico; and
this inevitably led to placing t'.ie
American government on the side of
the other faction in Mexico.
"The administration said that not
only must Huerta ret out, but that no
other man satisfactory to Huerta
should be made president.
"Thus the present administration
sanctioned and encouraged the sale of
tens of thousands of rifles and mil
lions of cartridges, hundreds of ma
chine guns and large munitions of
war to the "revolutionists," led by the
professional bandit, murderer and con
vict, Villa.
"Such is the vaudeville diplomacy
that has placed the United States in
its present sorry plight.
"Having taken Vera Cruz, it became
our luty to prepare f.ir the worst,
and therefore to Seize and hold the
railroad from that seaport to the City
of Mexico. Ou war department urg
ed that this be done. The adminis
tration refused. So, if hostilities come,
the Huerta government can blov tip
every tunnel an! destroy every
bridge: and the newspapers report
that it has already laid mines to do
"The result is that if our army fin
ally must go to the City of Mexico,
hundreds and perhaps thousands of
lives will be lost through this neg
"And this policy has been called
watchful waiting.' Is it not rather
reckless drifting?' In our whole his
tory can a single example be found
to justify it?
"Shall we do our plain duty now
like men with firmness and clear vis
ion or shall we wait through months
and years of rapine and bloodshed
until at last events scourge us to the
doing of our now inevitable work
which every day's delay makes more
"Shall we brand ourselves as the
Cain of nations excusing ourselves
from our dutv to civilization with the
answer, 'Am I my brother's keeper?'
apd let other nations perform that
task which, tinder God. is tne sacred
duty of the United States."
The Jordan is the world's most
crooked river, wandering 21" miles to
cover sixty.
COOPER FUNERAL Services over
the remains of Walter O. Cooper whose
death occurred Friday night, will be
held this afternoon at three o'clock at
the parlors of Mohn, Driscoll and
Maus, 311 N. First Ave. Deceased was
thirty-three years of age and i sur
vived by a wife and four childcen. The
remains will be shipped at S : 35 o'clock
to his home at Oaruihersvillc, Mo.
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(By Geo. B. Wilcox)
For some years past the thinking
American voters have in many locali
ties, found it necesary In order to de
feat the selfish Interests and ring con
trol of their local municipal govern
ments, to organize themselves into
"Good Government Leagues" or place
non-partisan tickets in the field
recognizing the fact that political par
ties that have been in power for a
long term of years are apt to Ignore
the wishes of the rank and file of their
parties, and run their local govern
ments for the benefit of the few who
hold the offices.
The honest voter, regardless of his
party relation or affiliation, never hesi-
What is baseball? You could not have
answered that question had you joiiu
eved out vesterdav to see the actors
,nUH j and actorettes of the Empress and the j
Savoy theaters play the national pas
time, or rather play at it. Who ever
told the misguided bunch of entertain
ers (not on a ball lot) that they knew
anything about the game should have
been arrested for perpetrating cruelty
to animals. It was awful. Bert Roach
who is just about able to tell a base- i
ball from a German noodle, was one of 1
tales -to vote for these non-partisan j the star ft?.ltures and aimost got to firRt
canoiuates in local elections, u ne is bisc th-it
satisfied the candidates are more hon
est and better qualified to fill the of
fice than are the candidates of his ring
controled party.
We have the greatest respect for the
voter who is broad enough to break
away from his party in this manner,
when the good of his community de
mands It; but thise same honest voters
when approached on the subject of
voting in the same patriotic and intel
ligent manner when the good of their
state or the nation demands it. Will !jt, as none of
is, once the "ump" made a
mistake and called three balls on the
blond song bird at the iron play house,
but as Roach could not hit a moving
wagon with hand full of shot he mas
sacred a lot of atmosphere ami sat
down on the bench.
John Acosta (better known as Wop)
who, when he is working, doesn't men
tion this to Brady of the Empress,
fanned out fifteen men, but like the
man who threw a rock at Bert Reeves
once and hit him, he deserved no cred-
1' V?J I
Vxlll V VITA6BAP0 PLAYt(Jsiy f
In Special Session Loyal
Order of Moose Increases
Its Membership and Acts
Upon Host of New Applications.
to Momoyama, near Kioto, to be laid
away in a plot of land near tho
mausoleum of the Emperor Mut.su
hito. At the departure, cannon thun
dered from Shinagawa bay several
miles away ami a vast body of
mourners bowed their last reverences.
Just how many incidents have
contributed to the origin of Mem
orial day, we cannot say. It has
been stated that the custom was sug
gested by a German practice of
strewing the graves of soldiers with
Another reason given, was that it
was a beautiful tribute for the sake
of mothers, wives, daughters and
sweethearts who had given of their
dearest to their country's call; also
as a commemoration of the dead who
fell in the fratricidal strife between
the northern and southern armies.
and a custom in which the surviving
participants in that strife, might
find consolation. It is also a loving
service to preserve rememberance of
the union of America's chivalrous
patriots, after such a strenuous past.
At all times flowers have been
unite often, in fact, most always dodge
the issue by telling you that they and
their fathers before them have been
democrats, republicans or. socialists for
years and that they cannot think of
severing their party tics.
This attitude on the part of an in
telligent voter seems absurd to us. They
admit that the local party leaders are
working, not for the best interests of
their community, nor for the best in
terests of their party as a whole, but
for their own personal interests. They
may admit that the same conditions
exist in the state and nation, but as
those conditions are more remote, they
fail to rise to the call of patriotism, as
against partisanship.
The progressive party is made up of
the thinking men and women of this
nation who were broad enough and
patriotic enough to throw off the old
party yoke, both local and national,
when they became convinced that the
old parties had fallen into the hands;
of those who had lost all sense of pat
riotism and justice. This party at its
birth formulated a contract with the
people to correct certain specified evils,
and this contract seemed so fair and
equitable that over 4,000,000 republi
cans and democrats signed it and have
dedicated themselves to the work of
carrying out this contract; and where,
ever it has been possible to do so, they
have kept faith with the people.
Some of our good friends of both the
old parties, now inform us that they
believe our contract is a good one, that
all its provisions are just and equitable,
and some of them admit that their own
party leaders are untrustworthy, but,
as they have always done business with
the old republican or democrat corpor
ation, they feel that they cannot change
their place of business, regardless of
the fact that their old firm has be
come corrupt and untrustworthy. They
tell us that at one time their organi
zation was conducted by officers who
the batsmen knew he
was playing ball. Some one shouted
All day they come and
Pittypat and Tippytoe!
Footprints up and down the hall.
Playthings scattered on the floor,
Finger marks along the wall.
Tell-tale smudges on the door;
Ry these presents you shall know,
Pittypat and Tippytoe.
How they riot at their play!
And a dozen times a day
In they troop demanding bread
Only buttered bread will do.
And the butter must be spread
Inches thick with sugar, tool
And 1 never can say "No,"
Pittypat and Tippytoe.
Sometimes there are griefs to soothe.
Sometimes ruffled brows to smooth:
For (1 much regret to say)
Tippytoe and Pittypat
Sometimes interrupt their play
With an internecine spat,
Fie, for shame! to quarrel so -Pittypat
and Tippytoe!
Of the thousand worrying things,
Every day recurrent brings!
Hands to scrub and hair to brush,
.Search for playthings gone amiss7.
Many a wee complaint to hush.
Many a little bump to kiss;
Life seems one vain, fleeting show.
To Pittypat and Tippytoe!
And when day is at an end.
There are little duds to mend:
Little frocks are strangely torn,
Little shoes great holes reveal,
Little hose, but one day worn.
Rudely yawn at toe and heel!
Who but you could work such woe.
Pittypat and Tippytoe?
"fifteen minutes", just as Furnell went
to bat and he struck out trying to
"make up" his mind. K was an awful
affair and for fear that the bunch will
repeat it again the S. P. (.'. A. will be
asked to call out the fire department
if the repeat symptoms develop.
considered a token of affection, and
esteem, and have been placed with I vv,'re honest and conducted their busi-
geiitle hands on the earth mounds ness in a manner satisfactory-
Let Tour Move Be Cur Move Cham
bers Transfer Co. 5 team wagons, 2
auto trucks. 37 S. Center. Phone 1228.
Lightning Delivery Co.
Pioneer Transfer Co.
"Quick as a Flash"
42 South Central Ave.
Phones 504 and 1126
A. A. Letts, V. P.
The Russian government has order
ed ten aeroplanes of a type to curry
eleven persons in addition to the pi-
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t-ndcr whose cover repose the sacrel
remains of humanity which are
awaiting resurection's morn.
On May 11th. 1ST0. John A. Logan
appointed May 30 as a day set apart
for decorating the graves of the
comradi-s who dide during the strug
gle of the rebellion. In the south
May t'Oth was observed as Memorial
day and the graves of the confeder
ate soldiers and sailors were dee
crated. May 30th is a national day on
which we may honor our dead. We
know it is good that we choose to
place flowers on their graves, for in
f more sacred manner we cannot
hallow their memory. Today wo
feel that the commingling of Ameri
can hearts has placet! us on a broad
field of patriotism, that we of one
kin may bravely be true to the call
of humanity. Patriotism in its
truest sense will open our alabaster
boxes for the anointing of our living,
for the remembrance of our dead.
and the common good of all.
Away with the patriotism that has
prevailed in the narrow hearts that
cause humanity to suffer, that up
holds a government where subjects
hate their fellowmen.
American patriotism does not
dwell under the belief that it is right
to ignore the cry of the poor, the
struggle of humanity nor the service
of the patriot.
With united hearts let us transmit
of our truest and best motives to
our posterity and may we not forget
that man's inhumanity to man
makes countless thousands mourn.''
May we with a common cause "laurel
I the graves if our dead."
DR. J. A. AMBROST, graduate from
the German army and U. S. Veterinary
College. Calls attended day and Bight.
Phone 1092. 719 Grand Ave. tf
414 for reliable
changed management will be known as
open for the summer season for tuber
culosis June 1st. Reasonable rales. 6
miles east of town, V mile south.
Phone 1SJ5. C. H. Mi.n.ap. Mgr. 7-od
i eminent ranges where available may be
used by civilian rifle clubs and many
states allow ot the use ot tneir na
tional Guard ranges, but such ranges
. . . . mi.- 1 ..f
are few anu tar petween. inn .nue m
land is rapidly increasing and every
year that the building ot ranges by the
government is put off will make it
much more difficult to secure approp
riations for the purchase; of land for
tins purpose.
The assistant secretary of war. Hon.
Henry Breckenridge, under whose su
pervision the issue of rifles and am
munition will be made to rifle clubs is
very optimistic concerning the rssulis
that will accrue to the government
from a wise and efficient administra
tion of the act. He says: "Although
we expect that the issue of these rifles
and ammunition will greatly stimulate
shooting and increase the number of
marksmen throughout the country, our
efforts will be seriously handicapped
by the luck of an appropriation to cov
er the necessary expenses. The orig
inal act called for an appropriation of
j $100,000. This appropriation was cut
out in the military committee and all
! the expense of issuing the rifles ami
icopa County, State of Arizona, for the
year 1!M4, has been delivered t me
by J. T. Bone, Assessor, and filed in
this office for inspection.
The Board of Supervisors will sit as ammunition must He borne by me ciuds
L themselves. We hope, however, mat
. 1 when this movement is thoroughly
Excitement, Trifling
In Tucson
(Special to The
in the Telle garage
in the center of the
Fire broke out
Belknap street,
business district.
at three o'clock this afternoon. - IJ.
E. Fishburn, owner, was burned about
the hands. He was using a drop
light and bad insulation caused a
short circuit from which a can of
gasolir.e caught fire. The fire de
partment was quickly on the scene
and extinguished the blaze. One car
was damaged. " The excitement was
intense, but the damage was trifling.
That his instrument accurately
measures the refraction of the eyes
so that the use of a set of test
lenses is unnecessary in fttng glasses
is the claim of a Chicago inventor.
to the
majority of its stock holders, and tor
that reason they cannot leave the old
firm although it is now controlled by
officers who are using the organization
for their own selfish interests. These
good people even go so far as to invite
us to come back, place our contract in
the hands of these same corrupt offi
cials and trust to them and providence
for a faithful carrying out of this con
tract with the people. Of course this
proposition is one that any business1
man would call absurd. If a business
man finds that a corporation or firm
with whom he has been doing busines
for years, has elected new officers end
that these new officers are cheating
him in every transaction he has with
them, he will not hesitate one minute
about transferring his business to an
other house whose management he
knows to be honest. He cares nothing
for the "name" then; "Smith" sounds
as good to him as "Jones", but this
same business man will hesitate a long
lime before he will leave his political
party, no matter how rotten its man
agement has become. Does this not
seem inconsistent?
My friends the time has come for you
to choose: you have your choice of
progressiveism or democracy. There
are enough progressives now in the
United Slates to defeat, and keen on
defeating the old republican machine
from now until kingdom come. There
are not quite enough progressives to
defeat the national democratic organi
zation. ' As between the two old par
ties the real progressive would rather
see the semi-democratic party in ow
er than the organization that made the
progressive party a necessity. With
the assistance of honest republicans,
the progressive party can defeat the
democratic organization and thus carry
out its contract with the people. Now
take your choice, come with us or live
under a democratic administration. Yrm
say our platform is all right: in fact,
those who do your thinking for you
your old political bosses, threaten to
steal our platform, and kidnap otii
leader. They wish to use the planks
from our platform to patch up their
sinking ship and use our leader to pilot
her over the political shoals to the
harbor of refuge. Of course the pirate
crew, will be in the cabin, ready to
overpower the pilot and take posses
sion of the old craft after she had
safely arrived.
We progressives cannot " stand for
this program; we have made other ar
rangements; we realized what we were
doing when we did it, and the length
of the seige does not worry us. It is
up to you my republican brethren to
say whether it will be long or short.
We are prepared to fight for our prin
ciples until the end of time or victory.
Rut when comes this thought to me;
"Some there are that childless be,"
Stealing to their little beds.
With a love I cannot speak.
Tenderly I stroke their heads
Fondly kiss each velvet cheek.
God help those who do not know.
A Pittypat and Tippytoe!
On the floor and down the hall,
Rudely smutched upon the wall,
There are proofs in every kind
Of the havoc they have wrought.
And upon my heart you'd find
Just such trademarks, if you sought;
O, how glad I am 'tis so,
Pittypat and Tippytoe.
Hire, a little salesman at The Re
publican office. A Want Ad will see
more customers than vou can.
The people of Colorado have just
reason to be proud of the Colorado
Woman's college. This is its fifth
year. It opened the first year with
torty students and has increased
each year till today we have nearly
200 young women.
It is located in the Montelair dis
trict of Denver, a twenty-minute ride
on Aurora street ears, east of the
capitol building. The magnificent
scenery of mountain view and sani
tary conditions can not be surpassed
in the I'ited States. It's woderful
growth proves that the demand for
it was great, though under the aus
pices of the Haptists it receives
young women of all denominations,
and of no denomination, christian
atmosphere makes it a wholesome
and safe institution for a daughter
liom anv good home.
It is the only woman's college for
the higher education of the young
in all the Rocky Mountain region.
The quality of the work done there,
and the opportunity of character
buildinc bespeak for the college a
great future.
I hope some reader who is seeking
a school of high rank for herself or
daughter will write for a catalogue.
Resides the regular college courses
leading to the degree of Bachelor of
Arts, special attention is given to
home economies. This department is
ery popular. A young woman who
has earned a degree in this depart
ment has indeed won for herself a
crown as queen nf her own home.
The department of music does fine
work. Piano, voice and violin are
well taught.
The expression department of the
college is able and acceptablv directed.
The college glee club, composed of
twenty-two sweet -voiced young wo
men, gives entertainments to large
There has been added to the equip
ment this year a large auditorium
which will seat several hundred, and
seven more dormitory r.ie.ms in a
nearby building.
The preparatory department takes
students who have finished the
eighth Eiade The graduate from an
accredited high school, or prepar
atory school of eepial merit, is eli
gible tei college classes without ex
aminatiem. Expenses are reasonable. Send me
your name for a catalogue.
The social life eif the student is
Applying for membership under the
special dispensation granted by the
supreme lodge some time ago, one of
the largest classes in the history of
Phoenix lodge. No. 70S, Loyal Order
of Moose, was initiated yesterday aft
ernoen at a special session in the new
quarters of the order. While all the
furniture for the leidge room has not
arrived there was enough so that the
me mbers and the applicants gained a
pretty good idea e)f just what the new
j heime, of the order will be when pres
ent plans have been entirely carried
' out.
The feinm-r quarters of the Arizona
Club are being transformed into a
lli.t,, f.-f tl... M,W.L-., l.,.t.l TYw, l(.f.ru
banquet hall is being utilized as a
loelge room ami the' smaller rooms
are in various stages of preparation
for use as re-ading rooms, buffet,
headeiuarters for the sen-relay and
stewarel, a direertors' and trustees'
room and such othe-r epiarters as will
go to make
loelge Were
the new home the most
bulge epiarters in the
all t he
fit their
yesterday afternoon when the
was lulled to orde r. Dictator
officers of the
regular stations
N. Mae Hean culleel the meeting to or
der anel expressed himself ple-ased at
the large and representative class
about to be initiated into the myster
ies of the order. Amemg the more
prominent who reide the goat and sur
vived were Oolle-ctor of Internal Rev
enue Carpenter, State Treasurer John
son, Constable James Murphy, Frank
Hilderbran, Elmer Warren, A. H. Mc
Lellan, J. T. Whitney and others.
There are still abemt 100 whose ap
plications have been approved and
who will be eligible for initiation at
the- regular meeting to be held on
Tuesday evening. In this connection
National Director C. G. Ileum urges
that thejse whose applicatiems have
been approved present themselves at
this meeting.
Dietgeme-s set emt l finfl
A man cf honesty,
And some male- persems mosi unkind
Do loud declare that he
No useless look gave any nook
To find an honest SHE.
Put that is libelous indeed.
And lacking anv wit,
Feir if he searched for her he'd need
No foolish lantern lit:
On darkest night without a light
HeVel hear hep telling it!
voting women.
are ready, and
honored guest.
Friday after
special social
ine)st admirably elirt-eted.
atternoejns some guest is
and at 5 o'clock the
geiwned in their best,
formally receive their
who dines with them,
noon is a time for
A chaperon always accompanies
the students who leave the college.
land thus every natural, mental, mor-
special accomplishment is
Field Worker.
Celo.. 442S Elizabeth street.
al and
mencing Mondav June 1. 1014. and con- when
tinue its sessieui until the afternoon of established and the geieid resulting from
it is ueinoiisuuii-o,
June 10, 1014. ,
Roard ef Supervisors, Maricopa County,
State of Arizona.
us enough money te carry on the work
on a broad and natieinal basis. This
law will greatly stimulate the organi
zation of rifle clubs and cadet corps In
our public schools."
Those interested in marksmanship
and desiring information in regard ti
the organization of government rifle
clubs and the free issue of rifles and
ammunition may secure the same from
the National Rifle Association of
America, Weiodward Ruilding, Wash
ington, 1). C, or from the war department.
The- currycomb recently patented
by two residents of Washington is
a square plate1, cae-h siele of which
is formc.l to perform a eliffere-nt duty.
Serum taken fremi healthy persons
who have had infantile- paralysis in
youth is use'd by a French doctor
in treating general paralysis in adults.
L-" T ! ! " v7--a,7
4 $l
Top, Fourth battery of Fifth brigade leaving Vera Cruz for EI Tejar; bot
tom, outposts of Funston's brigade near Vera Cruz.
These pictures have just reached this country from Mexico. Upper
photo shows the Fourth battery of the Fifth brigade leaving Vera Cruz for
1 Tejar, about ten miles away, to strengthen the force guarding the water
works' at that place. The lower photo shows the outposts of the Fifth
brigade near Vera Cruz. '
..ctVi ir-u - -' ' '

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