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Pre-Inventory Reduction Sale
The Sale Everybody Has Been Waiting For
Commences Saturday June 13
Particulars In Friday's Papers
Proposal to Send W. S. Dorman to
the English Markets
Summer Residence Of Dr. Ancil
Martin At Iron Springs
NiSt ill
Overland Manager Interviews Dope
sters From Indianapolis and
Finds Out About Foreign
In the matte--- of raising a fund
to pay the expenses of W. S. Dor-
man to the English cotton market
to present the claims of the grower
of long staple cotton in this valley,
a meeting of the board of trade will
be held today. The sum of 11600
will be required. Of this amount
$1100 has been pledged by the cotton
growers of Mesa, Chandler and
Tempe and by south side commercial
bodies so that only $500 more is required.
The department of agriculture
which has taken a deep Interest In
the growing of long staple cotton in
the southwest will send two repre
sentatives with Mr. Dorman. One of
them will be Chairman Schofield of
the Southwestern Cotton committee
and Mr. Martin of the Bureau of
Markets of the department.
Secretary Redfield of the depart
ment jf commerce has also express
ed a wish that his department may
be represented in the mission.
The board of directors of the Iron
Springs Outing club has been busy
with Iron Springs matters during the
past few days and several meetings
have been held. . Matters under con
sideration are music for the summer:
putting the finishing touches on the
golf course, and entertaining the boost
er excursion to Prescott for breakfast
on the morning of July 4th. At a meet
ing of the board of directors yester
day, committees, wore appointed for
the purpose of entertaining the booster
excursion, rnd by unanimous vote the
Iron Springs Outing club invites the
booster excursion to stop at Iron
Springs fur a few hours and have
Many people wonder why Iron
Springs has so much vegetation. Most
of Iron Springs is on the north slops
of the mountains, and it rains there
frequently, when it is perfectly 3ry
and clear here. Last week it rained
several sharp showers three days in
succession. nUM!
'America certainly deserved all it
got handed to the home drivers at
the Indianapolis race" declared Man
ager Tom Trent of the Overland auto
company on his return from Los
Angeles yesterday. "I talked with
the motor fiends who had just re
turned from the Memorial Day meet,
and they told me why.
"There was not a foreign car ex
cept the Mercedes of Ralph de
Palma, which cost less than $12,000.
Those De Lages and Sunbeams and
Peugeots were masterpieces of me
chanism. Every part was lightened.
Cranks, gears, pistons, every mov
ing part was bored out and reamed
to the last ounce possible for light
ness and strength. The smallness
and the light weight of the visiting
cars was a big surprise. They do
not seem able to build racers like
these in America.
"Of course such a ear would be
impossible for road work. It simply
would not stand up under the jolt
ing. But fixed in that way, they
are certainly some fast boats."
Since the departure of Jack Holmes
Trent has been the manager for
the Overland agency- His trip to
the coast was for business reasons.
purely, and he certainly accomplished
wonders. He added twenty specials
to his accessory line, the same to be
here shortly.
"The automobile business in Los
Angeles is poorer than it is here,
he said. "Of course trade is slack
ening in all parts of the country,
but less in Phoenix than in any place
I have been."
Coolest, eleanpst and hnsipst Rtnrp in
Phoenix 19 lbs. sugar il.00 Friday
at McKee's. (Adv) bd
t Korrick's
Pre-Inventory Reduction Sale
The Biggest Event Of The Season
Begins Saturday, June 13th
Particulars In Tomorrow's Papers
of the remaining $20,000 decided on
at the time when it becomes avail
able. The need of more room, making
possible the opening of quarters for
women, has been recognized for some
time, but the appropriations have
not been of sufficient amount to al
low of such an a-ddition. Accomo
dations for pioneers and their wives
are also needed, and as the plans
presented will provide for just these
needs, it is very probable that they
will be accepted by the state board
of control.
To enlarge from a reduced pano
rama photograph, and keep clear all
the wonderful detail of the original
negative was the big order placed
with J. M. McCulloch, The repub
lican's staff photographer by State
Engineer Lamar Cobb. The subject
was the Tempe bridge, and the final
result is on display in one of the
west windows of the Dwight B.
Heard company.
By exercising judgment as to the
proper position for his pantirama
machine, McCulloch was able to get
the bridge without any of that curve
which usually distorts fiis sort of
a picture. Prom the big panorama
negative, a smaller negative was
made, to enable the photographer to
place it in the enlarging frame. Then
the final 'product was focused up to
five feet, which is the length of the
Another view of the bridge the
same one, by the way which au-
peared on the front page of The Re
publican, is shown near the long
picture. Both were taken during
floods in the Verde.
To The Editor of The Republican:
SIR Inasmuch as you seem to
think that there are only dentists,
druggists and doctors to be consid
ered, I wish to state for your en-
ngntment, mat there are quite a
number that have waited patiently
for some expression of interest in
the "common herd" through the col
umns of the Republican, but up to
date, we have heard nothing, seen
notning, or read nothing, in your
Among the many feature motion
pictu-es which now flood the thea
ters perhaps none is known better
than Victor Hugo's masterpiece.
'Les Miserables." The romantic
drama, the story of which is from
NEW YORK, June 10 At no timfl
today was the average of stock ex
change prices removed more than a
omall fractior from yesterdaj's close.
In its more important phases the
speculative position was unchanged,
such news, as was received produc
ed no effect upon the quotations.
Buyers were scarce, although the
undertone was good most of the day
and prices ultimately gave way
slightly on account of absence of
demand. The Lehigh Valley, Mis
souri Pacific and a few other shares
showed distinct heaviness. The
United States Steel's monthly ton
nage report, showing a decrease of
273,000 tons was so close to trade es
timates that It went for naught as a
market factor. The outward move
ment of gold was unchecked, four
million was engaged today for ship
ment to Europe. Cables reported a
better feeling abroad, with improve
ment in financial and political con
ditions. Slight irregularity anpeared
in the bond market. Most issues re
flected quiet strength with weakness
confined principally to convertible
and other speculative issues. Total
sales represented a par value of $2,
400,000. United States bonds were
unchanged on call.
Amalgamated 71; Smelting C4Vj',
Santa Fe 99; St. Paul 100 "i: New
York Central S2,; Pennsylvania
11114; Reading 165Vi : Southern Pa
cific 94; Union Pacific 156 1-3; Steel
C2 1-8; Preferred 109.
NEW YORK, June 10. Electroly
tic thirteen eighty-seven half, Four
teen. Silver 56,
Boston Copper Market
Adventure 114
Arizona Comm'l 4
Alloucz 40V4
Calumet and Ariz. 64
Calumet rnd Ilecla ....410
Copper Range 36
Daly West 70 75
Ray Consolidated 21 21Vi
Giroux 50 100
Greene Cananea 32 ' 32
Hancock ... 15 16
Isle Roy'ale 20 20 V.
Lake Copper 6 Ja
Miami 22 22
Mohawk 44' 45
North Butte 2514 25
Nevada Cons. . . 14 14
Osceola 76 77
Old Dominion 47 48
Quincy 57 57
Shannon 5 5
Superior Copper 28 29
Tamarack 35 36
Leaves Today for Toledo and Other
Eastern Points
Dr. C. B. Palmer, accompanied by
his family, will leave this morning for
Toledo, where he will be in attendance
at the Head Camp of the Modern
Woodmen of America, as the. delegate
from Arizona. He expects to be in the
Ohio city for several days and will
then proceed to Little Falls, N. Y., his
former home, where he will visit for a
few days.
It is the present Intention of the
doctor to journey to Boston in time to
be present at the commencement ex
ercises at Harvard. He will return to
Phoenix in three or four weeks. His
family will remain in the east through-
i out the summer.
Coolest, cleanest and busiest store in
Phoenix 19 lbs. sugar $1.00 Friday
at McKee's. (Adv) bI
TRUCKS (Advertisement) tf
Utah Cons 10 11
Victoria .'. 2 2
Winona 2 2
Wolverine 40 41
North Lake 1 i't
South Lake 4 4
Chino ! 41 41
Utah Copper 56 56
Tom Reed 310 325
Inspiration 16 17
Shattuck 24 24
valuable paper which might be con- "a7Z 7 T ,7 ul ... tv"'f " "
,if,ofi i ? t i i. J considered by the critics to be one
of the greatest historical films ever
Tirfld, r, , 1 .. . , 1 1
City of Phoenix. From all accounts .77; , ' "7 ,7 ,77 V
i -rv, x 1 1- .u . taken to make it authentic in cos-
k rj . r turning and othre necessary detail.
The scenes around which the pic-
77 7 " ture was filmed were in many in-
liiul you 00 iiui seem 10 nave me .. , .
.. , , . I stances the stamping ground of the
A Yawner
is not likely to be found doing "big things."
To succeed nowadays one must be wide-awake day
times and sleep soundly at night.
Coffee, on account of its dru, caffeine, keeps many
people awake niglits and makes them dozy in the
'daytime, when they should be keen and alert.
If you have any ambition to "make g'ood" try quit
ting coffee and using . h , ;.. A
Made of whole wheat and a bit of molasses, Pos
tum contains no coffee, caffeine, or other harmful
substance, but docs contain the nutritious food ele
ments of the grain.
Postum comes in two forms:
Regular Postum well boiled, yields a delightful
flavor. 15c and 25c packages.
Instant Postum a soluble powder. Made in the
cup. No boiling required. 30c and 50e tins.
The cost per cup of both kinds is about the same.
"There a Reason" for POSTUM.
sold by Grocers everywhere.
small business man or woman's in
terest at heart, in a time like this,
when it is no disgrace to be on the
side of the right?
We have searched j-our editorial
original Valjean, and in placing this
screen story upon the market, the
manufacturers assert it is the last
word in motion picture photography.
This is easily understood when the
T"e "-HoosV'VcoSerTm'ed To
of comfort and found nothing.
The duties of the editor are, if the
make it a leader among films, the
mkr1 in'l ,rr,wl . n Annrmn.. . .
.Z?JLn?lAw" "t over $100,000 and yet no"t
keep the public acquainted with the
municipal conditions, to stand for the auction.
ngui, emu, m an umes De iioerai in
the disbursements of those things. of he hn ,- 1 k k "'"r
editorially, which clear the troubled "!",ly eVery
horizon for the i, tj f,i, . ,a '""'"r. or merely as a
nnd rx, ' J ' "amatic show apart from
one dollar was wasted on the pro-
erary consideration,
the lit
the scenes are
The Kiev fall'n... x l. - D
..v- uriivvV Will mftC Uilie UL mnt 1. , l ; , -
himself or. r .. u 1 nuouiumg anu 01 no nine euu
........ munt lan.e up ideational value.
u up in ueiia.ii ui me
little fellow. .
(To Mr. Lambert we would say
that the classes of occupations men-
TRUCKS. (Advertisement.) tf
I ment.
PLAN $20,000 HOME
Addition to State Institution
iZu hi T. th.L"'y "" Pet Cleaners. Phone 733.-Advert.se-
selves to the front. The Republican
has editorially urged no specific re
lief for. either but has only insisted
(hat the ordinance should be amend-
ed so as to be made just and eauit
able to all, to the little fellow and
to the big fellow. Preferably to the
little fellow, for as Mr. Lambert
says, the big fellow can take care of
himself. We take this occasion to
call the attention of Mr. Lambert to Generous Bequest of Late W.
an error in his statement: "Inas- Parsona MHakes possibe Larg,
o ocelli iw llllllH LllilL
there are only dentists, druggists
i.u uuuiui io oe consiuerea, etc," a ?n nnn ,i,i!! n A nlnn( f
wJ""1 S7 I" on,y the Pioneers' home in Prescott, to
:r' . , - r.l""e'au Ior Provide quarters for women and for
r,n h- n 7 t , 6 reV"m- --ried pioneers will be built in the
can has not to this moment edito- near future if ,ans BUbmitted by
telly alluded to them or their de- the executop of he w C- Parsons
malaS-) o.n. A ... ..K....,
jl tuiuiui. j. lie UHlOUllL &tTL iUtLUC
LIST OF PATENTS Thn TTnlto.l ror the Pioneer's home in the dispo
States land office vesterrlnv rcoiv,i sluon t the estate amounts to $40,
patents for homsteads and desert en- 000 half of whih is available at the
try claims, mostlv in Pima ronntv Psent time.
Those receiving patents were: Oeortre The matter of the Parsons bequest
S. Woods, Clinton Sharp, Orson A. Was taken up at a conference in
Phillips, May Kane, Sylvia E. Rodine, I lms weeK Between unaries
Frank Zaje, Fred C. Hasty, Andrew j! U- sburn. secretary of the state
Havin, Gertrude G. Bennett D Tf r.lrl- I uou-u t control, anu j. Aiexanuer,
ridge, Clarence A. Basshane, N. W executr of the estate. It was Mr.
Davis D. L. Carter, H. E. Davis, L. w! Parson'8 wlsh that the money should
Comerford. T. F. Lancaster V f. "v useu 10 provide increased quar-
Martin. R. E. Eagleton. J. A. TSvnn ters for aeed and infirm pioneers,
0 liiuti ai me meeting in rrescon, wincn
was attended by Judge Wells and a
A general primary election will benumber of others interested in the
held in Minnesota next month for the I matter, the plans for an immediate
selection of candidate for governor, I enlargement of the home were fav-
lieeutenant governor, secretary of I ovably considered. The question will
state and other state officers to tie I u taken up at the next meeting of
voted for at the Novembef election. the board of control and the disposal
At 322 to 326 East
Washington Street
and are ready to serve you
We have a stock of Home Furnishings
that cannot be excelled in the South
west :: While we are new in Phoenix,
we are not new in the Furniturt Busi
ness, and know that we can satifactor
ily meet your eveiy requirement :: :: ::
"Absolute Satisfaction or Money Refunded" . .
Furniture Co.
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