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S. W 0. 5 1. GO.
Handsome House on West
Lymvood Purchased by
Well Known Plumbing
Contractor i'ordood Price.
Make Improvements
Oakland and Meadowbrook Still
Forging Ahead Both Attractive
The handsome now cement finished
brick so much admired by all lovers
of the homo beautiful on West Lyn
wood in Chelsea Place was purchased
this past week by .1. II. Mulrein, the
well known plumbing contractor. The
lot upon which the house stands is
a large one SO by 1",4. and the house
is conceded to be one of the most
completely furnished homes in Phoe
nix. It was built by the Home Build
ers and while in course of construc
tion excited much favorable com
ment. The house was finished about the
first of the month, and it was then
it excited Mr. Mulrein's curiosity
and interest and he decided it com
bined all the features he desired in
si house. Few houses in Phoenix
have a larger floor space, which in
itself is an attraction.
The interior commodiousnoss of the
house is such as to give the largest
possible living" space yet provide
numerous cuploards and closets. A
separate screen porch lor the kitchen
is also a feature. The wall decora
tions in the house are something
new in rhoenix and add greatly to
the general appearance of the in
terior. I
Mr. Mulrein will further improve i
the property with a garage and a
servant's home and laundry. The !
purchase price was $6000. -
Plans for four new homes have
been accepted by Greene & Griffin, I
to be built, two each, in the Oakland
and Meadowbrook additions. Work
will begin on these at once, as there
have al'-eady been -applications for
just such homes as these are by
interested parties in the upbuilding
ot these additions tie luxe to the
rapidly growing capital city of Ari
zona. The first of the houses will be
built 'in Lot 2 of Block 8 of he
same addition. The structures will
be brick, with cement finish, cement
porches and steps, and will cost in
the neighborhood of $:!,000 each.
This is the hetrinninir of an pv- I
tensive building movement in Oak
land addition, as the firm intends
to have a number of houses ready
for this fail and winter.
The bungalow type will be used in
the Meadowb.'ook addition, each
house being so equipped as to have
plenty of porch space. Both houses
will be built facing the car line,
which goes through the center of the
There is an insistent demand for
acre tracts, which is increasing, and
places close in like Meadowbrook
permit thrifty city workers to in a
measure solve the high cost of living
by calling upon the cows and chick
ens for assistance in the matte- of
home comfort. A little vegetable
ratch can also be put in which will
j furnish fresl) vegetables, but with
little care, the entire year around.
Connnittees Well
Way Feature
on Program on
Live Topics Good Show
Work of
V. J. Harris iias resigned his po
sition as director of the census in
order to enter the contest for the
democratic nomination for governor
of Georgia.
Hire a little salesman at The Ite
publican office. A Want Ad will seo
more customers than you can.
In addition to Colonel Roosevelt the
progressive party leaders who are ex
pected to speak in the interest of
the Washington party nominees in
Pennsylvania this fall include ex-
! senator Albert J. Feveridge of In-
diana, Senator Moses E. Clapp of
j Minnesota, ex-governor George C.
j Pardee of California, Congressman
Victor Murdock of Kansas, judge
j Ben n. I.indscy of Denver and Prof.
I Charles E. Merriam of the Univer
sity of Chicago.
Wm 00 ' 1 IfeSi
The Chance of a Lifetime
The entire state of Arizona has a population of
less than 300,000 a population very much
smaller than that of the City of Los Angeles.
The westward trend of the people of the United
States is greater today than ever before; with
better transportation service and the opening
of the Panama canal, the peoples of the world
will flock to the great southwest.
A Better Chance Today
Better than the small investor had in California
20 years ago. Immigrants must come to a land
where opportunities are greatest where the
population is least. What does this mean to
you as an investor in the new town of Scotts
dale, the greatest fruit center in Arizona?,
Greater and faster will be the growth of Ari
zona compared with California of the past; and
greater still will be your chance of duplicating
the many fortunes made by the investors in the
country towns on the coast. Your chance is in
Scottsdale now. Let us tell you about it.
The Maricopa Mid Summe - Ex
hibit of the Farmers' Institute is
scheduled for July the 10th and lllh,
and work is now actively being done
on the matter of obtaining entries,
and the promise of entries, from the
many interested farmers in the val
ley. Professor A. M. McOmie, who
has charge of the premium com
imttee wo'k, htm just published a
small pamphlet, giving an idea of
what can be expected in the line of
speeches as well as premiums dur
ing the work of the institute.
A number of well-posted, logical
talkers have been selected to fill up
the program with speeches bearing
upon the problems to be encountered
by the farmer in the ordinary daily
toil Among these are W. V. P.
McConnell, whose knowledge of the
dairy farmers' needs is especially
good, and who will talk on the re
lation of the dairy herd to rural
life. John Norton will speak on
"Cattle Feeding" and X. D. Zanders
or. "Thrift." while J. S. Griffin
"Alone" will speak on "Real Estate."
J. B. Cook is to tell about the
canning industry and the prospects
for the successful launching of a
p. ofitable project along those lines
in the valley. J. E. Mclain will
speak on "Exhibits," while P. I. Ed
son, who has worked so hard in be
half of the farmers' extension work
in Arizona, will talk on "The Prog
ress of the Maricopa County Farm
ers' Institute." The program will be
enlivened by songs and a short talk
by Edwina Howard. A reading by
Neida Scudder and a solo by J. Elma
Johnson will also be rendered.
One of the features of the discus
sion will be that led by Mrs. E. N.
Phillips, general secretary of the Y.
W. C. A., who will speak on the sub
ject. "The Y. W. C. A. as a Factor
in the Community." Mrs. Phillips
Platform abilitv is too well known
to need any introduction or explana
tory comment. Her work with ttv
Y. W. C. A. has been such a notice
able success as to immediately give
her the ear of all the people for he.
remarks. The exhibits this year will be
managed by J. E. McClain, who has
served acceptably as president of the
institute, and who Is well known as
a booster for organizations of this
character. The Merchants' and
Manufacturers' association is taking
a keen interest in the success of
the affai. and from present indi
cations the 1914 Ali'l-summer Agri
cultural show will exceed all previous
recordes for this section.
Because of the act passed at the
recent session of the legislature to
make the state law conform to the
Seventeenth amendment to the fed
eral constitution providing the man
ner and form of electing United
States senators, wili not become ef
fective until June 10, not having an
emergency clause, Kentucky will have
one vacant seat in the United States
senate until that date, the governor
being powerless to appoint Senator
Bradley's successor until the new
enabling act becomes effective.
Politte Klvins, former member of
congress and until recently chairman
of the republican state committee,
has filed his declaration as a candi
date lor the republican nomination
for United States senator from Missouri.
Co-operative Plan of
Organization Has
Provocation of the
pleasing Pesults
pany Popular
The Progressive party of Nebraska
has determined to nominate candidates
for all the state and congressional of
fices to be filled at the election next
Thomas M. Kearney, a prominent
attorney whose home is in Racine, has
announced his candidacy for the
Democratic nomination to succeed
Senator Isaac Stephenson.
The officers and directors
Southwestern Building and
ment company are actively
of the
Don't wait for the through line railroad or the building boom. Prices will
lie higher then. Buy now before the advance begins.
Phoenix's growth is sure and it has just begun. The town is growing north
west. Invest now in that direction and make sure of your share 'of the big
increase. Your monev will double in
the opo-ations of the organization to j
the end that it is rapidly becoming,
one of the most generally well un- I
derstood, clean business propositions j
before the Phoenix public. Its co
operative efforts have been such as i
to give every stockholder a. pride in !
the organization.
The company has been operating
on the plan of purchasing large
acreage, plotting and subdividing it
and selling at an advanced price.
The money with which these plots
havc been purchased is the money
of the stockholders of the company,
and hence the profits on the ad
vanced price sale also belongs to the
stockholders and the regular period
ical distribution of the profits has
been one of the active features in
drawing favorable attention to the
rperations of the progressiva com
pany. The company also constructs
homes, and in doing this has used
the same system the purchase in
large wholesale Jots, the-eby savinp
still further money, whicli eventually
is applied to the stock as dividends.
In addition to this. the buildings
thus constructed are built just as
good, but at a cheaper rate than
otherwise, and when sold at the av
eiage market price, accrues still
further interest.
One of the most attractive resi
dential subdivisions in this vallev
Lots 60x145.
cleaning and
Two blocks north of State Capitol. All
gas, sewer, water, electric lights, street
moval, police and fire protection.
$600 to $700. Terms $50 down, $15 per month.
curb, walks,
garbage re-
127 N. Center St.
Lots $10 Down $10 a Month
Arizona Investment
& Land Co.
Arizona Inv. & Land Co
Please forward me fur
ther information regard
ing Scottsdale.
Prince & Tuttle
14 West Adams St.
City Property
Suburban Property
Ranch Property
Loans on Real Estate
Fire Insurance
Houses for Rent
We handle onlv the best
and endeavor to satisfy
'our customers.
Real Estate, Loans and
14 West Adams St.
Telephone 1584
Ivovv Method of
Described at Meeting,
Debate Crows Ceneral
Modern Methods Are
Cse in Valley
Brooding, ?nly
, neve
(Chairman Program Committee, Ari
zona Poultry Ass'n.)
Poultry keejiing here in the valley
is i of the Salt is to some people nothing
the Kenihvo.-th tract. which is more than a series of endless disan- i
pierced by a street car line that runs ' iintments, while to others it is aix,ove'
out on North Second avenue. This ; comparatively simple task. To en- However
tract has, since its acquirement byjable the poultrymen of the valley to'as 'ft by
1!. & I., increased rapidly ' exchange their experiences on this,1""! there
ml is now the site of a subject the Arizona Poultry Asso- methods
a few hundred each year be
them too costly for their use.
However one man has been using a
brooder stove for small hatches by di
viding off his house into two pens
and has raised these smaller lots with
success equal to those having larger
lots. The general opinion on the cose
of running these stoves was one cent
per chick or under for this climate.
The houses used averaged about
1 14x14. A representative of one of the
! Poultry Supply houses was present
and described in detail the construe-
lion and workings ot the .brooder
tlie S. YV
in value,
number of beautiful, commodious
an,l attractive homes, some of which
are owned by stockholders and oth
ers of which have been bought by
jieople wlio could not resist the en
ticements of a home so conveniently
located and attractivelv situated.
A wedding that came as a surprise
to many was solemnized in Phoenix
last week when Josejihine Poscoo,
proprietor of a local store and a
well known Indian trader, and John
Derrick, the store manager. were
united in marriage by Itev. Pay
Clarkson Ilaiker.
The couple went to Phoenix early
in the week, leaving here at differ
ent times. Both have lived in the
Valley for many years. Mr. Derrick
is a charter member of the local
Knights of Pythias, while Mrs. Der
rick is known and beloved by hundreds
of Indians on the Pima reservation.
ciation has inaugurated a series ot
" Poultry Men's Kxperience Meetings."
At one of these meetings which
was recently held in the AVater Users'
Temple at Phoenix a goodly num
ber of the leading jioultrymen came
together to discuss the problem of
"Hatching .and rearing chicks."
Among other facts which were
brought out was the wonderful In
crease in popularity of the brooder
stove. This was due to the great
success u hich its users were having
in the rearing of large numbers of
chicks at a minimum of exjiense.
One parly reported having lost 50
chicks by accident and twenty-five
otherwise out of :;mmi raised under
two of these stoves. Several others
reported almost equal results. One man
who has been in the poultry business
here lor nine years has tried almost
every method of brooding with varv-
iing success. Last year he used his
first brooder stove and this year in
stalled two more. The capacity of
.these stoves is rated at I.'ipO chicks
'and many j.oople who wish to raise
every one does not raise'
the lirooder stove method
were advocates of all other
is well. It may surprise !
some to learn that there is a hot i
water heated brooder house here in !
the valley. This was described and
its owner advocated it as the ideal
method for the man who had only
one or two incubators to depend upon.
He used a gasoline heated brooder
which is so arranged that its heat can
be proportioned to the number of
chicks heing hovered.
Still another method for the small
raiser was described and advocated
by a representative of another Poul
try Supply house. This was a inst
able hover for 10 chicks which could
be set in any building without al
teration. The representative had one
of the hovers with him and aroused
no little interest. One of the members
present had been using this style of
brooder and told of his successes
and described a colony house he had
built for its use.
As usual the fireless brooder came
in for its share of discussing and
cussing. One would naturally think
our warm climate would be ideal for
this method but most of those pres-
San Marcos
The Popular Place to Stay over the
Week End.
Cool Sleeping Porches
Roof Garden
Motion Pictures Dancing
Served on Poof
I'hone Reservations.
San Marcos
ent had tried it out and found out
that this very fact of our warm days
rendered this method in-effective on
account of the cold nights and morn
ings. Several other methods of brooding
were mentioned and several more
might have been had the meeting not
have been called short lor lack of
time to finish. Besides telling of the
methods of brooding many told of
their experiences in feeding and a few
of those who were big enough not
to be scared told of some of their
misfortunes. None of us have reach
ed perfection in this line as well as
any other yet: we know our weak
nesses and feel we can learn a few
things from each other yet. So we
are ; oi.g 10 have a few more meet
ings in the near future and desire
every poultry man present.
Watch these columns for the an
nouncement of our next meeting.
John Anderson, one of the best
known ranchers in the valley, will
leave here June 2 with his family for
a tri j to Europe. They will visit
Denmark. Norway and Sweden. This
is ,the first visit to the
many years.
bl home in
I - 13
I if- ' 1
H. D. Clark, a well known Chand
ler randier, has secured the contract
to deliver 1.0U0 tons of hay to the
Sturgis Hay & Grain Co. of Phoenix.
The juice is from to SS.rn the
ton and is considered a good price for
this time of vear.
Dr. Win Wiley of Phoenix is in
stalling a large mimping plant in the
! Higley district and is preparing to
I'lant forty acres to olives.
A merry crowd of sixty young peo
ple adjourned to the picnic grounds
near Mesa this week in several large
hay racks and spent the day in a pic
nic. Games and other amusements
were enjoyed and a big dinner uni'er
the trees was served at noon.
Dentistry That Lasts
ANCrlOK .,?.
MTjTiinr a"l"f(
."' ! rvFvrtiDF laii-'i
Nothing eqnals these Roofless Teeth in durability,
beauty and satisfaction. The roof of the mouth is
uncovered and the teeth always remain firmly in
place, as intended bv
Come here in the morning, have your old teeth ex
tracted FREE and retuin home at night with a NEW set that fits
perfectly. Lost teeth replaced- without plates loose teeth made firm
and strong decayed teeth saved. All work guaranteed 10 years. Ex
tractions and dental surgery made PAINLESS by our NEW BOTANI
Full Set of Teeth $7.00 up
Gold Fillings $1.00 up Bring this on first visit for
Gold Crowns, 22 carat $5.00 a ten per cent discount.
Silver Fillings $1.00
822 South Broadway. Los Angeles
A5260 Opposite Hamburger's Department Store Main 4280
Mrs. D. M. Arnold is enjoying the
first figs grown in Chandler from
Irees planted a year or more ago.
The current number of the Crafts
man contains a splendid likeness of
Howard D. Gross, president of the
i National Fertility league and a
r nanuler land owner. -Mr. Gross was
in the Valley several weeks ago and
is interested in giving this section a?
much aid as possible in improving
soil and economic conditions.
I Messrs. Davis McClusky, two la
bor leaders connected with the State
Federation of Iabor, were down from
Phoenix a few days ago to address
, a meeting of the Farmers' Union.
They reviewed prospective bills to be
presented to the next session of the
; legislature and offered a number of
' o-oposed amendments for the benefit
of labor. Their talk received close
Lonjf (top) and
Boar W. Long, at present chief of
the division of Latin-American af
fairs in the department of state at
Washington, was nominated a few
days ago by President Wilson to be
minister to Salvador. Almost coinci
dent with the nomination came the
announcement from Secretary Bryan
that William Heimke, the present
minister to Salvador, who has served
as such since 1909, would be Mr.
Long's successor in the state depart
The San Marcos Hotel will be open
all summer long and in the roof gar
den provision is made for the special
enjoyment of the guests of the house.
Exclusive motion pictures that have
never before been shown in the val-
i ley will be shown on Tuesdays and
Fridays, and every Friday evening a
dance will be given. It is just a
jiliasant drive from Phoenix to
Chandler through tn attractive put
of the valley, and the pleasant even
ings make it a pleasant pastime.
As has bi-cn the case of so many
men who have risen to prominence
in American public life, AVillinm S.
West, the new United States senator
from Georgia, began his career as a
school teacher.
Wo niako a specialty of engraved
calling cards, wedding invitations,
announcements, etc. We are show
ing' the latest in design and will
be j (leased to show you oui sam
ples: or, if you cannot call, we will
mail them lv you.
Our charges
class of worl
c W(
for the
The McNeil Co.
If you don't trade with us,
we both lose money

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