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Refer to him Subscription Orders, Stops, Changes, as well
as all business regarding Advertising and Job Printing. -v
With Everybody's Drug Store, Phone 6
Mesa Correspondent, Charles F. Jones.
With Butterbaugh & Carr, Phone 53.
Tempe Correspondent, H. B. Griffen, Jr,
Destructive Fire of Yesterday Brings
Total Tons of Hay Burned up to
About Thirty-five Hundred
See the second episode of
Lucille Love
at the
Fire of an unknown origin com
pletely destroyed between eleven and
twelve hundred tons of alfalfa hay at
Gilbert yesterday morning belonging
to Alfred J. Peters and Company of
Tempe. This is the third loss suf
fered by the Peters company in as
many years, the greatest of the three
being that of last fall when fourteen
hundred tons of grain, and alfalfa hay
comhined were burned to the ground.
To date not a clue has been found
leading to any facts that might bring
to light the origin of the fires. In ,
each instance the first blaze, that was '
the beginning of the loss of thousands '
of dollars, was discovered shortly af
ter it started, but never once has the
first person on the scene arrived in
time to discover the origin.
The fire of yesterday morning
started about three o'clock as near
as can be ascertained. By the time
help was on the scene, the blaze was
well beyond control. There was noth
ing to do but stand by and watch the
perfectly good and badly needed for
age go up In smoke and flames. The
fire lighted the country for miles
around and was even discernible be
fore daylight yesterday morning on
the highway to the notth of Tempe,
a distance of maybe twenty miles
from the scene.
The enclosing corrugated iron
structure, valued at possibly two
thousand dollars, was likewise totally
destroyed by the flames. Insurance
partially covered the loss on both the
hay and barn.
Four other reels of pic
tures are also included in
the program.
Six Big Reels.
City Fathers Hold Regular Monthly
Session and Transaot Routine
lightfully enjoyed by all. As the
guests were seated, they were pre
sented each a different verse from
the thirteenth chapter of First Cor
inthians, which they read preceding
the blessing. Following the break
fast a very interesting missionary
program was rendered and proved to
te most profitable and helpful. The
theme for the July pvogram was
'The North American Indians in
Canada," and a fund of information
was presented in the reading of the
various papers. Unusual missionary
enthusiasm on the part of h ladies
was aroused. Those present were:
Mrs. E. R. Blake, Jits. A. X. Smith,
Mrs. A. J. Garrett, Mrs. R. W. Scott.
Mrs. B. T. Price, Mrs. L. E. Hol
comt.e, Mrs. J. I. C)li'in, Mrs. J. R.
Rountree, Mrs. Omer M'Cullough,
Mrs. Jos. Hall and Mrs. L. W. .Stil-ve!l.
"meal service
Friends of Lin B. Orme, of Phoe
nix, were in Mesa Tuesday circulat
ing a nomination petition for Mr.
Orme, who seeks the office of state
auditor. Mr. O.me proved to have a.
great many friends in this city.
The Mesa city council held its reg
ular monthly meeting Monday night
and allowed the current bills, with
the exception of the claim for rent
of library building, which was held
over until a later meeting, and some
of the fire bills which had not been
"O. K.'d"
A proposed new tax ordinance was
discussed at considerable length and
the town attorney was instructed to
prepare an ordinance along the lines
suggested and have the same at an
adjourned meeting to be held on
Thursday night of this week. A
couple of kicks were registered as
1wwvwwwmmww tl the rate of license charged com -
mission men from other states oper
ating in Mesa, but Marshal Peyton
reported that all but one of the
companies had signed up unde.- the
new ordinance, and the matter was
passed over. Mayor Viault congratu
lated the council, as from what he
had heard on the streets he had ex
pected all the vacant chairs to be
filled by disgruntled license-payers
not one, however, had put in an ap
pearance. The mayor also bid the
council "adios," as he expected to
leave last evening for a few weeks'
A letter, from Dr. F. G. Waide,
who with Mrs. Waide and their little
daughter, left here early in June for
Vermont conveys the sad news of two
deaths mourned by them while en
route home. Coming as a total sur
prise, even to the immediate relatives,
the mother of Mrs. Waide, Mrs. Judge
passed away at the family home in
Tyler, Texas, on the fifteenth of June.
Dr. and Mrs. Waide happened to be
visiting there at the time. A week
later a sister of Dr. Waide died at
her home in Ontaiio. Mr. and Mrs.
Waide have not concluded their plans
for this winter but through the sum
mer they will be located at Johnson,
Vermont, where the doctor is engaged
in summer school work. For the last
seven years. Dr. Waide has been in
structor of history at the Tempe
normal school here.
Te new club house of the copper
company was placed in service on
the Fourth and with its attractive
pool and billiard tables played an im
portant part in the entertainment of
the holiday visitors. The south end
of the building is one large reading
room attractively equipped with In
dian vugs and comfortable chairs,
lounges and other things contributive
to the comfort of the club members.
The pool and billiard room is in the
northwest corner and in the north
east corner there is a large card
room in which there are several ta
bles. In one end of the ca.M room
there is a fountain from which the
best of soft drinks will be dispensed.
Eater the club will be equipped with
a player piano of the best make. It
is planned that the club will be
placed at the disposal of the ladies
one afternoon of each week. On
these occasions the families of the
club members will be given full
Dr. and Mrs. Albert B. Rood have
gone to Oracle for a short vacation.
The doctor expects to return in a
few days, but Mrs. Rood will proba
bly remain until the weather is
Mr. and Mrs. Roy Hatch have gone
to Heber City, Utah
of a few weeks.
Accountant Sangster of the Arizo
na corporation commission, arrived
in Hayden Tuesday to look over the
accounts of the Ray and Gila Valley
railroad. After remaining he"e for a
few hours M. Sangster went to Ray
with A. J. MacLean, auditor of the
The bricklayers were again put to
work on the new grammar school
building Wednesday and the full
force employed will be kept on hand
until the work is completed. The
carpenters and steel men went to
work earlier in the week.
The little 2-year-old daughter of
Mr. and Mrs. Gus Bakley was saved
torn a horrible death Wednesday
morning when she drank a teacupful
of coal oil that had been left on the
sewing machine. The child was hur
ried into the city and restorative
measures administered by Dr. Drane
with the result that she is now out
of danger. It is thought that the
child mistook the oil for a cup of
water and drank it before she could
be prevented by her mothe.-, who was
too late to interfere.
Tempe's hand will render its accus
tomed weekly concert at the city hall
plaza this evening. This is the pro
gram: March, "Templeton;" overture,
"Princess;" serenade, "Garden of
Roses;" rag, "Slippery Jim;" march,
"Napponesse;" descriptive, "Indian
Love Song;" march, "Brotherhood."
A camping party composed of Mr.
and Mrs. C. M. Mullen, Miss Edith
Mullen, Miss Ruth McComas, Mr. and
Mrs. W. H. Wessell and Miss Erdine
Zimmerman left yesterday on their
summer vacation to be spent in the
vicinity of Winslow, Arizona. Trans
portation is being made by wagon.
The local police court records of
Mesa will show that fo.- a town of
its size, the Gem city is entitled to
first place as an orderly community.
The report of Police Justice Irwin,
rendered to the council at the regu
lar meeting Monday night, gives the
number of arrests at only twenty
four, or less than one per day, dur
ing the month of June. Of this num
ber fourteen were convicted (or con
fessed guilt); two were minors and
the cases transferred to the juvenile
court at Phoenix; one complaint was
withdrawn, and five were dis
charged. The offenses were all pet
ty ones, as follows: Disturbance, 8;
speeding, 4; fighting, 5; no lights
cn motor vehicle, 2; intoxication, 2;
disorderly house, 1; petit larceny, 1;
.c s.m.t .. ...: . ,. . , .
for a vacation "'" '""
The leaders of the various church
es of the city met In conference
Tuesday night and planned for a
big union tempe.-ance rally to be held
on the evening of July 19, on the
lawn of the L. D. S. tabernacle. A
The fact that this is cantaloupe
season and every available man is
put to work harvesting and packing
melons is responsible for the fact
that there will be no game of ball
here next Thursday. The game was
called off. Mesa had but four play
ers available for that date. So Tem
pe goes to Phoenix Thursday and
Mesa has a game Spnday. Holland
will be back in the game Sunday.
Harry Williams is in the hospital j most attractive program of music
for a few days as the result of a i and Bi6 was arranged and special
mule-kick inflicted on him at the ! musical selections by the stake chor-
Ray Cons, corral on the morning of i us- the male quartet of the Chris
Rev. W. L. Summers left Wednes
day for Bisbee where he will spend
fcur weeks. Mr. Summers wil!
preach in the Methodist church of
that city and his pulpit here will be
supplied by Rev. Andrews, of the
Bisbee church. The two dominies
swapped homes and pulpits for the
month, each picking up his family
and going to the other man's home
and town. The change was to afford
both a rest
Mayor Max Viault left Wednesday
for Ocean Park to spend a .few
weeks' vacation.
J. C. Eyer and a party of f. -lends
passed through the city Wednesday
enroute for the White mountains,
where they will spend a couple of
weeks camping. There were e.Jeven
In the party and they drove two
well-equipped wagons. They stopped
here long enough to get hunting li
censes for two of the party.
The second episode of the "Lucilo
Love" series will be shown to Tempe
folks at the Goodwin airdorae this
evening. In addition to this featuie
there will be the regular program
consisting of the one-reel Eclair Co.
picture entitled "Nobody's Love
Story," the two-reel special by Bar
bara Tenant and Co. "When God
Wills," and "For Art and Love."
Tempe city water users have two
more days of grace. The ordinance
governing the payment of bills to the
town officials takes its first step on
Saturday morning when a ten per
cent interest charge will be attached
to all unsettled accounts. Ten days
later, the water will be turned off
and the users will have to pay the
extra charges both on the bill and
on the labor involved. It would be
well to call at the office of
the commissioner in the city hall to
day and at the latest tomorrow and
settle up.
Dr. and Mrs. R. L. Alexander and
two daughters left last evening for
Long Beach, California, where they
will enjoy a month's vacation.
the Fourth. He is improving rapid
ly and should be out in a few days.
Hary Scott has given up his posi
tion as mill foreman for the copper
company and left for his former
home in Salt Lake City Tuesday.
Efforts are being made to have the
Globe ball team come over next Sun
day to meet the smelter boys on the
home diamond. The Ray Consoli
dated team will play the Ray boys
in Kay on that day and there is to
be no game here unless one can be
arranged with Globe or some other
strong aggregation from a distance.
As an added inducement to the
Globe team they have been promised
a game with the Ray Cons. Saturday
and the Smelter Sunday If they will
ceme, but as yet no definite answer
has been given. Local fans are eager
that this arrangement be made.
tian church, the stake orchestra, etc.,
were decided upon. Following the
musical program, which will occupy
about a half hour. Rev. W. W. Shenk,
assistant superintendent of the State
Temperance Federation, will deliver
an address. Mr. Shenk is said to be
an exceptionally entertaininir and
forceful speaker and the leaders in
the temperance cause feel themselves
fortunate in having him consent to
be with them on that date.
Guests of the Pythiaa lodge at In
stallation on Tuesday evening were
treated to all that could be expected
In the way of a good time. The lodge
ceremony was carried out in extreme
ly pleasing style, the installation
work being a novelty to a good
many of the guests present. The ice
cold watermelon feed which conclud
ed the evening festivities, was like
wise highly enjoyed by membets and
Hire a little salesman at The Re
publican office. A Want Ad will see
more customer than you can.
NIX, as follows:
Sec. 1. Each person, firm, associ
ation or corporation that shall offer
for sale, sell, deal in or dispose of
any vinous, distilled, malt or intox
lcating liquors, or that shall engage
In the business of offering for sale,
selling, dealing in or disposing of any
vinous, distilled, malt or intoxicating
liquors, is hereby designated and de
clared to be a liquor dealer for the
purposes and within the meaning of
this ordinance; and liquor dealers
are hereby classified as and divided
Into "wholesale liquor dealers," "re
tail liquor dealers" and "saloon keep
Sec. 2. Each person, firm, assocl
ation or corporation that shall offer
for sale, sell, deal in or dispose of.
a.- that shall engage In the business
of offering for sale, selling, dealing
in or disposing of, any vinous, dis
tilled, rnalt or intoxicating liquors, in
quantities of not less than two gal
lons at any one tme, and not to be
drunk or used upon the premises
where so sold, offered for sale, dealt
In or disposed of, shall be deemed
to be, and is hereby declared to be,
a wholesale liquor dealer, and shall
pay a license tax, per quarter-annum,
of $125.
Sec. 3. Each person, firm, associa
tion or corporation that shall offer
for sale, sell, deal In or dispose of,
or that shall engage in the business
Mrs L. W. Stilwell proved a most
charming hostess Wednesday morn
ing, when she entertained the ladies
of the Christian Woman's Board of
Missions to a "missionary breakfast"
at her attractive home on East First
avenue. A most delicious breakfast
In four courses was served and de-
of offering for sale, selling, dealing
in or disposing of, any vinous, dis
tilled, malt or intoxicating liquors.
in quantities of not more than two
gallons at any one time, except sa
loon keepers as hereinafter defined,
shall be deemed to be, and is hereby
aesignated, a retail liquor dealer.
Retail liquor dealers are hereby di
vided into two classes, to -wit: "retail
liquor dealers of the first class" and
'retail liquor dealers of the second
(a) Retail liquor dealers of the
first class shall include and embrace
all persons, firms, associations and
corporations that shall offer for sale.
sell, deal in or dispose of vinous, dis
tilled, malt or intoxicating liquors, or
that shall engage in the business of
Offering for sale, selling, dealinz in
or disposing of such liquors, in seal
ed, corked or closed bottles or pack
ages, and in quantities of not less
than one half-pint nor more than
two gallons, and not to be drunk or
used on the premises where sold or
disposed of; provided, that they may
sell at any one sale a case of bottled
beer containing not to exceed twenty-four
quarts. Each retail liquor
dealer of the first class shall Dav
a license tax, per quarter-annum of.
(b) Retail liquor dealers of the
second class shall include and em
brace all persons, firms, associations
and corporations owning, controlling,
conducting or operating a hotel hav
ing fifty or more bed rooms, that
snail offer for sale, sell, deal In or
aispose or, or that shall eniraee in
the business of selling, offering for
sale, dealing In or disposing of, any
vinous, malt, distilled or intoxicating
liquors, ror use or consumption with
in the premises, owned, controlled,
conducted or operated as such hotel,
It cannot be said that the women are
making long strides in the matter of
dress Woman's Home Companion.
I've seen some funny motions.
Pray, Gerald, do not mock!
Long, long ago, one stormy night,
I saw a Plymouth Rock.
Cornell widow.
by the glass, In vessels, bottles or
packages, in quantities of not more
than one gallon; provided, that they
may sell bottled beer in quantities
not to exceed twelve quart bottles
at any one time. And such liquors
may be sold only between the hours
of five o'clock a. m. and twelve
o'clock midnight upon week days,
and between the hours of six-thirty
o clock a. m. and nine o'clock p. m.
upon Sundays; provided that the sale
or disposition of such liquors on
Sundays shall be confined to actual.
bona fide, registered. transient
guests of such hotel, and may be
served to such guests only In the
rooms assigned to and occupied by
them in such hotel; and also In the
dining room or rooms of such hotel
during Tegular meal hours as a part
or any bona fide meal, and not oth
erwiso. The term "bona fide meal'
for the purposes and within the
meaning of this ordinance is defined
to be such a class and quantity of
rood as ordinarily is served for con
sumption in dining rooms or hotels
maintained exclusively for the pur
pese of serving meals for compensa-
tion. . Eeach retail liquor dealer of
the second class shall pay a license
tax or 1300 per quarter-annum.
Sec. 4. Each person, firm, assocla
tion or corporation that shall offer
for sale, sell, deal In or dispose of,
or that shall engage- in the business
of selling, offering for sale, dealing in
or disposing or, any vinous, malt dis
tilled or intoxicating liquors, by the
giass, in vessels, bottles or packages,
In quantities of not more than one
gallon of liquor other than beer and
rot more than twelve quart bottles
of beer at any one time, shall be
deemed, and is hereby designated
and declared to be, a saloon keeper.
Each saloon keeper shall pay a li
cense tar per quarter-annum of
$250, Provided, that where a saloon
keeper sells or serves vinous, malt,
distilled or intoxicating liquors for
consumption with meals (except free
lunches), in the regular room occu
pied and used by him for saloon pur
poses or in an adjacent or separate
room therefrcm, in that case such
saloon keeper so selling or serving
such liquors shall pay an additional
license tax per quarter -annum, of
$50, which said additional license is
hereby designated as
Sec. 5. Any wholesale liquor deal
er, -retail liquor aeaier oi any ims, ut
saloon keeper, may engage in and
carry on one or more of such
businesses or classes of such busi
nesses at the same time and nlace by
securing a separate license for each
of such businesses or classes of such
businesses, and by paying therefor
the license tax hereinbefore required
to be paid therefor respectively.
Sec. 6. Each wholesale liquor
dealer, retail liauor dealer of the
first class, retail liquor dealer of the
second class and saloon keeper, and
each person, firm, association or cor
poration first desiring or first ap
plying for a license to conduct any
such business or businesses shall
make application in writing to the City
Clerk therefore, which application shall
set forth the. name of the person.
firm, association or corporation pro
posing to carry on such business, tne
place where such business is to be
carried on or conducted, giving the
block, street and number of the oc
cupancy; and wmcn saia application
shall have the indorsement thereon
of the names of the property owners
of at least sixty per cent of the
lineal frontage of the block facing
the street in which any such busi
ness is to be carried on, as well as
the names of the property owners of
at least fifty per cent of the lineal
frontage of the block facing the
street oposite the place where such
business is to be carried on, con
senting that such business may be
carried on at such place in such ap
plication designated, and certyfying
that the said applicant is a proper
and fit person, firm association or
corporation to conduct such liquor
business, as the case may be. And
no such license shall be granted or
issued until the Commission shall be
satisfied that the applicant is a fit
and proper person, firm, associatiotn
or corporation to have and receive
such license, and that the place
where such business is to be carried
on or conducted is a fit and proper
place for the ca-rying on or conduct
of such business; and shall by res
olution so determine, and may grant
Such license and order the issuance
thereof. This section does not apply
to persons, firms association or cor
poration now engaged in the liquor
Sec. 7. No wholesale ltquor dealer, j
retail liquo-- dealer of the first class,
retail liquor dealer of the second
class or saloon keeper shall serve,
sell, give away or dispose of any
vinous, malt, distilled or intoxicating
liquors in any room or place other
than the regular room or place or
premises occupied and used by such
liquor dealer or saloon keeper for and
in connection with the conduct and
carrying on of such liquor business,
except as in this ordinance otherwise
Sec. 8. No person, firm, associa
tion or corporation shall offer for
sale, sell, serve, give away or dispose
of any vinous, malt, distilled or in
toxicating liquors between the hours
of midnight and five o'clock a. m. of
any week day; nor shall any person,
firm, association or corporation of
fer for sale, sell, serve, give away
or dispose of any vinous, malt dis
tilled or intoxicating liquors upon or
during any Sunday, except as in this
ordinance otherwise provided; but no
provision of this ordinance shall be
construed to prevent any person in
the private residence, home, apart
ment or rooms occupied by him for
dwelling purposes from giving away
and serving any liquors therein to
members of his immediate family
and his invited guests.
Sec. 9. It shall be unlawful for
any person or persons, firm, associ
ation or corporation to offer for sale,
sell, serve, give away or dispose of,
any vinous, malt, distilled or intoxi
cating liquors without having first
procured and paid for the particu
lar license therefor required by this
ordinance, or to offer for sale, sell,
serve or give away, or dispose of,
any vinous, malt, distilled or intox
icating liquors, except in strict con
formity to and compliance with all
the provisions of this and of all oth
er ordinances and resolutions of the
City of Phoenix relating to or reg
ulating the offering for sale, selling,
serving, giving away or disposing of
any vinous, malt, distilled or intoxi
eating Honors.
Each and every sale, offer for sale
service, gift or disposition of any
vinous, malt, distilled or Intoxicating
liquors within the corporate limits
of the City of Phoenix, without hav
ing first procured and paid for the
particular license or licenses requir
ed therefor, shall constitute a viola
tion of this ordinance, and each per
son or persons, firm, association or
corporation so violating any provis
ion of this or any other ordinance
or resolution of the city regulating
or relating to the sale or disposition
of vinous, malt, distilled or intoxi
cating liquors, shall be guilty of a
misdemeanor, and upon conviction
thereof shall be punished by a fine
of not exceeding three hundred dol
lars or by imprisonment in the city
Jail for a term not exceeding six
months, or by both such fine and
imprisonment; and any license or li
censes, if any, issued and outstand
ing to such person, firm, association
or corporation to conduct the busi
ness of wholesale liquor dealer, re
tail liquor dealer of the first class,
retail liquor dealer of the second
class, or saloon keeper, or any one
or more of them, upon such convic
tion, or upon proper complaint, may
be revoked, and all moneys thereto
fore paid upon such license fees or
taxes therefor shall be forfeited to
the city. The Commission may also
revoke any such license whenever
the holder or holders of the same, or
any of his, their, or its, servants,
agents, or employes, shall violate or
neglect, fail or refuse to observe and
obey any provisions of any ordinance
or resolution of the City of Phoenix
relative to the sale or disposition of
vinous, malt, distilled or intoxicating
liquors, or whenever the holder of
such license shall be convicted of any
felony or be guilty of any act of
moral turpitude, or of any other
act or conduct which the Commission
may or shall deem to be injurious,
detrimental or a menace to the pub
lic health, morals or safety.
No wholesale liquor dealer' li
cense, retail liquor dealer's license
of the first class, retail liquor deal
er's license of the second class or
saloon keeper's license shall hereaf
ter be Issued or renewed to any per
son who has theretofore held a li
quor dealer's license of any kind,
character or class, and which has
been revoked for cause, nor to any
firm, association or corporation in
which such person is or may be di
rectly or indirectly interested, and
where such license has been or may
be issued to any person, firm, asso
ciation or corporation In which such
person whose liquor license has been
revoked for cause shall thereafter
become directly or indirectly Inter
ested, such license shall be forth
with revoked and all moneys paid
thereon for license fees or taxes
shall be forfeited to the city.
Sec. 10. All ordinances and parts
of ordinances in conflict herewith,
and only to the extent that they
are in conflict herewith, are hereby
repealed; provided, however, that no
license fee or tax due or owing, and
no fine, forfeiture or penalty under
existing ordinances at the time when
this ordinance takes effect, shall be
affected hereby; but the punishment
of violations and the recovery of li
cense fees, taxes, fines and forfei
tures shall remain and take place in
the same manner and to the same
extent ns if the ordinances or parts
of ordinances repealed hereby had
continued or remained in force; and
in every case where an offense is
committed prior to the time this or
dinance takes effect, the offender
shall be tried under the ordinance
in force when the offense was com
mitted, and if convicted, punished
under such ordinance, and all ex-'
isting rights and remedies for the'
collection or recovery of such license
tax or fee shall continue in like
manner as if this ordinance had not
been passed, and the provisions of
the existing ordinance or ordinances
as to punishment to be inflicted or
the mode of trial or the manner of
determining the penalty for the of
fense committed before .this ordi
nance takes effect and the provisions
of the existing ordinance or ordi-.
nances as to the collection or recov
ery of license fees or taxes shall not
be affected by such repeal of any
existing ordinance or ordinances.
Sec. 11. Whereas, the proper reg
ulation of the sale and disposition of
intoxicating liquors is essential to the
preservation of the public peace,
health and safety, and it is neces
sary that this ordinance take imme
diate effect, an emergency is heieby
declared to exist, and this ordinance
shall be in full force and effect from
and after its passage by the Com
mission and approval by the Mayor,
and is hereby exempted from the op
eration of the referendum provision
of the City Charter.
PASSED by the Commission of
the City of Phoenix this 29th day
of June, 1914.
APPROVED this 29th day of June,
Attest: Mayor.
, Citv Clerk.
July l-10t.
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T J .1
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General Repair Work.
4th and Washington Sts. Phone 1228
MOTOR CARS W. A. Horrell
521 N. Central Phone 1223
Expert Service Men
108-110 N. Second Ave.
Storage, Repairs and Gen
eral Machine Work. Work
AUTO SUPPLY CO. 517 N. Central Ave. Phone 1071
$1700.00 F. O. B. PHOENIX
Garage 229 E. Adams St.
Phone 539 or 596
-m m m a.w-e m m m m- m ar --w.m
Arizona Auto Company, 308 North Cen-
tral Avenue. Phone 1241. State aaenta
for Moreland and "Little Giant" Motor
GEO. HAGEMAN, Distributor for Arizona
Corner Second and Adams Streets
Ford Motor Car
6-passenger $625. Runaoouf S79
308-310 E. Adama 8t.
Maricopa County Agent for Hendrle
Mora Mileage. More Speed.
More Power, Guaranteed
309-315 North Central Avenue
The Car you ought to buy
Gates & Tremaine
221 North First Street
Best Equipped Machine Shop in Southwest
Complete Stock of Accessories
Phone 686. 326 N. Central Ave.
Repaired and Rebuilt. We repair lamps, wind
shields and fenders. We also replace glasses
In windshields and lamps, and do coppersmith
work. 233 North Center St.
Pleasure Cars and Commercial Truck
Service 8tation 326-28-30 N. Central. Phone 6M
M. I. NAQUIN, Distribute ;

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