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summer me:
se rej
One Young-Beauty Commits Society Solecism of "Cut
tiii' the Plate'' Wlien Acting as Delivery Boy for. the
Solous FiieiMTs of the Two, However, Have Promised
to Arrange the Difficulty So That All May Be Serene
By Sally Jacobs
It was no wonder they were
fussed. Neither side scored for a
long, long , time f anil 'just because
two pretty girls were there who oc
cupied rather unconventional posi
tions and were rather unconvention
ally costumed.
In the blue and gray uniforms of
the Lawmakers, the Bennett sisters,
the famous athletes who are appear
ing at the Columbia this week, act
ed as pitcher and catcher for the lo
cals. H:td Alia and Crystal Bennett
continued to play well they couldn't
have because there just wouldn't
have been a game. "Women certain
ly" make a difference on the dia
mond." I heard Mr: John Nutt of
Tempe re.murk and one of his broth
er officers responded with "They
certainly doooooooooooos."
Alia Bennett looked ' stunning in
the suit of a certain pitcher we all
know' and I thought she played re
markably well. .There was a great
deal of applause don't you know,
though it was whispered that she cut
the plate in two. I do hope she
doesn't hear of it because it was
kind of her to go .out in, the heat to
oblige, the boys.
I noticed several more women than
usual on the grandstand because I
suppose it was "liidies' day." There
are a number of good looking bach
elors on the team but of course,
while that may have accounted for
their enthusiasm I would hardly care
to say so. They may be technically
Informed maidens for all I know but
it was the appearance rather than the
behavior of their friends' that won
their applause. That said Dolly was
as it should have been for the plays
were not things' "that relatives or
friends could point' to with pride or
read about the following morning.
No, no indeed!! It was the fault of
the women. They made the youths
self conscious, and over sensitive. Mr.
Kern Warren with bat in hand ap
proached the box. A bevy of beau
ties giggled, waved handkerchiefs and
applauded. What could the poor boy
do? He did. Later he redeemed him-,
self and the ball came mighty near1
going over fhe fence and gave .the
boys some needed exercise. It was
the queerest inning as much like
follow the leader we used to play as
kids as two peas. Seven . of our Sen
atois scored and more .of them con
sidered doing it but they thought it
would be too ridiculous and the nine
will remind Tempe of its miles dis
tance from Phoenix. . ;
Mr. Clarence Barton has ; returned
and sought shelter under the pro
tecting wing of Captain Barrett. , He
had a terrible attack of stage fright
yesteiday and I really can't rave
about the way he played. He's been
at Ray, you know, and seeing so
many .people once more probably
alarmed him. Neither did . portly Mr.
Hudson do as well as in the past but.
when he did "get over" anything
worth while the fans complimented
him generously. "Tubby" (I hate to
call him by his first .name it seems
much to familiar but they all do it)
is certainly a favorite with a large
majority. Mr. "Lefty" Anderson
pitched very decent ball, not, of
course, like Mr. Barrett, but quite
decent at that. What a disappoint
ment it was that that popular idol
only pitched the last inning. But it
was worth the waiting to see him
take his prayer to heaven pose. May
be he, like Christy Mathewson, will
become a movie actor. How lovely
to see him as hero in a thrilling
baseball drama! Did you notice how
smart he looked in his country club
togs before he donned his "ragged
regimentals" and made a debonnair
dash for the battle field.
Oh, goodness, I must add a P. S.
Preceding the game there was a ter
riblly tiresome tossing test and an
attempted running bases contest that
no woman could describe language
Don't .Understand Movement of Car
ranza and Villa Troops
EL, PA'SV JuTy" O.Th'e" Mexican
situation here is extremely puzzling.
Official assurances continued that
results of the- Carranza -Villa con
ciliation conference at Torreon had
been successful, hut Villa's army
continued to move north into Chi
huahua, abandoning the campaign to
the south of Zacatecas. Villa tele
graphed tonight that no statement
would be made of what matters had
come up for discussion at Torreon.
The only evidence that matters
have been adjusted was the veturn
of national treasury funds confiscat
ed at Juarez, and secured in the
United States. Tills 'caused the first
open breach. On the other hand, it
was learned that Villa had placed an
order for printing' a." large issue of
Chihuahua state money, contrary to
Carranza's original plan to absorb all
Mate money with national fiat papev.
No Carranza agents here will ven
ture on the other side of the line.
The official explanation of Villa's
tioop movement was that his troops
are moving into their native state
for a rest after their hard cam
paigns. Villa's lack of ammunition
and Carranza's apparent continued
refusal to give him any is also be
lieved to have caused, him to aban
don his campaign toward Mexico
Famous Terrace Is Destroyed By
QUEBEC, July 9. Fire today de
stroyed Dufferin Terrace, Quebec's
famous thoroughfare overlooking the
St. Lawrence river. The flames com.-,
municated by means of the wind to
the row of cottages on the cliff above
the terrace, and wrought considerable
damage to the wooden structures at
cither end of the row, but leaving
the ones between untouched.
Two firemen were '- overcome by
smoke and removed to a hospital. It
is believed the fire resulted from a.
lighted cigar dropped carelessly un
der the boardwalk of the ter.-aee.
associated press dispatch!
JACKSON, July 9 Theodove G.
Bilbo, lieutenant governor of Miss
issippi, was acciuitted of n charee nf
soliciting and accepting a bribe. The
jury had been . out since late last
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EAGLE PASS, July 9. In spite of
reports in Saltillo and Monterey, that
the Torreon conference To adjust dif
ferences between Villa and Carranza
has been satisfactory, outposts forces
of the two'- generals are only thirty
or forty kilometers apart, according
to travelers from' Saltillo and Mon
terey. o
Hire a little salesman at The Re
publican office. A Want Ad will see
more customer than yon can.
places the dollar first and the virtue
of a girl second, and for this- and the
above specificed reasons, I vote 'no"
upon the passage of this ordinance.
"I shall sign the ordinance as the
mayor of Phoenix, but I do so ufider
protest and here and now publicly
state I refuse to assume any of the
responsibility for the passage of this
ordinance." f
The theoretical spanking of the
mayor having been accomplished in
his absence, the commission settled
down to the routine business which
wasn't so routine after all. The re
port of Manager Farish for the va
iious departments was approved. The
report dealt with facts and figures
about the regular operation of the
various branches of the city's busi
ness and wound up with a very im-
Service, Quality and Price
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rate delivery of lenses.
Dr. E. Munson
Arizona's Leading Optician
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you an
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portant announcement that the sani
tary sewer matter was being handled
in such a manner that Mr. Farish
was confident that at least tempor
ary, relief , from what seems now to
be a grave menace to the public
health is: In sight and permanent re
lief is not a matter of the very dis
tant future.
The report of the manager out of
the way a number of protests were
introduced. These had to do with
the assessment of the North First
avenue paving district, which the
commission promised to personally
Investigate today. Another which
dealt with the proposed Improvement
of North First street, and which
upon vote was deferred indefinitely,
and. the assessments levied against
the property owners for storm sewer
improvements on s Adams street,
which are also to be Investigated.
Then there were protests for indi
vidual assessments against the cost
of improvements in various districts
on the grounds that no itemized'
statements had been rendered by the
Barber Asphalt Paving Company or
the city for the work done. As bonds
have already been issued and prob
ably Bold, the commission was agreed
that it had no Jurisdiction.
5Ah amendment was approved to
Ordinance No. 5, fixing the hours
'vhen sweeping of the sidewalks in
the .business district may be done at
net later than 7:30 o'clock in the.
morning and not before 9:30 o'clock
in the evening. This gives one hour
leeway in the mornings over the ordinance-
as previously in effect, 6:30
o'clock having been the latest In the
morning'" when " sweeping could be
A protest of several propprty own
ers on North First street against the
paving of the district from Adams
street to Roosevelt street resulted in
the temporary holding up of the pro-
1 posefl'-work, but ' Manager Mitchell of
' the Street railway company profited
only by this to the extent that he
will not be called upon immediately
street and succeeded in having his
grades accepted. Manager Mitchell
to pave the center of the street al- I heretofore had pleaded he was un
though he will likely be obliged to
begin in the near future the laying
of his tracks on North First street.
for the city manager presented an
able to lay the proposed tracks be
cause he had no grade upon which
to work. The measure which provid-
ly to be held up indefinitely enough
protests having apparently been re
ceived to accomplish this.
J. W. Walker asked the status
of the Seventh avenue paving matter
and the city manager was directed
ed for the paving of North First j to make a report on this matter at
ordinance fixing the grades for that i street although once adopted, is like-i the next meeting. A resolution was
adopted and an ordinance fixing the
grades also approved. Any protests
against the proposed improvement
should be made at once to the city
manager or the commission.
The commission adjourned to meet
again Wednesday evening, July 15, at
7:30 o'clock.
&S&y&tt''& w w w w w "w & &&'d
Today Is Red Let
ter Day In
contains a quarterly DIVIDEND CHECK. Anybody can have
one. Step right in and let us explain it to you
Southwestern Building & Investment Co.
17 W. Adams St.
f??:?S 5?S 7 VS PS TV T 2S & FS EN CN rfTS & 'Ps
i WS M rJ m XFJU PmJ -JU V"; I- V"Ti ;z zzvzz: V -7;I0"xr x
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