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i !
i i
It is Rumored That John
Xutt and Kollv Mwur
Will Play With Mesa
Paum Selects Lefty to
Pitch. Lucas to Catch
When Mesa comes over to this town
in play some baseball today, Johannes
N'litt. ami Kelly Moeur, of the Tempe
Boars will be in the gray uniforms to
help Lnntrowsky overcome the Tree
Swelling Jinkus. That is what they
Bat F. Baum will not do so badly,
for he will be sending these youni atth.
Dodge If. - i. uJV'Sf V f
Barrett lh.
Barton 3b.
Hudson 2b.
Kimberley cf. " '
Warren If.
Hathaway ss '
I.ucas c.
Anderson p.
So yon see, these heavy hitters tvill
have to prevail pretty strong over
lefty Anderson, as well as over that
Odd Thing which roosts in trees, but
sometimes descends to help out the So
lons in a pinch.
It is reported that the Jewels will
play with their fingers crossed, will bat
uith their hands crossed, will sit in the
dugouts with their legs crossed, and
will be blame cross if they fail to show
up the fatal Oomph that plays one in
ning per game on the Phoenix game.
This will be the first opportunity
that John Hyder will have had in a
long time, to cheer for the team. When
Tempe plays here, he "dassent" open
his head for fear of offending some of
his Kid Brother Kelly's retafners, and
if he cheers for Tempe, the local boys
Kft peeved. But he will permit himself
one or two faint bellers today just to
try out his wind. He is also trying very
hard to lose that hat, so he can offer
a paid of trousers, or something els
natty in the clothes line for the next
home run.
A guard was placed around the tree
last night, so that no Mesa sympathiz
ers might attempt its life with an ax.
The Phoenix Rifle club will hold an
Important meeting at the board of
trade rooms Monday evening at 7:30
p. m.
Topics to be discussed are: Big shoot
at Douglas on August 2; returns from
the Pacific coast match; report on new
members, the new. armory a certainty,
what the Phoenix Rifle club will do to
help equip it.
All members and prospective mem
bers are requested to attend this meet
ing, by order of executive officer, presi
dent and secretary.
I National League
j Boston at Cincinnati
j Philadelphia at St. Louis.
i Brooklyn at Chicago
I American League
j Open date.
I Federal League '
Chicago at Kansas City
Indianapolis at St. Louis
j 1
I Coast League
Los Angeles at Portland
Sacramento at Oakland
I San Francisco at Venice.
Let's all laugh at Pittsburg. Isn't
It awful to be walloped four times In
one day by Brooklyn? Answer Is,
"It is." But that is just what hap
pened when the Dodgers of both the
Federal and National Leagues grab
bed double headers from the Smoke
town teams.
Outfinishing Oarrison. That is
what it was when Phoenix cracked
out a ninth inning victory over
Note that James J. Callahan has
suffered the fate of all hot-headed
Irishmen. With Chicago going so
Rood, it is too blamed bad that the
director general of the pennant cam
paign had to go and get himself ex
iled that way!
If they consider J. Johnson a
Parisian now, France, too, can claim
a share in the athletic . downfall of
Uncle Sam. The fact that Georges
17 South Center
In Budgets of the Board of
Trade and Fair Commis
sion, Auto and Motorcycle
Speed Receives Much At
tention and Monev
Yes, indeed, there will be automo
bile ami other gasoline events at the
coming state fair. For, has not the
Board of T.-ade and the fair com
mission pledged a great hunk of
do-re-mi for seven great benzine
stunts? It has and. they have and
they will be.
Look at the list:
Los Angeles to Phoenix auto and
motorcycle races, El Paso -Phoenix
race, Albuquerque - Phoenix race,
.Springerville-Phoenix motorbike Tace,
track races for two and four wheel
ers count 'em seven.
lire is the budget of the Board of
Trade for the coming state fair:
Los Angeles-Phoenx auto race $2,000
EI Paso-Phoenix auto race 1,000
Albuquerque-Phoenix auto race 1,000
Los Angeles-Phoenix Motor
cycle race 250
Bands to play down town 250
To entertain p.'ess representa
tives 250
All States Parade 100
Listing rooms 250
Decorations 300
Northern Arizona Motorcycle
race 250
Entertainment for auto drivers 250
Publicity for auto races 100
Special 2:03 pace 1,000
Printing, etc 250
Total board of t.-ade fair bud
get $7,250
"Big X" Man Will Send Two Speed
Roadster Over Trail of September
Morn and Bill Tremain
Duplicating the feat of Mel Xaquin's
September Morn, and Bill Trepiaine's
Maxwell by climbing Tempe Butte, will
be the task several Phoenix motorcycle
riders will set themselves this after
noon. L. E. Weyand, the local booster
of the "Big X" was the man who start
ed the agitation, when he suggested
that money then in his possession
would claim that the aforementioned
Excelsior could ascend the Butte clear
to the flagpole, and go up the latter.
if there were a trail.
Now the number of those who be
lieve they can climb the butte has
grown somewhat, and Lorenzo Boido
and Ellie Wilson will try it on Indians,
and some chap, at present unknown has
hinted that his nine horsepower single
speed De Luxe can alsto do it.
Joseph L. O'Connell Jr., has been se
lected to pilot the two speed Ex up the
Butte. Weyand has said he will do it
with a side-car, but folks believe he's
At about one, by the clock this af
ternoon, the Phoenix M. C. Riders will
congregate down town and start for
Tempe. Weyand selected the warm
part of the day unthinkingly, but the
club riders will probably turn out in
presentable numbers for the run.
Boido has invented a new trick. He
takes his Phoenix-to-Prescott Indian
down the street in a series of buck
jumps, induced by bouncing on the
spring frame. He will have the ma
chine doing somersaults on purpose
soon. He can do 'em accidentally most
any time he takes a notion to speed.
wallopped this ultra -American heavy
weight right in old London town
makes it woise, much woise. But it
'was only a foul, anyway a nice
gentlemanly, unintended sort of a
Probably America will now he
flooded with explanations for the
failure of our golf, tennis, polo, pugi
listic and other endeavorers. When
Tom Lipton comes to the Salt river
valley to , raise tea, we are going to
ask him about it. The Roosevelt
lake would make a swell place to
race a lot of cup defenders, and the
fertile valley below would make an
equally swell place to raise a lot of
tea, , i
But that's a bum joke, and it
shouldn't be allowed to get by the
national board of censor-yacht--er-er-I
mean censorship. "
National League f
'- 4
8taitding. f
Club w. U PcL j
I New York 46 32 .590
I Chicago 45 37 .549
I St. Louis ..44.. 40 .524 j
Cincinnati .",9 42 ,481
i Philadelphia 37 40 .481
Brooklyn ..: ..35 40 .467
j Pittsburg 35 42 .455
I Boston 35 43 .449 j
fr rf
Just a Little Hit
ST. LOUIS, July 18. After two outs
in the ninth, Miller singled to right,
scoring Huggins from second, and
St. Louis won another game from
Score RUE
Philadelphia . G 9 1
St. Louis 6 14 1
Batteries Alexander and Killifer;
Steele, Griner and Wingo.
Braves Hit 'Em Right
CINCINNATI, July 18. Boston's
opportune hitting, coupled with Cin
cinnati errors, gave them an easy vic
tory. Rudolph pitched excellent ball.
Score R H E
Boston 11 0
Cincinnati 3 7 3
Batteries Rudolph and dowdy;
Ames, Lear and Erwin, Gonzales.
Hit Atchison
CHICAGO, July 18. Chicago hit
Atchison opportunely and won from
Brooklyn. Lavender held the visitors
to three hits.
Score R H E
Brooklyn 2 3 1
Chicago 4 6 1
Batteries Atchison and MeCarty;
Lavender and Bresnahan.
And Now They Divide
PITTSBURG, July 18. New York
and Pittsburg broke even in a double
header, Pittsburg winning the first,
the visitors the second game.
Score R II E
New York 0 6 2
Pittsburg 3 2
Batteries Demaree, Fromme nd
Meyers; Harmon and Gibson.
Second game . R H E
New York 1 r-
Pittsburg 5 9 2
Batteries Matthewson and Meyers;
Mamaux, McQuillan and Coleman.
American League
Club. W. Pet
Philadelphia 48 32 .600
Detroit 47 38 .553
j Washington 44 3R -537
Boston 45 40 .529
Chicago IS 40 .518
1 St. Louis 42 40 .512
New York 32 47 .405
I Cleveland 28 54 .341
, -
Yanks, 5 Browns, 2
NEW YORK, July 18. Hamilton's
wildness helped "ew York to an easy
victory over St. JLouis in the second
game of the series. Caldwell was
strong in the pinches.
Score- R H E
St. Louis 2
New York 8 "
Batteries Hamlluon. Mitchell and
Agnew; Caldwell and Nunamaker.
Macks Get a Wiggle On
fielding and costly bases on balls
aided in giving Philadelphia two vic
tories over Chicago. Both Cicotte and
Bender pitched fine ball in the second
game, but Chicago piled up errors in
the first, and gave Philadelphia the
Chicago 1 6
Philadelphia . 4 4
Batteries Walsh and Schalk;
Plank and Lapp.
Second game R ?
Chicago 1 jj
Philadelphia 5 s "
Batteries Cicotte, Lathrop and
Mayer; Bender and Schang.
Washington Wins One
WASHINGTON, July 18. Washing
ton bea.t Cleveland in a loosely played
!-ame Cleveland scored all her runs
in the second on two singles and er
rors br Gandil and Morgan.
Score-- R 11 ,E
Cleveland ' "
Washington ,
Batteries Morton and Bassler.
Ayres, Engel and Henry.
Ti jers Win in Eleventh
BOSTON. Jul$- 18. Detroit won
from Bostton, 4 to 2, in eleven innings.
Boston wored in the. second, Detroit
tied in the fifth. One more run by
Boston in the dxth and Detroit again
tied in the swenth.
Score-. R H E
Detroit s 4 "
Boston . - " J
Batteries Dubuc and Stanage,
Baker; Shore. Leonard, Bain and
Cady, Carrigan.
Federal Ceague
. i
21ub. ' I PcL
Chicago 47 M .588
Baltimojre ..44 37 .M
Buffalo 39 39 .500
Kansas City 37 46 .446
St. Lords 35 47 .427
Pittsburg 31 47 .397
Almost Enough!
KAN S. IS CITY, July 18. Three
singles, two stolen banes, a sacrifice
fly. Tinker's triple, ami a passed ball
netted Chicago four runs in the ninth
and gave the visitors the game.
Score ' - R H E
Chicago 5 11 1
Kansas "City, 1 8 3
Of All Fighters Now Before
American Public Banty
Champion Owns Highest
Percentage of Knockouts
with Attell Second.
By all the records, Johnny Kilbane.
featherweight title holder, has scored
more knockouts and fought moe
battles than any other present day
champion even including that en
thusiastic little scrapper, Frederick
Welsh, - lately crowned lightweight
monarch. And Kilbane also has more
knockouts to his credit than had Abe
Attell In '. the two years before he
lost the title to the Clevelander. In
thirty starts, he knocked out seven
whole men.
Jack Johnson, heavyweight cham
pion has fought only nine fights
since he won the title f.-om Tommy
Burns on December 26, 1908. In
that time, he has knocked out only
three men. Attell scored six knock
outs in the twenty-eight fights he
bad during the two years before he
was defeated by Kilbane. Willie
Ritchie has fought fourteen times
and knocked out two men since
1 911. : Johnnv Coulon, while bantam
champ, fought twenty times since
1910 and sent a half dozen oppo
nents into dreamland.
The records of the fighters At
tell's for the two year sbefore he
lost the title, Johnson's since he
won the championship, Ritchie's
since 1911, Coulon's since 1910 and
Kilbane's .since he defeated Attell on
February 22, 1912, are as follows:
Fighters KO ND D W L Fts.
Kilbane ... ... 7 14 2 7 0 30
Attell 6 19 0 2 1 28
Johnson .. 7.. 3 3 1 2 0 9
Ritchie 2 9 0 3 0 14
Coulon .. - 6 10 1 3 0 20
KO, knockout; ND, no decision;
D, draw; . won; L, lost.
Batteries Lange and Wilson; Cul
ien and Easterly.
Treated 'Em Mean
BUFFALO, July 18. Baltimore
batsmen treated all of Buffalo's
pitchers alike, winning both games in
the double-header.
Score R H E
Baltimore , 8 5 2
Buffalo 0 6 2
Batteries Suggs and Jacklitsch;
Krapp and Brown, Blair.
Second game
.15 19 1
Buffalo . 2 7 2
Batteries Wilhelm and Jacklitsch,
Boucher; Moore, Moran and Blair. J
Kauff Kicks In
ST. LOUIS, July IS. Kauff scored
on Carrs two-base hit to right cen
ter in the fifth and gave Indianapolis
the winning run.
Score R II E
Indianapolis 5 12 0
St. Louis 4 6 2
Batteries Moseley and, Rariden;
Davenport and Chapman.
Brooks Win Twice Again
PITTSBURG, July 18. Brooklyn
took both games, winning the first
easily and taking the second after a
hard-fought battle. An error by
Rheam gave Brooklyn the winning
run in the ninth of the second game.
Score R E
Brooklyn 3 2
Pittsburg 1 9 4
Batteries Seaton and Land; Wal
ker, Leclaire and Roberts.
Second game R 11 F-
Brooklyn 11 3
Pittsburg 4 9 1
Batteries Lafitte and Owens; Dick
son and Kerr.
Coast League
Club. W. Ij. Pet I
4 Portland 5H 43 .5.
Los Angeles 58 49 .542
j Venice 55 4S .529
San Francisco 56 52 .519
Sacramento 49 56 .467
I Oakland 41 63 .394
At Oakland - R 11 K
Sacramento , 3 8
Oakland 1 11 0
Batteries Williams and Rohrer;
Prough, Christian and Mitze.
At Portland " R H E
Los Angeles 5 10 8
Portland , ',.V ' 8 13 7
Batteries Chech, Love and Brooks,
Meek; ., West, . Rieger and Fisher,
Brenegan. -
At Venice
San Francisco . . . .
Venice . ' . . . :
Batteries Faning
White and Eliss.
R H 13
. 2 10 2
.16 1
Second, game R II E
San Francisco 1
Venice - 4 , 0
Batteries Pernoll and Clarke;
Harknesa and Elliott.
- o '
For the first time in several years
Owner Bob Hedges of the St Louis
Browns is making the eastern trip
with his teatn. In former years
Hedges was afraid to take any
chances . by traveling with the
Erowns. ' Their ball playing was apt
to cause some stranger to shoot the
whole outfit,
Sneakv Pete Recounts Odd
Scrap That Was No
Scrap, in Palmy Days of
Cananea's Pugilistic Pop
ularityYears Ago
"Watch-oo want?"
"You gotta Mesican frien' story?"
My good Mes'can frien' agreed that
he had one of them there things, so I
wormed it out of him. Here it is:
Wat jou teenk, I gotty he-er een my
cabeza, oil dees-a pricefite estoriees
een wort'? Jou gone gotty leet' chort
news, 'n jou ask-it me for feex estory
for dees-a Repub' esport page!
Bot me, I gotty lots pashence weeth
my frien' Escoop. Hees been pref
good -a to me. When dees-a faller I
tol' jou 'bout gon' heet me for poot
hee-a nam' een paper, my frien'
Escoop, he's tol' dhat faller for geet
hal outa he-er. Dhas-a good-a kind
frien' to had.
Espeekin" bout dees price fitey es
tories een Mejico makee. me teenk Ril
ey Wheeggins. Dees faller, he's beeg
Oh mos' lik' Jeck Johnson, chure he's
teenk som' fiter, heem. Two free
tim' he's ween leet-a escrap een reeng.
He's gotty estoek up on heemself.
Una vez one tim' fallers een Can
anea ses to me, Sent tellagram Keed
Dalton, dees-a gran frijole ham-an-egg
fiter from Los Angeles, An' me.
I gotty good-a honch een cabeza, an'
I'm sent dees-a tellegram.
Pur' soon dees-a Keed he's com'
Cananea. He's leet-a faller, bot que
mano tiene! He's mos' very estrong-a
leet-a man I'm seen. He's esmoke-it
moch cigarros, an' he's hike pur'y seek
guy-ee. Y el vino que bebe! Madre de
Dios! Dees-a leet-a faller he's jost
sopp boose lik' spong'.
Dees-a fallers feex Wheeggins for
meet dees leet-a fiter een reeng. Dhey
ses to heem. Why for jou don't fitey
dees esmal-a man? Riley, he's laff beeg
like el toro, an' he's ses "I don't want
Mes'can policia pot me een calabosa
fur keel dees-a cheeken. One dees-a
faller, he's tol' Riley I bat jou honder
dol-lah for fitey Keed Dalton.
Dees-a mak' fitey oil light Pur"
soon oil same championsheep fitey een
Cananea. Wheeggins he's gotty seex
trainer-r-rs, and the keed esmoke ci
garrillos. Jon ttck dees-a leet-a keed gonna
Powerful Price Reductions at
Hanny's Semi-Annual
Don't consider the low prices first; think of the immense values Hart
Schaffner & Marx clothes offer, regardless of price. Let the added value
in the way of price reductions simply double your conviction that now's the
time to buy.. There's no getting away from values like these.
$15.00 Suits for $11.25 $30.00 Suits for $22.50
$20.00 Suits for $15.00 $35.00 Suits for $26.75
$25.00 Suits for $18.75
NOTE Every suit a guaranteed, preshrunk, pure wool, silk sewn, up-to-the-minute
a fit for every build patterns that may be worn through
the fall.
Straw Hat Sale
Choice of any Straw Hat g
Broken Sizes and Assortment. JvV
Imported $2.50 and $2.00 Pith Helmets, green underbrim an ideal hot
weather Hat, to close,
Shoe Sale
We Find We Are "Long" on Oxfords
The worth while and worth buying kind Gun Metal and Russia, English
and swing lasts all sizes all widths,
$4.00 and $3.75 Oxfords, $2.75
w It's TCir
Jack Johnson's performance of de
feating a husky challenger after sev
eral years of .-etirement from active
fighting puts him in a class by him
self. Moreover, now that London is
howling over the expose of the dicker
by which Moran was to have quit
in the eighth, Jack Johnson finds
himself in still another class not
Comeback! they all yelled when
Jack licked Moran.
Comeback is right. For if any
thing is a comeback, it's a double
cross specially if it's exposed.
Boomerang, is the perfectly good
Australia term for this sort of a
From the most ".-pliable reports I
ran garner, Johnson ought now to be
content with his laurels. He should,
by rights, set himself the task of
pursuing happiness under all the
guarantees given man by the Magna
Charta, the Declaration of Indepen
dence and Abraham Lincoln's Eman
cipation proclamation. But no! It
seems that some one has suggested
that there is a bunch of coin hang
ing low on a certain managerial tree
in South California the same to be
plucked by the big black for merely
sewing Jess Willard as ho deserves
or merits under Marquis of Queens
bury rules.
George Chip, whose recent defeat
of Billy Murray again places himself
among the ranks of the belt claim
ants is a middleweight boxer of
great promise. Anybody who can
leek Riley? Thass way oil dees-a
estories gonna feenish. Sure! Seguro!
Bot wait-it. I gotty Mes'can cheeps
herder w'at my frien'. He's bat feefteen
dol-lah on Riley to ween. He's seen
Keed Dalton nrofesh fiter, so he's got-
!ty heem seex-chooter een pants for es-
care Dalton. He's tol' heem, "Oye,
gringo; Me, I'm bad-a mans, Jou lose
dees fitey or I'm choot jou een reebs!"
Dees escare Keed like ever' teeng, bot
Keed, he's try stoll een fitey so bad,
he's mak' Wheekkins teenk he's gotty
ween dees fitey. Me, I'm seen dees
Keed stoll, I'm holla, "Hey, Keed, jou
'member dees chile con came I'm feed
jou." Keed teenk offul hot chile I'm
geev him, he's make green to me, an'
he's crouch down an' poot-a hee's han's
on estomach. Wheeggins, he's seen
dees, an' he's teenk Keed gotty mdy
cientifico. When Keed mak' pass for
36 to 42 N. CENTRAL AVE.
The Home of Hart Schaffner & Marx Clothes.
Aim Idq Bad.
Am Ep&f
shorten his name from Georges Chip
olonis to what he calls himself to
day, is worthy of many columns of
intimate praise. But he has a more
substantial claim, and that is in the
chunk of blitzen he packs around
in his right hand. Here is how
George riz: After Frank Klaus beat
Billy Papke, the last holder of the
title before Stanley Ketchell, Chip
went after him. Klaus and Chip
met in Pittsburg on October 11 and
Chip won by a knockout in six
rounds. To prove that it was no
fluke, he gave Klaus a second bat
tle and sent over a sleep producer
in the sixth round again. The last
bout was on December 23. Last w in
ter Al McCoy dropped Chip in tho
second round. Since that time, how-
, ever, Billy Murray beat McCoy twice.
cinching it. Then on that memor
able July 4, Chip knocked out Mur
ray in the fifteenth round, and now
stands again ready to meet Jimmy
Clabby for the middleweight cham
pionship of the world.
Because Charley White licked KM
Yoakum in Denver the other day, he
believes he has a go with Freddie
Welch fo.- the lightweight champion
ship of the world. 'White once
keeled over Mr. William Ritchie, and
that adds somewhat to the weight of
his dignity. Lightweight champ of
America is a heavy title for him to
bear, but he's going to tote it, if it
brings him all sorts of grief. But
he will have quite some little flock
of arranging to do if he gets by all
the discontented chaps who cluster
right below the world's champ.
Riley, dees-a beeg queso, he's take got
ty moch escare, and ron for ropes for
mak' get-away. Bot gotty lotsa peepl'
een crowd bat on Riley, and dees mak'
moch e-sore. Pur" soon start t'row
fruit'a dc la gallina an' ol' veg-.-bles,
an' heet Wheeggins. Dees-a Wheeg
gins he's gotty moch beat-up for been
e-scare from leet-a Keed Dalton.
Viva chile con came!
Unless John McGraw's pitchers
tighten up pretty soon we fear the
Giants will not be able to spend any
world's series money this year.
Before the present season Howard
Shanks was rated as a weakling
with the stick, but this year the
Washington outfielder has flagged
that sort of a rating by walloping
the ball all over the lot.
f - -

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