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5S CTAKEa dime on the ;3
2S Camel Cigarettes, but mm
55 don't look for premiums or J 53
52 S coupons, as the cost of the 5S2
tobaccos in them prohibits
their use.
20 for
Camel Cigarettes 20 for
jOc are a blend of choice
quality Turkish and
domestic tobaccos. They
do not leave that cigarelly
taste and cannot bite your
tongue or parch your
You haven't money
enough to buy a more
delightful cigarette.
If your dealer can't eupply you, tend
10c tor onm package or fl.00 for a
carton of ten packagee K2QQ ctga
rettee). pottage prepaid. After
emohing one package, if you don t
tina CAMELS am represented, re
turn the other nine package! and
uie will refund your money,
Winston -Salem, N. C.
(Special to The Republican.)
Buckeye, Tuesday, Aug. 11.
Practically all of the first crop of
elfalfa seed has been shipped out of
the valley. The yield, has been un
usually good, averaging 'over three
hundred pounds per acre, and the
market has been very active at 9',&c
to 10Vc. This year" seed has been
unusually plump and clean.
Buckeye t State Fair
G. T. Pea body, fair commissioner
for Maricopa county, spent Tuesday
in the Buckeye valley, boosting for
the state fair. I. Parkman of Palo
Verde has been appointed deputy
fair commissioner for the Buckeye
tiistrict, which includes all of the cul
tivated land west of the Agua Fria.
In speaking of the fair, Mv. Peabody
said the exhibit this ' year is to be
essentially a county display. No local
tooths will ,be allowed in the main
display, ami All exhibits will be made
so as to produce the best results for
Maricopa county as a whole. I am
glad tor find that Buckeye has the
lair spirit. Mr. Field of liberty is
preparing to plant a fair garden and
expects to show just what can be
done in the way of small garden
Blurt under the Buckeye canal. The
Fflcke.ve Mutual Water company will
also probably exert itself to see that
an extehslve'display'Is made of Bu- k-
eye products, and Mr. Mitten of the
Buckeye News has agreed to allow
Iris office to be used as headquarters
for any and all products which may
be collected for the fair.
Water Company to Meet.
A temporary organization has been
formed and plans have been com
pleted for making a permanent or
ganization in the interest of Hon.
Maicus A. Smith, present incumbent
and candidate to succeed himself in
the United States senate. A number
of prominent local democrats have
issued a call for -a meeting of the
supporters of Senator Smith to be
held next Saturday, in the superior
court room in the court house, at 3
o'clock in the afternoon.
The following local democrats
have signed the call for the meeting:
Thomas F. Weedin, J. F. Iivin, Fred
A. Larson, Vernon Clark, S. J. Mi
chelson, J. P. Iavin. The call has
the following pertinent statement at
its completion. "Everybody come as
there will be plent of ice water and
The Buckeye Canal- company has
called a special meeting for Septem
ber 5 to consider some important
changes in their by-laws. At the
present time the annual assessment
made by the water company at $1.50
per acre for all the water that might
be used by any stockholder. This
amount, however, has not only paid
the maintenance expense, but has
also provided for all the necessary
improvements which have been made
during this time. Under the new
riding the annual assessment will
probably not exceed $1.00 per acre.
Horses sleep but three or four
hours in each twenty-four. '
Competition Among
Business Men
. .To get your share of trade you must have
MENT Good light displays your goods to better advantage.
Attract the attention of every passer-by
They make your Store stand out and Customers
come in.
Let us help you with your new lighting plans.
Pacific Gas and Electric Company
How 1914 Taxes Will Bo
Apportioned Board Asks
the County Supervisors to
Be Econom ical This
Over twenty-seven per cent of the
amount to be raised by the state tax
levy for 1914 will be needed for the
common schopl fund, the levy for this
purpose alone being over-twelve cents
on $100 valuation. The complete levy,
consisting of thirty-one separate funds,
was given out yesterday by the state
board of equalization, is as follows:
Fund Per $100.00
1. General fund, chapter 75,
Sec. 1, 3rd special session,
laws 1913 $0.07940
2. Asylum for the insane,
maintenance, chapter 75,
Sec. 10, 3rd S. S. 1913.. 01972
3. Asylum for the insane im
provement, chapter 75, Sec.
11, 3rd S. S. 1913 00250
4. Asylum for the insane build
ing, chapter 75, Sec. 12, 3rd
5. S. 1913 00620
5. Asylum for the insane, in
terest on bonds, act 73, Sec.
6, laws 1903 00023
6 . Capitol building interest on
bonds, act 9, laws 1897 00123
7. Interest on funded debt
bond issues, Par. 2047, or
ganic laws of Arizona, &
Par. 5259, R. S. of Arizona,
1913 civil code 00030
8. Redemption fund of funded
debt, Par. 5259, R. S. of
Arizona, 1913, civil code 00338
Military fund, erection of
armories. Chap. 73, Sec. 15,
3rd S. S. 1913 00175
Northern Arizona Normal
school, maintenance. Chap.
75, Sec. 7, 3rd S. Sj 1913 01000
Northern Arizona Normal
school, building & furnish
ing girls' dormitory. Chap.
75, Sec. 8, 3rd S. S. 1913 00594
Northern Arizona Normal
school, building & furnish
ing boys' dormitory. Chap.
75, Sec. 18 3rd S. S. 1913.. .000143
Northern Arizona Normal
school, constructing central
heating plant. Chap. 75, Sec.
17. 3rd S. S. 1913 00398
Pioneers' Home, mainten
ance. Chap. 75, Sec. 3, S. S.
1913. .. ;.. .00299
Pioneers' Home, improve
ment, Chap. 75, Sec. 4, 3rd
S. S. 1913 00013
Prison, maintenance, Chap.
73, Sec. 13, 3rd S. S. 1913.. .02217
St. Louis exposition bonds,
redemption fund, act 86,
laws 1901 00062
State fair commission, im
provement of fair grounds
& buildings, Chap. 75, Sec.
14, 3rd S. S. 1913 00250
State Industrial school,
maintenance & equipment.
Chap. 75, Sec. 2, 3rd S. S.
1913 01087
State common school fund,
including free text books,
Par. 2S15, R. S. of Arizona,
1913, civil code 122S7
State road tax fund to be
expended by state & coun
ties, Par. 5123 R. S. of Ari
zona 1913, civil code 06150
Tempe Normal school,
maintenance. Chap. 75, Sec.
9. 3rd S. S. 1913 01000
Tempe Normal school,
building and furnishing in
dustrial arts bldg. Chap. 75,
Sec. 19, 3rd S. S. 1913 OHIO
Tempe Normal school.
building and furnishing
girls' dormitory. Chap. 75,
Sec. 20, 3rd S. S. 1913 00460
25. Tempe Normal school, sew
erage system, Chap. 75, Sec.
21, 3rd S. S. 1913 00127
26. University of Arizona,
maintenance. Chap. 75, Sec.
5, 3rd S. S. 1913 01723
27. University of Arizona, im
provement and equipment,
Chap. 75, Sec. 6, 3rd S. S.
1913 00250
2S. University of Arizona,
building and furnishing fire
proof agricultural building.
Chap. 75, Sec. 16, 3rd S. S.
1913 02033
29. University of Arizona, re
demption fund, U. of A.
bonds, Par. 3663, R. S. of
Arizona, 1901 .00062
30. University of Arizona, in
terest on bonds, Par. 3663,
R. R. of Arizona, 1901 00030
31. University of Arizona, In
terest on bonds, act 47, laws
1903 00010
Total state tax levy $0.44500
The net raise made by the board
over the total valuation returned by
the counties amounted to less than
three millions, as compared with an
increase of over six millions made
by the board last year. Material
raises were made on property in the
larger cities of the state, where the
Somers system of veal estate valua
tion hag been adopted, but few com
plaints were filed.
The largest increase was made in
the valuation of railroads, cattle,
sheep and, . banks. Railroad assess
ments were raised over six millions,
range cattle to $24 per head, and
sheep to $3.50 per head. Bank valua
tions were raised, largely on account
of a readjustment of the valuation
on the basis of the market valuation
of the shares.
The valuations submitted by the
county assessors of Greenlee and
Mohave counties were lowered by the
board of equalization, the decrease in
Greenlee being $304,930 and In Mo
have $148,894.46. In all the other
counties Increases were made, the
greatest raise being in Gila county,
where the raise was $1,231,756.24. In
Andreas HoferTliefnn-keeperPatrfot of the Tyrol
I-O THIb peasant-leader Liberty was as much the brcr.m cf lire as it is to the strong-wind eagles
of the Alps.lo achieve it for himself and his mountain brothers he gladly laid dewn his life. No less
a personality than Napoleon vanquished him, and it vas because he band him that die Great Emperor
ordered Hofer shot Every atom of Andreas Hofer loved Liberty He demanded it for himself and willing
ly gave it to others In this respect he is no different than are our thousands ofTyrolese citiTens. Personal and
National liberty to those cf Tyrolean blood is a religion To a man ihcy will fiht for it and to a man thev will
die for it. When asked to vote for fVohibiticn they do 23 would do the great patriot Hcfcr VOTE AGAINST I
IT Thou shall NOTeat this thou shah NOTdrink that" is insolent legislation to those cf Tyrolean Blood. I
- Anheuser-busch are proud to serve their thousands or lyrolese patrons, rot 57 years these people have been mod
erate users ot their honestly-brewed beers bu UWEISEH is a ravonte wherever they reside. Seven
thousand, five hundred people are daily required to meet the constantly increasing demand for BUDWEISER.
Its sales exceed those of any other beer by millions cf bottles. anheuser-BUSCH-ST.LOUIS,US.A.
Bottled only at the home pbr.t
Melczer Bros. Co,
Phoenix, Arizona
; j j. Tfiee4ier
Means Moderation
.Maricopa the valuation was increased
by J212.4S1.44.
That the board considers the im-
portance of economy and the avoid
ance of all unnecessary expense in
connection with the county govern
ments is shown by the following let
ter which was sent out vesfenlav tr
the boards of supervisors of the sev
eral counties of the state. A copy
was also sent to the countv superin
tendents of schools.
Aucust 11. 1914.
To the Honorable Board of Super
Gentlemen: The attention of this
commission has ben directed to the
tentative budgets contuininc the
Itemized expenditures of monies to
be raised by direct taxation in some
of the counties in this state, setting
forth alleged excessive levies as con
templated by law, and requesting
tha.t action be taken to prevent same.
Assurance was eiven to nil such
complaining taxpayers that the com
mission would use its best efforts
trior to the making of the levies to
keep same as low as possible and
consistent with eroort Government and
after they had been made, should any
not be confined to the limits of the
tax law, would take such steps as
might be necessary to have the
spirit of the law carried out.
In this connection, it might be
rioted that owing to the war now
going on in foreign countries, de
pressive conditions have temporarily
taken place in certain portions of the
state. While we feel that these con
ditions will not be in any degree per
manent, yet it is the belief of the
commission that they are worthy of
careful consideration to the end that
you curtail any unnecessary expense
apparent, whether it be In connection
with the county government direct
or the expenditures for schools over
which you have only limited control.
We believe that conditions warrant
the co-operation with your board of
the superintendent of schools of your
county, and to this end we are tak
ing the liberty of sending him a copy
of this communication and requesting
that he meet with you on the 17tll
ir.st., when your final levy is decided
upon. Very truly yours,
Jesse I-. Uoyce, Secretary.
Inasmuch as the necessity of com-
pleting the task of computing the
state tax levy compelled the state
board of equalization to work all day
Monday and well into the night, it
was impossible for the board to com
ply with the governor's request that
the office be closed during the aft
ernoon as a mark of respect to Mrs.
Woodn w Wilson. The board, how
ever, adopted the following resolu
tion, a copy of which has been for
warded to the president:
Whereas, The stat board of equal
ization, now in session, finds 'it im
possible to close its office and ad
journ this afternoon out of respect
for the memory of the president's
wife, Mrs. Woodrow Wilson, whose
funeral is being held today:
Therefore, Be it resolved, that this
beard express its heartfelt grief for
the country's loss, its deepest sym
pathy for the president in his hour
of great sorrow, and its hope that
the great God of humanity will give
the president strength to survive his
terrible affliction, and that he may
be preserved to this nation at this
critical period.
And be it further resolved, That n
(Special to The Republican.)
I'LAf.STAFP, Aiiz., Aug. 11. The
regular 914-l!il." term of the
Northern Arizona Normal school hero
has begun with a record attendance.
With the first two days of school
gone the enrollment heats all pre
vious records. The first day's regis
tration showed Uil, the second day's
173, while it is expected the 200
mark will be reached" before the re
gistration closes.
The Northern Arizona Normal is
drawing students this year from ail
ipnits of the state. rnc new equip-
ment is making it one of the most
highly desirable educational institu
tions in the southwest.
I cr.py of this resolutiop
(to tile president 'ot Tin
"TnMl States.
German dreadnoughts in battle formation; German dreadnought firing a
A study of the navies of the warring nations in Europe indicates that
while Germany is powerful on the sea, she and Austria have nothing
like the combined sea strength of England, Russia and France. Germany
has not a single superdreadnought built and has crhly three building. Eng
land has thirteen superdreadnoughts in commission and seventeen build
ing. Germany has seventeen dreadnoughts; Austria two; France two;
Great Britain sixteen. Germany has thirty other battleships; Austria
fourteen; Russia thirteen; France twenty-seven; Great Britain forty-eight
England and her allies have 62 armored cruisers; Germany and Austria 12.
Germany has twenty-seven submarines; Austria eight; Russia thirty-one;
France seventy-three; England seventy-seven.
The German dreadnoughts seen in battle formation above are of the
Deutchland type, Grmany's crack $0,000,000 fighting machine. The dread
noughts which belong to this class are the Deutchland, Schleswig-Holstein,
Pommern, Schlesien and Braunschweig. The first five are of 13,400 ton
displacement and the last named is of nJ,997 ton displacement.

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