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Refer to him Subscription Orders, N8tope, Change, well
a all business regarding Advertising and Job Printing.--
With Butterbaugh & Carr, Phone 53. With Everybody's Drug Store. Phone
Tempo Correspondent, H. B. Griffon, Jr. Mesa Correspondent, J. R. Rountree
First Trade Board Meeting
Months on Schedule Many
Important Matters
The first of a series of business
meetings of" the Tempe board of
trade, to be held from time to time
through the fall and winter, will
lake place in the city hall this ev
ening. There are a number of rea
sons why the session is an import
ant one, principally because it is the
first held since last spring, which
naturally means that quite a quan
tity of business matters have piled
up. Then there are a few post
poned matters to be brought up and
best of all will be the sort of ex
planatory address by Fair Commis
sioner Geo. T. Peabody of Chandler,
who with a party of other prominent
valley boosters, will be here to see
what Tempe is doing.
Mr. Peabody is getting out a little
picture booklet, containing a vari
ety of views and descriptive matter
on the valley in. general and on the
separate districts. His talk this ev
ening will be based on -that propo
sition and the one following:
During the month of October the
greatest dry farming congress ever
held will convene in Wichita, Kan
sas. This year displays have been
asked for from irrigated districts, in
an effort to further the conservation
of irrigation "water by the use of j
' dry farming methods. This year the
. middle west, and especially Kansas,
Is more prosperous than ever before
'.and now is an opportune time to
show them the beauties of a home
Mn the Salt River valley, with a de
lightful winter and perpetual pros
perity as against their season of
snow and sleet, drought and floods.
"It has been proposed by the differ
ent commercial organizations that in
'connection with the work of the fair
commissioner an exhibit be sent
from the Salt River valley. This
exHbit should be accompanied by
one or two good men, in .order to
derive the sjpost benefit from it. This
can bo done at a very light expense
to the different communities, outside
of the collection and preparation of
an exhibit
President of the board of trade,
Howard Brown, is looking forward
to some good fall work by the or
ganization and by calling tonight's
meeting hopes to get all business
settled up to date. That will leave
a clear field ahead and one that
can be worked to almost an unlimit
ed end. Everybody in Tempe and
vicinity is invited, and in fact is
urged to attend the meeting this ev
ening at the city hall. It starts at
8 o'clock.
Material reductions in the rates on
hay and straw in carload lots have
been brought about by the cancel
lation of certain items of the tariff
of the Santa Fesystem, and by plac
ing this commodity under what are
known as Class C rates. The new
reductions, which mean the abandon
ment of tha arbitrary minimum on
cars forty feet in length went into
effect yesterday.
Under the new arrangement, the
minimum on car lots, which was
formerly 24,000 pounds, is reduced to
20,000 pounds, and the commodity
placed under a classification which
will result in a saving of a large
amount annually to shippers of hay
and straw. Permission to amend the
schedule was given by the corpor
ation commission on application of
W. G Barnwell, assistant freight
traffic manager of the Santa Fe.
Congress to Remain in Session
Meet Any Emergency That
May Arise in Connection
With Big Struggle
Big Trunk Lines Making
Ready for Great Tourist
Travel This Winter on
Account of the European
That congress will In all proba
bility not adjourn at all on account
of the European war is the state
ment of C. A. Taylor, assistant su
perintendent of senate documents,
who is visiting friends in this city.
"It is generally conceded now that
congress will continue in session un
til December," said Mr. Taylor yes
terday. "In view of. the possibility
of an emergency arising in connec
tion with the general European war
and the necessity of meeting such an
occasion with legislative action, ad
ministration leaders have practically
decided that no adjournment will be
taken before the short session is
convened in December. Of course a
number of members will leave for
their . homes in order to take part
in primary campaigns, but all who
are not so occupied will remain In
Already the big trunk lines of the
west are starting a campaign to handle
the rich tourist trade that has been
wont to fly to Europe at the first peep
of Jack Frost. This year the thou
sands who have spent winters in the
mild climates of the south of France
and Italy, for many years, will turn to
the only similar climates In the Ignited
States, southern California and Ari
zona. The hot house idle rich is little con
ditioned to stand the rigors of a noith
ern winter and my lady of the million
aire will shortly be consulting the
guide books of the coast.
Then will "come the chance for Ari
zona to stop some of the weather seek
ers when they pass through. Perhaps
it is not far fetched to say that the
shrine ceremonial at the Grand Can
yon will be prolific of some results in
bringing tourists to the coast.
The Santa Fe and the Southern Pa
cific are both starting extensive cam
paigns to help the local shrine make the
ceremonial a record breaker and the
indications are that many of the tour
ists who have shrine affiliations in the
family will be only too glad to avail
themselves of the chance to stop en
route west and pay a visit to the great
wonder canyon of the painted desert.
The shrine ceremonial while it was
incidentally designed for the benefit of
the shriner and his family has grown
beyond the order and will be an oc
casion for hundreds in the stake to
visit the great scenic wonder. The
rates will attract, and the accomoda
tions will be to the advantage of the
fall vacationist, hence it is expected
MRS. HENRY SANDOZ serves good
home cooked meals, every day. . Come
and try them. Chicken dinner on Sun
days. 806 Mill Ave. Furnished room
for rent with board. Advertisement.
of weeks ago they have plodded
along leisurely by auto, visiting
practically all the points of interest
between here and Flagstaff. The
Grand Canyon was, of course, the
main one. Not a bit of machine
trouble was experienced, either, to
mar the pleasures of the trip. The
party will return to Tempe the first
week in September.
rooms to rent. No sick or children de
sired; also one furnished room. Miss
E. C. Monty, 809 Maple Ave., Tempe.
Advertisement. dr
Weird Affection of Seven-teen-rear-old
Girl for Vic
ious Seven-foot Diamond
Back Rattler Is Both
Pet and Protector
A seven foot nine inch diamond rattler
is the latest word in household pets.
Miss Dorothy Hunt says she prefers
a serpent to a dog and as for a cat
bah who'd have one?
You may not agree with Miss Hunt
and her idea of a pleasant little com
panion, but you must admit that a
snake has its fascination and that the
music of the rattler Is not only wierd
but compelling.
"I have loved snakes ever since I was
a small child", said Miss Hunt yester
day. "When other little girls were
playing with their dolls, I would take
my pets, coil them about me and dance
and dance. I suppose it is my gypsy
blood but always it has been my great
est pleasure and joy to be with ratt
lers and interpret in my own way my
various moods in dance. Diamond and
I have enjoyed many a romp and I
cannot understand why more women
have not adopted snakes for pets, they
get so attached to you and are very
much more interesting than dogs and
as for cats well really there's-only
one pet. Mine has a big box in my
room and how he loves it when I let
him out to play, with me. No indeed
if you're timid I'll keep him caged
while you are here, but he'd wind him
self about my throat and not touch
you. He's quite, powerful now as he
hasn't been fed for some time. You
know he only "dines" once in thret
months and then for awhile he's not
very alert. He's just nine years old
and has been with me all that time
haven't you old man?" she asked as
the stooped to pat the vicious looking
reptile which she declares can jump his
full length.
In becoming oriental costume Miss
Hunt, who is just past seventeen will
make her local debut at the Columbia
tonight in an Egyptian snake dance.
A young man had decided to join the
Episcopal church, but his family were
all Baptists, so he thought he should
be Immersed when baptized, and on
going to the rector of the Episcopal
church he made a request for such a
The rector decided that It could be
that the canyon' ceremonial will be well i I11""3 Msy aomplished and would
attended by state pleasure seekers and
incidentally, why not the eastern tour
ist en route to California.
R. A. R. Asks Military Man for His
Opinion of the Great Conflict and
Get Some Information
speak to the Baptist minister about it.
The' Baptist minister, on hearing
this, was quite delighted and readilv
agreed to baptize and take the young
man into the church the following
Sunday morning, but said the rector:
"He just wants you to' baptize him
and he wants to Join my church." The
good Baptist minister then replied by
'We do nil our own washine. but we
don't take in other people's washing."
From an Exchange.
The ninth installment of the series
' of Lucille Love pictures will attract
Tempe movie fans to the Goodwin
airdome tonight. Two reels are de
voted to Lucille and then there is
the regular run of four reels, -showing
productions entitled "The Knight
of Her Dreams," a fantastic com
edy: "Out of His Class," a frontier
drama, and Florence Lawrence in the
two-part drama, "The Stepmother."
LOST Heavy silver-mounted spur,
Sunday between Wm. Goodwin resi
dence and public school in Tempe. Re
ward for return to Tempe House. Ad
vertisement. . dn
The LaMont - Ford touring party.
' consisting of Mr. and Mrs. Frank
LaMont and children and Miss Edna
Oilliland, have reached Flagstaff all
O. K. and are now enjoying a couple
, weeks' rest in that city, according to
a communication received in Tempe
yesterday. Leaving here a couple
C. W. Alexander and family and
Mrs. Price Wickliffe returned Tues
day night from an auto tour that
has been taken over all of southern
and eastern Arizona and into old
and New Mexico on short expedi
tions. The party left Tempe the
first of August and by way of Flor
ence and Tucson went to Bisbee for
a short visit. Douglas and points
in old Mexico were also visited. A
couple weeks later found the party
in the White mountains, somewhat
tired from their trip through the
Gila valley and from Globe to the
mountains. A week was passed in
the mountains, where many valley
vacationists are enjoying the cooler
wtather and bountiful supplies of
fish. The trip of the Alexander par
ty was thoroughly enjoyed from the
first to the last, good roads a great
er part of the way and barely any
machine trouble, making such a re
sult easily possible. Last year the
Alexanders made a similar tour
through northern Arizona.
See the Ninth Installment
of the
Lucille Love
Pictures at the
Also 4 other good reels
A marriage of no little interest to
Tempe folks was that of Mrs. Ellen
M. Harris and A. H. Bell, which took
place in Phoenix Tuesday evening.
Immediately following the ceremony
the couple departed for California,
where they will spend their honey
moon. Both Mr. and Mrs. Bell are
old-time residents of Tempe.
buin.rtn.fLn.nji.riniiririnnnrii-i 'i'
List Your Houses
For Rent with us.
We have 'tenants for an
; unlimited number.
Realty Dealers
Tempe,' Ariz.
The Tempe orchestra are to be
hosts at a social hop tomorrow ev
ening in the Cosmopolitan hall. The
success of the last affair prompted
the organization to promote another
dance ,and that they have done,
choosing tomorrow night as the date.
A most enjoyable evening is assured
all who attend.
Miss Lena Cole returned yesterday
from Portland, Oregon, and nearby
cities, where she has been visiting
this summer with relatives. Miss
;Cole will be one of the teachers In
i the Buckeye public schools this com
ing term.
o -
A fortune is usually the greatest of
! misfortunes to children. It takes the
muscles out of the limbs, the brain
out of the head, and virtue out of the
heart. John W. Forney. .. .
Hire a little salesman at The Re
publican office. A Want Ad will see
"Well, what do you think of the dis
patches from Europe?" asked the R. A.
R, of Captain Cromwell Stacey, Arizo
na's new inspector-instructor yester
day, as he prepared to listen to a tech
nical discussion of marches and coun
ter-marches, aerial warfare and the
merits of the contending hosts on the
In response the captain preserved a
mysterious, not to say a severe, mili
tary silence, and reaching into a pige
onhole of his desk drew forth a slip of
paper and handed it to his questioner.
"That's the answer," he said. The slip
read :
War Department,
'Washington, Aug. 8, 1914.
The following letter from the presi
dent is published to the army for the
information and guidance of all con
cerned :
The White House,
Washington, Aug. 6, 1914.
My Dear Mr. Secretary:
I write to suggest that you request
and advise all officers of the service,
whether active or retired, to refrain
from public comment of any kind upon
the military or political situation on
the other side of the water. I would be
obliged if you would let them know
that the request and advice comes from
me. It seems to me highly unwise and
improper that officers of the army and
navy of the United States should make
any public utterances to which an
color of political or military criticism
can be given where other nations are
Cordially and faithfully yours,
Secretary of War.
(2195116, A. G. O.)
By Order of the Secretary of War:
Major General, Chief of Staff.
The Adjutant General. '
. o .
The three cent fare matter came up
for hearing again yesterday before the
corporation commission to show- reas
ons why the proposed cut in rates
should not be made by that -company.
A. J. McLean, auditor, O. L. Hubbard
trainmaster and Judge Edward Kent,
attorney, appeared for the company In
support of the contention that the same
basis of division between freight and
passenger should be used as on other
roads operating In the state. Attorney
General Bullard appeard for the state
and Accountant William Sangster took
The Runaway Freight
Manager Cavaress of the Plaza thea
ter has for the edification of his num
erous patrons today a two reel Kalem
feature film entitled "The Runaway
Freight" a thrilling" story in which
Helen Holmes the little star of the Ed
endale studio of the company plays. The
picture is realistic in the extreme. Al
so there wllL be run the three reel
states right feature "Courage of the
Ghouls" a weird picture, while "The
Call of the Road" completes the bill.
The Old Maids Baby
'The Old Maids' Baby" starring
John Bunny and Flora Finch leads the
program at the Lamara theater. This
picture is one of the funniest comedies
that has yet been sent out from the
great Vitagraph studios. "Reporter
Jimmie Intervenes" a two reel Selig
giving the experience of a young re
porter in a baseball mixup. It is a
good story. For the fourth reel the
inimitable Max, the well known Pathe
player will appear as -Max the Magi
cian". Max is now at the front serv
ing his country in the war, but this
picture was taken before the war
troubles bothered him.
The Columbia
The first Thursday night change in
program since the opening of the
Columbia theater takes place tonight,
when "A Winnning Widow" will have
its Phoenix premiere.
Deserving of especial mention is
The Dance of the Serpents," by-
Dorothy Hunt. Miss Hunt will also
present her conception of the "Dance
of the Asp" and "The Seven Veils,"
both of Oriental origin. The dance
1 1 III lii
i 1 PK
He knows that when he puts his beer
in light glass bottles and placards the
case "Keep this cover on to protect
the beer from light" that he is deliber
ately throwing on you the responsi
bility of keeping it pure.
Why should you take the risk?
Beer is saccharine.
The slightest taint of impurity ruins
its healthfulness.
Schlitz is made pure and the Brown
Bottle keeps it pure from the brewery
to your glass.
See that Crown is
branded "Schlitz."
Phone 1057
Unity Commercial Co.
43 S. Central Ave. ,
ryf he
That Made -Milwaukee fan.
will in no way interfere' with the
show itself, as it will follow the reg
ular performance.
On tomorrow night an extra add
ed feature, will be the chorus girls'
contest, and it is promised that it
will be a spirited affair, as the young
ladies are eager to reverse the
awards of last week.
That Empress Show
Again last night the big four act
bill which is holding forth . at the
Empress this week, duplicated the
success which was its lot on the
opening night. The Vinclttl Duo put
more "pep" into their work if such
a thing were possible. The patrons
were of the opinion that this versa
tile athlete had exhausted the cate
gory of gymnastic feats already, but
he had a couple "up his . sleeve"
which he used to excellent advantage.
Randall, the cartoonist, introduced
a most novel entertainment ' in the
shape of caricature chalk pictures-of
several of the best known men of
Phoenix. Each picture brought forth
great applause, and It was with dif
ficulty that Randall was allowed to
proceed with the program. Aside
ftom this, he drew several most in
teresting scenes and offered a short
Burden" is a dream of human in
terest with a good strong plot.
program of trick drawing, showing , ing and thrilling than ever and "The
the ease and rapidity with which an Gambling Rube" is a rattling good
arrnmr.lished cartoonist can with a comedy by the Keystone people. The
few iines change the entire subject
of a picture.
Lee & Chandler, the clever "sister
team," scored a tremendous hit with
as clever a line of work as has vis
ited the city for a long time. There
are many novel features introduced
In the act, all of which add material
ly to the general excellent result.
The Sullivan Brothers in singing
The Regale
A genuine novelty in moving pic
ture dramas is promised for today
at the Regale theater, 210-12 East
ashir.gton street, in the presenta
tion of "Just Kids," an Eclair two
reel comedy-drama,- "Just Kids"
end 'dances are an assured hit all the ' presents a pretty dream story. Every
time. The bovs can sing, and in ! part is enacted b a child, trained
harmony they are hard to equal.
Their dancing specialty causes much
favorable comment.
rnd clever far above the ordinary
child actor. It has a plot, a story of
unusual interest, with flashes of hu
mor that are catching. Theie is more
For Her Child action crowded into the two reels
"For Her Child," a Thanhouser I than is sometimes found in six ana
drama which is the feature at the , seven reel productions. "The Trou
Lion today, is a beautiful story. A I badour of the Rancho," a romance
worthless brother breaks up a happy , of Old Mexico, will be no small feat
home and the husband and wife ure on today's bill. This is a Powers
separate. The little child is given to j drama of a peculiarly gripping na
the father by the court, but the ' ture, the kind that holds the atlen
mother steals her and hides her away tion throughout. Another Powers
in a country home. Then the fath- drama is also presenleil today at
er and husband begins to long for '.the Regale in "Regeneration," a.
his family and he searches for them. photo play featuring Wallace Reid.
There is the happy ending. "The Altogether today's bill is one of tha
Perils of Pauline" are more interest- best of this summer at the Resale.
isjii mui 11 eyacsnK j
Tree Planters," Your Future Profits will depend on the nursery stock you prant Arizona certainly has a good future in horticulture and viticul
ture. But it will be necessary to plant the RIGHT VARIETIES, considering your climatic and your marketing conditions. We can help you in
this matter if we may.
For twenty-seven years we have been propagating trees for California planters and know the business thoroughly. Our nursery plant at Fresno
contains the largest stock of commercial varieties of trees and vines being grown in California.
Our newest nursery plant near Phoenix is doing nicely, and we-expect to continue a permanent nursery plant here for our Arizona customers.
Arizona conditions are similar to parts of California. Do not make the mistake of planting the wrong varieties of nursery stock grown by far
away nurseries who know nothing of our western needs.
Our office and delivery yard will be open in Phoenix in- the Fall.
Write for our catalog now, please, and let us know how much land you- expect to improve and what varieties you have in mind.
more customers than you can.
the stand for the commission. .,

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