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sue GUY
Snt Writov Kn-
Ovev Prospect ot
Visit of Crack Rail Toss
from ("tipper League
of New Mexico
. i, course some l"lk are perfectly t
K.u.sii.d to bo big men in their home j
:., and let it so at that but not the t
Pa... mx pastimers. No indeed. They
know they are t!i,. best ball jilayers on j
..irtii ami they don't rare who else j
-nous it. It is awfully foolish to be j
. ..vrh modest don't you know, and I'm
dcighied mat this is not a fault of
c.,;-iain Togncri and his officers for
,n. n oar lame would not have spread
.iv to tile wilds ol" New Mexico. Isn't'
,t lovely that they have heard of us
. !ui :,iv goimr to challenge us for at
Tf.- of s:im?s early in the autumn'.' I
Arid tlu-y say the silver City team is j
vr . l iev. r. I believe it is the champion
.- Cue iVpp.r league. 1 don't unite j
nderstand what a Copper league is
.-it 1 suppose that league is the dis- j
:.,i;.-o and the one who makes the most
sped during a season wins a copper
lov.nc euji or somotmng. i ne ansa
. ..f livimr about whieii we hear s
una a
responsible for the quality ol
iit and I'm sure the winner ap- j
or.-cMlcs i! iu-t as much as if it were
-ilv.r or gold. Aren't you interested
-.n having them come here, and if we
are victorious this time who knows, wo
might be sent to the Panama-Pacific
f; silion. The Silver City chaps
aren't just coming to Phoenix you
kn..w. but will go all over the state.
1: will be a real pleasant experience
t,.r them to see this ideal country and
meet its charming people but of course
hey can't even hope to make the high
est score, not here at any rate.
They may not be here until October
but in the meantime the fans will not
rave to miss their greatest enjoyment.
If we have the Fords there will be some I
xeiting local games and Oh. I nearly
forgo! to tell you Baby Blue is coming
hack. Tli.it dead boy may be here
Siio.dav. of course it's careless of me
t.. mention only one but this yourig
K..v. rhil.iish as he is. completely over-;
shadow i d his mates. However, the)
team is not named after him it's called,
Tu-s.. n ;;
. Dave Fultz
Red McGhee Saysi
Some vears ago box scores would
show 'Dave Fultz ABRH PO"
and so on everr day. Back there
with Scrappy Klberfeld and Wilier
K eler Davie held his fair-to-middlin'
eu.iy. While not eclipsin' Ol' Man
Sun he plaved above the av'rage run
while he was in the game. When
Pavie's speed began to slack he
wandered off the outfield track to
Fhort-cut into fame.
"The law." said Dave, "is where
T'l shine." An" straightway he hung
out his sign as member of the bar.
Rut action didn't come so fast an'
PfiVie tho'.ighl the days gone past
were bene.' days by far. While por
iti' over some ol' tome he'd think he
heard: "'Hi! shoot it home!" The
dfcimond seemed to call. So Dave
ot out to organize some sort of club
for all the guys who till were play
in ball.
The boys took to the hunch with
glee and now the big fraternity has
Dayie as its boss. He guards their
T-elfart. fights their fights an' helps
to see they get their rights he puts
their claims across. Some folks call
D.iVe a meddlin' fool who ought to
be s-nt hack to school to learn how
tr behave. Rut he just lets 'em
throw thei." fit. "They have their
view an' .stick to it. Well, I have
nilnr." says Dave-
The Norfolk club. Virginia league
leaders, was sold to a syndicate for under the management of Curley, Pol
fil'i'iim the other day. lock or McKettrick.
Yale SchoolManual
A Boarding School for Boys. All Grades. Grammar and High School.
M ANl'AL TRAINING. Business Branches. Fits for any college.
Splendid Gvmnasium. Special Athletic Instructor. Address
205-209 N. Union Ave.
3 i 3
Jerome Travers.
The crack amateur golfers .of the
United States are engaged in their
1 tournament at Manchester.
... f, weej. The present amateur
champion is Jerome D. Travers of
Upper Montclair, who has tour times
captured the championship trophy.
National League
! Club W. L. Pet.
Boston .V! .566 ;
; New York ti$ f.4 . 557
1 Chicago 70 :.!! ..".12 J
St. Louis 67 6- .r.l'.l i
i Pittsburg .' 57 67 .460
i Philadelphia "a; Hi; .459 j
' Brooklyn r.K t',7 .4.75 '
', Cincinnati 5t 7" .440 i
Chicago Takes Last Game
CHICAGO, Sept. 8. A tenth inn
ing tatting rally started by Good and
his daring base running, gave Chi
cago the game over Cincinnati in the
Ucst game of the season here.
Score R. H. E.
Cincinnati X II '1
Chicago 4 11 2
Batteries: Douglas. .Ames and
Gonzales: Lavon'ler, Zabel and
Clean Up Series
delphia made a clean sweep of the
series by winning from Brooklyn.
Retilbach was hit hard only in the
seventh when Philadelphia won on
two p.'isses, a sacrifice, a double anil
Cutchavv's error.
Score Tl.
Brooklyn 4
Philadelphia 5
Batteries: Roulbach and
Carty: Mayer anil Dooin.
H. E.
10 1
10 2
Boston Again Leads
Rf STON, Sept. S. Boston took the
lead again by defeating New York in
the final game of the series. James
allowed three hits, including a triple
and a double. Boston hit Marquard,
Fromme and Wiltse for fifteen safe
ties, and played good hall.
Score R- H. E.
New York 3 " 1
Boston s I" 1
Batteries: Marquard, Fromme,
Wiltse and McLean: James and
St. Louis at Pittsburg, cold.
Milburn Savior, the Indianapolis
lightweight, has earned $17,"0.'i in his
six months' boxing campaign in Aus
tralia. Jim Buckley, manager of Gunboat
Smith, is sore against Jack Curley,
Harry Pollock and Dan McKettrick.
Buckley declares that Smith will never
box Jess Willard or any other fighter
Training Department
f O J 1 1 Sift
Word comes from Los Angeles that
a contest was held recently in that
vicinity which was conceded to be.
the greatest event of its kind ever
h.id. Twenty-four motor trucks of
various makes and classes were pit
ted against each other in a strenu
ous run of over 200 miles against the
heaviest kinds of odds.
In laying out a route fov this test,
a committee appointed by the -Motor
Truck Dealers' association of Cali
fornia selected the worst roads to be
found in that section, to make the af
fair a real test of endurance. Some
of the. roads were in such condition
that the touring- car in which the-
committee traveled found the great-
j est difficulty in making their way.
Rough dirt roads with deep . vuts.
stretches of deep sand, where the
wheels slid and foundered almost
helplessly, steep hill climbs, slippery
oiled reads and in fact every kind of
obstacle was arranged for, that could
make the aftair a real test of tires
ard mechanism.
Starting at Los Angeles, they bore
southeast to Riverside; then north
through Redlands and San Re'-nar-dino
and then westward again to Dos
The best score was chalked up in
favor of a 1500-pound Menominee
truck. In the two days of travel
they consumed about sixteen gallons
ot gasoline, one quart of oil and one
quart of water. They made the last
ninety-one miles in four hours and
twenty-eight minutes. The driver
gives much of the cerdit for his vic
tory to the behavior of the Firestone
tires with which the t'.'uck was
: L $
I American League J
! Standing
I Club W. I Pet. i
I Philadelphia S7 44 .Bfi4
j Boston 7ti 51 .598
Washington f5 Co ,T,2 J
! Detroit 67 63 .515 j
I Chicago 63 .489 j
1 New York 58 71 .450 j
I St. Louis 57 71 .445 j
I Cleveland 42 S7 .325 j
Oldham Wins Game
DETROIT, Sept. 8. "Rube" Old
ham, the rec.-uit southpaw, pitched
Detroit to victory over Chioairo.
High's remarkable fielding was a fea
ture. Score: R. If. E.
Chicago i i; i
Detroit 2 n 0
Batteries Oieotto and SchalU; Old
ham and Stanage.
Win in First Inning
NEW YORK, Sept. 8. Boston won
from New York, scoring all their
runs in the first, inning. Fisher's in
tfntional pass to Car.-igan in the
eighth, followed by Shore's unexpect
ed single and Hooper's pass, forced
in the winning run.
Score: n H j.;
Roston c, i:t 0
New York 5 ! 0
Batteries Gregg, Shore and Thom
as: Fisher, Warhop and Nunamaker.
Games Are Swapped
WASHINGTON, Sept. 8. Wash
ington took the first game and Phila
delphia, took the second in a double
header. Shaw, assisted by three fast
double plays, made the first game a
Score: jf y
Philadelphia n 9 0
Washington 2 5 0
Batteries Bush and Sohang; Shaw
and Henry.
Second game J, H. E.
Philadelphia 9 lfi
Washington 4 10 1
Batteries Wyekoff and Schang;
Johnson, Harper, Stevens and Hen
ry. Williams, Wilson.
Federal League
Pet. j
.560 I
552 '
!mI i
.521 I
.468 j
.444 I
.418 I
Sixth Straight Game
BROOKLYN, Sept. 8. Brooklyn
took their sixth straight game from
Pittsburg, continuing heavy hitting.
Shaw had batting honors with
homer, a triple and a single.
score: r. h e
Pittsburg 4 6
Brooklyn 12 11
Batteries Dickson, Leolair and
Berry; Finneran, Bluejacket and
I Standings
I Club w. L.
I Indianapolis 70 55
I Chicago 69 56
I Buffalo S3 58
! Baltimore 6i 58
! Kansas City 61 66
I Brooklyn 52 59
I St. Louis 56 70
i Pittsburg 51 71
! Coast League f
. 4
I Standings
Club w. L. Pet. 1
j Portland 84 66 .560 j
I San Francisco 89 73 .549
I Los Angeles 87 75 .537
I Venice 85 77 .524
! Sacramento 72 91 .441
I Oakland 62 97 .396 I
At Oakland
Score: R. IT. E.
San Francisco 6 7 0
Oaklan'l 4 13 G
Batteries Bau m and Schmidt; Kil
lilay tind Alexander.
At Sacramento
Venice .
R. H. K.
. . 3 11 0
Gives Good News About Sporting
E. J. Orth, who represents the A. G.
Spaulding Sporting Goods House on the
Pacific coast and the southwest, is a
visitor in Phoenix this week for the
purpose of looking into the local pros
pects for outfitting baseball and foot
ball teams during the coming season.
Mr. Orth has been visiting Phoenix for
the past three years and yesterday ex
pressed himself as delighted over the
improvement in the city and its general
business-like appearance. He said
Phoenix struck him as being the bus
iest place he had struck for some time,
and that nobody had talked hard times
to him since he had been in town.
"The prospects for good American
football this year on the Pacific coast
are exceedingly bright," said Mr. Orth.
The University of Southern California
has broken away from the Rugby game
and will take up the American football,
which will add a great deal to the ef
fectiveness of the schedule out there.
The prep schools all have football
teams and there are some good ones on
the coast, like the Long Reach high,
the Pasadena high, Santa Ana and the
Army and Navy Academy at San Diego.
Baseball this winter looks exceed
ingly good, as the Imperial Valley
league will have four teams of eastern
players. There will be teams at Kl
Centro, Calexico. Rrawley and Im
perial. Winter baseball is exceedingly
popular in that section, and each year
numbers of the stars in 'he big circus
come down to the southwest to .show
how fine they are.
Batteries Hitt and Elliott; Stan
ley and Rohrer.
At Los Anqeles
Score : R.
Portland 5
Los Angeles 7
1 1
Batteries Higginbotham. Evans
and Fisher, Yantz; Ryan, Hughes and
Boys' Tennis Tournament on Y. M.
C. A. Courts
In the tennis tournament fov Y. M.
C. A. boys under 16 years, held on
the Y. M. C. A. courts yesterday, the
matches resulted as follows:
Putney beat Kinney, 6-3, 6-1
Tolleson beat Tovrea, 6-4, 6-2.
Putney beat Chaney, 6-0, 6-1
Barnett beat O'Brien, 6-0, 6-1.
Young beat Wheeler 6-4. 6-1.
Hefiin beat Barnett 7-5, 1-6, 6-3.
Putney beat Tolleson 6-3. 5-6, 6-5.
Y'oung beat Hefiin 6-2, 6-3.
In the final round Putney beat
Young, 1-6, 6-5. 6-5.
This gives Putney one winning on
the silver cup donated by Pinney &
National League
j Philadelphia at Boston
Brooklyn at New York
Chicago at Pittsbu.'g
American League
New- York at Washington
Boston at Philadelphia
Federal League
Kansas City at Pitssburg
Indianapolis at Baltimore
Chicago at Buffalo
St. Louis at Brooklyn
Coast League
Venice at Sacramento
San Francisco at Oakland
Portland at Los Angeles
Ty Cobb is of the opinion that the
Athetics can beat the pick of the big
leagues in a championship series.
Hal Chase has been stinging the pill
in the neighborhood of .350 since he
joined the Buffalo club of the Federal
Fritz Maisel of the Yankees is giv
ing Eddie Collins, the Philadelphia
star, a grand battle for the base-steal
ing.honors in the American league.
The pennant winner in the New
England league will play the Eastern
association champions a post-season
series for the championship of New
Evidently the climate at St. Ixiuis
agrees with Hub Perdue. The "Gallu
tin Squash" is pitching better for the
Cardinals than he ever did for the
An error in Riverside Park's an
nouncement of attractions in yester
day's papers made the Cafe Dansant
fall due this evening. As a matter
of fact it was just two days ahead
of time for the dansant does not take
place until Friday evening. There
will be plenty of fun. at the park to
night but the cafe dansant will not
be on the list.
On Friday night however, it will
be there in all its effulgent glory
whatever that may mean. An excel
lent dinner will be served in the
dancins- pavilion from 6:20 until 8:30
and during that time a splendid
vaudeville bill will he given and
there will he dancing, before, between
and during courses. As there has
been quite a demand and the supply
of tables is limited it would be well
for those wishing to attend to re
serve them in advance. Phone 1086.
This is the loveliest time of the
year at Riverside and picnic parties
are making the most of the wonder
ful weather. The swimming is ideal
for the air and water are much near
er of a temperature and it would be
hard to find anything more attractive
than the pool just now.
White Grubs Likely to Cause Untold
Losses in Certain States in 1915
The destructive May beetles, or so
called June bugs, as was previously
predicted by the department, were ex
tremely abiindanj the past spring in
northeastern Iowa, southern Wiscon
sin, and northern Illinois, parts of Min
nesota, the southern part of Michigan,
and northern Ohio; also in northeastern
Pennsylvania, southeawern Xew York
parts of Connecticut and New Jersey
This is Indicative of a great abund
ance of white grubs in 1915, and judg
ing from the greater abundance of
beetles in most of these sections this
spring Jhan three years ago, the grub
injury will be even greater than in
1912, when it caused many millions of
dollars' damage. It is of greatest im
portance, the department's specialists
say. that farmers properly handle their
fields this fall and next spring to pre
vent a repetition of the. enormous loss
es occasioned in 1912. Injury can be
reduced to a minimum by adopting the
following practices:
In the sections above mentioned the !
important economic specie.s have a 1
three-year life cycle; that is, beetles
appearing in the spring of 1914 de- j
posit eggs which hatch about a month
after being laid. The young grubs feed
on roots and decaying matter, but sel- j
dom do damage during their first year. ;
However, the following year (1915) in j
the case of the destructive brood un
der discussion) they are larger and
feed almost entirely on living roots,
preferably corn, timothy potatoes,
strawberries, etc. causing great loss 1
when abundant. The following spring
(1916) they feed more or lens, but by
June 1 or shortly thereafter they- make
earthen cells, become semidormant.
and in a fortnight, or longer change To
brown pupae, and a month later to
adult beetles, in which condition they
remain in the soil until the next spring
The beetles lay their eggs in land
covered with vegetation at the time of
their flights 1 May and June), conse
quently land in small grain, timothy.
nd such crops which cover the ground,
as well as land overgrown with weeds
at that time, are most likely to be in
fested the following year. It is also
noticeable that ground nearest timber
will be heaviest infested, other condi
tions being equal, since the parent
beetles feed on tree foliage and do not
fly great distances if they can find
suitable places to lay their eggs near
Methods of Preventing the Pest
Fields likely to be infested with
grubs should be thoroughly plowed be
tween September 15 and October 10.
The date of r4pwing will depend on
latitude and tn weather conditions,
for the grubs go down as cold weather
approaches and it is desirable to plow
the fields just before they go down
when possible. If the grubs are abun
dant, hogs should be allowed to run in
the field whoever this can be done;
hickens and turkeys are also valuable
aids if allowed the run of newlv-
plowed ground. If it is impracticable
to make use of hogs to rid the infested
fields of grues, a deep and thorough
disking should follow the plowing, and
in 1915 only crops least susceptible to
injury, .such as small grains, buckwheat.
clover, vetch etc., should be planted,
and bv no means .should susceptible
crops, such as corn, timothy, and pota
toes he planted. While fall plowing
should be practiced and is of great
value Cor destroying grubs, neverthe
less it can not be depended upon sole
ly to eradicate grubs. Cornfields which
were kept cultivated and free from an
indergrowth of weeds in May and
June of 1914 may, with reasonable
safety, be planted to corn or potatoes
in J915, although it is advisable to in
spect the field first for grubs. While
t is not ordinarily advisable to follow
corn after corn, nevertheless it is im
portant at this time, in those sections
A Jolt on ife JA- ax
1 ,,TeK&T5 LeA"s .
Georges Carpentier, the French 1 listed in the French army at the ; Freddie Welsh. The wai will per
pug, declart j that Genera) Sherman's j handsome wapre of 2Hc a day. In his 1 haps cause other stirs in the hoxinj
terse little epigram regarding war ! own profesh he has male as much as frame as set forth in the accompany
goea double with him. He has in-; $1,000 a minute, as in his fight with.iTg picture.
On Adams Street
It invites you into our store to see the greatest assort
ment of men's wearables in the city. The fall and winter
seasons' latest styles and fashions are arriving from day
to day and we will have ready for the men of Phoenix
as many as fifty varieties to select from and from 600 to
1000 suits in stock at all times.
It is our aim to give $20.00 values for $12.50 and we want
everyone to inspect our line and then compare them with
the high priced suits they have bought in the past and
what they see in the future. We are exclusive clothiers,
devoting our entire attention to men's wearables and
consequently can always give them the best values for
the least money. From time to time for the benefit of
the man who has not tried us out yet and who might be
a little skeptical about our values we wish to state that
we will publish the various facts when we can underbid
the high price clothier, and furthermore since we guar
antee satisfaction or money back no one need be back
ward in investigating our clothing and trying us out
Trousers-3 BONES Trousers
Opposite Hotel Adams
where the grub will be abundant, "to
adopt this rotation for the coming year,
even though it may become necessary
to assist the second successive corn
crop with artificial fertilizer.
Proper precautions and planning of
rotations for rext year at this time
will save many thousands of dollars in
crops which otherwise would almost
certainly be destroyed by the grubs.
The reader is referred to Farmers' Bul
letin No. 543, of this department, for
further particulars on the white grub.
Agricultural Department Bulletin.
Bishop H. B. Parks. D. IX. of
Chicago, Illinois, one of the bishops
of the African Metholist Episcopal
church, will visit in Phoenix today
and officiate at an important service
of the cliurch, at the corner of Sec
ond and Jefferson streets at 8 o'clock
this evening. Bishop Parks is noted
las one of the most scholarly of the
' l
( rS PREe2iSte "fo
t,., . r ?nt A DA y
(N f 7vV
ci rsis-Hiir
c ji Mu.'f(fey
members of the colored clergy in the
L'nited States. As a pulpit and plat
form orator he has very few equals
and no superiors in his race.
The members of the church will
give a chicken dinner on Friday in
honor of the coming of the bishop
and he has stated that he will re
main over to attend it. The ability
of the colored folks in Phoenix to
cook chicken better than anybody al
most, is well known.
Pastor W. H. Thomas has beeii
preparing for the coming- of Bishop
Parks for some time and has been
assured that the welcome the bishop
will receive will exceed in warmth
and hospitality anything that has
been extended to the leading mem
bers of the race for some time.
Billy Murray, the Australian feather
weight, who was a classy boxer in his
day, figures that he can "come hack."
Gun Repairing
17 South Central
-Tj4eM iHOEP'viTe'.y
rC C Ah coolo ) . -7
-jS? ) UOe 'EM S
'ShaT a Pity
Wit UF-
t, c-weof- SLAV .Tr
? F- A
v 1

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