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San Diego, No. 3.
I Lyle Abbott,
Republican, Phoenix.
Sellner liroke down out of
Yuma. We picked up Watson
j there anil camp on. Sand hills in
j fine shape. Cur Harleys are in
good order and everything is
Tlie above wire was received by
The Republican last night from its
motorcycle racing team, which ar
rived safely in San Diego yesterday.
IVrg. who is the mechanic of the
trio was instructed by the sport de
partment to make an absolutely ac
curate report on the condition of the
motorbikes after his arrival In San
Diego, and the fact lie says they are
in Rood order is encouragingly au
thentic. Here. Thomas and Crandall are rid
ing the three motors that arrived
KUi-cessfiilly in San Diego. Watson
rides an Indian three speed, and tis
one of the hottest contenders, not
rcn excepting Paul Dcrkum, last
year's winner.
(Special to The Republican)
SAN DIEGO, Nov. 3 All save one
! of the Phoenix entrants in the motor
cycle road race, F. H. Sellner arrived
in San Diego this afternoon. Lorenzo
Boido came by train, the others on
their machines.
Watson of Yuma had bad luck at
camp, breaking his frame and having
to ship from there.
Sellner was delayed at Yuma, and
may return from that point, as he has
a serious swelling on his face.
Phoenicians Get Numbers
Drawings for places in the start from
San Diego Friday morning at 6 o'clock
took place this evening. Sellner of
Phoenix got second; Boido, fourth;
Thomas, sixth; Crandall, tenth; Berg,
The first contestant to reach the Ho
tel Oandolfo, at Yuma, will receive a
handsome cup trophy.
Track Star Bringing Two Machines to
Enter in Four Events on Thursday.
Is First Entry
n yesterday's train came quite a
delegation of famous drivers from Dal
las, Texas, who will hold the reins
over the fast ones during the Ari
tma State Fair. Among the first to
be greeted was Jimmie McVay, and
his little whirlwind mare "Minnie
Chimes," both of whom are great fa-
"rites at Phoenix. Jimmie and Min
nie will have many an ardent rooter
in the grandstand.
There was also Al Russel who came
with "Don Dcnsmore," 2:L",i and
"Bessie Bee," 2; 04 3-4. "Don Dcns
iii're" has come west once more to
try and get the scalps of "Jim Lo
gan." "Leata J." and "Don Pronto."
. 1-2
Brittenfield also came with "M.
J.," who goes in the 2:07. 2: Oil
free-for-all trots.
Harry Bell comes with the famous
"Grattan Boy," 2: 09 'A, who was sold
to "Pop" Gears for $.")000.
S. L. Hawley came with
"Knight of Strathmore." 2:0r,
continued his winning streak at
las by taking both the 2:07 and
pace, and "San Jacinto," 2:03
was brought by Ji G. McGuire.
Frank I'hilds, the driver that made
"Leata J." famous and who has been
east all summer, has come to Phoe
nix to pilot the little mare to victory
oiice more. Fach and every one of
these drivers should have a story to
themselves, and they will have, before
the fair is over.
I K. Parkhurst, commonly called
"Red" by the favored few who ever get
to see him, will be here to ride the
speed Harleys in the track races dur
ing fair week. This is both interesting
and true. Doe Lane, boss of the Har
ley agency here announced it from a
yellow telegram that he received yes
terday. Red is now in San Angelo Texas,
where lie has been bringing the gray
motes in winners in a number of fast
events. Having two machines, Park
hurst will be enabled to enter every
event to which he is eligible. They do
say that he made a mile in 3S sec
onds -on one of the beach straightaways
at Galveston.
Autos Will be Kept Off Grand Avenue.
Only Dust Nuisance Now Re
mains to be Abated
Traffic improvements that the peo
ple howled for so lustily last year, have
been instituted this fall at the state
fair grounds, and now the only work
needed is the laying of the dust along
McDowell road and libout the gate of
the grounds.
As before, McDowell will be reserved
for autos, while the gee-gees and pe
destrians, bikes and others in the class
of "just folks" will take Grand avenue.
The regulation will be strictly enforced;
absolutely no autos or motorcycles will
be permitted on Grand avenue between
Five Points and Six Points.
Workmen got the frame work for the
new and artistic auto gate completed at
the fair grounds yesterday. This gate
will give into the plaza w hence the ears
of private owners can be parked and
those operated lor hire sent out another
gate for other loads of visitors.
danelles forts at long range at day
break. The forts replied. No ships
were hit, only one shot falling along-
ide them. The damage to the forts
cannot be estimated, but a great ex
plosion, accompanied by dense vol
umes of black smoke, occurred at
the Holies front.
Eight colonels were made major
generals as a reward for gallant ser-
ice, and President Poincare of
France bestowed the of an "Officer
of the Legion of Honor" on nineteen
British officers and a Chevalier's
cross on 100 others for gallantry.
cycle race
associated press dispatch!
LONDON", Nov. 3. A Constantino
ple dispatch states that Servia today
severed diplomatic relations with
Turkey. The Servian ambassador re
quested his passports, according to
the Rome correspondent of the Ex
change Teletrranh.
Public Asked to Stay Off Street
While Motorbikes Finish; Race
Passes Republican Office.
That the Fl Paso-l'hoenix motor-
will be routed past tie
office was announcid
by Chairman J. W.
of the local race com
mittee. The following warning lias
been submitted :
"To All Phoenicians:
"The Kl Paso race committee of
tile Phoenix Motorcycle club respect
fully requests you to avoid erossin
Adams street next Sunday from
about noon to 2:30, as the finishing
motorcycles will be coming in at that
time. During the same hours the
races will be finishing from San Di
go coming cast on Adams street.
jioin races linisn at ttic Koaru or
Tiado. The El Paso riders will come
on Van liuren to Ninth street, tlvnice
south to Adams, thence west to the
Board of Trade."
Dick M'Mahon Here With
Three Fast Race Horses
put in
McMahon. of , Libertyville, 111., Clansman is a trotter. McMahon
on last evening's train from made the reputation of both of them
being a day late, because ho j this year, as well as that of The As
a day at Kl Paso and Juarez j sessor.
Mr. McMahon is a j At the opening of the grand rir-
way, and one of the , cuit at Cleveland, Ohio, he astonished
ia, and asked Mr. McMahon to drive
King Coachman as a play for sec
ond money. The result was that un
der McMahon's skillful guidance
King Couchman not only defeated
Camelia, but all the rest of the
This led to Mr. McMahon buying
the horse from Mr. Cox, and the next
week at Detroit King Couchman won
the Chamber of , Commerce stake
which carried with it a $3,000 purse.
The Assessor did not do very much
until October, wh"n he rounded into
form and has been getting faster
First Time in Number of Years
This Popular Car Has
Its Own Home
1". J. Hobson, formerly a prominent
automobile man of the Texas state
igency for the Reo and other cars.
now owner of the Transcontinental
garage, and of the Arizona Reo auto
ind truck dealership.
The deal which resulted in this
announcement was begun some time
before C. M. DuBois of the invest
ment company of that name, depart
ed for Los Angeles to enter The Re
publican cup race. In the absence
of the principal party of the first
part, the deal has not yet been cn
summated, although it is understood
the consideration has been handed
over and the documents deposited
for signature.
Mr. Hobson will make several trips
about the state and to the coast
shortly, to line up his new business.
The Transcontinental has always
been known as a. regular repair gar
age of the better sort, and this high
standard will be maintained. The Reo
agency now has four new models on
the floor, and is ready to begin
lightning-like campaign of selling
Truck sales will be featured.
Dick McMahon
brst drivers in the east. He conns
to Phoenix with King Couchman,
" M3 ; The Assessor. 2:054. and
King Couchman, 2:04. King Couch
man and King Clansman started m
m S:0J pace and the 2:09 trot re-lf-Uvvly
Monday. Do not get these
horses mixed because each of their
naf"-s begins ith "King." King
Couchman is a pacer, but King
fe1 ill
-P vsl r
Rivalry Grows
Game in 10
More Keen as First
Years Approaches
Walter Cox and Dick McMahon
the "wise ones" by taking the $5,000
Tavern stake away from such driv
ers as Tommy Murphy and Lon Mc
Donald, defeating both Lassie Mc
Gregor and McCIosky. It is a story
in itself how he brought King Couch
man to the front. cific coast this year. He will also
King Couchman Was in the stable I have to go up against tho Denver
of Cox, but Mr. Cox had what he lady, Waynetta, who stepped a mt
considered a faster pacer in Camel-j workout yesterday in 2:0o.
ever since, ' taking a
2:04ii at Lexington.
The Assessor starts
and 2:10 paces against
2:04V-.'. Harry Dowling's
and the fastest stepper
record of
in the 2:15
Clara Mac,
crack pacer
on the Pa-
iV" J
4 mm ximMM
Hps cii.r
That the Coyote-Normal game, which
was to have been played at Riverside
nark this coming Friday should be
played on Saturday instead, was de
cided after a long discussion between
the athletic directors of the two schools
yesterday afternoon at the local high
Coach Schaeffer of the Tempe norm:
held off for two hours before he gave
in as to when the game between his
team and the Coyotes should be played
and how much he should be allowed
out of the gate receipts to pay the ex
penses of bringing his boys from across
the river. Finally, after a promise
a return game and a guarantee for an
amount that would pay the expense
of three teams here, he gave in and
said he would play on the condition
that the game be held on Saturday in
stead of the day before.
A rivalrv between the two schools
has grown during many years
friendly battle and as the normal hi
noUhad a football team since l'.tOG, they
are eager to meet the Coyotes on the
gridiron for a test of strength and to
try to win further honor for their
The Coyotes are not slumbering
peacefully while the Pedagogues are
rousing their enthusiasm and prepar
ing a team to come over and snatch a
football game from under their noses.
No indeed. The Coyote clan is full of
vim and is waiting anxiously utitil
their team meets the would be teach
ers on Saturday. Coach Geary is
working his boys hard on all forms of
defense and offense and will not be
unprepared to meet the most complex
onslaught or break through the solid
est line with skill.
The Pedagogues journeyed to Tucson
last Saturday where they met a school
of their own class in years but far
more experienced and were defeated
by a comparatively small score. This
will be readily understood when it is
known that the. Tempe boys have never
played football on a coached team be
fore as it was their grandfathers that
played on the T. N. S. eight years ago.
Schaeffer is known to be one of the
best in Arizona and with the material
ho has it is expected that he has
turned out a team that will show the
Coyotes something.
Every Proud Father
should take his kids to the great Al G. Barnes Wild
Animal Circus. And to look and feel just right he
should wear a new Hart, Schaffner and Marx Suit.
French Advance at Vailly.
PARIS, Nov. 3. Tonight's official
report: "The only advices concern
the region northwest of Vailly, where
we have regained a part 01 the Metn
region. . In four, De Paris, Saint
Hubert and Argonne, where German
attacks were repulsed, we gained
ited yesterday, was given out to
"On the front the Thirteenth re
serve army corps of the allies troops
today directed a vigorous defensive.
They came out at the same time
from Dixmude, Knocke and Moors-
schosts. Between Bixsechects and
Zennebeke the situation is unchang
ed. The last two villages were oc
cupied by the allies' troops.
The Germans continue to retreat.
The Russians occupy Leucheza, Lodzl
Opioina and Czrath. In Galicia, Rus
sian success is reported near Les
ter and Madverona. A number of
prisoners were taken, as well as war
material. The Russians advanced
west of Vladizlavoff."
German Army Stops
LONDON, Nov. 3. That the German
urmy has abandoned the attempt to
buck its way along the Belgian coast
to Calais is agreed upon in all official
reports tonight.
The combination of an inundated
country, a remnant of the Belgian army
under King Albert, and the activity of
the British warships, has seemingly all
contributed toward ending the. costly
struggle. A Berlin official statement
ittributed the failure of the Germans
entirely to the flooded state of the
country, where the water in places is
over a man's head. But it declares the '
army of Kmperor William withdrew In
good-order, without losses. After near
ly three weeks desperate fighting the
brunt of the attack has now shifted to
the. Ypres region, where the English
army field marshal Sir John Fren
reinforced with Indians, and territori
als, apparently must meet another on-
laught. To this scene of a contem
plated battle, according to reports,
Kmperor William has gone to give en
couragement to his men by his presence.
A state of war exists between Turkey
on one side and Russia, Great Britain
and Servia on the other, vet the Otto
man government appears as a house
divided against itself, one section
seemingly being desirous of war while
the conservatives are trying to smooth
over the situation arising from, attacks
upon the Russian ports and ships bv
the Turkish war vessels directed by
German officers.
Russia has apparently welcomed the
war and will not give the Turks a
chance to draw back, while the r.ritish
cruiser Minerva smashed the Turkisli
base of operations against Kgypt at the
head of the gulf of Akabah. The Turk
ish ambassador in London as yet has
made no arrangements to leave and
the embassy still maintains a concili
atory attitude.
Jhe closing of the North Sea to all
shipping except that placed under th
protection of the British fleet is rec
ognized as the first stroke of Admiral
Huron Fletcher, the new first sea lord
of the admiralty, and also as one of the
most important events. All cargoes
destined for German or Austrian con
sumption must now run the gauntlet of
ISritish protection in the F.nglish Chan
nel, the Strait of Gibraltar of the Suez
The making of the North Sea a mil
itary area already has brought adverse
comments from Germany. The Cologne
Gazette claims Great Britain has virt
ually proclaimed the blockade of the
North Sea which its fleet will be un
able to enforce. Newspapers at Hol
land also raise objections to the re
strictions placed on the navigation of
the North Sea.
Nicholas to the Front
PETROGRAD, Nov. 3. Emperor
Nicholas has left for the front with
General Sokhomlinoff, minister of
The official Russian general staff
tonight says Germans everywhere on
the East Prussian front have adopt
ed the offensive.
The statement said: "On the East
Prussian front the Germans every
where have adopted the offensive.
Our troops have advanced some dis
tances. "Beyond the Vistula to the north
west of Politza our troops advanced
without any considerable fighting,
and occupied Schadek, Lask and
Rosprza. On the front from Rado
sczie and Kielcc the enemy is re
tiring in the direction of Vlosczow.
At Andreyew further to the south
of Kielce, the Austnans made a
more stubborn stand, but were re
pulsed along the greater part of the
Lopyrijhl Hut ScUlffacl & Slvx.
Hanny's is headquarters for everything that men
40 North Central
darkness prevented our
the extent of it. our ships,
Scharnhorst and Nurnbcrg wire
damaged. The Gnoizanuo had six
men wounded, and the rest ol our
ships were also undamaged."
Gun Repairing
17 South Central
The wreckers did not understand
that the block signal system would
make the fact apparent. A flagman
discovered the attempt.
CHICAGO, Nov. 3. The gravity of
the epidemic of mouth disease of
middle-western cattle was driven
home to cattlemen when Dr. E. S.
Bennett of the bureau of animal in
dustry answered their protests with
the statement that the slaughter of
the suspected cattle at a cost of
$10,000,000 is cheap compared with
the incalculable loss frum a spread of
the malady.
There is no way of fighting the
plague known except the destruction
of affected and suspected animals,
and federal agents favor the closing
of the Union Stock Yards, the largest
cattle market in the world, and such
an order, rcscinuca only alter neavy M
pressure was urougni 10 near, may
yet be given.
The packers say the price of beef
will drop because cattlemen will rush
their stock to market fearing to risk
the diseases and cattle are now re
ceived only for immediate slaughter.
DOVER, Nov. 3. A report has been
circulated that the German fleet has
come out from its base. It is also
reported from Dunkirk that four bat
tleships and four cruisers have put
to sea from Kiel.
Citizens of Triole Entente Will
B Held 'as Ottoman Hostages
WASHINGTON, Nov. 3. I'ntil de
finite guarantees are given by Rus
sia, England and France for protec
tion to Turkish subjects, Turkey will
Id all subjects of the triple entente
in Turkey as practical hostages.
The information was conveyed by
cable from United States Ambassa
dor Morger.thau at Constantinople.
England has given Turkey such as
surance. A special train for the al
lies' refugees, arranged by Morgen-
thaus, has been detained by Turkey.
Band of Unemployed Foiled by Block
Signal System
SIMS. Cal, Nov. 3. A band of un
employed, some of who nisay they are
Industrial Workers . of the World,
which was marching through Shasta
county, along the line of the South
ern Pacific, made -an attempt . to
wreck train 15, the southbound Cali- lis!
1 1.--.
LONDON, Nov. 3. The British
government has ordered the release
of the Standard Oil steamer Platuria.
seized off the coast of Scotland with
a cargo destined to neutral ports, and
two Italian ships with cargoes of
copper from the United States to
Italian ports, were released after the
purchase (if the copper by the Bri-
i government. The case of the
fornia Express, tonight, three miles 'Kroonland, New lork, to Naples, witn
above Flume. The lock spur switch! a cargo of copper is still under con-
was broken, and the switch thrown. 'sidcration.
King Couchman, 2:03' McMahon up
A NEAR MURDER J. R. Hill, col
ored, took a girl to church services
on Monday evening. Returning with
the young woman, Hill was followed
by several colored men, particularly
Marsh Sims. When Hill thought he
was about to be attacked, he drew a
knife, cut Sims an ugly slash across
the arm and fled. Sims was removed
to the police station nearly dead
from the loss of blood, receiving me
dical attention in the pity bastile. Be
fore the physician arrived to attend
to Sims, Policeman Featherhoff had
located Hill hiding in the home of a
white family on Washington street,
between Eight and Ninth streets. He
is being held on a felony charge
pending an investigation.
Hire a little salesman at The Re
publican office. A Want Ad will see
more customers tl.an you can.
Graf Von Slices,
German fleet in
rived here this
Tells Story
Nov. 3. Admiral
commander of the
Pacific waters, ar
morning and made
the following report concerning the
naval engagement with British war
ships at sea off Coronel last Sun
day evening:
"On Sunday, between six o'clock
and seven o'clock in the evening,
during a heavy rain and rough
weather, off Coronel, we sighted the
British men of war Goodhope, Mon
mouth ami Glasgow, and the armor
ed cruiser Otranto. The engage
ment ensued immediately. All ships
opened a brisk cannonade with all ar
tillery. The Monmouth was sunk,
and the Goodhope, after a great ex
plosion on board, took fire and her
subsequent fate is unknown owing
to darkness. The Glasgow and
Otranto were also damaged, but
tear iei "
Art s "si
di) tor
10c s:
STAKE a dime on the
Camel Cigarettes, but
don't look for premiums or
coupons, as the cost of the
tobaccos in them prohibits
their use.
Camel Cigarettes 20 for
J0c are a blend of choice
quality Turkish and
domestic tobaccos. They
do not leave that cigarethj
taste and cannot bite your
tongue or parch your
You haven't money
enough to buy a more
delightful cigarette.
If your dealer can't sppfyyoo. tend
10c tor one peckateor fl 00 for a
carton of ten packages 200 ctja
wettes), potiase prepaid. Alter
emoking one package, if you din t
finti CAMELS at repretented. re
turn the other nine packages and
we will refund your money
W-asioa-Salem, K. C.
R W1
a nl
S Ma

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