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Where Do You
Eat and What
Does It Cost
. ? ; p ?
When we opened the Now Palace Cafeteria it was
with tlie object in view of giving the people a
first-class place to dine at a popular price. How
well we have succeeded we leave to those who are
eating with us. Ask thein. Do you want first
class foods, .home cooked, that will cost you less
than you can prepare them at home? If so, eat with
ns. Ye can board you for less than one dollar per
day. Come and see.
New Palace
128 and 130 W. Adams St.
Secretaiy Callbreath and
Dr. Holmes, Directors of
- the Federal Bureau of
Mines, Will Be First to
Reach Convention City
Some of Most Important
Mine Experts, Owners
and Directors of Federal!
Bureaus Will Be on List'
of Visitors .Next eek
of us that we will follow with avid
ity si nd brain child of some moulder
of fiction when he or she has delved
into the war that allied brother
against brother. At the Empress
tonight Manager ''Grady will offer
a Klaw and Erlanger Biograph mas
ter work, "The Fair Rebel," disclos-
Perils of Pauline.
The program at the Lion Theal'T
"today is composed of two features
.ami two one-reel comedies making
-i show that is worth seeine. rh.-
i..uiiiin- i. ,v,u t,ii ..r t, .M., injr a tale of a maid of the south
and in this episode Paulines dog land and 11 lover of tne blue clad
Uikes an active part. The other feaJarmy- The sXar? is sald to be one
tine is a two-reel Majestic drama iet the m"st charming ever woven
entitled, "Out of the Air," which will iar"und tne stirrin davs of tne B'ar
Sive the audience a thrill when a.and wilh ,he screening that th.s
man drops from an aeroplane on a Kreat firm of P'cture Guilders have
moving train. This fact will stand ! S'ven u there is ll,tle left to ,,e
for many a lay in movie circles aslsaid save- "u m,lst be worth whlle"
one of the most dangerous ever pe:'-i"The Kair Re,,e1"' wi" be the Otier
formtd. A comedy called, "The Mas- I '"S f"r tonight and tomorrow.
cot,'' will entertain, while the Key- j
Ktone comedy. "He Loves the Ladies'' j The Reqale.
-will bring forth roars of laughter. ! The fifth installment of the cx
Kxpressed in a few words, its a go;el ! t eptiona serial film story, "The Troy
ajl-around program. Friday the Lion : ( I'Hearts," will be given the final
i--hows James Cruze in "Cardinal j showing today at the Regale TheaLer,
Richelieu's Ward" from the story by t 2V)-2VS East Washington street. The
Buhver Lytteii.
The second performance of
"Tommy Jones" proved that the
musical patrons of Phoenix will turn
out to see a performance of merit
no matter what the condition of
weather. The show is too well bal
anced to find a spot to pick as the
feature, but the "Tipperary" song by
Miss Drena Mack and chorus scored
two reels of this installment wero
shown yesterday and won new
friends for the moving picture house
and for the story which has ben
appearing in The Republican escli
Sunday morning. "A Ragged Knight,"
a two-reel Victor with- Florence Law
rence in the leading role, is well
worth the leading place on any pro
gram. "The I'ndertow," a Powers
drama, gives promise of being into -esting.
"Troublesome Pets,", a Stei!-
again with those who braved the "' comeuj, win insure enuunu
elements to give the skit the once j laughs to place even the grouchiesl
over. The song is the catchiest j spectator in good humor,
thing that has been offered in any j
musical show this year and will be I The Lamara
whistled long after the piece itself "The Blue Flame" is the title of
is forgotten. Tonight will see the a two-reel feature that will lead the
final performance of the acknowl- j program at the Lamara theater to
edged best tabloid of the year in day and tomorrow. It is a Selig and
Phoenix. was constructed at the great Los
I Angeles studios of that organization.
Empress There will be five thousand feet of
No theme of the fiction writer has films shown altogether, the other
lieen worked as much as that of the three thousand feet being made up
southern maid with the northern i of a single comedy Lubin, "Jinks
lover in tire civil war days and yet j the liarbcr," and Edison single, "Bus
it is a theme that never grows old. j ter Brown Gets the Worst of it," and
here Is so much romance In the most a Kiograph, "Jfer Doggie." The pro-
Secretary James F. Callbreath Jr.,
of the American Mining congress,
will be here with Dr. Joseph A.
Holmes, director of the bureau of
mines Thursday, according to As
sistant Secretary E. L. Walcott. With
the arrival of the secretary, dele
gates will begin streaming into Phoe
nix for the seventeenth annual ses
sion of the great association of mine
owners and experts.
Not since the American National
Live Slock association assembled
here last January, has Phoenix or
Arizona been host to such an im
portant congress. The mine congress
is the third national organization
that has selected Phoenix as its
meeting place, the other one being
the National Irrigation congress,
which met here a number of years
Messrs. Citilbreath and Holmes
nave stopped on ai run d.iuui, j
N. M.. to inspect prooperties the;-e, j
and will be here Thursday.
On Saturday, the retiring prcsiden', '
Carl Sholz of Chicago, will arrive
with a delegation of eastern mining
men, and at various times between
now and Monday, there will be scores
of other nationally known engineer:,
directors of bureaus and heads of
mining companies coming in. D. W.
Hrunton, second vice-president, Sam
uel A. Taylor, a former president,
and John Dern, another former pre
siding officer, will arrive from Den
ver and the east.
Copies of the official program were
received from Washington yesterday.
The program, which was published
exclusively in The Republican last
week, forms the basis for this at
tractive little pamphlet, which is ?n
l iched by articles and notices, and
illustrated with pictures of the of
ficers. Prominent among the con
tributions are articles on "Arizona,
Past and Present," by W. E. Pefty,
mining editor of The Republican and
on "Phoenix, Arizona," by Harry
Welch, secretary of the board of
The mining congress will open the
way to great publicity for some of
Arizona's immense mine resources.
Attention will be called to some dis
tricts that have never been studied,
but whose richness is such that thy
will, one day, surprise the world.
In addition, the influence of the con
gress w'ill be used to bring to this
state stations for mine experimenta
tion, for mine rescue and similar al
lied works of the federal bureau of
mnies. The mine rescue car from
the Colorado district is already on
its way. It will be viewed by thou
sands on demonstration day, Frida.v.
An Arizona man will he named as
cue of the vice presidents, but Just
who will receive this honor is not
known. It will be "up to" the Ari
zona delegation to select their rep
resentative in the official familv.
gram Is well up to the combination
programs that have been shown at
tliis popular theater during the re
gular runs. Manager ltarncord, how
ever, has a number of splendid fea
tures coming that, will continue to
label the comfortable house, "Tha
House of Features."
The Piaza
' Carlyle Klackwell, the former won
derful Kalem star is to be sen here
aga:n today and tonight in the great
Kalcui feature, "The Masfiicraders,"
In which the handsome star appears
at his best. There are two ree's of
that picture. In addition to make
up the seven reels for the program
there will be shown "For the Sake
of Kate," "The Child of the Desert"
and "A Sure Cure" with one other.
The propram for today is thcrefjie
diversified and interesting in th,; extreme.
own daughter is largely engaged
bring the cruelty and falsity of the
position taken by the old man and
he sends men to bring young Stew
art back. The finale is a great one.
The Call of the North
Robert Edeson has long been
known as one of the greatest of the
younger school of romantic actors in
the United States, but it is doubtful
if In his entire career, even if
"Strongheart" and his other great
great characters be considered, he ;
has done anything quite so well 'as
his pictured performance of Young .
Stewart in "The Call of the North,"
a great World's feature film at the '
Arizona, .which opened last night for
a tnrce-day run. Edeson plays the
part of a young chap in the great
northwest, where he comes in con
tact with the factor of the trading
post, the man who holds the life and
death of every man there in his
hands, and who had years previously
sent Stewart's own father over the
"journey of death" to his doom.
Young Stewart falls in love with the
factor's daughter and matters trans
pire to bring down on his head the
hatred of the old man. Stewart is
sent on the journey but incidents in
, which a young woods girl takes a
large part and in which Stewart's
At the Coliseum
Although somewhat damp outside,
the weather in no way dampened the
ardor of the audience which greeted the
new show at the Coliseum last night.
A two reel Thanhouser "A Messenger
of Death" stalled the ball rolling. The
Damonte Brothers were the first to ap
pear in the vaudeville program and
when it comes to handling piano ac
cordions, these boys are there, offer
ing everything from grand opera to
ragtime. They were forced to respond
to repeated encores.
The Twirling Talbots offer excellent
work on the flying rings and keep the
audience supplied with plenty of thrills
working with eae and grace.
Frawley and Rath, "A man. a piano,
and a nut" are some team and when it
comes to manipulating the Ivories, the
pianist of this team is a bear, and it
will be a long time before Phoenix will
see his equal the "nut" members comes
in for his sh ire, working in a manner
all his own, assisted by a series of hats,
his rendition of several songs, brought
him well earned applause. A one reel
Mutual drama and a Keystone side
splitter. "The Gambling Rube", closed
an excellent bill and if the future bills
can be judged from the first two weeks,
this house is sure to become a winner.
and the Cop
A booklet, "How to Keep "Well," prepar
ed under the eye, of the Poliee Surgeon and
tlm Hcnlth ( 'ommissioner. and distributed
to the New York Policemen the finest police force
extant among other suggestions, says:
"Strons Coffee and Tea
are Always Harmful "
Coffee and tea both contain the drugs, caffeine and tan
nin, which often cause headache, biliousness, heart flut
ter, .sleeplessness, and other ills.
New York Doesn't Want
Nervous, Debilitated Policemen
If vou value vour own health and power to "do things,
suppose you quit tea 'and coffee, and try -the famous
pure food-drink. 5
Made only of prime wheat and a bit of wholesome V
molassses Postum is free from drugs, or any harmful j
substanse. ;
Theje's fine flavour, genuine nourishment and health )
in a steaming cup of well-made Postum. . ?
i !TC';rjfc'$v2!.-iRI
" 1 wmmmm
. ' WW
: ft
John J. Birdno and James P. Lavln
entertained Tom Maloney at a birth
day dinner al the Arizona club yester
day noon. Mr. Maloney, who is purch
asing agent tor the reclamation ser
vice, is president of the Jefferson club.
He is 65 years old, and still a hearty,
active man. Those present were Mr.
Maloney, Mr. Lavin, Mr. Birdno and
Walter Wilson.
Specifications for the new addition
to the Pioneers' Home at Prestott,
made possible by the Parsons' bequest,
have been adopted by the board of
control, and plans conforming with
them will be prepared at once.
The specifications call for what is
known as "slow-burning" construction,
a modification of the fireproof type 'of
building. The new addition will have
firewalls and fire doors between dif
ferent departments, and asbestos sheets
will be laid under all the floors. The
stairway will be of concrete with
wooden treads. Metal lath and Doug
las plaster will be used throughout in
the construction.
William Brophy of Navajo county
and Andrew Stark of Maricopa were
admitted to the home yesterday.-
On our entire line of Stauffer's and Pickard's Hand-Painted China. An un
rivaled opportunity to select choice Christmas gifts or to buy articles for your
own table at prices less than you usually have to pay for ordinary china.
26 East Washington St.
R. C. Haile of Cushion died on Mon
day afternoon, at a local hospital.
The funeral was held yesterday af
ternoon from the undertaking par
lors of Moore & McLlelan, inter
ment being in Greenwood. She
leaves a husband and three children,
one of whom, a son, is located in
Yokohama, Japan. Deceased came
here several years ago, from Cali
fornia, having moved there from
Weather Beats Weather
Man To His Snow Study
Briggs Plans Start for Sierras Anchas to Set Additional
Snow Measuring Instruments and Snow-falls During
Storm That Covers Salt Kiver Valley Seven Hun
dredths of an Inch Deep in Cold Put Useful Pain
Snow-fall Data Proving Very Useful t Students of
Water Supply Situation
Snow-Student P.. P.. Brigs.
Whether last night's lain had any
effect on the plans of Sec tion Director
Robert It. tiiiggs of the I'nitc-d Htate
gineer, S. K. Baker, to set snow stakes
in the White Mountains. The heavy
snows which, beat the engineers to it,
prevented them from surveying all that
weather bureau, is not known, but It j territory contemplated in their plan. So
is known that Mr. Briggs had planned i this year, it is necessary to extend the
to make a special trip to the Sierras ! line of "stakes" somewhat, in order to
"WtT 'P Nj---ii---r-Wj' ii,J '
f Sir ? J :
' I :
A high valley beneath Ord Peak in White mountains, where snow study has
proven most profitable
jlrs. Pet hick Lawrence.
Mrs. Pethiek Lawrence, the fa
mous English suffragist, is in the
United States furthering her project
for the joining of women all over
the world into an organization for
the "promotion of peace. Mrs. Law
rence is the editor of one of the
largest suffrage papers in the world.
She is not a militant.
Anchas, to study the snow situation. He
planned to take his departure today.
When the local weather headquar
ters started last year to make a syste
matic study of snowfall in the water
shed of the Roosevelt irrigation sys
tem. Mr. Brings sent bis assistant Ken
neth Meaker and a reclamation en-
Ret in the other important mountain
range, the Sieiras Anchas. Mr. Brings
J contemplated niakim? the trip by auto
! in order to reach the depths of the hills
before the snow should start in earn-
est. From reports received from Roose
Ivelt last night, however, the snow has
; already begun fulling heavily all over
Bobbie I saw you kissing sister
t again last night.
( astleton Well, I'm not going to
' pay you a quarter this time. Ten
j ceits is enough.
j Bobbie That's the tendency in
j these days, to cut out the middle
! man and let the goods go straight
j from the ' producer to the consumer
w: nout charge. Life.
I Hire a little salesman at The Re
j publican office. A Want Ad will see
' more customers than you can.
Beautiful Potted Kerns now selling at
! cost. Qualitv Flower store. Columbia
Theater. Advertisement.
the watershed.
The study of snow fall has been
greatly encouraged by the department
! of agriculture, which directs the weath
i er bureau. Data on the amount of fall,
the manner and the amount of meltini?
and the consequent additions to stored
) water supply are proving very valuable
j in this instance, as it gives a line on
water supply not secured in any other
Beautiful Potted Ferns now selling at
cost. Qualitv Flower store, Columbia
Theater. Advertisement. g
Showing a bed of snow that will be turned into stored water when spring
rains bring higher temperatures
Compulsory Cash Raising Sale on
: cent to 40 per cent discount. Nippon
'Bargain Store. Advertisement. tt
WASHINGTON. Dec. 1. Resump
tion of the parcel post service between-
the United States and Ger
many and Austria-Hungary is an
nounced. This service, discontinued
because of lack of transportation
facilities during the beginning of the
war, will make possible the sending
of Christmas gifts to Europe.
Wjelwa Wilderness of H'ft
. . i
1U 3 M
SucxCxn! - Cd-rrvl St.autc4
Where the Turks have reached the Suez Canal according to reports from Constantinople is shown at
(A). 1 Kanlara, a small village on the wyst bank of this waterway, is at the head of Lake Mangala. '

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