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Rain Lays Dust For
Fourth Hot Springs
v Auto Run Saturday
Over Hundred Will Make
Tril That Many Already
Kisrued Lip With Commit
tee J lospitality Prepara
tions at the Springs
A motorist looked appraisingly at a
muddy street, glanced at his nice shiny
new runalHUit, and decided to turn
right around and stay with the paved
streets. As he was stepping into the
ear, h friend shouted at him from the
"You going Saturday?"
"Castle Hot Springs."
"Why certainly. Yes. How is the
"Fine. Little muddy right now, but
it will be great by the end of the
"I'll go," very positively, "count on
That is the sort of a response they
are making to the invitation to go to
Castle Hot Springs for next week end.
It may be too muddy right now to go
touring about the city streets in any
thing but a haybtirner, but come Sat
urday, a lot of cars will be lined up for
the great trip to the springs.
It will be dry and firm on the Hot
Springs road by Saturday unless, of
course, it turns in and rains a lot more.
They say the road from Glendale to the
Junction is in better shape now than it
has been in its history. The other end
of it is always good being maintained
by the hotel management for its auto
stage line to the railroad. New River
and the Agua Fria have been freshly
brushed, and the sandy stretches be
tween the two washes, have been miti
gated considerably by the rains.
Among those who have signed up for
the trip are Power Conway, Dr. F. H.
Redewill, Eugene Goldman, George
Purdy Bullard, Paul Murphy, Judge
Kent, Governor Hunt, Lamar Cobb, A.
G. Dulmage, Charles Stauffer, Maurice
O'Neill, Crag Pottinger, J. O. Debit,
Fen Hildreth, Harry Kay, Geo. Van
Scheck, will Irvin, C. J. McElroy. Hal.
Bennett, C. M. Dubois, I H. Chalmers,
R. G. Murphy.
Already nearly a hundred are on the
list, and Manager H. J. Meany of the
Hot Springs Hotel, is wiring around
for additional help, as the run is assum
ing proportions far beyond the expec
tations of the committee.
Dealers Enthusiastic
Several of the Phoenix automobile
dealers are enthusiastic over the run.
Wayland Wood was signed up last
night by Dr. Redewill. He will pilot
a Stutlebaker six with a big party.
Charles McArthur has entered a
Jeffrey Chesterfield Six.
Ed Rudolph will drive a new Ford,
I leading a section of four other Fords.
I Eugene and Cass Redewill joined the
party last night.
Famous Horseman Leaves Stable Here
Until Opening of Pleasanton and
Panama Pacific Tracks, More
Horses Coming from East
Lon, McDonald, the well known
horseman, completed his stay on Phoe
nix yesterday by instructing his train
er. Avery to prepare to receive another
carload of race horses, already on its
way from the Indianapolis headquar
ters. Then the great harness horse ex
pert took his departure for Los Ange
les, Pleasanton and the Panama-Pacific
mile tracks.
The phoenix stable will be main
tained for a time, and then the pick of
the goers selected for the Pleasanton
meet. Mr. McDonald is now working
between fifty and seventy-five horses
each winter, and taking the best of the
lot for the campaigns. -
The Panama-Pacific exposition meet
will start in June, and will attract the
best horsemen from all directions. It
is a notable fact, that the majority of
the big fellows who will be at the San
Francisco track, are the ones who sur
prised every one and themselves with
their performances on the. state fair
oval here last month.
The Cubs Athletic club has
started its basketball season with j
practice among several teams,
which are striving to wear the or- j
ganization's cotors in the formal
encounters with the representatives
of other junior athletic associations
I of the city.
The challenge has been issued to
any team in the city, the replies to
be addressed to the-clubrooms, 1221 j
North Second street.
Mechanician to Hugh Miller in Win
ning Pope Now-Studying Other
Lay; Milo Franklin His
Motorcyclists members of the local
cbih and outsiders -will receive in
vitations to Join the club run to
Castle Hot Springs Sunday. A com
mittee, composed of President T. E.
Kogle, Hen Ruddcrow and George
Rreunniger went about yesterday
distributing neatly printed postal
cards, which aik:
Are You Going to the Springs Sun
day With Ut?
We have planned a big time, and
invite you to go along. An Overland
truck will accompany us and you ran
carry any extras that you wish. The
lunch will be free to you. If you will
let your dealer know by Saturday
morning that you will go, and give
the committee a chance to prepare
for ou.
The roar! is in good Bhape, and the
dub will have the run well patrolled,
fo that you will be. taken care of.
I.eave the club rooms. First avenue
and Washington street, 7 a. m. sharp.
Route is out Central avenue to North
ern avenue and then ' west to Grand
avenue. Yours fraternally,
The football toll this year Is twelve
lives, two of which number were of
college men.
Ed Corrlgan, the veteran turfman,
60 years old, recently married a girl
of 21 in Illinois.
Bright and early this morning, in
spite of the mud that is decorating
the valley roads, Kdgar Orr and Milo
Franklin, mounted on two speed In
dians, will fare forth on the long
route to San Diego. Orr is going in
order to survey the Phoenix-San Die
go section of the Borderland a?3
route. For Edgar Orr is the me
chanician for Hugh -Miller-nd will
be one of the contenders in the com
ing classic. This is' the first lime
on record a motor racer has Btucie.i
the route of a road race on a two
wheeler. Franklin is "just goln'
along." The two are members of the
Phoenix Motorcycle club, and Frank
lin was a contender in the Sunday
endurance run. They expect to Lc
gone about two 'weeks.
Arthur Winship, Harold Tovrea and
L. Hooper have passed first-class
scout tests and each one has passed
tests in carpentering, swimming fire
manhsip and public health work,
which enables them to receive merit
badges in the boy scouf organization
here. They come in under a spe
cial work test.
Frank Bloy gives lectures in first
aid work every Friday evening. These
talks on first aid are very practical,
and are accompanied by demonstra
tions each Friday evening.
The "leaders' " class will meet this
evening for dinner. The class in
cludes boys who are being trained
as leaders in the association under
Physical Director E. G. Fitzgerald and
Boys' Work Secretary Bob Boardman.
Those now in the class are Burtis
Dorris, Chas. H. Putney, Earl Reno,
Joe Barnett, Norman Cheney, Holmes
Mann, Harold Tovrea, Carl Stephens
and Walter Tolleson.
NEW YORK, Oee. 2.
Young Shugruo, the Jersey
City lightweight, outpointed
Freddie Welsh, of England,
the world's champion, in a
ten-round bout at Madison
Square Garden,
Gun Repairing
17 South Central
Borderland Classic Once
More Becomes Prominent
as Local Men Start Plans
for Entering' Their Cars
Miller and I)u Bois
To facilitate the work of Instructing
the state rnilitia in field tactics, a large
relief map will be placed at the dis
posal of each company. Arrangements
for the construction of the new maps
by prisoners in. the state prison at
Florence' have been completed by Cap
tain Cromwell Stacey, Instructor gen
eral of the Arizona National Guard.
The new maps will measure six by
ten feet, and will be designed for the
working out of a. number of problems
in the handling of forces. Work has
already begun on the first three maps.
which will be distributed at Tucson,
Yuma and Phoenix.
Since fair week, and its attendant
gasoline excitement, have passed into
the dusty files, folks have been for.
getting that there is another rather
immense automobile race in prospect.
Intervening thrills cannot entirely al
lay our taste for this merry sport,
however, and now that definite prep
arations are in order for the thous
and mile El Paso to San Diego race,
we will begin once more to pay a
lot of attention to the doings of the
greasy mechanics and the studious
drivers and the strapped down rao
ing cars and roa'd maps and mileage
tables and gasoline supply stations
and logging the route and doping the
winners and estimating the speed and
figuring how it ought to be done
and decrying actual methods and
generally making ourselves a heap
of a nuisance.
Two Phoenicians, one a winner and
cne the last finisher in two fair week
classics, have already signified their
intentions of going into the next raco.
C. M. Dubois, driver of the husky
Cole in the Los Angeles, has n.-.t
touched his car since the contest.
but has had it shooting every day.
He says of it: "I did not make the
time that some of the others did, but
I brought back a car that is in per
fect condition except for a broken
spring shackle. I'll repair that,
change the spring hangers on t'12
back, just to suit me, and have the
car ready for practice on the El
Paso-San Diego race. Believe me,
it won't he speed that will win it."
Hugh Miller, winner of the El
Paso-Thoenix race, was seen yester
day by a Republican man, and tue
following statement was elicited:
"My Pope-Hartford is going in the
other race. I am putting myself on
the safe side when I say that I urn
going to ENTER the race."
-Hugh thought we were trying to
pet him to say he would repeat his
victory. A very cautious and sensible
young man, is Hugh Miller.
Dick llollingsworth, the traveling
agent for the Chanslor-Lyon com
pany of Los Angeles, had something
to say about the race:
"It won't be a speed event. The
man who gets in his car and tours
along until he comes to a stretch as
smootfi as Adams street there, and
then give 'er, the gun, will win it.
And when he feels the back of fhe
seat jamming him in the suspenders
buckle, he had better yank his foot
off the throttle. Then he may stand
some chance of staying together for
the long grind."
It is understood here that the San
Diego people have at last got their
affairs straightened around so that
something definite can be expected
on prize money before long. It is
said that nearly twenty-five thous
and dollars will be cut among the
first five cars to poke their dusty
noses into the gate of the exposition
El Paso has gone ahead quietly
tirring up interest in the race, and
now we see that same line of sturdy
pilots who decorated the El Paso
Phoenix entry list, laying back to
get places in this longer and greiter
race. Along the line it is the samo
way. In Bisbee, Douglas, Tucson,
Florence, there are mechanics sur
veying fast cars with an eye to put
ting the "pip" into them for the road
That the situation in the copper in
dustry in this state is gradually im
proving is the statement of Mining In
spector Bolin, who returned yesterday
from an inspection trip through the
northern districts.
"Additional men are being put to
work each week," said Inspector Bolin,
and the general feeling is that condi
tions are easier than they have been
for gome time. Another factor that
has tended to relieve the situation ma
terially has been the slight increose in
the price of copper, which has not been
without, its effect on the amount of
work now being done.
The president's final attitude to
ward the Colorado strike situation Is
awaited with confidence by the min
ers who look for government opera
tion. o
A workman Is killed In 'the United
States every 15 minutes; every 16
seconds a mechanic Is maimed. That
is the toll labor pays to industry in
life itself.
Heap Big Joy
'Cool and fragrant as a September morn." That's
what the pipe fans say of good old P. A. That's the
music that every man sings who has given his old jimmy
pipe a new tryout on our say-so that the P. A. patented process
takes out the bite and the sting and leaves just pure smoke joy.
the national joy smoke
makes just tho most peacefulest pipe smoke that you or any man
can crowd into the bowl of a jimmy pipe or roll into a makin's
cigarette. P. A. never burned any man's tongue and it won't
burn yours. Buy a tidy red tinful for 10c or a toppy red bagful
for 5c or, better yet, invest in the famous
P. A. crystal - glass humidor with the
sponge in the top. Keeps the smoidngs
pipefifc to the last pipefuL Say ! Shi I
The crystal-glass Humidcr makes a cork
ing fine Christmas present for men folks.
At any store that' sells tobacco also in
the tidy red tin, 10c, toppy red bag, Sc,
and the pound and half-pound tins.
WinsJoE-Saleia, N. C.
Copyright !14
R. J. Kcjmolda
Tobacco C
First Pehearsal This Arter
nooifi'or Phoenix Deaeon
ness Hospital Benefit
.More Youncr Society .Stars
Added to (! rowing Cast
The first rehearsal of the "Wed
ding of General Torn Thumb" will he
held at the Kmprcss theater this aft
ernoon at 3::'0 o'clock, when all the
little tots who have been selected fur
parts in the pleasing entertainment
for the benefit of the Pho nix Dcacon
ness hospital will be on hari'J ami
have numbers of matters explained to
them and go through the pace:-- for
the show proper on Saturday .after
noon. Mrs. Hugh Harrison, .Miss Wil
liams and Miss Kills, together with the
proud, parents of the youngsters, will
he on hand to see just how well the
little folks do.
Further selections of the cast were
made yesterday, and the parents of
the bride were chosen and the first
lessons given in their deportment.
Miss Maria Virginia Moore, daughter
of Mrs. Lyman Itennett, will he the
mother of the bride and will occupy
one of the mother-in-law stations to
General Tom Thumb after the cere
mony is over. Master John M i-
thew Fennemore, son of Mr. and Mrs.
Harry M. Fennemore, will be the
father of the bride and act as such
with great dignity during the entire
Little Dorothy Stauffer, daughter
of Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Stauffer,
is to be the dainty ring-bearer, and
Miss Catherine Chrisiy, daughter of
Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Christy, will he
another of the bridesmaids. Margaret
and Andrew Loper, children of Su
perintendent and Mrs. John I). Loper,
will attend the wedding in the guise
of elose friends of the family, while
Master Wallace and Miss Xell Green
will and distinction to the throng.
Mrs. Shirley Christy, with her usual
public spirit, has entered into the
spirit of theoccasion with enthusiasm
and will present a number of little
tots from among the pupils of the
Arizona School of Music in those por- j
thins of the program that will call for
musical and entertainment numbers.
Tho ability of Miss Mabel WcUlc r
to dance the "Highland Fling'' in
costume which has been demonstrated
hero before will .add to the interest
of the program.
Lodge Decides ot Hold Big Charity
Ball Next Wednesday; Christ
mas Activities Planned. "
At last night's soerai and dance,
the Modern Woodmen of America
elected officers and decided to hold
a charity dance. The merry throng
'also enjoyed the hospitality of the
entertainment committee in the usu
!al good old way. II. D. Hcaley was
elected counsel, V. J. Williams ad
1 visor, G. F. Bruggiere escort and H.
J. Kgly, watchman.
On Wednesday night of next week,
there will be one of the biggest so
cial events of the pre-holiday period,
when the Modern Woodmen of Amer
ica give their benefit ball. The treas
ury fund from which charity funds
I are drawn needs replenishing, for
i there is a season of busy Christmas
.'activity ahead, and many a member
win be bringing in cases where
charity vo;ic is needed.
Tho dance will be given at the
Knights of Pythias hall, and tickets
will be sold by the rnerniiesr and at
t he City ami Owl drug companies.
The gate receipts of the Harvard
Yale game were $137,000.
We know Phoenix and her business men are sound. If you have an ac
count at
on .same for any inerchaudi.se in our store.
108 K Adams
Phone 1829
Gompers' opposition to raising his
salary is an effective precedent for
corporation presidents to follow. He
fairly pleaded against the suggestion.
- The conductors and train men on
the Northwestern road have won in
increased scale, and the agreement is
siffned,, t
Our little nursery near Phoenix is doing nicely. We will be able to deliv er from this plant a full assort mert of grape vine, fig trees, and loms
shade trees, etc
Our office and delivery yard in Phoenix will be open for business the first of ths year and we will be able to supply all tho commercial varieties
of PEACH, APRICOT, PLUM, PEAR, OLIVE AND CITRUS trees direct to planters from our main nursery at Fresno, Cal.
Until our office is opened write for catalog, etc to us at PHOENIX RURAL ROUTE 6, or Phono 12 J 4. Our Mr. Myers will be glad to call
on you upon request.
Remember we have been at it twenty-eight years, and, that we grow annually more than a million first-class True to Name Trees of the varie
ties needed in the southwest.
THE BEST is what you Must have to succeed in horticulture.

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