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1 1
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Temps Correspondent, H. B. Griffen, Jr. Mesa Correspondent Chas. F. Jones
------ .----. -- -- -- -- -- -- .'. - -- ---- ------- . . - - -- -- -- - - TnnnniinAjuwwuWA?
Splendid Lecture Given in Methodist
Church Hehe Yesterday Morning
The Rev. Levi B. Salmans, M. D.
spoke :it 11 o'clock Sunday morning in
the .Methodist Episcopal church at
Tcmpc. He has been a missionary in
Mexico for the past thirty years, hav
ing served in the ministerial and edu
cational work for a part of the tii.ie
and for 23 years served in the medical
missionary woik in (luanajuate, -where
he founded the (iood Samaritan Hos
pital and Dispensary in the which he
organized the first nurses' training
.school ever formed in the republic
which graduated seven classes of nurs
ts before any other similar institution
was sufficiently developed to graduate
its first cluss. The doctor told of the
course and development of this medical
work and the resultant effect upon the
Methodist schools and churches in C.u
anajuate and indeed upon almost the
whole body politic in various respects
in all that region. Ninety thousand pa
tients have been served, a quarter of a
million dollars earned professionally
and turned into the work by himself
and his fifteen assistant physicians, a
hospital built, equipped and run wholly
on indigenous resources without direct
aid from the missionary society, splen
did schools built tip and the first fully
self-supporting and self-governing
Protestant church of the republic es
tablished. This was the first medical missionary
worK established under denominational
auspices in a Roman Catholic country.
Such was its success that six other de
nominations have taken up the matter,
some of them having built splendid
hospitals and there having gone to
Mexico alltogether from the United
States about loo doctors and trained
nurses to do medical missionary work.
Medical missionaries were supposed to
be peculiarly adapted to missionary op
erations in pagan lands, such as Asia
or Africa, where their presence: was
needed for caring for the health of the
other missionaries.. Many people seem
to have imagined that, because such
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countries as Mexico possessed modern
ly educated practitioners, there was no
occasion or need there for medical mis
sionaries. This the doctor stated had
been shown to be a great mistake, as
healing and teaching where from
Christ's own days closely allied with
preaching for the purposes of evangel
ism, and healing not less so than teach
ing. The work of healing in Mexico,
the same as in other countries, has
been able to furnish an occular demon
stration of the real spirit of love and
beneficence existing in the gospel, thus
removing doubts and fears, prejudices
and hatred and replacing them with
confidence and the kindest considera
tion, as well as with a receptive spirit.
These things have to he accomplished
in countries where there are modern
practitioners of medicine the same as
in pagan lands and the healing art is
the wost powerful agency Christ him
self or the apostles os the seventy oth
er preachers appointed by Him were
able themselves to find or use. It is
the doctor's opinion that all churches in
every country, whether considered a
missionary land or not, should avail
themselves increasingly of the use of
the healing art in the hands of the very
most skillful and consecrated practi
tioners, working in intimate associa
tion with the preachers and teachers of
Christianity for the conversion of all
kinds of sinners. If there are any par
ticularly hard classes to reach any
where this is the particularly officla
tious way of going at it and succeed
ing. The doctor has a daughter who is a
teacher of Spanish and German in the
Tempe normal school and another, who
Is a student in the senior class. He
came this way from Xew York, where
he has spent the past eight months
studying in a Xew York post graduate
medical school, to visit for a few days
with these daughters. Next week he
returns to Guanajuate, accompanied by
Mrs. Salmans, where the authorities
have always treated him with the
greatest kindness. They did not wish
nim to leave last April when the Amer
ican troops attacked Vera Cruz, and
since that time have repeatedly com
municated with him desiring his re
turn. Dr. Salmans has only the kindest
of Avords for Mexico and Mexicans, and
the greatest hopes of their developing
a splendid Christian, nation in a com
paratively near future. People always
like to hear an optimistic note in the
midst of so much pessimism such as
has,'ieen dominant in this region con
cerning Mexico for several years past.
Tiie following guests were registered
at the Casa I.oma hotel yesterday: F.
Stevenson, Los Angeles; T. McDonald,
Los Angeles; C. Forson, H. Cornpton,
Los Angeles; Mrs. R. Walker, II. 1).
Ross, Jr.. phoenix; H. Perkins. Tucson;
H. A. Skolton, San Diego; J. Albert
Thompson, Los Angejes; Mrs. Georgia
Koehl, Los Angeles; J. L. Hines, Mesa.
FURNISHED ROOM, with board, for
rent. $06 Mill Ave., Tempe. Adver
tisement, dr
Mrs. Xancy L. Holcomb, mother of
Mrs. V. G. Devore of Tempe. died at
the Devore home in Tempe Saturday
afternoon after a lingering illness. The
deceased has made her home in Tempe
with her daughter since last spring
and has made the acquaintance of a
host of friends who mourn her death.
Accompanied by Doctor and Mrs. De
vore the remains were shipped Satur
day night over the Santa Fe to San
Diego, California, where the funeral
services will be conducted today.
Would party who exchanged um
brellas with me at Opera House or
Tempe Xormal last week please advise.
.Mine was a black silk, with a detach
able S'lnare handle. Mrs. A. H. Dell,
Tempe. Adv. It
C'larkson McXary of Corona, Califor
nia, is here to spend the holidays with
his parents. Dr. and Mrs. C. C. McXary.
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Gillmore of
Glendale, Arizona, spent Christmas in
Tempe as the guests of Mr. Gilmore's
sister, Mrs. Wilbur Fisk and family.
Undaunted by the drizzling rain that
set in early in the afternoon, the Tem
pe band gave its regular Sunday after
noon in private at the town hall yes
terday. It w'as a splendid chance to
put in some good time at practice and
the boys took advantage of it working
on some special music for the Xew
Year's day benefit program which is
to he given providing the elements w ill
$10.00 REWARD wm be given for the
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G. V. Angulo, a Visitor in
City, Who Has Kcsided in
State for Sixtv Years,
Tells of Some Other llainyj
Spells Snow m 1b(2
:. V. Angulo, of Tucson, who has
been in Mesa the past few days as
the guest of his son, ('. E. Angulo,
of The Toggery, looks upon the
present rainy spell as a repetition of
certain other floods that have vis
ited Arizona. The first severe storm
in the memory of one of the oldest
settlers in the- state was in 1S6J
while he was a clerk in Tucson.
The rain began falling in February
and continued for fifteen days and
finally ended in a snowstorm. It
was during the civil war and many
of the residents of the Old Pueblo
were under the impression that it j
was caused primarily by the con- j
flict at that time raging between j
the north and the south. The un- I
usual amount of water, together
with the unprecedented cold, was
something unheard of. and no other
cause could be ascribed.
"In 1NS1,'' continued Mr. Angulo,
"we had a very severe rain which
lasted for seven days. Tucson at
that time was made up of adobe
houses, and there was not a roof
in the town that did not leak."
In the opinion of the aged man
the present precipitation, while more
copious than in recent years, docs
not compare in intensity with the
storms of '6J and 'SI.
Mr. Angulo mentioned some of
the prices that were charged in the
early days when money was plenti
ful and when liquor flowed freely in
the little town of Tucson. Lard sold
in the '6'is at Vi per pound, while
ordinary muslin brought J1.00 a
yard. Corn sold for Jll.r.ii per hun
dred while a drink of whiskey cost
fit'ty cents.
In the opinion of Mr. Angulo the
present rains are liable to continue
for some time on account of the
c.iiy arrival. The start has been
made and the real rainy period, Jan
uary and February are yet to come.
Homer Atlaway. who has been ill
from typhoid fever for the past six
weeks, is reported as convalescing.
Miss Kelly and sister. Miss F.th
elyn Kelly, former teachers in the
city schools, now employed in the
schools of Douglas, are in the city
for a visit with friends during the
DAY The Baptist church was filled to
its capacity yesterday morning when
the regular Christinas -program
which had been prepared for Thurs
day evening was given. Fvery child
present, regardless of , w het her a
member of the school or not, was
given a present. The rendition of
the program was very successful and
those in charge as well as the vis
itors who were so fortunate as to
be present were very glad that the
entertainment had been postponed
from Christmas eve until yesterday.
The weather was more friendly yes
terday than on the original date
planned and many more children
were present than could have been
had the entertainment been given
as first planned.
Jack Fraser, president of the Mesa
City bank, member of the city coun
cil, principal owner of Florence, the
owner of the Fraser block in Mesa
and one of the owners of Every
body's Drug company, sat in the
front part of the drug store yester
day and essayed to answer the nu
merous questions that were asked as
to just why the Los Angeles Sunday
papers were not In. Mr. Fraser, who
has the kntick of getting to -the
point by the shortest possible dis
tance, spent a busy two hours. The
drug store handles The Republican
as well as the Los Angeles Sunday
papers. The Republicans were soon
sold out and there was not a late
paper in the store. Scores of people
began coming in asking for some
thing to read. The answers to the
many ouestions soon became an ef
fort. It wis explained that on ac
count of (he washout that there
would be no Los Angeles papers.
"Why?'' was invariably the next
question and then the explanation
was in order again. Mr. Fraser es
timated shortly after noon that he
had explained to one thousand peo
ple just how the railroad tracks had
been washed out how it was im
possible to bring the papers over in
a boat or an airshin add that the
store was not in collusion with the
postoffice or any other corporation
to deprive people of their Sunday
reading. As a last resort he start
ed selling Ladies' Home Journals
and Pictorial Reviews, explaining to
the many callers that they would
find therein the many things that
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they had been hungering for. Late
ir. the afternoon he became exasper
ated and was thinking seriously of
forwarding a fund to assist the
Southern Pac ific in getting the track
repaired so the papers could get in
on time in the future, if the plan
fails he will probably be absent from
the store when there is another
shortage of reading material.
The Mesa Commercial club will
meet on Wednesday evening of this
week in the club rooms at ',:?,
o'clock. A number of important
matters - are to be attended to atid
it is urged "that every member as
well as every citizen of Mesa and
the surrounding country who has the
good of the community at heart will
make it a point to be present at
the meeting if possible. The work
for the coming year is to be plan
ned, which will include the employ
ment of a secretary.
The following officers were in
stalled Saturday evening who will
serve for the ensuing year:.
VV. M., R. F. Palmer; S. ,
Albertus Winger; J. V., Mav
Viault; secretary, Vr. L. Diehl;
treasurer, J. L. Waring; chaplain.
W. S. Dorman; marshal, J. Pross
er; S. D., W. J. Longmore; J. R.,
C. L. L. Drew; Tyler, Allen Taylor.
The installation ceremonies were un
der the direction of A. S. Frankern
liurg. The first meeting night un
der the new regime will be next
Friday night, when it planned to
have a banquet at which time all
members of the lodge and visiting
Masons will be expected to be pres
The condition of Mrs. Chas. Black
burn, who has been ill for several
days, was reported as very serious
yesterday afternoon.
W. E. Walters, who recently, un
derwent an operation at the South
Side hospital for appendicitis, has so
far recovered that he has been re
moved to his home.
The landowners under the pro
posed "tract of land to be irrigated!
from deep wells, located southeast
of Mesa, are very enthusiastic over
the proposition. The contracts for
the development of the land have
been received here and will soon be;
in the hands of the land owners for
consideration. v
Ben ICstabrook, formerly city en
gineer of Mesa, and now a resident:
of Florence, is candidate for coun
ty surveyor of Pinal county.
Rev. Summers, of the Methodist
church, delivered a sermon at the
evening service last night on "Reso-"
lilt ions for the New Year."
o .
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