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No time like the present to begin saving
your money. Start the New Year RIGHT
by buying your groceries from the lowest
price store in Arizona. We guarantee to
undersell them all
Fancy Colorado Potatoes, per cwt . '..$1.65
14 lhs. Fancy Colorado Potatoes 25c
3 lhs. Hill's Blue Can Coffee 90c
lit) lbs. Cal. Pink P.eans $1.00
Crackers, in H'.-lb boxes, per lb 7'zc
All 10c pkg. Crackers, S for 25c
Large size Pumpkins, 2 cans 25c
Large si'e Kraut, 2 cans 25c
7 liars Swift's White Soap.., 25c
9 bars good Laundry Soap 25c
12 cans good Sugar Corn 95c
S pkgs. large Hydro-Pura 90c
3 cans Standard Tomatoes 25c
Large can sliced Pineapple 15c
Kxtra Nice Dry Peaches, 3 lhs or 25c
Fancy Dry Apples, 2 lbs for 25c
Fancy Prunes, per lb 10c
We Lead Others Follow
Arizona Grocery Co.
Phone 455 -;- 331 E. Wash.
1'nited Slates of America, State 'if
Arizona, ss.
The Arizona Corporation Commis
sion does hereby certify that the an
nexed is a true and complete trans
cript of the Articles of Incorpora
tion of the Central Bank of Phoenix,
which were filed in the office of
said Arizona Corporation Commis
sion on the 4th day of January. A.
!).. Ptl.'i, at 10:::0 o'clock; A. M., as
lrovided by law.
In testimony whereof. The Arizona
Corporation Commission. by its
'HairniHii, has hereunto set its han.l
and affixed its Official Sal. Done
at 1 lie city of Phoenix, the Capitol,
this 4th day of January, A. 1)., IStlG.
Arizona Corporation Commission,
(Seal; W. P. GEARY
Attest: FRANK DF.SOUZA. Sec.
That we, the undersigned, do here
by associate ourselves together for
the purpose of forming a corpora
tion tinder the laws of the State of
Arizona; and we do hereby certify:
That the names, residences and
Cost of fiie addresses of the under-
Electric Cleaner
Newcomers' bay its plans and its
meuning will be defined Thursday af
ternoon at a meeting of the committee,
headed by Barnet E. Marks. The meet
ing will be held at the board of trade
office and will occur at 4:00 in the
The day on which everybody will go
around and get acquainted with every
body else, and1 on which strangers will
be shown just what Phoenix and the
valley has to offer in the way of mater
ial assets, falls on February 15 one
day exactly, after Admission day.
Mr. Marks, chairman of the commit
tee is planning some unique stunts for
the occasion, but until the committee
meets and confirms the plans, nothing
can be announced.
Twenty-eight railroad disputes, in
volving 125,000 workers, were brought
before the II. S. mediation board dur
ing the last fiscal year; 21 were ad
justed through mediation, 2 by arbi
tration and mediation, and 5 cases
were put before arbitration boards
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when you are all tired out from weary sweeping
and dusting, liow
An Electric
would lighten your housework?
"Why spend endless hours with dusters and dust
pans, when a few minutes' use each morning of a
Vacuum Cleaner will keep the house free from dirt
and germs?
It only costs a cent an hour to operate, and is
Pacific Gas & Electric Company
signed corporators are as follows:
Geo. S. Lewis, Oak Park, 111., 323
Wesley Avenue; Ignaz Schwinn, Chi
cago, 111., 212S Humboldt Blvd.; F.
A. Crandall, Oak Park, 111., 474 No.
Oak Park Ave.; P. K. Lewis, Wichi
ta, Kan.; J. W. Cheney, Wichita,
That the name of this corporation
is The Central Bank of Phoenix, and
its principal place of transacting bu
siness shall be at Phoenix, Marico
pa County. Stiite of Arizona.
The general nature of the business
proposed to be transacted by the cor
poration shall be that of banking;
and to that end it shall have the
power to receive, as banker, as de
positors or otherwise, checks, drafts,
bills of exchange, currency, specie or
other forms of money or means of
payment thereof, and to hold the
same or collect and hold the jaame;
to pay out monies or credits upon
checks or drafts signed by its depo
sitors, or otherwi.se, to provide
by its P.y-lavvs or by contract
or otherwise whether interest
shall be paid upon any funds depos
ited with it and upon what conditions
and upon what terms, if any, any funds
deposited with it shall draw interest; to
make, sign, execute and deliver, or
issue, or cause to be made, signed,
executed and delivered, or issued,
any and all kinds of cheeks, drafts
or bills of. exchange against any
funds belonging to it or its deposi
tors or otherwise; to deposit its
Tumi op redeposit its depositors'
funds In or with any other bank or
banks, any banker or bankers, trust
company or companies, whether
charging interest or not, or other
wise; to loan money upon stocks,
bonds, real estate or chattel mort
gages, or olher securities, and upon
notes, bonds or other evidences of
indebtedness; to sell hypothecate or
pledge notes, bills of exchange, or
other evidences of indebtedness own
ed, used or held by it; to construct,
purchase, hire, lease or otherwise ac
quire safe deposit vaults, and op
erate the same by sub-leasing space
therein or otherwise, and generally
to make any and all contracts and
to do and perform, all and sundry
the aits and things necessary and
proper to be done and performed In
the carrying out of any of the pur
Doses hereinbefore set forth; and
also to do and perform all and sun
dry, the acts and things, whether or
not they be herein specifically enum
erated, that pertain to the general
business of banking; to purchase, or
otherwise acquire, hire, own, use,
pledge, mortgage, operate, sell, or
otherwise dispose of, any real estate
;nd of any personal property of any
kind or character as it may con
sider necessary in the conduct of Its
said business to the extent that mav
be permissable under the laws of
That the amount of the capital
!tf,u r.f this corporation which is
authorized is the. sum of One Hun
dred Thousand Dollars $100,000.0fl)
divided into One Thousand (1000)
shares of the par value of One Hun
dred Dollars ($100.00) each; and that
of this amount the sum of Fifty
Thousand Dollars ($50,000.00) Dollars
is to be subscribed at the date here
of and is to be paid for, in cash at
the par value thereof on or before
the 1st day of January, 1!)15, or be
fore this corporation shall apply for
a license to engage in the business
for which it is organized; the amount
of the capital stock not thus sub
; scribed and paid for shall remain
'unissued until such time or times as
the corporation shall direct, through
I a regular meeting of the stockhold
ers, or a special meeting called for
that purpose, provided, such author
in power since the organization
the club.
Mrs. Dennett has been an active
and popular member since coming to
Phoenix four years ago. She at
present serves as corresponding sec
retary and her department work is
in the art and literature section. She
is also a member of the Friday
club. H,.:
''it is too soon after election for
me to discuss policy," said Mrs. Ien
nett, last evening. "I am conserva
tive and in sympathy with the meth
ods of (he present administration.
The club has had a most successful
year under Mrs. Wilkinson, who has
made, an admirable, presiding officer."
Following the election of officers,
delegates and alternates were chosen
to the state federation which meets
in Phoenix, January 19-22. They will
also represent the club at the central
Arizona district federation which will
meet the opening day of the state
convention. They include: Delegates
Mrs. C. K. Anderson, Mrs. D. II.
Burtis, Mrs. H. L. Chandler, Mrs.
K. F. Collings, Mrs. C. II. Davidson,
Mrs. John Dennett, Jr., Mrs. H. p.
De Mund, Mrs. Sims F.ly, Miss Kdith
Evans. Mrs. V. C. Foster, Mrs. R.
A. Fowler, Mrs. E. J. Gillette, Mrs.
Dwight P. Heard, Mrs. L. E. Hewins.
Mrs. F. Irvine. Mrs. Emory Kays,
Mrs. E. 10. Kirkland. Mrs. H. W.
Kennedy. Mrs. Ancil Wartin, Mrs.
James H. McClintock, Mrs. W. Scott
Norviel. Mrs. W. .S. Pickrell, Mrs.
H. B. St. Claire, Mrs. R. W. Taf.-l,
Mrs. Walter Talbot. Alternates-
Mrs. E. 11. Abbot, Mrs. C. F. Ains-
worlh, Mrs. J. I,. H. Alexander, Mrs.
O. C. Bartlett, Mrs. Earl Curtis, Mrs.
W. A. Parish, Mrs. M. 1,. Gibbons,
Mrs. W. li. Goldsworthy, Mrs. James
S. Griffin, Mrs. Augustus Hegelund.
Mrs. L. W. Harrison, Mrs. C. .1.
Hirst, Airs. J. C. Hurley, Mrs. Char
les Isbaum, Mrs. Joseph II. Kibbey.
Mrs. C. II. I,'iir,l, Mrs. Selina K.
Levy, Mrs. Gas Noll, Mrs. V. L.
Pinney, Mrs. S. D. Tuttle, Mrs. Char
les Vandeer Veer, Mrs. George Vie-
kers, Mrs. Philip Weisner, Mrs. J. L.
There was an encouraging report
from Mrs. Dwight p. Heard, chair
man of the board of trustees and
Mrs. J. I B. Alexander, chairman of
the civics-education department re
ported the holiday offering to the
county tuheculosis hospital and St.
Luke's house.
Mrs. II. B. St. Claire contributed
the musical program. She sang a
well received group of songs in her
usual attractive manner. Mrs. Arthur
Gibbons Hulett was at the piano.
A reception to the new members
at which tea was served concluded
the meeting.
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The Sale that is the Talk of the Town The Sale where values reign Supreme
The Sale of up-to-the-minute Seasonable Merchandise at a fraction of its worth.
Children's All-Wool Serge Dresses
Tn Navy Blue and Cardinal and Black and White, Shepherd Checks, in sizes
from 4 to 14 years. Regular prices from 2.00 to $7.50. Extra special. Your
Sc Cor-
Made of Nainsook, Cambric, Long
Cloth, trimmed in fine Val. and
Torchon Lace, dainty embroidery
and ribbons, all sizes.
Your choice
Cases at 39c
Not each, but a pair 2 of them.
Assorted patterns, stamped on
special quality tubing; regular
;) value. Your
choice, per pair
Mao Tailored Plaid Skirts
Made in the very latest fashion, showing the new girdle vestee belts; made of
high class materials in those popular and classy plaids, a full range of sizes. Ex
tra .special, your choice
35c Handker-
Dainty, Sheer Shamrock Lawns,
fine lines and imported Swiss, fin
est of embroidery in corner and
side. Actual values jj
up to 35c, each ,
Kid (Hoves, soiled from, handling,
returns and try-ons, not absolute
ly perfect, but good for every day
service. lour choice,
per pair
Stylish For Sets
Tn both womens' and misses. Choice, select pelts in natural Fox, Jap Mink,
Mink, Black Wolf, White Kvimmer, Tiger Cat, White Lamb. These sets show
the very latest style muff and collar pie ces. No reserve, your choice now
Last night's attendance at the revival
meeting was much larger than on
Monday evening. Some of the strong
e.st words yet used by the new even
gelist were given to the audience last
As the writer hurried to the Metho
dist church last night where the spe
cial revival meetings are being held, he
was impressed with the numbers of
Phoenix people on their way to church.
This is the "week of Prayer" all over
the world, and the Phoenix churches
are observing it. "I was glad when
they said to me, let us go into the
house of the Lord", came to mind. May
the men and women of this town get
their bearings this first week of the
year and find themselves vitally related
to God and God's kingdom.
At the church we found several hun
dred there! all ready. Old and gray
some. One well known saint who al
ways hits on the front seat and who ie
getting up close to ninety, was in her
place, happy and enthusiastic. Young
men f.nd young women, boys and girls
were there. All were serious and me
ditative. All honor to the preacher
who can make us think and look within
Never have we heard the people in
this church sing so well, as this evan
gelist singer succeeds in getting the
folks to sing this week.
Mr. DeLaye has many clear cut pro
verbial sentences that stick in the mind
of the hearer. A few will illustrate.
"No man can be frivolous, careless or
give his time much to pleasures such
ns the dance, the card, the pool room
and at the same time seriously go
about God's business of leading his
fellow man to God."
"Some people say their religion is
Extra Special - CIoaMngs
Just received, a delayed shipment of rich, haudsome Cloakings, in beauti
ful Brocade and Applique -effects. All the rich Fall and Winter colorings,
including black and white. Silk Brocade, full widths. Note these values:
deep down within and it is often so
deep down within that it never gets
out to help anybody in the world. If I
had to make a choice between the
religion deep down within and one on
the surface I would take mine on the
surface every time; I would at .least
be ready to help somebody."
'God never did and never can use a
crooked man."
"Lead a man to Christ and he will
always love you."
"Iet even,- man here make a resolve
that he will lead at least one other to
Christ during this meeting."
'My father was a good man, but his
chief regret today as he nears the, end
is that he did not work at the job of
making his children better children
rather than give so much of his time to
other things."
"Most of you ore willing to do many
things for your children physically and
intellectually, but are sitting calmly by
while they hurry into hell spiritually."
"If the lawyer and the doctor and the
One of First Problems is to Secure
Home for Boy and Girl
W. J. Osborn has been selected by
Superior Court Judge R. C. Stanford
farmer of this valley do not give time
and thought every day to their tasks
they will not have many clients or
patients or much of a crop. This ap
plies to the Christian."
The. preacher made a strong ap
peal to fathers, mothers, young men
and young women in turn, calling on
each to work while it was day for the
night would come.
There will be services again this
evening at 7:30.
for chief probation officer to succeed
Bert O. Brown, who retires after a few
months of excellent service. Osborn
spent yesterday in becoming acquaint
ed with the duties of his new office.
Among the first problems confront
ing him is that of finding homes for an
American boy, aged about thirteen
years, and an American girl about sev
enteen years old. The boy has had
some experience upon a ranch and can
assist with chores before and after
school hours. The girl understands
general housework and would be val
uable in a home. She expects reas
onable wages. Any person desiring to
'.earn further of this boy and girl should
communicate with Officer Osborn by
calling 92 and asking for 13R4.
Hannes Kolehmainen, the flying
Finn, is making new marks on
American courses.
DATE JAN. 18, 1915 f
FirSt Church of Christ, Scientist, of Phoenix, Arizona,
announces a FREE PUBLIC LECTURE on
Christian Science
by Clarence W. Chadwick, C. S. B., Member of the Board of Lecture
ship of The Mother Church, The FirSt Church of Christ,
Scientist, in Boston, Massachusetts,
Thursday Evening, January 14th, at 8:30
. at the
Arizona School of Music
You and your friends are cordially invited to be present.

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