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1 1 .ry-r-
Already There is Talk of
League Anions ('1111)8 in
Valley and 'upper Camps.
Republican Receives Let
ters on the Subject.
I'luns fur the summer's baseball
might ti I warming up shortly. Is
the opinion of those hot stove league
leaders who luive remained faithful
to Die nalional pastime, in this, its
least exciting hour. The Republican
is in receipt of a. number of com
munications on the sulijert of h.ise
l.all for the Salt Itivcr Valley during
the nexl season. F'ublioity will he
&;ien tmt to two of them, however.
Ideas are being sought, so, a further
delving into the sul.jeet is invited. It
is possible that from some of the
eager plans of the devoted followers
of the game, really valuable sugges
tions may he gleaned.
From a man who has managed
baseball clubs in Arizona during UH4,
eomes the following suggestion:
"What do you think of n four-chin
league, composed of 1'hoenlx, Mesa.
Nearly Thirty Motorcyclists
Exercise Themselves on
Goldfield Run, and Turn
Up With Huge Appetites
at Cook-Shack
Now we know why the bread sup
ply went low on us. It's because
the roads are bumpy. Nobody ever
thought of it before, but now, v. e
When thirty motorcyclists under
took to make a club run to Goldfield
mine yesterday, they discovered that
I hey needed food. They needed it
mighty bad. too, for it was hunger-
inducing exercise to sit upon a more I
or less rigid saddle and pound along
over the cuppy. highways. And they
were awfully cuppy, too and hard in
a sinner's heart from the effects of
the long rains of last month and the j
heavy traffic, that beat the mud
down solid and then kept it there
while Old Sol baked it. !
Happily there was an amiable;
China cook at the mess house, and
a big supply of grub, and several
generous lunches among the party,
that the three meals consumed dur
ing the club run were sufficient un
til the riders could get back to Phoe
nix for another large eats in the
form of home-made food. C'ap'n T
Krnest Fugle led the crowd away
from the club headquarters, corner of
Washington and First avenue, after
a neighboring "chop-house" had been
veil and adequately raided. This oc- J
curreu onout eignt ociock. ine air
was zippy with the (hill of an
::ona winter, the crowd was merry
as only motorcyclists having no
large cares may be, and the
was o;.en and free to everybody. All
but Monsieur Harry crandall man
aged to make the trip under proper
power and Harry had to be towed
in although it's shameful of us .to
b t this get into the public prints.
At Ooldfield there was nothing to
do until lunch time, except explore
virgin territory, try hitherto untamed
rand patches and climb never-before-i
limbed dump banks. . It is the big
boast of Pres. Worcester tnat his
single lunged wonder made the dump
erade although he has to admit it
was Ij. Roido who guided the mar
vel up the twenty-foot bank.
Cpokee had not yet' received the
letter warning him that the gans
was coming. In fact, it wasn't de
livered until the whole guest list had
arrived, bringing prodigious appe
tites and loud demands for ths
where-v.ithal to appease them. He
was a new cook, too, having been
hired but the same morning. But all
honor to his yellow hide he "came
It -ough!"
A cook-shack dinner, fit for the
most ravenous miner was produce!
with lightning-like soon-ness. And,
It must be said, consumed after the
name fashion.
Meal No. 3 occurred on the re
turn triii about half way to Phoe-(
nix, when some of the provident ones ,
opened lunch baskets and fed the
j.arty the luscious sandwiches an 1
salads and" plcklen that form the
basis for picnic eats.
Some of the thirty-five new club
members will be found, among the
following list of those present:
T. K. Fogle. R. J. Orput, Kllie Wil
son. I.enora Iee, Pay W. Ward ami i
wife, Harrv Crandall, B. R. Poice and
wife. Or. K. MeOuire and wife. Amos
Fattv Dve, Lorenzo Poido, K. O. Neill,
R T. Hutler, Jack Rarr. Ed Dohcnv,
r. M. Cro!, K. P. Comstock, J. F.
Albright, F.ugene Pierson, J. P.
Thorns son, IF.. VV. Worcester, R. E.
Reynolds, Tom Ellison, R. W. Cloth
ier. Hfi anybody seen I'elly. he's
waffle" man. V.t, N First St., at
Coliseum theater. (Adv.)
BlPfflOiS j
I i
Hayden, Tempo or Ttay, playing Iwo or
three games a week.' I fully under
stand that the jump from the valley
to the mining towns is iiiile a big
item, but 1 think a schedule might be
drawn up to cut it down consider
ably. To the Phoenix people, it will
J mean new faces, new clubs and more
'rivalry than the arrangements pro
; duced last year.
"To business men, it means closer
acquaintance with the people of the
mining district, and more business be
I tween the camps and the Salt Kiver
j Valley."
The writer of the above note ex
' plains that the satiation looks very
t favorable for such a league, in (lie
j copper camps.
l.ouis Salanr, manager of a
! of cracks over in Kedlands.
I w rites as follows :
I "1 would like to know whether
I zona baseball w ill be organized
season as it was last. 1 want t
'range for some games with
j league, before the season opens,
j of my men will play in Arizona
I time next summer, anyway."
next ar-
j Salazar's address is Hox T.H3
Mauds, Cal. He wants Arizona
I agers to write to him.
Jan. 4 C. Webb Murphy had
nothing to say.
Jan. '23 Dan Morgan did not
write an Interview with himself.
Feb. 2 ' ,,oe Jeanette did not
whip Jim Johns. .".
March 12 No Cincinnati
writer claimed the pennant
the Keds.
April 17 Ty
into trouble.
May 4 Ban
Cobb didn't get
Johnson did not
declare the Feds were dead.
May 12 Cleveland did not lose
a ball game.
June 7 Charlies F.bbets did not
announce a holiday double-header.
July 9 No Chicago sport writ
er figured Hank O'Uny.
Aug. 13 Johnny F.vers was not
chased by an umpire.
Sept. 4 Hen Perry didn't try
to sell a ball player.
Sept. 9 Lon Stagg did not fear
Nov. 19 Bat Nelson failed to
get bis name into print.
That a football coach, to produce
the best results should make coaching
a regular business is the opinion of
William (Pill) Kdwards, the famous
Princeton guard. Edwards, in stat
ing his views on the future coach
ing system at Princeton, said re
cently: "1 believe absolutely in the one
man system. Football has become a
regular business, and in any regular
business, one man must stand at the
head. There should never be consid-
ered any time any man but a Prince
ton football man lor the position.
oiuruii u.m iiuiiici ous iiien w no can
I handle this job successfully, but
when such a man is chosen, he must
make football bis regular business
and give his entire time to this work.
Such a man must be well paid, and
this man should, I believe, have en
tire selection of the coaches under
Joe Choynski. -
"Jess Willard will never be a
champion of big men because he is
too big tiimself," says Joe Choynski,
prominent pug of other days who
now lives in Pittsburg. He says there
never was a chain as big as Willard,
v - -
. V ( x
Wild Hill Donovan, new man
ager of the New York Americans,
is one of the most striking char
acters of organized baseball. He
was associated Willi Washington
and lirooklyn or the old National
league before he jumped, in for
mer war times, to the Detroit
In the City of the Straits, "Wild
Hill always stood out prominent
ly as a star with a poor support
ing cast. I'pon the arrival of
Hughie Jennings in 19H7, he final
ly found himself and was most
instrumental in winning three
successive championships for
Hugh. In 1fl(iS his record topped
those of all the pitchers of or
ganized ball.
Although his team was beaten
three times in the world's series
twin by the Cubs and once by
the Pirates the work of Dono
van always stood out by itself in
these games.
Clood Roads Promoters in
Eolith California Plan
ning Concrete Highway
from El Centro to Yuma.
Ask Arizona's Aid
That California is i.lanning to do
do away with the dread Mammoth
Wash or that part of it, which a
concrete highway from El Centro to
Yuma will displace became known
here yesterday on receipt of an urgent
appeal from Col. Ed Fletcher, the
well-known San Diego good roads
promoter, for Arizona's assistance. As
president of the San Diego-Arizona
Ausiliary of the Southern National
Highway Association, Col. I-'leti ber I
writes Harry Welch of the board of I
trade as follows:
I'hoenix Hoard of Trade.
Phoenix, Arizona.
fientlemen :
I'nder date of December 30lh Presi
dent John F. Neylan of the state
board of control of California sends
me the following report which has
iieen made by the state board of con
trol to the state legislature:
El Centro-Yuma Highway
A request for $4UU,iluO to construct
t highway between El Centro in Im
perial county and Yuma, Arizona,
was presented. The state controller
rind the state board of control have
recommended that $l!Uu,iiO! be appro
priated as the state's share in this
construction, and that it be expended
on the condition that the remaining
sum necessary for the ((instruction of
this highway shall be secured either
from the federal government or other
The appropriation is recommended
for this highway in order to connect
the Imperial Valley with the state ol
Arizona, affording that valley an out
let into the neighboring state and at
the same time affording a means for
transcontinental travel to reach
coast without being subjected to
hardships of the present routes.
You will see by the above that
have the administration behind
and there is hardly a question
what the appropriation of $2(10.000 will
be made within the next sixty Uavs.
This means the absolute assurance of
a concrete highway from El Centro,
Calif, to Yum. i. Arizona. Contracts
have been let for most of the state
highway San Diego to E! Centro
and within the next eighteen months
the state highway will be built from
San Diego to Los Angeles, San Fran
cisco and the Oregon line. Tn other
words a first class concrete highway
will eventually be built to Yuma, Ari
zona, from Sart Iiego, and what we
wint see in the continuation of
this highway from Phoenix, Arizona,
find connect up with El Paso, '"'exas.
irid Albuquerque, New Mexico.
We sincerely hope that you will do
evervthing you can to continue the
good work. The lumber has been or
dered, and is now on the road, to
plank the sand dunes between El
Centro and Yuma, and we are ex
pecting by March Kith to have a
temporary road between these two
Motorists making the trip between
here and Tucson, are advised to take
the state highway between Florence
and Jligley, and the Chandler road
after leaving Uigley en route for the
A trip to Florence and return was
made yesterday by Fred Kenyon and
A. J. Kisselburg of the lJennsylvania
Tire Agency, and C. A. Pope of the
Firestone Agency. They reported,
that although the state highway was
rough, it was dry and not muddy,
which is more than can be said of
the other road.
The trip made by the party, was
one of pleasure, and was made with
out any accidents. They found that
the highways in general were in good
Kelly's waffle kitchen, where we
make the corrugated Joy cakes. (Adv)
Be ABLe TfeV
THe latest leoioRs say 0 ANy PARr OP
-7J4AT Jouasch is oiine rf o ut-,ni'
Bie&esr mam I Jf V yCJ yfl 7 Cfei
Jack ever. I fiV; r-eC KpI
riienv;.fe"-'-ET2.; ' Tf JAC GtTS St-EOGE- HAMMCB 6LO-Y
, Jess a&Aihst TfcAr mav C
The Jack JoHnson-Jess Willard fight to occur March 17 is getting quite
a little attention. This seems to be mostly because Willard's chances are,
thought rather favorable. He is known to be powerful physically and to i
have a great sledge-hammer wallop. Though Johnson is reported to have
grown quite plump he still keeps up his speed say his managers. i
Advent of a Sunnv Sundav
Drew Hundreds of Motor-j
ists to the Highways and
Jivwavs :!()() an Hour on!
Central Avenue !
The iiutiimiihile owning purtion if
the Phuenix public, was out in full
force yesterday. The Keueinus sup
ply of suni'hine cnupicil wilh the
fair conilition of the roads, as com
pared v.ilb the mud infested thor
oughfares of the past few eeksJ all
combined to briiitf automobili.st.s into
their temporarily abdicated thrones
on the public highways.
On tin- Central avenue boulevard
was a constant procession of ma
chines. Two Ftepublican representa
tives stationed several miles out on
Central avenue, counted three hun
dred machines, in the space of an
hour. The usual number of lii?ht
cars with a fair sprinkling of llilTi
models, to nive ;1 (;,ir show of dis
tinction to the parade, were to be
Out Orand avenue way, although
the road was far from as smooth and
inviting as that of Central av.yitic,
there was a steady stream of cars,
pait of whom slopped at the fail
grounds, but the major portion made
the trip through to Olendale. or com
pleted this circle across Ninteenth
avenue, back to the F'ho, nix streets.
The motorcyclists, also, were out
bi force, the I'hoenix Motorcycle
club, making a run to Ceo. r.
Young's Oolilfield mine. Those who
did not take part in this trip, got
(Hit their rear seats, or furnished up
their side cars, and proceeded to take
their families out to compete with
the parade of motor cars.
So far as known not a serious jc
cident marred the day's pleasure, the
usual number of punctures, with the
accompanying trouble and annoyance,
were registered.
The number of ears out, made a
fine advertisement for the city. The
average stranger, would no doubt be
impressed, not only with the quantity
but with the quality of the ears. A
number of late models, with all the
latest appliances, the average number
of last year's cam, helped to keep the
roads warm.
The down town attraction in the
motor line, proved to be the large
Mitchell "six," belonging to the I.nbin
movie outfit, equipped with the fivp
eleritic headlights and a top witV
sliding glass panels. This car has at
tracted o large 'crowd, since its ad
vent in the city Saturday.
Mrs. Chink has hit on n plan to
keep her husband from smoking in
the parlor."
"VYrhat did she do'."'
"She hung the portraits of her
three former husbands there." Chi-
ago Herald.
Heads of bald men will remind -us
Fickle hair will quickly die
And in going Ivave behind it
Nature's playground for the fly.
Gun Repasring
17 South Central
II PHI 103,1!
Organization cf Attorneys of Arizona
Convenes at Court Hose "this
Afternoon to Elect Officers
Attorneys from ail parts of the
state will gather this afternoon at
the court house to attend the annual
meeting of the Stale liar Association,
and to elect officers for tin- ensuii;
On account of the meeting of the
legislature, and ihe ooi.iVrcnee of
'ounty attorneys here today, tin
meeting of the bar association will
be largely intended. II. II. Wilkin
son of this city is tiic retiring presi
dent, and Marnet K. .Marks the sec
retary. I'aul Burks, who was vice
president of the organization, has re
moved to I.os Angeles, and his suc
cessor will be chosen today. iitie-r
mailers of business wtil com1 before
the association at ibis meetirg. which,
begins at 2 o'clock.
Kelly's waffle kii ben 1 cstaiuant. :
run a regular bill of f.n-c, but do!.
or. scrvinc; waffles. lAdv.i
DATE -JAN. 18, 1915
jsf -tin,
KlW hJ t v - ( w? p f 'ls
Mrs. Maude B. Kennedy, the slain woman (left) ; Percy M. Tugwell, the accused, and his wife (right), and Mrs.
Philip Kennedy, freed of suspicion.
The meteoric rise and tragic fall of the Kennedy family will be told in Los Angeles, Cal., when on January
12 Percy M. Tuirwell, the young son of Mr. and Mrs. John B. Tugwell, is placed on trial charged with the mur
der of Mrs. Maude B. Kennedy, a wealthy widow. It is alleged that young Tugwell murdered Mrs. Kennedy
and robbed her so he might have money with which to get married. In his original story Tugwell told
the police that Philip Kennedy, son of the dead woman, and Philip's wife, were the guilty persons, This state-(
ment he later retracted. ..,,- -J
sSSSo Ba-v D,,,ris
ram nnnuimn! Coupon
;(ireat Xuinhers of Visitors
Satisfied Their Curiosity
Over Preparations for
Film Vvork Whieh Starts
This Morninir
state l.iir grounds was trie
nicL-ca (! uie
jnous yc-f
' lat-
. n'iui ui f';:ir wx-'-k, tiicr'; jdobiiMy hiAVo
; never Ik-m-ii .so many vi.situfs tn the
iu.!n;H in u:K 'lay. liOfnix was
t i itrii.ns lit .see Imw ;t i I imA'i)iK
, piftiiH i, acted uhiit-' j ai-pa riltK to
V, t h''U' t':ivf.. on- ihc movie --mart
' Aifi'-rirun )uMh
Thi' i.ui.iii people in har'1 of Ho
( limine Kleldir, were not in ;my way
prepared Lo yet out their eatneias hut
, tiiey have ;;one a iontf way toward
rrarthiK the "reel" thin today. The
hjihlii.;;; used at Ihe annual state lair j
tor the exhibition ol" arieultiiral j
' Kpeeimeii:;. has h'-eti turned over to I
t hi-- ecmitnnv tor : nroneWv Incise. A!
fcivat assoi iiiM-hi of ,s-i iH'ry. mn
' c.'.ia iy and cost time;-, innkes it a
jfci'eatiy ehani'd place, fn.ni that
I which usually greets the v;i nderin
, siJ;ht sei-r at fair time,
j The c i : . on t !"; il;ilid a Vt-nue line.
I did a Mi. h hasituss, and a steady
. si ; :n "I' aUi'i: v.jis uoh: its slmre
: lo V-- I' ' l.le :.e first tllovit'
KX'.raiioi, ihat has seen fit lo reeog
; iii ,'. I'l.oer.ix as an itle tl sootv !r Ihf
f .Uii'.t'iZ of o:itsiie feat urns.
! T!: r: .i r j f i of tin eornpany. were
ai; un.iiiimniis, that the location se-h-'ted
for ihe s cii" u! their efforts,
jeo'hi h::riiy i e improved iipon, and
lids eoupinl willi the tmnRtiaily clear
' a 1 mosphi-i e a ova lent in the Salt
I'.iver Yalhy. win s a Iopr way to
Iward.i aiding ilie Lahin people to put
lout a series of pi-tares, whh h like
'ihe major portion of the valley pio
j duets, art never excelled, and s.-Mlom
I ci.aibs Klein's iomaikable slor.
j of American business life, "The l.iou
land the .Mouse," will be offered to
night at the Columbia by the lied
; icuiid company.
! The slot) f "'I lie I .ion and lii
i. Moose' is too wc'l known to need
J reviewing here. It will be submitted
, wilh lh( same cale and attention
I to detail that has characterize,! ihe
I productions of the Ii"dmond ,-om-:
i .Miss An. 1, -11 Higgins lor the first
itiiTio in lie- , i,;..g,-nietit will be seen
j in a part that will ,cie her ample
. i haie e io display the ia!"iil.s that
l;ae m:i'!e her one of the best ki'own
so,ck leading wonieti of the coast.
She has played ihe lead in this play
is. ve'.ii tiia s in the past year, and
! il has been pronounced the best of
i iter many stock pat is.
Charles Klein, wl. cr he w rote what
is said io be a story founded upon
the inner life of ih ereai oil kin",
.John !. Roekoiellcr, came close to
i'l-ediicing the long-sought ' Ameri'-an
drama. 1'he Lion and the .Mouse"
durinir its life on the re. id earned
s sM
1 c
f CR SV M. .-:- .. ".- IK' W C8 W - "N
and Save
Wc issue guaranteed, redeemable
coupon books, good for groceries;
in denominations of $3, $5, $19.
$12.50, $15 and $25. Tbeso are for
sale at a discount of 5 per cent.
You save a dollar on every twenty
dollars worth of groceries. Why
not profit by cur 5 per rent dis- $
rour.t, and also enjoy the complete
and satisfactory sales and delivery
service offered by
ash m
East Side Order Dept. Phone 1691
West Side Order Dept. Phone 524
Front cr fruit Dept. Phone 1692
Wholesale depaitment Phono 1693
to ue nt'ir.ey for the producers titan
en..- j l iv of the past twenty years
and is slid a great favorite in the
Mock houses.
The inlei. si tile public is taking in
ihe play is evinced by the lact tiiat
the biggest advance sale of the K.-d-liloiid
stay ha--' been reei.l.ied to dale,
and, unless ail sieus fail, the three
days and matinee which will consti
tute the run. will be all too short to
accommodate those who w'ant lo p.
Ihe stiry in stage form.
I Kans:
as City two politicians
make division
one taking for
jobs given by
dividing Willi
del- the city
of the spoils of office,
his followeis ail of the
The county conrt. and
the other the jobs 1111
goverr.mci.t. The offi
ounly coin t and of the
nd ol.(y orders from
( me of these men keeps
the other rates himself
cials of tile ci
city receive a
these bosses,
a saloon and
as a lawyer.
Suefi a. con.
the sixth stat.'
be wiie.l out.
Kansas City a
to be disfrarii
is no free go
while an imp,
is ruled by I
Fullon (Mo.)
iition is a di.-Aracc to
of the union. It must
even if every citizen of
nd Jackson county has
his'-d to do it. There
,'ernnient in Missouri
rtaat part of the state
wo bosses. from the
I You c ti t make Kelly mad w hen
I you order waffles, (Adv.)

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