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vauk i:icht
No doubt you have heen looking for your old fav
orite wagon, the Weber. We have them in various
sizes. it's ;t wagon with a fifth wheel, an extra
long sleeve skin, all tires are set hot by lndraulie
sin-inkers, insuring a permanent set. all felloes are
of select oak. axles are of the best grade of hjekory
and st raped with iron front skin to skin. Call in
and let us explain more fully the make up of this
Everything in Hardware
12 MHO E. Washington Street. 127-133 E. Adams
Golden State Limited
Premier Train of the Southwest
A-izona Eastern Railroad
Southern Pacific Company
El Paso & Southwestern System
Rock Island Lines
Unexcelled for
General Passenger Agent,
El Fuso. Texas.
WHEREAS, un the 9th (lay (if July.
1114, an ordinance was passed by this
'nmnii.Ksiun and approved by the
Mayor, ticing Ordinance No. 18, by
which iri'.iinance the grades of the cen
ter line of mail way nn First Street
from tiie north line of Adams Street
to the sii ah line nf Roosevelt Street in
Churchill Addition to the City of Phoe
nix was established:
WHEREAS, it is desired that in the
event Firsl Street from the north line
of Adams Street to the south line of
Roosevelt Street in Churchill Addition
Splendid program includes the
three-reel film
Cross Nurse
Why not go to the Empress where
you can see good pictures?
What is better than the General
Film Co. which includes the Vita
graph, Lubin, Edison, Pathe, Es
sanay, Selig, Kalem, Broadway
Star feature, Biograph, Columbus
and George Kleine.
UnHer new management.
Popular prices 10 and 15 cents.
The Re
Two Shows Nightly 7:10 and 8:40
10 and 20c.
to the City of rhoenix be hereafter
paved, that the grade as set forth In
said ordinance No. 18 shall be the grade
to which paving shall he laid.
Section 1. That in the event Firs
Street, from the north line of Adams
Street to the south line of Roosevelt
Street in Churchill Addition to the City
of Phoenix, is hereafter ordered to be
paved, that the grade for said streets
as set forth and established in said
ordinance JCo. is shall be the grade to
which .said paving shall be laid.
Section 2. All rails of any street car
line laid on said street shall be elevated
a maximum elevation of one-quarter
P4) inch above the pavement imme
diately adjacent thereto.
Section 3. That this ordinance shall
not apply to the grade on said street
between the south line of Van liuren
I anil the north line of Polk street.
Section 4. All ordinances or parts
of ordinances in conflict with the pro
visions of this ordinance are hereby re
pealed. This ordinance shall be In full force
and effect thirty days after its passage
land approval by the Mayor, and publi-
cations as required by the charter of
i the City of Phoenix.
PASSED by the Commission of the
City of Phoenix, this 22" day of De
cember, 1914.
APPROVED this 22" day of Decem
ber, 1914.
Attest: Mayor,
City Clerk.
The annual riieeting of the stock
holders of Home Builders will be held
at its office in Phoenix, Arizona, at
127 North Central Avenue, Wednesday,
January 13th, nt 7:00 P. M., for the
purpose of electing a board of directors
to serve for the ensuing year and trans
act such other business as may prop
erly come before the meeting.
Dated January 10, 1915.
Sunday and Mondav
Three Big Acts of
High Class Pictures.
3-Reel Film
Klein's Great Production of
Today. .(Jan. 10.) "The Line Rider," 2-Reel Western
featuring Edna Payne & Robert Frazer, "Jane's
Lovers" Joker Comedy and 'A Miner's Romance."
Prices 5c and 10c.
Total Enrollment to
-Amounts to 3553 -
- En
rollment for Month 3125,
of Which 1600 Are Boys
and 1525 Are Girls
The report of the Phoenix public
schools for the month of December,
just made public, shows a total en
rollment of :;125, of which 1C0 are
boys and 152!) are girls. The average
daily attendance for the month was
2t;C8, a percentage of 91. Seventy-five
new pupils were enrolled during the
month. The total enrollment to date
honor roll for the month fol-
Departmental Grades
Eighth Grade, Class A
Thalheimer, Miriam Yaggy.
Jackson, Gladys Sanders,
Eighth tirade, Class II
Kennedy, Ruth Iiurtis, Ethel
Seventh Grade, Class A Albert Mc
Govvan, Stella Hardy.
Sixth Grade, Class B Miss Mc
Comas. teacher: Lucy Rodriguez.
Fifth Grade, Class 1) Miss Quinn,
teacher: Esther Carpenter, Edwin
Pryor, Mary Louise Wliitson.
Fourth Grade, (Mass A Miss Reid,
teacher: Arthur Baldwin, Thelma
Carr, Louise White.
Fourth Grade, Class B Miss Ge
radehand, teacher: Eugene Bradford,
Francis Buirca, Norman Cress, Agnes
Hess, Harry Lawrence, Marie Wort
man, Sarita Davis, Ernesto Lorona,
Emile Lyall, Anna Farish, Thaddeus
Robinson, George Simpson, Hubert
Fourth Grade, Class B Miss Laird,
teacher: Elizabeth Langford, Helen
Rittenhouse, Lucille Wright.
Third Grade, Class A Miss Cal
houn, teacher: Doris Davis, John D.
Loper, Elsie Horstman, Thaddeus
Departmental Grades
Eighth Grade, Class A Fern Haw
kins,' Esther Keith, Dorothy Marine,
George, Kahrs, Victor Norton, Zita
Pisel, Carrie Yelton.
Eighth Grade, Class R I la Shar
man, Guy Burris, William Miller, Wal
ter Stoltze, Albert Winship, Dewey
" Seventh Grade, Class A Iva Haw
kins. Mildred Johnson, Hazel Steele.
Seventh Grade, Class B Gertrude
Buntman, Doris Cleveland, Frederic
Hough, Hazel Tuckey, Ellen White.
Seventh Grade. Class I? Mary Tice,
Veima Priehard, Helen Morrcll, Viola
Shearer, Virgina Stoneman.
Sixth Grade, Class A John Norton,
Viola Lucas, Mary iglesby, Robert
Sixth Grade, Class B Miss King,
teacher: Robert Fulton, Morgan Pen
nington, Madeline Hubbard, Mary Hu
lett, Josayle Jacobs, Lyla Diebold,
Geraldine Pinching.
Sixth Grade, Class B Miss Shan
non, teacher: Lorraine Birdno, Ixiuise
Conner, Gladys Roberts, Robert
Thompson, Allie Fulton.
Fifth Grade, Class A Miss Behn.
teacher: Clarke Duncan, Martha
Kessler, Chester Martin.
Fifth Grade, Class 15 Miss Daggs,
teacher: Winefred Alden, Opal Jen
kins. Fourth Grade, Class A Miss Hobbs,
teacher: Edna Brown, Paul Keith,
Mary Malvina Oglesby, Bessie Smith,
Clessie Smith.
Fourth Grade, Class B Miss Thiers,
teacher: Vclroa Belt, Nona Miller,
Ida Van Tieren.
Third Grade, Classes A and B
Miss Bone, teacher: Magdalena
Mandosa, Ruth Thomas.
Second Grade, Classes A and B
Miss Oruce, teacher: T,ouise Hender
son, Miriam Davies, William Hancock,
Dorothy Bond, Willaril Hart. Mor
ton Jenkins, George Barklev.
First Grade. Classes A and B Miss
Pawline, teacher: .losie Anipy. M. D.
Bell, W. R. Bond. Joe Codec, Blanche
Hanson, Evcrct Tompkinson, Leslie
Word en.
Central School
Sixth Grade, Class A Mr. Matthews,
teacher: Raymond Blount. Kathe
rine Dunn, Northrutt Ely, Royce
Sixth Grade, Class B Miss Perry,
teacher: Walter Colze, Harriette ITei
ner. Marine Margaret. Patricia Thar
aldson, Mildred Welsh.
Fifth Grade, Class B Miss Pickles,
teacher: Barney Brown, Hazel Crad
dock. Senie Fuqua.
Fifth Grade, Class B Miss Ross,
teacher: Grace Baldwin, Theordore
Coleman, Wills Lyon. Katherine Me
Oowan, Winona Seip, Joaquin Tiz
nado, Eleanor Wilkinson.
Fourth Grade, Class B Miss Shan-
Including the 15th episode of
Million Dollar
and a funny
Chavez, Clarence Stevenson.
Washington School
Second Grade, Class A Miss
Chance, teacher: Maurice Arnold.
Second Grade, Class B Miss Mc
Comas, teacher: Saxton Bradford.
First grade, class A, Miss Bryant,
teacher Paul Barr, Virginia Brown,
Edwin Files, Gertie Holmes, Harold
Lindnar, Louis Morrell, Esther Mur
phy, Isabel Moseley, James Power.
First grade, class B, Miss Foushee,
teacher Florence Cisney, Corrine
Holmes, Lyford Lyall, Freddie Lepker,
Ronald Myhand, Merritt Parker, Nina
Reuter, William Robinson, Edith Tor
no, Virginia Walker.
First grade, class A, Miss Creighton,
teacher Mike Corrillo, Marie Esquel,
Aurora Gnote, Enrique Navarrette,
Suzenna Orosco, Concha Quintanni,
Bernardo Rico, Adleia Rico, Refugio
Rodriguez, Nettie Romley, Eddie Rom
ley Anita Valenzuela.
First grade, class B, Miss Greene,
teacher Ralph Alvarado, Hortensia
Gregoyen, Monreal Elisa, Amelia
Rico., Renaldo Varella.
Kindergarten, Miss Jones,, teacher
Arnold Byron, Lola Cartwright, At
lanta Georgia Gammel, Henry Mar
tinez, Elias Romley.
Grant School
Third grade, class A, Miss Keland,
teacher Frank Caruthers, Louisa Val
dez, Theodore Villalobos. '
Second grade, class A, Miss Good
fellow, teacher Francis Taylor.
Second grade, class B. Miss Wil
liams, teacher Angelita Fuentes.
First grade, class A, Miss Braun,
teacher Esther Orabuena, Magdaleiyi
Orozco, Arthur Zuniga, Mary Valencia,
Placidita Valencia.
First grade, class B. Miss Thurs
ton, teacher Lucas Perez.
First grade, class B, Miss Johnson,
teacher Esther Othon.
Kindergarten, Miss Ballard, teacher
Rudolph Coralez.
McKinley School
Third grade, class B, Miss Marshall,
teacher Virgil Dunlevy.
Second grade, class A, Miss Sans,
teacher Emma Katherine Edwards,
Ellwood Johnson, Mary Virginia Moore,
Mary Young.
Second grade, class B, Mrs. Shel
don, teacher Johnnie Gibbs, Boyd
Lamber, Marshall Walton.
First grade, class A, Miss Flynn,
teacher Ralph Bayless, Helen Deal,
Guy Habecker, Lee Horstman, Alvin
Luitjens, Teddy Smtih, Stella Welty,
Helen Young.
First grade, class U, Miss Hunt,
teacher Dorothea Edrnondson, For
rest L. Gibbs, Wayne Cole Foster,
Stanley Gilbert, Sharlot Hayes, Wil
bur Horn, Grace Moore, Ruth Par
rish, Albert Pike, Nellie Stephen,
Glen Williams.
First grade, class B, Miss Pollock,
teacher Truth Dunbar, Elizabeth
Fennemore, Helena Fowler, Wallace
Green, Katheleen Jones, Billy Kim
ball, Helen Lewis, Margaret Loper,
Thomas Sine, Louis Tisdale,
fred Tuft, Tom Walton.
Kindergarten, morning, Miss
by, teacher Vernita Fowler,
Green, William Harris. Mabel
James Mcintosh, lnaline Wollpert.
Kindergarten, afternoon, Miss God
frey, teacher Wilbert Gibson, Elea
nor Jones.
Garfield School
Third grade, classes A and B, Miss
Humphrey, teacher Loraine Gould,
Clinton McKellips, Gladys Brown,
Carlton Fidler, Clifford McKellips,
Paul Amstutz, Hazel Morgan, Clara
Snell, Clarence Snell.
First grade, class A, Miss Garnett,
teacher Evelyn Crouch, Milburn
Crouch, Geneva Groom, David
Holmes, Valeria Morehead, Lowell
First grade, class B, Miss McDaniel,
teacher John Cheek, Milton Green
wold, Leroy Merkle, Willie Neill.
Fillmore School
Third grade, class B, Miss Duval,
teacher Naomi Miller, Mabel Rei
ber. 1
Second grade, class B, Miss
teacher Ernest Chambers,
Dicus, Albert Kelley .
A Second and B Third
Miss Wiatt, teacher Anne
Rita Rate. Winifred Dysart,
Fulton, Ethel Fritz, Annavaard Pen
nington. Neal Malone, Francis g
lesby, George Torance, Bernice White,
Hollis Clark, Standford Roper.
First grade, classes A and B, Miss
Oglesby, teacher Leslie McRae, Al
len Nye, Hazel Bassett, Thomas
Edens, Marguerite Felts, Vinita Felts,
Cozine Sexton, Lily Thomas
Kindergarten, Miss Norris, teacher
Herman Brown. Harry Bostwick,
Dorothy Kelley, Lela McRae.
Capitol School
Fourth grade, class B, Miss Clark,
teacher Robert Bagley, Howard To
vrea. '
Third grade, class A, "Miss Payne,
teacher Mary Fulton.
Third grade, class B. Miss Tullock,
teacher Rex Conger, Helen Whitt
lesey. .
Second grade, class A, Miss St.
Clair, teacher Marguerite Bridges,
Isabelle Loch.
Second grade, class B, Miss Lyall,
teacher Lawrence Mower, Kenneth
First grade, class A, Miss Graden,
teacher John Armer, Esther Crane,
Elma MacM HiA,nlmtMb&WG.h(.Es
Elma MacMillan, Alma Patrick, Os
car Temple, Lacy Tice.
First grade, class B, Miss Holmes,
teacher-MJIen, McMurty, Wade Mose
ley, Gertrude Whittlesey.
Kindergarten, Miss Burns, teacher
Susan Curry, Lucile Erdmans, Mar
jorie Ferry, Franklin Lamb, Alta
May Moseley, Harold Vickrey.'
Lincoln School
Third grade, classes A and B, Miss
Crumby, teacher Joseph Contreras,
Carlos Gonzales, Leila Ham, Ernes
tine Martinez, Gilberto Martinez, Mil
dred Martinez, utnantuan tanu nunn
dred Segbrecht, Henry Teran, Joseph
McCormick, Mary McCormlck, Fred
erick Mussey, Frank Meeks, Domi
tila Ochoa, Manuel Snider.
Second grade, classes A and B,
Miss Newcomer, teacher Chonita
Contreras, Richard Kilpatrick, Esther
Lea, Effie McBroom, Mary McGowan,
Roberto Riesgo, Carmen Ruiz, Edgar
First grade, class A, Miss Bowman,
teacher Edward Lea. Jewel Smith,
Edward Salinas, Mike Snider, Mike
non, teacher: Victor Stewart
County Attorneys of State
to Meet at .Arizona Club
Today to Form Associa-
tion and Discuss New and
Old Laws
To form an organization for mutual
benefit Jnd to consider some of the
problems presented In the enforce
ment of recently enacted legislation,
the county attorneys of the state will
meet in conference this naming at
the Arizona club. With but two or
three exceptions, all the ' attorneys
have arranged to be here for the
Although the enforcement of some
of the new laws, including the pro
hibition amendment, will come up for
discussion, the primary inirpo.se of
the conference is to form such an as
sociation of county attorneys as ex
ists in many other states. These or
ganizations, which serve to bring the
members together for the solution of
common problems, have been found
to be beneficial in many ways.
"I do not know whether any action
relative to the newly-enacted laws
will be taken at this meeting, or not,"
said County Attorney C. B. Wilson of
Coconino county last evening. "That
will be fur the attorneys to 'deter
mine. There are, however, certain
problems connected with some of the
old laws, as well as the new ones,
which will probably come up for dis
cussion at this time. Those of us
who have felt the need of such an
association considered this an auspic
ious time for the newly-elected offi
cials to get together and organize."
Just what stand the county attor
neys will take on (he proposal made
by Goernor Hunt to create the office
of state defender, which is to come
before this session of the legislature,
is another matter that may he dis
cussed today. A measure providing
for such an official was introduced at
the last session, but failed of adop
A series of meetings of special in
terest will open this week at the
Nazarene church, i:nder the direction
of Rev. W. C. Wilson, district super
intendent of the Pentecostal church
of the Nazarene. The first meeting
will be held Thursday evening.
It is the purpose of Supt. Wilson,
who will conduct the meetings, to
present the old-time gospel message,
and an invitation is extended to all
to attend. The services will be held
at 7::i0 o'clock each evening, with
two meetings on Sundays. The
church is at the corner of Jefferson
street and Fourth avenue.
That the charity ball recently given
by the board of visitors of St. Luke's
home was one of the most success
ful affairs of its kind ever held in
the city is the information conveyed
in an expression of thanks from the
board of visitors to The Republican.
The assistance of the press and
the generous response of the public,
"lie committee's letter states, made
it possible to turn over to the treas
ury of the institution $400.
First grade, class B, Miss Lea veil,
teacher Kenneth Conoway, Manuel
Henderson, Rita Jeffrey. Ernestine
Williams. Euginio Leon, Bonita I.ie
per, Leontina Redondo.
Sherman School
Primary grades. Miss Forsyth,
teacher Di ilores Ballesteros.
It Don't Always Pay to be Skeptical.
When a newspaper writer and proof
reader that works nights can feed
himself out of dyspepsia, which most
all that class suffer with, it is worth
while to know the kind of food used.
This man says:
"Being a newspaper writer and proof
reader, also a graduate in medicine
as well, though not practicing, makes
a combination that would produce a
skeptic on the subject if anything
"Day after day I read the proof on
the Grape-Nuts advertisements with
the feeling that they were all 'bun
combe.' All this time I was suffer
ing from dyspepsia from the improper
food I was eating at the restaurant:
"One day I saw a package of
Grape-Nuts at the restaurant and
tried some with cream. The food
took my fancy at once. After a
few lunches on it at midnight I noted
an improvement in my feelings, and
was able to work with less fatigue.
"I have used Grape-Nuts as a re
gular diet since then, and have im
proved greatly. The old dyspepsia
and bad feelings that I thought were
necessary adjuncts to night work dis
appeared, and I am able to do much
more and better work with less effort
than ever before.
"I was nearly ready to give up and
seek health in some other walk in
life but thanks to my change in diet
I am now all right." "There's a Rea
son. Name given by Postum Co., Battle
Creek, Mich.
Look in pkgs. for the famous little
book, "The Road to Wellville."
Ever read the above letter. A new
one appears from time to time. They
are genuine, true, and full of human
For Lowest 1 'rices
Phone 1508
m JMMMM,MMMMMwtMMfc"''B ................. vrtvivwmy
United States of America, State 'if
Arizona, ss.
The Arizona Corporation Commis
sion does hereby certify that the an
nexed is a true and complete trans
cript of the Articles" of Incorpora
tion of the Central Bank of Phoenix, I
which were filed in the office of!
said Arizona Corporation Commis
sion op the 4th day of January, A.'
I)., HUG. at 10::!0 o'clock, A. M., as I
provided by law. j
In testimony whereof, The Arizona
Corporation Commission, by its I
Chairman, has hereunto set its hand '
and affixed its Official Seal. Done
at the city of Phoenix, the Capitol,
this 4th day of January, A. D., 1915.
Arizona Corporation Commission,
(Seal) W. P. GEARY
That we, the undersigned, do here
by associate ourselves together for
the purpose of forming a corpora
tion under the laws of the State of
Arizona; and we do hereby certify:
That the names, residences and
post office addresses of the under
signed corporators are as follows:
Geo. S. Lewis, Oak Park, III., 323
Wesley Avenue; Ignaz Schwinn, Chi
cago, III., 2128 Humboldt Blvd.; F.
A. Crandall, Oak Park. 111., 474 No.
Oak Park Ave.; p. K. Lewis, Wichi
ta, Kan.; J. W. Cheney, Wichita,
That the name of this corporation
is The Central Bank of Phoenix, and
Its principal place of transacting bu
siness shall be at Phoenix, Marico
pa County, State of Arizona.
The general nature of the business
proposed to tie transacted by the cor
poration shall be that of banking;
and to that end it shall have the
power to receive, as banker, as de
positors or otherwise, checks, drafts.
bills of exchange, currency, specie or
other forms of money or means of
payment thereof, and to hold the
same or collect and hold the same;
to pay out monies or credits upon
checks or drafts signed by its depo
sitors, or otherwise, to provide
by its By-laws or by contract
or otherwise whether interest
shall be paid upon any funds depos
ited with it and upon what conditions
and upon what terms, if any, any funds
deposited with it shall draw interest; to
make, sign, execute and deliver, or
issue, or cause to be made, signed,
executed and delivered, or issued,
any ' and all kinds of checks, drafts
or bills of exchange against any
funds belonging to it or its deposi
tors or otherwise; to deposit its
funds or redeposit its depositors'
funds in or with any other bank or
banks, any. banker or bankers, trust
company or companies, whether
charging interest or not, or other
wise; to loan money upon stocks,
bonds, real estate or chattel mort
gages, or other securities, and upon
notes, bonds or other evidences of
indebtedness; to sell hypothecate or
pledge notes, bills of exchange, or
other evidences of indebtedness own
ed, used or held by it; to construct,
purchase, hire, lease or otherwise ac
quire safe deposit vaults, and op
erate the same by sub-leasing spare
therein or otherwise, and generally
to make any and all contracts and
to do anil perform, all and sundry
the acts and things necessary and
proper to be done and performed in
the carrying out of any of the pur
poses hereinbefore set forth; and
also to do and perform all and sun
dry, the acts and things, whether or
not they be herein specifically enum
erated, that pertain to the general
business of banking; to purchase, or
otherwise -acquire, hire, own, use,
pledge, mortgage, operate, sell, or
otherwise dispose of any real estate
and of any personal property of any
kind or character as it may con
sider necessary in the conduct of its
said business to the extent that mav
be permissable under the laws of
That the amount of the capital
stock of this corporation which is
authorized is the sum of One Hun
dred Thousand Dollars ($100,000.00),
divided into One Thousand (1000)
shares of the par value of One Hun
dred Dollars ($100.00) each; and that
of this amount the sum of Fifty
Thousand Dollars ($50,000.00) Dollars
is to be subscribed at the date here
of and is to be paid for in cash at
the par value thereof on or before
the 1st day of January, 1915, or be
fore this corporation shall apply for
a license to engage in the business
for which it is organized; the amount
of the capital stock not thus sub
scribed and paid for shall remain
unissued until such time or times as
the corporation shall direct, through
a regular meeting of the stockhold
ers, or a special meeting called for
that purpose, provided, such author
ization shall receive the vote of the
majority of stock as shown by the
records of the corporation.
That the time of the commencement
of this corporation shall be the date
of the filing of its articles of incorpora
tion in the office of the Corporation
Commission of the State, and the time
of Its termination or expiration shall
be Twenty-five (25) years thereafter.
That the affairs of this corporation
are to be conducted by a Board of
Directors of not less than Five (5)
or more than Nine (9) members, each
- Groceries
218 W. Washington Street
of whom phall be a stockholder of
the corporation. The above named
corporatois shall constitute the Board
of Directors until the first annual
meeting of the Stockholders as here
inafter provided for, and until other
wise ordered by- the Stockholders or
by the Board of Directors, as here
inafter provided, the number of di
lectors sholl be Five (5). The stock
holders at any annual meeting there
of, or the Board of Directors by re
solution at any meeting thereof call
ed for that purpose, may increase the
number of Directors from Five (5)
to any number not exceeding Nine
(9), and. elect sin?h additional mem
bers. Any vacancy occurring in the
Board of Directors 'shall be filled by
the remaining Directors. Each mem
ber of the Board shall hold office
from the time of his election and
qualification until the next annual
meeting of the Stockholders and un
til his successor is elected and qual
ified, except he be removed for cause
as hereinafter provided. The annual
meeting of the Stockholders shall be
held as the By-Laws may direct on
the first Wednesday after the first
Monday in January of each year.
The Board of Directors shall annually
elect a President and one or more
Vice-Presidents of the corporation
from their number, and a Cashier
who may or may not he a Director
of the corporation. The Board of Di
rector. may provide for other offi
cers than those above mentioned, who
may or may not be stockholders of
the company as the Board of Direc
tors may determine. The duties of
the officers shall be such as usually
appertain to such offices subject to
such limitations as may be provided
for in the By-Laws of the corpora
tion. By-Iiws for the government of the
corporation may be adopted at any
annual meeting of the Stockholders
or at any special meeting called for
the purpose, or may be adopted oy
the Board of Directors, and likewise
may be repealed or amended. Any
officer or director may be removed
from office by .the Stockholders at
any special meeting thereof called
for that purpose, and his successor
elected at such meeting. Any vac
ancy occurring in any office of the
corporation shall be filled by ths
Board of Directors. At all meetings
of the Stockholders a majority of
the outstanding stock shall consti
tute .1 quorum and each stock
holder shall have one vote for each
share of stock standing in his name
upon the books of the company.
That the highest amount of in
debtedness or liability direct or con
tingent, except such as may be creat
ed by the receiving of deposits and
the issue of certificates of deposits,
checks, and bills of exchange, or oy
re-discounting its paper or which
may otherwise be created in the
transaction of its business of bank
ing as hereinbefore set forth, to
which the corporation is at any tlmo
to subject itself be two-thirds of the
amount of its outstanding capital
Except as provided by "existing law
in the case of a banking corporation,
the private property of the Stock
holders of this corporation is to be
exempt from corporate debts.
hereunto set our hands and seais
this 2Sth day of December, One
Thousand Nine Hundred Fourteen.
State' of Illinois, County of Cook, ss.
This instrument was acknowledged
before me, Melvin A. Drew, a Notary
Public, in and for the County of
Cook, State of Illinois, by George
Lewis, Ignaz Schwinn, F. A. Cran
dall, each of whom is personally
known to me to be the individual
who executed and is described in the
foregoing instrument and who ac
knowledged to me that they executed
the same for the purpose and con
sideration therein expressed.
MELVIN A. DREW, Notary Public.
My Commission Expires March, 1917.
State of Kansas, County of Sedg
wick, ss.
This instrument was acknowledged
before me, B. I. Taylor, a Notary
Public, in and for the County of
Sedgwick, State of Kansas, by P. K.
Lewis and J. W. Cheney, each of
whom is personally known to me to
be the individual who executed and
is described in the foregoing instru
ment and who acknowledged to me
that they executed the same for the
purpose and consideration therein ex
pressed. B. I. TAYLOR, Notary Public.
My Commission expires Dec. 23, 1917.
Filed in the office of the Arizona
Corporation Commission this 4th day
of Jan., A. D., 1915, at 10:30 A. M.,
at request of Sloan and Westervelt,
whose post office address is rhoenix,
The annual meeting of the stock
holders of the Phoenix National Bank
will be held in its office in Phoenix,
Ariz., on Tuesday January 12th, 1915,
at 3 o'clock P. M. for the purpose of
electing a board of directors to serve
the ensuing year and to transact such
other business as may properly come
before said meeting.

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