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VOL. XXV. NO. 247
Biggest Thing So Far This
Session Has Been New
Law for Taxing Mines
In Spite of Opposition It
LONDON, Jan. Jil.-Twii hundred
I additional survivors of the German
! cruiser l'luocher sunk in the North
j Sea on Sunday by British war-
ships, have heen landed. They in-
elude few petty officers.
Charlie Sinsabaugh Treads
on .Effete and Sensitive
Toe of Arizona hy Asking
Aid for Tourists in Injun
( ountrv.
The legislature came to the edge
of one of the big things of the ses
sion yesterday morning the con
sideration of the mine tax bill. The
finance committee of the senate,
which has had it since early the
first of the week, has discussed it,
in meetings of its own and with
the house ways and means com
mittee holding hearings at which
1 lie mining interests and the tax
commissioners were allowed to ex
press their views, reported the bill to
the senate with a recommendation
if its enactment. The report was
signed by Chairman Bacon of the
committee, and Messrs. Lovin, Cam
bell, MaeMillan and Garvin. A mi
nority report adverse to the bill was
presented by Messers. Karns of
Santa Cruz county, and Webb of this
county. The bill was ordered on the
calendar for consideration by the
senate in the committee of the whole
today. It 'is stated that no essential
changes have been made in the
measure since its introduction.
The hearings, that is, the open
hearings have not generally been
given to a discussion of the merits
of the bill. The ta-x commissioners
who are opposed tot in principle,
refused to consider it, but generally
confined their remarks to the ample
provisions of the general taxing law
for the assessment of mines. The
mining' men have devoted themsel
ves for the most part to the impos
sibility of assessing mines as other j
property may be assessed. Refer- J
ence was made more frequently to
the measure In pointing out the
points of difference between it and
the mine taxing law of the last two
years. -jf;
The Savagery of Arizona.
Various things happened early in
the day to disturb the serenity of
the senate and put the members in
to ill-humor. The first was a com
munication from the office of the
adjutant general from one C. fl. Sin
sabaugh, the editor of Motor Age of
Chicago, demanding protection by
the military for tourists against In
dians and brigands, who Mr. Sin
sabaugh understood still infested these
parts. Mr. Sinsabaugh inquired in
what part of the state the road
agents were the most numerous.
This Information was desired, he said
for the Information of the readers
of his publication. He desired an
early reply. He will get it for As
sistant Secretary O. P. cronin pre
pared the following letter, less for
the Information of Mr. Sinsabaugh
than for the purpose of having
spread upon the records of the legis
lature a description of the character
t chumps that Chicago is capable
of producing when the sign is right:
"January 2Cth, 1915.
"C. O. Sinsabaugh,
"Editor Motor Age,
"910 S. Michigan Ave.,
"Chicago, III.
"Dear Sir:
"Your communication of the 22nd,
Inst., addressed to the Adjutant Gen
ual of Arizona, anent the detail of
State Militia to guard the isolated
sections of our State to protect the
tourists from road agents, Indians,
etc., has been referred to the State
Senate for appropriate action.
"To show to the world at large
the asinine stupidity and gross ig
norance of a certain class of tender
feet In the East, your communica
tion was ordered Inserted in full In
the Journal of the proceedings of the
State Senate of this date, following
the report of the Committee on
Militia and Public Defense, to t?:
effect that the game laws of Ari
zona sufficiently protect the diss of
fob ran
Savs Can Almost Assess tlit
Character ol Community!
!y Its Support or Non-j
Support of Young Men's
Christian Association.
WASHINGTON, Jan. 26. Secre-
tary Bryan gave the first audience
to Enrique Llorente, Washington
representative of the convention
government of Mexico City. Uo- j
rente said he went to the state de- j
pnrtment by instruction of his gov-
ernment to inform the United
States that full protection will be j
given foreigners and their prop-
crty. Llorente said he told the sec- j
rctary the convention government
would right the wrong committed
by the Cnrnui'a government re-
garding oil properties of foreigners
at Tampieo as soon as they gained
control there. j
Long Ago lie Learned to
Receive with Amiability
the Professions of All
Sorts and Conditions of
Savs U
! I
nited States Should u London, Jan. 26. it is official-
...,, U,.,,lir lv ! i I '.V announced the Zeppelin dirigible
illIU .1 iJ JJtri . i wmVh on Monday dropped several
f European Wai' Be-! I I'ombs on the Russian port of j
i members
CSlllpS. I oners.
Steel Corporation
Passes Dividend
On Common Stock
As a Result Wheat does to!
WASHINGTON, Jan. 26. Praise for
men who fulfill their promises and ad
miration for their unselfishness was
in an
Highest Sile'C War ( Jei'-j voiced by the president tonight
.......m Won't Xeie address at the opening or the member
nUllS Sa V N"U t . shlp campaign of the District of Co
Eoodstllt fs aild Sell Ieet jlumbia Young Men's christian A.-socin
Sugar Seed.
CHICAGO, Jan. 2 The first signs
that export buying of wheat had
outrun the supply already produced
and was grabbing at next summer's
crop, brought the highest war prices
yet J1.46T. July wheat made a
leap upwards of nearly five cents a i fissions. I wait patiently
tion. The president deelaroil the social
motive in the. last analysis was a
Christian motive and that one could
"almost assess the character of a com
munity by the manner in which it sup
ports or docs support its Y. M. C. A."
i long ago icarneti to receive wnn )
amiability, I hope, the professions of
alt sorts anil conditions of men," he
said, "but after 1 have heard their pro-
see their
Tells Senate Oerman Fast
Poats Easilv Outdistanced
British Craft While Slow
Running liluecher Went
to the Bottom.
WASHINGTON, Jan. 26 An ap-
NEW YORK, Jan. 26. The United
Stales Steel corporation passed the!
dividend of one-half of one per vent
on common stock for the last three
months in 1914. This step was taken
because of the poor earnings which
were ti'e smallest in the corporation's ' pi
history. The regular quarterly divi- ; ut-mlinsr millions for battleships un
(lend of 1 per cent was declared on (i, R (.an in the ligllt of the
preferred stock, though only a very
,, . ' .. .'lessons of the European war, was
small per cent of the amount required
for this dividend had been earned. It 'voiced in the senate by Senator
will be taken from the litis surplus. : Tillman, chairman of the naval corn
Payment of the dividend will leave a'miltee. He opposed the building of
deficit for 1M4 of over $r,,:,nO,000. iany dreadnaughts this year, despite
The total earnings for the last quar-,,,::,..,, if,n ,,ri-ram. and of-
t he Baltic sea, and the
of its crew taken pris-
This Is Anniversary of Kai
ser Wilhelm's Birth and
Troops Make Preparation
for Big Military Venture
to Celebrate Event.
Admit Attack on North Side
of Labasse Canal Failed,
But Say Complete Success
Was Attained on South
of Canal.
LONDON. Jan. 2 The Germans,
who are reported from Holland to be
making preparations for a big mili
tary venture to celebrate the Em
peror's birthday, tomorrow, already
have made a somewhat more deter-
al to congress to go slow in - j Dropphlg 0oinS OH Street ZTL TnLll
ter were less than one half that of the
fered an amendment to the pending
Gives Clue aild Police j and northern France. They delivered
Tv-iil Youth to Room ;an attack on the first division of
11 ail lOUUl lO llOOIllth(, British force on eRher side of
Where a Fight W ith His : the Labassee canal. Both the British
and French officials assert that all
attacks failed of their object, and
j the Germans suffered heavy losses.
associated PRESS dispatch ' The Germans, on the other hand,
HOUSTON. Jan. 26. Boldly enter- v;niIe admitting their attack on the
inn- the Guarantee State bank, a:"""" "u,la ol lm ca--a- was un-
Pals Ensues.
bushel performance, and I do not pass judg-
Short sellers of wheat appeared , ment until that performance. If a man
stunned when word was passed , wishes me to consider him loyal, for
around that the sale of a cargo of example, I must really 'trouble him to
the Iltl'i crop had been made at the show his quality when he is put to the
seaboard, and the transaction was test; and if he cannot show his quality
so forehanded that there was doubt j when put to the test, I may not say
as to any January paralell. anything the next time he comes
There was a stampede of covering around and professes his loyalty, hut I
on the part of the shorts in July i will do a lot of thinking. I wonder
wheat at the highest point just be- j within my own head ir he really thinks
fore the close of business. The wave that I am deceived, if he really thinks
of buying carried corn upward with ', j ani as innocent as I look,
wheat. Oats were also in active de- I "That is the rigid and stern standard
main! by Canada.
Won't Seize Foodstuffs.
sto.k dividend was reduced from a five, n:ival appropriation bill which would j V(Jllthflll bamlit fl,rred the employes successful, say on the south side of
to a two per cent basis. Analysis of direct the secretary of the navy to imo the vaults and fled with J5U00. As : the waterway their efforts resulted
the last quarter shows a steady decline j submit to the next congress plans ! he fiPd through the streets, filled with m complete success, and that the
of business for that period. In siis-;.-nd specifications for battleships of j afternoon shoppers, the bandit drop- fT ltlsh atten-Pt to recapture these
pending the common stock dividend the a type most desirable in view of the i p,.(i a handful of coins, which attract-: rencnes w repulsed with heavy
Steel corporation parallels its actions experience in Kurope. He suggested jed lhe p()lice. vf' spitaI at Bethune was
.. ii.iii ..a iunT. ,i. i-irut i-,..u venra that half a dozen or more fast battle I t, . trailed tn th home Celled hy the Germans, and the
of its existence.
Sells Secondhand
Shirt, Col. Dart Is
misers would best serve the country' , tmi n,.- .',, .,; wounded had to be removed to Bou-
at present. ! father, a prominent merchant. There ! uogne' T waa als" l'eavy
Already the fight between the ' h waa follml oividimr the money with ' lnff east and . west of Craonne. in
German attacks were followed by
! thine." said Tillman, "that is that , l( .. .,...,,. ,.,. .;, ,ho . oomuarament Dy tne untisn
, he was found dividing the money with
fleets of two opposing navies in the Se.iEe and two other men. Sei-
North Sea has demonstrated onejKle surrendered but the other three1
speed is ot vital importance in any , pi(.e tor pss(.ssi()n uf the money,
war craft we are to build, whether a T1, fin,iv Hrrpsted after all
Now Under ArrestZ'1: T!,e monoy - --r
I n - v.LIS minnru,
from the Hritish, but the slower
artillery of the German positions be
yond Labassee in which, according
to a report from Boulogne, one big
The battle was fought In the bed-
the Germans were prevented from
i petting a second heavy gun into
to which we hold each other, whether
wc realize it or not. You know the
fin ng expression, 'he is a bad actor'.
Count 1 y,i arp n,,t speaking of the stage. You j of the Salvation
store by
15,uecn r. annougn lasicr man any room of Seigle. For fully ten positiJn This was on 4utrdav
f associated phess dispatch hattlesliiu we have, was sunk. Yet ,,., ., , ; lms was on autrday.
I " IlllllULt'S lilt II01H.IT illIU VllC IMU Ul
tou iviM,'ire inn a uoi oiul t he cenei a board urges the construe- , , .. .... , ,. ... - maue
m - . , - men exenangeu snois ai eacn inner in the ir oitn,.l. or,.j
hand shirt was taken from the stiK'k;tion of more battleships.'
some of the hard-
sold to assistant city prosecutor. ' sary it would cost the government'
Tliis was in violation of the muni- jvery much to make the change. The
Von Uernstorff, tlie German u minis- ; nu an he does not do what he savs
sailor, notified the state department and the minute you find he does not do
that his government has given offi- i what he says, then it is all up so far as
eial assurance that no foodstuffs I Vour trustfulness and admiration and
Germany will be seized for military cerned." the Salvation Army work.
or other governmental use. Speaking of the danger of men he- promptly arrested to furnish a
The order of the Federal council ! roming ecotist.s. the president said j case before the state supreme court. : g,,n!
of Germany for the seizure ol an ; that "if von make yourself the center The test was determined upon ny tne
' """l""'t,a- the smoke filled room. First one man, ; est fighting of the eamDaiirn tool-
He said if contracts are now let, . ,. .,,,, ,,,,. The ' 1. Tfe . e campalgn ?ook
Mill, ,p Willinm imrt. ami and later we find more speed neces-! ., , . .. "'"""""'
. 'it nnr iwo a snori i ine later leu un- nnnihoF nfF.t r, n..nnnn
Army Industrial j
conscious. AH three were taken td a ' Prussia, while in
i hospital.
in East
there is
None has disclosed his iden- a slackening in the fiehtiTitr nn hnth
.sides for the moment. The Russians
cinal charities ordinance and Dart, senator asserted the war undoubted-
shipped from lhe l.mted states to wihing dealings with him are con-i me oimer in cnarge oi inai pnase oi -m"" - ....... .mt . vollthfuI ban(it dropped annear to he n(-,tin. t:.
,vai i naiiiesnips aiui sunmarines. no re-I ..... u . " -""t
test ferred ,o the German 42 centimeter co,nV" ,,he street.' one -10 'lc"nan who offensive north of the lower Vistula,
KiinP adding ! """""b a... tftc Ausuu-wiumns are man-
The (iormnns or somo other nation I "T . p ilIUI' ' ",r'd,duuns 10 me e Kussian
..... lmnpn in me i iuise ii vn 'P tnt-nntrn trta r c-n k.
stocks of corn, wheat and flour by of the universe, all vour perspective is Salvation Army officers as a result, n- e noliling in reserve some r'-irnattimno i .v. .
,.-..i , ..! v . . .... . , . , ... . . 4, ..i....; ii..i .1,.. . devil's entine whi.i. will nvik.. c,...-. 0 : arpathians, and in southeastern
rcoiimi.v i, 11.10 u-T-11 oinnutiru SKeWCO. 1 Here IS only one nun. ll tell 1 ''I in- ..i..ij.-.i tiiiiivi.-.. mmi -
some officials here as likely to de- ! fr-r of the universe and that is God. If i work by the operation of the ordi- dreadnaughts as obsoli te and useless
the owners of the carire of v.., r-,.t into riirht relations with him J nance. The Major had planned to 'or war purposes as an innian canoe. 1
the American steamer "Wilhelmina of : then you have your right perspective
the right they claim to land the food j an,j your fijrht relation and your right
supplies in Germany. The basis of f sizo: Ltit if you make everything re
their claim was the declaration that j la ted to yourself, you have the wrong
the grain was not intended for the , size, nt any rate in your own estima
German army, or the German gov- tion. All your relations of life, there
ernment but for non-combatant indi- foro- the dependent upon knowing the
i Buckowina.
Russian submarines made their ap-
sell the prosecutor a f raved pair of -' "'ne Knows what is going to
second hand trousers, but last night happen. The demon of desructin
a thief entered the store, and stole
the trousers. Tonight Major Dart
vulture, hovers over Kurope
insatiate appetite. Hell itself
is in the city jail while attorneys are eems to have broken loose over
Grand Jury Inquiring Into the Strike pearance in the western portion of
Riot at Roosevelt the Baltic and succeeded in torpedoe-
' ing the German cruiser Gazelle,
NEW BRUNSWICK. N. J., Jan. 2C. which, however, reached port with
Taking of testimony was begun before the assistance of a Swedish steamer.
hurrying to San 1'rnncisco with an
application for a writ of habeas cor-
viduals, and therefore not subject to truth, knowing where you stand and ! pus to present to the supreme court ; P-Sht months ago was the fairest
seizure according to the terms of the i1(,w Vou stand in your responsibility." ! for the release of Dart.
Hague convention. "The only men who serve the world
One hundred and fifteen thousand ' now," the president concluded, "are
bags of beet sugar seed worth $635,- i young men and men who never grow
000 in gold has been bought in Ger- j old, men In whose system the steam i
many for American growers that the j poes strong all the time and who do hot I
there and if the ,i..vil is n'i ,i.r,..,.i ! ,he Middlesex county gr.uidjury inves- ; Their activity stopped the trade car-
his prototypes are, devastating what tiRating the shooting of nineteen sink-. ried on by German steamers between
ci. ..I 1 1 it- j-.i---"i. i.".ii .....v . .... iu.iii.uu, anu oweuen.
Agricultural Chemical company at The German cruiser Gazelle, accord
ing to a Copenhagen dispatch to the
Exchange Telegraph, was struck by
two torpedoes discharged by subma
; rines and was discovered adrift off
Ruegen, in the Baltic, by the Swedish
ind most prosperous corner of that
"It does seem to be time for con
gress to go slow in expending these
tens of million dollars because of
-Freddie some supposed necessity or the do-
American cron mav not suffer by -rot ntiff that their whole machinery Welsh outpointed Willie Heecher in ten . Hlr on ",p llar,t or some one to
the war. A representative of a large , buckles up.'
beet sugar company who bought the
seed in Rotterdam from representa
tives of German growers, called at
the White House to thank President
Wilson for the cooperation of the
government through the state and
agricultural departments.
1 rounds.
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MANILA, (Wednesday) Jan. 27.-
Gen, Noriel, insurgent leader and two
accomplices who were found guilty of
killing a political enemv at a cock
fight in 1!02 were hanged early today.
The early hour of the execution pos
sibly prevented disorders for which
the army had been ordered to be pre
pared. A big demonstration is ex
pected at the time of the funerals.
Noriel was one of the most promin
ent natives in the province of Cavite.
He was sentenced to die on January
12, but obtained a stay of execution
until today. During this time influ
ential Filipinos exerted every effort to
secure a mitigation of the sentence,
Roosevelt one week ago. Eighteen wit
nesses were called.
but Governor Ci-noml Wirrinn direct-
tourists whom your communication ed ,hat h ,)e put t() deafh jn ar(.tir(1.
(Continued on Paee Five. ance with the judgment of the court.
Cruiser And Destroyer Are
Only British Boats Damaged
associated press dispatch - "The Lion, which had some of her
LONDON. Jan. 26. The British bat- forward compartments flooded by
tie cruiser Lion and the torpedo boat j shells below the water line," the state
destroyer Meteor were disabled in Sun-j ment says, "was taken in tow by the
day's naval tattle in the North Sea j cruiser Indomitable. The destroyer
with the German fleet, according to of- I Meteor, which was also disabled, was
f iclal announcement by the secretary of ! taken in tow by the destroyer Liberty.
the admiralty and they were towed in
to port. All the ships engaged in the
combat returned safely. The total cas
ualties reported were given as seven
teen men wounded on the Lion, one of
ficer and nine men killed, three offi
cers and eight men wounded on the Ti
ger and four men killed and one
wounded in the Meteor.
Both vessels were guarded by a strong
escort of destroyers.
Repairs to both vessels will be speed
ily made. It is not believed there were
other casualties than those reported,
but if so, they will be promptly pub
lished. As soon as Vice Admiral Beat
ty's report is received a fuller account
will be given "
associated press dispatch
NEW YORK. Jan. 2C John I). Rock
efeller's money gifts to philanthropy
were placed at a quarter of a billion
dollars by his son John I). Rockefeller,
Jr., testifying the second days before
lhe federal commission on industrial
relations which is investigating great
philanthropic foundations and indus
trial urrest. The hulk of 'this huge
sum was given to the Rockefeller
Foundation, the University of Chicago,
the general education board, and the
Rockefeller Institute for Medical Re
search. General defense of these gifts was
made , the son declaring they had not
become a menace to the public, in his
opinion and did not influence stocks,
bonds or universities. Another straight
five hours testimony dealt largely with
conditions in the Colorado coal fields.
After the session Rockefeller shook
hands with "Mother" Jones, and asked
her to discuss conditions with him and
give him information to aid in correct
ing any abuses.
On the stand Rockefeller under ex
amination said he favored the "black
list" when not distributed among other
employers and said he did not believe
employers generally could be implicity
trusted to safeguard their employees'
interests voluntarily.
The commission went deeply jnto the
charges that the Colorado Fuel and
I Iron company' controlled politicians in
the mining districts, furnished deputy
sheriffs with firearms when trouble
was imminent, paid them salaries, con
trolled the utterances of ministers; ex
ercised lhe power of removal from pul
pits, and maintained benevolent abso
lutism in the appointment of school
Seventy Employes Quit
ELIZABETH, Jan. 26. -Seventy em
ployes of the Eowker Fertilizer plant ' ferry steamer King Gustave. which
of the American Agricultural chemie:! towed her to Sassnitz. The Gazelle was
company, struck, demanding shorter t badly damaged.
hours and better wages. Strike leaders j A Renter dispatch from Amsterdam
from Roosevelt and labor organizers quotes the Berlin Telegram as saying
talked to the men, it is said. j the Gazelle was attacked near Ruegen
o i by a hostile submarine and suffered
MOVIES ARE POPULAR. j slight damage. There were no losses
I associated press dispatch among the crew. The dispatch added
SACRAMENTO Jan. 2i Mnvinj i tne cruiser entered a German harbor
j picture shows are ten times as popu- ( in -ne Baltic.
lar as so-called legitimate theaters,
according to statistics upon public I Se Covered With Drowning
amusements contained in the report ' HARWICH, Jan. 26. A witness of
. l .. , .... .... ! the naval hnttla nn Snndnv 'hi ro.
, . - , . . . . . . in me legislature ov me soiii-- ii'i't- ; -Jf ..
io most or inese inquiries . ihk,- uei anu iron company, Mr. Rockefel- ; ti , , commission In tne , turned here describes the sinking of
ler said if such conditions ex.sted He ler said, "were trying to help the m-Sl'JjrZ are he : -he German cruiser Bluecher as a ter
did not know it. Questioned concern- p.o, eS." , f plar and musical cZjll , Hole sight. The sea was covered with
ing his fathers gifts he said he had no ..Do vo bplip,.,, ,h..,t In.li.Qtrlnl i -.. debris an men -.trii-nrlino- for fh.lr
' ( uuiuisianie ail oilier piii s ill pojiu- . " -oo o
Tporation should select teachers for ; iaritv lives. When the British launched a
boat to rescue the survivors a mono
plane flew overhead and dropped
bombs which though they did not fall
nearer than 100 yards prevented many
data which would show vhow much J cul
more the world would have benefitted thp .,hil,lreI1 of jts employes?" Chair-
ii mis quarter m a iiiiiion miliars nau mlln W dsh asked
been given to labor in increased wag
es." Rockefeller has now testified ten
solid hours and will continue tomorrow.
Mr. Rockefeller said he was not
aware that for 23 years no verdict had
been found against the Colorado Fuel
and lion company for the injury to or
death of a workman
"I do If there were no other way to
provide a teacher. In fact In isolated
communities, I think it would be the
f associated press dispatch!
Chicago .T.m " The emhanrn '. of -!le drowning from being rescued.
duty of a company to furnish school , has again been placed against the ship- : The British seamen engaged in the bat
teachers." ment of stock from the Union Stock ; t,e claim German destroyers were also
Mr. Walsh asked Mr. Rockefeller i Yards. This action was taken bv gov-' sl,nk
whether he thought it legal and right j eminent officials as a result of a sus- : ne British destroyer was struck by
Ci.mmlssioner w,.ih re.d letter for corporations to use a blacklist. ink-ion that new cases of foot and a i.erman sneu waicn piercea ner dou-
from W J Dnlton of Cleveland Ohio '. Tno witness said he believed a cor- mouth disease originated here.
written to the commission, in which 1 Poration might have it.s own list of ;
Dalton said that while working for the ! undesirables but that he did not be-
Colorado Fuel and Iron company, lie I ,ioVP -!lp Iil4t should be sent to other I
had lost an eye and had been other- j companies.
wise injured. The company gave him During the luncheon hour. Mr. Rock
sympathv but that was all', according teller notified his .staff that he
to the letter. Dalton wrote that he had . "aiueu mem io wimciraw me pnvaie
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written to the witness and to John D.
Rockefeller. Sr., but that the only ans
wer he had received was a note from
the secretary of Mr. Rockefeller, Sr.,
who said that Mr. Rockefeller was in
Cleveland for "recreation and not for
The witness said that he had not re
ceived any such letter, so far as he
knew. Mr. Rockefeller's attention was
drawn to the recent testimony of Henry
Ford of Detroit who testified that a
department of his company had him
and central office detectives who have
been guarding him since yesterday. He
was quoted as saying:
Geary Summoned To Appear
In Federal Investigation
Suhnoenaed bv the covernment to lowed since its tncornomtinn unitur
tnis tning ot being hurried out of. testify in an investigation of a cor-1 the laws of Arizona, or what has
side doors to avoid crowds and being i poration now being conducted at causjed it to be haled Into court is
followed around by a lot of detectives ; Jacksonville. Florida, Corporation : not known here. It is thought that
must stop. It makes me look ridicu- j Commissioner W. Paul Geary will the concern was organized for the
lous. I am in more danger than any,ieave for the state of everglades this : purpose of transporting negroes
other witness who lias testified. The!evpning. j across the Atlantic, and the founding
police should confine their activities, The conoern which is understood to I of settlements in the Lone Star re
t. maintaining order in the room." be umiergoing investigation hy Uncle I public, on the west coast of Africa,
Mr. Rockefeller was followed by,Sam is known the American but just how successful it has beep
about twenty detectives when he OP-i Kmancination Commercial Govern- in indoeino- memW.. of th-.
advised as to labor conditions among reared this morning. This afternoon menti v s A anJ is capitalized at ' race to leave the cotton fields' of
his 1S.000 employes. Mr. Rockefeller nhpn hc arrived at ihc city hall they ; ()ne ,,illion dollars. Its principal place the southland and migrate back to
pointed out that Mr. Ford was making
millions of dollars of profit every year, I "Mother" Jones said she probably
but that the Colorado Fuel and Iron i wou1-- see Mr- Rockefeller within the
company "was not making returns to nPXt day or so and that she would give
its stockholders." j 'ini complete details concerning condi-
Some of the officers of the Colorado (Continued en Page Two)
iof business is Phoenix, with branch the dark continent could not be learn-
offices at New York, Washington, ed at the main office yesterday. It
Chicago, Jacksonville and Monrovia,
the capital of Liberia, Africa.
Just what line of activity the
"Emancipation Government" has fol- appear in the case.
Is as member of the Arizona commis
sion regulating the affairs of corpora
tion that Commissioner Geary will

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