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Tlj; Arizona Republican's Editorial Page l -;b: l
. . i i
The Arizona Republican
Published by
might H. Heard
Charles A. Slauffer. .
Garlh W. Cate
J. W. Spear
President and lunaKt-r
Kusincss Manager
Assistant Business Manager
lhe Only Paper in Arizona Published Every Day In the
Year. Only Morning Taper in Phoenix.
. Exclusive Morning Associated Press Dispatches.
Office. Corner Second and Adams Streets.
Entered at tne pnstoffice at Phoenix. Arizona, as Mail
Matter of tiic Second Class.
Allen . Ward. Representatives, New York Office,
ISrunswick Building. Chicago Office, Advertising
Address all . eouuuiuiicittions to TIIK AlUZoNA K1S
PPRLK'ANPliocnlx, Arizona.
Husincss Office
City Kditor
. . . 4.M
fiaily, one month, in advance
tniily, three months. .in advance, .
Iaily, six months, in' advance
Daily, one year, in advance
Sundays only, by mail
S .75
. 2.00
. 4 .00
. 8.00
. 2. BO
Let wiu' Ik' so carried on that
nothing but peace shall seem to he
The Submarine Blockade
The latest, ;ind what will undoubtedly become
the most perplexing international problem or the
European war is presented in the German pro
clamation of a war zone ill lhe territorial waters of
the Itritish Isles and France, ainuuiuing to the de
claration, of a submarine blockade, something un
heard of in warfare. There have been two kinds
of blockades, the paper blockade and the effect iv
blockade. It has been agreed goncially that a
blockade which the nation declaring it cannot en
force physically, is not bound to be observed by
oilier nations: that is. that the mere declaration
ot a state of blockade does not actually cause it
to exist.
The surprisingly wide range of Lhe i icrmaii sub
marines which have been destroying Iiritish ves
sels of commerce on the west toast of Iri hind Indi
cates that such a blockade as lias been dedued
can be maintained: that is, that is is not a meie
paper blockade but a fairly effective one.
This appearance is given it by the amazing ac
tion of the iiritish liner Lusitania Hying the Am- ,
crican Hag iu what the" Germans have - declared
l ho" a war zone, and stealing into her home port
like a blockade runner. This incident strengthens
the German position and af funis a stronger reason
why the Germans should prevent in any way they
win. the landing' of vessels flying neutral flags, at
iiritish potts. ,
The Germans find this problem in the way: The
necessity1 of sinking neutral vessels which may
refuse to recognize the blockade. In the ease of
the usual effective blockade, the warships of the
netioii declaring it cbuld lake possession of the
merchant vessels disregarding it. Sometimes they
h;e found It advisable to sink them,, hut ih clews
and passengers were always taken off.
Hut the German submarines could not . Urns ros-.
cue the crews, anil passengers. All that could, be
done would be to set them adrift in th- small boats
of the doomed vessel. But that would- be .risky
business for (lie Germans, for many of the mer
chant vessels carry an armament which woi;Id If
effective against the frail submarine whose work
musf-hcirrti.uc stealthily and without warning. There
can bo ho firing of shots across bows.
The Gentian '.submarine activities would probabl;
bac been directed only against British vessels of
commerce but for the action of the Tiritish in seiz
ing a neutral vessel laden with food hui plicr of .t
character .. Iiich never lias been recognized as con
traband. The German pioi lamalioii is a reply to
that act.
The effect of a submarine blockade would be
damaging to the commerce of this country which
would lose t'.ie markets of Trance and Great Urt-
tain iinlil there could be a rc;;djment. in some way.
of the asserted F.ritisii .sovereignly over the sur
face of the sea and the asserted German - sov
ereignly, below the surface. We cannot eery well
complain of, lhe German proclamation until the
complaints wc have alreadv made against the Bri
tish course which provoked it, have been heeded
and the cause of them removed.
.Many strange and unexpected . situations have
ionic (Hit of the war. If the Iiritish had been told
at I4k beginning that within a few mouths, in
spile of their undisputed control of the sea, the
islands would be in a. slate of blockade or that
their palatial ocean litters would be soeXin:; pro
tection under foreign fiags, it would have impress
ed them no more than if they had lieen told I hat the
inlands would soon be nestled alongside the sup-t
ken continent of Atlantis.
The Foot and Mouth Plague
In this favored region of the Salt Itiver Valley
what wc know of lhe dreaded foot and mouth dis
ease is mostly from hearsay , and if we know no
more of it it will be because of the energetic meas
ures being taken by the federal authorities fy pre
vent its spread and stamp it cut.
Almost incalculable fosses h.tve been suffered by
the farmers of Europe and South America through
the disease, according to information furnished by
the United Stales Department vt Agriculture. So
widespread is the plague among.' .the cattle , and
other farm animals in European countries that the
I'nitcd Stales has limited iniHrtatlon's vt live stock
v practically' to Great Britain,' Ireland and the Chan
nel isles.
The measures taken by the authorities to slump
out )he disease may have seemed to many, persons
' too severe,1 but 'they would probably change their
mind on learning of the ravages it hus caused in
Kurope. In many of the Old World countries the
pestilence has become so general that H is econ
omically Impossible to chick il by the American
method -of slaughter, and the consequent financial
loss through depreciation in .the value of stock h
(mormons, I low much the diseise is dreaded in
bijiiMiwwk mill .in i l in mimi.H.:.'iAp;pmt'!w
Kurope, may be gathered from the stringent meas
i res taken in Ireland to stamp it out. There not
only was stock slaughtered and a quarantine much
more strict than that adopted here put in force, but
the wheels' of all vehicles and the feet of all horses
which left infected places Were washed with disin
fectants, cans of the.-fluid were placed in fields, to
be used whenever need for it appeared, slacks of
hay were disinfected with superheated steam, luxes
in the neighborhood were killed so far as possible
The difficulty in determining how the disease
spreads is one of the things that makes it so stub
born lo control. A week ago there was consterna
tion at the Worcester, Mass., State Hospital when'
it was discovered that a herd of registered Hol
sieln cows valued at $:;0.l.ill had become infected.
It is not known how the disease got ninong the
cattle, but il is thought Unit lo check it il will lie
necessary to slaughter the whole herd of seventy
three head. If the accounts given of (he character
of this plague is accurate, il seems to be a dan
ger for the control of which Hie farmers and tin
authorities ought to co-operate sympathetically and
With wheat selling in Chicago at $1.51) and up
ward il may lie'expected that in m ist localities in
this country enough spring wheal will lie sown at
least lo supply the local demand.
B. L. T. of the Chicago Tribune advises a revision
of the statement that, ''Britannia Rules lhe Sea." i:
"Britannia Rules the Ripples." Somebody else
seems to be in control a few feel below the surface.
"Half of the automobiles in use iu America are
owned by farmers," says the Ktinw City Journal
1 wheat and corn 'continue to soar in pri-.e. the
farmers will soon be financially able to own the
other half.
There is a dawning suspicion that the statistics
of lo.-ses on the European firing lines are sub-,
jected to the whims of Hie censors; and it is no
ticeable, that the reports of the censors of no two
countries agree.
'Soil, if. you must enlist," said the wise old man,
"enlist in the navy."
"Why. dud?"
"A government sustains no actual loss if a com
pany of soldiers i.s Bhot to pieces, but a new battle
ship is-too valuable-to take chances with." Louis
ville Courier-Journal.
Magistrate I understand that ion overheard the
quarreJ between the defendant and his wife?
Witness Yes, wir.
Magistrate Tell me, if you ca:i, vhat he seemed
to be doing.-
Witness He seemed to be doing the listening,
sir. National Monthly.
"Cousressinan .Swayback has gol a nerve."
"How so':"
"Talks about our big crops like they w'jz an ap
propriation he gut for us." Louisville Courier-Journal.
1 .
The Mistress I shall take one of the children
to church with me this morning, Mary.
The General Yes'm: which?
The Mistress Oh. whichever will go best with
my new mauve dress. London Sketch.
The teacher was examining' the class In phy.siology
' -Mary, you tell us," she said., "wiuii is tile funetiol
of the stomach."
The function of the . stomach," tho litl
"is lo hold up the peltieoal." Unffalo
Ray Holm, the artist, appeared at the I'ay-As-
You-Knler dub the other day smoking a cigarette
in a holder nearly a foot long.
"What's all this?" someone asked hint, "liid the
doctor tell you to keep away from cigarettes?" x.jv
York Mail.
Cynical Foreigner Diogenes would -iave walked
his legs off looking for an honest man in Ihis
Calm American Well, it hasn't such a bad repu
tation that he wouldn't have hops.
.Mrs. Gaily That horrid Sirs. Weatherby even
hinted that 1 am indebted to the druggist for my
Mrs. Fairly The mean thing! I know positively
that you always pay (ash. Judge.
W hat are you studying now. Tommy?"
"Goziuler. tirleflyiT i. '3? ..
"What's that, a new language?"
"No, just gozinter. one goziuler two, two
inter four, three goxinter six, and hi on."
"So Alice is married. : Did she make a good
match ?"
"Splendid. Lois of money, good social position
and all that in fact, the only out about It was the
man." Boston Traveler.
Voting Wife Your mother a fine cook'' I don't
believe It..' I've heard Unit your fulhiT was a chronic
Husband Well, that's all right; mother learned
by practicing upon father Huston Transcript.
"I understand that Jack has been thrown over by
no fewer than three girls he's been engaged to."
"Yes; he's working now on an adjustable engage
ment ring." '
Old, lady I'll take three penn'orth of Hrussels
sprouts, please, so as to 'elp the jiore Belgians.-lxm-uon
"If you had lo go to war, what position would
you choose?" ' -
"The drummer's, I think' '
"Why so?" . '
"When a charge was ordered, I'd pick up my
drum and beat it." Omaha lice.
"llow the Automobile Advertises nic at which between two and three
Phoenix" is - the broad subject that ' thousand persons were present.
Warren MeArthur of the Phoenix gar-! All this will give Mr. McArthur
age will discuss at the February meet- : things to tulk about, and he will, of
ing of the Phoenix Adclub at nooiccpurse, go still more deeply into the
today. "What the Lubin Company ; dealer's end of the matter.
Has Already Done to Adevtrise Phoe-j When Komaine Fielding first, met
nix," will be told by the manager- j the Phoenix Adclub, just a month ago,
director of the company. P.omuine j he promised that he would do every -Fielding.
And to fill in the program, i thing in his power to advertise the
the members will debate a lot of 'city. He said that the stamp of Ari
qucstiotis on advertising, submitted to j zona would be on every picture play,
the committee on postal cards by the ; produced here. Little things like "At
members, themselves. j Phdenix" in the subtitles, scenes in
Phoenix is undoubtedly an aiitomo- j w hich the name of Phoenix appears,
bile town. Witness the per-capita ' sets that will instantly remind every
population of the garages, which is i body who has seen the city, of some
I just about as high as any city in the : of its features all these will aid in
(West. It is estimated that there are j making it known the capital of Ari
jautos enough here to make one car ! zona is still unhurt by the monstrous
I for every thirty persons in this eutin- j floods of last month! .
Local Citizens Making Fools " of
Themselves Bound to Attract
Capacity Audiences
ty. Likewise, witness the two great j The meeting today will take place at
'automobile classics, that ann ia!ly ! the luncheon table in the Adams hotel
j place Phoenix on the sport map of the dining room. The proceedings will
! world with big red letters. Just at proceed to proceed at precisely 12:10,
present, more'n a. filth of Phoenix's which is just time for the busy bnsi-iim-toring
population is recalling with ness men to haste fliem to the hotel
Phoenix Title and
Trust Co. '
Offers buyers of Jteal Es
tate an absolute protec
tion in its
urn n nr nnnnnnn n.rinrnrinpiru
n siv.it 1m1 of ploasuro. a sirs:!1 after the formal noon-closingr hour.
JJpjMirt of Associated Chari
ties Shows Much JiciiiiA'
Done to Meet Needs of
Poor luterestiii"; State
ment 'of Aims
Dr. John C. Page, of Moody
Institute, to Conduct School
Workers at Central M. E.
I 'id you ever look up the definiliioii
of the word Elk'.' The dictionary
sUiler; it i.s the largest member of
the ut .t family, yet that it is differ
ent. The Elk is in a class all by it
self. There is no word that rhymes
Willi Kl k. These facts bring out the
Idea' of Elk prominence, or better
( xplaineo. tliy are a certain lot of
people that do things different than
Did yol: ever look up the word
Minstrel Show? If not you might
as well save your time, for it means
nothing, by itself. Jlinstrel show
means a bunch of Alabama darkies
kicking, shouting and raising such a
racket that nothing but the leisch
will restore tilings to their normal
condition. But just add one little
word to this and say. ELK'S Min
strel Show, all, that's different. This
word of only three letters changes
nothing into almost anything and
j everything.
The chief attraction of a minstrel
j show is to see people make fools of
j themselves, and which by itself is
most commonplace a no unworuiy oi j a tr
attention of the refined and cultured. I " .a.li,
The attraction of an Elk's minstrel
show is to see people YOt" KNOW
make fools of themselves. - There is
a time and a place for everything.
The proper place for anyone to .make
a fool of himself is at an Elks Min
strel Show. Nowhere else is it ap-
The large amount of relief work
done by the Associated Charities is
! show n by the report for the three
months ending January 31. 11j,
Which has just been compiled. In
thai time l!Mj cases were recorded, of
which 113 were resident, and 51 per
sons from' out of the city. This
number does not include the appli
cants for clothing, great quantities of
which have been given out.
Kor the benefit of contributors tot
the organization as well as for
purpose of interesting those who do i
not know of the work of the Asso-'
eiated Charities, the following out- j
line of just what is done and what '
the society refuses to do has been)
plvrn iMt I
jWhat the Associated Charities Tries
to Do. I
Investigate ecerv e:ie ,,f n,.ol '
Provide emergency relief work
wherever needed.
Secure employment for people able
and willing to work.
Provide medical aid and nursing
service for those unable to pay for it.
Make each applicant realize that he
may be self-dependent an sclf-r-esneotbiir.
Follow lip cases with encouraire
ment and personal interest.
What the Associated Charities Re
fuses to Dc
I'lirnish fuel. rent, groceries, etc., to
those who wU not co-operate and
helo themselves.
Hive continuous material aid in the
home to a person suffering from a
contagious or infections disease who
refuses to go to a hospital on the
or'Vr of a reputable bhysician.
. Ureak up a home because of pov
ertv alone.
.Secure transportation for people
able to work unless there are miti-g-.ng
Seven infants outfits, the report
:-. have been provided recently and
several more are needed. Clothing
of :11 kinds is also mentioned as one
of the great needs at present.
Dr. John C. Page, lecturer connect
ed with the Moody Institute of Chi
cago, will be in the city this week,
to conduct a week of Bible' study at
the Central Methodist church.
ill. Page was formerly pastor of
the Kecond Congregational church of
Penver. and will be remembered as
having conducted a week of prayer
meetings here at the Y. VM. C. A. a
year ago last November. Those who
heard him at that time, were very
f.ivonibly impressed with hi master
ly Mldresses and keen insight on the
Si.bjelt of Ilible study. .
On account of the. prayer meetings.
lhe meeting on Wednesday night, will
I be held at 8:30 instead of the usual
made for enrollment in this institute,
n'.d :.ll men and women, interested
in Uble study, are invited to attend
tbes-e lectures.
J. Weber Tells of 'way Bolow Zero
Weather and Congratulates His
Former Home Town
IN $10,000 AHAILY
In 'spite of the fact that only :ir, non
residents of Arizona took out hunting
licenses in this state, receipts from this
source alone for lite year 1HU totaled
almost llo.iiiiil. The amount taken in
from the sale of licenses, according to
a statement of receipts just issued by
Hie stiite game department, w-a.s
J'.i.fpr.ii.ftS. and from fours $3il.S". mak
Inc a total for the year of $!i.ssn.r,S.
TJf this amount, only SIS came from
tile thirty-five non-residentSv who
were responsible for the issuance of 21
bird licenses, eight big game permits,
and oiie:nllen birl lisence. Tn case the
bill now before the legislature becomes
a law, it (.thought that the number if
licenses Issued yearly will be greatly
increased. -
"Twenty-two inches of snow last
week, oh, you climate;"
Thus writes P. J. Weber, formerly of
Phoenix, on the margin of on Klwotd,
Indiana pajier, in which appears an
article, entitled, "it Was Cold."
Weber, who left Phoenix recently to
return to his former home, congratu
lates the new chamber of commerce,
and then points out a reason lor Phoe
nix being glad. In the story, which he
refers to, it is recited how the ther
mometer took a sudden drop and didn't
slop dropping until It had fallen to 24
degrees below zero. Frozen- water
pipes, nipped noses and all the other
inconveniences of the eastern and
northern winter were described..
NEW YORK. Feb. 7. Secretary Bry
an's letter asking Walter W. Vick, for
mer receiver general of lhe Dominican
customs "what positions yon have at
your disposal with which to reward de
serving democrats", was disapproved in
resolutions adopted by the council of
the National Civil Service Reform
League at the annual meeting on Feb
ruary 4. it was announced tonight. It
was pronounced inconsistent vjT1i tho
democratic platform, with the merit
system and with the good faith of the
Dominican republic. '
Hope is expressed that the president
will take action to prevent the applica
tion of such a generally condemned
muriate or countenanced. "Oh why .
should the spirit of mortal be proud."
often quoted Lincoln. If the writer j
of these words had been an Elk he ;
might have written it thusly: "Oh i
whv should the spirit of mortal be i
proud at an Elk's Minstrel Show." j
The Elks are leaving no stone un- :
turned in the preparation of their an- j
nual show which plays Monday and ,
Tuesday. February 13 and 16: fool- :
ishness is her middle name and she
travels in the cloak of mystery until
lhe first night's performance. ;
I A good car for farm
use. Light, easy to
run; has lamps,
tools,' top, wind
tool box, good tires,
one brand new.
321 N. Center St..
fContinued From Pae One)
In Washington several five-cent bus
ses are in operation, Iml . they had
' never been considered a success or
;i serious competitor With the street
I cars.
I o .
lines, and Omaha began last Satur
day the use of the jitney bus. Kan
sas City has 20 of the little hustlers
running, and Cincinnati backers have
i Central and Eastern Oregon Infested
With Death Carrying Beasts
SALEM. Feb. 7 That death to man
.nml beast is follovvinfr in the. wake lif
organized a quarter-million company au.K.-H ,,v mmi covotes in central and
t ..cerate its lines. an -iiuomo.
Oklahoma City, and a dozen oinei
places have been entered,, and the
busses are flying eastward with leaps
and bounds.
Street car men are alive to lhe
situation, and measures are being
taken to meet the new competition.
eastern Oregon, is the substance of
many letters being received by Gov.
Withycomlie from residents in those
portions of the state. Rabies are so
i prevalent that travel on foot and even
on horseback is declared to be perilous.
The governor received a letter froin
Drv Lake, a small village, in which it
The strap-hangers of America are i;i asw,rt,.a a jog was bitten by a mad
in glee over the new situation, which t.0yote and in turn had bitten its own
will give l hem the choice of auto t.r )ov an( twelve others. The boy
or street oars. The present indica- s dead and doubtless other deaths w 111
tlon iioints to adoption of the auto (0u(nv. said the letter,
bus lines in nearly every large city , Q .
of the United States where Hit oper
ating taxes permit.
Plans for lhe regulation of the
i-cw bus lines are on foot in nearly
every state, and the electric traction
lines are urging the lawmakers to
I place a prohibitive license fee on the
independent busses.
One Hundred Mexican Teachers
Be Sent to Boston
MEXICO CITY. Feb. 7. Carranza's
minister of education announced that
one hundred teachers will be sent lo
How serious tile situation is tor j;,wtun to study . the public school
the street railway men is indicated svsU.m a, an schools will be dosed
by the success of the "jitney" bus 1nil ,m.ir rotUrn. General obregnn
in the Pacific coast cities. Six stated that relief stations will be
months ago the little busses were un- established throughout the city to
known. Today they are taking from m,irrow where money and supplies
the electric car lines in five cities IP distributed to Hie poor. The
SJM.UOO daily in fares. At this rate nullification of the Villa currency
fully six millions of dollars in busi- );ls caused wide "distress among the
uess will be taken each year from lower classes. Shortage of water has
the electric street car lines. j become serious, and Obregon has dis-
While motor busses for carrying patched artillery in an effort to drive
passengers has been established in Zapata's forces from Xochimilico. lhe.
European cities for many years, Lon- city's water supply source.
don depending largely upon them. o
the use of autos at the nickel fare Hire a little salesman at The Re
usually charged by street cur lines publican office. A Want Ad will see
had never been generally tried out. 1 more customers than vou can.
f.ONDOX, FVb. ". I'nder patronage
of the government, an ambulance con
struction commission has been formed
here for the special purpose of improv
ing the field motor ambulances used by
the army. Prizes are oftered amount
ing to J10.DU0 for designs. The ambu
lance must carry comfortably four pa
tients on streachera or eight sitting and
the patients must be accessible for at
tendance from one side without being
Hire a little salesman at The Re
publican office. A Want Ad will see
more customers than ' you can.
"The Ideal Catalogue."
A librarian's idea of the most useful
form of catalogue for iv library is given
as follows: ; j,
'The ideal catalogue for. a .public' li
brary ia one published with one line
entries, each being about twice as long
us the average newspaper column is
wide. This catalogue is published in
the form of a newspaper, on cheap
paper, cheaply printed. It is sold by
the library at about two i cents a
copy. The copies sold nre'soon worn
out or thrown away and do not come
back In after years to vex the librar
ian. The library keeps the: whole
tiling in type, takes out some litles
every month, adds new ones, and prints
a new edition. This catalogue con
tains author entries only. If a man
wishes to know . anything about -the
books in the public library that this
catalogue does not tell he goes to the
library and finds out by asking: if he
wishes information concerning books
on a certain subject he goes to a bibli
ography of that subject: If he vihes
tn know certain specific things about
certain books he asks to see the. hooks
: at
M Price
'35-37 North Central
-'-..l -

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