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Poor Tools
"We can't lie on the level and sell poor tools. Be
on the level with yourself. You can't afford to
buy poor tools. Our policy has always been: the
best is the cheapest in the end. AVe want your bus
iness; we want your confidence, and we want your
good will. A square deal is our kind of a deal. It
will pay you to see us for all kinds of, tools.
124-130 E. Washington St. 127-133 E. Adams.
Friday, Saturday and
Selig in 5 parts
Don't fail to see this
wonderful picture of the
old days on the western
The Scientific Laugh
Provoking Sensation
of the Season
Change of Program
Every Evening
Will Sing Every Night
r X? T 1 VrC
i J I I i3 E, V 7 PI
10: and 20c
in a Aery slight1' used
One of the bet-t we soil.
On sale today at
9 A. M. '
21! 1 W. Washington St.
The Big 'Bet
of the
Corporation Commission Approves
Proposal to Sell Forty Rides For
$2.70 to Indian School Road.
Commutation books of forty tickets,
good between Phoenix and the In
dian school road on the Glendale car
line were authorized yesterday by the
corporation commission when the pro
posal of the Phoenix Railway com
pany to put coupon books on sale
was approved. . ',
In approving the company's pro
posal the commission dismissed the
application of residents of Long View
tract for a five-cent fare. An order
reducing the fare to this tract, the
commission found would interfere
with the entire zone system now in
use. and necessitate a re-adjustment
of fares over the entire Glendale line,
Under the new arrangement, residents
nf Lone View who are owners of cou
pon books will get r forty rides for
t- in thcrehv oavinc just six and
three-quarter cents instead of ten.
Monday and Tuesday
Marv Piekford, in
Today Cunningham and Rosa, The
Creiahtons, Hazel Edwards and four
reels of Mutual movies.
Mondav and Tuesday
Coming i ' ,
Today A Funny Keyatone Comedy
Featuring Fatty Arbuekla
"The Master Key. The greatest, serial.
Cmnins; Maivh 2 and 3 '
.the first installment
Passenger Tariffs on Roads
West of the Mississippi
to be Boosted March 1
Arizona is Affected by
Material increases in passenger rates
on railroads operating west of the
Mississippi are provided for in tariffs
filed this week with the interstate
commerce commission at Washington
The new tariffs are to take effect
March 1.
The new rates will add approximate
ly $1.00 to the cost of all classes of
transcontinental tickets, and will there
fore increase rates from Arizona to
eastern points and vice-versa. Home
seekers' and colonist tickets are affect
ed by the raise, which applies on all
the transcontinental lines from Mon
tana to the Mexican border.
"An increase of a dollar in the price
of a ticket to the coast from eastern
basing points docs not seem large,'
said Chairman F. A. Jones of the cor
poration commission yesterday, "but in
the aggregate it will result in a general
increase in passenger revenue for
transcontinental roads. The commis
sion has already been asked to join in
asking for a suspension of the proposed
tariffs until after a hearing can be had
and as Arizona is one of the states af
fected, it is probable that we will take
action with the other western states.'
Local tariffs and intra-state travel
will not be affected by the increase.
The rates are to apply only to trans
continental tickets from St. Louis, New
Orleans and points in the Mississippi
valley. Excursion rates to the exposi
tions will not be affected.
HA! HA! HA! (Adv) tf
Twenty years of learning how
Taught us what we're doing now
Best Evaporated New York Rasp
berries 40c
New shipment of all kinds of cheese
Wooden box Soda Crackers 38c
Kansas Graham Flour & Corn Meal. 40c
Fine Evaporated Peaches '....10c
Fine Evaporated Apples 12
3 Cans Alpine Milk ;.25c
Big can Pure Jam 20c
Pure New Orleans Molasses all sizes
3 Pig Loaves Delicious Bread Still.. 25c
Chipped Beef in glass, each 10c
New park pure Ground Chili only 20c lb
Campbells Big cans Baked Beans ..10c
New pack Asparagus 17c
(Advertisement) It
By Mrs. O. Merrill
The Lehi school was obliged to
postpone its' Arbor Day exercises un
til Monday morning on account of
the trees net arriving in time. Quite
a number or beautiful trees w
set out. Olives, peppers, palms and
a few ornamental shrubs.
Quite a number of the parent
were out Monday morning to see the
planting of the trees and hear the
Arbor Day program which was wel
rendered by the pupils.
The fifth month of our present
school year has just closed, showin
an average daily attendance for the
entire five months of 118 pupils. This
is a considerable increase over thi
average attendance for the same
time last year, which was seventy
f i ve.
Mrs. Byers who had the roof of her
store and also her dwelling house
Mown off during the recent severe
storm is having the damage re
paired: but expects it will be con
siderable time before she has her
busines in running order again.
The Coplan family who have re
sided on tho church property for
some months pint, have gone to For:
Huahuachuca, where Mr. Coplan and
sons have taken a contract for
hauling gravel. Their many friend:
regret their departure.
Miss LovonaMcClendow is report
ed as quite ill at her home from
an attack of measles. Miss Mc
Clendon is a student of the Tempe
Norma, daughter of Mr. and Mrs.
T. hi. Steele, is reported ill Ircm a
second attack of diphtheria. The
little girl had but recently recovered
from quite a severe sick spell from
the same malady.
Last Sunday evening, the Mutual
Improvement Association held a con
joint session in the hall. A very
heals itching
burning skins
WHAT relief ! The first appli
cation of Resinol Ointment
usually stops all itching and burning
and makes your tortured skin feel
cool and comfortable at last. Won't
you try the easy Resinol way to heal
eczema or similar skin eruption I
Doctors have prtscribed Ke-;inol
regularly for twenty years.
Resinol Ointment, with the help of Resinol
Koap. clears away pimples and blackheads, and
is a mort valuable household remedy for sores,
burns, rltafint;. dandruff, piles, etc. Sold by
all drttssist. I'sc Kerinol Soap fur tl toilet.
uw itu nil
John J. Nairn of Washington Ar
rives in New Chalmers, But ia
. Forced to Ship From Hera
High water in the Agua Fria turn
ed back John J. Nairn, tourist, who
attempted to resume an overland
Journey to California yesterday.
Now, Mr. Nairn will be compelled
to detour his car. via the freight
route to the other side of the Colo
rado river, and from there, will take
up his interesting voyage.
Driving a Chalmers Six, Nairn ar
rived In Phoenix a day or so ago,
after an excellent trip from Cimar
ron, New Mexico, where he main
tains one of his several homes. He
is from Washington, D. C, but has
been in the mountains of the sis
ter state for several winter months.
He is well satisfied with the per
formance of the new "Chal" on all
the hills and in the mud and sand
he found between here and Cimarron.
He has toured practically every
country on the globe, but says he
gets his best fun out of seeing Am
erica now. While in Phoenix, he
stops with the O'Neill auto com
pany. local agents for the Chal
Two Maxwells were sold by this
firm yesterday, and started out in
all the rain and mud toward their
destination in Globe.
interesting program was listened to
by a large audience.
A committee recently appointed to
consider repairing the hall have met
and decided to repaint the inside
of the building, put on a new roof,
and cover the outside with weather
boarding. Next Friday evening the Lehi base
ball club will give a play in the hail,
The play is said to be a good one.
There will also be a few musical and
other Interesting numbers. Everyone
is Invited to be present and help along
the club; as just at present they are a
little short on cash.
The recent high water carried out a
considerable portion of the Utah Dam
A force of men and teams are now at
work repairing the damages.
The stockholders of the ditch com
pany recently held a meeting to con
sldcr the advisability of paying the
government to carry the water instead
of keeping up the dam.
Mrs. Frank Shill has recently gone
to Gold field to join her husband who
is employed at the Bull Dog mine.
An elderly Frenchman who recently
purchased a small tract of land in this
vicinity reports the theft from his pre
mises of a sulky plow, a weeder, a sack
of flour and other articles.
The river is again low enough to be
crossed with safety at this place.
Globe Man is Opposed to Federa
Law Which ia Baaed on Migra-tory-ness
of Mallards
If it takes six months, Joe Pro
chasKa ol Globe is going to con
vince the authorities that mallard
ducks belong to Arizona, that their
official residence is here, that they
register and vote on all ornithologi
cal matters just as do the cactus
wren and other indigenous flying
things. For it - is on the point of
where ducks live that the federal
game law chaps are making their
holler against shooting 'em at this
season of the year.
Proehaska brought his grouch to
Phoenix the other day. and yes
terday afternoon, he aired it in this
"Let "em shoot duck now. if they
want to, and get arrested for it,
Then we will fight the matter out,
and see whether the federal law will
hold good in this state. I am ready-
to prove that ducks are not migra
tory birds. 1 have eleven duck eggs
in storage back home, to show that
they do make nests here. Why, your
Salt river Is Just full of duck nests
Just because some tpghbrow can'
figure out why ducks should live
in our beautiful state, the U. S.
tries to make a law against shoot
ing them after February 1, and the
game warden, he goes about enforc
ing the federal law. Why why
why "
As Mr. Proehaska threatened to
become purple in the face, his in
trrviewer ventured the question
"How will you prove they are DUCK
"I'll hatch 'em, by thunder I will
That's what I'll do."
And as he swung his emphatic
fists in the air, promising to hatch
his duck eggs, the idea seemed to
occur to the Globe man that he
would look killlngly funny hatch
ing duck ''eggs or any other sort
of eggs, so he broke out Into his
usual merry roar of laughter, and
the interview was over.
Governor Daniet Application for Extra
dition Paper for E. S. Osborne,
Wanted in Illinois
Deciding-that E. S. Osborne, a well
known citizen of Parker, and manager
cf the Zimbo-King mine, is entirely in
nocent of the charges brought against
him. Gov. Hunt yesterday denied' the
application for extradition papers for
his return to Illinois to face accusa
tions of embeszlement, larceny and ob
taining' money under false pretenses.
Hearing of the application and Os
home's defense lasted less than one
At the hearing it was shown that no
rrime hod been committed and that Os-
lie T un
wants in
Pioneer Motor Company of
l Paso Sends Represen
tative Here to Place an
Agency to Handle King,
Pierce-Arrow and Briscoe
M. L. Burkhead, representing the
Pioneer Motor company, of El Paso,
arrived in Phoenix, yesterday, for the
purpose of establishing a branch
agency to sell the Pierce-Arrow, King
and Briscoe cars. In the event that
Mr. Burkhead is not able to persuade
one of the local dealers to take over the
agency for these cars, it is the intention
of the Pioneer Motor company to es
tablish a branch of that house here.
The cars handled . by the Pioneer
Motor company, are nationally known.
The Pierce Arrow, is one of the most
popular high priced cars on the market
The Briscoe, is one of the latest
additions to the light car class, was
primarily designed in France, has all
the latest equipments. a full stream
line body and features one headlight in
front, mounted in the center of the ra
diator, of high candle power.
The King is the second American
car to install an eight cylinder motor,
and is placed on sale at the moderate
price of 1 1,350, F. O. B. Detroit. The
car caused a sensation at the auto show
in Chicago and took the sweepstake
prize in the popular voting contest.
This was the first car to appear on
the streets of Detroit, making its de
but in 1894. They were also pioneers
in installing the en bloc motor center
control and cantilever springs. The
company builds only one chassis for
two body models and have concentrated
their entire working force on perfect
ing this chassis. A full guarantee is
issued with every King, warranting it
to be free from defect in material and
Mr. Burkhead, lately returned from
the show in Chicago, and was much
pleased and encouraged with the Inter
est taken in all the models handled by
his company, in the southwest.' He will
be in the city for several days, inter
viewing various local dealers on the
subject of taking over the agency for
these cars. He is stopping at the
borne .was not even In Illinois "at the
time the offenses charged were alleged
to have been committed, and that it
was absolutely impossible for him to
be guilty as charged. The indictment
stated that the offenses had been com
mitted last October, whereas letters
produced at the hearing showed con
clusively that Osborne had not been in
Illinois since June.
The proceedings against Osborne
were begun by a Chicago man by the
name of H. J. Toner, who had been in
terested in the mine at Parker. It is
said that he has not paid his share for
the development of the mine and that
before bringing action he wrote Os
borne asking him to return all his let
ters. At )the hearing yesterday Osborne
produced the letters apcounted for all
money handled by him in connection
with the mining company, and showed
that he had expended 11300 in addition
to the amount paid by the other stock
holders. Garrett Coan, a Chicago sergeant of
detectives, who came to Arizona to
take Osborne back to Illinois, was sur
prised at the outcome -of the hearing,
especially when advised that he had
made slanderous statements against
Osborne which might cause his arrest
and detention here. He will probably
remain here awaiting the arrival of an
other indictment wiich is said to be on
the way. The second indictment, it is
stated alleges that the offenses were
committed at another time.
Advice to the effect that Osborne had
been indicted and a request for his ex
tradition were received by Gov.Hunt
last week. Knowing Osborne's good
reputation and high standing in Ari
zona, where he has been a resident for
fifteen years, the governor wired Os
borne, asking him to appear before him
in person before taking action in the
case. Attorney George Stoneman ren.
resented Osborne at the hearing.
In spite of the f,xct that there had
not been time to apprise the farm
ers of the good roads meeting in
Chandler there was a good turn out
at the meeting held there in the
Chamber of Commerce room Wed
nesday afternoon. U. J. Kirker
forcibly explained what the National
Highway Association was doing and
the work the state branch, the Ari
zona Good Roads Association, had
undertaken. Clay Parker, who had
accompanied Mr. Kirker to Chandler
also made a very good talk.
A number of memberships were
taken in the Arizona Association and
initial payments made, Dr. A. J.
Chandler subscribing twenty-five
A signing list was left with David
a. Jacobson, the secretary of the
Chamber of Commerce, who has un
dertaken to see those of the Chand
ler district were not present at the
meeting, and obtain further mem
On Monday, last N. A. Larmour
and F. J. Barry, who have been con
ducting a grocery business in chand
ler under the name of Larmour and
Barry dissolved partnership, Mr. Lar
mour retaining the business and Mr.
Barry going out.
A pleasant party was given at the
residence of V. Hiler on Friday last,
which was attended by some forty
children. The following progran
was given: Reading, "SKimpsey's
Sanctuary Laundry," Ira Rogers; re
citation bj Nelly Brass; recitation,
"My Sore Thumb," by Jean Rogers,
and readins, "A ' Valentine Legend,"
Further Cut on Clothing
Just 50 suits in this lot to be closed out at the fol
lowing prices:
$27.50 and $30.00
$25.00 Suits
$20.00 and $22.50
n-" Ma m , , - - -- -- - - -
by Earl Bullock. After which games
were played and refreshments con
sisting of cocoa, wafers and oranges
were served.
Mrs. G. T. Peabody, who has been
quite ill with grippe is out again and
receiving the congratulations of her
many friends on her recovery.
The Hotel San Marcos, on Wednes
day began the custom of serving five
o'clock tea in the ladies' parlor, which
adds a very pleasant note to the day's
Miss Sarah Coleman Brock and Miss
Katherine Grittenger, who have been
spending the winter at the San Mar
cos left Monday morning with W. W.
Huggett, the guide, on a ten days'
camping trip. Their itinerary includes
Sacaton, different Indian villages, the
Casa Grande ruins ana sax Aavier
On Tuesday the" following party
from the San Marcos motored to the
Roosevelt reservoir. Mrs. W. G. Press,
Miss Press, Mrs. C. H. VanHise, Miss
Gundry, Miss Susan Underwood, Miss
Louise Underwood and Messrs. W. K.
Holley, H. J. Collis, J. C. McDonald
and W. P. Gundry.
As usual the Evans school was well
represented on the golf links last Sat
urday, the party afterwards dining
at the hotel. Those playing were Geo.
Cabot, Wm. Loring. L. W. Knowles,
B. Aboord, A. D. Carlisel. W. H.
Cobb and W. J. Peters.
Mr. and Mrs. J. G. Spangler and
German Pot Roast
Sugar Cured Corn Beef
Country Pork Sausage
Hamburger Steak
Linsenmeyer's Special
Nice Young Ducks
Fat Hens
Swift's Premium Hams
The Telephone
The Union M arket
119 North First Avenue
Formerly of the firm of Hill-Harris, Five Points,
wishes to announce to his friends and former pa
trons that he has purchased the
130 N.
Where he is prepared
Suits . . . .$18.75
Suits. . . .$14.00
See them in our windows
- - - - - - "i r-, rwwwwrw nonnorxAAAmumJ
Mrs. C. E. Howard of Mesa were also
guests of the San Marcos Saturday
for dinner and golf.
Allan Dillon and C. A. Hinkle of the
Evans school spent the week end at
the San Marcos.
Dr. R. F. Palmer of Mesa, Chas. M.
Smith of Yuma, and Harry A. Prach
man and Wm. S. Allem of Tucson
were guests at the hotel Saturday.
On Monday, Mrs. J. C. Entz and her
mother, Mrs. Sidney Wood of Chilli
cothe, motored from Mesa for lunch
eon. S. B. Amden of Wichita entertained
a party of four at dinner Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Brady of Mesa were
host and hostess to Mrs. L. H. Cox of
Morristown, and Dr. and Mrs. R. F.
Palmer of Mesa, at dinner Sunday.
Among the recent arrivals at the
San Marcos are Mrs. Allen P. Ensley,
Indianapolis'. Mr. and Mrs. Marshall
Cutler, Florence, Italy; F. J. Sar
miento. Detroit; Mr. and Mrs. Halley
and H. K. Haley, Charleston, W. Va.:
E. D. S. Page, Los Angeles: Mr. and
Mrs. A. L. Garford. Mr. and Mrs. W.
O. Hill.' E. A. Zundle. Sheboygan,
Wis..: Miss Jenkins, Phoenix: R. L.
Parker. San Diego: Dr. N. H. Morri
son, Hoover, Ariz.; C. Heine. Florence:
John Rinker Kibbey."Alhert Goldman,
H. E. Hursh. G. Bright. L. It. Mc
Peek, F. B. Trent. Goodyear Dorris.
Phoenix; Jos. R. Loftus. Arthur E.
Price and Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Lewis,
Chandler; W. A. Taylor. Pasadena:
Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Stracy, Trinidad.
Colo.: Mrs. Wilkerson and Mr. and
Mrs. E. G. Scott, Phoenix.
15c lb
I'oC lb
12V2c lb
Bacon 24c lb
20c lb
220 lb
22c lb
Number 1079
First Ave.
to give quality and service.

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