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IL J Arizona Republican's Editorial Page i; " ;i
The Arir'uta Repuhlican
I'uhlishe.l liv
I w it lit 15. Hoard
CIl.iTlr.S A. SlaUIIcr. .
i;,-t:ll W I'ai'
.1 W. !- "
I'lt'Siik'nt mill 4 UlilRIT
It,, si,, ess atl.aKiT
.Assistant Busim Mutineer
Kill Mr
The iiuv l'a..T in Arizona ruhlisli.-.l livery iKiy In the
Year onlv M-iriiiriK l':'l'i' in 1 'h-w n ix.
KxrhiMVe Morniiu: Assn. anted ITcss J lispat.-hes.
ut!t.t'. r.irlfl' Seeon,! unit Adams Streets.
1 iil.iid :it tin' l'n:-lotln ' ft riio.-nix, Arizona, us Mail
.Matter ill Hi!' Sot'tUld t'lilSS.
All.. W;ml Hopiiseiuaiives. New York office.
truii-;M.-h HiiililiiiK. i.lii'.iKD "ifi.-e, Advertising
Atltlieis all coniuiuci. Minns to Till'. ARIZONA KB
li'HI.h'AN. I'li'ituix. Ariznna.
liie-iness llffi.e ....
I'ny ivlit'T
srn.svi.il I'loN ratio:-?:
Ii.-iilv one miu-.lli. in novnut-e ?
rill . line.' molilltS. ill advance. .
liitilv. si luonliis. 111 a.lvnncf
t'.,,ly. laic .'.oar. In ii.ii.HM-- '
SlMi.tnv-i o,:lv hv lunii
1. Il'l
i-;i:i;r.iiY u;. r.'i"
I r then; lir a vii'lnc in tin- world
al wliii-ii vr siioiilii aiwavs aim, it
is cllccl !'( 1 1 i !fS.
Lou, i.xttou.
The "itivi'..Hion '
Tli.- i ' 1 1; 1 1 1 1 1 m ' r !' i 'i. mi. ii'i rr is prcparinc, in
,!, hi;.,. ,1,,. l! 1 1 wi'il Tim Kepil i 'I icn n's "lini-
l , ...i . 1 1 1 r: i ' 1 i I i n.:ilit. inl'": milo; tin- fariucl.
I ;., ,..:, tin- touri-l ami tilt' ho'lteat'-kci- what
;ii',;i i! . On iii lam anil I, .'.' t" r.-n h I'liucnix limit
p:,,i .. I hi i I'.v. '11a- jooi'li. v llaa I cell
made oisior li ll:i' - I vaiieu 'al' tlir railroads
t s 1 1 i m :a i Ik- tl. These 'in iialinns" are I'licl',
iliv im.l only In iittr.'H I attention, wiiii UiiiiK "I
whi' ii nn'lf voluminous do. iiinouls l'ioti:entl.v fit II.
Tl.f "ln ii.'iit'ii " will ut Iv.isl I" r.'.ul hefore it is
ii.n. ii-ntil iln- waste-paper I'a.-ltit.
II i- intended nii.i-c i-si iiill f-r tin -at- tourists
, ho will If alln'tl'-'! from I'm: north anil east,
ever ciih'-r tin- ,-:uui In ill J :o ifie "l1 0.v Santa i-V
liin. an.i c h,iu nil linii'it llial it v.ii! v ai'rc'.iltil
liy huiiiln ils v. i:n lllilit nllicl i.-i- l'a: s lis I.. v.
This "Iu ilati'in" will nnliuMy In- mvi'ii a iniitii
vnVr i n riilaliiin than any liti ratini' wi l'lim nix
anil die Sail Liver vallt y has c t-r luul. The Chain
l i r ni i 'i.iiiiin'i't f nws ill ri'sitlfiit.'' to '.'iifltist' a
ti.py ni' tii "ln itaiinn" in t'Vtry If'ttr llnv si.n.1
in iritiul; in thf tast. i'tiiiys in any nuinlit'i' will
l't- 1'ui 1 1 is in il tri'f I;. iht- rhainlitr.
Arizoru ?nc! New Mexico
Tin' 1,1 I as, i Tinn s h,is institnl' tl a ctuniiari
it'ii lulutiii tin' siait-- nl At'iKiia ami New .Mixii'ti.
In stinie n.-i'itts. it is iiiir.iyia.'aliU' In this siiite,
l'iit in "lie, tin- lialaini' is in .ml' tavur. Tin- ric
luies nl Ai izt'iiii h.n'f ln-en inercast'tl sint i: ailuiis
sieli l."ai it l- t t llt.. s.i that a tntai nl J ,'",wi'J was
i . i ! let' I .'. 1 . Tlic ivvt'inii s nl New .M'-xien, with a
i.,nilai inn lwii e as iaiv;i as nlli s, l aiseil only
: 1. I 1.7 .'.."i". Al'iznn-l anil New .Mexit-o wt'l'e Kl'alUe'l
Hie .siiine area of pui'li.' lainl niiili.r the t-nal lini;
ael, ami limn liiis st'i'ife Nev, .e.i..'. tlelives fm;i
i:nit - ;. ; tiHii-h it eliiit' iis A.li.naa.
.l i.iin;i has tlet reast',1 its lax rale la 1't l tent..
in lluee -tars. Inn it has itaTiiieil iis assessmenta
: :T, per t ent, tluriii;;- the same perim!, until nnw the
per eapita tax is JT. It is nut .stated wha.l ihanges
have hit n made in the New Mexican tax rate ami
assessments, ail! tlie per capita tax nl that .stale,
is nnly
We must admit that so fat the lialamc is very
mm h In l'avni' nt' Ne'.' .Meyien. in the comitn t o'
j;n i Mini! hi. II' III" Tillies had eadetl its cilipaii
::i,p her.-, the h.iv, in:; w.iiil'i h.'i'.e i,e"l: iiinnill.it
jte; li nr. and it inn: I l-e so In sunn: extent, nrly
li. I :ui in tin l'arther t iuiipai isnn '( iipiear to
lnii.r .-iilvaiil.-iac. It is siaie.l that the enst nt the
N't w .Mexico schools is less than ri per iiita, :u
ctiidin;;' to I lit- si'hnol census, while the Times lias
l'lard that the pel canila tost of Arizona schools
i. . ?i.a. We think Hie la iter figure is loo liiuh
i; kIi pel hans il is not far from the correct one.
The average 1 osl of nnr schools is raised by the
c,t tiili: nit -: of the rural liis'ricts where, -is we
ii. -.w shnwn, iii one ilistrict in this comity the per
capita cost last year exceeded $ I till. Ill the towns
the nisi is much Imvi r; in I'lioenix. for instance,
wi- It, iiee it is a:;7.
I Jut it is not to the credit of anv state to flaunt
the fact that the per capitil cost of its schools
is less than $JH. That, is 'lot a sien of an ccotiom
ii.il ,'i'liiiinist rat ion, but a siKii of the nial-adminis-I
rat ion of the c hid' instil nlioii of a sCite.
That ninth of the lie 'lit y which we spenil for
edut iitinit is as certainly ua:.ied a-' if it wa re poured
into a, ral hole we knou' to l,i- f.o''., In:t we are
assured that a hill will he hit rod iced inlo tin: li'K
isl.itiii'e :h"i'!h to slop this waste 'ual lo provide for
the atlminisi rat inn nl the s-'ht til fulitl hy hiisint'S.-i
Im thotls.
Sixty dollars per capita, is loo iiiuel:, hut be
tween I hat figure ami the parsimonious less tnan
L'ii of New Mexico, we would chooso the former
iiiil pcimit the waste to continue.
A Russo-German Peace
At the olltlireal; of I lie Klll'opean War The Id-
luililtcan ptt'dicted. ami many other new spa pet a took
n limiliH' view, that whatever tii'Klit he the cial of
it. it would he 111" end of Austria, the nation which
pret ipilnlcd the conflict. The dual empire lnnl Ion,;
been in-Ill tnuethcr fiy weak honds. It was do'dit
ful whether or not, the Slav clement would not early
lireaU away from its ('.ermanic. half. Hut Hungary
I.. is stood the strain stt far, and there is no indi
cation that ties of pined are strontfor than patriotic
devolion lo tlie empire.
The end will possibly come in another way.
It would not be surpiisir.g if Russia, after having
teen driven back from its western frontier, should
listen to lei'tns of an independent peace proposed
by (iermany, if such terms would involve a dis
memberment nf Austria, the annexation of the Slav
part of it and an open way to the Adriatic. Uus
Fia would feel no consi ienlious scruples asninst
a ha miliums the entente or violating the later agree
ment proposed by I'nirlaiid when ilie (lermans were
at the tfales of Paris, that no peace should be made
by any member of the entente without Ihe consent
"of the others.
Such a change would not be more surpri-uiif,
than when in 17H-. alter the death of K!i.abelh ot
Kussia ami she was succeeded by t'et.er III, the Rus
sian soldiers who had been fiiilitiiifr with the Aus
liians against I-'rctlet ick the ilrea' were foiin 1 in
liie next battle on Ihe side of the rrussinns.
, II may be doubled, however, whether Cermany
wniild offer terms involving tue tlismerubi rment of
Austria. Hut such terms would be as advanlaKcoi s
to ileiniany as to Russia, l-'uri lit rmoiv. the import -anee
to (iermany of peace with Russia is aecoming
a pparent. Thoui;h it may beat the Russians, it can
not at the same'- lime make headway against tin:
nilies in the west so 1'ini; as so ;;re:.l a force must
be nppnsed tu the .M useoviles.
It is ipiite probable that su.-h an eventuality
;is has been described would be meatly hastened by
Ihe death of Ihe :if:ed lOmperor Francis Joseph, who
intiie than any other influence has held the empire
together for many years.
Il wasn't much but a hole in Ihe wall,
Where I'liixie hammertii away,
McmlitiK ilain.med soles and heels
From busy day to day.
Hut Kritzic could make a nobby shoe,
And ;Jvc jt a "ju"fi" slle.
And he always had a , hecry word,
And he alviays woic a .smile.
Ami Ihe hole in the wall hes;an to crow,
I'ntil it covered it block,
And it took an army of busy men
To ha mile I 'rit.ie'.s slock.
It was only a lillh- hole in Ihe wall,
Where Tony sold "baunn."
Hut he nave full weiL,hl and Inmost count,
Ami he hived his fcllowinan.
And lie hail a smile and a pleasant word,
Ami the Imle bewail to cnnv
Ami ditl not stop till it went clear Ihroimli
To the little street below.
It was almost less than a hole in the wall
Where .Mickey worked all day,
And cheerily sant; out. "Shine 'cm up!"
To all who passed his way.
And he sinned tni well, and he aiwavs wore
A smile instead of a frown.
And now he owns a string ,,f booths
Thai stretches through the town.
It was even less than a hole in the wall
W here Tommy sold Hie news.
For he stood on the corner just outside
Where I'rif.ie soled (he shoes.
And the air was sometimes keen anil cold.
And the si reels uere wet and vile,
And Tommys cl. thes wen- thin and old.
Hut Tommy kept his smile.
Anil men to whom the hnurs meant unit!.
Would walk across the street
To buy' of the little merchant man
Who smiled as lie sold his sheet.
Ami Tommy.' Wei:, he's governor now.
And lie's smiling still and, say,
The "newsies" have his number slraie,ht
For he hands the tips their way.
Jf you have only a hole in the wall.
Ami it iak"s stune pluck to smile.
Just keep it up; it will brill? success
Somewhere in the after while.
Fmina SwiiiKle,
of earning
How They Cot Ahead
"Capital i:: made only by Ihe proc
ami saving. Albert W. At wood.
Some of our leaders have asked us to publish
more stories of the actual success of thrifty persons.
Following are three new ones that have nunc to onr
A St. Uuiis police serKeant. during Uurty-five
.Mais on the force, with a salary never more than
lla a month, saved jL'nuim, ,,n( invested in real es
tate which yielded him an income of fir,:: a month,
enough lo retire on and n.w old gracefully.
Dennis and Daniel Sullivan, Irish twin brothers,
worked for two years iis bell-boy ami doorman, re
siieelively. at the Hotel St. ReKis. Fifih avenue. New
tork, ami saved cnonc,h fro,,, their wafts and Hps
to buy a. couple of laxieaos and K into business for
"We have several other brothers." said Denny
home in Ireland, and as soon as we can make the
money well have the whole ,.t of them working
with us in parlnership. Sure, an' there's one fam
ily of Irish brothers who slat re::laranls ovel
here Ihe way we inlentl lo start in th automobile
Imsiness, and if .v M1.r mnncy, we can."
Mrs. Annie H.,:,e,y ,,r Souther,, California
Ihoimh she started out poor, can now write h.r
olioo.; f,,r ., v,.,.v ..,,, lt ,S f 1;lfj .,,nl,
almost ,-, mil ,.ijre f,',,i her huue chicken farm
She, began in a vry modest way, living in a bith
ooltiiKe on a siiiKl.- acre of ground. At a ponltrv
show in , os Angeles she nought !t ro(,s,.r an(1 h.f
a dozen hens of the best breed. This inve-tment ,,r
her savings e; high, but it was worth while, as
.Mis. Haseleys subscipieiit success amply proved.'
The motto of millions of thrifty. Industrious
happy citizens of the Fnilcl States is, "Hive respect
ably a.nd save a. little."
This is an excellent rule, and ir you can save a
good deal, so much the belter.
T. D. MACCKHCiili.
She -ri afraid poor papa will miss me when
we are married.
He Why, Is your father going away Huston
'iorman We were at the dinner table from 1
until f.
Dyser And what did yon do after dinner?
Iorman Why, it was so late we hail supper.
I'leveland Leader.
"Did the play have a happy enilins'"'
' You bet it did' Someone in the gallery hit the
villain square in the fate with a tomato.".-Houston
or nnt in the future she
to give the political game
si nl" treatment.
is going
the "al-
(Being Brief Biographical Brochures
Kelating to Members of the Legis
lature By One Who Is Not Old
Enough to Have Seen the Seamy,
Serious Side of Life. The Crime
Will Be Continued from Time to
Representative I'ook of I 'ut ilise
was horn in lYunsyh anie. but is a
democrat nevertheless. His father
fearin-j; the delicate constitution ,,(
the boy lui:;hl become i -Minted
with the republican germ, moved 1 '
1 'hio in the days .if -pi.
The, young Cook h-d the life of i,
typical farmer boy among the s
tiieslere,l nooks and bosk dells of
Richland county. He herded po
tatoes. "Uiried the festive sipiasll
and pruned strawberry trees until
his country's call penetrated even
this secluded retreat rid he enlisted
in the 1 nailery, uhio Light Artrillery.
hi illg one of ihe hive youngest
Hoys iii active 'service. For three
Mars he jiiggic.i eannon balls and
:;rape ,-di-it ami obtained ,,n honorable
discharge. lb- !!:. -n explored various
western states, but a loaciag to visit
ihe s--enos of his childhood onusce
I'.ini lo icdii a to ( h,,,. ,,, insidious
disease a ; i ;,.-.c,j him on his return
all. I la- w.a.lcd away lor mine
lonlhs nit,! Ih'ally ir:,, 'lied .,,(
Illi'O'il to .ioi-itn. ,io., wi,. ,',. ,e r. -
ideil until I ;u.:i. Selling "i.t his
nC'C" - iulcl'csls h'- came lo Al'i-
-ama and settled down at McNeil
here he has reside,! ,-er : !.- with
III.' ex.eptio.l of sholt visit.- ht'tf b,
aiteii.' the session.- r .he h--i.-latun .
Senator Chase, the venerable soloil
fiom Hi ecnlc". has bad :, leugihy
antl varied caret r. While his iii'inoiy
dec: not extend back to the Flood.
his fal'iei' was well at -. , i .-:i l ;i t . -t I with
cali who ... him all Ihe details,
so it may be safely said he is more
I hoi oiighly conversant wiih condi
tions i f that period than any man
now living.
Chase's boyhood was spent in com
larative quiet ami the first hoard of
him was wh'-n he In-ided :, tlemo-cr-'lic
titkei untler the Julius Caesar
atiiuii istriilion. Rome and all lu r
pits-. -ssi, ,ns herniHc t"n Sllliill for Jlr.
I'iiase antl l':n'-;ll' s, i I'b.ise lefl for
K.i-v pi tn fill a culilract with the
leigniug I'hiircah for the construc
tion of a pyianiid and some le-tora-ti'ui
work on the sphinx. After com
pleting this work he organized th"
I'nitetl iirdcr of Pyramid HuildeiV
I'lii'in. but bci-oming ill on the tlay
ihe commiitee presented the vviige
It- he liv't tl to enrich posterity.
Mr. I'hase th.u traveled cxtensivt-lv
and finally soitled in laiglaud and
lived a leliretl life until having -i
political ililltrelice with rharlcs II
he cniigtiiled to America. having
pumed a:: ; 'achmcnt for it on a
pl't ions v o.. age vvilh Columbus. He
t.eoame a missionary and traveled
:ii nt tribe ta tiii.e converting the
Indians a. la 'i: 1 il i il Sinilli until
the Revolution broke out in 17?ii. II"
officiate,! at the "Huston Tea liarty"
and oper-itod mitrailleuse at Hiink
tr Hill. The war over, he resum.-l
his rob- of missionary conceiting
II. e Indians with the nit! of :, true
eye ami a butfalo gun. Andrew .laek-M-n
then cubed for his aid in the
war of 1SIJ. He operated the only
y-cenlimc!cr gun at New Orleans.
At the end of the war he lievottd
his time exclusively to politics until
Conersl Kiljutrick a ppoinl ed him
w irt-b-ss operator during Ihe ''ivi!
War, which post he held uli'il the
i ml tif t he war.
Mr. I'hase once more became im
mersed in politics, finally succeeiling
in electing C.rover Cleveland presi
dent, the rcs"lt of which so iliseour
:i!:ed him that he came to Arizona
where he intends to end his days
provided the continent hold:! logdhtr
long enough.
Senator Hacon, of Cila county, is,
a great believer in predestination and 1
in proof thereof su units his life as
evidence. At the early age of IwtC
years lie began tiissei ting toys and
lie could get his hands on. I
Id he performed an
family cat with an j
done willi so much I
tch that it inn-
.Mis. Frances Willard Mumls, (he
pinior seaali r flout Yavapai, conies
of a long line of distinguished poli
tical amestois; sin- is a dire'-t de
scendant of Alexander Hamilton and
symptoms of his ability and states
manship are apparent in her beauti
fully rounded speeches, dripping with
words of wisdom and refieeling the
pristine brilliance of a massive in
tellect. Her falher was a member
of the California legjslat lire; so iii
the light of the foregoing it is seen
: he is a vitlini of heredity ami
should liol be regarded as clilpaale
as Ihe mule members of the body.
Senator Munds education exlends
ovcr many miles of territory begin
ning in California, extending through
Nevada and winding up in Maine.
Shortly after graduating she becani"
imbued with tlie idea that her mis
sion in life was to instil learning in
the great unwashed. Accordingly she
came lo Arizona and taugld school
at Agua Friii and later at Mayer.
While engaged in Ibis work she mot
John I.. Munds and began tea.rhing
hini rudimentary pnlitics. He proved
such an apt pupil she had to marry
hini to keep some other woman from
stepping in and spoiling her vv ork.
Apropos of this we will slate that
her (silver) wedding anniversary oc
curs March H anil she proposes to
treat, the members of the senate to
fruit cake built hy herself, thus oc
t asloning the Committee on Public
Defense and Committee on Public
Health to hold many joint sessions
and the members to invest heavily
in accident insurance.
Senator Munds is u pioneer in Hie
Woman Suffrage movement, begin
ning the practice of the gentle ar
of handling the persuasive brick-bat
mure than fifteen years aco. She is
the mother of three children and a
Christian Scientist and much specu
lation is going on as to whether
W hen six years t
operation on the
axe. which was
neatness and dis
vinced his fill her that he was des
tined to he a surgeon. Sorrowfully
his father began his education ac
cordingly. Graduating: from school and wish
ing lo settle down and grow up
will, a new country he came to Ari
zona and be--.au practising at Tomb
stone. It is not known whether the
name influenced his decision or not.
W hile ;it Tombstone young Raoon re
moved some of the town's foremost
it i'.ens and caused the survivors to
iegiir.1 him with respect anil awe.
About this time ihe .Miami-Inspiration
Mining company was annoyed
bv iiti over-aiuiniliiiice of agilators
and a direolor proposed appointing
I ir. Rat-on the mine physician in or
der Hint the trouble might be done
a way with.
Dr. Hilton accept
despite the ske
of the direeinl
ni'."lile .-olid il ions, he
mirably and il may I
lie ; it in with I his that
spiral loll . oil pa ir. lia :
1 the post and
I at Iii Mile of sonic
iiipleil with unfa
he succeeded ad-
said ill ,"i:i
thc .Vianil-lli-lemailieil
m all tumble Miiltl the recent
strike in the absence of Dr. Hucon.
one of Ihe difficulties Dr. It.n ,n
liad to contend with upon taking H'e
post was a la k of loois as lie was
"onipolb'il to defer his work until the
-iii : enters were through.
The pie of Cila county r.'ently
became incens-d ui the way legisla
tion v.as , ordaoiod in this baby state
so i hey st ilt him down hen- to lake
Ihe legislsl ivo mat hinery apart and
-ee what make:-
tt act so ipicer.
Represent:!! iv e Lines was horn iu
I'tah in 1S7D and, a.s he says, al
though he ditl not pick out that
state to be bom iu. it is iis good
is any other. In 1SS1 hi- decided to!
see what Arizona had to offer. He I
: i tiled iii Indium county and fol-I
lowed many t rades and occupations,
lit has been u doctor, enwnuncher, j
s li e ephei th r, druggist, merchant.!
school teacher, niinister-of-the-gospei,
printer bricklayer, plasterer car-
pi liter, lawyer, farmer, book agent. I
painter, janitor and policeman. j
AYe tlo not vouch for the nbso-'
Icie accuracy of ihe foregoing list,
but .Mr. Lines assured us that he
had done nearly every thing except
work as a miner anil we think the
above calalngiic pictty nearly covers
the grot, ml.
Mr. Lines claims that this is his
tiist political offense but in order
'hat ii trusting public shall nol be
deceived we feel obliged to expose
him. He had served two lelllis as
justice of the peace.
Mr. Lines is an International Peat'
nlvocale and presents a novel plan
in its support. He' claims that by
engaging foreign nations in business
we could keep them so poor they
toiild nol afford to K'i to war. an!
thus they would tlo a way with big
armies, navies and costly armam
ents. i Continued in the Subseiucnt '.
1 am Hu- indispensable.
The sea depends on me.
Without my aid there can't b trade
Nor can a state be free.
Whoe'er would plough Ihe heaving
And realize, his will.
My help- must have, my power must
No matt"!' what the hill.
I'm built t" stand a lawful shock;
1 don't mind being hiy,
Hut when my bottom touches rock
It jars me ouite a bit.
I hate my bottom's none ton thick
Things not discerned till felt;
Torpedoes do a dirty trick
They hit below the belt.
This is my day. II may not be
A long one .but it's mine.
It may go on for aught I see
Till Mars takes down his sign.
Men groan, and say I come loo high;
Ha! ha! What's that to ill"'.'
The Indispensable mil 1,
And boss of all the sea.
-K. . Martin in Scribner's Magazine.
standing committments. Short in
terests inter became moderately ag
gressive, leading stocks declining
from one to almost two points under
early high prices. The closing was
sotnev, hat irregular. Mi xicun perol -etiin.
whose rise was the subject of
much comment, fell over four points.
aod a few other specialties were
heavy. Honds were heavy with much
pressure oil the international divi
sion. Total sales represented a par
value of $2.nirt.n(lil.
United Slates registered Two's ad
vanced one-eighth on call.
Silver. 4M'i; Kleetrolytic. $14. to
fd4.S7; coper, steady.
Amalgamated, r.4 ; Smelting, t;r, c :
Santa Fe, !'4'': St. Paul, lire"-': New
York Central, X 4 '' ; Pennsylvania.
Hi,,',; Reading. 14:i-"-.s; Southern Pa
cific. M'; 1'uion Pacific, 111'1..;
Steel. 4 3 "v.; Preferred, l'iit,.
Hid. Ask.
Adventure I 1
'Arizona Commercial 4', I'.:..
Alloticz 41''.' il
Calumet and Ariz r..".
Calumet ami llccla ::'.iu ;;:ic,
Copper Range :;t :',
Daly West " :!c
Ray Consolidated 17', I7-
Ciror.x '., 1
(Ireene Cananoa L'HC 27
Hancock- II
Isle Roy:, It- 2 I ' - ""e
Lake Copper K i;'
Alia mi Pn-'1J It'
Mohawk ."iici; .",7
Mass 'upper '. . 4
North Hutte 'l
Nevada Cons I:", PJ'
( isceola 71 71
(iltl Dominion 4"'L' -l"'-
Quincy r,i;i' r.T ' -
Shannon .V' i;
Superior Copper "1 "1
Tamarack :!" "J'.
Flah Cons pi', ln'.
Victoria Pi, 1"
Winona Tx
.Wolverine 17', In
I North Lake 1 ' , 1
South Lake ; -l-'s 4s
Chita, .Tt; :ji",
Utah Copper - 7"
Inspiration lx Hi
Shattuck !!24 2:',
Phoenix Title and
Trust Co.
Offers buyers of Ileal Es
tate an absolute protec
tion in its
Buy It Now
In Arizona
Charles Wakefield Oadman
Princess Tsianina Redfeather
Assisted by The Lyric Club.
Saturday evening, Feb. 20, 1915.
Tickets $1.00, reserved seats without extra charge
at Adams Pharmacy
Nt:W YUKK. Fell. IT,. The Kliivily
ot Ihe diplomatic situation, ami the
cemoraliiition of foreign exeliani;e
with declines iu London remittances,
lo the lovvesi within memory over
shadowing all else on the stock mar
ket. London sittlit drafts fell to J4.X1.
and eontinental exchange likewise
snf fei-e.l Sw it'.erland, Italy and
other nettlrais reflected the ahtiormal
situation ovv prevalent in all foreign
financial markets. Experts hclieve
the foreimt exchanse will decline
further unless the Bank of Knglnnd
releases more of its sold now held at
Ottawa. Stocks moved perfunctorily,
their rise and fall dominated hy the
professional dement which seemed
disposed at the onset to cover out-
If you are out of Apples,
for you.
Panama-Pacific Expositk n
San Francisco
Special Limited Round Trip
Tickets on Sale
Feb. 18th, 19th and 20th
Return Limit March 1st, 1915
Also on Sale
Feb. 27th, 2Sth and
March 8th. 16th and Tith
Return Limit 15 days
The great exposition opens Feb. 20th
and the best time to see it is before
the big summer crowds arrive.
ASK THE AGENT. Trains depart 6:20 p. m. and 8:50 a. m.

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