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Small Meeting But Lots, of
Enthusiasm Great Ad
vertising to Be Secured
for Merchants by Their
"If Phoenix liiis baseball, it will be
Jecause a few young cliaps about town
dorks and employes go after it and
jtet it."
In tbrtl rather bitter arraignment of
the sluggish businessmen, who are the
ones to profit most by the advertising
resulting from league baseball here,
Vtarnet K. Marks, a baseballistically in
clined attorney last night started things
at the meagerly attended meeting of
fans. Now, if nijy success is to attend
the efforts of the few boosters to get a
team in the league, it will be because
these clerks and wage-earners will in
spire their bosses with the git-up-and
git spirit. According to the sentiment
expressed last night.
With less than a score of fans in the
room, the outlook was as dark as Paul
J. Langovvski's visage yesterday when
he thought it would rain on his White
Sox-M?sa game. Marks led off the
speaking with a few hot shots into the
camp of the staid businessman. He
recognized their desire to retrench at
this particular time, and he excused it
fully, but he couldn't help letting slip
a little irony at the comparison between
the interest displayed by the sixty dol
lar a month counter jumper and the
merchant prince who employed him.
Then little Artie Rick got on his large
Hat feet and proceeded to pour a lot of
ulang into tho overheated atmosphere,
lie referred to baseball as. the grandest
sport in the world, not even barring
boss racing. He said a baseball team
would win Phoenix more publicity than
even tho Columbia theater was getting
and he Kicked The Republican man be
neath the table as he said it. Then he
went to the mat with the dead ones,
who can't nerve themselves up to but
into a baseball open meeting unless
presented with a cutely engraved invi
tation. Hester admitted freely that the out
look would have to be much brighter
before he could have very much time
Smokers of
Turkish Trophies
Cigarettes fifteen years ago
are smokers of
Turkish Trophies
Cigarettes today!
MdmafllieHijht Cn&TuriiA
mJEfrpian Ggmtles In tfitVirfd
for baseball in Phoenix. But when
most of the pitiful score warmly pledg
ed their best efforts to back the move
ment, and to get all the dust cleared
out of the atmosphere, he said he would
st-ck, and put a ball club in Phoenix if
it took a leg.
- Harry Johnson, who presided, called
off the names of the fans who may be
depended upon to work with a commit
tee in securing support for the ball
club. They are as follows:
B. E. .Marks, J. B. Rickards, K. J.
Monahan, C. E Heath, George Ellas,
Fred Hudson, Mr Parker, L. F. Sweet
ing, Arthur Luhrs, Dr. John Dunlap, Al
Williams, John Hyder, Ed Rudolph, Vic
Hanny, J C. Adams, Dave Goldberg,
Homer King, H. Clay Parker, C. M.
Spellman, P. H. Hayes, Lcbbeus Chap
man, H. H. Braxton, Tom Trent,
Warren McArthur, Bill Horrell,
Leslie Hardy, Dr. E. W. Baum, Oscar
Irvin, Tom Shaughnessy, Jack Bolin, E.
E. Anderson, Paul Geary, Francis
Geary, Dr. Redewill, H. R. Tritle, M. R.
Boyce, Frank P. Trott, Claude Hannan,
Guy Lawrence, Eugene Goldman, Guy
Alsap, Hugh Marshall, H. L. Aller, W.
D. O'Neil, Dr. Monical, Eddie Doyle,
Con P. Cronin, George Byers, J. E. Gil
len. W. H. Swope, C. R. Bone, Parker
L. Woodman.
3-1 nil
The Big Leaguers to Arrive
Early in Morning Will
See the City in Parade
Through Streets Before
Going to Park
Last Year's Winners Put It
Over Angels, While Rain
Stops Show at 'Frisco and
Snow Keeps Salt: Lake
Quiet '
(Associated Press Dispatch)
oO. Portland won the open
ing game of the Pacific Coast
League, season 1915, by de
feating Lo"s Angeles, 3 to 1,
in a fast contest.
It was the only game
tlayed, rain preventing Oak
land and San Francisco from
playing at the exposition
city, and snow at Salt Lake
kept Venice and the Salt
Lake "Bees indoors.
Portland 3 8 0
Los Angeles 1 8 2
Batteries Portland : Ilig
ginbotham and Fisher; Los
Angeles: Perritt, Ryan, and
The result of today's baseball game
is not much doubt, but the attend
ance is likely to be as astonishingly
large as though two of the closest
matched teams in the world were
fighting for a pennant. Never be
fore has the advent of a team of
homing leaguers created so much
interest here, as this training-trip
inpearance of the Chicago Americans;
with Charles Comiskey his own self
on the offing.
Manager C. H. Rowland of Hie
White Sox wired Manager Paul .7.
Langowski of the -Jewels to the effect
that "The White Sox will arrive in
Phoenix at six-twenty tomorrow
morning. Please meet the train."
So that famous leader of the Mesa
contingent will have to rise earlier
this fair day than he has risen since
he stopped working for a living.
Today's program will be more like
that of a circus than a mere ball
game. To start with, the Sox vrill
be led downtown to the restaurants
for breakfast, and to their hotel for
a brush-up. Then, at 12:30, they will
be packed in automobiles for a. ride
about town, following a lot of band
music, being dispensed by the In
dian school band. At one o'clock,
they will swing the gates at River
side park wide open to allow niore'n
a million fan-fold to get in. Auto
mobiles will be parked all around
the diamond, and the grandstand
will be opened even to the boxes.
which will be equipped with nice
newly (but not fresh) painted chairs.
At 2:45, Umpire Jim Murray . of
the American Association and well
known here by reason of his several
winters passed in the city will growl
the signal at the pitcher, and Mister
Edward Collins, late of the $100,000
infield of C. Mack, will amble up to
the bat to face Monsieur Cicottc,
who will temporarily transfer his
allegiance from the Comiskey crewH
to the Jewels.
Mesa Enthused -
Never before in the history of
Mesa has there been such baseball'
enthusiasm. The town has long been
acclaimed as a baseball center but
even in its palmiest days it has n?ver
known what it means to be attacked
with, a genuine epidemic of baseball
itis. Banks, stores-and offices will
close during the afternoon so that
everyone including the boss, can take
a day off and root for the Msa
Gems in line against the big league
players from Chicago.
The indications are at present, that
there will be but one place of bu
siness remain open and that will be
How to Find Real Salesmen
or Positions as Such
Behind Every Successful Concern Stand Salesmen
If you want to keep trie dollars pouring into your strong box
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igent, tactful, and forceful presentation of your goods. To a busi
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I White Sox. Mesa. j
E. Collins, sb Nutt, 2b j
j Weaver, ss I'ittmari, 31)
Chappel, rf Brown, ss
! Fournier, lb " ' Fomeroy, cf
I J. C. Collins, rf Williams, If 1
I Roth, ef Bond, li j
Brenton, 3b. Barrett, 11)
I Daley, c Sehall:. c
Russell, p Morris, c j
I Scott, p Cicotte, p I
I Benz, P ' Faber. p I
. A
the post oflce. The garages will have
an tneir extra cars m service to
assist in handling- the crowds to and
rrom the game and the stage lines
will commence running extra cars
direct to the grounds as early as
ten o'clock in the forenoon.
Manager Langowski has been one
of the busiest of men for the past
three days getting the park in readi
ness and making arrangements for
handling- the immense crowd that is
expected. One of the most imnort-
ant things that has been occupying
his attention was sandpapering the
diamond. He annonnced yester.iay
that the lot is in better condition
than ever before in its history and
one of the fastest he has ever seen.
It has required a good deal of money
and not a little time to drag Jown
the bumps and fill in the holes, but
he is satisfied that this has been
done until it will be even a surprise
to the fans who visited the park
when it was in the pink of condi
tion. There is another feature that is
that is meeting with general approval
and that is the rearranged lineup.
The fans are under the impression
that it will mean a much closer
score and will be tlie means of
bringing much faster work from the
visitors-. With Cicotte in "the box
for Mesa there is the assurance that
they will have one of the strongest
pitchers in the American league. Ci
cotte played with the Sox here last
year and his twirling gave the local
hitters considerable to talk about
afterwards for some time. In Schalk
the Mesa team will have one of the
best catchers in the American league.
While his record is not up to that
of Daley, however, with the proper
working of the jinks on the day of
the game at Riverside, he may de
monstrate his superiority.
There Is another change in the
Chicago lineup, official notice of
which wa received yesterday and
that is that Brenton would be here
instead of . Brunswick for the third
base position.
AVhether high life of the past win
ter will, interfere with the champion
Braves will develop early in the sea
son. New champions are always
watched for the effects of prosperity.
! Y.W.C.A. Invites to :
April -Fool Party I
Come and join the fun at the T. W.
C. A. Thursday evening, April 1, an
other of the clever evenings arranged
by the social committee. If you are
a member of the association come and
join the jolly circle and do not wait
for a formal invitation. Your member
ship means that you are included and
cordially welcome.
The following proclamation has been
posted in the reception hall where all
who come may read.
Fool! iake heed! Your presence we
To make complete our fool's retreat
Bring your best fool tale so you can
With the fools who come to this fool
The meaning of this fool thing implies
The best fool yarn will win the prize."
April 1st, 7:30 p. m., Y. W. C. A..
Happiness and unhappiness are ir
rational, hey are outside of theoriz
ing or philosophy. A trivial incident
sends our spirits up or down. "Thinn
ing backward" is how the Germans
describe melancholia. The loneliness
that is experienced in crowded places.
and the yearning for days gone by or
for far-off scenes creep unannounced
into the heart.
Real troubles do not kill the joy
of living. Catastrophe and hardship
challenge the soul to combat and
there is a grim pleasure in meeting
and grappling with adversity. The
slumping of precious illusions, the
chilling fogs of misunderstanding,
jealousy, envy and self-pity pile up
at times to obscure the vision. Il
lusions which are our playthings and
our reasons to be alive, no longer
gleam and glisten. Dry reality sup
plants the radiant ideal.
Every, perspn has believed in his
innermost mind that he had a mon
opoly of sorrow and tribulation. "No
one as oppressed as I walks this
earth," complains the unspohisticat-
ed wayfarer. Fatalists there be who
argue that no one is happier than
anyone else and that he who goes
down to the depths of woe merely is
paying for his ascents to the pin
nacles of bliss. '
It has been discovered that defec
tive circulation, lack of exercise, over
eating' and foul air breed the blues.
Their cure is in an active exercise
of all the functions, in work and
conviviality and sport out-doors. De
troit News.- .
The patrons of the Empress will
be given a special treat today and
tomorrow, when two favorites, Fran
cis X. Bushman and Beverly Bayne,
will appear in "The Accounting."
This feature is the sixth Essanay.
complete prize mystery play, pro
duced in conjunction, with the La
dies World. This is a thrilling
drama of love, and international in
trigue, in which secret service of
ficials of two nations fight a des
perate battle for supremacy. This
is a great story and has been real
by" thousands of readers and ,when
played with such a cast as this, is
hard to beat.
Double Feature Program at Lion
Today a six reel program will be
shown at the Lion which, includes two
feature pictures. A Jwo reel Key
stone special called "The Home
breakers" is the 'headliner and fea
tures Chester Conklin, who, sup
ported by a splendid company of fun
makers, furnishes two solid reels of
laughter. These Keystone Specials
come every two weeks at the Lion,
the last one being "Fatty and Ma
bel's Simple Life" which was a
scream. An elaborately staged two
reel drama by the Reliance players
called "The Love Pirate,?' is a good
production and Fay Tincher nlavs the
lead, ably supported by Raoul Walsh
"You have your father's eyes," de
clared, grandma, looking earnestly . at
the young girl.
"And .you have your mother's hair."
"No: this is sister's hair," faltered
the girl.- "And she said I could bor
row it." St. Louis Tost-Pispatch. .
Send her a pretty box of
Donofrio's delicious
Cactus Candy
as your Easter gift
We will prepay to any address a large box of our
Donofrio's Genuine Cactus Candy for $1.00. Spe
cial boxes of Donofrio's Chocolates for Easter, too.
Special attention given to out-of-town orders.
Easter Flowers
Telephone 509 and plaoe your order now for Easter
Lilies, Calla Lilies, Hyacinths, Tulips, Roses, Car
nations or Sweet Peas.
Your Easter Dessert
will be most enjoyed if it's a Donofrio Ice Cream
or Sherbet. Special creams or bricks packed to
Easter Novelties
Candy Easter Eggs at 25c a lb. and up, and at lc to
$3.50 each. Easter "Bunnies," chickens, etc.;
Nests, etc. Easter favors and toys.
Telephone 509 for Prompt Delivery
Ice Cream, Candy, Favors, Flowers
( )
.,ier---r.-.-7'c-r--... '
Wm J i vN$W
and Elmer Clifton. Miss Tincher
(riays the part of an adventuress.
"Coals of Fire," an American drama
of merit and a Thanliauser comedy,
"The Dog Catcher's Bride," complete
the program, which is fully up to
the Lion standard and will please
every observer.
Jack Chanty at Lamara
The business of prospecting and the
mining industry that grows out of it
has formed one of the most favored of
all fields for romance in the wide range
of American literature. There is so
cloe a connection !etween American
literature and the business of making,
motion picture plays that one may be
said to be but a part of the other. Cer
tain it is that the modern business of
making motion pictures in which a plot
in involved is but a visualization of the
stories of the day. This then is one of
the charms of the picture "Jack Chan
ty" now running at the Iamara thea
ter. It is a story of the northwest
mining country in which all the virile
qualities of the American come to the
lore. Max Figman takes the name part
and he is materially assisted in mak
ing the play a success by Miss Lolita
Robinson, whose brunette beauty lends,
itself well to the Indian maids part she
plays. Jack Chanty will show again to
day. Tomorrow Elaine will be at the
Lamara in another Exploit, the sev
enth. Coliseum Successes
To the jingle of bones and tamhor
ines, "Bob" McGreer's bunch of "joy
producers" slammed out a safe hit
with the Coliseum fans yesterday
evening, when they staged a neat bit
of minstrcly. The attendance at the
Old Coliseum theater couldn't be bet
ter and the old shack takes on the
appearance of days of yore. This
week's offering of "Minstrel Maids
and Men" has had a splendid attend
ance and it is to be regretted that
this bill must close Wednesday eve
ning to make room for the coming
new bill of Thursday evening.
At the Arizona
William Farnum in a spectacular
and impressive film version of Wil-
json Barrett's sublime and immortal
drama, "The Sign of the Cross," will
be the feature extraordinary at the
Arizona tonight.
The play featuring the famous ac
tor, is a product of the Famous
Players. For many years the original
play has fascinated the imagination
and swayed the emotions of audiences
throughout the civilized world. "The
Sign of the Cross," derived from the
j symbol which to hundreds of millions
has borne so profound a significance,
.teaches a lesson that is not easily
forgotten by the spectator.
Miss Scott her two chums are all sup
plied with plenty of chance to create
fun and the story is so full of good
things that the audience is kept in one
round after another of laughter.
"Girls" New Record
It did not take the theater fans long
to find out the class of the offering this
week at the Columbia and for tho first
time in two -weeks the Tuesday house
doubled he opening night. "Girls" is
some of the best comedy that the local
contingent has been granted he right
to give the once over in many moons.
It is a sparkling comedy filled with the
brightest lines of anything Fitch ever
gave to the stage and the cast just fits
the company. Miss MacClean as the
man hater and Miss Hammond and
The New York Times of last Fri
day announced the sale in that city
of 10,000 tons of "American pot'ish"
at a price equivaent to that paid i-i
normal times for German potash
salts. The sale, according to t'ie
Times, was made by a Pacific Coast
business man who has engaged with
a small group of associates, in tho
production of potash from seaweed,
or kelp. Delivery of five cars is
promised -within sixty days and tho
Westerner told the Times thit
processes for the "commercialization''
of kelp have been improved to the
Jioint where success is assured. Tho
seaweed is "harvested"' by a sub
marine cutting device, with a canar
ity of fifty tons per hour. He adds
.that the fifty tons of kelp, when
j "processed," yields five tons of fer
tilizing material with a potash con
tent of more than 20 per cent. The
opening of the Panama Canal, it is
explained, permits delivery of tho
product on the Eastern seaboard at a
fair profit to the producers. N'jiV
Orleans Picayune.
j o
The family tree is an actual tiling in
'Japan. The tree is planted at the birth
of the children and remains untouched
until he marries. It is then cut down
' and made into furniture for the newly
' weds. . .
h 1E
Game called at 2:45 Sharp
Gates open at 1:00 o'clock

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