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Onyx9 f
jj 4
is not only the Perfect Gum in the
Perfect Package. Absolutely clean
and wholesome the product of
scientific manufacture wax wrap
ped and sealed air-tight. Not only that,
but on each 5c package the outer
band is a valuable Premium Coupon.
These Coupons come
with both WRIGLEY'S
snn02ns new Double Strength Pepper
mint flavored gum and with WRIGLEY'S
E2zmn the Mint Leaf flavored brand.
These SAME COUPONS now come with so many
high grade products that you can collect them very
rapidly. Substantial premiums are offered for as low
as 5 coupons and from that up.
To stimulate the growth in vegetable
raising, and interest the gardeners un
dertaking such crops, and at the same
time afford a central place where the
thousands of visitors as well as towns
people may see the best that grows
in the rich lands surrounding Phoenix,
he Greene and Griffin Co. have agreed
to place their windows at the disposal
of the farmers of the Salt River Val
ley. As an added inducement 3 prizes cf
$1.00 each, for such products as aro
seasonable will be offered.
This week lettuce, asparagus and
cauliflower will be the vegetables for
which prizes will be given. The farm
ers themselves will be the judges and
j the contest closes every Saturday
j morning at 11:30. This day being the
most convenient for the farmers to
come to the city. All exhibitors are
likewise asked to bring their displays
on that morning.
This movement is in sympathy with
the meeting called at the Chamber of
Commerce for the purpose of interest
ing Phoenicians in home grown pro
Articles for men, women, children
and the home. Birthday and Holiday
gifts. Wearing apparel, furniture
a thousand useful, ornamental,
pleasure-giving things. The Spear
men shown here have a few of them.
Write for your free
copy of the newest
jingle book for young
and old-WfffGLEVS
Mother Goose the
old familiar rhymes
written and illustrated
as the WRIGLEY
they ought to be!
Address :
Wnu Wrigley Jr. Co.
1209 Keener BUg.
"i Address: .;,,' MvfJ'
It Will Pay You wngiey jr. c I? VC
f" ' 1209 Keener BUg. -yflkJ'&fH''
f TTO Save Chicago J
Grand Lodge Session It Convened to
Conduct Services at Grave I
The funeral of Francis A. Shaw,
whose death occured at the family res
idence West McKinley street on Sun
day morning, will be held this morning
at 10 o'clock from Trinity Pro-Cathedral,
Very Rev. William Scarlett offici
ating. Burial will be made in Green
wood cemetery.
For the purpose of giving to the old
est Mason in Arizona, full Masonic
honors, a special session of the Grand
Lodge of Arizona, F. & A. M. will be
convened this morning. Grand Master
Rridge of Bisbee, yesterday deputized
Frank Thomas as grand master to of
ficiate at the services. It is expected
there will be several grand lodge offl- j
cia's here, including Grand Secretary.
George N. Roskruge of Tucson.
Members of all the Masonic frater
nities arc urged to be at the Masonic
Temple at 9:30 o'clock this morning to
attend in a body. The Order of the
Kastern Star will meet at the same
hour and place
Mayor George U. Young yesterday
issued a semi-proclamation directing
the attendance of the city commission
and the citizens generally at the funer
al out of respect to the second mayor of
Phoenix and requested City Manager
Craig" to order the flag of the city hall
to be placed at half mast for a period
of ten days.
"I read out to my wife a headline
this morning about the Ottoman
"Wasn't she horrified?"
'Not she. Thought it was a cut
rate bargain sale in a furniture
store." Baltimore American.
, tj , , 'II
Hff. )pw .r .$
Miss Almira M. Fowler, for twelve
years matron of the Indian school, died
yesterday afternoon at her home 1322
West Monroe, shortly after five o'clock.
She was taken ill in February. She
is survived by Dr. Chas. A. Fowler of
Portland, Ore., and two sisters, Mrs. G.
T. Budrov- of Twin Falls, Idaho, and
Mrs. Annie L. Rogers of Cheyenne, Wy
oming. Mrs. Rogers has been with the
deceased during her last illness.
Almira M. Fowler was born at Gene
seo, N. T., Oct. 29, 1854. Her family
moved to Salinas, 111., in 1856 and the
greater part of her life was spent in
that place, she was a daughter of Dr.
D. F. and Anna A. Fowler and was a
member of the Mayflower Society be
ing a direct descendant of Elder Brews
er and Governor Bradford.
She came to Phoenix in 1903 as mat
ron at the Indian school and was a
member of Maricopa Chapter, Daught
ers of the American Revolution and
was for several years state regent of
that society.
The funeral will be held at the Pres
byterian church Thursday afternoon at
four o'clock, Rev. Henry Martyn Camp
bell officiating. Interment will l.e made
in Greenwood.
President Issues Order to Observe
Fiftieth Anniversary of Ex
President's Death
4 ' 1
WASHINGTON, April 13. The
president signed tonight an executive
order, providing that fitting dbserv
ance be given the anniversary of the
death of Abraham Lincoln who died
fifty years ago Thursday.
The president's executive order fol
lows: "As an evidence of the profound
affection of the American people for
the memory of Abraham Lincoln, it
is hereby ordered that the executive
offices of the United States be closed,
that the national flag be displayed at
half mast upon all federal buildings,
all foits, military posts, naval stations
and on all vessels of the United States
and that representatives of the United
States in foreign countries shall In like
manner pay appropriate tribute to his
memory, on Thursday, April 15, the
fiftieth anniversary of his death
"Owners and sailors of all merchant
ships of the United States are re
quested similarly to display the na
tional flag at half-mast
NEW YORK, April 13. Wild and
active speculation in securities was
resumed under lead of Bethlehem
Steel which rose and fell within the
range of 32 points, and closed with a
net gain of exactly one point. Its
high price of 155 was recorded mid
way of the afternoon. All branches
of the stock list which moved forward
were more or less upset by the se
vere break, some leading issues yield
ing more than their gains and clos
ing with net losses. But for the in
explicable movement of Bethlehem
Steel the average closing prices would
have been the highest for the cur
rent movement inasmuch as Union
Pacific, the Hill , Gdoup, St. Paul,
Amalgamated copper and the poten
tial issues were one time well above
!heir record levels of last Saturday.
Coppers held more steady thnn any
other division on the list and their
improvement was sustained by an
other advance in selling price on the
refined metal. Foreign exchanges re
flected the sudden rates between this
tnarkt and Europe, marks the falling
to the lowest quotation since the out
break of the war. Total sales of
stocks amounted to $1,000,065. - The
bond division moved contrarily the
greater part of the session. Total
sales represented par value of $3,
1S4 000.
United States bonds were unchanged
on call.
Amalgamated, 70; Smelting, 71;
VMMn Wttff "IT' ' 111 r tr -
Three ?y" 0 ury Days
The National Annual
Hosiery Event
April 15th, 16th, 17th
Thursday Friday Saturday
At Special Prices On These Days Only
58a S.P: Women's "ONYX" Medium
Light Weight Silk Lisle with Pointex
Heel, "Dub-1" Top, extra heavy Spliced
Heel and Toe; Black only.
"ONYX" DAY PRICE 3 pairs for $1.00
6607: Women's "ONYX'' Pure Thread
Silk Boot with Lisle "Dub-1" Top. Re
inforced Heel, Sole and Toe, Black, White
and Tan.
"ONYX" DAY PRICE 3 pairs for $1.00
H 408: Women's "ONYX" Medium
Weight Silk Lisle. "Dub-1" Top, High
Spliced Heel and Double Sole; Black
"ONYX" DAY PRICE 3 pairs for $1.00
141: Women's "ONYX" Pure Thread
Silk; Medium Weight: Lisle Garter Top
and Sole; Extra Double Heel and Toe;
Black and White.
"ONYX" DAY PRICE 60 cents per pair
Women's "ONYX" Pure Thread Silk; a Fine Medium Weight; "Dnb-I"
Garter Top of Silk" or Lisle; High Spliced Heel and Double Sole of
Silk or Lisle; Black and White.
"ONYX" DAY PRICE . $1.00 per pair
E 352: Mens "ONYX" Silk Lisle in
Black only. "Doublex" Heel and Toe,
D pipuceo noie. rias no equal.
"usi. DAY pkice 3 pairs tor
715: Men's "ONYX" Pure Silk, Spliced
Heel, Sole and Toe; in Black, Tan, Navy,
Grey, Purple, Hello, Bergundy and Cadet.
"ONYX" DAY PRICE 3 pairs for $1.00
1326 Men's "ONYX" Finest Pure Silk, Medium Weight; Reinforced
Heel, Sole and Toe; Black and Colors.
"ONYX" DAY PRICE $1-00 per pair
B 1274: Boys' "ONYX" Medium Weight
"Dub-I Wear" Ribbed Cotton in Black
only; Sizes 6 to 10; Best Boys' Hose
of its kind in America. 25c per pair
X 46: Misses! "ONYX" Medium Weight
"Dub-1 Wear" Lisle; Fine Ribbed: Black
and Tan; Sizes 5 to 10; Best Misses'
Hose in America. 25c per pair
j " Onyx
York Central, 87 H: " Pennsylvania,
109; Reading, 150; Southern Pa
cific, 91: Union Pacific, 13fl'f.;
Steel 5fi; Preferred, 108.
Silver. 49: Electrolytic, $16.37 at
416.50; Copper, firm.
Boston Copper Market
Adventure 2i 2
Allouez 47 Vi 47
Calumet and Ariz 65 54
Calumet and.Hecla 480 ' 485
Copper Range 53 53
Ray Cons 21 Ms 22
Greene Cananea 30 30 Ms
Hancock 14 14
Isle Royale .. 25 25
Lake Copper 10 10
Miami 24 24
Mohawk 67 68
Mass Copper 9 9
North Butte 32 32
Nevada Cons. 14 14
Osceola 76 77
Old Dominion 49 50
Quincy .. ., 74 75
Shannon 8 8
Superior Copper 31 32
Tamarack .. 35 36
Utah Cons 10 11
Victoria .. 1 2
Winona .. .;. 2 3
Wolverine . . 49 49
North Lake 2 2
South Lake 8 8
Chino 42 43
Utah Copper 62 63
Inspiration 30 31
Shattuck 27 27
I United Verde Ex 2 3
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in managing the mine. Peter Hook was
a superintendent under Cloud, and I
when Hoffman refused to deliver'
Cloud's shares on the -ground he had
failed to pay certain expenses that were '
alleged to have been agreed upon. Hook i
was left out in the cold. Hook died, I
and his widow, Jennie F. Hook, acting,
for herself and as executrix of her hus-
band's will brought suit in the Cochise
court to compel Hoffman, who is a Cin
cinnati millionaire to deliver her fifty
thousand shares of stock. Hoffman.
who is represented by Judson Harmon,
former governor of Ohio and Ellinwood
and Ross, attempted to get the case in- f
to federal court here on the ground of '
diversity of citizenship. Judge Saw
telle unearthed the fact that Mrs. Hook !
was a resident of Ohio, and that there
was consequently no diversity at all.
Hoffman appeared in person to in
terpose the objection before Judge
Lockwood that summons by registered
mail invalidated the jurisdiction of the
Cochise county court, as he (Hoffman)
was a non resident. This objection
was sustained by Judge Lockwood. and
immediately upon appeal, the case was
brought to the supreme court, the de
cision of the lower court being there
reversed and the case remanded.
The decision which is an able com
position of 30 pages by Judge Frank
lin, closes with these paragraphs
"The appellant's rights are cogniz
able only in equity and the subject
matter of this suit being- immovably
fixed within this jurisdiction, the
courts of this state are not powerles
to proceed by reason of the non-residence
of the appellee.
"Recognizing the power of the legis
lature of this state, by virtue of tho
location within its boundaries of the
Property, which Is the subject matter
of the action, to enable its courts to
take juriediction upon constructive
service of process against the non-resident
defendant, and the object of the
suit being to establish an ownership of
said property, we are of the opinion the?
judgment of the superior court is erroneous."
lave You $1000.00
:t That you would invest in Real Estate if absolutely sure of
on investment and reasonably sure of v
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