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Crossett Shoes
For Style, Fit and Wear
The fit ami wear ol a .hoc are morse closely associated tjian most people realize. The
hest leather in the worll would give very unsatisfactory wear :f made up on a poorly
shapeil last. A shoe expert has staff d the problem thus:
'To jtlafc the vooin in the last whr-ro there is the least pressure,
giving .maximum wear by iireveuting the Werst raining of the
leatiiei" at any point." ,
It W easier said than done. I!ut many years of successful experience has
taught the Crossett designers l ow to cut a shoe that will afford a maxi
mum of style, comfort and durability. .
When you select your shoes from the lari;e Manny stocks, complete in ail
styles, leathers and sizes, you may depend upot; getting a shoe that feels
well, loolis swell and v.'ears well.
Goad Shots are an economy
Home of
"E. and
Mother Who Evidently Did Not
Know Daughter Had No Right to
Leave Jurisdiction of Court -Leaves
County Taking Girl
With Her. Officer Goes
x After Her '
Judge Stanford of the, suin-rior
court yesterday issued a bench war
rant ordering the return of Mildred
Kuhles, aped 1, who hast been held
in the detention home for some time.
but whose mother yesterday met her
on the street and took her out of I
the ('utility. I
The girl's mother, who is a social-
istic lecturer, brought her to this city
some time 'ago, but left her later!
practically destitutf. She was taken
in charge by the county authorities
jind turned over . to the detention
.Mrs. William
Mrs. William Hale Thompson, wife of the newly elected mayor of Ciii
npo, helped -her husLutid very materially in the campaign that has just
closed. . She made speeches in his behalf and helped organize women's
Thompson clubs. . The effectiveness of her campaigning is attested by the
fact thut about two4hirds of the women voters of Chicago cast their bal
J'jts for her husband. . - ...
40 North Central
Hart Schaffner and Marx
W." Shirts and Red-Man
home from which place she was lo-
cated in a Rood home here. The
family with whim she was living.
I were sending her to business school.
land she had about
Tile mother has
(times from the east
completed her
written several j
askins the su
perior court to let
tody of the child.
iter have the ciis
At one time she
l sent half of the money necessary to
'carry the cili .bark east but never j
.sent u large enoush amount. j
Kvidently thinking that she had the
I rijfht to take her daughter with .her
when ever she wished, Mrs. Kuhles,
it is claimed, met the fjirl on the
street and took her to Tucson, where
on the advice of authorities here the
two were apprehended. The mother
was not arrested, and was reported
to lie makins a speech on the plaza
, in that place last night.
Probation Officer W. J. Osborne
left last night for the Pima city and
will bring the young girl hack with
him. She is under the charge of the
court, and can not leave the county
without permission,
Hire a little salesman at The re
publican office. A Want Ad will see
more customers than you can.
Hale Thompson.
Moose will make a special effort to
get publicity for their wants in the
matter of the sanitarium, and in order
to secure' the best co-operative effort
of the valley, they have enlisted the
aid of the chamber of commerce.
A Moose committee composed of Dr.
lioido. It. K. Marks, "Wiley Jones, Wal
ter HoJ't, Walter Van Tyne, I'. C. Ad
ams called on the directors of the
chamber of commerce yesterday after
noon and succeeded in beimj very con
vincing on the suhject of the sanitar
ium. They described the work that
has been done to interest the national
committee in the matter, and pointed
out what preparations had been made
to place the institution should it be
established in Salt River Valley.
A special committee of five was
named by the president to rk in
connection with the movement: A.
Stauffrr. E. P. Conway, H. P.. Tritle,
J. L. Oust and C. A. IJonofrio.
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j the, fifteenth, the first train leaving
for there this morning."
Villa Bi-Plane Fliei
RROWXSVILLE. April 16. A Villa
bi-plane was flown before Matamoras
today by Farnum Fish of Los Angeles,
an, American. He attempted no mi
litary maneuvers and broke his land
ing gear when, he (time down.
Saloons were reopened in Matamor
as .today. There was uo drunkenness.
however, as heer, the only drink eolil
costs ?." per bottle Mexican ' money.
The soldier pay is $2 daily Mexican
Women of the Juicditecos Indians,
forming part of the Matamoras garri
son, have been a factor in the garri
son's recent fighting. They have
crouched for concealment in the water
of the numerous shallow lakes which
(Over the fighting area.
'Tis dawn in the sky of the world,
!Tis dawn in the sky of my heart,
And earth is the bud of a rose
Whose petals are trembling apart:
So I come to your door in the dawn,
And 1 breathe you my life in a
You would smile, you would lean
from your window, my queen.
If you heard if you heard.
The air is all throbbing with life,
And I am a pulse iif the flame.
All breathless the universe beats
Like a heart that is tuned to your
As the stars in their courses last
v Kept time to each breath that you
libit qui' passion is dumb ) my love
T '.'nil u-nnM rnmo
f you knew if you knew.
You would glow in the. flush of the
You glitter so' coldly above;
Yon would lean like a rose to his cry
Who yearns to the lips of your
You would raise him who faints at
your feet.
To a height that his hope never
Yon would warm the poor clod in
your arms to a rod.
If you cared if you cared.
London Bookman,
After an exciting chase and a. rcc-ord-breakins
auto run, Sheriff Adams
and Deputy Jim .Murphy yesterday
caught up with f.. A. Salaxar. wanted
here for forgetting to bring back a
horse and buugy he had rented from
t'hurles Kurley of the .Monroe stables.
The otficers received the complaint
that Salazar had failed to let urn the
rig, and, making inipiiiies, learned
that tile outfit had been seen going
north. They were soon on the man's
trail and lolowed him to a town
named (.'obes in Va-vapai county. The
officers had intended to pass the
night in that place and take up the
chase in the morning, but the rate
they had traveled enabled them to
overtake the fugitive.
Salazar is well known here in police
circles, having at one time .sold a
bunch of sheep not belonging to nim,
for which he served lime in the peni
tentiary, fie is also alleged to have
been in the toils at one time for lais
ing a check.
In his trip northward Salazar was
taking his time, selling suits of
clothes, collecting a deposit or. them,
and then failing to send the clothes.
He was accompanied by a woman,
whose name could not be learned.
The officers took him to Present t.
Where he was held in the Yavapai
county iail last night ami will be
brought to this citv today.
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tor once asked him for a letter to
Mr. llockefcIU-r, Mr. Aldrich replied:
"As 1 have met Jlr. Rockefeller
only twice in my life I fear the letter
would be of but little if any assist
ance to you.''
In legislation he was charged with
bring sectional. This is hardly borne
out by the facts, and more than once
he gained his points by utilizing the
conflict of interests between West
find South and Kast.
Having."" Jegnn his career as a
business man. Senator Aldrich con
tinued throughout his public service
to display business-like methods and
extraordinary capacity for organiza
tion. l"pon his election to the sen
ate, he was immediately made chair
man of the Committee on Utiles, and
a member of the Committee on
Finance and Inter-state commerce,
loiter as thairman- of the Finance
Committee he was called upon to as
sume ;L large share of the responsi
bility, for all tariff and financial leg
islation before the senate. He par
ticipated in the preparation of no
fewer than six revisions of the tariff
and bore the burden of labor incident
to them. The Payne-Aldrit h tariff
act was engineered through the sen
ate by him after many weeks of
skillful manoevuring and hard fight
ing. Mr. Aldrich 'was always ready to
seize upon any trend of public busi
ness to advance legislative causes in
which he was interested. The
"Banker's panic'1 of mo? enabled him
to give impetus to his plan to bring
about jnonetary. reforms. The first
fruit of his labors In this direction
was the Vreeland-Aldrich Knergency
Currency law of iHttS, put through
the senate by Aldrich alter an his
toric filibuster directed by Mr. La
Heinic Wagner.
According to reports from Boston,
Heinie Wagner's arm has failed to
regain the cunning that helped win
that 1912 championship, though it
shows some improvement over last
season, when it practically was use
less. - ,
Heinie probably will start the sea
son on the bench as a utility man.
But even if he doesn't round into
form he's likely to be kept as a sort
of assistant manager to Bill Car
rigan. He and Bill were the advis
ory board whose brains tlopcd out
much of the strategy that won that
pennant three years ago. ir3'
II I u
A i
Choice selcctitm
of Chant ilia, Ori
ental , filet, sha
dow, gold and sil
ver laces 12 to
36 inches wide;
selected from our
tegular showing,
exceptional val
ues yard from
75c to $5.00.
good stmrdy suits
terestieg Prices
$S.00-$S.7S and $6.Oo suits of
mannislhi raSxtures and dSagonal
stripes In browns Mues (S? tj g
and greys each a5
Follette. the Progressive Republican
from Wisconsin, who was aided by
Mr. Stone of Missouri, a democrat.
Sharp parliamentary tactics enabled
Mr. Aldrich to bring the bill to a
final vote, but in taking Mr. 1a
Follette off his feet Mr. Aldrich made
an enemy who was relentless in his
opposition during many subsequent
legislative contests.
Tiie emergency currency law was
regardfd by Mr. Aldrich as the best
remedy possible of speedy enactment,
but he did not stop there. He began
work immediately upon a more per
manent plan of currency reform, giv
ing most of his time to the work of
the national Monetary Commission.
Ho was able to devote his time un
reservedly to his work because in
lull he declined to be a candidate
for re-election, giving ill-health as
a reason.
After his retirement from public
life. Mr. Aldrich spent much of his
time in travel but he continued to
follow business affairs. He saw
many of his ideas on the subject of
currency on enacted by the democrats
and although the new law did not
bear his name, it is known to a
large extent he approved of what was
SAN FRANCISCO, April Hi. Thos.
Corbett, brother of James J. Corbett.
former heavyweight champion of the
world, died at his home here after
an illness of two days. lie suffered
a sever attack of pleurisy.
Thomas Corbett was 37 years old
and the youngest son of a family of
five boys and three girls. James
Corbett. the former champion, now
in Australia, Joseph. Frank and three
married sifters remain alive. A wi
dow and two children also survive.
When James fought his world's
championship battles his younger
brother Tom was always with him
as a traveling companion and second.
For the last eight years Tom Cor
bett was the biggest betting com
missioner on the. Pacific coa.st. In
the last presidential campaign he
handled SlutUKin for his clients. For
five, years previous to that he was
associated with his brother, Harry
Corbett, in the pool room business.
The Real Thing preentK itself, pri
marily, as a threat and a challenge di
rected against the very foundations of
our national and individual existence.
If you would conceive the state of our
national psychology, you must imagine
how you yourself would feel and think
if everything you had tal;en for grant
ed and reckoned as secure your coun
try, your home, your family, your
country, your life, your ideals, were
suddenly menaced and bidden to de
fend themselves from destruction. A
frontier nettlemont in the old days
Which had just received intelligence
that a powerful tribe of Red Indians
was on the war-path in the immediate
vicinity, a populous city feeling the
tremors of an earthquake which had
already shattered its next neighbor
these are images which may help the
reader to understand the psychological
disturbance, of Kngland at the present
hour. I do not mean that there is
panic; for 1here is none. England i
calm, resolute, and prepared Her
teeth are set, and she has braced her
self to meet a tremendous shock. And
the need so to brace herself has acted
as a stimulus to every faculty of her
soul. We are feeling more deeply,
thinking more deeply, thinking more
clearly, willing more vigorously than
we do in normal limes. There is ex
altation in the national mind. One can
even find a truth in the strange re
mark recently made by Mr. Harold
Ttegbie. that England was never hap
pier than she is to-day. Rut behind
it all there is the sense of a present
threat. T.. P. Jacks, in the April Yale
. ' o
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not to hire any of the 1 !," union
painters in the painters' district coun
cil, began employing non-union paint
ers today. Repoits of violence which
reached the employing headquarters
resulted in precautions being taken to
protect the non-unionists from attacks.'
. fiST ill- AR A5tI.l)tCfi
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of Boys Setts
Proof' V tailored at most im
raege of sizes f rooi 7 to 17
$7.50 -$8.50 $9.00 amid $110.00
suits of maniniislhi mixtures and
diagonal stripes im a wide range of
desarable shades also
blue serge-eacli ....
1 SSfc?
Bnb Fitzsimxons (riyhl) conpralulcling Jess Willard over lattrr's victory.
Champion Jess Willard stopped off the train in Washington en route
frdln Havana to New York, and was met by Hob Fitzsimmonx, former
champion, who warmly congratulated him. Fitzsir.imons says with four or
hve months' training lie could lick Jess in four rounds. Fitzsimmons hasn't
a very high opinion of the Kansas cowboy, and predicted before the
Havana titrht that .Jack Johnson would win. !
How to Buy Sporting Goods Cheaply,
or Sell What You Don't Want
Ease Up on the WG-String" of Your Nerves.
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tackle, dogs, tents everything your heart desires, and your purse can
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1 1 ,
i : -
c r

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