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Is This
If it's stirmy, if you're tired out, ir you want to
Vive time, well take your Grocery order over the
wire, and select fin? Groceries for you. P-ompt an I
obliging Service by Phone or in pe-sort goes hand
m hand with our Hirjh Grade Groceries. Prices the
F.iiresi in Town. Test Us.
Grocery Co.
230 E. Washington St.
Phones 714-3522
Republican Offers Prizes To
Salt River Valley Farmers
$15.00 $10.00
Letters and Pictures Wanted for The ' Contest Closes May Eighth; Judges
Republican's Salt River Valley wil1 B C. S. Scott, Mrs. O. E.
Development Edition; Wo
Want Your Help and
Young. W. W. P. O'Connell,
M. E. Bemis and Ernest
Douglas; Send in a
"!! of t In- part i. ularly atl rai live
f.-.-.i nr. of Tli.- I'.epuhlican's illus
trated ! 1 1 l n 1 1 1 edition, to lie is
sued witidn the next few weeks, will
lie Sccral paes devoted to personal
Mat.nunts made by men anil women
f this valley, as lo the practical
sm-rts which they have male here
I f uming.
Ivinving that h Iters of this char
it t.-r are the lest kind of develi.p
tneiit nuiteri.il. The Republican off. rs
f.vo la-h prizes, a first prize of
the past five
taken during
he the most
f $!. for the
ived illustrating suc-
These letters will he
basis of general
si-ckrrs anil convinc
maile, the subject be-
and a sc-niid
lest letter rcc
i essful farinny.
judged on Ha-
lerest to hollle
UK statements
ing "llniv 1 Made ; 1 on ltnd iti
the Salt Kiver Valley. " betters shotilil
t.- not less than two hundred wonls
nor mule than three hundred. Kach
letter should eontaiti aetual. specific
statements with figures and results,
giving readers helpful ideas anil a
g.d conception of what can actually
lie done here. Letters to compete for
prizes must he in the office of The
Republican not later than Saturday,
Vay Mil. As many as possible, or
all of these litters Sllhmitteil Will he
use, in the edition.
Anoth. r prize of $.". will he Riv
en for the hest photograph furnished
us. suitable fir making a cut, any
of which will he used to illustrate
the iilitton. These pictures can be
of any scene of farm life, live stock,
etc. The Kcpuhlii an, of course, will
appreciate pictures from professional
photographers, hut professionals will
te eliminated from participating in
the prize contest. Pictures may hi'
large or small, hut we prefer those
taken any time during
years, although those
the past one year will
The judges of the letter and pho
tograph contest w ill he ( '. S. Scott
and Mrs. . K. Yoiirii;, of the Ari
zona .Magazine; M. K. Kemis, of the
Southwestern Stockman and Farmer;
V. 1". .Mi ( oiiih 11. of the progressive
farmer, and Krnest 1 lunulas, of the
Arizona News Cureau.
The l:epuhliian lira's everyone
who iias had some especial success
along 111,- lir.e suggested to send in a
l-tter without delay and thus help in
making of this edition, one which
vill le of he utmost use in the real
development of the valley.
Self -addressed stamped envelopes
and taper will he sent to anyone
desiring the same. Promptness will
help. The Kepnhlican's phone num
her is 4M. Mail letters or photo
graphs carefully wrapped. In Tin'
Arizona I it -pub'ii an, I'hocnix, Arizona.
Have That Leaky
Roof Fixed Before
The Next Rain!
When building, specify Johns-Ma nville Asbes
tos Roofing, rain-proof, fire-proof and weather
proof. Sold in Phoenix by the
Spanish-American "War Vet
erans Are .Happy Ovci'
Arrival of Document Au
thorizing Corpora-c Kx
istence of Camp No. 1
Spanish American war veterans of
Phoenix, in fact of all of Arizona,
are overjoyed at the receipt of the
charter for Phoenix Camp, No. J.
It was received yesterday hy Com
mander F. Struckmeyer of Phoe
nix Camp No. 1, from national
headquarters of the t'nited Spanish
War Veterans. It is a beautifully
embossed document containing the
names of seventy-four charter mem
bers. Accompanying it was also re
ceived the following communication
from the commander-in-chief of the
I'nited Spanish War Veterans.
National I leadiuarters,
T'nited Spanish War Veterans,
Cleveland, ., April 27. litl.Y
I'roni the Adjutant Oeneral I'. S. W.
V. to the officers and Comrades,
Phoenix Camp No. 1, Phoenix, Ariz.
Subject, Charter.
1. The engrossed charter for Phoe
nix ( amp N . 1 has been f..i wai iled
todav direct to the camp commander
The delay occasioned bv the non
receipt of charter list is greatly re
Mrctte'1. '1. The coinmander-in-rhief r insri
tulates you upon the formi'ion of
such a strong camp, and hopes that
it will be a means of keeping alive
the memories of the service to your
country in lime of its need. Real
izing that the efforts were largely
patriotic and wholly unselfish, it is
desired that this fact will be kept
constantly in mind, to the end that
the camp will exert a powerful in
fluence in promoting the patriotic
principles of the community. The
commander-in-chief urges the com
rades to be untiring in their efforts
to promote the principles and best
the I'nited Spanish War
all times.
a HTi i cit c. i: ;i:i:s.
Commander Struckmeyer has is
sued a call for a spi-cial meetins: of
the local camp to be held at the
armory next Thursday evening. May
ti, at x o'clock at which all comrades
are rcipiested to be present for the
purpose of ratifying the charter and
taking important steps affecting the
fut ire of the local camp.
Phoenix Camp No. 1 is the only
camp of I'nited Spanish War Vet
erans in Arizona and it is the pur
pose and ambition of the Phoenix
Camp and of its officers to not only
enroll in its membership every vet
eran residing in this city but also
veterans of the Spanish war and of
the Philippins insurrection who re
side in the state so that every vet
eran residing in Arizona may be
come a member of the Phoenix camp
until such time as camps in other
parts of the state can be organized.
Not only do the I'nited Spanish
War Veterans endeavor to perpeuate
fond recollections of service days, to
interchange stories of "How I Took
San Juan Hill, Captured Auuinaldo;
How I Kan the Ouard, etc.' at the
meetings, but also to foster and. as
expressed by the adjutant general,
"to exert a powerful influence in
promoting the patriotic principles of
the community."
(Continued from PaKe One)
interests of
Veterans at
( Signed
Phone 1074
323 West Washington Street
T. J. SMITH, Manager
Contractors We have a big stock of high-grade
Johns-Manville Trinidad Lake Asphalt
have ferreted it out and spread it
before, you."
Keferrins to the testimony of the
two detectives, Snyder and Murphy,
he shouted:
"Somebody is hiring these detec
tives to ko on the stand and try to
swear John It. Uiwsuii's life away."
Hawkins belittled the testimony
introduced by the prosecution.
"When the state, or perhaps I
should not say the state when the
prosecution which makes its head
quarters at the coal company offices,
had finished its case, I thought it
had made no case at all. If this had
been an ordinary trial, I would have
been content to submit the case
without presenting evidence. I'.iit this
is not an ordinary case. The trial
of John Iiwsnn is a trial of the
rights of labor to oppose oppression
and I believed it only fair to the
public and the labor cause to present
the truth in this vital matter."
Hawkins declared the course of the
bullet through Nimmo's lecs showed
he had not been shot by strikers in
the railroad cut but by some person
to his riKht, presumably a deputy
sheriff or mine Kuard.
Fred - Clark, continuing the arpru
ment for the defense, challenged the
jury to free Lawson or hanfr him.
"The assistant attorney genera!
asked you to hang John Iawson,'"
he said. "I take up his challenge.
I don't want any manslaughter ver
dict. I want John Uwwm to go
forth from the court room a free
man. or I want you to return a ver
dict of first degree murder and fix
the penalty at death."
(Continued from Tago One.)
shall receive coanta! concessions or
contracts without Japan's consent.
Croup five comprises seven articles
relating to the employment by China
of Japanese as advisors in political, fi
nancial and military affairs; the super
vision of Chinese police, the right of
Japanese ownership of land, Japanese
supervision over the manufacture or
purchase by China of munitions of war
and various railway and mining rights
and the right by the Japanese to pro
pagate I-Suddhif m in China.
I..U Olink Hsiang informed M. Itioki
at a conference yesterday that the quo
tations embodied in Japan's revised
demands composed words and utate
ments of which he had made use in
The talk of
year just faocy
pairs of women's s'
towimthe g
wliat we are
IhioeSo- regular
; hundreds of
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out vour shoes
.r.f.. .... . i. .. i V i -j
par paisr
Absolutely and positively no exchangesNo refunds No approvals No phone orders.. Even- sale must
he a completed transaction.
mm s
.Hist the garment for this season wear Liht weight, extremely
chic looking. These we are showini'' in Itoth plain colors and
fancy combinations. Made in eollarless model, new i,elted back,
fancy knit cuffs, two Country Club pockets.
, (iarnients that are offered you elsewhere at 10.00; here, special
Ask to see that Tub Silk Blouse we are offering at 2.351. It is
a beaut v.
To clean out our entire stock of
we offer the following:
31oOO Gloves Oc
l(-button lengths in blick, white,
grey, sand and tan, all sizes, now 89c
$loSO Gloves 9Bc
Kayser's" full length Id-button,
double finger tips, hi black and
white, all sizes, now fJSc.
N. Dahond Bro. PioenU-ripn
201 19219 East Washington St
l .71 11 1 1 -.a m.-J A C - 1 . -T I 1 ti a 1 i - -t h. Bl M
the course of his explanations as to
why China could not consider ctoup
five, the Japanese minister having re
MUfsted such explanations. Iti ChenK
ilsiaiiK milled that an a fundamental
misunderstanding- existed, the plenipo
tentiaries had better say nothing fur
ther concerning fjrriup five
Hioki made an inquiry regarding the
absence of railway concessions to
which the Chinese foreign minister re
plied that China's Kood faith is at
stake, as nhe had already granted def
inite concessions to another power.
(Continued from Page One)
.spring floods interrupted while in
the Carpathians where the ground
is drying, the Russians tind Aus
trian are again contending for the
I'zsok pass. l'or the moment the
Russians have turned from the of
fensive against that pass to attack
the Austrians who have threatened
the communications in the direction
of Stry and have, according to t lit ir
report, won considerable success, cap
turing two heights and a number of
prisoners. They also claim to have
repulsed an attack by the Oermans,
who hold the line near Wyszkow,
further to the eastward.
It is expected a big offensive will
soon be undertaken on the . eastern
front, probably by the (Jermans who
have been feeling their way toward
the Kussian positions around the
Kast Prussian frontier, although ' this
may lie a feint to hide a movemert
elsewhere. There is evidence in the
Athens dispatches that the allied
fleet has recommenced the bombard
ment of the I lardanelles, but there is
no official confirmation. I
The bride and her bridesmaids. Left to right, standing: Miss Helen Reid, Miss Beatrice Clover. Mrs. George J.
Harding, Jr., Miss DorothytPhelps, Miss Eva Cleveland, Miss Frances Phelps and Miss Constance Gardner.
. Sitting: Miss Sabra Brad lee, Miss Mary Nagel and the bride.
At historic old St. John's, the "Church of the Presidents" in Lafayette Square, Washington, another elabo
rate wedding has just been solemnized. Miss Marian Van Buren, daughter of Mrs. Nelson Read Johnson, was
married there a few days ago to the Kev. Mr. Stanley Matthews Cleveland, curate of Zion and St. Timothy's
Church in New York.
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