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I i.-CMaC3t-..!E: . TV
J ' bX
A Pure Sparkling
Beverage, Quenches kh
the Thirst ft jf &
Hf gists, soda foun- l- . ?
J jr tains op grocers.
AV Demand it. I
Phoenix. Distributors 8
25 S. Central Ave. Phone 354S ,
V '-s s , V-OCs
cSi.eiiil to The Republican)
I'AS'i. T. x.. May 13 The fourth
.ii ima! tennis toiiriKinx nt of the south
v. i sii i n district, comprising the status
t.l A tizeina. New Mexico arid west Tex
as and tli states of Chihuahua and
S..i,itr t- in noitin-rii Mei, to be held
in this city -May 21 t inclusive, will
!' .iiticular interest to the tennis
1 .!: rsi of Arizona lhm the faet that
ail the trophies tn tie contended for at
the tournament are now held by play-
IS of that stat.-.
W . A. Horril of Phoenix hold the
ti...l;v to l.( played for in the gentle
!!!!,' sin-ties ami he, with Jack Ains-Ai-iih.
also of I'hoenix hold the trophy
t.. ..me nded for in genthmens'
i.i. s. l r. WilUerson of I'hoenix
ho'.ls th,- triphy for veterans' singles
at,.! the vi-ir:ins' trophy for doubles is
( Id b K. I'. ren and Rupert Moore
..f .;:..i.e.
It Arizoi.a oritinves to hold what he
i s she w have to fight for it. The
tennis plavers of Xev Mexico, west
'iVas ;ini? lortla-in Mexico are e-omiiiq-in
i loiuls to Kl I'aso on the ecasion of
the- tournament, which, by the way. will
be comliM led- under the auspices of the
I'tiite.l Slates lawn Tennis associa
tion. preTioVed to do their best to wrest
from the I 'opper state some of the ten
nis j. welry it now wears.
Interest .n the tournament is ide
spre id throughout the district and
.I'iduini; from the number of entries
lc;rim; ini . the office of the committee
Having the affair in charge, the at
t. iidan. will break all records for ten
toariKK'ietits in the southwest. Kn-tri-s
have been received from Phoenix.
Tin son. ;io!e. Miami." Safford, Kort
Iliiaihiica. loiiiilas. Ilisbee. Clifton and
.Moivnei. Aiizona: I.ordsburs. Colum
bu :. lieminij. Silver ity, I.as Cruces.
A lbiniieriiie. Santa IV, I-is Vefias,
Jiawson, Tiu umrnri, Roswell. I'arlstiad,
arrizozo. f'loudcroft raid Alamoordo,
New Mexico: pecos fit v. Midland. Al
pine ami Ysleta. Texati. and the cities
of Chiliiialma, Madera and Pearson in
the state of fhihuahiia. Mexico.
Inasmuch as the railroads in the ter-
litory comprising the district are mak
ing a rate of a fare and a third for
! the round trip for the occasion it is be
j lieve.l that many besides the tennis
players in the district will take ad
vantage of tne low rates to make the
trip to Kl I'.-uso for the outing and to
witness the eames. which will be the
tic st ever played ut the nets in the
southwest. Another thing which
should cause deeper interest in the
foi theoming tournament than in any
j tournament held in the southwest in
.ne pasi i, me laci that arrangement
have been made to give the ladies of
the district, who are devotees of the
game, opportunity to compete for a
championship trophy in singles.
Resides the association trophies to lie
pl.iyeo for .n the tournament, there will
be a number of splendid silver cups for
j... iii-i.-. .inn copper cups tor tne
runners u,i in each event, these cups
to become the permanent proiierty of
the holders. There will also be the
usual number ot consolation prizes.
In a.Ioition to the games at the ten
nis court of tiie K Pas,, Country club,
where the -ournament will be held, the
entertainment committee has provided
for many tonus of diversion for the
visitors. There will lie a dinner for air
tennis play rs on the roof f the Paso
del Norte the night of Thursday. May
J7. and there will be an informal dance
for visitors in the ballroom of ti...
ji'ountiv dub on the niht of Saturdav
I May
beck ard
!'..' f this week only
H ll.s. Kino (Iran.
n. $1.00
1-121 lb. Jli-lipst Pat
ent Flour $1.00
OiIkt Mtivliaulise.$3.00
1; lls. Fawv Kiro.Sl.00
MM 1U. Highest Pat- .
nit Flour $1.00
Olli.-r Mrrrhan.lise .$3.00
M II is. Fine (Jran.
Si ura r $1.00
H5 lls. Fau.-v KMre. .$1.00
Other Mi-rrhanclise .$3.00
Tlir. c j)i iocs nr' rooil only
with the foiiihiiiations
.'iliuvt'. (Jotttls must he
takrii on roiMjdrtr iler.
at the
eall of visitors f..r trhw
through tie valley;-: and to Mexico
while the tournament is in progress,
and if it can be arranged, there will be
an automobile excursion to the Ule
1'hant Hutte dam for those visitors
who are not too much engrossed with
what is going on at the nets during the
iive days tiie tournament is on.
The annual meeting of the associa
tion will b.. held at the Paw. del Norte
Thurslay night pr. ceding the dinner to
be given the visiting players.
Those contemplating visiting KI I'aso
for tha tournament are urged to write
or wire K. K. N.eff of tin- tournament
committee for res.-rvat ions of rooms at
Hie hotels in order to be assured of ao
commodatings during the life of the
Commissioner Zander Closely Quizzed
as to Method of Obtaining Rail
road Valuations
(Special to The Republican.)
Fl.f iHKNTK, May 1:!. The methods
by which, the slate tax commission
arrived at a valuation of $114..r.O0 per
mile for the property of the Ray and
Oila valley were gone into carefully
today in the hearing of the tax
suit of the railroad company for re
fund of taxes paid last year. Tn x
Commissioner Zander, who was on
the stand all day. was closely cross
examined by Chalmers. Kent and
Stahl, attorneys for the eomnanv. as
to the way in which the valuation
j of railroad properties was fixed by
'the commission. He testified that
when the earning capacity exceeded
the physical valuation it, too, was
taken into consideration, and that
the commission's figures in this c:ise
w re based on a careful considera
tion of both items. He will con
clade his testimony tomorrow.
Owing to the large amount of tes
timony and material submitted, it
is not believed that the case will be
concluded until late Saturday after
noon. Roth sides ate fighting every
inch of the way. Chairman Howe of
tne commission who. has not yet
taken the stand, may be put on to-"norrow.
Manager ('Yaig JVIakes lier
: ommendation to the City
Commission and is In
structed to Use His Own
In a brief session yesterday morn
ing following a sitting as a board of
equalization, the city commission di
rected the city manager to act in
accordance with his own judgment
in the matter of granting city em
ployes vacations during : the summer.
He had previously recommended that
all employes be allowed vacations
with pay. It is likely that all who
have been employed by the city
more than one year will be given
to two weeks leave
Novel Proposition is Ad
vanced by Local Grocery
Company Will Send Six
Persons to Panama-Pacific
from ten
with pay.
Discussion of
proposed new
the matter of the
city hall building,
brought out the statement from
Mayor Young that he has the cre
dentials indicating where the funds
for the proposed building may be
obtained. He said that' this- money
would not lie available: for the re
construction of the present city hall
building. It was reported that the
city engineer would be in a posi
tion shortly to submit plans for the
proposed structure, but objection was
made to plans being furnished by a
city official on the ground that the
city engineer and the city building
inspector would have to superintend
and inspect the construction of the
work. It was therefore decided to
ask local architects to submit pro
posed plans for the structure.
In view of the new state law soon
effective, the city attorney was di
rected to draft on ordinance covering
the ne(w duties of the city magistrate
who mlider the new law is given con
current jurisdiction .with justice
The commission adjourned to meet
again this morning at, ten o'clock.
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government Premier Asquith said "At
this, moment there are some forty
thousand unnaturalized aliens of
Whom 24,000 are men at large in this
country. The government proposes
that all adult males of this class for
their own safety and that of the
country, be segregated and interned.
If they are over middle, age they
should be repatriated.
"The government recognizes that
there may be cases calling for ex
ceptional treatment. The women and
children in suitable cases should be
repatriated, hut no doubt there will
be many cases in which justice and
humanity require that they be al
lowed to remain.
"An official body of a judicial
character will lie set up to . deal
with all claims for exemption and as
soon as military and naval authorities
are provided witr. the jujeessarv ac
commodations those who have not
secured exemption will be interned.
In lh' case of neutralized aliens
who in law are Rritish subjects, num
bering about eiht thousand, the
prima facie presumption would be
the other way, but exceptional cases
established to the satisfaction of the
advising body, will be specially dealt
with. There must be power of in
ternment in cases of proved neces
sity or danger."
Riots at Capestown.
CAPKSTOWN. May 13. Ant i-C.er-
man riots broke out here tonight, a
number of prominent German busi
ness establishments being wrecked
unl set afire. The rioters paraded in
unorganized bands and for a time
the lHiIice were unable to control
Ihern,, but the number of bands in
creased so rapidly that they got out
'if hand, necessitating the calling out
of the military to patrol the streets.
The rioters were mainly negroes.
A remarkable incident of the riot
occured when Mr. Muiler, an optician,
who was Ocrraan born but is a nat
uralized Rritish subject, faced the
mob and said he had two sons fight
ing at the front. The mob cheered
without damaging
took a prominent
one climbed a
and unfurled a
him and departed
his shop. Women
port in the riot,
high clock tower
Rritish flag there.
The rioters first attacked the Her
man club which was strongly guard
ed. On being informed that the
building was no longer German prop
erty but was occupied by the mili
tary . authorities, the mob turned - its
attention to the stone building of a
German firm nearby. Other German
establishments were then quickly
looted and burned. The fire brigade
was powerlexs to cope with num
erous calls from various parts of
the city.
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in Galicia and Russian Poland, 143,000
Russians were captured. It also stated
that 6'J cannon and 2f5 machine guns
were taken from the Russians and that
the victorious Austrian and German
fcrces are continuing their advances.
associated fkrss dispatch 1
Vi'ASiilVilTON', May 13. A tele
gram received at the state department
expressed the sympathy of the con
vention government of Mexico for
the loss of American lives on the
l.nsit ini.u The message sjmikc for the
government there headed by General
Garza and supported by the Zapata
Six free trips to the great San
Francisco fair. This is the proposi
tion that is extended to the people
of Phoenix b Manager Smith of the
Arizona Grocery company on Kas.t
Washington street. Six persons can
get to attend the lnost wonderful
lair that was ever conceived and
brought to such a pinnacle of ier
fection since the era of great inter
national expositions began. How can
they do this? By the exercise ot
care and foresight in the purchase of
their , household supplies for the
three months beginning May 15.
What further is there- about
offer that commends . itselt to
general buying public?
Why this: It is not a gamble,
one takes an chances. There
ncj drawings, no lucky numbers
nothing that savors of the dishonest.
The whole scheme is founded upon
the desire of the management of the
Arizona Grocery to show the people
of Phoenix and the Salt River valley
how mucn money they can save b
buying at the right jilace at the right
price and buying the right sort of
The plan aims at the high cost of
living directly, because it carries with
it an example of how to save money.
It stimulates the saving of money
by purchasing for less at the place
in this city where high-class Mer
chandise is sold lor less.
Xow, what further is there to be
learned about this?
How does the housewife or gro
cery purchaser go about obtaining one
of these free trips to the great Panama-Pacific,
Here are the facts. This is the
To the six persons holding selling
tickets for the largest amount of the
six following articles will he giver,
tine round-trip ticket to the Panama
Pacific exposition. These goods must
be bought at the Arizona Grocery
they sell tlieni for less and upon the
sales ticket alone will the winners be
judged. The six brands of goods that
are considered in this unique offer
are: Star flour, well renowned as a
flour for pastry and biscuits as well
as bread; Hydro-Pura, the washing
compound without a superior: Lily
Milk, that famous brand packed n
the Sal' River valley with "less of
that cooked taste;" Fiesta baking
powder and spices, a most satisfac
tory, well-selected, full-weight line
of finest grade: Supreme i 'mckers,
every sort of cr.icker and biscuit
known, superior in name and fact:
Hill's teas, selected from prime
stocks of leaves, blended by experts
and highly satisfactory in price and
quality. l
Xow. listen" once- again: Kvcry
person who has the largest amount
in dollars and cents in selling tickets
of eneh of these products by August
in., next, will lie entitled to the free
trip. The offer is opened on May
la and continues for three months
Care and foresight in buying for
the household, buying at the right
place wiiere the price is right, will
biing concrete results. Think this
over. It is worth while.
Y. M. C. A. Man Tells How Reforms
Are WorKed Addresses Business
Men and High School
Science of boy-culture was discussed
by K. M. Robinson, international
secretary for boys' work of the V. M.
C A., to half a hundred business
men yesterday. Mr. Robinson dropped
off en route to Asiloniar. Cal., for the
convention of Y. M. C A. workers.
In his luncheon talk, he gave many
instances of how the reform if had
boys had been effected, and how good
citizens had been produced from
doubtful material. He spoke of the
new scientific study made in boys'
work, and how the study is being
carried out all over the Foiled States.
Mr. Robinson addre-ssed the high
school students during the afternoon
on "What IJo You Care?"
He was elated over the beauty and
richness of the Salt River valley and
its iwtssibilities. He was the guest
of Governor Hunt during the afternoon.'
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Hire a little salesman at The Re
publican office. A Want Ad will see I
more customers than you can.
lives in the balance, and in 5'our hands
rests the power of continuing their
lives upon this earth, or sending them
to eternity. In the name of humanity,
and in the name of our state, I appeal
to you, gentlemen, not to commit a
crime that will be.on a smaller scale,
juet as re volting as the taking of those
twelve hundred lives on the great liner.
Germany, in the heat of anger murd
ered over a thousand persons, while
you three gentlemen: without anger or
malice, are considering the advisability
of murdeTi ig the men now in the con
demned cells of our prison. It is hardly
fitting, that you, Mr. Case, to whom is
entrusted tne up-bringing and the fu
ture welfare of the youth of our state,
should be smeared with the blood of
your fellow beings, and it is hardly
proper, that you, Mr. Jones, whose life
had he-en given to the prosecution,
should be he re, acting as a member of
a tribunal of 'last resort in the cases
("I'HP TrvC'finXT OT'n,T.T7"
Mmmnier Wear
We make the boast and not without just reason that our showing of
Beaoftifol Sommeir Materials
embrace a comprehensive display of wliat is really correct and stylish we be
lieve we are in a position to show you anything in summer dress fabrics you
may desire, from a 5c calico to-the finest imported voiles, orgaiutys or crepes.
Printed Rice Cloths
Tn a variety of. beautiful designs and pa tterns showing all the dainty season
shades in both Dresden-and conventional
designs, VAi inches wide
ialtill Crepes
A most pleasing and. dainty-fabric, drapes most beautifully, small floral designs
printed on white and. colored grounds, lEfts
worth .Me yard, special . - fejaJpvL
iplaslb Voiles
One of the season's leaders, an exceedingly pretty and stylish fabric in all the
accepted and dainty patterns, looks like sixty, wears Tike mty,
and costs but
Printed Organdies
One of t lie sheeriest of sheer fabrics and greatly in vogue this season- the de
signs art; rich and handsome. 3G and
o.S inches wide, yard
Imported Rice and Lace Cloths
Pre-eminently two of the season's leaders in every respect cloths of extreme
style, dainty Dresden designs printed on very fine lace and seeded
cloths. ?H inches wide. 'Special, yaid ,
Printed Flagons
Everybody knows this fabric, knows its true worth and exceptional .wearing and
washing qualities the cloth with the permanent linen finish. j (TW
(ienuine Elaxon extra special , . A
Our sho wings of fine white ''goods, voiles, crepes, fancy whites, organdys, and
kindred lines is a revelation of the season's classy goods special attention
given to graduation fabrics.
Somramer Corsets
Made by It. H !. Corset Co.-in sizes
.from IS to IV.) rustless boning, best
quality summer net. The liest
tl.00 summer
$1.00 Silk Gloves
Our superior quality 10 button
length dollar guaranteed t silk
gloves, blacks and white. All
tdzes, extra
".-special -.
(Minnnnnier Waislhi Slort
i -u S?5 11 11 0 Tailored Skirts.of white pique, medium size welts trim
JL o JL med in large pearl 'buttons, cut new style, having two
pockets, all sizes, a special value. '; i ;
A. 5 H O0 Lide ot line, .'crepe, ratine, white, made wrm country
club pockets, trimmed in neat pearl, buttons, hip fasten
ing, new yoke licit, with deep hem one of our leaders, all sizes. . ,
Tailored skirts of a fancy white basket pique, showing
the now Peggv from Paris pocket, pearl buttons auid yoke
belt, a serviceable and good style garment, all sizes. 4
Skirts of exceptional value, made of fine cotton gabar-
tune, Trimmed 111 lancv peari nuitons, counirv ciuu pocK-
ets, high waist line belt a skirt we recommend, all sizes. x
J. t$yfl Q)(T1) Ixtra large size tailored skirts made of fine quality
4l24roS5'U' white Repp, new gored model, extra full, side front
button fastening, regulation waist with belt a pleasing garment.
Ask to see our new model skirts in stylish black and white checks, black and
white stripes, Palm Leach cloth and Scotch crash, most exceptional values
,N DiaiKond & Bra Phoemx-rqota2ol 2i9'eastlo
1 j.i j 1 1 m 1 bl-j 1 r.i j j 1 ' r.re-i 4 : fa j
of men wh stand convicted of br;ak
ins the laws.
"I would rtiRi-et to see you, Mr. Trott,
he-itrint? as you do, the respect and
friendship of our people; a respect and
friendship brought about by . your
many years of honorable effort in our
midst, 1 would regret to see you in the
closing yeans of your life, lend yourself
to the commission of a crime that
would t.irn'th the last days of a career,
that has been as honorable, upright,
and just.sas has been ycurs.
' The nin in yonder cells have been
granted reprieves and stays of execu
tion without number, covering a period
of several weeks. For half a dozen
timeis they have faced death on the
scaffold, only to be reprieved at the
lart minute. They have suffered worse
tortures than death through the con
stant uncertainty that has .been their
portion. . .
"The crinies;".f AVhich these men
1 stand convicted,: have been expiated in
the "tortures of mental anguish, and
nothing that you gentlemen can do, j
will add to the horrors, uiat has been
theirs. l)?atht probably would be wel
come to thenir"but it is not so much
for them,- as for the gqod name of our
state, that w-Hm lallting; -'. t .. - . ......
"I believe that men, who commit
crimes should be punished, and I feed
the sentences of these men convicted of
murder, should be commuted to life
imprisonment. In the first half df.tho
year 1914, there were some thirty mur
ders committed in the state, and since
the state has gone dry, there hasn't
been a single murder committed.
-. "Now for the sake of humanity, and
the g-ood name, of our utate, I beg you,
gentlemen to be merciful."
'20 pounds fine granulated sugar for
$1.00 witlj $5.00 worth of other merchandise.-
McKee's Cash Store. hi

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