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1671, 1672, 1673
In the days sune by, those who did not
live in a rity were at a. disadvantage in
Imyingr. because they h:id to go after it.
but now it is different, for every article in
this store can be brought to you quickly.
Just write us a letter telling us what you
want, for we have
A Postoff ice
In Our Store
.,ur letter reaches us promptly and your
order will be filled Immediately. Another
Kood thing to remember is that you will
Ket Just what you want, without substitu
tion and it will be sent you by
Our Prescription Dept.
is governed by two cardinal rules Pur
ity and Accuracy and when you send
your prescription here you may feel as
sured that it will be filled right.
if o
(l w o."l.-p e j
Tanhauser Distributing Co.
L'2-2! E. Washington St.
Hasty Messenger Service
Wo have taken a contract to furnish some horses
for foreign shipments anil will have a
and will inspect in different parts of the Valley un
til shipments are complete.
There are two classes of horses to be bought; one
kind is for light Cavalry and are to be 13 to 1(
hands high, with no weight specifications, 5 to- 12
years old. Unbroke horses will have to be ridden
two or three saddles, or enough so the' can be rid
den past the Inspector. The horses must be ser
viceably sound.' Unimportant blemishes or wire
cuts that do Hot injure the animal's movements
will not be counted against it.
The light Artillery stock is to Ik; .15.1 to 16.2 in
height and weigh from 10.") to 12o0 pounds, 5 to
12 years old, broke to work; if not broke to work,
they must be gentle enough to harness. AVe will
call or send some one to look at stock at any time,
before inspection day. by arranging dates, but my
one who lias stock that will meet the requirements
may bring it. in on inspection day and we, will buy
the animal, if the price is right and it will pass in
spection. Any one having such stock they wish to
dispose of should see or call up Johnny Moore or
Frank M. King of the Arizona Live Stock Commis
sion Co.
33 West Jefferson Street. PHONE 54G
Knights of Columbus ,
An interesting session of Marcus do
Xiza council is promised for Tuesday
evening. Rev. Father JoHeph will de
liver a lecture on '"The Catholic Citi
zen." Attorney Thomas W. Nealon will
speak on "Parliamentary Practice,"
and Miss Anna Marie Luke will render
a vocal solo. The program will begin
promptly at o'clock, and members
are. requested to be at the council
chamber at S o'clock for the opening
Phoenix will be represented by a
large delegation at the stnte council
I session in Olobe Saturday and Sunday,
! May !! and SO. Delegate! from Win-
slow. Flaggstaff and l'rescott will join
the Phoenix knights here and make the
trip by auto via Roosevelt dam. Cilobo
council is making preparation to re
ceive the delegates and visitors in a
manner that will make the trip one
well worth taking.
Knights who were fortunate enough
to be present at the installation of a
new council at Xogales. are still talk
ing about the hospitality of the bor
der city. The degree work was exem
plified to a class of elxty, and in the
evening 3) attended a banquet. At
torney Frank Harry is the grand
knight of the new council. The addi
tion of Xogales brings the total num
ber of councils: in Arizona up to eight.
The dance given by Marcos de Xiza
council on May 11 was one of the most
successful social affairs over which
the council has presided in several
months. About forty couplet were in
the grand march. n account of the
absence of several of the older mem
bers two cpiadrilles on the program
had to be cancelled. The committee in
charge consisted of J. P. Lavin, (',. E.
Wager. Thomas Ceaie, AA J. McLfi
moio. Peter Ryan and Frank DoSouza.
J. H. Morgan, district deputy for
Northern Arizona, highly compliments
the Phoenix knights in a letter to one
of the local members upon their activ
ity and energy during the past lodge
year. He is particularly pleased with
the addition or a large number of new
Maricopa Hive
1... O. T. M. held their social evening
with Lady Commander Mitzler Tues
day evening. A short musical pro.
gram was rendered :
Piano solo
Solo. '.'The Song Mv
Solo, by
Good of the order. . .
Reading Lady
Twenty guests participated in the
guessing game. The judges being un
ffble to come to any decision the con
tents were auctioned off to the high
est bidder.
During th;? evening dainty refresh
ments were served by ladies Hruce,
Cresswell an.l Sipes.
.Miss Reva Moffat
Mother Tse to
Margaret Elaine
David Funk
. .Dr. Rosa ltoido
..Olive Cresswell
Woodmen of the World
The Woodmen of the World special
train, run from Phoenix to Mesa last
evening was an clelgant train and very
ct'1'h ientlv managed by Mr. f'.ann oflhe
S. P. office in I'hoeni'C. assisted by Mr.
M. L Stewart, who had general over
sight of the entire parly. There was
a thmng of "choppers" from Olendale,
Phoenix and Tempo who boarded the
train at T:l." p. m. anil as the "log rol
lers" gathered about the station pre
paratory to entertaining thy looked
up and down the long line of fine, new
steel-encased coaches bended by the
m'onstt r locomotive and many of them
exclaimed "Some Class."
The ofliccis of the Phoenix Camp,
W. o. AV., and the "Degree Teams" of
both Olendale and Phoenix, were there
with all their paraphernalia and gaudy
relagaiia and as they marched up the
streets of Mei, headed by the Mesa
reception committee and eifficials. the
citizens of our little neighboring city
were compelled to "Sit up and take no
tice." There is great activity already
in the Mesa Camp, many new members
are being taken into the camp at each
meeting and it is predicted that from
now on there will be still greater ac
quisitions to the great order in that
We cannot begin to tell you of the
interesting things that took place in
side the camp of the Mesa V. O. AV
on that evening, but one feature of the
evening was the address of welcome
dlivored by Dr. Nelson. In a brief and
very eloquent address the Dr. welcomed
in no uncertain manner the W. o. W.
of the neighboring camps. One strik
ing declaration of Dr. Nelson's was
this: "I would rather be an American
and a Woodmen of the World in the
Salt River valley than to be a ruling
prince in Kurope." Senator H. A.
Davis of Phoenix responded in an in
teresting manner to the address of
welcome. He said among other good
things. "While the armies of Kurope
are. growing thinner and thinner, the
ranks of the Woodmen of the AA'orld in
the Fnited States, and especially in
the Salt River valley are growing thick
er and thicker." There was a clasn of
eighteen initiated at Mesa on this oc
casion, six of them being new sap
lings of the Phoenix Camp.
Dr. Hughes of Phoenix, Capt. Cook
of the' legislature, Mr. Cann of Phoenix,
Mr. Reed of Olendale and eithers made
brief addresses. The jolly crowd of
Choppers returned much charmed by
the hospitality of the Mesa Camp, ar
riving in Phoenix at 1:30 a. m.
Among tlK.se making the trip on the
Woodmen of the World special train
were the following:
Jas. P. LaWn, Arthur Sweat, A. II.
Schmocker, Wm. Gleason, A. Briee, T2.
A. Gerard. W. II. Snell. A. Boiler.
Yantis Singleton, John ( Jerkey, Vierling
K. Graham.. J. n. Hopkins, Geo. Stev
ens. G. G. l.ees, IX F. Godfrey, Tom
Monk. Geo. W. Monk. W. M. Large, Al
bert W. lSeller, C. H. Gilbert, J. H.
Pierce, D. (. Hollinger. J. K. lingmm,
J. 1). Xevill. H. C. Reed, W. J. Picker
ing, H. Hilderbrand, H. Ovendale, Thos.
W. Moxley, T. P. Bringer, Geo. Gann,
J. G. McCIure. Geo. R. Wilcox, T. K.
Welch. I. Firnberg. J. H. Brown, A. D.
Ix-yhe, Roscoe F. Washburn, Dr. S. I).
Little, V. Anderson, H. A. Patterson.
W. A. Gray, Tims. Riordan. Truman
Helm. Finest Kdwards, A. AV. Smith,
L. W. Hoel, H. D. Wilson, J. W. Pat
terson. Parlen McKenna, J. C. Powell,
C. C. Davis, H. A. Davi.L. G. Smith,
Frank K. Bellamy. Otto Bump, Fred
Thompson, J. Marchese, George li.
Roach, F. S. Bewley, Thos. AV. Xealon.
H. M. Ramsey. J. AV. Mesenberg, R. A
Log tie, F. E. AVarren, Frank Cavilliere,
Geo. I-.. Phelby, Geo. Xo. Fitch, AV. F.
Eson. H. F. Young. Owen II. Peck, John
R. Bell, S. N Pierce, O. S. Wiley, M.
L. Stewart, Fred Jacobs, W. AV. C'i .no
way, S. AV. Stockton, A'ernon E. Lind
say. Earl L Shirley, c. S. Brannock. I
. Greer, Jake W. Foster, Roy Ed
wards, J. R. Ingram, J. D. Newell, AV.
L. Cook, G. E. Grissam. L. X'. Jones,
r - B- Monk, H. P. Gibson, R. .Sloa'ne,
Logan List. J. E. Anderson. J. V. An
derson. .1. M. shotr, M. D. Novinger, Dr.
H. A. Hughes, O. C. McKwen, M. List.
r P. Ivy. G. M. Thompson. F. P. Har
rington, AV. S.' Sexton. C. K. Palmer.
Xow that the special train is out ot
the way. thc sovereigns of the Phoenix
Camp, No. r,. will render the member
ship contest with renewed energy and
tlott rmination, both teams being deter
mined to win for their side and each
iiienioer ueing uctermineft to win a
handsi mo prize. Among the persons
offering prizes are tiie following:
Thomas AY. Nealon. H. Ovendale, A. L.
Higgins. the New York store, lonofrio
( oi.fectionary company, Baswitz Cigar
company, and Clinton Lauver Cigar
M. L. Stewart, the deputy organizer
and promoter extraordinary, will give
a beautiful solid gold button and a
"silver certificate" commemorating the
2.1th anniversary of the founding of the
Woodmen of the AVorld fraternal and
Insurance Order these two prizes he
will give to each sovereign bringing in
one e.r more new members. Time is
&hoi t. only abemt two weeks, let us be
up and doins.
bunch of Odd Fellows
8fr9 auOHd
H033H0 QNV 30A03
Have You Tried
I It's that Healthful
J Nutritious, Delici- t'
j ous Drink '?;." I
I Deand jijsk j
we are
Gome join our loyal picnic band;
Goodfellon ship is our theme.
We are marching hand in hand:
Our members are a jolly bunch.
And we know we're here to stay,
Three cheers for the I. O. O. F.
Hurrah, Hurrah, for this picnic
Huriah, Hurrah, for this is Odd
lows' day
At Riverside Park today:
Yes .they, are grandest bunch I
Three cheers for the I. O. O. F.
Oh, yes, a mighty band are we,
About three thousand strong;
With friendship, love and truth.
We bravejy march along:
We always lend a helping hand,
And sing a cheerful song.
Three cheers for the T. O. O. F.
We are kind in death and sickness.
In distresr! find trouble, too;
When your loved one's called away.
And sadness comes to you.
The Odd Fellows and Rebekahs stand
by you,
Devoted, loyal and true.
Hurrah for the Rebekahs and I. O. O. F.
So come join our loyal picnic band,
And have a grand old time:
We'll give you a fraternal hand.
And smile with all our might:
We'll introduce you to our games.
And give you a very pleasant time.
So join the Odd Fellows today.
for fJiis is
Hurrah. Hurrah
lows' dav.
Hurrah, Hurrah, for this is picnic day:
They'll aliow you a good time at the
park today.
So come join the Odd Fellows today.
C. R. B "The Poet of the Desert."
Chorus to Last Stanza.
His Remarkable Attitude Toward
P. Chase
In John Hay's diary, published in
Harper's Magazine, Hay tells of Lin
coln's extraordinarily magnanimous
attitude toward Salmon Chase, who
was his chief competitor for the repub
lican nomirafion.
"His chief competitor for the repub
lican nomination was a member of his
own cabinet. Salmon P. Cha.se, the sec
retary of the treasury. Although Lin
coln knew of Chase's intrigues he ap
parently did nothing to thwart them.
Hay. on returning from a trip to Nev
York, told the president what he had
heard there of Chase's efforts in trying
to cut under for the republican nomin
ation. " '(Lincoln said) it was very bad
taste, but I..2 had determined to shut, his
eyes to all these performances: that
Chase had made a good secretary, mid
that he would keep him where he is.
If he becomes president, all right! I
hope we may never have a worse man.
I have all along seen clearly his plan
i of strengthening himself. AVhenever
Everything In Baskets
All Kinds
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Miller Step-Ladders
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at $1.50 to $15.00
Alaska and Gibson Refrigerators
All sizes and styles at $9.00 and up.
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safe. Let us demonstrate it to you.
Detroit Vapor Stoves
$15.00 to $42.50. Absolutely safe. . Gives the most heat for the least money.
Will burn kerosene ov gasoline, alcohol or distillate. Cheaper than gas.
Bar rowsFooshee Furnit ure Co.
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"Let our auto truck deliver it"
he sees that an important matter is
troubling me, if I am compelled to de
cide it in a way to give offense to a
man of Home influence, he always rang
se himself in opposition to me and
persuades the victim that he (Chase)
would have arranged it very different
ly. It was so wilh General Fremont;
with General Hunter, when I annulled
his hasty proclamation; with General
Butler, when he was recalled from New
Orleans; with the Missouri people,
when they called the other day. I am
entirely different to his success or
failure in theae schemes so long as he
does his duty as the head of the treas
ury department.''
"Magnanimity such as this has had
few parallels. It would be unthinkable
in the case of a Ricelieu or a Frederick
or a Bismark.
"Lincoln continued to appoint, at
Chase's s'.i;;getion, officials who would
work in Chase's interest. When Hay
remonstrated, he laughed, and said he
was sorry the thing had begun, for,
though the matter did not annoy him,
his frienda insisted that it ought to.'
But by an f.droit turn of the tables the
president, supporting Seward in the
raid which the senate made on Sew
ard, cauriel the too-impetuous Chase to
resign. Chase supposed that he would
thereby bring the president to terms.
Far from it.
Wh;?n Chase sent in his resigna
tion (the 'backwoods Jupiter' said to
Hay) I saw Oiat the game was in my
own hands, and I put it through. AVhen
I had settled this important business at
last with much labor and to my entire
satisfaction, into my room one dny
walked I). U. Field and C. Opdyke. and j me. 1 may have given him reason this
began a new attack upon me to remove j mr.rning " (October 30, 1S63.)' "
Seward. For once in my life I rather ; o
gave my temper the rein and I talked j Hire a little 'salesman at The Re
tt) those rr.en pretty damned plainly. publican office. A AVant Ad will see
j Opdyke may be right in being cool to' more customers than you can.
Let us figure Avith ymi to change your old out-of
date light system on your auto to Electricity. You
Avill marvel at our low price to install 1'attery and
Electric System, exchanging-for your old system.
(Jet Your
Auto Electrically Equipped
We take care of I latteries, repair wovk guaranteed.
Fine equipment and expert special men of ail kinds
auto electric work. f
Phone 1567
303 N. Central Ave.
The Smalley Alfalfa Meal Chopper
M : j
l t.-r.
The machine that Avill make your alfalfa meal and fill your silo. There arc
more Smalley Alfalfa Cutters in use in the Salt Uiver Yailey than all other
alfalfa cutters combined. Smalley Cutters are being used by the following
Arizona Ostrich Farm, Phoenix
Pearson Ostrich Farm, Phoenix
Perkins Ostrich Farm, Phoenix
Cottrell & Packard, Tempe
Desert Ostrich Farm, Beardsley
Wm. B. Long, Buckeye
Wessex Co., Buckeye
J. Stanley Howard, Phoenix
Henry Renaud, Phoenix
Harry W. Chase, Glendale
K. S. Townsend, Phoenix
And not a single one Dissatisfied.
Collings Vehicle and Harness Co.
26-28-30-:?2 E. Adams Street.

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