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This department is under the di
rection of Mr. W. E. Defty, the
well known mining engineer, who
will carefully scrutinize all mat
ters relating to mining in order
that only reliable information re
garding legitimate enterprises
shall find a place here.
The Republican would be pleas
ed to receive information from
any part of the state regarding
the development of the mining in
dustry. AH communications should
be addressed: Mining Department
Arizona Republican.
Outcut for 1914 Estimated 10 per cent.
Below 1913 I
WASHINGTON Consular Assistant !
!. lie K. Reed at London, forwards
i he follow ins:
"The total production of copper in
l;14 was about in per cent less than
that of 113. according to statistics
I ist compHed by II. R. Martin &
"., metal merchants of London.
However. Germany's output increased
inline 1314 bv 20 p-r cent, and Aus
ttia's l.y A per cent.
"Snuc the beginning- of 1913 there
ii.T! leen j general and steady in-
i-aw tf production ow ing to the
'iea y demamis by belligerent coun
tries, which presumably have caused
the present high prices. The av
erage price of standard copper in
;vi;;. based on the figures of the 1st
:' each month, was C 68 5s 9d., or
32 per ton: in 1914 the figure
wa v.39 Ns. Hi, or J2S9.29 per ton;
!.ije the price on April 13, 1915, was
t4 It's., or $362.55 per ton.
The total production of the world
n . H93 t.S tons, against j
ions in iju, a ueorease or
'1.775 tons. The estimated production
f Germany in 1914 was Si'.OuO tons,
as compare,! with 24.910 toas in 1913.
in increase of n.OsO tons, or about 20
!r cent. The Austrian total in 1914
"as 4. ''' tons, an increase of 235
tons oxer 1il3.
"Melton's report discunses other
New Reduced Prices On
Wo Guarantee
Goods shipped to all points C. O.
D. Money refunded on goods re
turned intact within one week.
283 $ 6.10
30x3 $ 6.30
32x3 $ 7.30
30x3' i $ 8.90
31x3"2 $9.00
32x3' ; $ 9.45
3-3";, $10.35
36x3"2 $10 80
30x4 $13.00
31r4 $12.40
32x4 $13.15
33x4 t ..,.$13.70
34x4 $14.20
35x4 $15.00
36x4 $15.40
34x4' i $17.65
Z5x4Z $18.25
36x4' ': $18.75
37x4 '2 $19.25
34x5 $20.00
36x4 . . v. . $22.50
37x5" 'J'J- $23.00
Prices subject tc change without
'Automobile Tire Co.
6th & Olive Sts.. Los Anaeles, Cat.
H. A. Demarest
F3737. Bdwy. 4043
33 Van Ness Ave, San Francisco.
1758 Broadway, Oakland
2nd & B Sts.. San Diego
Hotel Fresno Bldg Fresno, Cal.
Tre Oldest Automobile Tire Job
bing Concern in the United States
and the largest in the world.
Invites you
. And enjoy the tool sea breezes
Trains leave Phoenix
phoenix Snravifyfmpaiyi
85 East Washington St.
countries, as follows: "The production
in Cuba rose by about 50 per cent,
anil there was a larger output from
Africa owing to the extension of
mining i" Katanga. 1'he production in
the I'nitcd States declined by 40,
180 tons to r,i7.025; in Spain and
Portugal, bv 17.320 tons to 36,r13
tons; in Mexico by 17,100 tons to
1M."S0 tons: and in Australia, by
9.5SO tons to 37.000 tons."
1 The Cnited stated Geological Sur-
vev places the American Smelter
I production of copper during 1914 at
1.130.1137.1S2 lbs. and the refineries'
output at 1.636. 70S, 374 lbs.
Leading Dealers Continue to Ask 19
Cents for the Metal Production
Between 80 and 85 per cent of
Normal Normal Output
Will Not be Reached
for at Least three
N'Eiv YORK While business in
copper metal is quiet, the leading
dealers continue to ask 19 ccnta for
. the metal. In trade c ircles the be
: lief prevails that buying w ill start
soon. Very little of the red metal
, is available for delivery before July,
j There has been some talk that
j the production of copper has re
I turned to normal, but this Is not true.
It. will be recalled that when the
i war broke out all the copper com
! panics cut dow n their outputs and,
j although they have increased op
1 cration productions is not yet bijk
to normal.
It is estimated that the outturn
j of the copper mines at present is
I something between SO and S3 per
cent ,v normal ana it win be some
,ime hef(r
full operations have
1 established.
j It must also be remembered
i after the normal output had
reached will take nearly
months more before the ore has
i through the refiners. Therefore, at
I best, the output cannot be back to
I the highest until late summer, at
least, and possibly not before some
lime ir. the fall.
Ray Consolidated Copper Co.
The report of this company for
the first quarter of this year shows
a total production of 14 465.213 lbs.
of conper: 4.053.147 lbs. in January:
4.S:o.5.-i3 lbs. in February and 5.579.
513 Ids. in March. . In addition to
copper derived from concentrating
ores there was a total of 136,742 Its.
cf copper contained in ore shipped to
the smelter during the quarter.
This brings the total gross produc
tion Tor the quarter up to 1 4. .199, 955
The total ore milled for the suarter
was 65K.652 tons, averaging 1.667 per
cent copper. The average mill re
covery was 66.0s per cent, milling
costs for the quarter were 48.95c per
ton. and the average minin? and
coarse crushing cost vvarf 52 202c per
ton. of w hich 3.0 7c was the cost of
1 coarse crushing. The combined cost
per pound of net cooper produced
I from milling and shippi-c- ore for
the quarter was S.S74c. These costs
j include all operating and general
j charges.
j The earnings for the quarter are
based oh a price of 14.324c per lb.
of copper. All copper remaining rni
sold at the end of the quarter hs
since been sold at an average price
considerably in excess of that nt
I w hich the unsold w as carried, and the
j resulting large additional earnings will
appear in and as a part of the pro
fits of the second quarter. It is the
intention of the directors to resume
j dividend payments June 30. next.
j Phelps Dodge Co.
The annual report of this com
pany contained the following notes
on exierimental work, done to im
. prove the recovery of metals:
jru-u-i.ri - -- -- - '"'""' " "
to see the
Round trip excursion tickets on sale
daily. Limit Nov. 30lh. Stop overs
Hound trip tickets on sale every Sat
urday. Limit 15 days. Xo stop-overs
SAN DIEGO $26.50
C a. m. and 6 p. m.
Phone 1709
Copper Queen The development of
several million tons of concentrating
ore in the Sacramento hill imposes
o.i the company the necessity of
erecting a concentrator. In order to
solve subordinate problems a small
test mill with a capacity of 90
tons per day, was constructed.
The best results were obtained by
combined hydraulic and floatation
methods, floatation increasing the me
chanical recovery by about 12 per
cent and raising the total saving to
87 per cent; in addition to this mill
for determining exclusively the best
methods for handling certain of the
Copper Queen ore of special compo
sition a series of exhaustive experi
ments have been under way for sev
eral years in the company's labora
tories and in a plant on a working
scale, having in view the recovery by
hydraulic extraction and electrolytic
precipitation, of the large losses in
fine slimes, wherever the company
has had to resort to concentration.
The results ate not yet sufficiently
conclusive to act on.
The total copper ore extracted from
the mines controlled by this company
amounted to 1.777.243 tons, of which
1.046.72S tons was submitted to pre
liminary concentration and 730,315
tons smelted direct.
The quantity of copper made dur
ing the year 1914 by the company
was 1 40,231. 3S4 lbs. of which 8.369.
060 lbs. was made from the Miami
company's ores, and the resulting
produce in blister copper was de
livered to them. Including copper
received from outside source: 1SN.
6S7.37S lbs. was sold and delivered to
buyers at an average price of 13.37c
per pound, net cash 1". O. B. New
The- smelter at Douglas treated
634 669 tons of Copper Queen ore and
cent copper. 0.02 oz. gold and l.ni oz.
silver, yielding 76.S42.973 lhs. copper.
14.987 oz. gold, and 627.612 oz. silver.
The total material treated in the
plant amounted to 1,012,177 tons,
yielding 119.957,017 lbs. copper, 1,405.
301 oz. silver, and 26,259 oz. gold.
There were 946 men employed in the
The Copper Queen metal output
was S6.066.143 lbs. copper. S.S89.175
lbs lead, 1,036,672 oz silver, and 15,
769 oz. gold, from 732. S29 tons of
ore. precipitage and slag. Net earn
ings totaled J6.042.0H1 and $4, 500,000
was paid in dividends.
Detroit Copper Mining Co.
The yearly report states that de
velopments amounted to 12.766 feet
;n the five principal mines, and 13.
6119 feet in outside properties a total
of 26.373 feet.
Ore production was 217,876 tons
from the Ryerson mine, 85,119 from
the Yankee. 128.641 from the Copper
Mountain. 39.310 from the Arizona
Central. 1.20J- from the Colorado, and
46 from the Antietam. a total of
472.194 tons. This averaged 2,899
per cent out of this tonnage.! 59,473
tons was concentrating ore. Lessees
mined 773 tons containing from 4.71
to 21.19 per cent copper from 13
mines and ' 61.7 tonn of precipitate
averaged 52.13 per cent. Exploration
on the outside properties was not en
couraging and ore reserves decreased
in spite of good results in the Ryer
son a;id Yankee.
The ' blast-furnace smelted a total
of 129.330 tons of mixed charge, and
the ontput of copper was 20.274,367
lbs.- Net earnings for the year were
J602.319 arttt $280,000 was paid in
dividends. - There were 1438 men em
ployed. . "
Oldw arnlnian Copper Mining and
Smelting Co.. United Globe Mines
and Old Dominion Co.
The ' combined re.. ports for Iff 11.
covering these products has, just been
issued.' The last named controls the
other two operating companies . at
Globe. It received $860,410 in divi
dends from these companies, includ
ing .increase in value of Old Dominion
copper shares, the income was $1,415.
009. . Out of this 81.173,412 was dis
tributed in five dividends totaling
$4 ' per sTTare. The year commenced
with a Surplus of $191,468 and ended
with $433,065. Dividends to date total
Mining operations at the I'nitcd
Globe property were confined to pros
pecting, development and are extract
ing op the Old Dominion. Maggie,
Josh Billings. Buffalo and Grey
Shieren Duxbak Belting
Pulleys, Shafting, Pumps,
Phone 1231
Third Ave. and Jackson, Phoenix.
We have the stock."
Here Is Foot Comfort
: .Worried feet cause half the ills and
discomforts; that harass the men and
t women of our age.-
The Scholl "Foot-Eazer"
is a remedy. It is a scientific arch support or
cushion that supports the muscles and ten
dons and gives them strength to carry the
weight of the body at the foot arch.
It does away with all nervous and muscular
train and quickly replaces the natural elas
ticity to the foot and prevents flat-foot with
its painful consequences.
Makes walking or standing absolutely comfort
able, keeps shoes in shape and gives the instep a
graceful arch.
The Scholl "Foo-Eacr" is made
of two German Silver Springs, leatb
er covered, and is spnnfry. flexible
and self-adjusting to all fect
and can -be easily slipped
into any shoe.
They do not
need tackingor
pasting butare
0 - I -
I 1
easily changed
from one pair to another.
If you have any foot trouble whatsoever tha
Scholl "Fool-Easer" will give you instant reuef
as well as rest and comfort.
All sises for men and women, $2.00 per pair.
We are headquarters for foot comfort and the
Scholl "Foot-Eansr" is one of the principal mean
of conveying it to you. Let us prove it.
- - ' Prions 1704.
39 E. Adam, Street.
veins. Development totaled 13,864 ft.
A total of 155,205 tons of mined ores
was extracted and shipped, averaging
3.57 per cent copper, of this 121 812
tons was concentrating ore. The
yield in 1913 was 167,920 tops of
mixed ores. The ore last year con
tained 11,086.674 lbs. copper, 91,582
oz. silver and 1,580 oz. gold.
Revenue from metals etc., was $1,
095,361 The profit was S4.t2.538. Di
vidends amounted to $425,500. The
year started with a balance of $372,
739 and ended with $238,520. Divi
dends to date amount to $1,955,000.
Tlie Old Dominion Copper com
pany's report states that development
totaled 17,783 feet. Some of this
work was expensive and unleasant.
The flow of water varied between
3.350,000 and 5,625,000 gallons per 24
hours. The average was 3,754,542
gallons, of the 1,349,210,000 gallons
pumped, 729,580,000 gallons, were sold
to the Miami company.
The west on.l ore bodies supplied
most of the ore. High grade oxides
ore was mined here anil sent direct
to the smelter. The center part of
the mine produced most of the con
centrating ore. Ore extracted totaled
129.813 tons, averaging 7.44 per cent
copper, cost of mining was $3.20 per
ion. an increase due to troubles men
tioned. The new mill started at
the end of October. Floatation was
considerably increased extraction. The
two plants concentrated 151.893 tons
at a cost of 93.2c per ton. The fur
naces reduced 207,595 tons of charge
costing $2,669 per ton of new charge
smelted. Including custom ores the
yield was 30,210,361 lbs. copper, 148.
459 os. silver, and 3.309 oz. gid.
From the company's output on 17,
816,284 lbs.. 33.311 oz. and 603 oz..
respectively, the revenue was $2.
473.582. Other revenue made $2,674,
206. Net earnings were $978,510. Di
vidends amounted to $445,500. Tl
year started with a surplus of $1,
193.247 and finished with $967,293.
Depreciation amounted to $752,878.
Dl'LI'TH Mineral development in
the Shattuck mine for the 26 days
ending with April 30 was of very
gratifying nature. Ore running $8
in gold and silver, pid 4 percent lead,
is being disclosed on crosscut 6 on
the 200 level. Ore running from 16
to 23 percent lead, and with small
values in gold anil silver, is being
opened is crosscut 22 on the 3n0 level.
In crosscut 43, on the 400 level, Ii4
neys of good copper ore are being en
countered. In crosscut 23, on the 500
level high grade ovirte ore, running
30 percent copper, is being opened
The Shattuck mine on April 14 in
creased its daily shipments to eight
cars. The cars transport 50 tuns
each, 30 that the daily shipments are
400 tons per day. The ore is av
eraging 6 percent copper. Supt. Ar
thur Hou'.e in his report to the Shat
tuck company says:
"General underground conditions at
the Shattuck mine are excellent. We
are opening new kidneys of ore in
the old stoping territory. Much of
this ore does not show in the drifts
and Is opened by sloping.
"We are getting good developments
on the Triangle fraction, and at the
north end of the Leo claim. Most
of the ore is high grade carbonate
and looks exceedingly promising. The
ore body which is now being stoped
out on the west side, near crosscuts
3 and 4, on the 200 level, has opened
up especially well during the month,
between the 200 and the 300 levels.
"We have developed a continuous
ore zone 250 feet long, which will
average better than eight feet wide,
and all of it will assay between 6 and
7 percent copper. The ore is con
tinuing southward, and looks very
promising for a big ore shoot in the
southwest claim, in this west terri
tory." A jo Railroad
Ilid.s Tor the construction of this
railroad is now called for and it is
expected contracts will be closed c-arly
in June. As is well known, the road
will be built to serve the old A jo
ropper property, now known as the
New Cornelia Copper Co. It is the
desire of the company to have the
road completed as early as possible
and with the least expenditure of ca
pital and this is why the point on
the S. P. was selected,
contracts for material
been let.
Some of the
have already
the company
in incorporation of
i was filed a couple of weeks ago, with
! a capitalization of $3,600,00". The
I length of the railroad is about 45
miles and there is little rock work
or heavy grading, the heaviest being
at the approach to the mine.
Clara Consolidated
About r,n men are now being em
ployed at this property at Swansea
and some good grade of ore is being
extracted and shipped to the smelter
at Humboldt.
This camp is taking on an air of
sound substantiality and at present
about 400 men are employed around
llie works and this is only a com
mencement. The mill is being got
ready for starting and phould soon
be in operation and it is very possible
the working forces will be. increased
The old town itself i wearing a
very busy air. The number of people
on the streets are the best indication
of the district's activity.
Beats Mule Power
William Hlount, whrf has a quartz
claim near the Lynx creek crossing
which yields a good grade of ore. is
his own miner and mill man. As' a
matter of fact, the mill is a new
fangled arrasta, run by gasoline pow
er. A small engine makes the. drags
whirl about six times as fast '-its' "can
the traditional and trusty mule, and
in addition to the usual method of
arrasta amalgamation, an amalga
mating plate is used. It is stated that
the gasoline costs about two bits a
day which is cheaper than a liay
nurner. by long odds, as about one
ton of ore a dav is treated. Prescott
Courier. ' . '
High Grade Ore Discovered
ord comes from Parker that a
rich strike has been made 12 miles
oyth of Vidal. Vidal is about 24
rBHMtt - iicMolto. prteam and mm 23". to HO' on eve-NK -
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TOOLS for All Uses
10 in.. .yi'-l'T Vriti. 75.:.
10 in.. Stanley N. 1". ball-liearin
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K-aiilcy Ih-vi-1:;. 12 to IS In.. r,l).
15 In., Pi--r-:n ;Mw Tl.r.O ati'l tl.
Hnrk navri. blaite iM'xl
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Vnnre pllpr-i, will lrivr and ill aw
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sCelrb Wire, 1(1 in. "i"-'-.
r. nr fl In.. Stll"n wrf-mrn. 75i-.
spading Inrks. ' .
.Manure forts. M.10; with
la in.ll
o:il tint-
Hay Forks with 4, 15 iiicli oval bU.c1
l.nes. II.
Square ix.int, long an-lle shovels,
' Oafien hfs. t in. Malt 6'-.
liiiile haiiiile jm i.key u n iMies,
C in. sl- 5rir .
Agricultural moitkcy wrmit lu-s, C m.
Kxpuii-J"!! Mtn., 4 to l-2
Large stwl masuro
M.uare-.. hu h miw.
i"-. " squares, 20c.
Ci-in nlderiiiK sets, cnni
jile, 4 iK.
U z. ilaw hammers, ":5c
4- tK
t . . .
9 Cs
mil.'s from Parker. The find is xakl
to liuvo been made by George Owens,
antl some very imposing figures are
given. The ledge is reported to be 19
feet in width and assays up to as
high as $2?. per ton. '
Output the Past Season is Smallest
During the Past Five Years and
Mines Have to go Deeper
The production of tungsten ores in
the I'nited States during 1914 is es
timated as equivalent to about !'!0
short tons carrying 6" per cent, of
tungsten trioxide ( WOS,) according to
preliminary figures collected by Frank I
1... Hess of the United States Cieoli- i
gi'.'al Survey, which are thofght to be j
accurate within n per cent. This!
output is tho smallest since li'i'S. j
when only (571 tons was produced. In ;
1913 the production was 1537 tons,, of I
which P53 tons was ferberite from the
Boulder field in Colorado, a quantity
ulmo.it equal to that of the whole j
country in 1!14. but the production of
the Boulder field in 1!14 was only!
466 tons.
Prices ranged from $6.."i0 to $.ou a
"unit" (that is. so much a short ton j
for each percent, of tungsten tri
oxide, i depending on the quality and
quantity of the ore and the urgency
of the buyer's and sellers' needs.
Of the various tungsten minerals
the one produced in largst quantity
was scheelit, from the Atolia district,
in the Mohave Desert. California. A
little sheelite was also mined in the
Deep Creek mountains-, 1'tah. Small
quantitis of both wolframite and sub
nerste were shipped from Arizona, and
hubnerite was produced on Patterson
Creek, in th Plue Wing district.
Llano. Some Wolframite was pro
duced near Penasco, X. M and Jn
Ivanpah, Cal.
The more easily mined tungsten
ores which lie close to the surface
are now largly worked out in the
older districts, and mining is thus
becoming more difficult and expen
sive; this is especially hard on the
Mmall operator.
The Kiironeiiii nar disturbed tuners- !
ten mining as it did most other lines
of business, and has hud much to do
with the reduced output, hut the im
ports of ore. tungsten, and ferrotung-
sten. as shown by the figures olected
by the Bureau of Foreign and IVimqia,
tic Commerce, have been affected evwfl
more. During the year 267 tons of
ore. valued at $139. 6H7. were import
ed, against 401 tons, valued at $213,-
in 1913. During 1913, 661 tons!
of tungsten metal and ferrotungsten
valued at $$35. 21 2 were imported. In
1914 these imports dropped to 192
tons, valued at $219,506.
Famous Gold Producer of Cripple
Creak Said to Have Been Pud
chased by the Portland Co.
The sale of the Stratton Independence
mine to thi Portland Gold Mining
company was reported today from ap
parently reliable sources. Officials of
the Portland company declined to af
firm or deny the report, which stated
that the sale had been ratified at a
meeting this week of the directors of
the London syndicate owning the
property. - t
The Stratton Independence was last
sold to the Knglish syndicate for ll
000.000. -by the late W. S. Stratton.
"Is Ijicklore usually regarded as a
good lawyer?"
"I should say be is. Why, he is
superinlenrent of a Sunday-school
and one of the deacons in his
church.' Richmond Timos-DJs-patch.
catalov bv return mail.
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Rogular widths in 7 ft., S ft. and 8
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Galvanised Screen Wire 14 mesh, per square foot
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Galvanized Conductor Pipe 3 in.. 6e per font in 10
ft. lenmlis; 4 in., lie per IchH in 10 fl. lengths.
Irrigation Pipe of g-alvanl.-cl Bteel fnr fiurfare ue,
matle of 4 gUHire sttel. 10 ft. lengths oniv : 4 in.,
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lnIde door lotki, nickel fl"J X "ft"
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key. hni-lif.l it -iull bras.-!, ai-rii!' 'Oi-jw-r
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CupbrJ furnt, car l""nr". T i1---die,
ant'.fim crrpier. tlti'l hm , and
blast or nickel plated, each 40i
Drop handle drawer pulls, same fln
1hes as above, cacti.
Flush &&sh lift, antique ropp-r or
dull brass, 7c; sand blat, t a li.
Bungalow front door handles -"h
piarc and thumb lat-h bm it" ii
antique copper, dull brass ur Rand 1.1a'-:.
$.1.2"., or .-ompb-te with lo.-k. ST.
Store door lock, vry servicfable, .-r-l'nier
lock, bolts and nifrht latrh w'th
thr bif kts, any nf ab-ve Prii- ties
$". 7"). rnmi'lt:p wit ii b: ass enn -h'-
French window lock), any of hI-hvc
fintsbes. ?I.:jfl rc-DplL'ti'. a $l."tt vnhie
Genuine Yale right iariies ih t'arte
Orman sllier licy-. 1
Pressed steel butterfly hinges, i'c
puir. all finl -be-.
Pressed steel screen door himev
japanned, 1:V pair: atitlque fpp4T or
dull b-aif, 2''-- pair.
Sfaii. lard Hi'liro and Klirfir I'ainn,
$1 per Ral.
Stan lard msikes fr vai ii'Iips .it 'l'ir'f
nft refill r p-i r
Kla k flraphltc T!r')f
per p-al . r.(c ,
Standard It f
l'aintri ied, creen.
srjy pr (ral., H',c.
Sbinplfi sta'n mad,
from pure ground col
r-- per fhi., ' t)c.
K'crythlnjt in Paint.a. Wall Tints,
I'.-U' bs. etc. , nt big u h e - t yuu.
Duu li Kakoiiime, ptr Ui.
IT 111 IT II
jlwnpLj ii I

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