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L lit:
"The planting Swurd" and others of
-lit;iI interest.
These should irov the greatest
hawing card at the Kmpress nntside
if the local Fielding pictures and
Charlie Chaplin.
Now Its t'-e Irish
Not content with the Gcimaii,
Italian. Yiddish. French and good
nes knows how many more theatres;
New York will now step out and with
one devoted to the wearer of the
tieen. It will he known as "The
Irish Theatre of America." . There
il lie a voting pageant "Irishry" ' and
a series of little plays "Lonesome
Like." by Harold Hrighiiuse: "Red
Tur;" hy Rutherford Mayne and "The
I Mist of the Road" hy Kenneth Saw-
er i.oodman, i.s starters.
RIVERSIDE PARK prows more po
pular as the duyii and nights become
more heated and the various amuse
ments and concessions are very po
tent drawing cards. The dancing pa
vilion, especially, is the most sought
out place in the evening. The av
erage nightly attendance of X m ers
hi.- been more than double that of
last summer and instead of proving
the exception, the new dances are all
the rule. One of the moist popular
just now, among the dancers and
spectators is the I.ulu Fado. This
more on the style of the old fashioned
square dances than any of. the newer
types and the on-lookers seem to en
poy it as much as the dancers them
selves There i darn ing every night
except Sunday.
In the movie theatre the pictures
;;re, shown every night in the week.
nn tompiete ciianges of program
on Sunday. Monday. Wednesday,
Thiiisday and Saturday nights. Wed
nesday night brings "Runaway June"
the feature Mutual picture which has
created so much favorable comment.
No admission is charged to the movie
Swimming grow? more and more
popular and the pool is open from
nine in the morning until eleven
o'clock at night. The water flows
through the pool at a rate that
changes it completely three times
e ry two (lavs and in addition to
this, the pool is emptied, scrubbed and
cleaned twice every week. There is
not an artificial fresh water irioi
in tin- country that is in any way
superior to Riverside and few that
can final it. Ft is the biggest boon
that "vet came to Phoenix for the
summer season.
The zoo and other amusements are
all sovrces of inier.nt and help to
make Riverside a park very much
out of the ordinary.
THE ARIZONA today brines back
the great nine reel picture of Rex
P.. ai h's "The Spoilers." It will be
n nicmbercd that this picture was
shown .it the Arizona only a short
time ago and played to phenomin.il
business. So many requests were
mailt for its repetition that Harry
Nace finally made arrangements for
its return to hi; house for today,
tomorrovv and Tuesday. Since it was
sh-vn her the picture has been
shown in m.'-nv cities throughout the
state. In Pisbee it drew such tre
mendous crowds that the streets were
blinked and the police had to be
called out to regulate traffic. It
is a wonderfully strong picture,
splendidly handled and telling a red
blooded story in an intensely inter-e.-tirg
manner. Hundreds of people
were prevented from seeing it when
it was brought here before, and count
less numbers of those who did see it
will want to see it again, so its second
.ppVarunce at the Arizona should be
almost as prosperous asits first.
For Wednesday and Thursday an
other feature that should prove of
gre.it interest is the appearance of
William H. Crane in "David Harura"
this is Mr. Crane's first appearance
A".iVH-.-''i,; . .
or v .. , w' f t
j. - t n t' i j
"St .is 'J - 1 ;
1 l' ' '1f 1 HO '-Z it .4 1 r . j '
. A ?Vf - "
at the Coliseuro
'Bobby" Fitzsimmons
on the screen and in it lie is s,en
in w hat will probably always be con
sidered as hit best role. The lovable
oid scallywag ot a horse trader is
known throughout the length and
breadth of the hind and David. Harura
and William II. Crane are synoni
mous terms. The spu-v is full of
Hiiiet charm and humor and Mr.
Crane lias ma-'e it a classic. No-
I taring Sidney Dr w and Jane Morrow
j The other is a S. Pg " Sett ing a Start,
iin Life."
With all its well tried and proven
'drawing i arils and the added Metro
i S rvii e features. the Kmprest of
tfeis a piiture s:rvi'e that shoidd ap
i pea! to every lovr r of mo ies.
splendid work of Mile. Theda Ba.rl
in that picture is fresh in the memor
ies of the patrons of the Lamara and
the announcement that she will be
seen today in the picture version of
the famous '"Kreutzer Sonata" of
Tolstoy is good news. Not only will
Mile Kara he seen in this picture but
so will William Shay and Nance
O'Neill. Those three names alone
would make a picture notable; but
they are supported by an exceptional-
t ly strong cast. The "Kreutzer Sona
j ta" i.s the eternal triangle again, de
l pictr-d as only Tolstoy can depict such
things and in the hands of such ar
tists as these three leading charac
ters it rhould prove a truly wonder
ful picture.
tin Tuesday and Wednesday Car
lyle Plackvvell anil the Favorite Play
ers Co. will he seen in another pic
ture. This time it is "A High Hand."
William Hrunton who plays in this
picture was a member of the World's
Fair Stock company at the Kmpresri
here in Phoenix with Cleo Madison.
Alex Dietrich, Ted :acCleafl and
Robin Adair.
Thursday and Friday bring another
of the '.'Who Pays?" series with Ruth
Roland and Henry King in the lead
ing roles. This installment is called
"When Justice Sleeps." It is the
story of a man who soils hi honor
for the woman he loves and she does
not care. There is also another Kx
ploit of Maine on this program and
in it Wu Fang succeeds in kidnapping
For the past two weeks the pro
grams at the Lamara have been an
unbroken string of exceptionally good
pictures and there is every indication
that thiei record will continue for
ST-me time to come.
THE COLISEUM continues to draw
large houses to the tabloid comedies
that are presented there. All the
principals in the company have be
come popular favorites and every
change of bill is looked forward to
bv a fast growing clientele. To
night will be the last time of "Other
People"? Money." a musical comedy
which has proved very entertainign.
It is chock full of good musical num
bers and dancing with a wealth of
comedy of the type that has proven
particularly agreeable to Coliseum au
diences. Tomorrow night House and Alard
will present "The Fountain of Youth"
; 1 1 n i i '. 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 . i i m 1 1 1 1 n T 1 1 1 1 1 1 n i r 1 1 n i n 1 1 n 1 1 1 1 ; l T 1 1 t n 1 1 1
I J -MCJM-PTiaiBB.:w o
r -
1 "rxyj
.A.v('. '
Kl -St
4 ., j.fi.a
! a program of
I the feature b
! drama ent ill.,
"' in vv hich .ioi
i Par1!!- da tl
teresting pii ' t
j !.v " lias its
aim embrai s
! l.er- and'' altr
' her is a K v s
THEATER offers today
Mutual Movies of which
a two reel Tannhauser
"The .Circle of Hatred"
l is poster and Flo La -f-
leads. Its a very in
re. The Mutual Week
regular slmwin- today
s-. enes of interest from
''ill. The comedy nuin
oiie entitled "His L.ick-
"The Kreutzer Sonata"' at the
Lamara today
holy who lovesc comedy in its best
.mil truest form should mic-s seeing
this picture.
For the vve.K end there is the Fam
ous Players Feature, "The Love
Route"' a wholesome and delightful
story staged in the splendid manner
that is usual with all the Famous
Players Features.
. fL-3 Irs ;i
,n a bi n
n P-ftmsf Comedian V.Tiosb Cyrartnna
wt"-; Serein ere lia'-'y f!rree r:n V"cy9
.! Laughter l.-on H!'i"r5' of Pcl&Ued
ticturo Pair or. a.
At th Emprees Today
' THE EMPRESS shows Charlie
Chaplin in "A Jitney I'.us Kk.pement"
for the lat time. As usual "haplin
and fun are sv nonomous. Marc Mac
perinntt is featured in an Kdison three
part drama that is both interesting
anil gooii ami tne Hearst feng ween-
ly is on exhibition with its usual
interesting news features. In addition
to all tnis there is a Decoration Day
feature "Her Seven Sons."
For tomorrow and Tuesday the us
ual Fielding Dave, there is a Kalem
drama in three parts, "The C.irl of
the.Music Hall," with Alice Joyce and
fiuy Coombs in the featured roles.
Then comes the evei popular Romaine
Fielding in a twn part Lubin ditima,
"A Dash for liberty." a typical Field
ing picture which displays the po
pular actor-manager at his best. Two
Kdison comedies "The Animated
Grouch Chaser" and "The Fable of
the Pusy Man and the Idle Woman"
complete the program.
On Wednesday and Thursday the
first of the new Metro Service pic
tures will be fhunn. The. picture is
"Satan Sanderson" with orrin John
son in the lead. It will be remember
ed that "Satan Sanderson" was one
of the most popular povels ever writ
ten by Hallie Rives and provel popu
lar as a play. The picture is said to
tell the story in more realistic and
enjoyable form than either the book
or the play. Irene Warfield has the
female lead.
Friday and Saturday bring another
strong bill with the Vitagraph special
"From Headquarters" in three parts.
It i interpreted by an Ail Star cast
headed by Anita Stewart, Kari Wil
liams, Anders Randolf and Templar
Saxe. The Hearst Weekly will be
shown with its stirring pictures from
tile battle front and views from all
over the world and then two comedies
will be screened to' complete tire pro
gram. The fitf-t if a VitagraVh
laugh-maker, "Cupid's Column'" fea-
i le-s Love' which ci'tuins some very
j laughable situations. Tomorrow the
Lion shovs anether Mutual Masler-
pieture emi'-h-ii "T!jc Dawn of a New
i P.ob.rt Har-
!;' the leading
e ail star east.
and I
I V.
n o
"The Da rt of a New IV
really the life of ( Pn Villi
."hi op i;:o si reen in a way
f iii ly hold tie spectator. D.
tin. ttirei t ! this pict ore.
truly a master work. We
Thursday "hat lie Chaplin
at I he Lion iii a return
of "Dough and Dynumile'
inllli-uy I h 1 lei- full
Fr.duy an ! SaMrduv
t iest pict ur s yet
hoards, tor Lillian C
Lord Tennyson's "Knoch Anion." The
Mutual M 'stcrpietures are bringing to
the Lion larger and better satisfied
auiiienios than heretofore, and these
imis'cr pictures deserve every bit of
praise they have been getting.
THE LAMARA shows a picture to
day, which proves a tremendous draw
ing card coming, its it does, so soon
afLer the "Cloaicnceuu Case." The
nid it
that v
W. c.rif-
v "nich is
Inesday and
will be seen
w hich is a
of laughs. ( m
one of the pret
seen holds the
ish vv ill appear in
built, for laughing- purposes only. In
it the fat and thin pair, assisted by
"The Girls From Happyland," will
display all their funny attributes and
Mr. House declares that there are
more laughs in "The Fountain of
Youth" than there are drops of water
in the Phoenix ocean. Tn addition to
the principal comedians Haze Wihson
and Florence Lane have splendid parts
and the musical numbers are said to
t.e the best that have ever been of
fered. Two reels of the best available pic-
The World's Pest Pictures
Count Leo
The American Bernhardt
(The Vampire Woman) (The Picture Adonis)
Guaranteed Attraction from William Fox.
No Advance in Prices
Hours of Shows, 11:00; 12:30; 2:00; 3:30; 5:00;
6:30; 8:00; 9:30.
old iron playhouse.
turcs are shown before each show and
in the last three weeks there has not
ben a disappointed audience at the
It was Private Smith's (whose num
ber was 254) first church parade, and
having done a good deal of marching,
he was naturally feeling the effects of
it during the (service.
He had not been in church long when
the clergyman announced the hymn.
"Number 254 Art thou weary, are
thou lanquid?"
Private Smith (with a loud voice)
"Xo, I'm quite fit, thanks."
Kenneth Your dachshund must have
had a close shave.
JEmmerley He did. The train surely
would have got him if he hadn't' had
enough sense to get off the track side'
wavs. Woman's Home Companion. .
o '
The lightest ana heaviest woods
grow in the United States. The heav
iest is the Florida ironwood and the
lightest is the corkwood of Missouri.
11- rTf 4 ill i ft & w
'xjs'H xi'i? V'''" FS''" ' ' 1H' "t5
' j ' ' ' '1
At the Empress Wednesday and Thursday
Butler & Payne Present
and the
Broadway ffoneymooners
In That Howling Success
10c, 20c 30c
The Center of Summertime
Today, Tomorrow
and Every Day
Admission 10 Cents
Open 9 A. M. Until 11 P. M.

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