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Arizona republican. [volume] (Phoenix, Ariz.) 1890-1930, July 08, 1915, Image 1

Image and text provided by Arizona State Library, Archives and Public Records; Phoenix, AZ

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S 1 "All EM
8 PAIiliS
YOl-. XXVI. XO.Til
Although II' II;is Not An-;
tli..iiy..l Am- I iu!ii-:if iull
. i x-
!' IllS leWS. It IS Xo,
I'.i-li. -,.,! Informal Pro-
pos.'lls Will I H' Accepted
roiniAL m:!M,v is
T'nited States Mriv Main-
tain Sil' iD-e :is t Fnsatis
t'ai tnry Proposals and IZe-t'usi-
to Fnae in Any
I MsrUSsPili
WASHIXHTDX. July 7. l"on ' '
I r-sub ni rests tin decision as t.. what i
i-pi. ,r -1'iy, will sent to Aml-as-v-a-
.!. r Gerald's- message outlining the ten-
t.i:. . i . . 1 1 of the note snl.mil lot to
1 im ir.ioi in ally l.y G. rm.my as a pi"- i
iM.-. ,1 ill'' lo the Am- rican not. of;
June : on snl.inai ino warfare. Lansing!
Mi.l tl.t-r advisers 1 1 a nsmiMed their
i,v; -o i!te president at dcriish. It,
vas tonight 11. at no Wor.l laid
. u ,,., .i,e, regarding the president's j
.!i;..;i. II i';is intimated the presi- j
.j. i r inii;ht ivt act until tomorrow, or i
F. i.! i as .1. li-.-ate questions are in- I
n.lv I hi. h lenui'-e utmost consider:!-
.. I
I M.i ici: t!
lay i mint on i.ernsiu.i
r- t irn 1 to Washin-rton. teiulcrei!
.r .l ,1 .t;..i..- t.. I ..ni.or im.I ill- I
. ... .. ... . .
ii.-l concerning trie latest hast s ... thi;. ,,. ,,r tht. steamship 1'iii- jemim -it pat h..:o.'isls ami hi..lo;ists
cotiatioti:- at I't-rlin tl'M.iah ' '' r:ir'1- la lel.hia Were in uant-.r from inter- .in the coiintr. a man who as path
. i, i.arv I.ai;in outline,! in a c. ncra! ' , .,, ,;,., ... ., .- I ,i,,uist f,,r Hi- ihiciv,, Men v ll..s-
-I. v. '.:i hail n t ninsmit teil l.y
r-r-t an.i u . ve no intimation as in
" .. i! - of the 1 nitei! States. Illi'i,,,,., i..i. i.-r,o, l, i,ir,r . fii -
t soi l he ha. I no a, IMICS ot his I
...vn rninit th- situation ami
"!'"ri Af,,r r""-
t.rm,. the .-..tint iearne.i that i.er- ,,,,,,.,..,.. who km w the latter.
:.-.i's ni.-saoe was f a cTair-ct.r which i I . n . ..ve authoriiies sm,e ih. v l.e-.1-1
n-.r 1,-c ssarily r..iiire an ..r-v.-r yri llU. ,,,,,, v..,s ,astee,i
I i -- ht'i- iloiii.t in -la! uuar-
i.-i's il I the Ocrman rop. a is in tic
1 :
. rr- form will not hr. acceplah'" to
I n:: .1 Stat. s.
o ..'.Ti.ri is s'mw li-H pcrpt. xim; ;
,iLh. o'fi. :a!s l-tfausr they are re- 1
in I ti-t to em-'rii-e in nn informal dis- 1
. cssion of .,:!..!.. wlii-h th-v hold j
: if ! arly : stated in the American note. I
At 'he same tini" thoy are anxious that
r'nanv w iM have nn mis
t ncepiion as
'.. wh.t the I'nited States will not ac- sjnir .s:lj, today that several weeks ;is,i : alre;il y heen Inaiimirit. d. This state
'' jit v.ns r.-ported hy some ernhasies that,""'"' follows:
A It lii.iiL'ii ot'fi i ils are r.ticrnt re- !,, .,., i,.(s had I.e. n .lis. -..vt red to! :,n aut Imrita t i st.it- nvnt of
Lai 1 ;ni.' 1 1. r.r.i's . onvers.ll inn with th" ! (t.-stro" plants mamifa tfirinn muni - ' h'' exact cnniliii..ns j.erta i n i tr to tv
''iini'in fnM'irn office funt tinnaries. it l i. . -) s ,,f war r place hi.rnhs on ships ' l'lmiil f"-ver ami the activities nf the
i sai, his mess ,. do, s not make . l.ar j i.-ucim; Ain.ri.-an ..rts. The mi Lj.-.-t ' V '"altli il.partni. nt may prove
v.heihtr ihe i;.-rman t:..v.-rnm-nt hail j i1;, i ref.-rr-l to the department I intercstinK and informing to the
: k--1 him to ..htain the ie'Vs of the;,,, justice for in vest iat i.m He had j pnhlic. I desire to suhmit tin- f .1 -fn.o.l
states ., tentative draft. i , h.-ar-l that any evidcii.c had l.ein i lowim; :
The im; . i i..n wns the Americ m ,,,im,j tl, i.r,,V(. th.it mi. h i.lois ,oo, ,1 A study of the vital :tatitics fol
.-i nn..-!:' could if it chosef coniiii.nt
.a. It i.e! !- h.- r.ote W as col n pi e t ci 1 . A-
: ri oi!t of i;is conferences, the ainhas
s i..r asl ed if the state departmnt had
-I" , iast rn. t ions for him. In the cir
. . ri.st a rces it is entirely possihle the
U'ashins-tori irotrnni'nt w ill maintain
;,'iut- y, ith respect to the amhas.-ta-tl.rs
in.pnry. hut the peneral Iwlief
v a a that s. me indit-atinn will lie piven
him f.r wha comment if any, he shoiild
in :.- on the draft.
Whether this will take tho form of a
Mcs-vtuf sainir the department had no
' is t nn I u :is for him to express a view
i- niidt ci.led tonivrht.
Some of the president'. adviitcrs s-em
to think -hi advantage shmihl he taken
tht- opportunity In reiterate most
1 1 'mil iniie.l nn I'ae Three)
ST. I,nl"IS, July 7. K.uir cars !
nf a Wahash train were hh.w n j
fmm the track by a tornado near I
Uilinore. N'ohntly was hurt hailly I
rn'tiuh to neetl me4ical attention. !
1'iie mail and enmhinat inn tlinimr I
ami chair far were blown clear !
fmm the riht of way. The crt-w I
emipleil the fie cars reniaininir 1
and proceeded lo Kansas. I'lty. !
Central Board Of Revieiv Is
Expected Here Very Shortly
Nn intimation nf the contents of
the rcpnrt nf the cost Kurvey bnard
can be available to the general pub
lic until after th" centra! board of
review lias passed on it, acenrdinn
to a statement by 1'resident John I'.
I irme, nf -the water users' ifssocia.
tioii yesterday. Incidentally, Mr.
Tine annniinceil that the central
Iw.ard, consisting of Oeneral Marshall.
I 1. O'Oonnell and Kirn,. re Mead
would meet this week in I laklant', Ca
lifornia, and would visit Phoenix be
fore making its final decision or. the
-'red A. Junes, water users mem
ber of the local board has left for
tne coast, after a report to an rxpeu
tive session of the board of governors'.
Information coming out of this meet
iiii; I u ked everything that was really
i ifs mhinfs. juu t. '
riv: ' 1',-'"- '"
' was git. -ted with blowing "I tai -
t,.iv whistles :in.l Hi.- ringing nf
rh.ii.-iii..-iN Tw..,.iy ti...iiH:.i..i
j pie viewed tin- hill utter tin- Na-
j: ti. pal .uiirdsiii.-n had fin d a ealulc.
j ; Tli'' I. ill. aboard :i special train
!;,,":'""""" - "u"rT
Fears I or Sal'etv of ( 'u-
Mil l"ter Ale Dissii-ateil
W'lll'll Vi'eIeS IS Ifeeeiv-
, , .
aVlIILi -M I H! It IS
I Ik.
( t ;t...-lATK:i I'KITSS DISTATc'Ill
NKNA Y i 'UK, July ..-l-.ars for the
for the
;.fetv of the 'urn.iriler Saxmiia were
-li-sipate-1 wh. n a wireless message
s:ljjM!, ,il;lt ,,,, j.,,M,i,s are ahoar.l was
nn ni t nnnnnn
m UNI nil vlnh
IIU iiuli uumuu
nil niifnim in
UN UHAlimtt IU
umDn Dcpcnmn
rii-ivi'il Irom ttie captain in answer i.iir.a.iy iin.ur wa.
it that Irani; Molt a.- itert -
!.. . ii received that no m .ml is w.retpi'al ciiiiit-s anil art as.-o. iatf of I ir.
ml the l'hilailel;hia.
i:,r......,l inslruclor anil :illr il
,v;:-.. m-;r....r..r ua
treni'theiieii hy tin
ii.l. nt.li. aeon of the corps,
M ueri-
his Kt.iv.ini; lief that he woiiM In
. hnT ift. -1 as Mueiit.-r. Holt's relatives
It II..1'.; CXpi I t to prove he was la.t
i Muenter. Tlnv claim lc was hoi n near
His father's name was
lani Holt, his mother's name is un-
,,,,. ,,. " I
M ,., rt.r. t h- a .it hor it i. s i crt.e:n!re.l. !
,, ,rI1 ;., ;,.rm i,v Th.. in.nii-st
.n).r . ,Iv ,,, w.,u p,. h(.1(1 :if t
i,,.,,,.., .morrow. Secretarv Ijin-
. j wi ll 11 hi ' io.io- olio , ..oil1.' i.- ot, .....-
f ASHifiATEn riiKss risi-ATc:ii rcconls exist, show that tin- I'hoe-
WASHI.XCTi IX. Julv 7. -The . ffnrls j ''" Hi lah s fmm typhi, id f.-v.-r
of the rnitcd Stat, s overniiierit to nh- "' f,,r ,h" ',':"'!' '""""'I " '!. 7".",
tain l;.i stuffs from I ;, rmanv f..r Ainer- I 3:,-s :!s " ,,rr
i.an iiianuracturerts has i.ache.l a r"r ,ll- ','i,r!' m.-ritioncl. It was re
ded!.,, k which a, .pears unbreakable. ' """ ,his r'"'' w:,s "'""'"'v ""
The iMin.in evi-r, t is iiiiil, rst.,...: i m" 1,n'T 11 Kl"'U "f ,h" """t ,l"
,n have t-.Lf.. Itw. ....wilt.... it..., .. .. 1...... i
Amiriian . niton readu s ib rinan purls
no dvestuffs will he released for ex
WASlll.MiTciX, .tulv 7. A three j
im n t.i-appeai iiii; i:un t..r submarines
has b. en pei-f,cted .v tl,,. nav y nrd -najice
department. Secretary Iianicls
a nnnlll. ced tnliav
Iloltline; th;it the reuietlv under the
workman's -nmpiilsory it,mpensat ion
act is personal to the workman,., and
that lie alone can make a settlement
.a vital part nf Hjc report especially
those bits of informal inn rcKardin!-;
Ill,- amount of project cost that would
; be lopped off the charge ai'ainst the
' farmers. That there will rip. a not -
, leri.'l retliictioti "of the project cost
is leKarded as almost certain, by
. those well informed nn the details of
tint hoard's investigations. Hut . tho
exact amount nr even a near kiicss
larinnt bo i,'iven at this time.
I ri. Hunt i:aldwin. .supei visinir -n-eiiKineer
of the southern district and
now an attache under the Di-nvor
; office of the reclamation pervice, nn,i
assigned more plirticnlaiiy to opera
tion and maintenance, is expected in
' J'tioenix late this week, and It is
thmiKht probable that the central
board of review w ill be visiting here
about tnat time, too.
City Health Officer (iod-
frey lias St'Uted Compre
hensive Inspection of 1 lie
I) lil ies, 1 1 1 1 s and Dis
ease ! reeding Spots
Will Ai-t ::s V-nsuit in-- Dai
J it riulnist and Advise as
I to the Method t,f Con
dinting Scientific Mill;
W ar has hit a tleelareil on typhoid
f.-.r in Phn, nix. The city health
ie.:i! t m.-nt has inaugurated a cam
' .. i 1 1 against further epidemics
li,.ni sources which the department
can control. i'nder lhe authority of
t'itt Mnli.ik'iT K.i!.. it A. Craig a most
. out;. 1 1 h'lisivi' sanitary inspection of
oniric from which entiles the city's
miik supply is now being made, in-
Is'"'. "
j ptlV 1
of all j.r.'iuist-s upon v. hiili
xist. has ben carrieil out
l.ii.i.s oi.l.-re.l al.ate.l ami,,, vll,,,l(. t1(. neutrality of the I'liitetl
a ,:""',ai-" "f lfl '"'Istates. w,.r.. released t..,:1y on I. ..mis
carrie. on to instnut the jmhlic in I ,,r each. They left the toiirt-
the i.!uti..n t.i personal h,j.iie to
(the . r-y lit loll of l.holi! lever. ( ll
Hiailh nffici lMwanl S. ' Jo.ifi .
Jr.. has mailt recoinnu mlal uuis 1o
Ihe i itv liianau. -l- thil ale to he c.i I -
in, 1 out an. I w huh it is In Ii. eti
ri. ,1
will result in the t limi nation of t y -
' I Imitl from this city.
lnciccntal to the campaiuii which
si r ici s of
if the most
I r. W. O. Sv.ck,
l..'..hn I!. Murphy. I!
. Oli.l f.l I1IOUS
!siir - -
have been
arryim' out
lir.-.I to a::-ist
the plans for
ill t'l.
the camj.nir'n. 1 ir. Sw.-ek will a I
as a consultini' ha. tt I i..l. i'ist an. I
Will Milvise iu the inspection of til"
rm'k s'i ppl;.- of th.- city.
It is ri:f..l.,.iy predict, -I that t h .
ilia uccla ! i. ui of this ca in pa il,'U wilt1!.
Speedily WilrCSS the I 1. 1 . 1 I en t 1 1 1 of
t . I hoi. I f.-vi r as l.ir as I'hoeniv i
.one. in.-. I and that it will ni.-an that j l
th. ! e W ill he Small 11'.. llhood of
II curl ence of the d.s. :lse to ar.v u
siih rn hie t xtent.
1 'r. Icelfrey last .-v. nin isfiie.l a
".'i' n.-iit of th,- conditions as ihey
now exist in th
city t.
ether Willi ;
..in outline ,f he
in :"' '"' '"""I"1
rn which has
the years llip) to P..1::. inclusive,
rthiih covers the period tliiriiu-"
I ... L I. ........ r.. .....I ........ .1, ..r-t.,l
recor" s Jfcuowe.i iiut 1 1 1 s , i : i 1 1 n -ml
t-ntin;i had hi en paid In this disease
in the past. Althmii;li the rate for
I'.'It of H'! a", per hiiiidred t hmisa nd
is ilie lowest of any year for which
we lu .e data and shows a vi-i y
a ppri . i a hie decline from the previous
year, yet even 'ins is too niuu win-ii
compaicd wtui ttii' raie lor im- reg
istration area of the I'mt.d Slates.
The city liiaith depart merit , luriii ,'
(t'tmlinueil on I'aK Four)
bin linK on Ills personal representative,
the suprt me court yesterday declared
uncoils! it ul ional the provision of that
law afford! iiif remedy to the injured
man's pcnsonal representative, heirs or
icpendehts in the absence of election
by the .vorkman to accept compensa
tion. Aclion was brought in the superior
cfnrt of (Sila county by Itelle HehrinKer
askinir $:iii,nnu tlamai'es fnr the tleath nf
her husband while employed by the In
spirit! inn Consolidated Copper com
pany. The suit, il appeared, was
Irmmht under the law commonly
1- now n as Iorri Campbell's act, entitled
"Injuries resulting in death." The nitu
(any filed a demurrer to lhe complaint
claiiiiinK that lhe compulsory com pen -f.ation
ait was liindintr, and this was
sustained by the lower court.
In ils opinion handed down yester
day, the supreme court holds that when
jt workman dies without making aif
election as to settlement, as provided
under the terms or Hie compulsory
compensation act. that his riKlits there
under die with him. His personal rep
resentative i then relefrateil to an ac
tion for ilnmasi's under the I-onl
Campbell's act or the employers' liabil
ity act. accordins to the case.
After reviewinif the fads in the case
(Continued on Page Three)
Jovo Maeanovieli, W'Jio Says
lie is Personal liepresen
lat'r.c of Kin; of Alonte-lieo-io,
'liar.'j.ed With 'io
Jat iirj. Xeutiality
has i:listi;d
:;oo(j iM-:si:iiYrsTs
liefore He and His Seere
tary Ale 1,'eleased Tiain
Hearing lleservists fioin
Arizona Arrives and is
Halted for Three Honrs
Piil'TLANIi, July 7. Jov.,M.ua
no i. h. who s:iys he is the personal
1 t-prosoiitat ive of the Kin of Monte-m-i.T.1
an'l I'. M. Luhnrii h. his .sec
retary, v.ho were arrest, il yesterilay
on a teloj-r.i.hic warrant from I'hi-
cnmi. i i:uuimr t ..til with cnnsinracv
Iiouse -a.ini; liny woulil remain only
until ih.-v coulil see their way clear
,,, a,.,:,,i ,,, t 'aliforiiia for the pro-
s, .,.,,,.,, ,,f ., mission which thev le-
, , , , , . is to S'llii willing Mollte-
I n,.KI ,,, r.s.rvisis home to join the
;,,,,,, s.
.vl r. Ma. am. i.h is the personal sec-
isretary ..f the Kinir,"' saiil I.uhurich,
"ami In- knows international law. I
l'our ears ULCo he represt-t neil Mon-I
lenero in ( ', -nsta lit mople. W'e have
i..iti-. no law. Ii irim; the J'- ilays j
We have I. cell oil the IoU.1 We have;
I rfiie;
I reservist:; to j.. to Cauaila, I
to Moiitciii -urn t" join the '
1 helici
coloi-.s .P.nt.iieurin.s who have taken
out na t ui a liat ion papers are not
' ppr. a. heii. Nt-itlur have tic reser
vists se n hy us ! .-ii i r.ii red to re
turn. W'e i-mad not comptl them and
hae only reiue:-ted them to The
t r . !.:-pol'l.l t i. fl has I.e. 11 pan I.V US
i'h is f.r wi
visited i
Minie .sola. Mo
as a re.oil! of
tana and W ash in e;l i .11.
ur work prohahly .'I.iiihi
;;. .no lo i 'a uada
coTitiri'ie our mission
,r i.-ts h:.vt
"We plan t.
ami ;;o to California as soon as v. c
ham when we are w.in!il in I'liicatro.
This is an inteinatioii.il mattir and
we doire to hae an extension of time
f' r 'he hcariii).' i n the complaint.
v e t an complete our worn."
When the honds vt-re granted,
(I ontinur-J r,n I'aHe Four)
However. Washington Ol'l'i
eials Say 'o Intention to
Prevent Departure of I'e
ernits. Hut Will Frose-
eiiie Tliosc I'esj'ousihle
WASHIN' ;'!' i.N. July 7. A It hough
department of justice officials are
confident they have nipped the plan
to ship large numbers of Montene
grins back home m Join t he .colors,
it is laid tonight there is no present
intention nf preventing the departure
of those induced lo start home.
The ufficials are not surprised the
recruits stopped at Portland were
allowed lu proceed. It is said the ef
forts of the government are directed
chiefly to the conviction of the repre
sentatives or the Montenegrin govern
ment charged with the violation or
neutrality hy urging their compa
triots to return home.
The cases probably will he laid
before Ihe federal authorities in Chi
cago where much evidence was ob
tained from recruits stopped nn a
train hound for Canada. . The acti
vity of Ihe government in these ar
rests is part nf a general effort to
prevent the enlistments .in the I'nited
States for armies of the belligerent
nations, officials called" attention to
the fact that the criminal eoife pro
hibits the enlistment in this count ry
r "any person" to bear arms against
a friendly ponplc.
The evidence points to viola! ions in
the cnlistmenls for the British and
(Continued on Page Four)
WASHINGTON, July 7. Fur Ari
zona Fair.
v "Pi
Dispalehes from Mexico,'
City I'eeeived hy State j I
Dei'artnient Say Feeling'
of Finest Likely to Lead
to Chaos
Messages from
Stale That A:
Yera ('i-iiz:
; i nit Uioii.
the Carranza !arrison at
Me.vieo -ity Was li
neucd on Mondav
WASIII.XilTOX, July 7. I lispatcait-s
from Mexico city received bv the
state th uai tin. nt toni-in: dated Julv
1, transmit tci; h.
mirier to Vera
'rnz atiiioi
1 that fund riots in
Ihe capital have leiii checked. Con
ditions have improved, though th"
fund slmrtuge is s, rinus. A fi t-ling
i f unrest liki iy to lead to chaos
still prevails.
Nn m. iiiioii was made of the rnil
itarv situation. At the lime the
lonriir left' Hernial Hniixah-s, com
liianding the ,'ai ranza a: my, was
v. ailing for r :nforceineiils. Messages
from era t 'ru: since staled the as
sault upon tin- Zapata garrison was
lelli-Wcd oil Monday. July
"Although lhe Zapata forces are
said to number about r,.('io men,
they are short of arms and arnmuni
lioii, and ,,'fif.als here would not be
surprised t, hear at any time that
th, v had i . icuatcd or had been driv-
i n from t he cit y.
Additional i!isatihcs to the state
ilepartini nt from Mexico are outlined
in this summary.
"A dispatch dated July from
San Luis i'otisio states that Htiana
juato has l.t , n occupied by Villa,
troops. It is stated this will permit
!!. exit of Americans on their way
to As'uas Caiientes. The San I,uis
Pop, si district is ijiiiet. II is re
ported thai the Villa forces have re
c ..!.-.! the towns of Ci dral an l
Mali hcala.
"Train si r if e hf lwe.-n Iiredo and
.Mntifi-i', y was susp-'rided on July II.
A battle has been in pro'-rress about
six days in the vicinity of Pan-don."
Tin C;irraii.a agency announced
Hu- r. c-ipt of a dispatch d-( hiring
the Villa army had been complettly
roiit'-d by I'airarra forces at Villa
Har'ia between Monterey and Pare
uon. Villa forces are said to have
suffered Ihe loss of six hundred
kilh-d and wounded. The agency add
ed that a i, ond fight nearer Pare
doii had resulted in a Carran.a
News of the results of i "arranza's
last lat.-st attempt to drive Zapata
out of M xi o city is awaited anx
iously by ia, eminent officials. No
word has cm,- sin, il was announc
ed two days a:-o that the Carranza
army undi r Honzales and reinforced
after the repulse mi June 27 had re
newed tin' attack expecting an easy
victory. Apprehension felt on account
of the foreign colony at the capital
v as somcvv hat relieved during the day.
A dispatch to the state department
from Vela On, states the invest
ing Carranxa fores intended to fa
cilitate llu- altiinpts of foreigners to
uuil the city, and transmit their
messages to tie outside world. Iie
partnicnt advices added that Carran
za is confident of taking Mexico
City in a "short tim,-." Consul t;.-n-eral
llanna at Monterey reported to
the Ked I 'loss that lie is feeding 1!,
eiiii -persons fi-oni American relief
if i icials of the Chinese legation
(Continued on Pago Four)
ATLANTIC , 'ITV. July 7. Stirring
addresses were delivered against, li
iiior traffic at today's session of tht
convention of the Anti-Saloon I,eugue
of America, and predictions were made
that national prohibition would be
achieved by P'-O if lhe sentiment fori
a saloonless nation continues to grow j
as it has in the last two years. j
Forty state superintendents or tne
League iiddnsscd two meetings held
simultaneously and told of the pro
gress being made to bring about a
complete suppression of the liquor
At the morning session former Gov
ernor Foss of Massachusetts said that
national prohibition was the only re
medy In prevent industrial decay in i
tl is country and tonight other speak-;
ers roused enthusiasm by attacking
the manufacture and sale of intnxi-,
i ants.
The National Hoard of directors
adopted resolutions urging Congress In
submit a proposed amendment to the
federal constitution to the people so
that they may determine whether
Ihey want national prohibition. Wil-
Ham Anderson, superintendent of the
league of New York, speaking on the
.conditions in the state charged at
tempts have been made to have the
! MI'MI'II, July 7. 'I'he military
a uthurit ieis nf, itavaria tuday issued
j an nnliiianoe pi n-, iding a maximum
i nf one year's imprisonment for
dealers charging excessively for
articles of daily consumption. A
similar penally is provided for
those v. it hholdiiuf stocks to produce
higher priet-s.
I I lllnL
I.V -let! Will N'ot. P.i-
l'l-n.s ld-.l il' 11- Will
Tak,- t His licsideii.-c
Siiiiii'wln-1,. ii! ,,rth'-ni
l'al-t ,.t Stati-s
assoi-iatu:, piu;ss imspatchJ
1 WASillNHTi i.V. July 7. There yv. re
imi ica t ions tonight that the my
agaiusl liacrta might he dropped.
Huerta. is dm- to appear for hearing
. next v. , , y . iii fi'-ials are reticent re
ganilii:: reports -hat they will not pros
icci'.ie it Il'urta will take up his res
idence son lev, hej-e in the northern par!
of the Tniti- I states an l not interfere
' in Mexican politics.
It is pointed out that such a tscttU -mi
ni vvoi.ld accomplish ih,- end desired,
the prev ntioii of iluerta's return to
, Mi xi, -o to further complicate the si' j
', alfi.n. Several messages were ::-
chata-i ,1 het m r-n the di-partmf-nt of
I iu.-'tice of-i'-ials aral 1'cih ral Attorney
'Camp t Fl 1'avii. It is und.-rsto. d tila.t
'amp is I horoiighlv familiar with con
i 1
.liitlotis on the l.or.h-r and it is be
' !ie , d ii was his suggest i'-n that the
lease he ip-p.-s.-d of Without legal plfl-
c, t dings.
I Stll Seeking Bail
I IM, PASn. Jul.- 7.- iluertu attornevs
' I. niu'ht for.tinued negtitiations with the
I federal i.lficial. in an effort to have
JIuert t and his five associates released
-on bad. It is helievi d that Huerta vviii
he kepi under guard should bond be
, given. It sii' li an agreement is; reached
lit will become ofeelive tomorrow.
Has Strong Cace
' FI. PASO. July 7.--"The government
( ha;- a v-from- east- against Huerta and
(I know o? no reason for its ahandon
; mem." said J. Camp, i'nited States at
I t, -nn y . lot.i-ht.
Ol'KKXST' iW'.V. July 7. Teti.per-
sons were killed and a score injured
j tonight when a truliey car nf the In
I ternatioiial Kailvvay jumped the track
! at a curve oil the cb.irp incline lend
I ing from i.ueen.-co w n Heights into
the village. lhe car was carrying
a crowd of excursionists to the boat
la nd ing.
associated rmtss DISPATCH I
PK iWNSVII.FF. July 7. A hand of
a h, Kit L'n Mexicans, which raided .North
Cameron county early this week, have
succeeded in crossing to Mexico in
tho opinion of the sheriff. Posses are
still searching tor the gang.
new constitution now in process of
coiistduction framed to protect liitinr
interests. He attacked Wm. Fames
knd his attitude on the liipiur ques
tion, said the Tammany Hall was
for the liquor interests" and did not
care who knew it, while the republi
cans Wert for the same interests but
did not want anybody to know it.
Bryan Explains Delay In
Stand On Suffrage Question
associated press dispatch
SAN FRANCISCO, July 7. William'
J Hryan explained his delay in tak
ing a stand on the suffrage question
and suggested a method of campaign
ing for it, in an address before the
women nf the San Francisco and Cali
fornia Civil Ix'iigiie luncheon. He
saiil his tardiness in espousing the
cause was tin' lagrely to rule not
to take up questions until they were
reasonably sure of solution, also ho
also busy with oher matters. He gave
Mrs. Hryan the credit fnr convincing'
him women were vvurthy t.f the bal
Accompanied hy Cloudburst
Storm Sweeps Fast ward
from St. Louis, Killing
Score anil Leveling Sev
eral Towns
St. Charl.-s Suffers
With More Than
died Square Dloeks
a;,ed and l'leetrie
Out of Commission
ST. Iol'IS, July 7. Seven persons
art- known to have ht-en killed during
the tornado and cloudburct, at St.
Charles. A woman and child who
i who entered lhe Herremo church at St.
I Charles, ju-1 as it w -rut demolished by
i the storm, have not lie ri accounted for.
iKt-fioris lioin liardenne say that Alts.
Thomas Shi'-t'-ry and two children were
I killed w li, -n th.-ir home was wrecked.
At V.-iitzvilh- and Hilmore it is report
ed one man in each place was killed.
I Mrs. John Minor of o'l-'allon, Mo.,
aii'l an infant v.',-r- ,l.tsh,-,l to tleath in
' a .-. h- atfi.-in at liiiinore. The wind
pi, :: .1 up i heir buguy olf the road. It
carried ;he occupants and the lior.se
; L'i',1 yards.
Tin- tornado and cloudburst swept St.
ia.uis and St. Charles county. The
prop, rty damage amounts to half a
million. A number ot small towns are
isolated. parts of the territory were
de'uye 1 with four inches of rain in half
: an hour. St. Charles suffered more
: t 1 1 1 1 1 any other area and more than
on,- hundred square blocks being darn-,-ige,l.
; The city is in total darkness except
', r kerosene lamps and candles. The
elect! ic i lant is out 'of commission. The
utile front of the factory of the
( American Cr Foundry was blown in.
The storm came from the southwitst
hut as it struck the city it swerved to
the north and swept the eniire ceniral
p. rtion. The f ii st volley of wind was
! followed hy the heaviest rain in a gen
, eiaiion. The storm swept across the
Mississippi and Mis,-ouri rivers to Ma
' cison county, Illinois, where its fury
si ems to have abated. An automobile
party that rushed to St. Peters re
turned to St. Charles and reported
every house in the town badly dam-:tg,-d
and many demolished. The town
was almost buried under stackri of
! wheat which had been carried from the
, fields hy the wind. The damage to the
wheat is estimated at $luO,"iiu. Mexico,
Mo., rci ortcd an interview with Mrs.
Ceor-ic p., iss, of St. lyiiiis. a passenger
on the train which was brown from the
track at ililinore. She said she saw a
man lying dead on the station platform
: at i lilniore.
News From Chicago
cniCACiii, July 7. Tornadoes and
cloudbursts sweeping eastward from
the Missouri river caused heavy dam
age and loss of life today in Missouri.
Illinois, Indiana and Ohio. The tor
nado swept districts northwest of
St. Louis, blowing part nf a Wabash
train from the track and devastating
St. Charles.
The wind velocity at St. Charles
was eighty miles. Similar storms
are reported to have struck St. 1'eter.
M i and Lawrence, 111. First reports
of the storm say two persons were
killed at i.aw renceville.
Cincinnati was cut off from wire
communication fnr two hours. Riins
(Continued on i-"age four)
ALAMKUA, July 7. Six in
ma.es of the California Girl's
Training School mutinied tonight,
extended the mutiny to sixty or
seventy-five girls, and then es
caped, l'our were captured, and
two are still fugitives. After the
six escaped, more than fifty
others dressed for the sen et and
prepared to follow. The police
Were summoned and restored or
der. Today's break is the third
within three weeks.
He said: "Let me give you argu
ment fur those who question the mi)r
:i lit y and intelligence of giving tha
ballot to women. More than ninety
percent of the inmates of the Ne
braska penitentiary are men. You
find a majority of women in tin)
churches. If women are intelligent
enough to keep out of the penitentiary
anil have morality enough to go to
ehaich, there is no question of their
fitness for the ballot. 1 believe it Is
only a question of time when women
will share the burdens of government
with men. Kthieal standards will be
brought mure and more into play.

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