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Arizona republican. [volume] (Phoenix, Ariz.) 1890-1930, July 09, 1915, Image 11

Image and text provided by Arizona State Library, Archives and Public Records; Phoenix, AZ

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'S-aissi RlsS hmim
Take Heed Act
N Diatord s, Bro. Phoenix.-RnyK
'or 2n p Mfovxjrov
jlTV, Tp hi -.rv-n:ui.-- ! th' r.si:a! custom tl. is store not t carry merchandise over from one season to another,
.lN x ' M',!r "'M' ' !l-unni"r Clearance Sale, with t'-.e idea in mine! to absolute!;- clean up all Summer Mei
eiu'.r.tiise. regardless .f los- of profit or t'o -nier cost. The price reductions will apply to every I V-part?uei:i:
. . 1 v l i.i- a-.P ! T is'.-iu' nr. and no itnili r u ii.it your choice may he. it v e it. you ui.iv he siire of a suh
- ; . V. .v.-v t."i iff v husek' i .. in Tr.i t. everv man o- v orian. will show iroo.l business judgment in taking advantage
"i h. . :'.,.. v,.,- " H , sit'..-.. M -P.-1..L- l..ii..v . .-
O vy li to;
-'.i ( A Hie-Iat : i'oi)
! - :! '." i vi - " yii;"' r. 'I'll-- price- noted iri p i
' '. ; ; w .-:-. Ta";" .nivanlnnv of this s:de.
Materials Are Offered Mow at a Vast Saving in. Price
v. ill;,, !; rnnl
' - r n ;t iit- i i
.. . lie
V. I -AH il
i v . --.
. tl. v -'a-
-;isi.n ,u;H'-
I" IN' H AI.I--S.1.K I'liKl'K Mi: CHINKS-Tins
is .-no -t tin f"-sr ..l'.'s v h:i"- ever Ihtii abl"
ciMit of . . fprioiuil weight. !nsht lu.-tniis (iy
:;n.l I i 1 1 1 it u I 'inisli in all tlit sea -oil's ri'-u.-st ami
in .-t ha.i.s iiH'liiiiin Sand. eit-am. I ivy. Tan. lirou n
''.n .-n. Navy. .i.-r,!ia. n, iMa .im.'. I'. ljrlan aii'l
I. '.ra.M.r I I n I.U. s- -lal valla- COlSS1
.".A!..v;'i:. C!.ii'III-A i'a':lv that Sflls usually
ff.r U' .aril 41IH-. s in -i: i!" s :! futitn
i a sian. lar-1 niat.Ti.il
Spf. i:ll
.VATl'I'.A'. 1.1NKX --All pure fia fuli .a. in. I.. .
will.1, i.'v.il f.ir v .lists. li.Mi-t- itn.1 cttvt-t (!r'ss-s,
i hil'li-.-n's .lrtss. s a ur- t ' v.-il'ie
Sa!.: !!:-. yar.l
exii.N I.INiTN NatiTal ...l.ir. hf;i y v..ii:ht.
sii.tal t..r sails. .-.j.arat sl;ii-ts. t ys' suits aii'l
rhtldrvti s itrcsscs. v.-s ila'ly it;.ini.; at
Zi var.l -Sal- .-. f.-r yanl T "O) 1
n:alitv. Ji. i
.12 JC
O lodhi Lioeo
Sheetiog GTe
1.1XKX S'MCrTINO I'nll .u ! fs wi.I.- ail. I
1.!. -a, -in .1 v.liiti'. Ttiis ;s s'an.la nl
Yard Wide
Pajama Checks
VAIII) V.' IK!' I.I.'.:a i: !1 '.S I mill lame
ami small i-lwH-ks- ft.'hr -" 'it'alily an. I sii!
var -mil wash .v.'l1.
ii a one iL.aimeos
Ia4clhiedl Sets, Napkins, Etc,
f lnii.rud T.'i li-' laj:ask T.incn Sets aa.l Na.l-:ins. .Many
- a la !- ari-t d-.-ians to ( li...,s- frotl all a!. :::: 1-:; Kisii.tiiH.
t'l"sin iiui al! SnmtiifT ')ai Alc-ii i 'or.--fts II. .v.
I. mala i 1 1 or ! . -.v lui.-t all sizes ami yvm-iii
tt.'Z lo J.".. I". t '.,r-.-l - ;'!! of tit- -"rii.
slim Llsidlerwear at a Discooot f
. 1 . I ' s
-risT ! ;' a eo?nji-te assoi ti t nt ot Xitrht (iunns, Prine'-ss Slii.s. P tti
, tf. !!im! sT 'jUa!iti- in mafeii ils an! IteautifuUv Trimnie'l wt!: laces an. I
sni in!!-li-- iiipshe-l. ON E-Vi I OFF TIFK HVA i V LA l PUP!:
Under- (Q)
an-i '':raivi-r; Mal '-f i'-. ia! iaali!-. n-'-rir aial na'm- Kxtra aluo carim-nts nia.ii- l,y .n i.f ll ' !arf,'.-s' ;iiaii:;i'a('
I in fine - s..-k. v'nt in tv- i-w yt U- :iariniit!.: tuicis in t!i- i'niti.l St it.-s. iinsistin of I'.nvns. skirts
.-.-il nail.', a i'. tri im-! witli wt.lv vaii-rvi'l-'ry fl.mi-fps. Krawvrs. 'iml'inations an. I I'rintvss Shits. Tins., arv a1
up to
irtnvnts ri'u!;irU- rvlaiiniir uji t" $!.'.! vh.
Em older i
:,;"vs 1!: v.rivtv
li-t.-Tv-l tnatv'i sirs ami
..f i: aisi. s. i.il. s asai
V.;,::! ,f th- Price
srcicler'Ics Under priced .
i -t i of f-iiuiniix. t:inis ;inI inH'-rt ions. t"( i
.Kli.S Via -valt': v-l-'iijs, l.an-ts r-n.l i! sei tio is, cr-a-ci -
:-i;a:" ' I : t : a
i- " 1 ' i : -Hi
!:.r; villi" vvtl iniil. I a s in v.lvinsjs. 'arals am!
;;;.;;;;. v;;Mhs u: 1 1c
.'"".". N ;s I li-S i'-vn.-i'-Lrs s-. .nix.-li 'is-;l this st son
v.: - -ivlv v.-i-:is it. a l-.-sr.- writ t v of j.airfrns -ombroi'l-
" 'r:':'z ;. .. ...i9c
i1'.V':N'i':. I'Aividiii.ij iirvity i.ativins. ir.a.ic on Kpw ia
:i tiii--oi'; !!.- lo-ayilv c-i'il'tiMii- rvfl
i vai-v t-m'-'i oi.'vri'-s ..! iirive
f !
. Ladies9 Neckwear
Vv -r cln.i'-.. ... ail it.. kKc.ir. i!"-lii.atvr . jaliots.
S- 'ni s at) ! ;a A'S-in white. -. 1,1 and hlavl; --beautiful
f j., n f . ii.M.sv from j.ial all a' ii-tlf l'li.e.
Italian ilk UinVear 33
i:rj::j:lT Disc'nt
Y? T7
Take Advantage of These
Th wis tionsf kt'( it(-r will th- wiviiiir :m'I -i t .fn;-k!y un :icmi.m Iim!I
HATH TOWI'LS " Hx n lull I;k hi il i'ulh T.-v.1s o-!Tn'-il f-n-U. si.v
-i-i.i IjC
"i'l DOZK.N Kxtra heavy, extra ! trs"o. extra "inality l.nth Tawt-ln. henim- d
ends, full !.lvaohei. Also the Athl'tie Hath Tow. I,
reni ;iiy sellintr at :;rv, :t yrv!t special, eaeh
!KO SI'ltKA I )S Thr'-v-qtiarier l ed size, l.leaelied I ' d sorea Is n in t -imii.
l':ilt. soft in finish, hard in " Kir, frinir'd, vnt t orners.
Kxtr- Sieeial
UAL!;! A 'il'il.TS The best t ot hedsiite itl v line, . o;e:- in a.-soi terl .riTu rn-
and fall tot size. No dinky spread, worth tl.2 eaeh.
'1 r. iiF.K Qiai.TS in pinks and l ir.es. f ist . oiored, extra sneei il v.i ii'ht
ami finality, hemmed i mis. l-'xtri sj.et ial valnt.
at faelt
UONKY'-OMH fjril.TS Showintr Marseilles j.att rns. lull d--nlil, i.ed size.
henitnvt! ends, an ox j)t iotial wearit' ouilt
Ivii h
VOo!!iOKO Ql'ILTS The, best rm-divm pti -ed tniit iiri If. full .loiiMv bed
size, attraeti 'p patterns, hemmed entls, a nll'
1 .89
Pillow Cases
Now is the time lor roomir.s houses
-1 itl h.itels to replenish tneif holdings
for 111- warm -at"'ier seasoti. Never
ti;ain will thoy b- so cheap. Kwei:.i
Ut'ality iinen fmi.sh.
42x, eah
l-'x?. e.ieli ... 14'"
ll pooi. fjjality Snei iintrs, torn and
hcintaed, r-iil- fur us. , ai t nally h'-al-er
than nulslins by the yarn, size
r,tx!l0. eaeh J17?
7:'x!ta. each UtoC
fi ix'.Ki, each 5J)t?
Sl'.HO, eat !i tf"
I 1 : 1 . .--1-1 a .
i ,V',. k n.iin. x iiini-
-.,"a r ) 1 m it
6Mc Yard
Soft finish, spi r :; , weight. kimkI
!-.:. ;ii: lily, iJit-yaril limit.
I.-' i.i;:Aan:r. Arrsi.iN i-
yartl wkle. snrintr water oleaeh
etl, fi.Hl weight tmd q uality.
9c Yard
lldf'K :MITSI.I, Too wi.II known
to need any comment, llip Sol
12 1-c sr.ttle, I'O-yard limit.
K-m:p$fr 2oi2i9'Ed5t WdshmgionSt Esta Spcidul Mmw Wkmw $IMB
Men's ClotlnBinig
$11 gso
Boys Any Mains
Soit of Clothes
En The Boston Store
Here is v.ithoat ; lioubt the RTe.nest ch thiiiK opport unity
of tlie year think of il your unrestricted choice of every
svit of clothes in our hic stock for il.'.rai. Suits that sold
:;p to $:!. .ihi and enibrat. inn the very newest s'.yies. cuts
and colors. Clothes for Younn" Men. clotlies for Men of
more sombre taste, the Clothes for the Slim, nebular or
Stout men Norfolk and Semi-Knfclisii models anti suits
tnailv from the season's o!a.ssiest fabrics, including the
nol.by mixtures in jfreys, soft Inns, fanry browns, the
nifty pemil and salt mixtures. l-iimiisli woisted, neat
pencil, stripes and botany wool, navy blue series. Suits
I ' il t noon honor, cornet in every detail and mamilHc
nir. d to teiaii at from no to $:!u.'.
K'tN T !T.t iCliASTIXATi:
3 Half -Hose Bargains
1 Sc Pr0
M.-n's Sm made of fibre
silk in all colors, positive
ly a L'r.c value
A Jin' Mt-rt'criw-il nicn"
thnt wears lik1 ir.tn.
AM iitrs anl stzt-s.
ein's Slhirts
M I'l ifiiUi,
1 1 It
XKtilJiiKK Kl'tKSS SIlITrrs -Mad.
and hitrii praile Madras, a k I '-
f trenuine Soisene
e ar .1.J. now on
Men's Kolf shirts with soft collars to mat.
percales, a rcjrular $1.0" shirt.
Men's dress shirts of fast color Chambray. in stripes
only, with or without military collar.
A T'.c shiit
if fast color
eo5s Pairats
o Discount
Your choice of Men's Trousers, rrfii iraeinij a fine
assortment of Seises and l lanm-ls in White I'alm
Keach Pants, etc. All One-Fourth Reduction.
,t Valoes in
Men's Porosknit Fnion Suits, the
genuine Chalmers. Sold the cm ntry
over for $l.t'n. on STo
special for Q
Men's summer waiKht I'.allirii-'an
shirts ami drawers, a. irootl wearing.
cool ijurment at T
low price
Iloys' nalbriKgan T'nion Suits, knee or
tinkle drawers, all sizes T (
Mens ribbed union suits. short
sleeves with knee or ankle length
drawers. A fine fitting garment sold
formerly for 75c,
Mens white handkerchief's, soft and
of lull size, a ' for a
iiuarter seller at
Men's satin pad garters of strong
mercerized web with new clasp.
tfooti 'Jac seller on
Special at
Men's leather belts. black, tan or
u-rey. all sizes Si C
Men's Merccrizcti wash ties, fast col
ored strip.'s, in pretty ptit terns, a -
Men's all silk hats with sprinK tapins
and leather sweat liaml, all colors
ami .sizes, a rc'K'itlar
atic , hat
lion's h !i Shi-ts in tic
nowost sf ii made of
la'lras an.l tlie popular
fYope. Positixv iy 1.25 and
T'1..")0 values, at 8Se.
.Men's fsti-rv Tints, in all
styles, any $'2.() sailor, 3Ji-
lan or Sonnet Stra', in
stock, at tlr? low jirice, of
si a:k
(lonuiuo Slue. skin Suit
Casts with Straw, all the
way around, has shirt fold,
triple hiuuc and .'tool i'ranic.
A reiiulai f-hoO value, at
ii 'i ,'

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