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Spurts hy Uivokiv
second miracle
During Week Coast
Race Closest in Years
lllllltd I. lit
ntested ami
tr lii-Id jn
to be the most
inteiesting water
I'hoenix was the
most remarkable thing in the en-
n:n .1 14.. ii t.. i . 1 i -" o
1 11 IS IMl Il IM.t I lie V 1 1 MS ar- calling Clil'f
Rack W'liite Sox Suffer inu'"-
' :- Ifitl, loiileii to have the best
pitchers t.f tli league, has been un
ceremoniously duniitd into last place
by no less personage than roc While
of the Tigers. Changing the name
A surprising jair t.f spurts by I t.f the Venire Club to Vernon has
Prooklyn and the Giants since t he ; apparent Iy put a few pep-n-mints
first, have produced pennant hopes j into the striped beasts. Hut the
in the heaits t.f the Dodgers, autijhest the White forces have done so
hopes of finishing within the first far h is liet 11 to hreak even with
division, anions supporters of the I Salt Lake.
McGraw clan. Of the two sprints, o
Brooklyn's was the least expected
and the most effective
the lowly commuters to
thev mav be called contender
The first ten days of .luly did not
liing forth the grand rally th.it 1. j
Stallings predicted for the Kraves. j
The Bostons have won three games, !
lost six and tied one this month. I
Prooklyn. however, has acquired al
great little string of hot weal In-r
victories, chiefly due to a renewal i
f Aitt lest in t!ie use of the baseball ;
lmt. The I lodgers havt- won nine !
and lost one sine,, the first. j
Chicago's commanding It ad has
been hacked down considerably hy j
attacks upon the tiart of I'it tslmrit ,
and these same humble neighbors of
Gotlrim. !
On B. Johnson's Side
Although retaining a good lead, the
Whit Sox hae not gone unscathed
through the July campaign so far.
Since the first of the month hut
two pames luce been won. while
the Rowlands dropped five straight
ripht after the first.
Rain and the intricacies of the
mid - sea son schedule hae cut dow n
the number t.f American league con
tests this month. I'oston lias played
l.ut six out of the ten days.
I'etroit has jogged ' right along, in
creasing its lead over th
ision clul.s by annexing six frames
hriJ dropping two. The Yanks have
Flumped a bit. and without so manv
homers off the bat of Ray Caldwell
this month, have dropped down to a.
comfortable berth near the .r.nu per
cent point. Philadelphia has exerted
Chicago . .
Hn oklyn ...
St. Louis . . .
Pittsburg ..
Ne w York . .
Cincinnati .
National League
Won Lost
Hoston 32
Liulit Touring Car Just Off
Floor Beats Train Time;
Between Los Angeles and
San Francisco in 13
II rs. 30 Min.
Schulte And Evers Viva!
Everlasting Is Their Base Ball Fame
BY LYLt ABOTT ".nearly pitched off during the active
Few organizations get ko well years of his sensational career,
smeared hy old Father Time as or- I Frank Schulte still is an active fae
ganiznliotiH of hall players. For a tor, occupying a regular berth with
number of years, the team that Connie the Cubs, and Kvers, although recov
fdack collected Won pennaritw nndering from another smashed ankle, is
lame, and was just likt a big family, j expected to prove himself to be still a
American League
holly ft
meet el
held at
fi ll- M il.
I but
oiliest between the Cubs
ch;i and the Riverside A. C,
Riversidu Park estt-rday aft-
n. A part of tile celebratior of
fust anniversary of the founding
'The Cubs, it escaped turning
a great ictori for them only by
y. lash. Kw! body thought that
K. A. C. te;uu would win easily,
it took the last bout in the feiic
cint.st to wi.i for th.iii.
The opening -veitia.u .".u yard swim,
gave the Riverside bunch a lead, 1'ln
lley winning, with Hatpin a close sec
ond and chancy a good third.
In liie springboard diving. Tex
Johns of tiie R. A. C. ran'away from
his field, winning b a wide margin.
Mann, the captain of tin- Cubs, made
a gie.it start aiid led for the first
four dives, but after that fell down
hard and only succeeded in tying his
te.inilli:ite. Price. for I bird i.l:.e
middle di-!viih Col.el of Riveiside it was just
the reverse. Alter having scoreti
only two points out of a. possible
twenty in the first four dives, he
pulled hinuelf together and finished
iti second plate.
In the ll'i-j.rd swim, lioido of the
Cubs ami Cobel of the R, A. C. raced
Team Won Lost Pet.
Chicago. 4'J 27 .6I
la.ston 44 26 .C2!l
I'etroit 46 29 .613
Now York AS 37 .507
Washington 33 38 .4C5
St. I-ouis ... 2S 44 .'.iS'.t
Ihilatlelphia 2S 46 .37S
Cleveland. 26 4i .366
Federal League
Tea in Won Lost Pet.
Kansas City 45 3(1 .600
Chicago 43 32 .57.:
St. Louis 4.1 31 .5M
Pittsburg 40 34 .54 1
Newark 40 35 .53".
Puffalo ;:2 46 .410
Proi klyn ::i 45 .4KS
P.altimore 26 47 .35i'.
Coast League
rj. Cleit-land Alexander sevt ral times ; neck and neck
lately, and by a judicious use of some ' w inning
mere pitchers against the weaker op- No. iuge
ponents, has manged to scrape alotttr. j pt.se
and get six ictories to three do- b-t. K
feats since the month was ushered in.
Over on the Coast i
The strugi-rle of the Baum circuit
lias been a beautiful thing to s.-e
lately. Iyis Angeles has dropped
from a very tenaciously retained
berth rieht tip in second place, while
Salt Iikp and San Francisco "have
alternated at the head of affairs for
some titm- hack. To some, the luck
of RLinkeiiship's misfits has proven
II the way.
by about six inches,
trailing for third.
- for the i 'ubs easily won the
sunn, with Johns second Bud
Team Won Lost Pet.
San Francisco 52 45 .5!6
Los Angeles ,.T4 5u .5I!t
Salt Iake 4S 4N . 5m
Portland t5 47 . 4S!
ernon 4S 52 .4S0
akland 4S 52 .4 if.
National League
Pittsburg at Philadelphia
St. Imis at Hostmi
Chicago at Prooklyn
Cincinnati at New York
American League
Washington at Chicago.
Philadelphia at St. Louis.
Boston at Detroit.
Xew York at Cleveland.
Federal League
Prooklyn at Puffalo
Coast League
No games scheduled.
live. Johns won again,
a tlark horse, grabbed
from 1'inney. Pidge
le.ido third.
In the high
while Westf.,11
sei-tind plai'e
linished third.
After trailing in second place until
the middle ,,f the last lip, the Cub
team came Ihroi.gh in the last fif
teen yards and captured first place in
a regular I 'aniels finish They also
got fust, setoiid and third places in
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cents for cigarettes before you
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the underwater swim, Roido. West fall
and Irvine finishing in the order
lia tiled.
This left the Cubs with a five-point
lead anil only one event, the fencing
I t with its all-important ten
points, left. It was a bout for blood
from the start. Price of the Cubs
put Pinney out of business in the
first round. Calpin disposed of West -fall,
Irvine got rid t.f Johns, anil
Hoido toppled Cubel over, to the great
delight of the crowd. In the second
round. Oalpin smothered Price and
Irvine defeated Roido. The finals
were a hard-fought trio. Oalpin,
after 'a lot of fencing, landed in
Hoido's solar plexus ami somersaulted
him into the drink: then Roido came
back and sent Calpin splashing over
board in Jig time. One bout to go
and honors even, both looking for a
soft spot to fall. After several min
utes of pr-tty fencing. Oalpin got
under Roitlo's guard, there was a
lunge of the long pole and the cap
tain of the R. A C. won the bout
and the nvitch for his team. Score:.
Riverside A. C, 3S points; Cubs A. C,
33 points.
The 'ubs fought every event to a
finish and surprised everybody by
their game, showing. In all proba
bility a return match will be held
American League
ST. LOUIS. July 11 After his
team mates had gained a lead of one
run in the fifth. Wyckoff weakened
In the sixth and allowed the locals
to pile up three more, giving theni
the game. Score: R. 11. K.
Philadelphia 4 7 2
St. Louis 6 5 2
Batteries Wyckoff and Iapp, Mr
Avov; Loiidermilk, Weilman and Sev-eroid.
DETROIT. July 11. The locals
overcame a three-run lead, scoring
fhe winning run in the ninth with
one out and two on, Crawford doubled
over first. Crawford's triple with
Cobb on tid the score
enth. Score:
Batteries Shore, Mays
and. Thjomas; Dauss and
in the sev
R. H. K.
....4 C 4
5 8 2
and Ca-dy
Stanage and
CLRVKLAND, July 11. Cook,
Pcekinbaugh, Maisel and Pipp singled
after two were out in the twelfth
and the visitors won. The notable
fieltVu.g of Boone and Peekinbaugh
and. O'Neill's throwing to bases were
fea.tures. Score: It. E.
Nenv York 5 14 0
Cleveland 2 12 1
Batteries Brown and - Nunamaker.
ilaferman and O'Neill.
CHICAGO, July 11. The opening
rontest the visitors batted Faber all
over the field after two were outintte
fourth and won easily thereafter.
Cicotte held the visitors at his mercy
in the second. Score: R- H- E.
Washington 8 12 1
Chicago 3 10 1
Batteries Gallia, Henry a.nd Will
lams; Faber, Benz, Russell, Schalk
and Daly.
Second game R-
Washington 5
Chicago 12
Batteries Engle, Ayres, Foppper,
Henry and Williams; Cicotte and
Schalk and Mayer.
H. E.
7 4
16 0
St Louis, 4: Pittsburg. 1.
Chicago, 7-3; Kansas City,
Newark, 2; Baltimore, X.
Carrying a message from Mayor
Rolph of San Francisco to Mayor
Rose of Los Angeles, a Saxon "Six"
recently completed an unusual run.
Witnout setting out for any special
It cord ;aehieveiiiriit, the Saxon wa.
able, to beat the time of the fastest
trains i mining between San Francis
co and Los Angeles.
On the return trip from I-os An
geles the car covered the distance of
1H0 niib-s in Rt'i hours, taking the
coast route, which is considerably
longer and rougher than the valley
route over which one of the high
priced "eights" recently broke the
record. The Saxon beat the "Ijirk."
the Southern Pacific company's fas
test train, by fifteen minutes.
The average gasoline consumption
was miles to the gallon, one-half
pint of water was all that was used
on the round tiip. The car gave ab
solutely no trouble and needed no ad
justments whatever.
Th.- Saxon now holds the record
for the coast route. Tin- best tini"
previously made was between four
teeii and fifteen hours.
The performan'- was all the more
noteworthy as the pilot of the car
was unfamiliar with the roads, and
traveling part of the way at night,
had to take conditions as he found
thm, using more than ordinary cau
tion in his driving. making tipie
here, losing time there, along the 4;0
mile journey, but, even with this han
dicap, pulling into the southern met
ropolis with a got.d margin to the
Saxon's credit.
Holding the road for mile after
mile, the car travtling faster than
tVoi t-'tfi,i vctntes irad. proved onee
more that the automobile in compe
tition with the train is as fast and
as safe as the modern railway.
I Special
The Re-
( 'orrespondencf
SA l"l"oRI, Arizona, July
Al Kemp, of Clifton, who
lightweight champion wrestler
world, won his match from
Hackcnsmith. at Thatcher July 5 in
one hour and thirty-five minutes, be
fore one of the largest crowds that
ever has attended a wrestling match
in the Jila valley. Roth men w ere
in th" pink of condition anil gave a
splendid exhibition of scientific wrest
ling. Young Hackcnsmith was un
able to continue on account, or a
broken finger, and the referee awar
ded the match to champion Al Kemp.
The bout was a hummer rrom the
start and the wrestlers brought the
crowd to their Teet time alter nme,
when one of iliem would escape from
what looked like a dangerous position.
Every trick known to the game was
brought into play by both men. and
every one was well satisliea wnn ui"
work of the wrestlers.
Young Hackensmith is the cham
pion bantam and teainerweigni
wrestler f the world and is a splen
did specimen of manhood, weighmtr
115 pounds. Above the waist he is
built like a midleweight and has u
wonderful pair of arms for a man of
his weight. He won many admirers
for his game struggle against a heav
ier man, and there is no doubt in
the minds of those who know, that
t-i in ti tr Hackcnsmith can defeat any
man in the world, at his weight. The
match at Thatcher is another exam-
de of a good little man against a
good l'ig man.
Champion Al Kemu won many
friends by his gentlemanly appear
ance, and by the splendid exniomon
of wrestling that he gave the fans of
Oila valley. Al Kemp might easily
pass for a bank clerk anywhere. Very
few people would pick him out oi
the crowd for the bundle of nerves
and muscle that he has. He measures
ul1 to a true champion in every way.
as he has the strength, the .skill and
mentality to live a good clean me
and always be in the best of condi
tion, so that when he crawls through
the ropes, his friends can safely bet
every dollar they have in the world.
Hint Al will srive all there ts in mm.
and ns long as no has an ounce of
strength left he will do or die.
SAN FRANCISCO. July 11. Jack
Ness, the Oakland first baseman, hit
safely for the fortieth consecutive
game, tying the world's record made
by Cobb in 1911.
The Coast League
San Francisco at Portland
Stilt Lake at Oakland
Los Angeles at Vernon
Vernon, C: Salt Lake, 4.
Afternoon Salt Lake. 4: Vernon, 5.
San Francisco. 3; Oakland, 6.
Afternoon Oakland, 6; San Fran
cisco, n.
Los Angeles, 2; Portland, 1.
Afternoon Los Angeles, 9; Port
land, 2.
The names ot its members are as well !
known to the f;.n, as those of his own i
home team. Rut now, with a supreme I
disregard of their past services, Mack j
bar scattered his stara in the form of j
a fine milky way, so that now, thry !
are glowing with greater or less bril-
liance in other firmaments.
soon as the bum wheel
one as
will permit.
The others have disappeared from
the arenas, that once rung with plaud
its for their feats. Some of them
still are winning praise in other and
.smaller circuits than the American
and National leagues. Some of llitui
But of all baseball organizations that ! ll:iV' " declared out by l ather
hae -tcciuired niches in the public re- Time, their earthly careers finished
gard. none i.i so Wi ll remembered I almost as soon as their diamond days
strictly as an organization as the old were over.
"Cub -Machine". It is true, the While) Sox o 'd Move About
Sox of ten years ago were Home fam-I "f ,he 1 White Sox, Callahan re
ons, to... In our miscellaneous reading. I "1:j'"s " ln- 1 capacity of
the other tlay, we came across the maps business manager, after three years: of
of Frank Schulte and Johnnv Kvers in -act.ve management ot the team. Jones
in to fan with the American Lea.ruo
placrs occasionally in Detroit, w h-re
he has been acquiring still mor of
the avoirdupois which shortened i,;s
career somewhat. ,
"Buttons" Ri iggs Is dead.
-rs in
i lie lb-publican of two Sundays ago.
Almost the same time, we came across
the following, from the typewriter of I.
K. Sanborn, tee fatuous Chicago base
ball writer:
Patrons of the game, . veil if they are
looters of high giades, m Idotn realize I
the changes which a short period of j
time makes in the piisonnel of the
team for which they are plugging sum
mer and winter. Thev see new names
in the lineup, new faces on the arena, i
..nu s.,111 noin names aid laces eag- ,
erly. The old fares that have disap
peared are sea reel v inis.-sed, unless
somt thing ret ails 1 1 em to memory. I
Old Sox Team Gone
Chicago fans realize if they .vtop to
thing of it, that there is nothing h-it of j
the old White Sox team of ten vi ms
.ugo. and almost nothing left of the
ubs if the same year, s-.me of them
can recall the regular players
.south and west side teams during
season ..f l:iii:,. Some ., them cannot.
Not one in n thousand can remember
returned to the bail Jeld to manage
the St. Louis Federals after a period
in retirement,-during which he bossed
the Northwestern leugue. lshell is a
i minor magnate, half ow ner of the lies
j Moines i lub of the Western league.
White is manager ot the emce team
: of the Pacific ('oast league.
I An-.ng the veterans from whom
Jones turned out a world's champion
Jleain, those who are known to be ae-
ely participating in the game this
isoti are Sullivan, who is ooaehinii
for Joe Cantillioii in .Minneapolis:
Taiinehill, who is infiel.ling for lshell
i-1- lies Moines, and Smith, who is
hurling for the Baltimore Federal
It-ague team. Patterson was to have
managed a Canadian team if its lea
gue had not closed up shop. Davis
is in business in New York.
Donahue and Oret-ll are dead.
Four Ex-Cubs With Feds
members of the Cub team of
ast their lots with the Federal
igue when it expanded last sea
n. Tinker became manager of the
Teacher! I want a lil.erry tailed
'Bride (if Lemon Hill!' demanded a
small titizon. "The school teacher, she
says I must to havt- ii!"
Phyllis thought hard. Rut sUe had
to search the pinned-iip list of reipm.-d
reading for schools for three solid min
utes before she bestowed "The I'.iide of
Lamini rmoor" on a 13-year-old daugh
ter of Hungary.
"This is it, isn't it, honey?'' she usl.-d
witn the flashing smile for which her
children, among other things, adored
"Yes, ma'am, think you, teacher,"
said die l;;-yt ar-old, gratefully; and
went off to a corner, v. lu re she k:m till
( losing tune entranced o r her ow n
happy choice, 'The Adventures of
Peter Rabbit," with colored pictures
dotting it satisfacioi ily. The l.i berry
Tfacl.er kiicw that it was her duty to
no w cr and hypnotize t lie ' hild into
reading .something which would lead
more direotK to Browning and Strind
berg. Rut she didn't.
"Poor little Wop!" she thought nn
acadcmically. 'Let her be happy in her
own way!" --From "The Rose (lirden
Husband." by .Margaret Wiiidcmi-r. (J.
IS. l.ipl ilicott Co )
r them F
of I he j Foul
ing the-1 j m,-, ,;,
me co.iipi.ie rosters ot the White SoX.Chimgo team and still is it. Brown
and Cobs of onl;. ten se isons ago For j ik Ute management of the St.
the other :! they are reproduced hre: j t,uis Feds, but gave way to Joins
White Sov Pit. hers. Walsh, Altro--k. !aI1d now flings them with much of
Own. Patterstn. Smith and White. I njK ,,M time skill for the Chicago
hers. Sullivan and M. Parian. I. In- Whal. s. Hoffman ioined Rrooklvn in
II. Davis. TaniTr- lihe Independent league and would
hae been manager this year if the
"a I
!ie.b-is, Donahue. Isl
hill, Robe. a:.d Di ndon. Outfielders,
.IonM. Callahan, Olecn and Holmes.
Cubs - pitch.-is. Brown. Weirner,
Lunderen, 1!. ulbach. Wicker. Pfeffer.
and Rriggs. Catchers, Kling and
O'Neill. Infielders, chance, Kvers.
Held. -is,
Wards had not got their signals
crossed with Lee Yagi-e. Reulbach is
giving bases on balls from the New
ark slab.
Infielders. chance, Kvers. Frank Chance has retired to the
Casey, and Foffmun. Oiit-jshade of his own orange grove in
McCarthy, Siaglc, Schulte, and California af'.ei a tempestuous two
j years of tr ii g to handle the New'
Schulte and Evers York Yankees to suit both the club
owners ami die rooters. ivung nan
season of managing the Boston
Not one of the White Sox of Ri5
and only two of the Cubs of the same
reason remain actively engaged In j team before its players were called
major league baseball. "Brav s," and
now looking after I
Ed Walsh still
member of the his own game pocket
three J
south side team, which he did so mm-h i cushion billiards in Kansas City.
to make famous, but for the last t wo ,' I-'ra nk Pfeffer is not pitching for the j
seasons his efforts have been directed Brooklyn Nationals, but his brother
almost exclusively to trying to rehahi-;Kd is. McCarthy and Slagle are in
litate the good right arm which he so business in Chicago, and Casey drops
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datct during Summer
or Baltimore
via St. Louis or via Chicago ovar
.Liberal Limits and Stop-Overs
fur parttrtlars conru't Is-caA Twkt !
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if. F. VA V ti('K. Iist. Pan. Ajn,t
III yrth Strt
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All Sizes
of the
Now In
Rib-tread and all
In "QD"
No - rim -
15 -
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