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VOL. XXVI. .no. ;:,
iv Dr.-iits That the Amei -ii-an
People L'elraiu from
( Jucssinv,' at the Contents
of Next Communication
to ( iermanv
will m: iisitcilt
h is SurmFed That It Will
i,iterate tne Aim ri-an
Deiiiaml for Uiirhts of
' Citizens iuaranteed by
Inteinational Law
a.-i II not- 'X. .1 1 : l - i"r.-si.i ut
U i'-en aiui s..,t,-;i y l-,insing half
I l-paled the .li. lit of a note on sub
marine ws.lfalo to if submitted lo
'.:! i if li-t (onion ov am! s.nt to
arniany probably before me end of
II... w.,k. I IA..II.I til.- f... I tt.SH tile
l.-ni.ui uh'.a.ty lai.-n by tin I " nl t !
.--Ilii'S in us previous Poles Will be
lei! tun-d. no information was forth -.
oi.nng at . ill), r Hi-' W'lnt.- Hons. .
,.r tsi.- .-tat.- department . one. ruing
tile pio!,.,l.le coid.nls of the
11. . j resident has .-.-uit ioii.-.l tin
v. it's whom h. has i oiiiisel!",t t..
U ;i 1 f.. in .lis. i.s-iim the ta.le 111 j'
aia:-ee ..f : ih-M::ih to CellliaiiV l
and White !l"..i-e ofliiials hat I'.n - I,.,.!., y to eell.un jM-rsons 111 mil
t h !ll..rl. lepltsl'-.i 1 .,ri . 5-1 .olid, lit s to I. -or, Oliali... whnh v. as lis, d lo .!e
a' old sp- filiation in detail at thisjti, , ih.- f. .. n of tie- Can. i. ha
t.!,. he.aUSe ol the . h;ll:i' t T of til" t UoVel 1111. tit. The ISfltish (..I'.l'l II
.eon. . nt ha
t Mi t In en finally
Tie- note, it is understood, will !-f
. uiiii.Tiiio li hrief, -.rfssim; the
. oi.el. Mot. ; of this scuVft nim-iit us a
result of i rmany's failuie i't ive
th.. :;sslanees asked for in the
i..us le t- s, namelv that the li.-s
of ,n.. ii .us travel:., n oil th- hih j n .,
-.a. i.oiir.d on lawful err..nds ahoard'n,.,
r ; .--i-t . nrained tu.rel.ani m.-n :
, .,it ft t.f in., ii.n'i d. j
As ;..t 'in ..i-e ,,t t!i" Uritish lii.et
rd.ina. atta. ked h a "h riaan s.iL-
iaa.li:. ha s not I,. n hrouant ..ffh iul-
i. t !h.- attention of the i-tate
I artui" nt. S.-eretary lvn- irui said p
MeePd wold flotll Some of th-
An ri. -an pa.-s.-nters ahoard Lilt ii
this failed t
r tv.i la-
;. pal llu. ills
ari ie in amuher .i.-.y
uhl re.piest on.- of the
I Hie 140-. i riini. 1.1 io
ilf-tlt:te all 1I1 el mat ion to ohlaill
a.auraie mioftiiat ion ..nferninL; !!.
ll: ldellt.
The tioie. it is now pruf t i. ally mr; 1 am has rerelud th" Itrit.sh em
nsr. ol, w ill announce to 1 .erma.ny J hassy . ..iieei r inu- all kinds ..r plots,
th. intonti.-n of the I'niiol States to j ra.f-inu' from seheim-s lo wre. k
.tss-.tl its rights on the liili
as in ;
aeoidaitff with international law.
There will j.rohahly he little or no
fi-eussion of the prineiph-s trial.- I
air-ady tit I'-nth in tin- pre iou
1'iompt action in ilosrsitf-hitit,- the
n.-ie is t-.-n.-ra liy foreeasted. Tomor
row it will he siihtnitt.-d hy the presi-.t.-nt
to th- eahinet, and it possir Iv
ma: he r.-v ise.l aiain at Kridav's
m.-. tiritr. In offn ial .piatters it is
u';r.--d tliat the fomniiinii at i.n will
i.e on the way to IScrlin ly Satur
day. Arili.iiieh it is rait certain wh'-th'-r
r.-t'-r. la c will he made to Ih.- attack
n the t 'nnaril liner irduna. it is
Inown that that ineident has swept i '' aulhoriiies piomptlv put out to
aside previous sniriffst ions that th.-!"'f' cruiser and proieie.. oner oie! i-,
next communication would take int., j The French com., , a, ,.).,- was,
, .nsid. ration the statement that snh- j -"'"'l-rii -d t.. h-arn that the islan.li
matin.- comma n.le.H are in actual W;' ,:"fk '""h"i'". -M'la ii.iMK
...a.oce confortnimr to the rules of!""" ''f' '''-' ''' '"" ''-
ititei national law . Irrespective of the
.1. tads of the Ordiinit attack, the fa.-l
tliat the ess.-l w a.s carrying Ameri
cans hound for the t'nit.-d Siat-s and
trans orle.l m. eontrahaml. was at
inckeil without watr.iiiK. has impress
hiuh officials that Oerman suhina
rine warfare still held forth many
lia.ards for Ameiintiis traveling on
the hiKh sas "on lawful errands."
Lansing was at the White I louse
iiinr.. thai, one hour. While he has
l..--ii in fre.iuent cotTimuniintion with
the president since the latter went to
t'ortnsh. X. II.. it Is understood that
he did not ohlain until today the
president's final decision of the ex
tent to which the inirposfS of the
I 'ruled States .should he stated in the
next note.
The president is said to have l.o
ome convinced that th'- next coiii
nnir.ication to Oermany must point
out in much morn emphatic li-iitiH
than have heretofore heen used, the
earnest intention 'if the American
jrovernment not to surrender any of
its rights.
rsornTirn pnr.sn ntspTcn1
ATIIF.XS. July lil.- I ait. v feelinsc
iM-tirr-en the Venezelist and anli-enez-list
factions was punctuated
tir.. hy an exciting street fiirht he
tween Li'-nU'ritant Sophocles Vene
zetos. son the of the late premier,
and Lieutenant liyzantios. son of a
prominent .-nt i-Venezelist. After tin
ex!fttii.'e of verhal blows, n.vzantios
struck V.iiczelos, and there was a
prompt response. Army officers sep
arated the pair, who were both ar-
rested but promi.tlv released. YounT
Venez.-b.s has asked for a envrt of
honor. -
hllv ,...,.. 1
ui.io.i Tuuniii.
pi-:ti: h:i: i
buma MS h:l "
t h irty- ught miles west of Kign,
and l'oblen. eighteen wcsi of
l.ni, according to a K-'lu-tal st ;l ft" )
I ; 1 1 1 1 1 ( 1 1 1 tonight. After -;i it ur-
illg these points tin-1. advanced i
so, iliu.'ir.l against I lof.umi.ci ge. '
i i
LMrects Attention ol State! En0l,ch Critics Foresaw That War
,. . . t saw Could Not Be Held
I M-partmeiit to A-ti i j
ill This ( ountrv of Cr-' '" ,y -'"'v '" u':,r 1V
. : . 'he hehi : With :. riiian i h id
man Sy inpat iiiz e r in s, .,,,, v,, H ..,,1.,,,- ., the ,,oith
arioils 1 M reel '. UIS
AiS'H-MTti. I'CKss n.-iAT.n I
'. A .-"1 1 1 ;T 'X. July f.i. - The
l.t iii -h y.wi i:m. ol has ini'.a iia-d the
I. I... ri nielit that 11 ha . 1 e -
.! e' ,d"ll. e thai .i W,.v.ltay O. I -l
i" el. lit of l-.tl.-it (tad Sllj. piled
i.m nt .lapiii . .I if t
not r. u .rd the . . ;
l.ilik.ll'.l, as a ea
h ...irtmri.t did
if fully suh-
f no'itarv ;ir-
tivit v, eonsiitntim a hreaeh of iicut- i
I.iht.v. I". u-iin-.r an i n v est iir.it ion I he t
nam. of tk. loan aeeu.-ed is 11 ii h- j
lahl. Th.- ra - i . ..mi-, led Willi
i . ' . -1 a a 1 1 . . p i i o i f v ii a 1 1 a i . an ;ir- ,
ili.l an ephs ion in a laetoiy j
. l..Ui.i.i; tor i 'a it i; i 1 1 o,.p -.
- ,
T.'ot.cc Taken of Compla-nt
ASi 1 1 Vi IT' .X. .!iv 1 '. - At the
.i.ii.si.v of the Ornish r.iiii. in
state ih part ineiit has , mi'-.l on
tie .1. j :irl ll.i lit of jli.-Ji.e to mw-sti-
ale il,. a.tisita-s of ..rtam e.eriiian
v n,,..at!,i;--rs in the Tint., I States.
h !.'.
to he employim.; u ilia f .. i '
P. sirila- at Ureal lriiaii,'
land her allies. ,1'nfi! the inquiry de-
en.ps nr i-ani.-s w i if mad.- pui-iif.
II if in is will talk little ,,11 the v.ili-
known however that infor-
I r.ik'.s I'V. r wi.t.-h trams are rarrv- :
tiiK vei.in.eers ..r tin- i-.r.tisn aiiny
to the itu-item' nt of st 1 ik
A ineriea 11 industrial print
at the
making ,
war supplies tor tin- aloes.
n -
ATIIKNS, July la. Tl
l-'ren. h.
naval authoriiie. in the I a rdan. II-s
have ofi'ere.l a .r,,ii:.l apohu;.- for
the :n t of the I'feneh t ru1-.. r Kh-her
in hoinhardini; a small 1 ,'n-i-k .-,l.,nv
at Oastiilorizo, ..n island ill the
northern Aegean s.-a. The damaee
yvas fonfinetl to the de-trilfth.n of a
fhtllfh; there was no easuallie.-. 'I'he
had directed his fire was a Turkish ,
station coiiimuriifatnur with t he ma 111-t
I AFSocrA rrtn i-kkss rusPAT'-'tl
KKXToV. r i.. July 1't. Fifteen per
sons, sluniiiiie; in water neck d.-ej
rescued from a flooded house
in ibe S'-ioto rnarsh. near I'oraker. '
U hio ttif if-srii. work was in ir'X
r-'s:? th- writer rst- six iiuhos:.
1'i.UTl.AMi, July l!h
loin time
to time I shall have something tn
say on milters of vital interest to
the rial hut as a whole, bin it w ill not
be for sap-heads or Molly-coddles."
said Theodore Koosev.-H here when
la re.
cheerinir crowd compelled
him to acknovi lediX'' KTectinjrs from
a rear train. 'olonel Uoosevelt then
warned the puhlie not to l.elieve any
reports r-iardiiu? him which they
n.ii.,hl r'vni 'ir hear
third hand.
it sec.ind or
Cf-arture from Seattle
111. Theodore
Roosevelt l fse early this morntny. At
":4.r. Mr. and Mrs. Uoosevelt sat
down to breakfast in the hotel with
Senator rind Mrs. .Miles Poindexler
and Scott Hone, editor of the Seattle
f It Was Necessary to E
i ti ieate Jrand I Mike Nii-h-
das' Army IVmi: Let ween
j t lit' l.at-idlv ('losing-laws
of tile Trap
A! 1 1 J F A i;Y CI.ITICS
had foreseen IT
;TIie Irresistible Movements
of Vim 1 1 iiu'.cnbiii-L;- and
Yon Mai-keiion Threat
eneil the Entire Line a
W ..1I Wmvnt
j I associ a ritu ,rnK:i iuspatoii 1
! LONDON, Tuesday, July 20. Tho
Morning Por.t's Budapest correspon
dent reports that the gradual evacu
ation of Warsaw has been ordered
by the Russians.
I . ...
,:,n" -Mieiansen on in.- si.tiin
i w lnni'in;; ioivi.ird I he two ends or
a irr..jit are :iroiind the eitv, it is
'r.ah.e.l iii laiuland that Crand Imke
Xii'ie.las. ,...iiiiii:in.l.-r-ii.-f l.it-f of th"
' .an armio-. ha th- most sev.-i"
la-k illll'.eed Upon hiltl lllil'.. llie o'd-
l.leai; . f tlie war. Mllltaly wtlt.fs of
I o.tle of lae .olidoll pai't lS . em to
Ihini: l.i task is well nih llllj.ossi! !-. j
Aoo..r.l in". lo It... latest a.eoant
the A n.t ro-i rma n f-.re. s
i roru i !., . .n s-, iv.-r.- il
nuJ-.-i "f Warsaw while to
v..n Ma. kensen's cent . r :
point . is w il hin t n tnii.
, e. l.u
f Ih
j ,.i.i,, I,,,;,,, ,-,,a-o ot
Thi r.. A a s
1 :enns r 's )
ISIaill'd eonfi.lenee tha
vi.uis atl.oks ah. in; the
ii. . - II
i:a front would uev. r
I oissi , n line lait t he pi es
tl lo-ordinale li!oV-io!i.
1 i-r.
..will i
a ri i.-d
sudden lie. ;
far w ii hoiil :
1 resistaiee
rtati-h pr ,
a lid h is 1,,.. n
llle. 'oia f. lie
i a i -. Kus
i ii...!.. th
that more
oiu tii ir th" fall of the polish j
pitat. V ill. the civil.-.- , p of al! ,
p.- of its r,-tenti..n th.--, :ir" point- .
ir out the enormous- .hffi.-uiix il;.-
arn!, 1,1,,,,-e.l .!. r
ut.,rf hv ,,,, f.,iM,.nr
slir, vaii-rt.
ii.,,; i.r ,,,-,l.t.. t,. el r- p.i.i r
ut tia i'- line hv the adv.-inee throtieh '
, 1-..,,;.. 1,. .
no! l h a nd hi h. i i ;
li'S-illS perpe! U - ',
in l,
'!!v ti.c.-d the i,in,ors of the Anstro- 1
rh rnians. If lhe-e an n..w he i...f- '
fi'ontp- tii.lte.fd War -aw must iro. I
and with it the entire line. i
A:, v. a s the case Saiurdav wh-n th"!
i ,,.-1 , . :. r.i...i
the s'l.- 1
,, to ir off. nsi
in t lie east , '
,,,, , frj.-i-il eornnm r. i' a 1 ion fr.,m either!
e,.rim or '-enri:. r.a. iied the I.011-!
h- nr-icua t crs to-'av. !
S .fllihl';: ..ilnnillh ica t ion was rn- j
leased on Sunday for pul.li. a t ion.
I hul up to neat ly midiiiimt no new
i : ommil nif n I ;on had come to hand. Inr
, (... ,.f ..a,!,, ....... 1 ,.rr,,.i..i 1 r, . I
foi iinl ion from I '.1 rov-rad there j j
liothin.r lu throw Iii4ht on llu- eastern '
Iront hul the Ten I.
hardly : e.-m to iiav.
d an.
l.cl its
Apprqaching Riga
I OX I .OX. Til. day, July
tii tiiiiiii official rta tt rii.-nt
.'0, - A
savs the Oermans liave oefupied
Tukutn and Wiudau, in the province
of t'ourlaiul. and I he Aust.ians forced
the crossint: of the Wolieza in th
"en;,,..,,, .,oo ,., . ., aoov .-, aim ao -
' " " '"' " "
The liussaans are retreatiiiLr almn;
the whole front he w ten the Vistula
-iii.l .1.. l!o,r I ,, I,,.. a..,,. i fiiia '
K'lssiuiis wre capliired.
Italians Lose Cruiter
lii'Mli. July IJ. -An Italian cruiser
I'lf'ifon coinpfis.i,K' lour ships pro-
' cnrly on Sunday to CaHar...
ll .a. . . t I,. I ! 1 1 .
I'ost Intelligent er. I'oliti
was not
discussed ut breakfast. ,
A iiowd in front of tlie hotel Kave
koosevelt a cheer when his automo
bile drew away at ! o'clock and th
resident lifted his hat audi" u'"..s ....... a o
At II... railroad station an- I '''' " ,"'"1" ""s "l;,M
,, her ' t hronn Kieelcl him. lb- mhit-i
,.1 them with a broad su
if his
.soft hat.
left for San l-'raneise.
;,t :.:t:t and witl k direct
A Roosevelt Message
PoF!TI.ANI, July 111. Col. Ih.ose-
ii message to I he convent ion
Sons .if the American rievolu-
of th
tlnn left as the olonel passed en
ro'Pte to San l-'ra rici.se o, said there
would be no Sons of the devolution
ir the senjlmcnts of tlie men in (he
early days had been "peace at any
price." or Women suns such a. sons
as "I l.idn't liaise My Hoy to be a
Machinists of the lie
Ion Arms 'ompaiiy al
Iiii(li-eiort Will La y
Down Their Tools at
Noon Today
Labor Leaders Deny Thai
lernia n I n I 'ln-nee is I e
hind the Sirike - Conjecture-
as to Extent of
Its Sin-i-ad
I Af'S.f'IATi:!' I'KKSS ntst'ATeiil
rmi 11 a:i 1 ii:t. .inly i;.. -Xe.tia-
lioi.s 1., I, line, ahmit :. sell I. m-iit ..f
till- 1 1 I ! I'i II 1 1 MS l.cl I'.O-.l I ho lliaehill-
isis of I 'rideport and it.e I:, nnii
ton Anns and A mnoi n it ion .oinj,aii.,
'tit;ai:e, in a .l.ti. sle m t he
n.im.fotaie of war 1 1 1 1 ti i . - n s lor
the allied armies have failed
I. ahor 1, .oiej a iii'oiiie ' .1 i..iii..'hr
that the first of the ill. H'lnni; t - lil
s I lif.w d-e.vn then- t
Is and u.i oal
it noon ( morrow, tw
1 1 ! .
from tl.l- olisil. .1 tilll" s-i ! r I If
I hef 1 111. i If' of 1 If S' I'll-"'
J Tills added that IV 1 ! h i a a week
: : 1 1 1 work 1:1 tia I :-mi in.-1 on ...ops "iu-1
I 'll the ' !. ,. of ill", out I.e I. irs .I .e. id
h.- at a standstill. Just how far the
strike ni!"ht .,f sd in ollur ut. 1111
j;a.tiir,nu . oiu'iiuui; !- in X.-.v f -' 1 - -
land, the 1 ,l.,,r leader - are t.na'.le
j The labor ii a , ii rs al' mi, . I I 1 i
i.,i'l. rn, on II, al 1! .... had fail, d I., la-ar
li-oin a X.-vv V..r!..s who on Satur
day toU. .!.'! a p.. I pi.tlellll lit of t!:e
j.-ilimr "al ,,f ii,.. m.o innii-ts em-
; ploy, d in tile I a-uo iml 1 .11 Arm slid
ii. niu n in, ui '. unpa n v . "If ye do not
hear from lhi man hv f.,,,r .,'.!, k
this llfli-rilw.ll," :! I -1 J K.-pph-r.
il.l erna 1 h iii. 1 1 ',i,e pr.-sid.-n; of the
! 1 1 a 1 1 1 1 1 1 i -1 - union, "-v.- '.vill ha ; e ,,
believe I'll the 1 1 . ; o t i u 1 i o n s liliti
fad., I In that e..-,! il. npn Will
he , :; ..d on! lotoot ro . '
Si in . 1 1 I;, oif-1 v v. nil this a. ,n,. lure,
m. nt i . nee another of .-.pial irnpott-
alee f l ..Hi I lie e ret I I ;, . ,f t he
ISri.la-eport M.iti.ifacturers' Association
that a a meiiirnr of the tnani.'f a -tui'-rs
it was determined to stand 4 -
.1 bod;, hehind the 1 I'll: in v 1 1 ,n t '..in -pan-.
,n is.. .I", i'-ion to ri n in .ip.-n
shop. This action, ii is s.c-1 in the
.uiliolilii emeni, was ia.-.i-ii a f 1 . r th
III 1 1: ' f 1 f t II 1 ej s wife addle. sed lo
!atiiel 1 l:.i . ..p., rt. t ne a'fdi iled
t U 1 on 1 1 -1 I t..r tia- National A '.
ikilion of M.i nu f ic t ui-.-rs- and n,..'.
olllisel for I he Allielicail Allti-l'oV-
, ol I Ass... in ! i. a..
Iiuriti--r tin- bin. h hour hundred- . f
v.ork.-rs fiiuii the Ihiiiini-'ton plmt-
sw armed about the I. .hot- leaders v In.
Weill the!" o tlllke sure that 111! 1111"
.htstood tlu-re Would he no Walk-O' t
t ..lav.
After Kepphr had seen lailllper'
statement h- laid: 'I can not see
why lumper.: should interest bine elf
in this situation. Now he says la- i
Lpiinir to try and settle mutteis. Ii,.-st.lt'-nii
Ii! . if II" i ' 'pa -ted c on ell
places ns in a mo: t pe. ubar situa
tion. ".. m.tli'- ivhi.h way the
thilli: laies. M.llleboilV i.S likely to
ellim they h.I.e I cell Sold oilt, I
tain! Oompcrs' statement i.-i ill-ad- J
vi-e.U to siv the least. I want lo
M peat at this point wh it I mid
an, .lit the i li.irc- of Oe.man infin
ences behind the movement. That
ehartre is absolutely false"
John .loiiiis-on. vice lu-fsident of the
Structural Iron oi k.-rs. :pcakin?r of
the announcement of the rridueport
Manufacturers' Association, had this
'to say la lei- in I lie nay :
That apilouiici nielli beclouds the
issl I
We have iiol lil.'lltli.lli'.l closed
shop sine" the a a it a I ion heall. Xoiv
that they say llu-.v woilhl keep the
open shop rule force I iniuht say we
want a f losed sl op. And we may r..
Iter it. We. oT coiirsr. stand for
'he closed shop."
J. J. Kopplo". international vice
of the machinists unions.
said that lie and other lahor leaders
lure will pay no attention to the
pill of Samuel Ooinpers for a con
ference al Washington. ".Neither
I'oiiiiiers nor the president of I tie.
Tinted Slates can ntoi
now," In- said.
this strike
The llion Plant
T'TIfA, July Th V very lartre ad
dition to the Kemiimtoii Arms Com
pany's works at llion has 1 ten com
pleted, .and machinery is beini, in
stalled. There has been no troithl"
whatever with the workmen but
about two weeks at,'" the company
Rave notice that it would establish
an eiKh hour day plan on August 1-
hernre that time. ;viany oi me em
ployers wank on contracts and they
understood that the asked for ohunt,'e
of hours would be deferred cntil the
first of August. Through n contrail
system a man who has n contract
entt.if s his own men, and f omes to
agteemenl with them as to wa.yes.
Con-inert Intervene!
WAfailXOTON. July 1 !. Samuel
(lumpers, president of tlie American
I-'ederat ion of Labor, announf ed to
nitrht that he had called a conference
of the officers of the International
(Continued on Tage Kight)
5 .
This .Movement. Undertaken
After His Defeat, With
Enemv in I fear and Front.,
Junction With apata
It 1 11 ii.4.,lj I
Probably ( oiitemjilated
aoaix d fee p pep
b'oad to X'era Cru to lie
Esed lv.clusi civ foi' tlie
Transportation of ( ";i r-!
rana s 1 loops ;tuaiion
at Capital ra'i;
f A S Sod AT K! I I'HKSS IllSIATflll
WASIUXOTOX. July 1 it. M s ii o
'it-, is af..uii tin. at. le d with an attack.
I'he . arranza forces under lien. ion-
i.:il.-K who drove 7,aiai a's iii my from
the .apit.d ten days afo have marched
h.irrii dly i-.oiihuard to i niiam- the nd-
Vall, in ,lla. i ililllUli vvhicll is believed
to i.e i lanniui' a inaction with Zapata'.-:
tioops, now menacing coi n m u n if. t ion
d h i ra ' i uz.
Stale dep.atim.I.t di. patches .-. 11 -
noun, e.l .hat I h,:, y.al-s wnh lao't ol Pis
a i in v v.,. iia I .-, M. xi. o t 'ily .-ti.d.i .
t.illllllt: tie 2.il . I lltll'-lil ov. r to t he
cr, il I ut h. .1 it io . Thi was just pie.
...i.-d by a.lvi..s thn 'illa's flying
.ii'iaiin w hi, -It oiroied i il -i . ;.-on;s fines
i fie r the halt!.- of Annas I'lli.-ures. had
..pluir! ..ui. i . tai .. and taia-n p'ss.---'--i,
a ,d i'achilca. v. itiiin l'l mih-s of
Movho I';!, and v, as ma r Ii i n a on tlu -
Siu.uliaii. niij.lv v. iih a latt'-r report
, ante no....: , hat l 'a n , una had t.d 'ii
. sis - i. .11 .,1" I ho i econ-a i a. ted ra ilroa. I
:.a ..I A i: o ; i , a jin c 1 : p poi m soul h
ol 1 iul, a and had 01 d. rod il hi id I x
'lu.ivol. i,,r the i r.i ns poi; a t ion if'
ii'oop- and a inn, ii nl i a . a. tii.p' pie1'!.;
ill'4 l:e Jullh' r --'Ulpuiellt ol plov i- loli :
Ii in V. r.i i 'i ii;: t., the needy t hoi:., a m Is
:i, M. a. ,, i 'it v .
ufp. ilils here have made l,o effort to
lorcal tin ir beli.-f ll. at the sit oat iou
,1 lo.aahp... t.e Me' n an i apital i :
at.i.c one. Willi another battle
po -S' - .iioU Id' tile , 111 itlllllllU Pt ail-lj
Villi I. li. i Ii p. oiio. I f : shipment -i from j
the ea.-l , ..;..! cut '.If ll. V is feared t'-l.t J
'ur: b-r aiiii rii.:: :i.i.,.ii; il,.- . ii ii ,,,; n j
l."ii.,)l .'.ouhi foilovc.
' 1. usa ' .-s's suud.n i-'-'acuat .op of
oil . in n effort 'o head off the in-.: il-
iry. iila for. es tos-eiln-r vviih " "a ri a a -
t-a's action in !.. .in;; the lailr
tr. isht and i. fsepa r tratlif.
d b
te.aied here, will tpake further relief
V. - -li: at the ,ap.lil practically iiilpo--
: uhl.-.
Coulcin't Agree With Brazilian Mini-let
At Mexico City
WASIIIX. ;T"X. July l;i Arnold
Shankliii. Am. in an consul policial at
M. xic, ' it;.. i on his vim to Wash
ington iiti.i. r orders from the state ilc
liartnu.it to i.-port upon 'onditinns.
This v,as stale, ol ficiajl.'. and it wat
.mil. Malli admitted that Shanklin
had been withdrawn teinporariiv from
ii ut , in a. ox ii o hi y to avoid a ci ml i nu -ation
-if Trillion vviih Scum- (.'ardo.a.
i In- 1 ra-dim n mi nisi . r I h, re.
Last v.iek Shanklin went to the
Mcvp an rapital p, carry on lied Cross
relief w ork. Some differences ' as to
llli t hods d. 1 elo ed bet ween thi 11 -
su! fern i i and the l:ra.ili..n minister.
'file, Mole Hot I elMolls hid Selior
Card'i.a !..r many luonihs was lookiio;
at'ler Amiriian ii.l' ii is in a niiinnei
so i lioroii- h and satisfactory as to w in
th. o i a 1 il i.a t ion of the slate depart
ment otiioiais. they rci'arded it as only
proper to remove any causes of friction
unite risardhss of the merits of the
.(Host h hi.
Capture of Naco
XAC. s,,n., July ft.. The ( arran
za fore,, of L'nfi nnd.-r Colonel Carde
nas captured Xa.o fitter strict f'thl
uit; which lasted hut a short lime.
Villa's loss was one killed and seven
wounded. The Carranza force had
(Continued on I'aeye Three)
In :i dsision handed down v ester- J
lay in the oil rale ease, the inter-,
commerce commission sustain-:
i.il tin
c iiiteniions of the Arizona
ion. ami declared
existing rates from California. Kan-i w here manufactured gas is available
sas and Texas points to Arizona to oil is the. .most impnrlanl fuel, and
be iimeasoiialle. A reduction of fiftyithe saving on this item alone will he
i cnt.s per ton on I'trel oil from Pa k enormous, w hile ike large mining
ersfield to pointH in this slate was companies will profit greatly by the
prescribed, and other reductions in reduction.
the rales on fuel and refined oil; The oil rate case has been before
ordered. The Santa ! and Southern! t he interstate commerce commission
Pacific railroads were defendants in for some time. It was begun about
the case. I I wo and a half years ago hy the I 'a -
Although until i opies of the i!e(i- cirie Creamery company in an at
sion are received at the offices of the tempt to obtain equitable oil rales,
commission il will be impossible I,) he corpora I ijn commission pirti.i
skilf exactly what the effect will be,! paling- as intervener. A decision was
il is known that the redudtion ill J rendered hy the interstate commerce
oil rales pres. rihed hy the interstate ! eominis.sioii w hich was favorable lo
commerce commission w ill result in .Arizona, hut on account of a. techni
a sav ing of hundreds of t lioasa nds j al error in the opinion, a rehearing
of dollars to the consumers of t his j was asked by I lie railroads, and the
shade. Fuel oil is used in practically p'irst order suspended.
.ink- r.i -Si'
isMi'"y nani-is lias .1
M eight, leading American
p 1 .., ,.,,.,,.,., ylKl
II... i
-i.-ntlll'- ;
11 nan I
i ; foremost in seien. " and invention, j
j I ta join l!ioll on I lie new ad -
1 Visofy hoard f..l- the llt',. I
I ttinii-lii will not make the a
j.oinlnient ; himself was e:-- '
,...-, i. ;
'miviei 's i-;pliinai ion
j 1 '
ol Hi.-; -tte!ilpt I poll 1 he
Life ol' Leo M. Frank.
Who lk,s
li'tnh el V
f ASSOf'IAl Itii I'ltltSS PlSPAIfHl
.MII.I.I.l.'lKYH.I.i;, .lid- l:i. Tl
ndituu! ot I..-., fiarik. niff.-rin
-a ru u,s I i, if. w i , i 1 1 1 1 1 in 1 1
jlip'oa',. iPtlicPd hy Wlliiam lir.-en.
I f'-l!.,vv liti-ti! in convict on Ih.- ( h-.-i
j p. i a. prison lailii, remained i it i, al
itoiiivki. lir. I'ompton. the pris. m
. I'liy-i' iiui, atiliolliiied that he u.'c-
;h.,pel.o of f raniy's re. ,,aiv tiiou-'h l
;ido,,d poiMiiiiiu; from infocii'.n vv a .-'
;.t d UI--CI- to i e f. ared.
: Ol . eil told officials he I, eh, i ll he
was i aih d "from .,n hiali to kill
!l-':a.ii." yvl.o-a- ihalh : elite for
I Mai y i'iia --a n'.t lil'irder was recent I ,
' '-.u i un , 1 1 e. 1 1 .. ' i i , . . - r 1 1 o p ,s,i'op. now
! I'"l il.fi. ii'- iiaipa.'-i tto morse for
! v.h.-.l If- had dole-.
"I oplv wi-ii I had had ni.,1',
I I i 1 1 - I !.." Oiei-ll .aid "I ! hi P1. I
a-,.- ii. , .. p y duty iii this mait. r a
.. .! ; IP.' -Il'olialli atl,c,ie,l. 1 ,.
i. c i ;-t i. i I me. I do pot t hilli
did -.'.ro.,-., in my life."
p. nilhoiuMi he w.ip'hs iP,
:. is j.arlly pa ra ly.ed in the
rm. I'liv-ii-ians behove tlii--!y
mi'-d blank's lite as .;r,en
P.li.le lo seit'e ,is victim v. Iul
d be knife.
j 1 "
!! i
Wy Ctrl iout
Outbreak on the OMa
i ASS'lf PVTPP Pllitss PISPATfltl
PI 1 1 I.A I .till -1 IIA. July 1 if - V fir" ,,f
l'l ' . ' 1 I I ' . o i 1 S 1 1 ' i " PI was c i sco .,'. 1 lo
ll! : ' i i on hoard f.i,' oatlleship i ilvialioina
at th.- yard :' Up- New York ship
buiMip;- compan; in .'amih-n. Snioi'.
was - . en lsstiiti"; l i oni a compa rt nienl
i.n.lir Tiiirct 1. The compartment v. .s
tloofcl ..ml il was believed the fire
was out. Later there Was more slilofe
and tia- eoinparlment was s.Lpiiii f'o.i i
i 1 .-!;. I he l ire i itialiy e'..t:!iL;pish. d.
Midni 'ill smoke vias observed eoin
irm fio in the compa rt nic id at tlie op
posite end of the Oklahoma and an
hour later was upjar.-iitly under con
trol. The i e.lahoiiia is one of he super
dreadnau .'lit lyp. and is almost r-adv
for h.-r trial trip. A i urioits fealnr
was that while there was smoke, no
flames .v.-r.- vjsiPle. A suiidar ' ii-
tioii prevailed and a sliulit fire aboard
th.- Alahanitt on July n at the l'hila
delphia navv laid. A rami inquiry is
to iie instituted.
f AFaOCI AT Itii 1'Kh.SS ntSPATClt
i 'i d'1.1 "1 a:. Col... July lih -Judge
iialn.ii is .Tl iili'.l a motion to quash
the murder indictments arpiinst five
labor leaders plowing out of coal strike
.lisordfis at tin" Ile.-I.i mine and set
th,. fa: ' s for tri i on August .PI.
; 1 1 the big mining camps and on al!
the railroads of the slate, with the
i.i.o i u. .-..nun ii mam un.
'hetaeen T.tiotoii -.,-,.1 ivin.l.,,,. .,:,....
... ., ,, . ' , ,
Coal rum the fl llli field s csed
fuel. Outsi ,f a few cities.
Lawyers Tried t,, Save Him
from Sentc'icr of Death
Which Expired Last daii
nary. Says Attorney Jen
era I -Jones
Superintendent Sjm.s is Ad--
ised That b'ay Murderer
F Slid I'nder Selitellet:
I'assed January l by
Lnl'ie Faii'dm
ocaic-e p., ;,,,, , ka been taken
i'l'tn J.i.it'iiiMit of the court, un-
l'1-'' vvineh Kaniop 'il!alohos is to die,
. Attoi n-y .iem ral Wil. y K. Jones es-
j'','''';;y. "'! :'Ui" ''"'""' smis
iii.iid--i.-r j,, tia- same manner as the
!':"'"' , -"' he.-,j t., uuv.
Tie- fut.l-- and 1 l l .-
i appeal
y ha h h
a en i..l 1 11 to the supreme
1 he a I torn, y general pointed
i' if. un I he .i'i.igm.-iit of t he
of final count) on October lit,
Pud. r v. hicj, Viiiah.bos was
c-'i to hand January s, lair,
pp. ami id was never carried out
.-: .la una i.. ir, he was brought
.l.pigo laiaighn and re-ten-I
io hang .March l;. At that
ie- vvu. pi. en an opportunity lo
hy s.-t, i. p. .. should not he
i upon him. hut r. phed thai
J i. n,
1 1 un
in- lad nothing io say, save thai, he
did pot know vvlp. lie had not been
hinged on .!. ii.i ti y s, ami that !h-y
- o.pii do Willi l.im a; tiny pleased.
"'i'iele never ha.; b.en any appeal
trop, the judgment of January l.",,
... h.-ii Yillalobo.-s viiis nteiicf-d lo
i iina .Uaii li la." said Attorney (len-
ra Wih-v Jones jist.rday afternoon.
At that tune a in-v.' death warrant
was mad il. and i-- still in effect,
litniii; l.e.-n coiiiinu.d by the re-ii.-..s
ol tin- goiernor to May 'Jx
and again anii! July :;.. Villalobos'
.iil.,1 li-is are merely Irving' to keep
ip: fr. un hanging hm la--t January."
lu his loiter lo i!ie superintendent
oi the prison the attorney general
! int. out hat tlie first judgment
xpii'd January- x. when the sentence
v . as not oa pried out. and advised him
i liot if ii was ivcissury to set a
death watch tin YiPahihus .should be
included in the number.
Just what -tops will be taken to
lave off tin executions scheduled
for a week from ii"Xt Friday have
not hifii announced. It is reported
that Attorneys St ruekmeyer and
.li in k. s. who made a futile attempt
io secure a writ of habeas corpus in
the federal court last May, just be
fore (he except ions were due to take
p'ace. will again make application be
fore Judge Sawtclle in San l-'ra n -is.
i. ll is know n that u special
etfoit is l.eing made to secure enough
signatures to initiate the law ilian
aing the penally to life imprisonment
and it is practically certain that a
large number of these w ill he filed
with the secretary of state before
Jn'y ::u in the hope that the hoard
will he influenced to put off the exe
cutions until after the next election.
Srierc properly damage lesuited from
a had storm in this inanity late ics
terday afternoon. A number of person-:
were stunned, being' struck by
hail stones, some of which measured
fiv e inches in circiimf' rence.
KANSAS CITY. July 1 ;i. -Increasing
fcais of floods prevailed here today
after the heavy rains over Kansas and
the noi thw est rin portions of Missouri
last night. 1'oth the Kanra.-i and Mis
souri rivers are rising. Minor sti.Mn.
damage is reported fr.-m several Kans
as p., i ids.
ATHLNS. July pi. -1. ale tonight it
was report, d that the king had suff
ered a slight relapse. Later the r port
was denied ai tlie palace and court
.'odors onfirniod official bulletins to
the , I feet he was resting easily.
o.X I'liAllli i; s. s. ci il, .PAl io.
July 111. - li is rep. a-ted that the Vil
ipiis on Sunday attacked a iiiunher if
Mexican villages, hut were repulsed
with losses. Xo mericnns. vvele in
jure, in the fighting'.
I Assoc i it nn pitrcss pispatcwI
WASllIXOToX. P. C, July V..
ritoina: Partly cloudy.
ll I )?
r -

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