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He Has
Communicated it
Hayden Citizens
to Two
at Way .-Mid A.I.incfit Tci
jiturv a -Maiktt AVHi-l;
lVin, Xot.KchHl ly the
.Local Trade
"I licii'I Know what kick Plioenix
t s (.mini; nn opiiorumity," saiil mi
it.;. travilini; :i!i,sm;m rrcently
dist ussiiiK a n ip lie luul just
iii. uit In the cupper camp district
uti'Uii.l il;tj, Haytleii and Soiiora-
! u n.
The (iisi-ussii'n t.mk j-lace cn the
tiain liouiul tur I'hiit'hix and several
r;.u-!:ix men Wiie lamenting the
h:iiii ill business cci asicneil by the
v. ; r.
Tin y la id thru the ity was a
Mal lustr hy the war. that business
i .id taken a ilici.le.l mi. nip and that
'in re were ni l the oppoi tunit es for
u.i:i money tiiat existed before the
;:i;it Kurupcan cont'liet.
The salesman cut into the dis
i ii-a n with the opening paragraph
i ; i 1 1 k. ; nd instantly drew the fire
: I'.ie Maricopa county men in tho
i-I-i -t:;.
1 reiterate the statement that
Thoftiix is not making the most of
.r opporl'Jiiii it s. said the trawler,
..I'd I i a n prove it to ou.
I liaiv travel.-d all over the west
tho past thive months and I
'..!. i.oi seen as prospi reus londi
tio::s anywhere as I encountered at
K.'v and l'ayden.
"i'lu'iv is mull- momy in circula
t -. more men per c. pita employed
than in any spot that I know of,
if Phoenix is not taking ail van -'.is.'
of the splendid market right at
!. r d...'r there is something wrong
v. h'i Phoenix, not conditions.
"I don't know what effort Phoenix
i-- making to induce the l;"!i!en flood
. Ii.oser.t , l ev ery two weeks at the
...Hi s of the Pay Consolidated to
!!..v I'll... nixwaid, br.t T do know it
..:11 make many a larger city than
Ch.wcix niglity prosperous if it
. ."'Id t..ntrol the market afforde.l.
Ail thos.- people there are making
:i..i.i y. They re-riire everx thing for
ih. eomfoit of man and Ids family
. I'i o. t.;x is the logical market
M. II. J-dielton still believes that Ari
zona's best market is in the state and
this past week has demonstrated his
faith to the extent of selling to two
well pleased -rizonians both of llay
h n. Arizona, one of these, Mr. May
field, is the lucky purchaser of one
half block, improved with a Ti-room
house, lots fl, s, lti Hloek 17. Irvin All.
and Mrs. Nellie lit est' :M lots, improved
with a house, fine shade and a variety
of mixed fruit. P.oth purchasers are
nuking extensive improvements and
while the properly was purchased fur
their homes they will not take up im
mediate residence on account of the
active business interest in Jerome and
Hayden. j
The purchasers were int'ormaiiy en
tertained at Lucas ami Hoke's cafe,
where a spread was laid for .'1 and
were given a duck feast, cream toma
to soup, rock cod. corn on cob. ripe !Us,
olives, Jersey ice cream, lu-arlv all of
which came direct from M. H. Shell. n's
ranch at Acre City, to the well deco
rated table. M. II. Shcltoii. ,-i.s usual
had to watch Phoenix mow and began
to tell some of the things widt h is des
tined to make Phoenix a great cit.
.Arizona furnishing copper for the
work!, eattle and sleep for California
and the east, the finest oranges in the
world for Christmas for .Now York and
Chicago, anil vegetables and fruit
which should be sent direct from the
field to the mines. lie emphasized
above ail t hints that now is the time
to buy because within ; days he ex
pei ted to see the hegiiiniug of the big
gest vac of prosperity over the w I,...
I'nitej States ever experienced, ami
Arizona will hi- a sharer because our
resources are yet in the hahy state.
n't know conditions in Phoe
it T .to kn.w the chance is
.. make it the l,est city in the
for it is a. nat iral distributing
.11 know." lie continued, "the
-re. h. r and mill mi n at Hayden
w.re eivtn a raise the first of July
:im.iui !;i;; to eighteen dollars to ev
ery man employed in the camp, and
lo t a in- ntioti of the fact has been
jr. i i -. - iri a Phoenix papt r todate.
"This ad b'.l money alone consti
tutes a splendid opj-ortunity for the
c-i;:!.-l tit', to hold ie;t some induce
ments to the men there to trade in
Phoenix. The hue and cry all over
ti.. lin.i s the curse of the mail or
t.er house, and -t the local mer--h
ir:t ir.ste.el of taking a b-af out o'
! book of the mail order man. sits
Miih lis hands folded and watches
'h. dollars right at his door ko
i; !iii by to some eastern catalog
hat Phoenix needs is some ont
to wake her up and start a ram
i.tin to promote friendly relations
..twe.n the merchants of the city
aod the hundreds of prosperous buy
ers in the copper camps.
"'Ar.il while you are talking copper
camps there is growing at Supt rior
a mighty good town. It is young
but it is awfully healthy and will
stand a lot of nourishment. It is
reaching out with its h..by hands for
tile products of the farm to feed tile
men employed in its camps and with
til" addition ,,f the new lailioad and
the price of t opper up where a spleri-
pouring into the mine
i amp is hound to he a
everything phoenix has
iieve that
ei n ma ie
siness that
t- il
diil profit
owners the
big huyer of
to sell.
"1 don't be
effort has h
after the bu
Come out of
'I might go and
dozen other spots
necessity. They
Phoenix door, and
merchant can't see
"While we are o
overlook the fact
perty at Christma
S. P. bra in h. is
the hig things t.
ich out
bound to
i of a half !
it t lu re is no
right at h- j
t he grumbling I
m h- net ds an
1 the subject don t
that the hig pro
as, the end of the
going to he one of
make Phoenix pros-
get the
sure to
M -
A delight after the
Camei in the midst of a
hot day, and after work
is over.
Delicious, refreshing
and to be had at all foun
tains, and from every
seller of good beverages.
porous if I'hoenix wants t
benefit of the trade that i
come vh.--n that camp get-
"There is splendid fctivity thre
now and it will not he six month-;
until that whole section will he teem
ing with m n oiguing copper from
Voth r Karth and they all eat and
drink and wear clothe-: and Phoeniv
has the several rommodit ies to so!'.
"P.ut ymi wiil be thinking I am a
copper camp I oosti-r, if 1 don't toil
you that right iiiah-r your rio.-e is i
town that has no copper camp pn v
roll and yet it is waking up with a
' Wh n I i . ked .about Florence a
Phoenix man told me it had been
ash ep for trirty years. That man is
the one who is slumbering. He
should huy a ticket to Florence and
take a peep r.t a mighty prosperous
little agiieull iral town. Without an
irritation system this little citv is
marketing a lot f grain and inei-
hntallv showing sreed in its busi
ness make-up Whip, there my cus
tomer told me that Florence had
voted bonds for an jMi.fieu s-hoo!
building. Had set aside a tidy sum
for road be..;. ling, ar.d incidentally I
sa more ou--'!i.f ss houses in the
course "f construction in Floron'-e
than I saw in phoenix.
"The trni''!" is with
not wilh the country,
think this is a fa- t take
othi r city in the ; tate ;
dit i .n.
"Phoenix needs- a business alarm
r loek. J io i ou know on the whole
trip 1 made to the camps and the
country along the S. P. branch T
did not si e a rl'tgle advertisement
directed to c,i m- n at work their
from a single phoeH-: business.
"All of the a! t-rt i-ing is directed
to the Phoenix huyer. while the men
there have mot' money per capita
than they haee in Phoenix and tluv
have nn place to spend it save bv
resort to the mail order catalogues."
"Take a tip from me," he said.
"Import a big sieire gun and wake
Phoenix n". opportunity is breaking
her knuckles on the front door anil
there is nobody at home."
Phoenix and
If you don't,
a trTji 'o any
iml note con-
The objects of the Oardanelles cx-
f.cdition were threefold. I understand:
1. This was entirely imperial. The
'Turk is Mohammedan, and Britain has
many millions of Mohammedan sub
jects. An Oriental respects force.
With the Turks talking of the inva
sion of Egypt, the Mohammedan mass
es might believe that the assiduously
circulated Oerman report of Pritish
effeteness wa-s true. Turkey on the
defensive, with wounded streaming into
Constantinople and British submarines
sinking transports In the Sea of Mar
mora, was another kind of object les
son. 2 A wavering Italy and the wayer
ing IJalkan States would bo more, in
fluenced by a display of ollied strength
in their own region than by any
amount of diplomatic persuasion.
3. If the Ijardanelles were opened
to traffic, the immense )?rain reserves
of Russia would be released, and she
would receive in return munitions for
her army. Frederick Palmer in Col
lier's "Weekly.
If P ' fl
i mm mw m t
Arthur It. ni'eve. pra.lunt
'A ; 'riiieeton. lucich. r . f
t":ii ersity L'luh. cnntril.u-t.u-
to Costiu.poli t a ii Mar.a-j-iue.
Hiarst's Macazit'c.
joithor of "I'.xploitH of
Iliauie," etc., and creator
el America's greatest dt -tective
character. Craig
Kennedy. tho ECientiiio
crime detect lve.
tv.v.,- ,
, tr - - -
Tlie kintl tliat lias vim and pn and i."e
the sheer flow of the liquid :.iv!'- thai i
And yet LcneaUi the toft l-kasure of it. to:
ard leaves vou with a littlu tuorc l.ncv. lt d.
-J.it (ai-rit 'j ji ou r.h'ii o:i
a ilo.-y pure and : i:uple.
!:':; a ;::::ne nicssa ;c
: lilt In i.i-'re ht-'-.-idifi
I tea
of wisdom tli.in before you jiie.'-.cd it
IJee.iuiC Reeve lias ean.rl.t just t!os in u'.; ('
stories all America lias acclaim', d
d v (i. tvetiv
..f-w.- . .-rs- .
TheArizona Republican
; ; i '" S.'".T1
' I ?. '. ' ' . !li!i. rvirrnim ,
O : O Srr- ' . . I ; i ' 1 i
Un r. ' , -, '. TT i ! 1 1
. I . . .Ill' . I ill! .1
6 iiir ii:,': i
K' I ' t : I t 1 T ' ' i - I i I LI i
. 1 . . - 4
til I
m in f
l'-f.-- 's stories of ('r:i!'; K-.:::i t'y l.avc set .-.11 America lalkiilf; and think-i:i.'i--l'.l:Mn
;:i.'d i:: ri'..r ,. ,i j K. Il.iekttt aial fheairieal )nplc, l.-jw-r.i.
tlators. -( ;: r, i .. ., ord'Ha- lti at ii.li!ic- to stieli an extent that
.cry w crj of Iii , is t;:;;rkly h:,::te!icd liy editors and puliiishers.
Vi lien a slmrl K-.ie .;e,i l!ic .storic; aj.ji'arr d in the three volumes .shown
lit re. tiiCi - was a u.ad rush lie I k sellers and the ircncra.1 public, and
thev have LittKiic onuuijj liic la st st liers!
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Pi m
i u; r
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i "wi lti rti-t I4i7 iHlin rH m M . i . ' I- - " '
But now this i:nvin
with the piihli.'Iiei's. i:
..blc to irive von at OSc. the .same, identical
If i.AIf4
Great De
of R
VJdO pi;v;,-.1 volumes bound in hoard'1, fin- 7i.iper, clean priniin, illuslrations liv Will
i'osler, the orie'nal Kerve arti-t. 4S siories the tnastiTjiicci' , ol the author .selected by
rcadt rs as bcinr his must popular. They are based on
Startling Modern Ideas
llrcvc dor, n't play on old themes. JTc Tins taken life of to-day and pone info the scientific
in;, .'.teric-, tli.it arc t hanciu civilization antl making the sea, "air, underground to olx y in
it will. lie invades the sacred portal; of the doctor, inventor, etc., and translates the
t'reat ideas to juur language, drc.vscd in plots, exciting, vivid, tense and true to life.
A Candid Education
As i!iou;;h all Icnrnins were given you on s .silver platter! As
though a scientific truininir wire condensed into a sug.-ir candy!
As llioii!-h n book of knowledge were hoiletl down and made
into a rollicking, rolling, enthralling detective story by Kcevc!
Some of the great stories printed in these Books,
"The Poisoned Pen" "Spontaneous Combustion"
"The Deadly Tula:" ' Tlie Azure Kins"
"The Steel Door" "The Artificial Paradise"
"The Dcteetaplionc" "The Craniometcr"
"The Ghouls" "The K-ial Day," etc.
we? -
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