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The Arizona
Leased Wire
A. P. Report
The Sun
Always Shines
Winter Climata
in the World
iioexix, AiuzoxA, sA'rriJDA v morxjxu. fckmijf,.i n. v.nr
VOL XXV!. NO. .,;
Smith Demands Investiua
tion of Britain's Interfer
ence with X cutral Trade;
L )(!;(' Uriies It Include.
Loss of American Lives
More Important to Secure
Protection to American
Citizens Than to Simply
Vindicate Our Rights as
Xeutral in Trade
Republican A. P. Leased Wire
WASHINGTON. Dec. In. The Inns
expected storm in congress over the
administration's conduct of the de
fense of American rights on the seas
broke today when Senator Hoke
Smith, democrat, demanded an inves
tigation of Oreat Britain's interfer
ence with neutral trade and Senator
Lodge, republican, replied with a de
mand that any investigation include
the loss of American lives.
"'The body of an innocent child,
floating dead on the water, the vic
tim of destruction of an unarmed
vessel, is to me a more poignant and
a more tragic spectacle than an un
sold hale of cotton," declared the
Massachusetts senator.
To Senator Smith's resolution for
an investigation of trade .interfer
ences. Senator Lodge, who is the
ranking minority member of the for
eign relations committee, offered an
amendment for investigation of the
.law and the facts in the submarine
attacks on the I.usitania, Falaba.
Hesperian, Arabic, Oulflight. and An
cona and of the plots and conspir
acies against the neutrality of the
Fnited State.-; to which President Wil
son referred in unmeasured terms in
his address to congress Tuesday.
ISoth resolutions were referred to
the foreign relations committee, upon j
which ftirther
.ill depend. .
Their introduction. however, had
served to bring 'Hit the first debate
of the session of a subject to which
all minds had turned.
Senators on both sides of the cham -
.. .
Per were drawn into tue discussion.
which was precipitated by a vigorous
speech by Senator Smith in support
of hii-.' resolution.
"f wish to extend the scope of the
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Republican A. P. Leased Wire
LONDON, Dec. 10. The
Anjlo- !
French forces have commenced a pen- !
. .
era! retirement from Southern Serh.a
and it is suKCestcd that their destma
tion is the region or .suiom.M. J "' , Kv enine- Star:
retirement was necessitated, not only j ..Thp m,,nl(..n is apt-roaehinf?: when
by the superior forces which the Iiul-1h (:,-e,.k ft'ivernment must decide,
parians and Germans opposed to the tk. Mnies. now more than ever be
allies. but to a threat of an outflank- fnrf. t.p,luirr freodom of movement at
in- movement from Petrovo where the ' s.lloniki Hitherto their demands had
Bulgarians have arrived, and also to ' !f.,..A mf. by processation and a re
danger to their line of eommunica - j f Jsfl, m,w wj man war."
tion from Bulgarian soldiers who nad I while retiring from Southern Serbia
crosseil the Greek Tontier. jti,e allies forces have been friven ef-
P.oth the British and the French , f,.,.tjVf, assistance by the Montene
forces who are well supplied with ur- rin, Jiml Serbians w ho fled into Al
tillery and machine guns, engaged 'in j b,.l:1-,a This is shown in the resis
a tour davi' battle in which they in-j;an,.(. whi(.h )th the Seros and the
flicted heavy losses on the Bulgarians. I .Montenegrins are offerinrj the in-
Attack after attack was repulsed but j
the Bulgarians .still came on and the
allies fell back to new positions where
events of the day -before were re-
pea ted.
The tpiestion now arises whether
the Bulgarians and Germans will fol
low the allies across the Greek fron
tier and what attitude the Greek
government will adopt, living Con
stantine has promised to use his army
to protect the retiring force if they
undertake to re-embark and has shown
his good faith by preventing Bul
garian raiding bands fwm destroying
the allies' communications, but it is
doubtful whether the allies will agree
to evacuate Saloniki, which under the
gur.s of their ships would provide a
good defensive position and a base
from which other operations could be
Fear Vessel Be Bloivn Up
Japanese Sailors Quit
Republican A. P. Leased Wire
SEATTLE, Dec. 10. .'earing that
the esse! would be blown up because
she was carrying war munitions to
Vladivostok twelve Japanese sailors
served notice today on the captain of
the Japanese steamer Shintsu Maru
loading here that they would not go
to sea in the vessel. The trouble , been loading here th'ue have been
was, said to .have resulted from state- I severai fires in her coal hunkers, due,
meats bv one yif the mates that the officers of the ship slid, to spontane
shit was in danger of being blown up jour combustion.
Thousands Shout For Peace
Outside The Reichstag
Republican A. P. Leased WireJ
LONDON, Dec. 11 A dispatch to the Exchange
Telegraph Company from Copenhagen say-' it is reported
that a peace demonstration ot lai'ire proportions occurred
outside the Reichstag in Berlin Thursday cveninu'.
"Several thousand persons,'" says the dispatch,
"endeavored to force their way into the Reichstau'. The
crowds blocked the streets and stopped the street cars
and busses and the police were three hours in restoring
order. All the lime the crowds kept up cries of "Peace!
Peace!' and even went so far as to m
uuatie toward the roval house."
Republican A. P. Leased Wire
WASHINGTON. Dec. in. -Diplomatic
relations w ith Austria are in grave "'hen nrobnhh no one hut President
danger of being broken off over the j VV tUnn himself knew bow lose the
sinking of the Italian liner Anemia ! country was to a severance of dip'o
with the loss of American lives. Ali niatic relations with B. rlin.
officials here continue to preserve si- offi.-ials of the state iVpa rl men !
lence over the negotiations with Aus-j'iH not discuss the American note
tria, but through the veil which has j even so far as to say if they know
been drawn about the - ituation Is I whether it has reached Vienna or
seen a crisis just as grave as that j wh'-n they expect to permit publi a
vhich attended the submarine jreso- j ! '"" il '" ' ''' iin'r'' It is
tiations with Germany. taken for crraritod in official . in les
question of continuing-
1 ,
mat ic relations may be
;aid to trend
upon a satisfactory replv to Sei retarv
Lansing's rote which now probably .
j is before the Vienna foreign office,
j demanding a disavowal of the sinking!
i,,f ,t!t. Ancnna, ivparHti'-n for the lives i
i,,st .,, assurances that passenger
ships shall not be attacked without j
warninir or any opportunity for non-j
combatants to take places of safety
The situation 'onhv is 'ense a
fraught with possibilities. Ii
, I
t undertaken.
It is on this point that
negotiations between Greece and the
, ' ,.' ', ' ' ' . ' ,
the feelintr lure and at I'aris and
Kome u 1rif.fy , ;h(. fllowinK
paragraph printed in Iartre type by the j
vader.- The Montenegrins hav e been !
f jR;,t inr ., j.r.riPS of rear guard actions
!lr;( rnj v(.rjn? counter attacks which
Republican A. P. Leased Wire i
SAN FR W'dSf'O. Dec. 10 Through
the announcement that lire in the Mm-
nesota's bunkers bad been brought un
der control, it was learned here today
hv" a bomb. Three of the sadors de
serted early today.
t'ap'ain M. I'to, master of the
steamer, reported the trouble to the
Japanese consul who bepan an inves
tigation. Included in the Shintsu
Main's cargo were ."imi tons of high
explosives consigned to the Russian
government. AVhile the steamer has
niMiltinn' lan-
b-d will: th
if the
Arabic negotiations wtlh Hcimiiiy
by however, that tta- conim;;iii-
at a
is; T
sua , mus ha vc
this, and a reply
i P
n .!el:veiel l.cf..r
anxiously awaited.
A farther eo-npiieu" i.an to tile situ
ation developed lmi-iy when it was
disclose:! th 't an AusMian s-t .marine
whi. h shelled t be , n ici ica n Standard
oi! tank ship Petroiite in the M"iliu-r.
riiinaii las sect a boarding
party and took pa 1 1 of the shin's
pro isions. This new s t ame in a
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the Austrian
'sly delayed
their advance.
The A.istrians are r,..
a new advance liorn til
a t tr
ion of
P.erani. we-t ot lock.
The Serbians. . bo n'T now receiv
inir supolies from the Adriatic coast,
are stiil showinsr activity. The Ital
ians aKo ba' e reinforced the pai-rison
at 'a.ona (Avlonai from which place
they are sendmir relief to the Seil'mur
coming from K hrida lake district.
Tlii.re is no luril.er news from
Mesopotamia where. ticcordiiiK to last
accounts, ihe Tu:-l:s were attackinc:
Knt -ej - Ama i a and had actuilly
reaclic-d a. point on the river be'ow
that town, but the success of the Pus
sia.ns in disjiersin? a band fif Persian
rebels under German and Turkish of
ficers at Sultan l.i'iaU Pass on the
road to I I imada n. it is believed, will
inse the situation in that imrt of the
Much artivity is reported on tb."
Oallipoli peninsula, where it is re
ported fresh German artillery is ar
riving and tui the Isonzo front where
the Italians have gained more -..-round
in the direction
:' Goi'izia. Alonsr
important chane.es
other fronts no
iirr -d.
for the first time that a threatened
conflagration was among the troubles,
real and surmised, with which Captain
UurncK ol tne, lirc.u .Noitnern Nim-
ship company's big freighter, has had
to contend since bis ship h ft Seattle.
November 11. for London with a lK.i"i"
ton cargo o! foodstuffs.
". V. Wiley, marine superintendent
of the company, who is here ac. ailing
the Minnesota's arrival, said tonight
that he had received word from Cap
fain Garlick that the lire was under
control. He said thai fire in the coal
bunkers was not a now exj erier.ee for
the Minnesota and that be did not be
lieve the vessel had been in any real
danger from that cause. lie said
further that he had no reasons to be
lieve that the fire originated from oth
er than natural causes. x
It was stated here today that eight
of the minnesota's boilers were in use
out that after supplying the steam for
the o eration of dynamos, refrigerating
machinery, steering gear and other in
ternal mechanism there was litTie lefi
over for propulsion.
SAN FHANCISi'O, I ec. la.- - !
The Oreni Northern Pacific com
; pany's turbine liner 'Ireat Noith- i
'-in established a new record be-
tween Honolulu and San l-'ran-
cisco when she arrived .here to- I
! night, three days, hours I'l'uni
I the island port. This lowered, her
! own record, made on the outward
I passage of four days, ten hours
i and lit minutes. The (irp.it North
i cm left Honolulu at 11 o'clock p. !
m. December 6 and canto in
! through the addon (late at Jiib'.o j
o'clock tonight. The best record '
prioi to the ;:dvent of the Creal
Northern on this run was held by '
1 the Japanese liner Tenyo Maru.
! which, according to the marine
' department of the chamber of
I Commerce made the trip in .Ian- '
! uarv. ptiiK, in four days. Is houis
and a" minutes. I
Republican A. P. Leased Wire
The new Krancisea n prov ince of Santa
Barbara, to include ;lie Mutes of Ca i -fornia.
( regon. Washington and Ai i
zopa, pas just been created by 'order
from the japal authorities at K-.me.
This was done on petition. This sec
tion was foi merly part oi the St. Bonis
province with hradouurters in that
' it '
V. R. Huge line Storff will come from
St. Bonis a tile first provincial and
upon .his ariival on the coast will Ues-
igr ite his h. adipiai teis. His i n.,,--
lors in the management of al'lairs will
R. Sar.iiciine I.anipe of San Man-
i-pio: Maximilian Newmaim and Cask.
mil- Vogt. o - iiakland; Theodore Areiitz
anil Tnribius I leaver of the Santa "Bar
bara Mission The reelection ,.f the
roviiaial and his counsellors was
made at Rome. Thc.v will serve- th.i'ee
vea i s.
The v.oil. I is divided into abo o ,.ne
hundred !"ram iscin provinces, each ir.-
h pendent -if tin nil cr but all subject
ed file otic Mipiemc government, re
siding at Rome.
Republican A. P. Leased Wire
RI'SSKU. VILLI;. Ails.. Dev. pi.
Following ihe s. ond strike within ii-n
rr. mlhs of studenls of tile secon" dis
trict State Agricultural College, tne
Inkers wavlaid President Charles 1-;.
Colt toniglt and atlemptea to chas
tise bim viih a razar strao.
President Scott said ho was ova r
i "Wired by ,,verw helming numbers and
thai he administered vasily more pep.
is'.meni thin lie ieeeived. He is of
powerful physique and the blade ev e,-
'll'l biuises and swollen ieatnre oi'
some of the students Corr.ii.oiate.; th,
presideni'.s assertion.
In October all but a dozen ..f the
more than sixty students, wens er.
strike, dei laring President Scoit w.isj;),,
tibifiai v an I unreasonable in bis dis ,,,
iipuuaiv meinoiis. iiovernor '. VV
Hav s came her e and inoii'-ed all Tr;t a
few ,,f tbe stnki-rs to icturn. si -dent
S. oti said then be bad earii,..! oat
to Ihe lerte- the agreement he made
with rhe g-ivor nor a i that time regard
ing sehool discipline, but that a few
students have harbored re-entmeut be
cause he was not dismissed, as liiev
had hoped. lit hlam., those dissatis
fied students (or todav's troubles.
Republican A. P. Leased Wire
IP iPKWKI.I , Va.. Dec. P-. Resi
dents of H-ipeviill. at a mass ineeling
tonight, made pluns to repkn-e vvitb
buildings of brisk ami concrete the
flimsy mushroom iewn of frame struc
tures that was swept away by yester
day's fire.
The nif cling, attended by more than
a thousand of the towns i'.".'n!a iniine
less inhabitants, als,, reconst ruct e,l ine
temporary government and look- first
steps toward scent hvr .-: t in- char ier-.
A commissi..:: was elected to have
charge of municipal affair's until the
meeting of -.ho legislature next month.
Ihe earliest date at which a charter
could be ratified. .
State troops, brought here I ri e yes
terday to control the throngs driven
from their homes by the conflagration,
still were on guard tonight, bur theje
was little for .them lo do. Most of the
homeless either had been taken to
Petersburg or Richmond or were be
ing cared for in the few remaining
buildings of the tow n by relief om
niltees from neighboring cities
n . . n
WASHINOTi N. Dei-, pi. open
ing to settlement of two million i
acres of non-irrigable land in I
Pennington. Custer and Fall River 1
counties. South Dakota, was an- !
nounced today by the department
of the interior. The land will be !
available for entry January In I
Cliic!' Ivvccul ic l"rii'c All
American Business Men
So to Mohilize Their Re
sources Thai N:t1io:i Ma.y
Play Important Part
Republican A. P. Leased Wire
Ci il.l'M BPS. Ohio. Dec. 1 o. J T. s; -
.lent is..n Imiiiy piess, , n...
opinion tna: There vv il! be no "paii h- d
up pe.c -e' following lie- lv!:-..;i.-,i.i
vval. la a i om i !! a ni v i- and t'To
tul add-.-ss before the Colnmbn
I'hambir of commerce, ne ur-cd tr.
Amerieen bii.-iness men to moeili.o
tbeir r-esoltlces so l:e I'nir.-d State.-
migb! ! ic-eiarcd t'l play : mo;e
llnMiiaan- part in the world's affai's!
and bring about justice after tiic
1 resent v a r .
1 lie president spent niliia-n hours
in Columbus, .iai.ng v.l-i- h b -
act iv e every niinu" . Hi n teptioa
was euthusiasiic and phas..! biin
greatly. In addition to the chatrb. r
i-l i olnmelcl s pec n. IC ilellV er. a ai,
a Idrc-ss tonight before th - lop-.tnis-sion
op country and I'nunh lif. or
tin federal loiiueil of tne church of
Christ of America, snook banns with
nunc nam ..' t "I'ii- a. a ie. i-iui" s
in the t-oluiala ot tile stale capitnl.
poke In j. .fly to a targe rv il from
the steps of the mpito, and took a
1 nig walk about the streets of c,,
Ptnibus. The entire ci; v and. laau..
people from surrounding towns
greeted him.
la the chamber of commerce a-'-oress
the president defended bis
Mexican policy anil said as long as
be was president nobody should
"but; in" in alter the Mexiiaus' go,
rn'nent for tiatu; urged business
men lo tay ni.-n- atni.tiou t-i foi-.-igii
conn, a ne ami be more s '. f - re i ia ;t t :
.lelliallde.l the res t o 1 a t i ot 1 of tie
America .1 merchant tnaniie; pi ai.-e i
:ln- new banking :uiii i tirrency lavv.
and toiu bed on i.n- attil ide of tbi
I" nit. d S'a Ha t .v. a r.i L 1 1 - - l-.ul
W ill n the i r es, ut great ontflli ! Pi I
I'u rope i over, t'a- worb; is going I
to vv.-ai- a ihtierem aspect " Mi
-0:1 , , 1 ar. d. -I do not bin v.
:1 - I
I 1
a. j
ee. I
e anv pat. "bed Up e.o-.-a
t tliougbtful men o
. lie! e V el t V. lil in
n v gi t pc-c-e at. tin v
gaaiuniees I;.at 11 V. . 1
I believe
e .a y . mil
sisi that v
shall iiavi
remain, ai
ai.d tli.it the i us i rumen '.a : i -t
i. . sa., 11 be ea Iti d a'.ov '
t i.-s
tii.- inst rur.u ia a n; i.-s .
"I i- 'i-v. that the s
a- force.
pli if ', bich ha ;
hills- rl-. reigned in the heart.- of
Amori.-aiis ai d ia bk.- i eoph- vr;. -
Where ill ll.C V.o.ib Hii! assel- its;-;.'
ic-.. for all in int'-rtaitioiial aifairt
a ml I ( a t !l Anurnla. pre.-eive-
poise. , .rCSerVCS her Self - 1 lOsSeSs i oil,
pres -rv a s In r attitude of ricndliaess
toward all the world, s'a- may bavi
nvilege. in one loim or -t n-;n-r.
o! 'k iv tz the miaiiating lnljiicac. av
whicu these thipg's may be it.-
Tba presitb m explainetl be did ir.it
mean gov ernmciiial ne-. in t ion. bm
spirtual mediation, ike l evoguititiu "
tin- world that "here is a louoirv
that has aiways dantetl things uorc
that way. arid hose in, r hanis
when i hey tarry their goods, via
No Exclusive Contract Is
Promise Of Secretary Lane
t i ii hi'
Rati yesterday nfioriioon, lotkivv- ; ,.;'
ing ;i n t-n; k usiast ic mecling of tile;,,. ,; .
i ill commission, v hell a rcsoli;:.
was adopted protesting- against ti
exeiutien of .any exclusive 'oiilia.l
l.etv ,.eii tire reela ifiiit it.n service and
the Pacific Oas and Kiectric t-'ii:-l.ib-.
the tilegram present etl l.el-iW
was reccivetl bv Mayo; Oeorge lb
Voiii.g iron i Franklin K. lane, .-eerc
taiy of tin- inteiior. It was in reply j was stilted Cat aiupic epptrtubie 'tion. as foiio-.vs:
io a niossafcre sent Ike secretary a ! will be given the citv ...' I'lio-tix ; ' I ia n a bu K. I. a ne. Se. rttaty of tb..
day or two ago bv the Yung Men's 1 negotiate for the c;iri' nre t.snr.v j Interior. Washington. I "'.
I'.nsiib s sa ssociutiou of Phoenix. uig-,io s-'tply tin- vHy'r- rt -jiiiit uv ct- i "Yo -r wire pi Mayor Young -biting
that no exclusive con: tact be tn-, Wiji il-er this means i,at no contmt-t i 'u ample t.p,.i.n uniiy will !. gp -en
tered into bv the reelanialion service J will be . t -us'alered that will give the 't" I'lm -nix to negotiate tor- ' nrreii:
with 'die Pacific 'las a nil i-iilect ri ' paclf i' Cas ami Klein, c i o'li'ui n n- u-i-i! i y to supply city's it.p,irc
etiiii b;i ti v . II was receive:! too lata t.t j tf.. :ela iva- right to sill . ie-.-tric : tiit'iit.-: a'-e w o to iuteri.ret ibis to
be nad ai tin meeting of tile tin slighting energy it. i ; ker "t 1: a a ilie n.u- men i tl-.-.i terms ,,f ccposed con
ctinynisiion. but its contents were ; ni'-i pal it y did not seem iftite d.-ar. ' tract would not pnilniie i;v ,10m
soon afp r-ward imparted lo the offi-llt " its poiu'ei! out that it is ne t -ipei-Uiug 1a1111icip.il plant aial tur
iii's of the Young Men's B 1; si iics i ; ! .ne a ou-s'ioi: of tb.- t ity being ! nishing- clecti ic lighting and pmi
assoeia t itm. who felt that il was a able P- buy energy from n , 'a - : na t-g y to resiilenct s, business hebse;
forerutiner- of v iciory in Ibe I ta 1 1 te j :11a t ion st 1 v ice tor st r 1 and publi.- and i..-al industries. piea.-e niaiv-
YVa-diimrten. !. '.. Dec 10. If in.
Hon. (ieor'c F. Yoiuitr.
j!nyor. Phoenix. Arizona.
Application of Pacific i : s and F.!p:-trir for reduc
tion ol rales and extension of ten yearsaddit'onal
lime now under consideration hy reclamation service.
Iicclaniation law provides municipalities shall he uiven
preference. No eonlracls will he approved without
suhniission to the Water Fsers Association for ap
proval. Ample opportunity will he uiven city of
Phoenix lo Defoliate for ilie current necessary to
supply city's retiuireui'. u1s. Xo exclusi'e rights
sought. nii(' will lie .vran1e(l.
L.WF. Sei -retarv.
t j . - a
j I '
President Wdson
v-:t'i t!
;ri; of
ic." cat in led
you thioaghoe,
t -' ' : i 'V yof r
-incss :c- if yo :
f r .a. v aid a
M:e i
u .-re
g r. at
" --ate.
t nose
s. rv i
ft a
r '.ran ir-
I'len. I 1 e
!,,o,...d for
A. na a i an
f ttit c-.i.n--t
a t, : ni
1 to be an,
men. h-.-i
an.l !:. v-'-iai:i'ig;.-u
ii-' ss alt-u
-i ivm ; ti'i
vvi' a t v,. a re . t es .
is tl e o-,si-a -s o
;:,- ,.-;giu n.
Atl.crican busia
d Lien l.,o Tin-..
, .rone ' ran t"
, ir ,.-,.;;M.s. T;
I, t A nvr ; an 1 .-
, la- v . !,-,.
I 1 V
said, i
Ta,- b-ire.s ar .' Hv.-re.l b.-.-.
-..,-ri 1'ian l.'.ne l.:en an.l '.'.'.tin 11
the ('.l:"-"ti;i' TelnpK'. b.i : -i
tbai'.i with Auiciican flag- f,.r i
( e, asioil. Ni ar kill! si" ( an t in Y j
Wilis, f. i :-"-,, r Govcrr.tr .la.lsou Ibir-
no,;. S- natars p-ci. r. : and ii '.r.i - j
ing. R. pr- a t:li; t i-; piniiiba
an i
otiiei-- of ilr '.-- i.-adi
pet csii was- frcuiiei t
ir.eii. Hi
in'.' rrupted
i y atinkiuse.
Continued on Page Tw o i
. ; P. tb - fr.
-lit cite it'tlil the v.,,l-,;ill
a,; i act v. iMi-'n at 1 t es nt pr
tire ! sfiliiiity of tia , itv t
f Cll.ee
i era; il
a ma n tc -a "i . b -ct r n
pl.t p.:
r. sid
ibidi would 1 e pi-unit b- i -o
eb c lie lighting ni-vsv
e . ... (,.! nri'. ate 'bvi res.
onlv -ben that iro-c v as
., .asionc! hy the i!li..r
1 w..rd.ng ef ihe t.-l. gram vheri.ii i:
Without Trenioi' in Voice or
Sliniitest Iiidicatit
Feeling'. He S.e.-!
ui ini:' K en In x! v
))!a-es (iuards
is vrniorT niTcir
.Murdt-rer KN lu-i s Food on
Mis Last Day : ),-eliin-s
XeW (Molhes; '';11K-S with
i-'irmiie-- In liiillmv-.
W'earinii' Po.-e i'oi; . t u-t
S ... ai p
i 'i ir,;ni i-:.
s il.ot.cen. e
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in an. i
P'-of. - ata
fo g:v . t
those wh.i have emmiite,; in:
.'c.cli. Ramon V illalol.os. ..-uv
.a ai don i of I i. paty Sli.-riff :
' ' own of t it.al i ount v . tii, d ta
.'ai!a- s at Ike stab- prison ben
ti -
i-iy. Alihoaglt be refused to oa-.
iui i:a: ihe day and de, M:a i b.
a new suit of clothes prestnteil b.v
' i teji.lv in town, he was a i., a rent i..'
not -ii t-tt -tl in tip. siighb.-t degree
Ii.- fact that be was oing to
me. t i;'- f-ite. ile vvaik.-d steaai';.
no wi'.ho-.: a s-s:si.a use to the plat.
"omo. climbing ino steel stairway
v. it'n a firm tread. Round hand and
j ot. ia- .,...!. briefly from ;'a- tr t-.
.-. ea'ivg l is profession ot' :nno. -en ,
md lb- a
f the e-ai
id the i
H- won
!-i:n b;.- a
Mi- far.
-n.it b-d
. w ho a
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i :el I .
tile ia
il p. Wa
.ai-r-i.d a
-1 'T w it h
e VV i ' 1 1
iieb ,.f
h. Ii-- '
il. b 'e d
,1-1- f.
a : t . i !
i r.
'!.. bo
: r.t.
c ..r i : .ni ; a i:i:c i-'a ;i
1 ba-i!. a pre s' of : ia- ( 'm heli,-
' I 'i"I t nee. ; a i pa red V i ikl i"i
dea'b t'-is naui ing. iie v;a v.
. o: .leinned man v hen he av.a.l
ti-.'. M-ing-. i.n::f -rn-d with bnu a
1 ' .'clock, and proeed. b rarri
., : i i uia r- a f r .m ill- on
'''! to the death .bairber.
It. rix sa b is convirao.i -;;
..iis ia-1 giib:. Tins l.bth is
o- offr. , ,-s ,,f R;.., u a;
. re in g to w.inlt ti Sims.
A Final Atts-npt
i ii.
V !:u 'in. tit a'.p.rnev
Vil't'lni ta S b :-: I '. . i Sillls
i t.'.-.i'v rai-ii g a .pp-st j..t( .
!be-legali!V of Ike IXCi'UlioU W
attorney g t
.! being
bin: Atloran-v- c len,
ib -Vta. was here ;
'. d reb't eseiibi; iV e of
:' a'birnoy g,-p.ral.
I I ' tut i uue.l on Pane
Five I
lighting ar.d for npinicibal power
I.-.'-, la, i al -o ..: v briber or n.u rhe
tire, after en. ling :- municipa'
p'tuit. v. ill be able, under tin- term--1
a propostal ri.-'-v coi:irar. to tn-'-agc
ir. selling this energy To pri- ate
iubi -idnals for lighting- .-f niimi-m
kous, s i n .1 rt side in -es.
A! e g this line a r.icht b ;;.r v ;i i
st -.t St or. tii ry Lane last .venina bv
the Voting' M-,
usiuess itssin ia
.vi. .vol- 1 niiiiir last evening ex
oresse.l the opinion thu!his nirs..-:b'f
from head of ;be interior depirt-
11 it in settles local eon t rov ersics. ex
it pt that of wbetht r or not the peo
ple of Phoenix desire .1 muni ipal
pla nt.
The meeting- of cstt-rday a'tt-r-noon
was t.v..tal iarctlv p. tb-'
iisi tis. ion of ilie situation :i-,,ni vi'Ti
ous angles. Dr Fiancis Ii. Pa d.-w PI.
rt oi'.'-t at ing th.. Y'onng- M. ri's i'.a-i-riesi-
a sst uia t ion. presented the situa
tion from the --idc of the association.
Ib .-poke to the joint, stating that
it was not inst now so mu. h a ipies
; ion of w hether .1 municipal plant
was to be t r'ecteti as p was v, bethel
the interests of the oily were to be
safeguai led at a time when if seemed
that efforts were being made to se
cure an extension of a coi traet that
' (Continued on P-ige Two)

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