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The announcement of the connection
nf C. A. Alexander as sales manager
of the newly orsrunized used car de
partment of the i'erguson-Keeler com
pany, Oldsmobile distributors, is meet
ing with approval among the wide cir
cle of friends of Mr. Alexander.
Jlr. Alexander, whose former home
was in Phoenix hut who, for the past
five years, has been on the Pacific
t oast, being1 connected with the Stude
baker people in Los Angeles for two
and one-half years and with the Bald
win llotor company in the capacity of j
sales manager for one year. While in '
these positions, he established for him--self
an enviable record in the motor
car field find his handling of this new
ly formed department will greatly in
crease the service and efficiency ol
this department for the Fcrguson
Keeler company.
' We are having prepared." says Mr.
Alexander, "an attractive and suitable
yard for this department, located di
rectly opposite our sales room, on the
corner of Center and Polk street. This
location will not only be of easy access
to the general public where they can
inspect our cars at will, but it will be
made free from mud or dust by the
generous use of sand, covered with
"I mean to mark every car in plain
figures auithe price which they were
appraised when taken In trade every
can will be overhauled to a good me-
Attention! Cotton Investors
and Cotton Land Buyers
Investigate our mutual cotton growing plan' before
Commercial Hotel Building, Phoenix, Arizona
Phoenix SngravingGmpany
35 East Washington St. Phone 1709
Every year marks a step of progress in the
development of Los Olivos.
The new roads and new homes will interest
you, and if you are thinking of selecting a
home-site, you will be charmed with the ad
vantages offered, as well as pleased with
the reasonable prices and generous terms.
Central and Adams
- -'--' Vr Lm ft f. fc
r ' 4
Dr. H. T. Doak
725 Grand Ave.
Phone 1063 ' r
(Cowboy Corral)
Treats all disease's of the
domestic animals accord
ing to the latest and most
scientific methods. , Surg
ery and dentistry a spe
cialty. Complete and up-to-date
Dog and Cat Hospital
Equine Operating Table
WOOD-65C per 100 lbs.
Will deliver 300 pounds or more, any part of city;
well seasoned; dry cottonvood; stove length basis.
Southwest Hay and Grain Co. Inc.
Phones: 3268 and 1331
chanical condition before being offered
tor sale, thereby increasing tneir vaiue
and every car will be backed by the
r eryuson-jveeier repuiatiuii una suin
antee." o
At a meeting- of the board of direct
ors of the Certain-teed Products cor
poration. St. Louis, Robert II. Xelson,
advertising manager, was elected sec
retary and treasurer to fill the vacancy
created by the election of John C. Col
lins to the position of vice president.
Mr. Nelson is a graduate of Harvard
college and has been connected with
the Certain-teed company since Feb
ruary, 1914.
A dividend of $4 per share was de
clared on all outstanding common
stock, payable January 28, to stock
holders of record January 17. All divi
dends on the first preferred 1 per cent
cumulative stock and second preferred
T per cent cumulative stock have been
paid to date, and the sinking fund for
the redemption of first preferred has
been set aside as required.
The corporation has just closed a
very successful year, and unless coal
shortage or transportation troubles
arise, the officers are looking forward
to 1918 business as .another record
o u
The automobile engine is much like
a human being in one particular, its
functional well being is largely de
pendent on a respiratory system. By
this expression, we mean that part of
its mechanism that has to do witn
breathing in of the fuel vapor and the
expelling of the burned gases after
combustion has taken place. The res
piratory function of the engine is con
trolled by the valves. If the valves
which permit the fuel to enter the
combustion chamber do not perform
their work properly, mucn ui iu-
er of the motor will obviously be lost
Again it is just as important, w B
the burned gases out of the way after
combustion, for their continued pres
ence in the combustion chamber will
contaminate the fresh fuel. Grantipg
then, the importance of the valve sys
tem a brief study of the unit, its com
mon failings and how to remedy them
may be intepesting and helpful.
To begin with here are five definite
types of valve gears. The most popu
lar type consists of a single camshaft,
operating pushrods, which directly
control the valves. This is the type
that is used on L-head engines, by far
the commonest type of power plant.
The next tvpe is the valve-in-head,
which means that the valves are lo
cated in the heads of the cylinders,
the operation being achieved by means
of vertical rods and rocker arms.
These rocker arms are merely pivoted
levers, operated from vertical rods,
which extend up from a push rod,
driven by an ordinary camshaft. The
next valve type is known as the T-TT-Vtir.v,
nnprntes on the same
principle as the L-head, but has two
camshafts, one for intake and the
other for exhaust valves. The fourth
type also has valves in the heads of
the cylinders, but the camshaft is
placed on top of the cylinders, Instead
of being in the crankcase. The final
type is the sleeve valve, which are
simply ports in sliding sleeves which
are actuated by eccentric shafts, cor
responding to the camshafts of ordin
ary practice.
Most car owners understand some
thing of the way in which valves are
operated, but we shall describe the
operation briefly. The camshaft is
geared to the crankshaft and as it re
volves, the cams are brought into con
tact with the valve lifter, which is a
cylinder bit of steel, moving up and
down within a guide. As the lifter is
forced upward it pushes the valve
open, against the resistance of a spring.
When it reaches its limit of upward
movement, it sinks down again and
the spring closes the valve. Obviously
the position and size of the cams and
other parts of the valve gearing must
be accurately determined to keep the
valve open for just the proper length
of time. 'Also the valves must open
at exactly the right instant in relation
-to the position of the piston. It will be
evident that wear in certain parts of
this valve system, will cause derange
ment of the entire operation of the
respiriatory system of the engine.
The modern tendency in engine de
sign is to keep the entire valve mech
anism exposed to a perpetual spray oi
oil. In some designs pipes are pro
vided, but in others the valve system
is located inside the crankcase, where
it gets splash lubrication from the
connecting rods. As a result of this
tendency the wear and consequent
noisy operation of the valve system,
which used to be almost universal, has
been largely eliminated. Nevertheless,
the average car owner does not give
his valve system the care or rather
Ti-tflUinw fliir ! nairt. anil .mall tliinnra
often develop into big failures, for lack
oi a smaii attention in time.
For instance, it is not uncommon
to find an excessive leakage of oil
down the sides of the valves. This is
caused by -rear of the valve stem or
stem guide, usually brought about by
insufficient lubrication. . Something
may have prevented oil from getting to
the mechanism and the result has been
excessive and rapid wear. Or the con
dition may be caused by the fact that
the valve is pushed sideways when
ever it is raised, because of a bent
stem, a worn tappet or stem bottom. It
frequently happens that the stem will
be struck- at one point only, inducing
excessive side thrust, wearing the valve
stem guide. When the guides have
been worn in this way, it is possible to
She mad. up a mixture of Sag. Tea
and Sulphur to bring back color,
gloss, thickness.
Common garden sage brewer into a
heavy tea with sulphur and alcohol
added, will turn gray, streaked and
faded hair beautifully dark, and lux
uriant, remove every bit of dandruff,
stop scalp itching and falling hair.
Just a few applications will prove a
revelation if your hair is fading, gray
or dry. scraggly and thin. Mixing the
Sage Tea and Sulphur recipe at home,
though, is troublesome. An easier way
is to get the ready-to-use tonic, cost
ing about B0 cents a large bottle at
drug stores, known as "Wyeth'a Sage
and Sulphur Compound," thus avoid
ing a lot of muss.
While -wispy, gray, faded hair is not
sinful, we ail desire to retain our
youthful appearance and attractive
ness. By darkening your hair with
Wyeth'g Sage and Sulphur, no one can
tell, because it does it so naturally, so
evenly. You just dampen a sponge or
soft brush with it and draw this
through your hair, taking one small
strand at a time; by morning all gray
hairs have disappeared, and, after an
other application or two, your hair be
comes beautifully dark, glossy, soft
and luxuriant Adv.
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all Stake !
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fcnmTI T n
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enware, Dishes, Tools, Glassware, Ammunition, Paint and a large stock
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W00RC- iekaotile co.
Old Location, Cor. Adams and First Ave.
ROBERT PASCH, in charge
ream them out and fit valves with
oversize stems. An alternative repair
is to fit bronze bushings in the guides,
if these are not already used. When
ever the valves are taken out for any
reason, they should be examined for
bent stems and for play in their guides.
In inspecting the stems it is best to
use a steel square, as the eye often
fails to detect a slight bend.
Another valve trouble is wear of the
tappets, which causes a slapping in
their guides, a very annoying condi
tion, the existence of which may be
detected by shaking" the tappet with
the fingers, after the spring pressure
has been removed. The methods of
overcoming this slapping are almost
as many as the number of. tappet as
semblies and in some cases a new unit
is necessary.
One of the commonest of the valve
Fees) F w-HH 8 I
iteauce your tm
work as he does v
Cooking three biz meals a day is
hard work at best; you should have
a range that makes cooking easier.
The Mijeitle it built right; from pipe to baa
malleable and charcoal Iron, metal! that out
wear ordinary range material! three to one.
Jointa are cold-rlreted airtight, without
putty; they atay tight. Lining ol extra heary
pure aabeatoa further helps to bold Id the heat.
Xoeae ietturei, tog ether with ipecitl type of
Malleable and Charcoal Iron
jfHHfL Mat-erttiwiwi warn rnonT
flreboz, OTan and circulation ayatem, mean
sailorm baking beat with fuel.
Hajeatieeoata a little more than ordinary ran
tea.bot it lessen! the work oi cooklng.rea.uirca
tat least fuel and repaira-weara jean longer.
iThelSgallon all copper reaerrolr heeta water
as quickly aa a kettle on a (tore top. Oven door
lowera onto heavy braeea; oven rack ataya
level, under load, when pulled out, Reeer
Tolra flush with oya top have aluminum UdsJ
The health and happineta of your whole
family is effected by the ranee you buy.
Investigate thoroughly. Before you buy
any range, come to our store and tee the
Majestic we know you will want a
Majestic when you ui us advantages.
ttytmt ana! tint, mitk ay witfmml kft)
failures is worn cams. The worn cam
slaps against its follower and worse
still it alters the lift of the valve. This
has the exect of shutting oft part of
the fuel supply of the engine, or of
reducing the time for scavenging so
that all the burned gases cannot es
cape from the combustion chamber.
The only remedy for this condition is
to install a new camshaft.
In making adjustments in the valve
gearing system, the work should al
ways be carried out while the parts
are hot. They run hot when the en
gine is operating and if adjustments
are made when they are cold, the ex
pansion that occurs after the metal ii
heated may spoil the whole adjust
ment. !
Valves cannot do their work prop
erly unless they are seating accurate
ly. This means grinding, when neces
sary. When grinding the valvee and
seats, do not forget to give the springs
a little attention. See that all of
them are straight and that the valve
springs are all of equal length. The
exhaust set will be a little longer,
probably, than the inlet set. because
they exert a greater pressure.
runt vttfsl rnr: jnn
A big business
A f irni foundation
A satisfactory sendee
In Guaranteed
for all property owners
when titles are considered
by our
Safe Way
Be sure to specify
our guaranteed titles
Phoenix Title &
Trust Co.
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128 W. Adams

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