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'znxi akiavsa mrvauLKJASS, satlkjai' .MUKMSU, i'KBliUAUY 1C, 1918
Southside News
Mn. Chat. Prathp
Brown Mercantile Company Chandlar Court .&
Phona 71 Phona 1-R-2
TK.Mrn, IVb. 10. The city council
had .1 busy Kindlon at its regular meet
in;; Thnrsilav oviiiUiu. A fine n)irit
nf cii-iipi'i-Mt inn liftwi-en 1 in- council
;ini c "( ,ni in ii i i i t - Hub which will lesult
;n niui'li no. mI i"..r 'IVmpp. The two or
Ka'nz.ttiuns mi- planning. jointly, a
''lean up'' Oiiy f 'i- 'J'. rnpc to he iSatur
l;jy, .l:n( h ( niiimiltirs on publicity
iiml work will In. iippointcd from both
iui. I lb. to is no doubt but that the; peo-pli-
i.:' Tempo vill easily fall in line
unil jii.iIm- an especial effort to clean up j
i "ir oh ii premises and those near
them. Tins is not merely a matter of
town iiridij but also one ot community
I 'iie 'liief Weir was also present and
was granted a, sum of money with
which to purchase needed supplies for
i lie fire di-pai'i mcnt. An attachment
.lor the hose cart was also ordered. A
liht placed west of the hi-h school
was ordered put in and the high school
will put iu a light east of the building.
basket, make the rounds of the room
taking a package of watever is desired,
and take them to the cashier who
will figure the bill and the customer
hies homeward with the comforting
assurance that a saving has been made
in the day's expense account. The new
store will not interfere with the regular
store of the Steele Grocery company,
for the latter well established busi
ness will continue at the old stand.
R. E. Steele came to Mesa four years
ixfo and bringing with him the benefit
of a long training in efficient and eco
nomical handling of responsible posi
tions in the railway service, applied his
knowledge to what was to him an un
Embry, Miss Grace Thomas, James
Vanderhoof and Edwari Graves.
Mrs. Carriebel Parker Brown left
Friday night for San Diego, where
she will remain until Sunday eve
ning with her husband, J. Will Brown,
who is located in training camp
A motor trip to McDowell and a
picnic dinner were enjoyed Sunday
by a party composed of Mrs. Han,
Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Coldwell, Miss
Leonora Coldwell. Miss Adaline Cold-
well and Max Hart of Tempe, Mr.
and Mrs. J. F. Burleson and chil
dren, Mr. and Mrs. C. F. Griffith, Mr.
and Mrs. William Golling and chil
dren. Mr. and Mrs. Edward Coldwell
and Miss Fern Caswell.
Mr. George Keltner and children,
Inez, Bobby and Russell, were Sun
day guests of Mr. and Mrs. Philip
S. P. Embry is breaking in a Ford
car to drive.
On Wednesday morning occurred
the death of Mrs. V. C. Shorey, who
came here recently from Montreal,
with the hope of benefiting her
health. She left a young daughter
and the husband. Major Shorey, who
... m. n.r.r..Aiac Thii sianea i n u rsuay evening lur
r.,L-,,i 'or.,i f,u,. i i Canadian home with his wife's body.
in the passession of a large patron
age. The purchase by H. D. Evans of
an interest in the business brought
ample added capitol and the venture
of the firm in the groceteria is ex
pected to meet with the same success
that characterized the first enterprise.
Tempe. veterinarian: in Mesa of
mornings, from 9 to 12, at Crescent
Drug Store. Phone 26. Adv. tf
Stamp Sale is Notable
The local high school Thursday sold
$:HJ." in thrift stamps among pupils of
Hie. school. The Tenth street school
has also been selling the stamps, the
anjount being over jltm. A splendid
program was presented at the high
school Admission day which was well
J. C. Robbins is III
J. '. Robbins is down with la grippe
al his home on Kast Fifth street.
Four-Minute Men
The four-minute men are to discuss
I he navy this week and next with the
following schedule.
February J.V K. A. Row.
l-'ebruaiy 111 L. W. Fike, "Danger to
I'ebruaiy 22tl. .M. Frizzcll.
February 211 A. A. Ooloya.
February 2U ( ;. A. Storkel.
March i .1 (). Mullen.
.March 2 C. C. Woolf. '
High School Loses Teacher
J. F. Elpey, teacher of the commer
cial department of Mesa Union High
school, has resigend his position here
and will assume the principalship of
the commercial department of the Al
vin, Okla., high school. The promotion
was so advantageous in every way
that Mr. Elpey felt justified in making
the change. The board of the local
school is in touch with another well
qualified man to fill the position, but
arrangements have not been completed
as yet.
Former Mesa Resident Dies
Mrs. L. p. Nelson, who died in Phoe
nix at the home of her son, on Thurs
day afternoon, had made her home in
Mesa for some time, until recently
taken to the hospital for treatment.
She was the mother-in-law of Mrs.
Macylwain of the Toggery.
Ho your bit by burning wood. Two
cords for $n.On. Cash on delivery.
1'hone :) or 10-U-n. Adv. tf
Improved Walter Busby Home
Mr. Cougle and Mrs. Conger have
Just finished :i number of improve
ments to the Walter Busby home on
Fast Seventh, until it is now one of tile
prettiest places in town.
Attends Pardons Meeting
C. W. Miller of the Tempe Xews
spent Thursday in Florence where he
presided over a meeting of the State
board of Pardons.
Looking for Locations
T. II. Wash of Patterson, Calif., is
visiting at the (',. It. Finch ranch and
looking around for a location near
Tempe. Charles Stevens is also in
Tempe fur the same purpose.
Operation Performed
Joe Cosner, who is here from Hay
den, had an operation performed on
I 'is nose Thursday by a specialist in
A. R. White Goes to Jerome
A. R. White, whd has been doing the
cement work on the new Tempe mill,
left yesterday for Jerome.
Visitinq with Parents
Ernest 1 'afford came up from the
state university at Tucson last night
.o spend the week-end with his parents
Death of Faithful Mexican
Pedro, a Mexican, who for a long
time had been a faithful employe of
James Scott, the sheep man, died yes
terday at the Southside hospital from
an attack of pneumonia. The best of
attention had been given the sick man,
and he will be laid to rest in a man
ner befitting his long ana loyal service.
A Victory tea for the benefit of the
war relief fund of the Woman's club
will be given Wednesday afternoon,
February 27, at the clubhouse.
The affair has been planned by the
civics education department of the
club, of which Mrs. Roland C. Dryer
is chairman, and many interesting
features have been arranged in addi
tion to the rubber of bridge, which
will attract card devotees. There will
be knitting and Red Cross sewing
contests, and during the afternoon a
program of war music will be pre
sented. A number of parties have been
formed for the event and several host
esses have signified their intention
of reserving as many as half a dozen
The committee in charge, headed
by Mrs. Dryer, includes Mrs. C. F.
Ainsworth, Mrs. William O. Swcek,
Mrs. Frank A. Beane and Mrs. W. S
Leaves for Arkansas
J. P. Murphy, having sold his ranch
at I.ehi, left yesterday with his fam
ily for Mountainburg, Arkansas, where
they will make their home.
Madame Petrova at Majestic
Madame Petrova, one of the highest
priced stars in movicdom, will be seen
at the Majestic today in "The Law of
the Land." At the Orpheum theater
will be shown "The Medicine Man," a
drama of the west, and a Keystone
comedy, "A Boomerang Frame Up."
Quintette Heard Tonight
The Schumann Quintette is to appear
at the Methodist, church tonight under
the auspices of the normal Lyceum
course. As there are to be no reserved
seats, tile early arrival gets the best
From Casa Grande
Mrs. Tom YVooten of Casa Grande
is in town with her sister Mrs. 1). W.
Parker. Mrs. Wooten came to Tempe
to receive medical attention.
Cotton Growers Tonight
Cotton growers interested in the erec
tion of the new gin are asked to at
tend the open meeting at the city hall
1hi.s evening when committee reports
will be given and the organization of
the company perfected.
CINCINNATI, Feb. 13. After a final
inspection of the alleys here today by
the officials of the American Bowling
Congress, everything was declared to
be in readiness for the opening of the
eighteenth annual tournament at the
Hamilton county armory tomorrow
From 8:30 o'clock tomorrow night
until March 10, the alleys will be occu
pied daily from 8 a. m. until midnight
and during this time 852 five-men
teams will contest for supremacy.
Almost every state in the union is
represented as well as several cities in
with era
MESA, Feb. 16. Mesa, not to be be
hind even the Capital city of the grow
ing state uf Arizona, is to have a
groceteria in fart has one already, for
this morning the Steele Grocery com
pany will open the grocerteria in the
Mahoney building on South McDon
ald street. Just south- of the Salt River
Valley bank. The move is tho result
of a determination 'on the part of the
firm to secure for Mesa and vicinity all
the advantages that come from a
"wait on yourv.'lt mid carry your own
packages" 'grocery store. Mr. Steele,
the manager, declares it Is going to re
sult in a material saving for all who
take advantage of the groceteria. All
there is to it, is for the customer to
enter at. one door, with his or her
SCOTTSDALE, Feb. 15. What with
birthdays. St. Valentine's day and
celebrations of imminent weddings,
Scottsdale has had a gay week. The
aforesaid birthday was the prop
erty of J. F. Burleson and was
his sixteenth, if he is to be believed
in the matter a very doubtful fact,
we are sorry to say. The evening was
cleverly engineered by Mrs. Burleson.
with the result that her husband's
surprise was complete when the
guests assembled. Cards and other
games formed the diversions of the
evening, and dainty refreshments
were served. The guest list included
Mr. and Mrs. Griffith, Mr. and Mrs.
Edward Coldwell, Mr. and Mrs. Donin,
Mr. and Mrs. William Golling, Mr.
and Mrs. Philip Harder, Mr. and Mrs.
M. B. Carter. Miss Fern Caswell, Miss
Mildred Golling, Roy Van Leer. Ken
enth Caswell, George and Fred Goll- j
ing and Lonnie Carter. ' !
On Wednesday night an interested
observer might have seen quiet forms
flitting over tho yard at the Cash
home. When the entire party had
assembled the quiet was suddenly
broken by shouting and laughter, and
Miss Annie Cash was made aware
that her friends were showering her
with gifts in honor of her approach
ing marriage to Edgar F. Robbins of
Mesa. Although taken by complete
surprise. Miss Cash soon became mis
tress of the occasion, and proved
herself a charming hostess. Seated
in the middle of the room, she un
wrapped each package in turn, to
the interest and amusement of the
guests, who included Mr. and Mrs.
Chester Cash of Phoenix, Mr. and
Mrs. S. P. Embry, Mr. and Mrs. V.
A. Vanderhoof, Mrs. Emma Thomas,
Mrs. Alexander Caldwell, Mrs. Ben
ton Brown. Mrs. Emmctt Elliott, Mrs.
Paul Loomis, Mrs. Carriebel Parker
Brown, Mrs. Morton Kimsey, Mrs.
James Stout. Mrs. Julius Benroth,
Mrs. Harry Hartley, Mrs. Mary Wash
hurn. Mrs. Guy Loomis. Mrs. Philip
Harder, Mrs. A. D. Smith. Miss Mar
garet Smith, Miss Mary Keene
Graves. Miss Evelyn Parmenter, Miss
May Vanderhoof, Miss Mittie Van
derhoof, Miss Ruth Brown, Miss Mary
Miss Eleanor Lewis, the charming
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. R. Allyn
Lewis, will appear in court this morn
ing to answer to the charge of violat
ing the speed law.
The society girl defendant is alleged
to have exceeded the limit in the 20
mile territory on North Central avenue.
Don Johns, county motorcycle officer,
made the arrest.
How Clothes and
Optimism Are
Elbert Hubbard said that an optimist is a man
who makes two grins grow where there was one.
grouch before. That was years before the war.
Nowadays tho optimist is the fellow who buys.
'At $22.50 to $40
while he can get such values as we're still offering,
and then prepares to enjoy them while men pay
$3 to $10 more for similar clothing values.
Higher prices are ahead of you just as sure as
sunrise and sunset. It's a case of prepare or pay.
The time to prepare is now; we have a good, broad
selection here.
Stetson Hats
The new spring styles are now here for your ap
proval. All the new blocks and shapes
$5.00 and $6.00
'Walkover Shoes''
'Einerv Shirts"
"The Kuppenhcimer House in Phoenix"
day in the banquet room of the
American Kitchen. After a delight
ful dinner served, E. T. Hutche'son,
local manager, made a few remarks
introducing the speaker of the even
ing, Hugh McPhee, district commer
cial superintendent, Los Angeles, who
gave a splendid talk on the duties
of employes toward the public and
the company, maintaining that during
these strenuous times by contributing
100 per cent maximum efficiency in
the work, employes are doing their
bit, helping toward the settlement of
the present world crisis.
in n
That one Phoenix boy was aboard
the transport Tuscama when she was
torpedoed has been definitely estab
lished on receipt of a telegram here
that he is now safe and sound on the
other side, after many perilous experiences.
His namo is Am Hong, and for four
months last summer he was employed
at the American Kitchen. Later he
went to Needles and then returned to
Mesa before coming back to Phoenix,
where he was drafted. Hong is a cousin
of a Chinese restaurant proprietor of
Mesa. As soon as he was safely on
shore he telegraphed his cousin in
Mesa to that effect. Hong's cousin
then informed Gee Wo, night chef at
Jhe American Kitchen. -
San Diego for several years and who
had made many friends during his
residence here, died last Friday morn
incr at his home. 440 Unas street. He
leaves a widow, daughter of General
and Mrs. Sampson.
"Mr. Osgood came to San Diego
from Denver, where he was con
nected with the First National bank."
city schools administration building on
North First avenue.
The work of yesterday embraced dis
cussion of school legislation, the war
emergency with relation to what the
school has to do in the war needs, and
how the schools may assist in the work
of the Red Cross and the sale of thrift
stamps. State Superintendent Case is
presiding at the meetings.
The Boston Store employes are en
gaged in the Thrift Stamp campaign.
At a meeting of 61 of them last night
they organized a "War Savings So
ciety" and heard an address by Clay
Parker in which the work of the Thrift
campaign was outlined.
All those present accepted Thrift
cards and pledged themselves to exert
their best efforts to make it a success
in this community. S. W. Marto, gen
eral manager of the Boston store, was
elected president of the society and
Henry Stone, vice-president.
Fourteen county senool superintend
ents, representing every county in the
state, responded yesterday morning to
the call of State Superintendent O.
Case for the annual meeting of these
educational officials. The meetings,
which began yesterey and will con
tinue today, are being held in the new-
It was a great event In the MIntosh
family, and The Republican was not
entirely untouched by It. It was so
much of an event that J. F. M'Intosh,
a member of the advertising force
of this paper, thought at first that
it should be celebrated by the lower
ing of the advertising and subscrip
tion rates, but it was pointed out to
him that to do that might be to es
tablish a dangerous precedent. If
such a reduction was made every
time that might happen in the domi
ciles of the members of the adver
tising force, the rates after a while
would be reduced to nothing.
The event to which allusion lias
thus been delicately made is a boy
of the weight of eight pounds, thd
first in the family. Mr. M'Intosh says
that he never saw a boy ol that age
in whose eyes the light of intelli
gence burned so brightly.
ance with the by-laws of the corpora-
tion, the annual meeting of Stockhold
ers of the United Arizona Copper Min
ing and Smelting Company, will b
held in the North Parlor of Hotel Ad
ams. Phoenix. Arizona at 2 p. m..
March 41 h, for the purpose of electing
Directors and for what other business
may come before the meeting.
The 100 per cent Efficiency society
made up of employes of the com
mercial department of the Western
Union Telegraph company met Thurs-
Word has been received in Phoenix
of the death at San fciego on Febru
ary 8 of Fenno Thorpe Osgood, son-in-law
of General and Mrs. A. J.
Sampson. The widow is better known
in a large circle of friends in Phoe
nix as Mrs. Gretta Chamberlain.
Mr. Osgood was a native of Massa
chusetts and was 65 years of age.
Of the funeral, the San Diego
Union said:
"The funeral of Fenno T. Osgood
will be held at the home of General
and Mrs. Sampson, 4069 Alameda
drive, this afternoon (Monday, Feb.
11), at 2:30 o'clock.
"Mr. Osgood, who had resided in
and everyone for the generous patronage accorded us during our first week in business. Our bright, new
stock, our quick and efficient service have been more than appreciated and business ias been far beyond
ur expectations. We have decided to run a great, big, money saving special "
Come to the store or phone us. A surprise
awaits you. Why not get service and low
prices instead of low prices and no service.
( nie to the store, phone your order or ask the solicitor to call. We are out of the high rent district. That
saves vou money. .Fruits and vegetables a speeialtv.
riionc 770
Chas. Ketchani Manager.
l fZ Hsm i
Come Across Now
Agreement with the United States provides
that YOU will be DRAFTED if you don'tvol
unteer. All men between 20 and 40 are liable. :
Your Brothers Over There Are Calling
Volunteer today;athe need is imperative;
you will not be doing your full duty if you
. wait to be drafted.
You Can Join Either the British or Canadian Armies
At Nearest British and Canadian Recruiting Depot

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