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Section Two
Ill,:;: .
Avery Tractor Officials Arrive
4TT Nothing short of vast superiority of PER
FOJRMANCE could have brought success and
profit to the STANLEY in its single handed fight
for STEAM.
T Nothing short of STORED POWER can make
such superiority of performance possible in
the Stanley, or in any other car.
KIT Nothing but STEAM can give this stored pow
or, built up in advance, and replenished auto
matically as fast as used.
MTT Storing power is the natural function of the
STANLEY. The performance that comes from
STEAM, stored in advance, means emancipation
from clutch pedaling and gear-shifting it means
power at low speeds it means safety for yourself
and your family the very thing you have always
wanted most.
T The STANLEY has no carburetor no ignition
system no clutch no gear shift no self
starter. ,
ill But it has stored power it has but two cylin
or any other cheap fuel.
CIT You certainly owe it to your self to thoroughly
Til investigate the STANLEY.
Arizona Steam Motors Co. Inc.
Jack Smith, Manager
334 East Washington Street
Phoenix Arizona
anj in addition may make ciutch oper
ation and gear shifting difficult.
The transmission inevitably wastes
some power through friction, but if this
unit is not kept well lubricated and
properly running, it becomes a pro
digious xraster. When there is any
derangement in the transmission.
bearings worn, shafts out of align
ment, etc., power wastes are enor
mous. Trouble in the transmission
should neyer be neglected.
pext in line come the umversala and
these must be kept packed with the
proper lubricant all the time. The
rear axle unit must be at least three
times a year cleaned out with kero
sene and have fresh lubricant. When
anything goes wrong with the rear
axle, its consumption of power is al
most unbelievable. In this connection
the wheel bearings must be kept in
good condition; jack up the rear
heels and try them occasionally to
see that they move freely.
in the tires, the owners can help
power losses by keeping them pumped
up to the pressure recommended by the
maker. The wider the tire the more
power it takes to carry it over the
road, consequently the need for keep
ing the casings fully inflated. Also
this very important item of mainten
ance preserves the tires and cuts down
the bills.
There hardly is any need to mention
to the experienced motorist that brakes
which are not free will drag against
tne arum and literally eat up gasoline.
A brake drag is so easy to discover
simply jack up the wheel and spin it
around, listening for a scraping noise
as it spins.
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New Avery motor cultivator, and its inventor, J, B. Bartholomew,
J. B. Bartholomew, president of the
Avery company of Peoria, 111., I A.
Pmith field sales manager and H. M.
Earl expert tractor demonstrator are
guests in Phoenix this week.
As guests of C. H. Pratt the party
have motored over the valley meeting
new distributors and acquainting them
selves with existing, conditions rela
tive to the tractor inUli.stry.
The Avery company, the largest
manufacturers of tractors and motor
farming implements in the world, have
a record of turning out 50 tractors
daily, and promise an increase of 25
per cent for the ensuing year.
Today, while the great world war is
raging, the Avery company of Peoria,
111., has produced for the world the
last word in motor farming the Avery
motor cultivator and planter, now mak
ing possible the complete motorization
of the farm.
History has surelv repeated itself.
In every great war history has shown
tnat labor saving devices always result
there from. As R. H. Avery invented
the first planter, in the civil war, when
as a Union soldier, an Andersonville
prisoner of war; an observer of repeat
ed death through idleness, disease,
homesickness and complete discourage
ment; at that time a young man, he
worked out with a pointed stick and
the ground as his drawing board, his
ideas of a mechanical corn planter and
cultivator, later becoming first presi
dent of the Avery company. Just so
has J. B. Bartholomew, the present
president of the Avery company, in
vented the Avery motor cultii-ator and
planter and presented it to the world
as an ever greater labor saving de
Carbon Burning
Auto Greasing
Phone 1417
144 North Central Ave.
Opp. School of Music
"The more I see of this world, the
more I am impressed with the almost
marvelous part faithfulness has
played in the things worth the men
tion," said F. C. Millhoff, general sales
manager of the Miller Rubber company,
Akron, Ohio. "You know it is not so
muoh the material of which those
grand edifices of Rheims were made
that endeared them to the heart of
every Frenchman and everybody save
the ruthless boche. It was the infinite
care with which every stone was put
in place and every minute detail car
ried out with perfect precision. It was
"And so example after example of
what faithfulness has meant to hu
manity could be given. Faithfulness in
the Miller factory has made uniform
tires possible. 'Without it, there would
be variations in vital operations, which
would result in tires that would fail to
be uniform in the mileage they give.
without faithfulness, the efficiency o:
the Miller picked squads would be or
dinary instead of exceptional. Without
faithfulness, the average personal ef
ficiency of these men would not be
96 per cent nor the record of less than
1 per cent of all Miller tires calling for
adjustment a reality.
"Faithfulness," concluded Mr. Mill
hoff, "has been indispensible in the
achievement of everything really good
without It nothing worth while has
been done. ithout it even wars can
not be won.
T Take a Trip?
Of course you are, and you should not think of start
ing without an assortment of the many necessary sup
plies that every motorist needs. For instance:
Extra tires or tubes we have the best standard brands.
Tube Patches, Blow Out Shoes, Outside Blow Out Boots, Reliners, Small Vul
canizers for individual use, Horns, Tire Covers, Jacks, Tire Tools, Electric
Bulbs, Dimmer Lense for head lamps, etc., etc.
The "WESTERN" is the largest
Exclusive Auto Supply and Accessory House in Arizona. You owe it to your
self to investigate our stock and prices.
Western Auto
pply Agency
141-147 North Central Ave.
Other Stores Kansas City, Mo.,
Denver, Colo., Los Angeles, Calif.
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hard to keep the power dissipation
under control, as we shall show.
The first item on our list, power lost
through dissipation in the cooling wa
ter, can scarcely be controlled by the
ordinary car owner. Within the past
year or two engineers have taken up
seriously the problem of reducing this
item of waste. By means of thermo
static control it is now possible to keep
the temperature of the engine at or
near its point of maximum efficiency.
Heat is simply a form of power. But
unfortunately the nature of the inter
nal combustion engine prevents more
than a certain degree of temperature
being utilized, because beyond that
point the oil film, the protecting lu
bricant would be broken down and the
engine would be quickly ruined. How
ever, by the use of thermostatic de
vices, designers have been able to re
duce the amount of heat, which means
power, wasted in the cooling water.
What he can do, however, is to see
that there is no leakage from the en
gine; this includes gas leakage, ignition
leakage, oil leakage, etc. The gas
keting of the cylinder head, if there is
such, must be good all the time and
there must be no leaks at the plugs
or petcocks. In gasketing the head, be
sure to see that the gasket itself is
perfectly clean and is mounted on clean
surfaces. There must be no nicks or
dents in metal or gasket. The head
must be tightened carefully to avoid
springing. It is admirable to give the
threads of the spark plugs, valve plugs
and any other threaded devise in the
engine, a thin roatiner of stove black
ing, which prevents or stops leakage
and also makes removal of the parts
easy at any future time.
It must not be forgotten that the
various accessories and devices lo
cated on and driven by the engine,
consume power; in some cases as much
as six per cent of the total. Add to
this the inevitable friction generated
by the various moving parts of the en
gine and we pet a tidy total. The car
owner cannot cut down the consump
tion of power here, but he can keep it
at its normal point by seeing that all
these parts and accessories have a li
beral quantity of lubricant of the prop
er grade and quality. The careful
study of and attention to the directions
on the lubrication chart are the safe
guard here.
Again, carbon deposits in the com
bustion chamber are excessive wasters
of power. A vigilant eye in this direc
tion and removal of such deposits be
fore they have a chance to reach seri
ous proportions is necessary. In some
cases owners who have excessive car
bon trouble may be well advised to
install a water feeding device on their
engines after the cylinders have been
thoroughly cleaned. Water injected
this way in the form of steam tends to
prevent the formation of carbon de
posits in a clean cylinder.
There is one form of power waste
that is not to be excused and that is
through the use of too rich a mix
ture. This simply means that more
gasoline than is necessary is being
burned up and going out of the ex
haust possibly even in the form of
liquid. And what is this but the most
direct and criminal sort of waste,
which the owner can stop any time he
In addition any liquid fuel in the
combustion chamber may work down
past the piston rings, into the crank-
case, and there contaminate the oil
and increase the loss further by low
ering the lubricating efficiency.
The clutch wastes little power as
long as it is running properly, but the
minute it gets out of order and slips,
it fairly bums power up. Keep the
clutch properly adjusted and lubricate
the thrust bearing and throwout col
lar at stated intervals. A burned or
jdrv throwout vtullrma.v nuia & rirostJ
er wears out vou mav be sura
I will buy another one." .
Mr. RoDer learned that Marra
bought the Maxwell last November
because he. van rnnvinrt ha nnnlrl
do a profitable hauliner business with
it. vine car, ne asserted, will more
than Justify this belief for dozens
nf men in Arixnna whn srill .Im1.
larly go into business or otherwise
put uie iructt. to use
Do not wait till tomorrow phone
that WANT AD. to The Republican
and dispose of. or get wnat you want.
a small payment
down, balance very
easy terms
In order to quickly dispose of these few remaining
high grade and powerful ears, which are unusually
desirable for heavy work purposes such as stage lines
or for the pulling of trailors from the farm to the '
city, we are now offering remarkably attractive
In view of the continued price advances on Used Cars
this announcement should prove of particular inter
est to the thrifty.
1913 Cadillac, Qfift
' 5-psenger PUt)U
1914 Cadillac, C7Ffl
7-passenger , V I Oil
1914 Marmon $750
1916 Oldsmobile 8, CQllfl
44 Roadrter JUU
1916 Otdimobile 4, 4710
roadeter, 4-passenger $ I OU
. 1916 Studtbaker 4, 7-passenger, Cfiftft
(new top, new paint) ipOvJU
1917 Studebaker 4, QfiPJft
7-passenger . tpOOU
sT! S450
1917 Dodge in K7Evft
good condition t) 4 DU
SaveTime GetThis Car Now
rri ; t t n
i ne increasing aemana ior
quick personal transporta
tion causes thousands to
adopt this time-saving Model
90 for more efficient living.
They had thought it nec
essary to spend more in
order to have beauty, room
and modern conveniences.
They now know this
Model 90 has all of these es
sentials for complete satis
faction at a la0 saving in
They now know it is eco
nomical with fuel sparing of
tires and is easy to handle.
You cannot get for less
all of the advantages of this
Model 90.
It has Auto-Lite starting
and lighting, vacuum fuel
system, rear cantilever
springs and large tires, non
skid rear.
One salesman with it is
worth two without it. For
professional men it is an
office-on-wheels. House
wives are able to bring fresh
produce direct from farm-to-table.
More than 80.000 already
sold, save their owners time
and money. Why not for
Appearance, Performance,
Comfort, Service and Price
Lhhl Four Model po Touring Car, $7QS
. . t. Toum Frica nbject to cktnf without matUt
Light tour Model go Small Sedan, $1240
Overland-Arizona Company
227 North Central Avenue
Phone 1911

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