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Section Two
-- . , q
sharp advances in prices. It is there- vance, leaving no supply on hand for
i fore very important that tire users; j filling orders for tires as needed later,
! should immediately arranse for Iheirl out not ordered in advance. "1
i supply, not only by taking care nf their -e ar(. direct factory representa-J
j present demands, but by specifying at i tjvs for Arizona for the Mighty Ama-f
this time for future delivery of sizes zorl Super tires and tubes, which
j they know now they will need later. are offering as the very highest grade.
"By doing this you will secure your I made, at : moderate price. W e solie-.t
Practical Paragraphs
There is one feature of tire waste
which has apparently escaped the at
tention of those who have been urgin
all possible economy in
tires, and that is trie creat construc
tion of tire tread due to excessive use
of brakes in mountain driving.
It is possible to m;'ke these beauti
ful mountain trips north without ex
cessive tire wear providing one uses
his engine as a brake but, either
through lack of knowledge as to how
this is done or through carelessness, a
great many motorists depend entirely
upon their brakes to hold thftn even
nn the longest and steepest grades.
Speedometer Drive
The average owner never gives the
slightest hpcd to the speedometer drive
and yet this part needs periodic in
spection and lubrication. The driving
gears ought to be lubricated once a
week. If this is done they will operate
very much more (piietly and also they
will last for a considerably longer time.
the use of! Silent Chains
The tendency toward the use or silent
chains seems to be increasing. It may
not be amiss then, to remind the car
owner that these parts should be
cleaned frequently, especially when
they run in an exposed position as In
some starter and generator installa
tions. The proper method of proeeed
ure is to remove the chain from its
place, submerge it in kerosene oil for
fifteen minutes. Then dry it thor
oughly and next submerge it in a me-
I'sing second speed on the easy j dium grade of lubricating oil. permit
grades and low on the steep ones, a
motorist can negotiate almost any
mountain grade with only a slight
brake pressure where he would other
wise have his wheels locked, fairly
scraping the tread off his tires, a fact
which makes these trips so expensive
for many people.
This probably would effect fully jO
ting it to remain in the bath until the
oil has reached every bearing surface.
Hard grease never should be employed
as a chain lubricant.
Summer Battery Troubles
During the warm weather, when
night driving is common, the battery
will need double attentive care. The
most frequent trouble will be under
per cent of those who go into the moon. 1 charging. This is due to the fact that
tains, says ('. K. Hughes of Smith- the lamps are burned for long periods
Hughes company, and would mean' a j and the drain upon the battery is
saving of at least one-third in the I heavy. The stork instructions should
wear of tires on any such trips as i he carefully followed. The cells must
I hese.
m w
As its peculiar usefulness becomes
more w idely known, the Sedan type of
motor car is growing in popularity
among motorists. It readily adapts;
itself to the immediate use of which it
is required, and the field that it covers
is perhaps broader than that of any
other type of car. j
To meet the ever-growing demand
for this type of motor car, Studebaker
has designed a Sedan body of unusual
beauty and elegance for its new series
1t light-four and light-six chassis. And
if individuality is the truest key to au
tomobile excellence, as some people
claim that it is. the new Steudebaker
sedan is splendidly prepared to meet
every demand of the most discriminat
ing buyer.
"The dominant impression of the new
Studchaker sedan is the uniform beauty
of its lines, the extreme care with
which it has been designed and built,
and the quality of materials and work
manship that enter into every part of
its construction," says Robert C.
Oreth. Studebaker, distributor fori
Phoenix and surrounding territory I
where the newest Studebaker creation '
's on exhibition. 1
"Staunchness is featured through
out the construction of the now Stude- ,
baker sedan," continued Air. Clreth,
"and with eight solid upright posts,
-Mending I' mm floor to roof, there is;
4 solidity to this car that makes it!
particularly free from annoying rat-1
ties. All parts are made to fit the par-
ticular construction. It is entirely;
possible for a purchaser four or five
ears hence to obtain a window or
some other part that will fit perfectly
"The sweeping lines of the series 19
Studchaker touring cars have been car-
ried over into the new sedan. The long, j
harmonious top lines, the delicate an- ;
gle of the rear quarter, the shape of
the doors, and the curve of the fend- j
rrs reveal the rare good taste of the :
, body artisan. I
"As an additional preventative I
ngainst rattling, the slides in which j
the glass windows operate are pro-;
vided with small rubber rollers which
press against the edges of the glass
3nd absorb the shocks and thrusts.!
This particular feature is to be found I
for the first time on the Studebaker1
sedan. The glass is of one thickness
throughout, making replacement easy. I
"A mechanical window-lifting de-!
vice is a convenience sure to be appre- I
ciated by all motorists. Another sat
isfaction point about the Studebaker
sedan is its watertight, windproofi
odor construction and leakproof wind
shield. The rain visor outside of the)
windshield, at the top, protects the up- j
per shield and the verticle sections, !
both adjustable to any angle. j
"The upholstery of the new sedan is
of high grade cloth, laid in parallel j
plaits and finished with whipcord!
binding. It is conservatively elegant, i
trim and attractive. A cut glass dome;
light, operated by convenient switch at !
side of right rear door, and silk roller
curtains at the windows are features of i
the interior. Doors are wide and fitted '
with coach handles of special design; !
conveniently placed handles on inside !
enable driver or passengers to close j
doors without the long reach to the
usual latch handles. The two rear:
doors and left front door lock from:
inside; right front door from outside."
he kept filled up with water and to do j
this distilled water should be added:
everv week. The solution on each of i
the cells should be tested every week ;
; and the specific gravity should be kept
j up to around l.-S; never allow tliei
I gravity to drop below 1.25. If thw
' gravity does get too low. have, it
brought up to full strength by re
charging If the generator is not serv
j ing to keep the battery adequately
I charged, alter the charging rate as the
need shows, or have it done by the
service station.
Gear Changing
It is often found that gear changes
from low or high into intermediate in
the new car are difficult. This is often
due to the new clutch, which drags
slightly, but more often it is caused
by the operator's being new to the car
and not thoroughly familiar with the
speed of the motor at which shifting is
easily accomplished. In this case a
little practice is all that is needed. If
the rasping of the second gear cannot
be avoid.n1 and it is feared that the
gears may b damn god, avoid shifting
from first into second. Accelerate a
little more anil shift from first to high
and then consult the service station,
which will instruct as to the proper
method rif changing.
Wire W heels
The driver of a car having wire
wheels should give this equipment an
occasional detailed inspection for the
purpose of locating possible loose
spokes. "While the wire wheel is so re
silient that it usually suffers no dam
age from an ordinary bump, at the
same time, it occasionally happens that
a spoke is loosened. In cases where
the enamel bas been cracked off. a lit
tle paint should be applied to forestall
Emergency Grease
When a grease cup supplying a bear
ing runs dry on the road, it is a simple
matter to carry on by filling the cup
with cotton waste, which has been sat
urated with lubricating oil. This takes
the place of the grease very acceptably
until a fresh supply of the heavier
lubricant can be secured.
Adjusting Brakes
After adjusting brakes it should he
ascertained that the wheels run freely.
This is done by jacking up the rear
wheels and turning them by hand. If
resistence is encountered and a scrap
ing sound issues from the wheel as it
revolves, the chances are that the
brakes are dragging. In the case of
fabric linings this trouble may be
cured by prying the band with a screw
driver or similar tool. It is wise then
on a tour to put the hand on the
brakes during halts, as dragging will
be indicated by heating of the drums.
Number Please
Because of the great variety of wind
ings necessary for service under vary-
I ing conditions, starting motors and
generators are given serial numbers
i and are usually fitted with a plat
j containing this and other data. In
I writing the makers for information in
regard to their equipment, these num
j hers and data from the plates should
; be given, in order to insure intelligent
Capitol Hill with an automobile carry
ing four men, and they had broken
their crankshaft. I weigh 220 pounds,
and I had my brother with me. who
weighs 263 pounds. I pulled this auto
mobile with four men in it, while my
brother and I were in my old single
cylinder machine, and I pulled the
whole business over to Anaiostia with
no trouble whatever.
"I took these people out over Penn
sylvania avenue, and while people
cheered the old Cadillac, they joshed
the fellows sitting in the big macl-ine.
"I make it a point to help any fellow
who may be broken down on the road."
Call was issued today for a meetin
of the Republican congressional com- i
mittee of the Ninth Missouri district
next Tuesday to select a candidate to
run against Speaker Champ Clark.
I'se The Republican Classified Ads
for Results Read for profit.
supply at present prices. You will
j ensure getting what you will need. And
: you will be doing your part in the gen
i eial work of conservation of supplies
j and manpover. by enabling the fac
tories to concentrate their woik on
I known specified demands, rather than
; having to work in the dark producing;
unknown sizes to meet possible de- j
T. E. Rich, of the Rich Hardware' mands not specified in advance. j
Company, factory representative for : "This is simply introducing foresigh !
Arizona for the Mighty Amazon Super I and organization in a line of necessary i
tires and tubes, in the matter of gov-: supplies and will effect an immense j
your tiade and believe we have the
best tire value on the market to offer
"But whether you use the Amazon or
some other good tire, let us again urge
you to at this time prepare for your
tommy requirements "
ernment curtailment, said yesterday
"The government has requested tire
manufacturers to curtail their tire out
put one-half. This means that very
saving in everv way in the manufacture
and distribution of tires. There is no!
possible objection or criticism to of- j
fer. and there is everything to eain.' It
Republican A. P. Leased Wire
FORT MORGAN". COLO..' Aug. 16.
Merlin Dunne. 14 years old, was ac
cidentally shot and killed today by
Ellis Layton. a companion, while the
two were dove hunting.
; oon there will be a shortage in tires, i iV our belief that the entire output of
which will become more stringent with I the factories, as restricted, will be Use The Republican Classified Adf
time. There will also undoubtedly be I taken to supply orders placed in ad-1 for Results Read for profit.
Althoug": the Cadillac Motor Car
Company has not built one-cylinder
automobiles since the early days 1903
and fl(4 it is not at all unusual for
it to he.ar from owners who are still
running these old cars.
One of the most interesting of such
letters lately received comes from a
man in Washington, D. C, who says
he uses his single-cylinder Cadillac in
his sales work among the grocery job
bers in Washington and Alexandria.
Va. The car is a 1903 model A one of
the first Cadillacs built. The owner
"1 am not a mechanic, but I am a
Mack-of-all-tradcs.' and I keep the old
box so it will run up hill and down hill
and drag anybooy out of a rut that I
meet in one, and there have been some
of thm.
"Some time ago I met a party on
Use The Republican Classified Ads
for Results Read for Profit.
We have secured the exclusive
agency for Amazon Supertires. the
tire that has met with unpreceden
ted favor throughout the entire
It is the tire that is "doing
things". Outwearing all others,
and averaging the highest unin
terrupted mileage of any tire on
the market!
Amazon's remarkable tread of
live, velvety, virile rubber runs
from four to five thousand miles
without showing appreciable signs
of wear
Amazons reinforced carcass
protects against expensive blowouts
with theresultant tube destruction.
And Amazon's aristocratic
appearance a jet-black body with
a circling snow-white stripe, adds
class and character to any car.
Come in and get acquainted
with "Amazon, the
Su pert ire'
Distributors for Arizona, also agent for Swinehart
solid truck tiros
Phone 1870
433 South Third Ave, Phoenix
We Rilake a Specialty Of
Vulcanizing Cord fires
We have just secured an expert from Akron, Ohio, who makes a
specialty of vulcanizing and repairing Cord Tires. He knows how
and we guarantee his work, the same as all of our work.
Used Tires Used Tires
"Get next" to the economy of using used tires, also having your
tires repaired to give you double service. Let us save you money
on tires, our experts are at your service to show you. No charge
for inspections and estimates.
Phone 793
31 South First Ave.
Here's Some Truck Sense
A motor truck is built primarily to haul goods in the most economical and
efficient manner possible.
To accomplish this four things are necessary: Correct design, proper ma
terial, skilled and careful workmanship and rigid inspection.
A motor truck to be superior to other machines in its class must be better,
part for part, than any other truck.
In the Kelly each unit operates in harmony with the other units. Consider
our frame for example.. It would be absolutely' impossible to have the
flexibility of this unit without a flexibly suspended motor and driving
Our design, and the quality of material used, makes for economy, accessi
bility, simplicity and strength.
Our motors are of the long stroke, slow speed type, especially designed for
motor truck work and automatically controlled against racing by a govern
or, driven by spiral gears from the camshaft. The location of our radiator
and the accessibility of our motor is an advantage which cannot be overestimated.
Come In and Investigate You'll Be Convinced
Tri-State Truck & Tire Co
306 N. Central Ave.
1 Under Kissel Supervision
We Knew It Was Coming
Our keen foresight enabled us to see the auto situation as it really is. As you know there is a tremendous car
shortage throughout the country and this is" not all for soon a new car will be a thing of the past. We knew
it was coming so we immediately contracted for many cars in advance and the result is that we can now
make immediate delivery on Kissel pleasure cars. All we can say is buy now.
Distributors for Arizona 235 N. Central Avenue

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