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Arizona republican. [volume] (Phoenix, Ariz.) 1890-1930, August 25, 1918, Automobile Section, Image 12

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Section Two
The Superlative
0 T IS
'. K. StromoexB, manager nf ilie
Southern Motor company, Arlzoim,
representative for the Republic trin'ki,
with headquarters in I'hucnix, presents
the folloins:
1 'a liners and residents of the Jloh
rrts Island section ot Stockton. Cali
fornia, were startled a lew days aso
"hen a five-ton Republic internal jrear
drive truck hove in sight,- iTawlinp;
over plowed fields recently irrigated
and limliinK levees along the river like
n I?rinsli lank, with a load rather over
six tons.
The truck was loaded at the steamer;
dock in Stockton with a hiie engine,'
pumping apparatus and heavy casings
consigned to the Pacific Kugar Refill-
inn company's holdings on Roberts Is
land. l.eaviiir the paved highway, .the
sturdy Republic encountered the soft,
wet irrigated fields and many times
rlunped into the mud up to the hubs,
but always forged ahead with its ex-
ess-ive load. (Gradually working itself
out of the mire in one spot it was
soon pitching into another had stretch,
but never faltering in its dctermina
Hon to "get there"
lb aching its destination, the Re
public again demonstrated its tugged
nesK and serviceability by backing
dow n a steep Incline so that the heavy
load could be taken off. This necessi
tated a slow, backward grind putting
the brakes to the severest test and
arousing the admiration of refinery of
ficials. And then, free of its load, the
Iruck elimhed out of the hole and pro
ceeded down the levee several miles
where another heavy motor was loaded
. nd delivered along with the first.
The superintendent in charge of the
construction work at the sugar re
tinciy is authority for the statement
that the problem of delivering the huge
load was accomplished in just half the
time expected. It would have taken
at least four days to deliver these sup
plies by horse drawn vehicles, he said.
'The wonderful performance of this
liepublio trink has done almost the
uiibelievable and the gruelling journey
I'is convinced me that the internal
tar drive has certainly set a new
standard for extreme heavy duty," is
the way this superintendent pays tri
bute to the efficiency of Republic
f (ticks. ,
?The Republic internal gear driven
t fuck lias made itself felt iti most
( tcry channel of commerce in the city
I Stockton, and practically every oth
t Pacific coast city. Seven different
ntndels are now being produced by the
Tpiiblie factories, from three-quarter
tin to five-ton capacity. The big truck
i-f efpeeially designed for heavy duty
"V'l k and the big business man or
manufacturer, and the light delivery
1'r those who have light hauling to do.
Tliry are all efficiently filling the gap
caused by the requisition of men for
l'ncle Sain'n various branches and do
icc an enormous amount of extra work
ver the out-of-date and slow method
- f hauling with Jiorses.
When E. J. Johnson of Denver
passed through Detroit recently, he
added one more link to the already
long chain of evidence of Chalmers
On his way from the Colorado City
to New ' York, the overland tourist
stopped at the Chalmers factory to
turn in a report .on the performance
of his roadster up to that point. He
had determined, before making a start,
that he would keep an accurate record
of gasolino consumption and of his
travelling speed and these marks, up
to the time of reaching Detroit, speak
eloquently of the inherent qualities of
the Chalmers.
The records as kept by the transcon
tinental travellers Mr. Johnson had
one companion showed a journey of
just 1515 miles from Denver to De
troit.- This was accomplished by an
average speed of 21.75 miles per hour
over roads which, good in spots, defied
description in many places. The chart
of gasoline consumption however, even
under these unfavorable conditions,
was the cause of great pride to the
Chalmers owner in that it showed that
the roadster used but a single gallon of
fuel for each IS. 2 miles of hard over
land travel.
Mr. Johnson was profuse in his
praise of his car and declared the trip
one of the most pleasant he had ever
made, despite the road conditions
along the route.
A later report from New Tork an
nounced Mr. Johnson's arrival in the
metropolis, the run from Detroit havr
ing been made without the slightest
sign of trouble. In New Tork, the
tourist was enabled to see his son, En
sign Brooks Johnson of the navy.
The cotton grown under irrigated
conditions in Arizona and other south
western states is offsetting to a certain
extent the effects of the government
embargo against the importation of
buig-Maple Egyptian cotton. The
figures, announced by the Vnited
States department of agriculture
should have an assuring ring to manu
facturers of automobile tires, who are
the chief users of Egyptian long-staple
and would be the heaviest suf teres
Imra its scarcity.
Recently the war trade board limited
the imports of the Egyptian brand to
M.onn hales for the year S. During
the present year, however, between
4.i.io and r.n.o0 of it will be grown in
the Cnilcd States, compared with 16,
a1 in 117 and :i.3no in l!l&. Accord
ing to the department's tests, the
American-grown fiber is not only suc
cessful in manufacture of automobile
tires, but spinning tPsts show that it is
excellent for the manufacture of air
plane and balloon fabrics.
Commercial production of Egyptian
cotton in the American southwest be
gan only in 19 1 2. after long experi
mentation by the bureau of plant in
dustry, but already has grown to such
an extent that imports can be cut to
si.OOi) bales, thus saving a great
amount of cargo space on the long
water haul from Egypt."
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Martin R. Cordes, son of Martin P.
Cordes, an automobile repair man in
Seattle, Washington, has turned an
ordinary Ford car into an eight-cylinder
car. He took a standard Ford
chassis and put on an extra Ford en
gine in front, tandem fashion. Joining
the two engines with a universal coup
ling. The double powerplant is cooled
by two force-feed water circulators
and an extra large fan. ' The oil is
forced into the rear engine by magneto
through a trough and then into a 5-16
inch tube, which carries it to the front
engine. A relief tube from the front
to the . rear engine keeps the oil in
circulation. There is a double exhaust
pipe and a double muffler, and one
large carburetor serves for both en
gines. Through the use of two switch boxes
either engine may be run separately.
The firing order of the double engine
is 1. 5, 2, fi. i. 8, 3. 7. giving a power
stroke every SO degrees of the flywheel
revolution. It has two separate units
of Atwater-Kent ignition, this being
superior to the two-unit system in
Cordes' estimation. The double engine
can develop GO horsepower.
O ;
MoIciiEo the world sate for a Ford..
This Cartoon, th Work of an Inmate of the State Prison, Hat for Its Subject the Experience and Aims of Members of
the Road Campi f Arizona. .
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altogether. ' In cases where the terri
tory covered is not too widely scattered
this method not only saves time but
actually keeps down the expense ac
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to whom we have sold cars say that
they surely will continue to use them
in their work even should after the
war conditions result in normal rail
"Another way in which steam pow
er is being conserved and can be con
served to greater extent is by sub
stituting the automobile for the oc
casional business trip -or family tour.
While the motor car usually provides
the most pleasurable mode of travel,
there may be times when its use will
require some little sacrifice of time
or convenience. But sacrifice is the
spirit of the day and the national need
so great that nobody can afford to
overlook any chance to render even
indirect service."
"According to the latest available
crop reports issued by the United
States department of agriculture, the
wheat acreage in this country is some
thing over 2 per cent in excess of Jast
year's acreage. And while it is im
possible to say exactly what the yield
will total, It is estimated that approx
imately 80,000,00ft bushels more than
the average for the past five year will
be harvested. It is evident that the
transportation of this enormous crop,
in addition to the tremendous war
transportation requirements, will
throw an incalculably heavy strain on
the railroads during the approaching
fall and winter." says Mr. Keeler of
the Kerguson-Keeler Company, local
Oldsmobile dealers.
'Of course, the government's action
in raising passenger rates and cur
tailing baggage privileges has auto
matically restricted railroad travel to
a very considerable extent. But that
isn't enough not by half it is up to
every man and woman who travels to
use the railroads just as little as is
absolutely essential.
"Traveling men, particularly can do
much to help. I know of dozens of men
who have simply motorized their
Owing to the announced discontinu
ance of the production of new cars
after the first of the year, the sale of
used parts and accessories will be
stimulated accordingly. Instead of
discarding a car as soon as it begins to
need repairs and parts, the owner will
look to wrecking companies that can
supply his needs and thereby become
more familiar with the possibilities of
obtaining what is required at a reason
able figure.
Mr. Steinberg of the Steinberg Auto
Wrecking Company stated that many
automobile owners were not aware
that they could often obtain what they
wanted in automobile parts by just go
ing over his stock which consisted of
motors, starters generators carbure
tors, transmissions, differentials, coils,
springs, radiators, windshields, axels.
Bearings, gasoline tajiks, presto tanks,
spot lights, rims, etc. This would save
the trouble of sending back to the fac
tory, which causes extra expense and
much delay. The company also buys
used and wrecked cars.
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34x4 19.35
35x4 20.20
36x4 20.60
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34x4'A 26.20
35x4'2 27.00 2 4.95
36x4!2 27.50 H 6.10
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35x5 29.90 6.00
36x5 80.25 6.60
37x5 3225 6.20
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