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Arizona republican. [volume] (Phoenix, Ariz.) 1890-1930, October 06, 1918, Automobile Section, Image 13

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i;k two
Scrtion Two
The f;o. H. Ruhen rho'l for vo
n'ti driver opened last Wednesday
i'h n attendant- of 16, nd t h num
!'r Uktng sdvuntnge of thin free
r ur In the operation and tare fif
r premises to double np o rapidly
t.. t.n tl tenacity of the Kissel
.md lvrl salesrooms.
I l.ave Iotas felt." (.aid Mr. Heubi n to
' r. ptitulmn representative, "that the
n of I'h'enlx were In nd fif
P''ti-at instruction In the operation
"1 rare ,f the cars they drive, they
t :ve e!l. unusually well, hut there
re. unfortunately, many womon, and
nen a well, who know how to operate
tar who have no idea of Its proper
rr. rn way of telling what is the m.'it
t r lin sim'thing seems to so wrong
and no knowledge of the nir.lianical
-ortrut tlon of the modern cur.
"To tearh thrm these things In tha
ict nt the school we have Htm ted,
M we (hall go tnto the mutter thor
ivarhlv While it will be a matter of
efMei :Me expense, we feel that It
i'I be more than Justified in the man
p. r will save by elimlnntlng
many rail for help tnat a little knnwl
1e of the rnr mil obviate, and the
nrMtmt many driver will erase to
-ae when thry ran remedy minor tl lit
' K..r th purpose of Instruction we
a takins I he body of the chasms of
a rw ear, and will take up on the
n-eotines to follow all points of care
rn fi-eranon. as well as Riving our
et'idTts a first hand knowledge of
Tre construction of modern ears, which
II .,rry ,mi,nr In general way.
"For Instanc e, one evening will he
liot-tj to teariiing the proper lubrl-
-ation of a rar. throughout, another to
rtne points of handling. Just why
rrtm things are rtotie, what their ef
feet Is. and what happens when they
t incorrectly dono. Another evening
- hi n tievoieo io gears and gear-
-iftmg. one to a study of the rylln-1-n
and pistons and their aetlnn, and
o on until the whole theory of ear con
trol, rare, and construction has been
'tie tnto.
The first claps was more than en-
.eusiastio, continued Mr. Iteuhtm.
Avery Tractor Demonstrates Absence of Vibration
...... o fctS3 X i&m&fimmMmwmBM
r -
sag I
characterization of the Fordson orator
"a regular coal mine."
There was over two-score tents of
various sizes erected on the grounds,
varying In siaerfrom the huge exhibi
tion three-ring circus tent to the
smaller affairs which housed the Indi
vidual tractor exhibit with a single ma
chine. Backing up this huge canvas
panorama was the parking field for
automobiles, which daily took cars of
upwards of 2000 cars. The proximity
of bos Angeles and the spendid roads
leading to southern California from all
directions made the motor car a fav
orite means of transportation to and
from the demonstration espetally so
that the terminus of the nearest street
car line was coniderably more- than a
mi!e from the field, and the proportion
of visitors using this means of reach-
"One young woman wanted to get Into
a pair of overalls and get under the
car and study It right off. All expressed
great appreciation for the opportunity
to learn about the machines they drive.
"One point that I want to emphasize
Is that this is in no sn?e a school for
drivers of Kissels and Dorts, in fact
not one of the first IB women to en
roll drives either car. I will have gen
eral charge of the sctiool, ably assisted
by ltert Bunbury, head of my service
department, and hlB assistant, A. Ed
wards, both graduate mechanics."
There is never a question in the mind of the
man who KNOWS. There is never a ques
tion in the mind of the man who has used
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An Avery kerosene-distillate
tractor, shown at the recent Los
Angeles tractor show, demon
strating the absence of any vibra
tion in the machine with the left
drive wheel resting almost three
feet off the ground on a steel bar
and the motor in action. It will
be noted that the photograph
shows no blur (except in the start
ing wheel which runs with the
motor) which would be very ap
parent had there been even the
slightest vibration in the tractor.
Neither would have Mr. Smith,
the Avery field manager, risked be
ing crushed under the machine if
there had been any danger of the
bar slipping from under the wheel
caused by vibration. This is the
first time In the history of tractor
demonstrations that such a feat
has been successfully attempted
by an exhibitor. It shows beyond
any doubt the sturdiness of the
October 1 was the .first anniversary
of the opening of the salesrooms of the
Roper Motor company, and in that time
this new concern has made a remark
able record fbr sales, car renewals, and
From the time the doors were opened
a year ago the firm has sold 147 Max
wells, 54 Chalmers, 31 Maxwell trucks,
and 133 of "Roper's Renewed Road
Runners," or rebuilt used cars.
This makes a total of 365 cars, or an
average of one per day, of a total val
ue of about $375,000.
Mr. Roper attributes his success to
the fact that he is handling an excep
tlonal line of cars, and that his pre
vious business experience here In
charge of the Jefferson hotel gave him
a wide acquaintance among a desirable
class of buyera.
Most car owners know that the use
of felt washers under the iron washers
In certain instances is a useful idea.
The felt washer gives an elastic hold,
allowing for expansions or concentra
tion, and may keep the threads of an
over-tight nut from stripping.
However, most of them do not know
that the ordinary corn and bunion
plasters make very, acceptable felt
washers and are always easily ob
tained. .
Do not think that you demonstrate
skill or driving ability by making a
quick getaway. You will have visible
evidence of the inadvieabllity of this
when you see your tire bills; but there
is greater harm done, which you are
not so apt to see, in the rear end and
transmission of your car. Nine out of
ten stripped pinions and rear axle keys
can be attributed to this foolish prac
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Rivaling even the so-called "na
tional" affairs held in the middle west
last summer, the Third Annual Trac
tor Demonstration of the Traction En
gine and Implement Dealers' Associa
tion of Southern California came to a
close last Sunday afternoon at the La
Brea ranch, in the city limits of Los
Not alone in the number of exhibit
ing tractors and in the accompanying
exposition of motor trucks, accessories
and agricultural impTements did the
demonstration equal, if not surpass, its
eastern prototypes, but in the matter
of business done it far exceeded the
most sanguine expectations of its pro
moters. President O. H. Stevens
authority for the statement that the
aggregate of business done during the
six days of the demonstration was up
wards of a million and a quarter dol
Last year the attendance was some
thing under 100.000: this year the esti
mated attendance was surely in excess
of 150,000. There being no admission
fees, it was difficult to make a positive
statement on this point; but on all six
days the square mile section of ground
in the western suburbs of Los Angeles
was constantly crowded, and on the
last two days the attendance was esti
mated to be in the neighborhood of
7o,000. The number of out-of-town
ranchmen in attendance was remark
able, representatives being present
from every section of southern Call
fornia, Arizona and Nevada. Visiting
factory men, who were present in large
numbers, admitted that last summer's
national affair at Salina, Kan., was less
imposing in the matter of crowds, num
ber of exhibitors, extent of ground cov
ered and as an actual test of the merits
of the forty-four different makes of
tractors which were on the field dur
;ng the week, represented by no fewer
than 160 machines of varying size and
As a test of the power of the trac
tors and the strength and hitch of the
myriads of farming tools which -they
drew it Is doubtful if there was ever
a more exacting demonstration of the
rapid strides that are now being made
by the tractor industry. The soil
worked' was a hard-baked oil adobe,
and the clods turned up more nearly
resembled bituminous coal than earth
designed for cultivation. The strain
on the machines and implements was
something out of the ordinary much
different from that encountered at Sa
Una and In other sections of the coun
try where rain falls in appreciable
quantities at more or less regular in
tervals, and where winter freezes dis
integrate the soil and render it easily
workable. The La Brea field has not
naa a. nair-incn or rain on it during
the past six months, and tbe resistance
it offered to the tractors justified the
ing the demonstration daily was neg
ligible. The affair as a manifestation of the
war efficiency of this country in the
matter of crop production was without
a parallel. Daily there was a demon
stration of combination plowing In
which from 45 to 60 machines of vari
ous makes and power participated,
starting at a different point each day.
The committee in charge of the dem
onstration ruled that there were to be
no contests, and no decisions or awards.
Land for demonstration purposes was
allotted on the basis of the number of
inches of plows which each exhibitor
was to attach to his machine, and on
the speed of the tractor or, as it was
expressed in the text, "the plowing
speed in m.p.h. multiplied by the plow
ing width in Inches." Any tractor fail
ing to pull its load of plow to the
specified minimum depth was required
to lessen Its load until such minimum
depth was attained by reducing the
number of plows pulled. Tractors
failing to pull single bottom to the
minimum depth were ruled off th,e
field. Another rule permitted a dem
onstrator to plow deeper than the
minimum depth if he so desired. Still
another rule specified that no tractor
motor was to be run at more than 10
per cent, above the speed indicated in
the application, and must be operated
at plowing speed.
In the "still" exhibits in the numer
ous tents and the display of accessor
ies in the big three-ring tent the dem
onstration far outclassed last year's
affair. Motor West.
Goods shipped to all points C. O. D.
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intact within on week.
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31x4 1825 p 3.65
32x4 18.55 cj 3.75
33x4 19.35 3.85
34x4 19.80 Cj 3.95
35x4 21.50 r 4.55
36x4 '. 22.10 C 4.25
34x4'2 26.20 4-80
35x4i2 27.00 2 4-95
36x4J2 27.50 2 510
37x414 29.20 ra 635
35x5 29.90 -0
36x5 30.25 6.60
37x5 32.25 620
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