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TIL 10 !
T: fV of Cyrus L. Broom',
"!iirt"l with thi miinlcr of Charles
Yi '.ni'iw:. h nt the lattcr's ranch 60
miVx fr..m Tuc-on l ist April, will be
in th ban. Is i f Maricopa county raneh
ts ;i-t li:in.ss men. Tho jury was
wle,-t.l i tt' rd. i.v and th twelve men
tn w.iu .sworn into tin; Jury box Hfter
It no. n in --ss were Parker L. Wood
man, J J. Harris. J. 1. Hopkins, Wil
liam Whl.M.iuit, In Trimble, lienja
iiren 'rnsha'.v, George Pilchard, W. A.
it ::, i i. iri-s A. iuni"i, Aicnm i;.
I I. 1 h:l S-nlth Hti.l Klias Williams. .
K"!Nwti g the Hnnininrcmfiit of the
jury. Kirk.- Moor;;, county attorney of J
l';n.i county, outlined what the
.! rypc-tcil to prove. Mr. Moore
siHte.l that t,.. would produce witnesses
ho w.i.l.l t-sttfy that Hrootne was
t aK-'i -cssor and that hi; knocked
" t k j -i i ' . i J tio.n with a club before
Y.- .hot and I. ill.-. I turn. Ho said that
the -tate (-p.,:.d to show that Vaki
nn.wii h a- d I'.c Mexican boy -who was
w i h ),-;it m t h- corral here the. shoot
; -: t 1 k 1-' were unarmed, while
roe a-,d the rnari who accompanied
m .lit i.. I iin. Th county ettor
r;ev ,i d that by the boy, who was an
' "itt.evs to the (rime, ho expected
t. (.row- these things.
b i n '.i:ii boll, for- tho defense,
"iit'd that Itroonin was a native of
Texa.. h man who had. however, lived
I'l Arum a a number of years and bore
rn i-xo!;. "I m putttlien. lie-said that
b !. t. .i to prove that r.roomo and
i i i k, his companion, were, armed on
the day of the shooting, os were many
cnnh'.v on tb ction fiear thebor
d'r. lie F'atni that P.roome was a
i putv hie m.m k inspector and that his
liff-rence with Yiikimowich arose over
ti.. nwr.'Tvhiy i.f rattle.
As thev i ied the Yakimoivlch
ranch on tips particular Sunday raorn
inc la Apt. I the i a richer had hailed
ihini and af' i they hinl stopped - had
Ktt.i. K..! Cm., me with a club and pen
kniie. It:,.,rno fired In self defense,
am; hell deel.irrd.
Me lu al in. n were the first witnesses'
I' ' " e stand. Among the number
t laentenint floothelf of the medi
al i.ip. who testified that Yakimo
" ' "I ln shot in the hack. Lieu
Unant c.othe'f was county physician
at the iimc or the shooting arid had
examined th,, body hIiihihU krnmediate
! l t. r il. a; h.
The ease, which Is hring tried in
J .die -Jt an'ord's court, was continued
until :. :ii o'eloi tomorrow morning.
Are you one who says
"I've Bought
All I Can"
Search your heart and see
if it's true Then
Could get results because
YOU bought Bonds
Don't stop him in .his
work for humanity.
Buy More
n UK!. , nient. effected between the
tv.i. h. rs and their implovors. throoch
f.iei.il .Mediator l.oid. assisted by the
Slate lonneil of 1 1, tense, provides that
oi.t inrukeis hi natter will be open
tw.cn the hours of 8 o'clock In tlie'
motiiie and ti o'clock at night.
Tins settles the (iiestion of the 9
b. i.r d i lor meat men. Mediator Lord
r.rr. s.-i.'s the department of labor.
it. !,.s intervention In the matter of
:he to, in:., r of hours a butt her mav he
r. u i.ie I to work was brought about by
"I " Mat,, council.
H h.ol been a previous misund ir
Mn.lir.g, when nn effort was made to
t.ihi!h a Mi-hour day. many restau
'nt owners maintaining that an early
morning hour was necessary because
-f i oav's buying and iireparation
lor I r. akiast trade. The closing "lour
also was a matter of contention.
l' t ile ad lust nn nt. however, every
one will have to abide by tho 9-hour
iav mil 'he tune of opening and clos
ing has 1 -. n .1. Iimtcly fixed.
, 0
Vse T e f'.epubiean Classified l ages
for i:r4 1s - It.nd for Profit.
Notice is hereby civen that the as-
t"""i:ii and tax roll of Maricopa
l ouniv for the year 191S is now in my
posprss f,.r the collection of the
t IM S le led.
That one-half of the tacs on all
l-is.'i,al propnty secured by the real
i'i"wity and one-half of the the taxes
0- i all real properly will be due and
.avBble on and after the first Monday
In September and w ill be delinquent on
the fust Monday in November next
I't. initt. r at f. o'clock P. M., and Unless
1- ..:. 1 prior thereto four per cent will he
id.bd thereto as penalty and interest
fioni the time of the delinquency at the
rai- ,.f ten per rent per annum until
Th.-.t the remaining one-half of the
taxes on all personal property secured
I v tie rial property, and one-half of
tee taxes on all real property, will be
due and payable on and after the first
londav in .March next and will he de
linquent en the flist Monday in Mav
mvt. thereafter, at 5 o'clock i M.. anil
unless paid prior thereto four per cent
ill h. added thereto as penalty, and
int-iest from the time of the delin
j'i n. y nt the tate of ten per cent per
nrvitu until paid.
Thar all taxes may lie paid at the
time the first installment ns herein
provided Is due and payable.
Taxes are payable between the hours
ft $ a. m , to 12 noon and 1 p. m. to 5
p. m. daily. Sunday and Holidays ex
cepted, at the office of the County
Treasurer, Court House, Phoenix, Ari
jora. lintel at Phoenix, Ariz., this 6th day
cf September, 191 S.
County Treastierer and
F.x -Officio Tax Collector.
Republican A. P. Leased Wire
A powerful movement is apparently
under way In Germany for a general
armistice and peace. The new Ger
man chancellor. Prince Maximilian of
Ifaden, is reported to have proposed,
or to be on the eve of proposing a gerr-'
cral suspension of hostilities, the ap
pointment of plenipotentiaries to meet
at. a peutral place for the discussion of
a league for arbitration and disarma
ment and the forwarding of a request
to the entente allies for their terms. It
is furthermore reported that the Ger-'
man chancellor has expressed his wil
lingness to accept President Wilson's
fourteen peace conditions.
Austria-Hungary, through Its minis
ter at Stockholm, is requesting the
Swedish government, according to ad
vices from Berne, to transmit to Presi
dent Wilson a proposal. for a general
armistice with the entente allies on
land and sea and in the air and start
without delay negotiations for peace.
These negotiations are to- be based on
the terms set f(5rth by President Wil
son. Peace Coming From All
A new peaco note to be issued by
Baron Burian, the Austro-Hungarian
foreign minister, it is announced, will
declare that all of President Wilson's
terms have been accepted by tho dual
,And, finally, from Berne comes the
announcement that Germany, Austria-
Jlungary and Turkey Intend, simultan
cously, to approach President Wilson
with the object of having him make
representations to the other entente
allies for a general armistice and nego
tiatlons looking to peace.
The American troops in the sector
between Reims and the Meuse are en
gaged in extremely heavy fighting.
Joined up w ith Gouraud's army, they
lire driving tho Germans before them
at a quickening pace. French troops
are reported to have reached Bethen-
ville, which is several miles beyond the
ionner line.
Socialist Appointed in Berlin
LONDON, Oct. 6. Dr. Eduard Da
vtd, socialist leader of the reichstae.
has been appointed under secretary for
ioreign attairs, according to advices
received by Dutch papers from Berlin.
Lake City Collides; Sinks
KEY WEST, Fla., Oct. 6 Thirty
members of the crew of the American
cargo steamer Lake City lost their
lives In the sinking of the steamer in
a collision with the tanker James Mc-
C.ee of this port Thursday night. The
Lake City carried a crew of 35 men.
City subscribers who do not re
ceive The Arizona Republican
promptly should telephone the cir
culation department, phone 4331,
before 8 o'clock in the morning
and a copy will be immediately
sent tnem.
Arc You A
You are if you don't
Buy A
HAYDRN, Oct. 5. On the first day
oi me .MDeriy loan campaign Hayden
went over the top ' to the tupe of $22.
000, the subscription that day amount
ing to 1122.000. Since then one $25,000
subscription has been secured, and
enough smaller subscriptions to bring
the total up to $160,000. The teams are
still at work, hoping to bring the total
for the entire period up to $200,000.
This is exclusive of any subscription
the mining companies may make, being
an individual pledges.
Mrs. C. E. Himebaugh returned re
cently from San Francisco, where she
spent the Rummer. ' '
Waldo Newberry left recently for
ban h racisco to enter the army.
Mrs. v. v. couenman returned on
Sunday from Colorado. Mrs. Couchman
and daughter Merle spent the summer
visiting there.
Hugh Cummlngii left on Sunday for
Globe where his presence Is required on
the grand jury.
Herbert Green, son of A. S. Green of
the Gila Valley bank, had the misfor
j tune to break his arm while at play
I last week.
I Dr. A. B. Rood, formerly of Hayden
but now practicing in Tucson, was a1
i business visitor in Hayden on Sunday.
Mrs. Rood and Albert are visiting her
i parents in Nebraska.
1 Mrs. H. L. Patterson entertained the
! girls of the intermediate department
i of the Sunday school on Wednesday
j evening in honor of her daughter Mil
' dred, that being her birthday. A very
j pleasant time was enjoyed by all.
i Mrs. Dunn returned to Hayden on
j Wednesday after spending the summer
on the coast,
j On Tuesday, October 1. a daughter
I was born to Mr. and Mrs. William
! Turner. Both mother and baby are
doing nicely.
i The musicale at the Y. M. C. A., on
PHONE 1602
High School Girls .
We now have in stock complete assortments of
Made of extra quality fast black mercerized
sateen. The best gymnasium garments manu
factured, extra strongly made, cut full large and
roomy, permitting unrestricted movements. All
sizes, advise early buying as repeat orders may
be h,ard to secure.
Fourth Liberty Loan
The Hun's doubt as to his ability to whip the world will
grow when American armies begin to fight their way
across the Rhine. Will it be from your contribution to
the American war chest that the bridges into Rhincland.
are built?
Buy Liberty Bonds Today
Goat Fashions Hold Sway in the
Coat Section Tomorrow
It. was. a. foregone conclusion that so economical, practical and
stylish a garment as a coat would in these war times, receive great
attention from the fashion creators and much popularity with the
majority of people.
So it will be a "great" season for coats.
The. consummation of plans long since formed with this heavy
call in mind will be found in the most varied stocks we have ever
offered of winter coats and wraps and at the most favorable prices.
The style importance of the coat is such that we have arranged a
"special exposition of the coat styles" in order that you may sec
the many types and colors that have come out of New York houses
for the winter of 1918. ' . ' ?
This exposition will be held tomorrow and you are earnestly ad
vised to be present.
We Offer You Good, Reliable,
Favorably Priced Furs
TVe arc proud to claim that anybody and everybody may, safely
purchase furs here.
They come from furriers who know furs and fur styles and whom
we know, from workroom to showroom.
There are no better furs made at the respective prices than are to
be found here and wTe are quite sure that our customers save
money on every purchase made in this busy and popular depart
ment. Some excellent offers readv tomorrow.
A showing of some of the
most popular and stylish
fabrics for the present sea
son, fabrics that are of rare
beauty, worth and value, in
keeping with the high stan
dard of Korricks.
Tomorrow would be a good
, clay . and time to see this
SILK TRICOLETTE A beautiful and rich silken fabric,
often called Jersey de Luxe. . This fabric comes in 36
inch width in the new shades of acajon, burgundy, suede,
amaranthe, eveque, delphine, beaver, madero and white
All shad-as that are the acme of style
and fashion, per yard
CHARMEUSE A rich silk fabric 40 inches wide of ex
ceeding luster and finish shown In the new shades of
rose, taupe, wood rose, bay leaf, Shetland, "astor purple,
navy, black and white, a beautiful '
fabric, yard vOetlU
IMPERIAL SATINS Beautifully pretty, 36 inches wide,
a satin guaranteed to wear, a full range of all the new
Fall and Winter colorings including French and Belgian
blues, taupe, brown, greys, greens and black. (J0 Off
A fabric sure to please, yard ; J5fclt)
BUTIFUR A silk plush of exceeding richness and beauty
in skunk, blue foxi fitch, gray fox, tiphed," brown and
black. These are 50 inches wide.
Specially priced per yard
Tub Dresses
In sizes up to 14 years, made of fine
zephyr ginghams in fancy Highland
plaids, stripes and plain colors,
made in the new high waist line
model, excellently well tailored,
classy and stylish
specially priced. . . .
On sale in our misses dress section.
Second floor.
A Hat From Our Milli
nery Department
Assures Correct Style
If you choose your hat from the stocks
that we are showing, you can rest
assured that the style is absolutely
correct and. that the price is right. In
fact, the price is less in most cases
than you have expected to pay for the
style and quality of the hat.
In our hats the materials are the best
that could be procured and many of
them are made from beautiful soft
Lyons velvet. There are both large
and small shapes, plain tailored or with
more elaborate trimmings.
Plenty of the ever popular Andrea and
Consello one-of-a-kind models; also
pattern hats from Joseph Castle and Evelynvaron.
Several different lots will be displayed on individual tables Monday,
particularly featuring hats at $5.00. and $7.50 (COO ETfl
and. others up to UUfJJ
(Millinery Dept. Second Floor)
Silk and Fibre Sweaters
The sweater for- early fall wear, for motorinrr.
golf and out door sports.
These we are showing in many new and novel
styles in all. silk and fibre in slipover and regu
lation models, made with. deep sailor collar, new
Tuxedo and scarf collars, in every pretty color
and combination of colors. Many new weaves,
new ideas and new creations are here shown
Every garment a garment of value, all sizes,
specially priced, at from '
$9.95 to $49.50
(Sweater Department Second Floor)
Tuesday evening was well attended
and thoroughly enjoyed by all.
Apolino Rosas, stage driver, was ex
onerated by a jury when he appeared
on Monday before them to answer con
cerning the death of Elicia Rabago. who
fell from the stage on Saturday and
was killed. A. P. Guest, M. W. Clark,
Y. F. Dent, P. H. Mclntyre, G. W.
Pierce and G C. Green acted as jury
men. The Los Angeles Times recently car
ried a rews item to the effect that John
Q. MacDonald, formerly superintend
ent of mills in Hayden, had been pro
moted from the rank -of lieutenant to
that of major. He i3 in active service
now in France, detailed for special
J. A. Carter of Los Angeles has be
gun work on the compressor plant and
reservoir of be constructed near the
old pumping plant. The buidling is to
be of concrete as is also the reservoir.
Other minor constructions are called
for in the contract granted to him by
the Ray Con.
Clampitt and Moss of Los Angeles
have already finished one of the ten
wells to be sunk and have begun on the
second. When this work is completed
the old surface wells, formerly used for
the Industrial water supply, will be
abandoned. The heavy cost of main
tainance on these surface wells is re
sponsible for the work now in progress.
On Wednesday a large audience gath
ered at the tennis court to greet the
Liberty loan speakers who were to ad
dress the people of Hayden. The band
was again organized and rendered sev
eral selections, after which W. T. Mac
Donald introduced "Leonard Irvine of
the A. E. F., invalided home and now
making a tour of the state in the in
terest of the Liberty loan. He told of
his experience in the army and showed
how the boys "over there" were sup
ported by our loyal and liberal sub
scription to this loan.
Corporal Earnest Van De Vord, an
American boy who has served with the
Canadian forces for the past four years,
was the next speaker. He spoke of the
vast difference in the army now and
when the war began, laying emphasis
on the fact that guns and ammunition
were had only as we buy them and send
them to the boys at the front. He also
spoke of the difference between fight
ing the Hun bare-handed and fully
Following Corporal Van De Vord's
address Thomas Campbell was intro
duced, and make a splendid address on
the Liberty loan from the standpoint o
the civilian.
The entire meeting was more in the
nature of a celebration than an appeal,
since Hayden had already gone over the
top. The honor flag was presented and,
unfurled by Mr. Irvine. At present tUa
flag is adorned with a single star, but;
the people expect to add another befor'
October 19.
It makes no difference what youri
wants may be, you can have them
supplied by using and reading The Re
publican's Classified Pages Arizona's
Leading Advertising Medium.

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