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Auto Tops of All Kinds
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wan a New Top Put On
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Workers In County Refuse
To Acknowledge Defeat
And Will Continue Cam
paign Until End Of Year
committee is goins to campaign on to
the finish, if necessary.
Recognition for Workers
Word came from Washington yester
day asking for the list of those who,
during the year, have worked for the
war savings stamp and Liberty loan
campaigns so that the government,
through the treasury department, can
send a suitable card of recognition with
the seal of the treasury department
upon to them to be preserved as a.
souvenir of patriotic effort well expended.
This list will include the names of
been had. the commission having, on
the date hereof, made and filed a report
containing its findings of fact and con
clusions thereon, which said report is
hereby referred to and made a part
It is ordered, that the above named
defendants, according as they partici
pate in the transportation, be, and they
are hereby notified and required to
cease and desist, on or before January
1. 1919, and for a period of two years
thereafter to abstain from publishing,
demanding, or collecting for the trans
portation of condensed or evaporated
ail ol those who have worked in the milk, either in carload or less-than-drive
of the past week and also the ! carload quantities, from I'hoenix, Ari
names of those who help out in the ! zona, to points in Arizona located on,
continuation of the drive to take the! or reached by. their respective lines.
1 county over its W. S. S. quota. The j rates which exceed those contempora
j card will be a fine record to keep to neously published, demanded, or col
i show that the worker did his or her ! lected for the transportation of con-
' Run-over heel is not a shoe trouble but a foot trouble
that should be attended to promptly.
Adjustable Foot Appliances will relieve it. Let our
trained toot expert show you how. J
Will I l I ill I I li II MMH H i I
Who says the American Indian is
not loyal to his native land? The
Indian school at Phoenix has al
ready sold to its members 5,842
thrift stamps and 402 baby bonds,
the total for the school in actual
cash being $3,470.50, the best day
being December 12 when 103 thrift
stamps and 104 baby bonds were
sold to members of the Indian '
School War Savings society. j ;
The showing of the Phoenix In- :
dian school in every patriotic drive i j
and endeavor during the year has j j
been truly remarkable. The In- I
dians and the school employes have I
taken liberally of all Liberty bond
issues, have done well by the Red '
Cross, set a great record for the j
United War Work campaign and ;
are now out helping the war sav- , j
ings stamp finish for the honor of
the state and the nation so that ;
Arizona may not falter for the first j
time tn patriotic work.
The Red man has done a better
; job for the war savings stamps
than his white brother for Arizona
seems doomed to a place far down
the list in the sale of these little
government investments to its citi
zens. Just now 21 states are ahead
cf Arizona and there is every indi
cation that the end of the year will
find the Baby State far from the
100 per cent wark for the baby
: bond.
part in supporting the men at the bat
Army and Navy Day is Good
All the figures for the final day of
the originnl drive are not checked so
that it is impossible to say how much
money was invested in baby bonds yes
terday in honor of the army and navy
hut the day was probably the most
successful of the six.
All afternon and again last evening
men in uniform, men from overseas,
from the camps vind from the ships,
handled things allied by attractive
women who offered baby bonds for sale
to the people. Talks were given from
the truck which carried a Jazz band
densed or evaporated milk from
Creamery, Arizona, to points in Arizona
of equal distance.
It is farther orderd, that the said tie-:
fendants, according as they participate
in the transportation, be, and they are
hereby, notified and required to estab
lish, on or before January 1, 1919, upon
not less than five days' notice, and for
a period of two years thereafter to
maintain and apply r.'ttes for the trans
portation of condensed or evaporated
milk, in both carload and less-than-car-load
quantities, from Phoenix. Arizona,
to points in Arizona located on, or
reached by, their respective lines,
which shall not exceed those contem-
- . - - i i . .1 , i , i "y tS
TTrR MOAN-, (W T I' ' HZJi, JL.UJNU f)l-l'LL ft
..... - E
COTTON Prize as to quantity prize as to quality.
Rancher Powell under the COTTON CITY project
writes as follows:
and 1he hoys in the service certainly 1 poraneously published, maintained, and
did their best to redeem the county I applied for the transportation of con
densed or evaporated milk from
Creamery, Arizona, to points in Arizo
na of equal distance.
from the disgrace of failure for the war I
savings stamps. j
(Continued From Page ir I
This tribunal is a creature of the
state constitution. Upon it devolves
the duty of regulating the intrastate
rates of common carriers. Upon it also
devolves the duty of abating unjust
discriminations against individuals and
localities, iliat the assessment of rate
"The title is all right, we have your Guar
anteed Title Policy," is the remark made by
a man when asked as to his title.
An owner ;.o holds our Title ,?rI;cy fe?is
milk from Phoenix that are on a hiirh
er scale than those which apply from
p, j i reamery, wnen all of the circum
. stances and conditions atterulinn' nnri
j surrounding the transportation are ex
With much under halt' of the sum i ac tl' similar, constitutes an unjust dis-
needed to put Maricopa county over the 'thLTTherie?" hins and
that the defendants have subjected
tup for the war savings stamps, the! the complainant to such injustice is
weeks' drive for the baby bonds closed j unquestioned and uncontroverted. . .
last evening, men in uniform doing ' 1'"1'om a)1 the facts of record, we are
oi cue opinion ana tind that the rates
: charged by the defendants for the
i transportation of condensed milk are
, excessive and unjustly discriminate
By far the most encouraging figures ;
yet received in the course of the influ- '
enza ;idemic were brought to light
yeste.day afternoon when the returns
for the dav were comniled. In all. hut.
for the transportation of condensed ! four new cases were reported from the
"Cotton City, Ariz., Nor. 12, 1918.
"Dunbar and Co.
"Phoenix, Ariz.
"In response to your inquiry I beg to inform you that I have raided
a crop of long staple cotton on my land in the COTTOX CITY proin t
that will yield approximately two bales to the acre. I have been told
by cotton experts that this is the banner cotton crop for the entire state
of Arizona.
"Very truly yours,
(Signed) "E. C. POWELL."
Phoenix Title & Trust Co.
130 West Adams Street
their best, and a very good "best" it
proved, to help out. The men who en
listed for the campaign are greatly
disappointed over the result out they,
.have translated their disappointment;
into something besides quitting for
they are going to continue the task
until they do put the county where it'
belongs, or the time limit, January 1, '
automatically closes the campaign.
It was originally announced that just
as soon as the amount sought was in
A'ested in these prime governmental
securities the drive would cea.se. Con-
versely, now that the original time has
passed and the sum sought is not in- 1
vested, the drive will have to be pro-!
longed for the campaigners, men and ;
women who are giving of their time:
and investing themselves, are not con
tent to stop with defeat.
It is impossible to say how much has !
been invested, but it is known that the
$222,008 sought has not been realized.
It is probable that in the entire county
as much as $75,000 has been invested in
baby bonds the past week perhaps
more. Confident that the people will
yet redeem the reputation of their
county, that the scores who have given
written pledges in the past which if
redeemed would put the county over
the top. will yet do as they promised
and make the required investment, the
against Phoenix and the complainant
to the extent that they exceed the rates
contemporaneously charged bv them
for the transportation of condensed
milk from Creamery for like distances.
An order will be entered acordingly
Tlie order follows:
This case being at issue upon com
plaint and answers on file, and having
been duly heard and submitted by the
parties, and full investigation of the
matters and 'things involved having
city proper. A noticeable reduction
was also registered in the rural dis
tricts but six cases developing during
the 24-hour period.
Thirteen releases from quarantine
were reported by physicians during th-, '
day though no dismissals from hns- ;
pitals were recorded. The latest report
shows that there are still 156 patients ,
suffering from the influenza. Of thiM :
number, 103 belong to Phoenix and the
remainder to the surrounding districts,
mainly Tempo, Mesa and chandler.
COTTOX CITY is the new town in the heart of the great Casa C.rande
valley. The town is backed up by 400.000 acres of the finest farming
land in the entire southwest.
On the. COTTOX CITY project we have a water supply that has
astounded every farmer who has seen it. V'e have splendid farm acre
age in tracts of from 10 acres up "WITH WATER for $175 an acre -cleared,
fenced and leveled. This land will be sold for one-fourth down,
the balance over a period of two years.
Town lots in COTTOX CITY are now selling for $123 each $3 down
and $5 a month until paid for. COTTOX CITY is located on the MAIN
LINE of the Southern Pacific railroad 68 main line trains pass
THROUGH THE TOWX EVERY DAY. Excellent telephone facilities
are afforded.
Personally Conducted Tours
Daily excursions are being run from Phoenix to COTTOX CITY with a
representative of this firm in attendance to see that the visitors are
shown over all of the project and have a chance to see the COTTOX
CITY project farms THE FINEST IX ALL ARIZONA. If interested
call at our office and arrange to make this trip or write for full par
ticulars. Dunbar and Company
Hoard of Trade Bids Second Floor
Phoenix. Arizona
Telephone 147
(Washington Post.'
The controversy which vexed the
shipping board and the country at the
beginning of the war over the rela
tive merits of steel and wooden ships
a controversy which obstructed the
shipbuilding program for weeks and
resulted in esignations and trouble, of
various sorts seems at last to have
been settled. It is announced that
steel ships have, emerged victorious
from the dispute and that the build
ing of wooden vessels is to be largely
abandoned by the board. A confer
ence is to he held in the near future
at which a definite policy is to be de
cided upon.
But there seems no doubt that the
wooden ship is doomed as a factor in
the upbuilding of a merchant marine
by the government. Steel shipyards
have far exceeded the wooden ship
yards, not only in tonnage produce!,
but in the number of ships launched.
As a result it is stated that plans for
building smaller wooden vessels ha .
been laid aside by the shipping bounl
although contracts for some of tb
larger ones will be permitted to run..
Pv?3k ftp
TOll itl ' llil ill
a ill i m:
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for man. woman or child, there is do gift
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Here you will find jewelry of every descrip
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are not assembled tractors, but are absolutely
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