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Section Two
unuiLLnu u unniiL
of '; lililluc chassis and found them
;nlaii iblo to tlwir nt-cd. particularly
fur ambulance service at the front.
I When It camr time to adopt a standard
' rvcn passenpr r car, the certainty of
t lio ri vernment in its selection of th
, .'adul.a' due directly to the out
come of a competitive motor test held
at Mara. Texas. In July. 191?. Under
Cadillac connecting rod arc practically
the same except as to size. A large
share of this work was assigned to
Cadillac because of its dexterity In
handling the touch metal that was re
quired. A new plant, with an area of
2-3.000 square feet, was equipped and
utilized for Liberty motor production.
The adaptation of the club method
tli" observation of United States armyi so that it could be practically used for
cf'iters a '."00-mile run under the i "calibrating'' or measuring the power
'uriii.-lit'il Mti- Cars. Sup
plied .Motors tor Army
Tractors and
rrtv Motors for Planes
P.eciptt illation of Anicri'-a's inlu
tnnl k. hi.'V. merits from the time this
oour.trv entered ttir uur reveal a work
. ucniloii. not only
the v.ir'y oi
ITii. tii .illv vi rv Ameri-
f w as i ,iIIm1 up. i nio do
S r i m- Hint part w.i
.:! i' ' op-i.i. nous. As-tin. it
.i.ir.t :i:fl smm tacnhll.
iti-ni"!.:;.. industry
i . . ha .;tnl. I'm- war was ST per rent
n -. h i n ;i i ;mkI 1". per nu t military.
Tie part pl.ivi.l by th" ( '.i.l ill.ii- Motor
' ir i ornpHpy in Ainerir.i's war work
ffrennly irfrestinR. now !h.i; it can
told in some detail.
Koepmsr iho Fovrrnment supplied
-ith t'jidilln' cars, which were adopted
'.oliime, ,ut
. p-rform. !.
I' inili'
to 1
most severe conditions brought honors
to the Cadillac. In addition to this,
th Cadillac completed a S.nOn-mile
test un.ler similar circumstances in
excellent shape.
That the car maintained its reputa
tion previously made Is shown by only
one of the tasks it perfornfrd overseas.
A number of Cadillac cars were used
til reliffVA the railrn-irl en a Wftnch
lillilt Lib-rnafl route out of Paris. The runs
varied Irnm 13 dto :oo miles In lengtn.
These cars effectively demonstrated
their endurance In making the runs
day after day and month after month,
averaging Dj miles per hour.
The cars used by the army are
standard Cadillac seven - passenger
in 11 k , raT!t rxcept that they are painted olive
tasks I ari. .... rrv fiMVili.irv flipl tiinL nn
the riiiinin; boards. A very consid
erable rumher of these seven-passen-Ker
enri were used h ythe goverrment.
A Rough and Ready Limousine
An interesting piece of government
motor equipment was the special type
of Cadillac limousinft developed and
manufactured for army use overseas.
In exterior appearance this limousine,
except for its olive drab finish, resem
bles the car in which milady goes
shopping, hut the interior Is especially
adapted to the rough and ready uses
of war. It is upholstered In leather
i instead of mohair velvet, the curtains
fell l.ircch
i lass, because, as some-
of liberty motors was a product of
Cadillac geiiius, and it proved to be
indispensable in accurately determin
ing the horsepower. It takes prece
dence over the old torque stand and
the electric dynamometer, which were
the only previous methods, the latter
being very expensive to use.
The problem of keeping the cylinders
cool when welding on the shoulders
was uniquely solved by L. V. Kauf
man of the Cadillac company, and was
extremely valuable in speeding tip the
Liberty engine production at the time
when there was a crying need for
Early in January, 1918, Howard K.
Coffin, then head of the aircraft board,
appointed a committee consisting of
three eminent engineers to act in an
advisory capacity in regard to the im
Asked what he considered the out- !
standing feature of this season's auto- i
niohile and motor truck .shows, Horace j
T. Thomas, chief engineer of the Ileo
Motor Car company, replied without
rcsitation. "The absolute absence of
freakish inventions."
"This is due, of course, to the recent
war which, for the time, put a quietus
on the irrepressible discoverers of me
chanical fallacies.
"This season the buyer will be able
to select his new car with reasonable
assurance that it will perform for
practically everything exhibited is at
least one year old whereas in past
shows ihere was always a percentage
provemcnts to be made in future series' of experimental models
"""r.i Me,n. passenger amo- arp canVi lnstPa,i of taffeta silk, the
im.'.'ii,- i i in.- i niicii niiii.n jinny
l.et pir" pace wifti the urcent demands
f.-r !.ilci-ty rninnes niul parts; the
production cf C hlill. ic ensines tor the
iwo aril ope-half ton artillery tractor;
i ii.l. withal, sacrificing the services of
in.. re than l.:'0 mechanics and work
men in the t.i' torv, comprises briefly
he aitivries nf the ('iilill.ir company
during the r.
Seven-passenger U. S. Army Car
Cadillac performanie had already
floor is covered with a rough cocoanut
mat and the passenger compartment is
provided with a desk intended for the
use of the officers in referring to their
maps and charts while traveling from
one part of the war zone to another.
These special limousine bodies are
mounted on the standard chassis.
The rapidity w ith which the Cadillac
company filled its contracts and its
scientif c methods of packing and
shipping cars and parts for overseas
demonstrated the superior udvantaeea 1 ne were hirhlv i-omnlimented hv ren
or ti e xt.m.lar.l Cadillac car for armv resenta'ive government officials.
rr,. '. r transport, prov ions to the par-1 The Cadillac company not only man
ia ipation of the United Slates in the! ufactured a large number of complete
v ii The government had been using Liberty motors, hut the service of the
.. n imi'er of them in the earlier stnaes. company proved invaluable in the
The Knslish ar.d Canadian govern- manufacture of connc-tins rods. The
merits bad lo used a larjre number Liberty motor connecting rod and the
of motor production, instructing them
to make tests for the Liberty engine
and recommendations for changes
which they considered necessary to
overcome existing defects. D. MoCnll
White, vice president of the Cadillac
Motor Car company, was named by
Mr. Coffin to serve on this committee.
A two and one-half ton artillar.--tractor
of the "track-laying" type was
designed for governmentuse to nego
tiate very soft or uneveif surfaces im
passable to the usual tvpe of power
Development of V-type Engine
TtaJher than experiment with a new
engine, it was found that the standard
Cadillac eight-cylinder V-type engine,
with some slight charges, was not only
capable of doing the work, but that jt
"In former years there were so many
alluring. new features mechanical
electrical and carburet ion innovations
so plausible they were apt to fool
the mechanically inclined layman, that
at the end of show week buyers found i
themselves more undecided and con
fused than when they first entered the
big exhibition hall.
"Next season will reinstate the old
order of things hy the introduction of
new order of things ad infinitum, I
am afraid.
"Already we are besieged with ideas
hv inventors and discoverers who in
sist we ought to scrap every known I
principle in motor car design and !
adopt other? cn the. grounds that 'they
proved up in war service.'
"Now. as e matter of cold fact, we
learned mighiy little from the war that
will he of practical use in the automo-
further demonstrated the most re
markable ability in several astonishing! bile business.
tests. In one of the tests the tractor motor truck building, for ex
was tied fast and under the power of ample, nothing developed that we can
the engine the caterpillar tracks were USP jn trucks lhat must comiete on an
made to slip on a rough concrete base, operating cost basis in commercial
The Cadillac company was turning out ! service.
large quantities of engines for this j "Weights were carried and fuel
tractor before the armistice was waste end ued in war work that would
signed. j break any private operator.
One of the most interesting pieces of ; "Your Uncle Same does not keep
traveling equipment used bv the allied ! cost accounts not in detail anyway
army was the giant automotive search- I so nobody knows just how much too
Starting and Lighting
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much he paid for his motor trucks or
how many times too much in opera
tion and upkeep.
"The same is true of our aircraft ex
perience. "You hear it said that in the build
ing of what is conceded to be the great
est aeroplane motor ever produced
I- . , . , , I Iiaillt-, 111' KIT L. J U ' CllSIIO-tlS
pon reaching a sheltered position i. ,' ,,,: ,, ' ,
that will greatly improve automobile
tracks mounted on the Cadillac chassis -Wc-ll I d like to be shown just one!
an ddown a ramp, the cable attached i eTne Ktepl rvlin(i(,r was a tremendous
to it unreeling from a large drum on advance in tiiat particular field. But
light, mounted on a Cadillac chassis.;
w-hich was standard except for a spe- i
cial electric generator. 1
I The searchlight itself, with a refiec-1
tor approximately SO inches in diame
ter, capable of throwing a light l.'i
miles, is carried on a small. light !
chassis, j
! from which observations are to b
made, the small chassis is run off
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the Cadillac. The small chassis and
light are located in a position from
which the light may be most advan
tageously operated.
The Cadillac company was chosen by
the government for the delicate task
of designing and manufacturing the
various gauges for the government In
spection of class H military trucks,
known as Liberty trucks. Special ac
curacy was required of these gauges.
The goTernment paid a high tribute to
Cadillas engineering genius und the
craftsmanship in leaving the limits ot
measurement entirely to the judgment
of Cadillac engineers and designers.
More than 1.500 of these gauges were
made as soon as they had demon
strated their merit after pa-'sing a
most critical inspection by the gov
ernment bureau of standards.
A complete record has not been
made of the number of Cadillac men
who entered the service of the army
and navy and those who made the su
preme sacrifice, but from the factory i
I alone more than 1.200 gave their serv- j
ice to L ncie Mm. t
- o ;
In 1900 the commissioners of Balti- j
more parks decided to admit all kinds i
of automobiles to the parks, provided
the. drivers first secure certificates of
competence from the general super
intendent. Chevrolet Review.
it Is of no advantage in motor cars.
"For that specific purpose and
where cost didn't matter it did the
"One reason why our aircraft ex
perience is of so little help in the mak
ing of automobile engines is the prime
fact that an aircraft motor is practi
cally'a 'constant speed engine where
as an automobile motor must have a,
great range of speeds and produce its
projier percentages of power at all
speeds from the lowest to the maxi
mum. "Th subject is too great to be ex
haustively treated in limited space,"
concluded the I-teo. engineer, "so suf
fice it to say the war has taught us
little if anything, that will be of prac
tical ll:-e.
"At that, had tlere been a few
monihs' space between the ending of
the war and the shows, there would
have been a horde of freak innova
tions all tagged. Vest le guerre' or
words to that eil'ect.
"As it is. this is the sanest show
I have ever attended and buyers will
carry away from it less novelties and
less disappointments.
"Manufacturers have in most cases
taken advantage of the lull in manu
facture to perfect details, correct
small faults and design new and more
beautiful bodies.
"Some announce new models but in
these you'll find simply a re-arrangement
of old and tried features about
which there is not even a suspicion of
tthe experimental."
There was a time when a motorist
laying in a supply of tires gave thought
to the one subject of durability in
making his purchase. In those days
tire-building had not reached its pres-
ent state of perfection and the bad con-
dition of most of the highways filled
the driver with a constant anxiety as
to whether he could finish his journey j
without tire trouble. ,
But tire construction' has improved
to such a degree and good roads have
become so common everywhere in the
country', that an automobilist whose
car is equipped with good tires seldom
worries today about blow outs or punc
tures. With the question of dependa
bility rendered secondary, the owner
of a handsome car now is becoming
finical about the looks of his tires. He
wants a tire that in gracefulness of
line harmonizes with the beauty of his
car and has in its appearance that
clear cut look of quality which stamps
it as a tire of the highest grade:
To tne fact that it looks good, the
United States Tire company attributes
a considerable part of the popularity
of its Koyal Cord tire always remcm
berinc. nf course, that, this tire is as
I good, as it looks.
One feature of the Royal Cord which
appeals to the every day driver is that
it has a tread which is just as good
for driving as for non-skid purposes.
This makes it possible to have a uni
form tire on all four wheels and makes
it unnecessary to carry two different
kinds of spares in weather when non
skid tires are desirable.
The enormous increase; in sales of
Royal Cords to all classes of car own--ers
indicates it represents true tire
economy because of superior milage.-"
o . .
General Miles was much interested
in the early development of motor cars '
and advocated their adoption in the-l
American army. Chevrolet Review.
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