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IF PRoauc
(WaJUuc's Karroer. htue April 1M
It will be remembered that on March
It'll i and nth. a meeting was held oi I
'ru'aso, attended by ; renemiiiiv'j
of mum fifteen or sixteen different 1
lacking o rgur.ua tions aul of some
i mi- oi five produt ovgwizations.
tips meeting .1 viopostd tentative
-roor.t was cntored into for the
' -real-ion of a. conference cvnmittee of
lite live ptorfc industry, this committee
m u- constituted of ten representatives
or the. packers, ten reprcsoi.a atives of
the producers, two representatives of
Hift live stock commission raniza
'i'wm and one representative I rom tlie
I'niied .StHtes department of .agrioul
:ue. It wa.s j)j-oposed that this com
ttiitTpe fhould rrw.et in Chicago once a
irionth, 10 consider matters of interest
" the packers and producers; tV'Bt it
would try to stabilize receipts live
stock at the different markets, and
a 01 1 Id form loo: J committees at', the
lifferent markets for the immediate
adjustment of grievances. It was1 ex
pected that those representing the
producer would furnish the committee
with important information concern
ing the supi'ly of meat animals in tl'ie
country, and keep, the committee aii-
i.sed with regard to feed condition',
M19 amount of live stock which woultl
1 10 ready for market during the varlout
M'lsons, etc. (me of the duties of this
int committee was to be the investi
gation of the, actual earnings of the
lacking industry. It was further
planned that the producers on this
committee should be selected by the
i.irious producers' organizations, and
'hat the producers who attended the
1 hi'ago meeting should call a eonfer-
1100 for the selection of such, repre--rntatives.
In pursuance of the foregoing ar
rangement, a meeting of representa
1 ives of the various state producers'
irganizations was called at Kansas
1'ity, Saturday. April 12th. This meet
ing was attended by representatives of
Mme. eight or ten different states, and
'he tentative agreement entered into
.it Chicago was placed Wore the gath
ering for discussion. It very quickly
'ieveloped that there was a pronounced
difference of opinion. Representatives 1
from several states strongly favored
1 he creation of the joint committee of
ickers and producers worked out at
the Chicago conference. Representa
1 ives of a considerable number of
other stales were absolutely opposed to
ary joint committee with the packers.
I hey contended that the producers
should organize a producers' commit
tee, which would meet from time to
time with similar committees repre
senting the packers and other interests,
not a.s a joint committee, but for the
purpose of conference and adjustment
of grievances.
The discussion between those rep
resenting these two different view
points continued throughout the after
noon, and finally resulted in the ap
pointment of a conference committee
under instructions to draft a plan of
action which might meet the approval
of the majority of the producers pres
ent. The conference committee re
ported in the evening, to the effect
that a committee of live stock pro
ducers should be formed. The report
in full -was as follows:
"It is the sense of those participat
ing in the conference that It would be
10 the mutual benefit of the live stock
industry', the packers and the con
sumers, that steps should be taken, to
bring about a closer co-operation be
tween the various interests concerned.
' Healizing that the live stock indus
try is on the threshold of an era of
reconstruction, and with the prospect
of removal of such control as has been
exercised by the food administration
during the war period, we are im
pressed with the importance of reach
ing a better understanding of the
problems affecting the whole industry,
and. of effecting, if possible more
economic methods of production and
distribution, to the end that our busi
nesses m;ty be placed on a sounder
basis, and in order that the finished
product bo furnished the consumer at
a minimum price compatible with, cost
of production.
"It is recommended that these ends
may be promoted through the forma
tion of a. cummittee of live stock pro
ducers which shall meet from time to
time as may be found necessary, and
counsel with similar committees rep
resenting the packers and other inter
ests. Said producers' committee shall
be selected at a national meeting com-
A Producers' Committee
posed of delegates from the several
states (said delegates to be selected at
state meetings attended by representa
tives of the various producers' organ
izations), and the members to repre
sent the range cattle Industry, the
cattle-feeding industry, the hog indus
try and the sheep Industry, the propor
t ton of representation and the number
constituting the committee to be de
cided by the national convention. Said
convention shall be planned and called
by the committee of fifteen which it Is
now proposed to create.
"Pending said national convention
and the appointment of said commit
tee, a live stock producers' committee
hall now be formed as follows:
"Tho committee shall consist of fif
teen members, of whom four shall
represent the range Interests, eight the
feeding states, two the hog industry
htuI one the sheep industry. Those
representing the range interests shall
be selected, two by the American Xa- j
tional Live Stock association, one by
the Cattle Raisers' association of Texas :
and one by the Southern Cattlemen's
association. Those representing the
feeding interests shall be selected one
each by the .associations of the states
of Kansas, Missouri, Illinois, Iowa,
Nebraska and Indiana, and two by the
associations of the states in territory
! east of Indiana. The two representa
j tives of the hog industry shall be
j named by joint action of the various
; national swine associations, and the
; one representing the sheep industry
' shall be named by the National
Wool Growers' association. The
1 committee thus created shall
j have full authority to meet
' with the committees representing the
; pa.ckers and other interests and to do
j whatever may seem to it to be neces
j sary to promote the interests of the
' producers, by taking, such measures
as may tend toward the stabilization of
the live stock indutry and for the fur
ther purpose of studying one another's
problems, of adjustng grievances, and
of inaugurating such systems as will
be helpful to the producer, the packer
and the consumer. The various asso
ciations are requested before May 10
to select their representatives on this
committee of fifteen, and the commit
tee shall meet at Chicago on May 15th,
at which time it shall organize, elect
its own chairman and secretary, and
provide for such sub-committees as it
may deem necessary to carry out the
purposes for which it is created.
"To effect the proposed organization,
a committee of six, in addition to him
self as chairman, shall be chosen at
this time by the chairman of this
meeting, to put this plan into effect
without delay, to notify the various
state producers' associations, and to
invite the packers and other interests
to cooperate with the producers' com
mittee thus created in promoting the
meat industry of the nation."
This report w as adopted at the even
ing session, and the procedure outlined
mitted the producers to doing some
things which they could not possibly
do. and it tied them Into a joint com
mittee which was certain to be dom
inated by the packers whenever they
might think such domination necessary
or expedient. Under the substitute
plan worked out at Kansas City, if
the producers are not properly repre
sented, it will be because they fail to
select the right sort of men for their
committee. If cool, clear-headed men
are chosen, this committee can do much
to promote a better understanding be
tween the producers and the packers
and other interests, and remove many
of the causes of friction and misun
derstanding. We congratulate the producers upon
the very sensible conclusion reached by
their representatives at Kansas City
last Saturday. The various states
should now select tfieir representatives
with great care, and all of the pro
ducers' organizations in the states
should have a voice in their selection.
xne committee appointed to com
municate with the various associations
and arrange for the convention to be
held at Chicago May 15th, consists of
the following: J. H. Mercer, Topeka,
Kans., chairman; E. F. Keefer, Union
Stock Yards, Chicago; Charles C. Col
lins, Kit Carson, Colo; J. D. Eldridge,
Gregory, Ark.; George T. Donaldson,
Greensburg, Kans.; S. P. Houston,
Malta Ben, Mo.; A. Sykes, Ida Grove,
A report concerning this Kansas
City meeting, which appeared in the
Chicago Daily Drovers' Journal of
April 14, with a Kansas City date line,
would make it appear that the pro
longed and animated discussion which
occurred during the afternoon of, the
meeting was on the question of the en
dorsement of the Kendrick bill to li
cense and regulate the packers. There
is no foundation whatsoever for such
an interpretation. The stockmen were
divided into two factions, one which
favored a joint committee with the
packers, after the plan outlined at the
TP 1 1 nil O in. 1
1 onignt at me urand otand
7:30 SHARP
DEL LAWRENCE, in a four-minute Speech.
Auction Sale German He
Music by the United States Naval Band from the Trophy Train.
The Victory Loan Trophy Train will be on exhibition from 6 until
10 o'clock, at the Depot.
Big Parade and Exhibition of the Tank's Work at the Central
School Grounds at 7:13-
takes the place of the tentative agree- I Chicago conference. The other fac
rnent reached at the Chicago confer-
The action of the Kansas City meet
irftr w-ajs wise. The committee now pro
pttaed to be created is strictly a pro
ducers' committee, and entirely inde
pendent of the packers and all other
int. vests. Its sole business will be to
promote the interests of the producer.
It wVll confer with the packers when
ever .there is anything to be gained by
conference, and will work in harmony
with Vitem whenever their interests are
mutual But it will not be tied up with
the packers in any way.
The Chicago plan was visionary and
hopeless from the beginning. It com-
tion was unaiteraoiy opposed to any
joint committee with the packers, but
in favor of a committee composed
strictly of producers, which would con
fer with the packers from time to time,
but would absolutely retain its inde
pendence. In the course of the discussion,
members of both factions expressed
their approval of the Kendrick bill,
but that was not the question at issue,
and the effort of the correspondent of
the Drovers Journal to make it ap
pear that the stockmen were seriously
divided on the Kendrick bill is simply
another evidence of packer propagan
da. It might as well be understood
that this movement to form a Joint
corfcmittee with the packers bears all
the ear-marks of having been packer
propaganda from the very beginning,
and many stockmen whose hearts are
right in the matter unwittingly al
lowed themselves to be used by the
packers. At no time was there any
doubt as to the majority of the state
delegations at Kansas City being
strongly opposed to a joint committee
and as strongly in favor of a producers'
committee. Nor wss there the slight
est question as to the strength of the
sentiment in favor of the Kendrick
If the packers persist in this under
handed propaganda, which for the
present has utterly failed, they are
going to do themselves much more
harm than good. They are making
the same mistake the railroad people
made years ago. and which brought
down upon their heads the wrath or
the people. As shrewd business men,
the packers ought to see that they can
not fool any considerable number of
producers for any considerable length
of time. If they continue the course
which they have followed during the
past month, the result will be most
harmful both to the packers and to the
live stock industry.
o 1
(Chicago Tribune)
Camp Grant. Rockford, 111. Why
thousands of United States soldiers
found "French girls more attractive
than American girls as sweethearts
and wives is being explained by over
seas troops returning to Camp Grant
for demobilization.
"French girls were better comrades, dier is a tightwad far be it from such !
that's the truth of it," insisted a
doughboy who admits that he left his
heart in Normandy. "Their tastes are
simple, and they are exceedingly
thrifty. Besides this, they are the
best kind of pals.
"Most of the men in our army in j
France aren't millionaires. They're of j
very moderate means, and the eco-1
nomical habits of the French girls
made a big hit wltn American boys in
the expeditionary forces. Why, if
you took Marie or Tvette to a movie :
once a week (die was immensely j
pleased. You can court and win a !
French girl for a third of what it
costs to make even an impression on
one of our American beauties. And
you don't have to give her a limousine
for a wedding preesent either.
Not that the average American sol
Rut he dots appreciate the considera
tion shown by the French girls in re
fusing to wallop his wallet for the
limit every time he calls upon her.''
"Uncle Sam will have a big job 1m
his hands getting all these French war
brides over to this country in the next
year," added another gold chevron
1 ' M
i 1 f " "
N ot alone do you save money but
you get all the flavor that oniy
liomc-cannexl foods can give you.
Ia addition, there is the uncdmaion
satisfaction you get. in eating the
foods you've grown yourself.
It's no trick to have a garden and
to raise all the varieties of vege
tables your family likes.
But be lure to hut right by planting
ckunwWrcd by expert! "beit in the
world." Acclimated to the Pacific Ceaii.
True-to-name and o( ttroog vitality.
.Votk'j CatiforntM Flrwtr szd V rgct&iU
Seeds Art told by dcdleri twrrjwJkcre
Oil Men
Head Martin
Oil Company
Mr. Don Gray, of T ,1a no, Texas, is
irice-president of this Company and
cue of its Trustees. Mr. Gray does
not need any introduction to any
body in Texas. He is heavily inter
ested in oil and oil lands and was
elected "Vice-President and Trustee
of this Company on account of his
knowledge of the oil business and
how a general business should be
Mr. John Davenport, of Wichita
FaDs, Texas, is President and also
one of the Trustees, and is the
County Attorney for Wichita, Coun
ty, in addtion to which he is thor
oughly conversant with the oil
business from a practical and legal
Mr. Howard A- Martin, after whom
this Company was named, is the
General Manager and one of the
Trustees and is one of the best
practical oil men in the United
States; besides Mr. Martin's last
five years' experience in the West
Texas Oil Fields, he has operated
in every oil field In the United
States, in addition to which he
spent several months ' in South
America for the Barber Asphalt
Company on their properties in that
A. S. Fisher, Jr., of Houston, Texas,
one of the most successful oil
operators In Texas, General Counsel.
Mr. Randall Silverman, one of the
most important cogs in the wheels
of the Texas Co, for years, has re
signed his position with the Texas
Co. in order to devote his entire
time to the MARTIN OIL CO.
Pngytr Ht
& - j .
i v
A short time ago the Martin Oil Company acquired a valuable
lease, with a well more than 800 feet deep. We consider this one
of our most valuable holding swe have, and vet we were able to get
this property "WITHOUT ONE CENT OF COST to our stock
holders. But other stockholders had paid for the property! One of those
little companies, with small capitalization, was the original own
ers. And they told their investors of their small capitalization
and perhaps of the honestv of the men behind the companv AND
But they weren't oil men! And the result of the low capitalization
and the incompetent but honest management was that when
the well was nearly completed only a few feet, perhaps, from the
oil the little company ran out of funds and the Martin Company
came along and purchased the entire holding including the drill
ing equipment for lass than this machinery alone was worth.
Says Abe Martin:
It don't make much difference how
much you read if you hain't got
sense enough t' know what t' be
lieve. Abe is connected in no way with
the Martin Oil Company,
Capital Stock, $400,000.
A Statement
From Mr. Peters
As general representative in El Paso and the Southwest for
the Martin Oil Company I want to make a few tattements
concerning the Importance of placing your order, NOW for
this stock.
The Martin Company's property today is actually worth
MORE than the capitalization of the company. Eastern
capitalists would buy this company TODAT if they, could
get control of the company. Bat this is impossible.
There is no doubt but MARTIN stock will go considerable
higher within the next few days just as soon as the Burk
burnett well on our 100-acre lease there is brought in.
Besides this well we have several others due In shortly.
I sincerely advise those who have been contemplating buy
ing Martin stock to do so at once for any day we might
receive a wire from the home office announcing a raise in
price or maybe, that there will be no more stock for sale.
I want as many people of the Southwest to get in on thi
company as possible FOR I KNOW THAT IT IS A SAFE
SOLID INVESTMENT, and will return handsome dividends.
And so it goes. The investors in that little company who couldn't reason for themselves that it takes
money LOTS OF MONEY and holdings and EXPERIENCE to successfully operate an oil BUSI
NESS are losers while those who invested in MARTIN OIL COMPANY are the winners.
And this is only one of the many instances similar to the above which has occurred or will hereafter
occur. For, while the Martin companv now have a number of wells being drilled in the various fields in
the state of Texas and Oklahoma which are due in any day SEVENTY-FIVE PER CENT will be
paid in DIVIDENDS and the remaining 25 per cent will be used for further development and acquir
ing additional acreage and production. All of which every shareholder will share in.
Martin Oil Company,
204 Texas St, El Paso, Texas.
I hereby make application for shares
of the Capital Stock of the Martin Oil Company at
$12.50 per share. Enclosed herewith find Money Order
for the sum of $ jn fuu payment.
Name ,
Town State
-. Make All Cheeks Payable to Martin Oil Company
' Uepuul'can 9-2-13
The Martin Company is
PERMANENT. Each divi
dend will be larger than
the preceding one and ev
ery day will see Martin
Stock more valuable.
Take the Texas Company,
which was organized dur
ing the Spindletop boom.
They have paid $25,0000,
000 In dividends during the
past 11 years and $100 in
vested in this company
when it was organized is
now worth $6,000.
And the Martin Company
promises even GREATER
returns for its investors.
Now fdrL
or Never yogj
One-half Interest, 80 acres, in shallow field of Lawton,
Okla., two wells now drilling thereon.
100 Acres, Burkburnett, well now drilling 1460 feet.
2,9M) Acres, Wise County, well drilling 800 feet.
40 Acres, Shackleford County.
10 Acres, Ranger.
40 Acres, Eastland County, south ef Cisco.
20 Acres, Eastlang County, north of Desdemona.
160 Acres, Eastland County, south of Carbon.
35 Acres, Comanche County, 3' 4 miles south of Duke
and Knowles wells.
200 Acres, Comcnche County.
300 Acres, Brown County.
500 Acres, San Sabe County, well drilling 800 feet.
40 Acres, Mills County,
160 Acres, McCulloch County.
5,000 Acres, Scurry County.
160 Acres, Ersth County,
2,600 Acres, Jim Hogg County.
12,355 Total Acreage.
Martin Oil Co.
No Risk
The Martin Company
is free from all elements
of chance or risk. All
uncertainties have been
eliminated. Here is a
great big, growing busi
ness enterprise, with
valuable oil property in
nearly every proven
field in Texas and Ok
lahoma with FIVE
wells now drilling and
preparations completed
Jor drilling THREE
more offering stock for
public subscription at
$12.50 per share.
It's seldom a preposi
tion like this is offered
and MARTIN will not
be offered long.
If you want to own an
interest in the coming
of the Southwest BUY
TODAT for tomorrow
may see this stock go
higher or perhaps off
the market entirely.
PHONE 1219
204 Texas Street
Wichita Falls, Texas
National Bank of Commerce,

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