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Section Two
OLD Til DRUil!
THE .!?!ZO'A REPUBLICAN, SUNDAY .10i.LU, ,IS: 1. 1919
tr Jiiuiiiumiiniittiiii!nf tut if i --
The days of the old-fasbienod
drummer" the fat one with a black
cigar and a derby, who used to take
up a lot of the led plush in smoking
ars are numbered. In his place has
arisen the motoring salesman who
.overs his territory in an automobile.
For the motor car has offered trav
eling men a better means of trans
portation. This is especially true of
the ralwman who make- rmall
"mi communities.
These travelers have gem-mlly had j
;i rather small territory to caver j
mall because of the transportation
difficulties. They have made their i
;fipF. in a large number of cases, dur- j
mC the week, returning to some larger:
I'inee for f-'unday. i
N'ow they cctn make the same terri-j
fory and more by motor ear. Not only
is it possible to Rhort-ciit with an an- ;
;omobile. making jumps that had to j
. be covered by a longer route on the i
r.-un but the traveler can save many i
hours that formerly were waster wait
ing for the one train that ran daily
i p and down a jerk-water line. The
motoring salesman gets into a town.
"ps his customers and then speds I
i way without, wasting a. minute. j
Of course the automobile fir such j
work must have certain requisites, it j
must be staunch and reliable and it
roust operate at a moderate cost. Kven I
with prej-cnt railroad fares, unless a!
'ar is marked for its economy, it can-!
tot compete with railroad transpor-i
sat Ion on a dollar and cents basis. j
Quite a number of Dorc owners psp,
'heir cars lox this work. They have I
SAmd Dori will give them the ser-j
vict- they- need. Ability to travel rough i
oads ami to stand the d;'i!y grind t.i ;
long huril journeys is a r-isi feature ot!
I'ort utility, and fur the t: : voiin-.- matt j
his means a lot. i
mire''-' "-0- i i , y
fidl i
l 1
Cowl&sy of The B. F. Goodrich Rubber Co., Akron, Ohio
; duce the high cost of living, if every
'community does not improve its roads
over which goods, supplies, foods, farm
1 products and other necessities must
f e transported, then the people of that ! mount with -Goodyear
: community tire responsible for a part aeroplane type.
Locklear, who performed a series of
Serial calisthenics of unparalleled
skill with a biplane. The lieutenant
also took the precaution to etiuip his
tires of the
cost to the consumer
America's poo
: this year'.''' in'
local Kissel dealer.
roru. ;
it makes no difference what your
ants may bp, you can have them sup-
r and reading The itepub
! Patr.-s.
died by
bean ("la
"Wh.-tt wi
cost the pal
(. Jl. lieu net
"Xo matte:- bow hard automobile and
niiit't- truck manufacturers work to
develop their product to the highest
point o! mectmnieal elliciency am
operating iccneiuy. that will help
of the high
such goods. ';
''During the month of June, the 1919!
record winter w heat crop of over ?on.- j
0o0.0'."i bushels will begin to move. The!
spring and eaily summer fruits and
garden produce will begin to appear ;
at. the markets the first result oi ;
-America's increased manufacturing ,
program for domestic and export con-j
sumption will be ready for transport- !
ing . to shipping points the nation's t
r,.'. I building-, expanding and developing! fleering an automobile is not a
program will be well under wav. 'uuucuil ws., s-us ecu i.iou
With the constantly increasing num- local dealer in Chevrolet passenger
I Wonderfully "Smooth" Riding
I Surprisingly Economical
1 The Grant Six is the car for you who seek genuine riding ease with
I economy. No other light car rides so smoothly. Buyers everywhere speak
i j of this. Automobile salesmen who have ridden in all makes of motor cars 1 1
I j never fail to enthuse over it. You will comment on it when you ride in II
How About Your Boiler?
Has it leaky Flues?
Does it need a Patch?
How are the Fittings!
We have competent boiler makers at our plant who
are at your service if you need them.
Kunz Bros. & Messinger
Cor. Second Ave. and Jefferson St.
7 i p. n
806 West Washington St.
Estimates Furnished on Ford Auto
Phone 4490
We Have Everything for the Ford
Our Connections Protect' Us On the Decline In
Prices and We In Turn Give the Benefit to Our
on goods returned to us intact within
Non-Skid Guaranteed
Guaranteed Gray Red
$11.50 $2.35 $2.60
11.90 2.35 2.60
15.60 2.85 3.25
17.80 3.00 3.40
23.50 3.65 4.05
24.00 3.75 4.20
25.00 3.90 4.35
25.50 4.15 4.50
34.50 5.25 5.40
36.00 5.40 5.60
36.60 5.55 5.75
203 North Central Ave.
Second Door North of Monroe
Phoenix, Arizona
These Tires are all new fresh goods and NOT re
treaded or so-called rebuilt Tires.
Stop in and see them or write. Goods shipped C. O. D., Express or
Parcel Post. Money refund
10 days.
Size Guaranteed
28x3 $
30x3 10.00
30x3 13.40
32x3i9 15,15
31x4 20.00
32x4 20.25
33x4 21.30
34x4 22.00
34x4 29.00
35x4 30.50
36x4 30.95
All other sizes in stock. Write for them or call and see them
Distributors for
Automobile Tire Company
Oldest Auto Tire Jobbers in the United States and largest in the
I her (:' motor trucks being produce'! by
' the manufuf turc-rs to meet American i
i imlustrit;--' demand for rolling equip- j
' men:, with thousands of expert drivers'
and mechanics of invaluable experi-;
: ence being - released from the army.;
j with the hundreds of motor truck"!
; transportation. express and rural j
' routes being- formed, it would appeal j
! that the only weak link in this nation -1
; wide transportation chain is that of!
poor roads.
I Poor roads have proven to bo the ;
brakes on the wheel, the sand in thei
cars and trucks. "Perfection comes
from confidence, not from knowledge.
Within a few minutes the novice will
have learned just how much of a
movement on . the steering wheel is
required to turn a corner, pass other
vehicles or obstructions.
"Turning the steering wheel to the
left will cause the front wheels to turn
in the same direction and the car will
travel to the left. Turning the steering
wheel to the right causes the car to
travel to the rieht. This applies when
baekintr up as well as when going for-
' gears, of progress-creating chaos and j
stagnation in transportation and ship- i
; Pine- I
' The people of the United States
; eliminated those conditions, that tend
i cd to slow up the pace on the way to
! Berlin. Are they going to stand for
; poor roads that , slow up the industrial
; expansion o: their own country?- The
. percentage of increase in good roads
and decrease iu poor ivads is the ordy
anstver worth while.
FIRST 818 MCE 10
"Proceed cautiously, preferably or. a
; road that is little frequented and wide
enough to give plenty of room for
your first attempt at automobile driv
ing. "Don't forget that aftef- turning a
corner the front wheels should be
'straightened'' up, otherwise you will
run off the road.
"Always bring your car to a 'dead'
stop before attempting to back up.
Failure to observe this may result
in serious damage to the transmission
and cause unnecessary expense. With
the car at rest and the gear-shifting
lever in neutral release the clutch by
depressing the clutch pedal and move
the gear-shifting lever forward into
the left forward position. Xow let
the clutch pedal come back easily and
at the same time acceleiate the motor
speed by opening the throttle slightly.
"Remember that in moving hack-
The Grant Six is the car for you who seek genuine riding ease with
economy. No other light car rides so smoothly. Buyers everywhere speak
of this. Automobile salesmen who have ridden in all makes of motor cars
never fail to enthuse over it. You will comment on it when you ride in
the Grant Six. And we suggest that you get that ride now. Do not delay.
There will not be enough cars of this type to satisfy the demand.
Highest quality materials and fine work
manship make possible Grant Six light
Light weight and the wonderfully efficient
Grant Six cylinder motor make possible
daily economy records.
The Grant Six has a national reputation
for reliability. It has ample power. It is
surprisingly "quick on its feet," is easily
handled, turns easily in narrow streets.
And yet it has plenty of body room,
a dignified, stylish motor car.
It Is
Front seats are individual and adjustable '
forward or back three inches. Just a detail
but mighty important and very comfort
able. . Grant Six owners average 20 miles to the
gallon of gasoline, 900 miles to the gallon
of oil, 7000 miles to the set of tires.
Five Passenger Touring Car $1295 Roadster $1295 Coupe $1S25
All-Weather Sedan $1875 Demountable Sedan $1600
All Prices F. O. B. Phoenix.
334 E. Washington ' " Phone 1S95
ward the same movement of the
steering wheel will cause you to turn
to the right or left as it would were
you going forward.,
"Proceed cautiously more accidents
occur when backing up than when go
ing forward, as you cannot see clearly,
so take your time, look around and
! make sure that you have your car un
I der such control that a stop can be
I made instantly."'
,"The far reaching prosperity the in
troduction of titeam had on general
industry is being duplicated by the
use of motor trucks in the agricultural
ivorld," says G. H. Reuben, local Kis
sel dealer.
"Both of these innovations create
greater production of the necessities ot
life, better goods and commodities at
lower prices, higher standards of liv
ing, increased purchasing power and
greater general prosperity.
"The motor truck carries the fruits
of steam application to a successful
finish. It does for distribution what
j steam made possible for production
; dependability reduced costs and a
! continuous means of supply that meet
the source of demand, no matter
, where it oriuiuates."
n "r-my-srm
The opening of the 191!) automobile
racing season in the east, at Union
town. Pa., May 19, proved a big
triumph for Tommy Milton, t'ae youth
ful speedster from St. Paul, and scio.-,
; of a wealthy family of that city
: At the wheel of his Dusenberg he
i out-distareed a field of 13 contenders.
: winning the 112U mile Victory sweep- j
' stakes, in the phenomenal time of one)
! hour. 10 minutes, 9.82 seconds, main-)
taining a naverage speed throughout'
! the race of 90.24 miles an hour a new
; track record for this distance. j
I In capturing the Universal trophy.
and setting up a new speed mark fori
the track,- Milton verified the track .
tradition that no driver can win at
Uniontown without making a continu-1
ous run. for he drove a wonderful non-!
i stop race, and at the finish crossed the
line ct a speed better than 100 miles
an hour, lie drove on Goodyear cord 1
tires of the straight side type.
j The veteran, Louis Chevrolet, in a !
1 Frontenac, led the field lor the fust
; five laps, when he was passed by Ralph
; Mulford, also driving a I'mntenac. and
for -"2 iaps tiie contention between
: thes-- two seasoned speed demons pro
vided thrilling entertainment for the
' spectators. U'st in the meantime. Tom
my Alii'on was gradually creeping up
; on the two leaders and on the 52nd
'lap assumed the lead, holding it until
the finish.
, IV3Uis Chevrolet slormed across the
; tape but :i few seconds behind the
: fil ing Milton, i losely followed by
Ralph Million'. Cliff Durant. in a
. Chevrolet Special, Joe Boyer, driving
i a Frontenac, JjuaU L.'.-Cock, at the;
' wheel of a Roamer. and Kurt Hitke al
'. so piloting a Roamer. finished in the
order mentioned. Chevrolet, Durant
: and Hitke also finished the race with
i out a stop for any purpose. All the
; finishing drivers piloted cars equipped
! with Goodyear cord tires and Goou
i year tubes,
I The race was not without the usual
; thrills. On the 16th lap Omar Toft.
; driving a Toft Special, threw a wheel
' just after passing the grand stand.
. while travelling 95 miles an hour. In
I a wonderful exhibition of driving and
' skill and daring. Toft brought his
j three-wheeled - mount to a place of
; safety near the inner rail, while the
j other drivers whizzed by. The run
I away wheel, with its tire intact, con
j tinued down the track and took the
i curve beautifully, travelling about COO
i feet, when it took a bound and dis
1 appeared over the fence.
Only a few seconds later, .the big
i Mercer car, driven by Joe Thomas, the J
i Pacific coast racing star, in cominr.
down from the famous death curve,!
scruck the outer :au any whirled
around 'the track several times, with
the spinning wheels emitting sparks of
fire, finally crashing into the opposite
rail, without injury to the driver. In
spection showed a broken spring and
a sprung axle, putting the car out of
the running.
On the 89th lap as Louis Chevrolet
was rounding this same urve, his ear
was seen to swerve from one side of
the track to the other, and the crowd
rose in apprehension of a serious dis
aster, but the master driver soon re
gained control, straightened out his
: car and continued on his course. In
I the opinion of many he might have
i finished first but for the time lost in
'thitj manpnvpr
Additional entertainment was pro
vided for the crowd bv IJeut. O- I-
STOPPING on a grade is safe
only when every detail of the
braking system is thorough!" de
pendable. ,
The Cadillac has taken what
might be considered unntctuary
precaution!. For example, a small
Pin in the brake rod connection.
The heat trtaimtnt of this Pin in
sures long life and safety.
Thii unusual care upon so-called
"rough" parts is typically Cadillac,
BUOYANT, is the word that owners picturesquely
use in describing one outstanding quality of Cadillac
In the front seat, or in the tonneau, there actually w a
sense of floating through space.
Mere weight contributes a certain steadiness to a motor car.
But Cadillac steadiness, is the steadiness of substantial,
balanced weight, with a motive power suggestive of wings.
The power of the V-type engine is so great, so constant,
and so fluid in its action, that it triumphs completely over
the inert metals which it propels so buoyantly over the road.
The vigor and life of his car, its constant readiness, ever
and always these are things that help to make a Cadillac
owner the enthusiast he is.
Back of spontaneous delight in a motor car must be an
abiding confidence.
And, of course, even-temper and uniform performance
are sources of lasting satisfaction in Cadillac possession.
131 North Central Ave.
1 1
- m
" 4

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