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Aluri FIX i:
STOCKMEN SEEK ! Oakland sersihe
Representatives from All
Parts of West to. Meet in
Salt Lake City July 21 to
Urge Action by Congress
Livestock mfii, including reprfsenta- .
tivfs of uJI livpKtock association, from
pvcit part of tin' west will meet at :
Salt Lake City .July 2! to begin work j
lowanl srourini; control and grazing ;
'giilation of t he more than JOO.OOH.O'M) :
:ici-s of public domain in the western)
ht titers. The meeting will last two or;
three days, and while in session steps i
will he taken to Ret congress to take I
Vcislutive action for federal regulation j
of the lands. I
The meeting a.t Salt, Lake a week j
from next Monday has been brought i
about largely through the efforts of the
Arizona Cattle drawers' association, i
which has taken the lead in the matter. !
The states affected will be Arizona,
California, Colorado, Idaho, Montana,
Nebraska, New Mexico. Nevada, I'tah,
Wyoming. Minnesota, Washington and
Oregon, the western states in which
millions of acres of land are in public ,
domain, owned by the government but j
with no regulated grazing privileges, j
Livestock associations in all these
states will have delegates at the Salt i
lake meeUng. as will the American
National Livestock association and the
National Wood (J rowers' association.
Many Different Rules
The question of the public domain
lands relative to cattle and sheep grow
ing h .s always been uncertain. On the
federal forest and Indian reservations
livestock growers are given grazing
privileges and charged a dollar a head
, per year. On state lands the livestock
men may lease grazing land at about
three cenls an acre per year. But graz
ing on the public domain has never
been regulated
Arizona cattle and sheep men have
always been vitally interested in the
public domain question. More than
one-fourth, of the state's acreage, or
21.000,000 acres, is in this federal
owned unregulated public domain.
Open to all, it has always been an un
solved question. It has been used gen
erally for grazing purposes, with the
ever present danger that it may be se
riously harmed by much overstocking.
nd no regulation to safeguard indi
vidual users.
Big Factor in Arizona
Arizona livestock men and the same
conditions are found in other western
states affected have recognized that
the public domain lands are a big fac
tor in their business, and consequently
have taken the lead in getting the do
main regulated. A system of regula
tion is sought by which the stock grow
ers may obtain their grazing privileges
In one way or another, and pay for
them. Having obtained the grazing
privileges the stockmen will be sure of
their investment and may fence off
md take like protective measures. ,
Under the present system, with no
regulation, the public domains are used
by everybody, and no one is willing to
risk the investment on the domain
lands with no regulation at all.
The question of federal control an5
regulation for the domain lands in the
western states will be settled, at the
Salt Lake City conference July 21.
Helegates from the livestock organiza
tions of all the public land states will
be there to lake it up. and a strong or
ganization will be formed to get action
in it at "Washington.
Arizona Men to Attend
Cattle and fheepmen alike are inter
ested. David F. Houston, secretary of
agriculture, and Clay Tallman, com
missioner general of the land office,
will also attend the meeting, while
most of the states will have representa
ives from their universities
Arizona will be represented at the
meeting by Charles p. Mullen. L, U
Harmon. I (wight B. Heard. J. C. Kin
ney, L. V,'. Coker and other delegate!)
from the Arizona t'att'.e Growers' as--ociation.
The delegation will be
vaderi by Mr. Mullen, Jiead of the or
ganization. President KleinSmid of
th- University of Arizona, and Dean
D. W. Working of the agricultural col
ego will also attend-
F. K. Schneider, .secretary of the Ari
vi lia association, who has taken a load
i'ltf I'll ft in getting the meeting organ
ized, will leave for Salt Lake c.ty early
next week to complete arrangements
'or the meeting.
For the first time in months, the R.
D. Roper company, local Oakland deal
ers, are able to make immediate deliv
eries of Oakland sensible sixes. A
quantity shipment of -." cars was re
ceived about a week ago. a dozen of
this number remaining unsold at this
When the'armistloe was signed, tV1
Oakland was selling for $13-;.. A radi
cal reduction in price was announced
a few weeks after in the belief that
prices of material and labor would be
readjusted downward. Also the re
sumption of quantity production was
Subsequent events, however, have
been to the contrarv; labor has steadilv
advanced: materials and production is
far from normal and the future indi
cates a continuation of the presem
unfavorable conditions. The result is
that automobiles are again on a stead
ily increasing market and deliveries
were never so difficult.
After many weeks of effort, how
ever, the fioper company succeeded in
making arrangements for the 2o-i-ar
shipment. Only a dozen of the cars
remain unsold. The 'present low price
will continue for an indefinite period
The opportunity afforded by the
Roper company will last but a matter
of days. As soon as the present visible
supply of the firm is disposed of. Uio
present offer will be withdrawn. C. c.
Miller, sales manager of the company
announced yesterday afternoon.
fctt- .-. 'ill
j well known to I'hoenix theatergoers.
I She has appeared here for the past few
j season with the Redmond company
and numbers many close friends.
Kleanor Flevins Lett", popular ac
tress and society favorite, yesterday
brought suit on note against A. G.
Utley. J. K. Meyer and W. L. Barnard
for J2.07S.05 with interest at 8 per
cent dating from February, 1919, at
torney's fees and costs.
According to the complaint, filed by
Bullard and Jacobs in the Offieo nf the
clerk of the court vpstpr,i:,v I Khrenber
fair with heavy sand approaching the,
river. From the river to Blythe very,
very poor. From Blythe to Mecca for
50 miles the heaviest of sand. The re
maining 42 miles fair. From Mecca to
Trinidad (6 milesi. very, very poor.
From Trinidail to Los Angeles the road
is good, hut it not all boulevard. Will
return by way of Parker."
made by Ctley and endorsed by Meyer
ana Barnard was made for the purpose
of securing the cancellation of a for
mer promissory note of Utley to the
plaintiff made under the date of May
10. 1918. The later note was made
on February 4 of this vear. it is
alleged that no part of the note has
been paid, with the exception of $200
js reggy" Klevins, the
H. E. Kampmann. assistant cashier
i of the Standard Oil company, has just
made a trip to Los Angeles by way of
Blythe and Mecca- He
made the trip in a Ford, leaving here
at 5:30 p. m. Thursday night, and ar- ;
riving in Los Angeles at 11 o'clock Sat- j
urday night-
At the request of the chamber of j
commerce, he made special note of road (
conditions and writes as follows: j
"Arrived O. IC Saturday night just '
a little before 11 o'clock. Road condi
tions between Phoenix and Ehrenberg
If you art leaving Phoenix on a
summer trip, surely you want to
have the Arizona Republican follow
you, in order to keep posted on the
things going on in Phoenix and vi
cinity. We will be glad to send the Arizona
Republican to anyone for any length
of time fer 75 cents per month, or
$2.00 for three months.
You may change your address just
as often as you desire and we will
positively guarantee good service
ht M&i iWf. V'5-)(ittf i upj,,) MVAMnr'-i III ii - I
"Victory" buttons, to be worn by all
foldieis, field clerks and army nurses
.vho served for 15 days or more be
ween the dates April 6. 1K17. and
November 11. 1918, are now available,
t was announced yesterday by Ser
jeant R. P. Neeper. in charge of the
ocal army recruiting bureau.
To obtain these buttons, which are
silver for those who were wounded and
ironze for all others, the original dis--harge
from the army must be pre
sented at Sergeant Neeper'h office.
Vest Washington street. This dis
charge will he forwarded by him to
lyis Angeles, together with an appli
?ation blank filled out by the appli--ant.
These discharges will he for
warded once a week only, on Saturday,
because of the large number of cities
nubsidiary to the Ixis Angeles station.
. digested
"always fresh"
French Salad
Sold Everywhere
9 ifll. Miidr o., in-..
Found "uilty on circumstantial evi
dence, .lohn W. Turner was convicted
by a jury in Judge Stanford's court
yesterday of the crime of burning a
haystack. He will be sentenced Mon
day morning at 9:30 o'clock.
The stale convicted Turner on tracks
made by shoes of the man who burned
the hay belonging io B. K. Auxier.
which was stacked on his ranch near
Scottsdale. leading from the cut
fence around to the hay stack were
shoe tracks, pictures of which were
exhibited in court and which compared
with the soles of the shoes which were
offered as a state exhibit. The state
proved that after the fire Turner came
to town and procured a new pair of
shoes, leaving his old ones at a local
shop. These shoes were offered by the
Turner did not take the stand in his
own behalf.
T. W. Stemmler. first lieutenant in
the construction division of the United
States army and supervisor in charge
of the Mexicon border project between
Kl Paso and Yuma, arrived in the city
yesterday in Ft. Apache, where two
Phoenix firn-s, o W. Cisney and the
New-State Electric company are work
ing under government contracts signed
by Lieutenant Stemmler June 26.
C.'W. Cisney will build barra-cks,
power plant, saw mill, cold storage
plant, warehouse, stables and non-
San Francisco's time-honored mahogany bars today resemble bargain-counters.
No sooner did the "Dry" order go into effect than the ex-gin-palaces were j I
raided by women, eager to know how hubby had been spending his evenings.
Leading saloons opened as soft-drink emporiums, with huge banners in
viting women's patronage. ,
Milady took the dare, swaggered in, put her dainty foot on the brass rail,
ordered the new" special a "slow gin fizz" and felt real mannish, don't you
know? The picture was taken in the famous Cbllege Inn on Powell street,
said to be the most expensively fitted bar in the world.
We are here to please you, and know we can. There is nothing too hard for us to
do. That dinner, lunch or picnic let us handle it. Let us make that fruit salad,
and we know you will be pleased with it in price and quality. We use only the
choicest materials in our cooking. So let us fix up your favorite dish give us the
order and rest assured it will be right, and save yourself the trouble and worry.
Now when you have that party, just tell your troubles to Jones, plan with him'
he can help you and will do it as cheap as you could do it yourself. Just to con
vince you we will put on a few specials for Friday and Saturday.
commisioned officers' quarters, the
whole to cost $72,000. The New State
Klectric company of which F. H. En
sign is president, Will install $12,000
worth of- electrical works in both new
and old buildings at the post, 65 in all.
Lieutenant Stemmler will leave this
morning for Tucson. Nogalrs, Fort
Arrivaca, Naoo Fort Huachuoa, Doug
las and Columbus, where other work of
a similar nature, also under his super
vision, is being done.
The Arizona inter-denominational
sanatorium, the latest project of the
character to be launched here, formally
filed papers of incorporation yesterday
morning. ' The Rev. Q. A. Deck has
been made president of the new proj
ect, Daniel Hess vice president, the
Rev. Clyde Burnett secretary and J.
H. W. Champion treasurer.
Mr. Deck, accompanied by Prof- L.
A. Reed, Mrs. L. A. Reed, Deborah Wil
son and Harold Hunt, campaign work
ers for the sanatorium, left last night
by motor car for the east. The party
expects to make the trip to New York
and return in 60 days, and during the
trip expect to raise all or nearly all of
the $100,000 campaign fund which the
project calls for.
The 1'entacostal Nazarene, Free
Methodist and Missionary churches are
represented on the board of directors
for the proposed sanatorium.
CHANGES PLEA Willie Nash, a
returned soldier, yesterday changed his
plea of not guilty to guilty of the crime
of assault by means likely to produce
bodily harm. He will be sentenced Sat
urday. After the plea was taken, the
court announced that evidence would
be taien and witness will be called to
the stand to testify to the pool hall
fight in the south side which resulted
in the arrest-of Nash.
Regular 60c
It makes no difference what your
wants may be, you can have them sun
plied by using and reading The Repub
lican Classified pages.
Kfs .French Salad,
Potato Salad,
Pimento Cheese,
lb lb.
We also have Boiled Ham, Baked Ham, Deviled Ham, Lunch Ham, Roast Beef,
Roast Pork, Corn Beef, Dried Beef, Head Cheese, Bologna, Wieners, Tongue,
Pickled Pigs' Feet, Macaroni and Cheese, Stuffed Peppers, Cooked Vegetables,
Puddings, Stewed Fruits, Salads, Deviled Eggs, Pickled Beets, Summer Sausages,
etc. So tell Jones and let him fix it.
AH our foods are home cooking, and a trial will make you a steady customer.
Special prices to all churches.
ayiess urocery o.
First Street and Washington
1 Phones: 3545, 3591
j Jr" ! '
1 r n!
f "$ttpzt$ ! If i4
L," 'Tsm I te. -Km
j 1 1
Admiral Henrr B. Wilson, above, and 3
Admiral Hugh Rodman. 1
The new division of the U. S. naval '
forces caU3 ior two fleets of equal 1 A Tft. y WlW
strength, one to be known as the Pa- H j U B
cific fleet and the other as the At- 1 VV kr H ffl
lantic fleet. Orders makinff the new B 1. 0 M
plan effective also stated that Ad- I A M " A
mirai enry a. Wilson will command
the Atlantic fleet and Admiral Hutn
Rodman the Pacific. Each fleet wiil
nave four divisions of dreadnaughts
and battleships, two divisions of
cruisers, eighteen divisions of de
stroyers, three divisions of sub
marines and two of mine layers.
It Has Been a Hummer Thus Far
urnitare, Moves, Ranges, Harness
Buy Now While Buying Is Good. Every Line Is Going and Going Fast
Extra Special on All Summer Clothing for Instance:
$1.50 to $2.50 Straw Hats going at .' . . . .
Palm Beach and light Summer Suits
$10.00 and $12.00 values, going at . . ,
Fall and Winter Suits that you will pay elsewhere
from $20.00 to $40.00, we are closing out at from .
If you think we are lieing come and see. Do not growl about
high prices and then overlook this wonderful opportunity.
Everything Must Go
Furniture, Stoves and Ranges, Rugs and Linoleums, Har
ness, Tools) Tents, Dishes most everything you may want
.... 75c
. $5.65
$9.98 to $19.00
W. H. REAM, Proprietor
339-349 East Washington Street
F. E. DAVIS. Sales-Manager
Phone 1476

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