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By Biddy Bye 1
When ran an American family afford
"to Kf"P a maid?"
In th'.- ditys of universal economy
or N'KF.D for economy that ia a pr
tinpn quenHon which overy bu.sjne.ss
hKf. hou.sp.-ife muxt a?k herself before
shp d idne that bhe "must have hell)
with the work."
As 11 business pnipusition kerpimc a
niLifl is a luxury for the vrry few
sn extravaennce for all families who
roulii not freely and frankly he classed
?s "rich."
.Modern economists have figured the
iutu.U money cost of keeping a maid
Wares at ? to V per week.
; for a month $-0-$-S
Ftnom -at t'i per week, for a
mnnth VIM
poarrl it l per week, for a
month 1S.00
3epref iatlon (waste, breakage,
' eie.j per month o.Qt
Total $53.60
At this estimate the r.ist of main-
famine a m.-iid for a single, year
mnotints to 4::.20. Yet many fami
lies with an income of t-,000 a year
think they can afford, that their social
position demands they "keep a maid."
In .-iriVTition to the hare living costs
fFtimated ahove are the other costs in
volved in Rifts and vacations to the
maid, to care and loss of time during
her possible illness, and to the in
creased cost traced bin to the more ex
travacant. standards of living which
accompany "keepin? a maid." Obvi-
The first woman letter writer on
record was Queen Jezebel, wife of
Ahah. and she used her pen for the
purpose of deception. The story is told
in I Kinpcs, 5:10. When Ahab was
mourning because he could not obtain
N'aboth's vineyard by fair' means,
Jezebel conceived of foul ones. "So
she wrte letters in Ahnb's name and
sealed them with his seal, and sent
the letters unto the elders and to the
nobles that were in his city, and that
dwelt with Naboth." They sufrgesed
a plot which resulted in the death of
Naboth by stoning.
An earlier letter mentioned in the
fliblc was written by a man and was
equally detestable, "When we remem
ber the contents and the purpose of
David's Jetter to Job, how it did for
T'riah "hat Jezebel did for Naboth,
and from a dirtier motive, we could
have wished to this too that it had
never been preserved.
The writing of letters has proved to
be disastrous to more than one m;in,
ami they have brought downfall to
many. Hvery one should be careful of
what they write. Good letters, like
pood thoughts, bring back good things.
ously. fur a family not rich, "keeping a
maid" is rank extravagance.
There are certain times, and emer
gencies in family life when keeping a
maid is actually justified, such as times
of prolonged illness of one or more
members of the family, when the
housewife must act as a nurse in addi
tion to other duties. Alio, when there
are very young babies in the family
requiring the mother's strength and
care, a maid's help is justified, and
should be provided by economies in
other directions. It is only when there
are excessive demands on the house
wife's physical strength that a maid la
really needed in families of average
Economists roughly estimate that
maids are extravagant in ail families
with incomes of less than J3.5U0 a
The up-keep and care of the home
and children is -as much the business
of the wife and mother as the actual
earning of the husband and father.
Kor an average woman in normal
health the care of a house, and the
work necessary to keep herself, hus
band, and from two to three children
in health and comfort, is not unrea-1
The just woman will admit that
woman has no more real claim to ex
tra hours of rest and leisure than her
husband. Even housewives can so ar
range their work as to afford one
hour's rest or recreation each day
and that is more than is allowed the
average business man or worker. It is
true that housework cannpt be limited
to a strict eight or ten hour day. but
it CAN be so arransed as to consume
no more than that during the WHOLE
day, and so as to. leave the evenings
free for rest and compansionship with
the wage earner.
Tf, by agreement between husband
and wife, it is decided that the wife is
more useful, economically, working
outside her home than in it, the em
ployment of a maid to assume the do
mestic duties usually alloteU to the
wife, is justified. These, however, are
rare situations.
If the employment if a maid is for
the sole purpose of giving the house
wife more liesure and pleasure, or for
"raising the social standard of the
family" it is both absurd, and an eco
nomic wrong or act of selfishness.
Ey Martha Throop
Beauty and perfect health are two
gifts within reach of any woman who
really wants them I
I make that bald statement because
I have changed my own body from
that of a thin, weak, scrawny child
at 13 to perfect health, and propor
tions that artists tell me are practically
the same as that of iiie famous Venus
de Milol
They say that Venus was ine ideal
of woman's physical perfection.
I do not claim to be beautiful, but I
know that my weight, height, and gen
eral measurements are practicaily the
same as hers, and I DO know that any
average woman could have the same
physical development by athletics and
physical training.
Venus wa's five feet, two inches tall,
and weighed 1.10 pounds, the artl'.-t
and archeologistn have decided. 1 am
five feet, one and three-fourths inches
tall and weigh 110 pounds.
Wrhen I was 13 I was thin and weak. j
I began to take vocal lessons and my
teachers taught me how to breathe. I
Rained strength, weight, and color so
fa.st, I decided there must be a good
deal of value in exercise and athletics
and so I went in for exercise strong.
My brother Dick, who has ben in
the navy four years helped me. He
taught me all sorts of setting-up exer
cises, and also taught me how to box
and row.
But the first and most important
lesson for the girl who seeks beauty
by the sure road of exercise is
On proper breathing depends all the
first steps toward beauty and strength.
Take breathing exercises for 1" min
utes every morning until you have es
tablished the habit of correct breath
ing. Fifteen minutes tin any one physical
exercise is enough. Don't over do it.
Do your breathing exercises in the
open air or at an open window.
Don't wear any clothing that will
restrict yon.
Hold your arms In the position
shown in the picture. You will notice
the shoulders are raised. Always lift
your shoulders before you start to in
hale. Lift your shoulders then fill
vour lungs with air. Then exhale
quickly and repeat.
This sort of thing develops the arms
and shoulders as well as gives you a
bigger chest expansion.
(Louisville Courier-JournaO
"Iliram, we want a contribution for
the village band. They need horns."
"Yon bet they do. the pesky devils,"
declared old Top Wombat.
( London Opinion)
"When does this old Noah's Ark
"Oh. we're just waiting for the asses
to get on board. Hurry op, please."
It makes no enrrerence WTia? your
wants may be. yon can have- them sup
plied by using and rending The Repub
lican Classified pages.
el r
framing a
requires careful consideration as
well as taste.
One must consider not only the
decorative qualities of the frame,
but its suitability in preserving
the individuality of the por
trait. We are now showing the new
est designs for fall and offer you
the benefit of onr experience as
Miller-Sterling Co.
"Where Quality Counts"
H. W. DAYKIN, Pres.
42 North Central
. i 'fL
- t l s
Xi fx. J ' ' q
i . ' - ' t- V . - 1
I f w-aiK'' .' 1
i ' h z & .
i ? - tf
"He often had brain-storms!"
Mrs. Lulu Burger (top) decla
that her son, Harry S. New, Jr.,
was insane when he killed his sweet
heart, Fneda Lesser, oh the out
skirts of Los Angeles.
The young murder's half-sister,
Mary Clancy (bottom), will sup
port the -mothers contention when
the case is tried.
Some Say
oney Will Not Buy Happinesi
!'l ! 1' 'run
1 1
But See
Will Buy This
Phoenix, Arizona
. - "ias'-'4asaS - - . f
L - WJi.vf - J'
: H Jf
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.. f. . i .
; xf- r ;
i t ,-'' t-V" t 1 -
: i- - t f I
By Biddy Bye
In the days when ready prepared
meats have reached an extravagant
price, many a thirfty housewife with
n eye for the picnic sandwich, and
the cold -meat supper has found it
wise to "purchase a whole ham and do
the required boiling or baking in her
home kjtchen. . I
Boiled ham, bought by ehe pound,
costs fro m60 to 73 cents, while a
smoked ham to be cooked at home,
can be bought at from ;r, to 40 cents
a pound. A considerable saving is thus
made by buying a 10 or 12 pound ham,
preparing it at home. :jid thus obtain
ing a summer's supply of ready-to-serve
and delicious meat.
According to an old Virginia recipe
for boiling bams the method is as fol
lows :
lmmers the ham in water the night
before cooking and souk for 1- or 14
hours. Wash off thoroughly in luke
warm water. Put the ham to cook
skin side down, in a large boiler full
of boiling water. Add one cupful of
sugar and vinegar. Lower the heat
under the boiler and let ihe meat sim
mer for five hours, keeping the boiler
covered. As the water boils out keep
adding fresh boiling water, keeping the
boiler fuli. When the ham is done it
will turn over, skin up and the meat
will pull away from the bone for an
inch or more. When done, lift the
whole kettle off the stove, skim oft the
surface Impurities, and let the meat
cool in the water in which It cooked.
After removing the ham the modern
economical housewife will strain care
fully the water in which it cooked and
store it in jars for flavoring soups and
cooked vegetables.
For a baked ham. remove the out
side skin of the boiled ham and stick
the fatty surface with whole cloves.
one-h;if inch apart, over the whole
surface. Fluster the whole ham thickly
with brown sugar, set in a roasting
pan, and bake, basting with a water
and cider liquid. When done, take
from the oven and set on top of the
stove, and continue, basting for ten
minutes, until the sugar crust is brown
and crisp.
Keep the cooked meat in a sterilized
earthcrn jar, set in a cool, dry place
and covered carefully from heat, dust,
or insects.
With a large ham. after the boiling
the ham may be cut in two parts and
only one-half need he baked, if pre
ferred, giving variety in the form in
which it may be served.
1 ftjs -karv-r
This is the proper way to take breathing exercises. Stand before an open
window, and wear loose clothing.
I i i i 1 r
.-- . r1 '-x ri
rVk It
K. , I
By 0. B. Joyful
ATOKA. OlUa Sheriff Akin, in
overalls and a full beard, looked so
mnch like the bootleggers he sought
that other officers arrested and
searched him.
The aerial sermon will bo preached
by a minister who will float above the
heads of his congregation at a height
of 2.0011 feet or so. His message will
be audible to all by means of a wire
less telephone and a megaphone attachment.
"There ain't a chance in the world
for the girl that wears oversize stock
ings," observes the Arkansas Thomas
Cat ("Hot, Springs).
ere s
No Ex
for an nnridy appearance. Clothing is high in price, but that doesn't
mean that you can't wear good looking clothes. A little money spent
with us will make your old suit look new. '
Rose Read
21 West Monroe, opposite Y. M. C. A.; Telephone 1042
"Turtle hunts are th" favorite pss- j
timj of the folks n?ar Rockdale. Fa.."
began a returned vacationist who has
been seeing America first (;ilso thirst), i
"Last wee k they unearthed a nest j
of the largest reptiles ever seen in J
eastern Pennsylvania. j
"James Laub found a 2.1-pound snap-j
per on the railroad tracks skirting the j
river and soon capture-d i:. I
"The next day Kobcrt Fr(!"rick saw
one fully 10 pound.-; hc.v.ir-r. bn it j
showed fight and was overpowered ,
only when two othej- men cr.me to
Frederick's nssistance.
"And the day after that Hi-nry Mose
ly ran across one tli.it weighed all of
50 pounds. It, too, gave battle, and
18 shots were fired into it before it
turned up its toes.
''But the biggest of all found so far
was met on the road along the Lehigh
Valley. Andrew Squires came upon it.
and tied a log chain around the turtle
and hitched jt to the rear of his auto
mobile, intending to drag thev snapper
into Rockdale, but the turtle's horse
power wan greater than Mr. Squire's
auto, and next morning the auto was
sis miles farther from Rockdale than
it had been when it met the turtle.
We agree with the American ad
miral who says. "Tt was a fine old
hen that hatched the American eagle."
And in the rootser the hen has the
most industrious and most ca.pable
press agent in' the world.
"All plain work, such as soiling arid
heeling, returned in one or two days.
Toevcapping and vamping will take
longer, as we do them properly. Adv.
in English paper.
Did you say, -'Sky Pilot'.'"
The first sermon from the air will
be the heaJliner at the ilethodist
church centenary exposition to be held
at Columbus. O.
9VX l
Dr. Florence N. Richards.
Dr. Florence N. Kichards, medics
iBrectoT of the William Penn High
School for Girls in Philadelphia,
spoke recently on social problems at
the State Federation of Women's
Clubs of New Jersey. She shocked
and considerably irritated her listen
ers by confining her remarks almost
exclusively to a condemnation of cur
rent style of women's dress. She
Btated that mothers should be pun
ished 'who let their daughters wear
gowns that expose the shoulders and
that spooning, the new dances, the
bathing suits and the decollete gown
are symptoms of an immoral era.
e l
of 5 rooms and bath,
with built-in features
hardwood floors on liv
ing room and dining
room -tile floor in bath
room, for
- . nirnr. sr-wL
Zlf-vy OTrfPTir! ft i , j
- -v rnc
. - i i
This house cannot be built for less than
$3600.00 by the old methods but by our
system you can save $850-Concrete
molded in imitation of stone, brick or
pebble dash.
The roof is absolutely fireproof as we
build it of metal and concrete.
Let us show you one of these houses in
course of construction.
See us for estimates on any kind of con
struction, cqnerete and cement work a
H pr-
I j
. - , y -i 1
Ui J
1 f y ri 1 1 M 15
-v Plan '
Builder Co.
Phone 4423
First Ave. and Van Buren
or Hotel Rexall, Mesa

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