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Today We're Taking Inventory
Friday and Saturday
the SALE!
Inventory brings forth every suit, dress, coat, skirt, waist, pet
ticoat, sweater and every piece of silk underwear to be listed.
Stocks will be turned "up side down" Every garment that's
been lagging will be repriced regardless of former price or cost.
To allow extra time for arrangement of our ENTIRE STOCK on
sale racks, store will not open until 10 A. M. Tomorrow,
Regarding Sale Prices
We cannot quote sale prices until inventory is complete Just
be here tomorrow at ten. You'll not be disappointed.
Store closed all day today Sale
starts 10 A. M. tomorrow, con
tinues till nine P. M. Saturday.
Corner Adams at FirsfrAve.
' 'j
One must visit th chamber of com
"nerce these days in order to realize
ihe activity that is going on within
;hat organization and the building
which it occupies. From a multitude
of subjects which are referred to the
hamber for action throughout tho
ear. some interesting items stand out
is of special value to the community.
In planning for the entertainment of
'.he returned soldiers, the chamber
performed the duty for the city which
was appreciated fully by the men
themselves as well as by the' citizens
ot the city of Phoenix. Following the
organization of the Soldiers' and Sail
jfs club and the turning over to the
soldiers and sailors themselves of all
the equipment of the citizens' commit
tee started by the chamber, completed
its work and turned over to the club
the balance on hand, which was about
$500." The chamber lias supplied 200
cots for the use of the soldiers' club
during fair week, and as a permanent
?Ift to the organization.
The Luke Memorial turnajnent. in
spite of many difficulties, carried out
its plans and has on hand a fund of
tbout JSOuo, as the nucleus of a per
manent memorial fund to do honor to
one of Phoenix' sons who lost his life
in the war.
City Limits Extension
The extension of the city limits was
accomplished without serious opposi
tion, but required a great deal of in
vestigation and quiet work, which was
also an expensive item but which will
repay the city many fold in the extra
advertising it will give on account of
the Increase in population which will
be included. The chamber conserva
tively estimates the population for the
present time at $40,000, as there are
over 5.900 'phones now in the city.
witn 3uo orders on the waiting list.
Some revision of the building code
appears very necessary and a strong
committee Is working on some amend
ments, which will be submitted later
for the consideration of the city offi
The chamber of commerce is plan
ning cooperation with the department
of agriculture in securing a poultrv
experimental station for the Salt River
valley. This is soon to be officially
announced and will certainly be o
benefit to the industry and the county.
The cotton committee is Investigating
a proposal for a bonded warehouse for
cotton and also a cotton compress. This
matter will go to final issue very soon
and will probably result in a cotton
warehouse being established in the
near future.
Against Undesirables
" The chamber Initiated a movement
to keep out of the valley undesirable
citizens, especially the Hindoos which
are beginning to come here from the
WE WISH to extend to our host of
friends sincere gocfo wishes for the
New Year, and express our sincere pleas
ure at the relationship which has existed
in the past. '. ,
Fourth and Adams St.
Imperial valley. It is the belief that
there are sufficient desirable citizens
available to amply take up all of the
farming opportunities in the vicinity
without having to resort to Hindoos.
The action of the chamber has been
endorsed by the Realty board and the
other important organizations in the
The exhibit committee took the Ini
tiative In planning a county -exhibit at
the International Soil-Products exposi
tion at Kansas City and due to the
work of the chamber, the county suc
ceeded in .carrying away four first
prizes, making a record which no other
exhibit in the show equalled. The ex
hibit was afterward shown at the
Mesa cotton carnival, which was a
success in every way, in spite of the
very unfortunate weather conditions
which occurred when the Mesa cotton
carnival was held.
In taking care of the visitors during
fair week the chamber accomplished
a task which a great many citizens
were fearful could not be handled. Th
offices of the organization were kept
open from 8 in the morning until two
in the morning.
Caring For Visitors
Prom 50 to 130 people a day were
handled in houses and apartments and
in other ways. Seven hundred cots
were bought by the chamber to help
out in this work. A large number of
these cots have already been disposed
of, but the chamber still has about 200
on hand and will be glad to dispose of
these to anyone interested.
A strong committee from this or
ganization visited Florence on the oc
casion of the San Carlos dam celebra
tion. A permanent committee of the
chamber to follow up this particular
work has been appointed which we are
sure will result in much benefit.
The chamber of commerce commit
tee on soldier settlement has also con
tinued its activities during the past
year and is assisting the state com
mittee organized for the same purpose.
The need of an anto camp ground is
ealized and overtures have already
been made to the city to secure part
of Christy Acres for this purpose. It
Is expected that within a very short
time plans for putting this park In
shape will bo announced officially.
Traffic Bureau
Another movement of great value to
air of tho citizens in the community,
and especially to the shippers, is tho
organization of the chamber of com
merce traffic bureau, with Roland
Johnston, former traffic manager for
tho Pacific Creamery, in charge. This
bureau will open officially on the first
of January. 1920. Some quiet work 13
being done at this time by this com
mittee and active operations will begin
January 1st.
A committee from the chamber
visited the road conference at Mineral
Wells, Texas, and brought back a lot
of encouraging Information on road
matters generally. Through the ef
forts of the chamber tho road bond
issue was carried by a splendid ma
jority, and the $4,000,000 bond issue
adopted by the people. Early action
following the large amount of neces
sary investigation will no doubt follow
very quickly. -
The chamber lent its efforts to the
campaign for a new water supply for
the city of Phoenix. A very splendid
vote in favor of the project was se
cured and work on the system will
begin about the middle of January.
- For Aviation Field
The chamber has expended its funds
in amply taking care of visiting avia
tors. This is a very difficult matter
to handle, and while efforts to secure
a flying field near town have been un
successful so far. it ia hoped that some
day soon something in this direction
can be accomplished. At the sugges
tion of the chamber, a part of the fair
grounds was put in shape and tho
present landing field seems to be
adequate for temporary use. For per-
manent use some field will be abso
lutely necessary. The high, price of
land near the city makes it very diffi
cult to secure a location. It is honed
that sometime the plans for a citv
park, covering 160 acres, can be worked
out, the park to include a suitable
landing field available on every occa
D e s pi t e Unprecedented
Competition Arizona
Fruit Last Season Showed
Su p eri o r i t y - On the
That the orange and grape fruit in
dustry is enjoying a healthy and
normal growth in this state is indi
cated by a resume of the year 1919
furnisTied by the Arizona Fruit and
Storage company which has handled
f the greater part of the citrus fruits' of
the Salt River valley this season.
The Arizona Fruit and Storage com
pany was formed last summer oy tne
citrus growers to handle the packing
and shipping of their product. They
packed for the old Arizona Orange as
sociation and many other growers who
pooled together this season. The re
sult of this affiliation of interests lia.-
proved very beneficial to the entire
The actual marketing of the fruit
has been done through, the Mutual
Orange distributors of Redlands, Canr.,
who have agents in all parts of the
United States and Canada. Their
handling of the Arizona product has
been unusually successful.
Unusual Conditions
Arizona had unusual conditions t
meet in marketing oranges and grape
fruit this season. Citrus fruits of this
section are generally ready for the
public at a time when most of the
other markets have been depleted. But
this season the car shortage during last
spring and summer forced growers of
other sections of the country to store
their fruit. As a result 5,000 cars of
t-imurnia v aiencias were being rushed
to market at th rata r,r mo. th
. .. vfc uiui c LlkiJ.ll .1,
hundred cars a day during November
-ueceraoer. mis unusual competi
tion reacted on the price of the Arizona
product which was placed on the
market at .a comparatively low figure.
Despite the unprecedented competi
tion, the quality of the Arizona prod
uct asserted itself on the market and
the first pool netted the grower more
than 13.50 a packed . box over all
charges. Tfce car shortage has acted
to keep the market at an even tone
and there will not be the big difference
in prices between the first pool, and
later ones that has previously, handi
capped the late growtr.
Ship 80 Cars Oranges
There were more than Kn -L W
ora'nges shipped out of the Salt River
valley this season, which is practically
over, as compared to only 50 carload
one year ago. Those In close touch
with the situation predict that this
amount Will he dmihlt.,1 n
- v v.. ., K, .IV VMJVlli
Grape fruit has found a steady demand
at inr price.
The Arizona nranc-e hsia rolling -.
supremacy in the eastern market and
hHnflra oHsii, 1 ftA . . .
- cuvsui. vx.uu l uua juure man., me
California fruit in th
superior qualities is also creating for
it a. sieauny increasing demand.
As this demand and
is created through the color and flavor
of the Arizona orange, growers of the
valley are urged to exert every effort
to improve the a nnpa rn rt f v.
fruit. c
In referrine- to th
secretarv Of the Arizona 'FViiff o,'
Storage company, advises:
i his is a problem to be worked out
in the- orchards . and a large amount
per acre can be spent with the surety
of a speedj- return with Interest. Fruit
sells on appearance and quality, and
where we have the acknowledged su
premacy in the latter we can afford a
considerable expenditure to improve
the appearance of the product."
, Win' National Recognition
Tho Arizona grape fruit is also win
ning national recognition for its su
perior qualities. Prospects are that
more than 50 carloads of grape fruit
will be moved out of the Salt River
valley this season and predictions are
this amount will be doubled next year.
Although the marketing of grape fruit
has been somewhat handicapped bv the
shortage of sugar, prices have remained
steady. Shipments, however, have been
held . up pending' the ' time when the
demand .for: sugar, can be better met.'
Growers of the valley are appreciat
ing the benefits derived through pool
ing their interests and marketing tneir
products through such a medium as the
Arizona Fruit, and Storage company in
preference to working: indeoendentlv.
In the past, competition among- inde
pendent fruit growers resulted" in
forcing down prices and bringing gen
eral disadvantages -to all concerned. By
united effort citrus products of the
Salt River valley have been placed m
an enviable position in the open
market. - - r -
: Mr. MiHer- predicts- that within -.two
years. this valley-will be- shipping more
grape fruit than any other- section in
the west.
o .
It makes" no difference what your
wants may be you can have them sup
plied by using and reading The Repub
lican Classified Pages. I
LOS ANGELS, Dec. 20. TUnet-s .
Miss Edna. Clancy, half sister of the
accused, who was to be the principal
witness for hii, defense attorneys an
nounced, prevented a session here to
night of the trial of Harry New, al
leged murderer of his fiancee, Freda
Adjournment late this nft
ended a day occupied entirely with tes
timony regarding Xew's alleged pecu
liarities KlJCh t slooninl' nH,
clothes and shoes on, his fleeing from
imaginary enemies and his staring for
hours at a time into space.
. Counsel for Xey announced Mis-
Clancy would be the first witness to
tomorrow when the trial will be re
sumed three.Oliartern nf an hnni
earlier than usual, that the case may
go.to.tne jury as Foon as possible.
Mrs. Lille if. T!nrefr- mntVioi- rf
Xew, was absent from the court room
auring me morning session for tho
first .time : sine th trial nnanoH
cause of a nervous breakdown, it was
stated oy the defense counsel. Against
the advice of her physician. News
Cftllnil E9fri shn lfft- V or had lr Va
afternoon and returned to her place
near ner son.
o -
TTse The Remihllr-iin Clasifltxl Pao-c
for Results Read for Profit.
several members are working on a
committee to establish a museum which
will result in keeping the lot of ancient
relics within the state, and the museum
will be a great asset to the com
Cleaning up the city was accom
plished in part on a big "Clean-Up
Day" held In the early part of the fall.
Plans for persistent efforts along this
line are being worked out, work to
be done by a special committee.
Smokers Planned
Chamber of commerce smokers are
now being held once a month, and are
proving very successful. The plans are
to continue these smokers throughout
the winter months, as long as they are
demanded by the membership.
The present accommodations ire
not adequate for the big work which
is being carried on and steps are being
taken to secure a new location. Several
plans have been submitted and it is
hoped that by the early part of the
year announcement can be made of the
new location and arrangements which
it is hoped will include accommoda
tions for all of the commercial bodies,
working for the city, county and state.
The chamber takes this opportunity
of thanking the press for the publicity
support which it has extended during
the past year, without which it would
be impossible to undertake any of. this
work. The services rendered by all
development organizations In the city
In carrying out many of the projects
mentioned. It also hereby publicly
acknowledges with the heartiest thanks
of the directors and members.
The chamber takes this opportunity
of wishing all citizens the best of good
things for the holiday season and all
prosperity for 1920.
Every Ford Owner Should Know
Just what Ford Service is, and why it is different from ordinary garage service, and
why it is more profitable to patronize the Authorized' Ford Dealer The Ford, Dealer is
a part of the Big Ford Family. He carries a large stock of genuine Ford parts for repairs
and replacements so you don't have to wait while he sends for them, and he uses only
genuine parts because he knows the imitation parts aren't dependable and don't wear.
He has a thoroughly equipped up -to-the minute garage with tools that enable his Ford
Mechanics to efficiently and properly make any repair from a minor adjustment to a
complete overhaul. "And when the work is finished, his bill represents the reasonable,
standard Ford prices. , -
Xow. we are Authorized Ford Dealers a part' of that great Ford Service organization
which was formed chiefly to put within each community a dealer who would have more
than a passing interest in Ford repairs and adjustments. "We are prepared and equipped
to render prompt,- careful Ford service, i Drive inor 'phone and we'll come after your
Fourth and Adams,
Grand Avenue.
" President,
sion and in every kind f weather-

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