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(Section Two)
Children igfe Cook,infllP Fashion
New Year's
In Other Lands
And Times
How to Serve a Simple, But Attractive Buffet Lunch At a New
Year's Eve Watch. Party
Blouses Are
For New Year
V 1 5
Watch Party Idea
An, original ami novel ide for tho
New 1'ear's watch party, ami one tluit
Mill b? appreciated by the guests Is
to hang a fancy lantern over thf
porcht jight. This designation will
save 4rying to ri'ad hous numbers in
the d,rk on the part of the invited
Th&; little si heme will help in two
KirSti it points out the hou.H-.
Second it j.s like a handshake lung
lefore ine guests enter your home i;r.u
will hH; to start the evening withe ut
a hiuh.
More Than
:One Way Out
f III r O I 1 I -1 ( -Feminine characterise
'5 T 11
... .. 4
l-nfjuti:. s
"y. first on !!:
l4iref--iu- :;:,
. l.. 1 . L'".. M thr
s. s.ti,li ii'. : . t v i i - i
1 ' ' '. : : : ro; ;
' ! A' P':
The first day of the year has been
a time for celebration sinca the days
of the great Roman empire. -The Ro
mans exchanged greetings end made
presents to such an extent that, un
der the Caesars, New Year's was a
very profitable day to the .emperor and
a burden to his subjects.
in the Persian calendar the year
begins on March 21, which day is one
of rejoicing. Among other peoples,
the year began on "March 25, until
1752, when (ireat Britain changed it
to January 1, by an act f ' parlia
ment. Old Saxon Toast
The rejoicing and good fellowship
at New Year's among the Teutonic
and Saxon people called for a "flow
ing bowl," in their belief ultimately
this was the origin of the wassail
bowl, so-called because of the usual
toast. "To your health," or "wass
hail," in Saxon. ' The bowl was so
large that a man had to use both
hands to raise it to his lips when he
drank from it. Times were so stren
uous then that a friend always stood
by with drawn sword, to protect him
from being stabbed while thus unable
to protect himself.
Japanese Symbols
Of all countries where New Year s
is celebrated 1n Individual ways, per
haps Japan has the most unusual.
There is a day of much festivity. Ev
ery doorway is symbolically decorated,
the usu.l form befmr a erreen nrcli
This arch is made of two small pine
trees, bamboos and a grass rope. A
I smaU pin.,- tree with a reddish stem is
j placed ut "the right of the doorwav.
one wnn a oiack stem at the left.
Clore to the pines on either side are
set light stems of bamboo, while the
distance between the pines, usuallv
.-bout six feet, is spanned by a grass
rope, raised just high enough to allow
ot passage beneath it.
j Bamboo for Hale Life
me pine trees symbolize to the
Japanese a stalwart age which has
wnnsioou an nardships of struggle.
cs are uttribut-
e reddish utt.ni
arm masculine to the dark. The bam
' boo stems, erect and with successions
of rings, symbolize fullnes3 of years.
! and hale life. All unclean and evil
I h infra ' i v lui
i - "i. Hum crossing the i
, threshhold by the grass rope spanning t
(other state has the distinction of hold
ing a midnight special session and
liiiusning up me task of ratifying be-i
j tween supper and .reakfas '
j It looked for a while to South Da- I
kota suffragists us if circumstances I
i ouici no mem out of prompt ratifiea
jtion. owing to the fact that Governor
I .Nor heck is obliged to call a speciiil
session early in 1920 and did not feel
justified in calling one now unless tho
members of the legislature would be
; willing to come without anv expense
- to th' state.
; It was Mrs. John It. Pyle, president
of the South I:kota State League of
Women voters and recently elected
I'lVRHKMuiai erector from her
! vno tiiought of
! the difficulty.
, The n:cha:vl.-. primary law provides
that o:i the xoi:l Tuesday of Decem
ber so-. alled "proposal men ' meet at
, the MtatA c-anrtol to propose state can-
oiaates to l e voted on at ii unr.i.
primaries. Mrt. Pyle realized tiin ihi.
irrnin'; ITi.'Knt te
i special sv?!on
j nxuiu i ir- legislators present who
j would be acting as proposal men.
: U hat further added to the possibility
of gettitig the legislature together
without expense to the state was the
New Year's eve and a watcli party!
Visions of sandwiches and cakes
are immediately conjured up at the
word "party." Of course the best
silver and china will be polished and
washed to give the finishing touch to
the table.
The easiest for the hostess, as well
as one of the most attractive ways to
serve a large party of guests, is the
buffet lunch. In this way a happy
air of informality is preserved, the
men serving an almost private supper
hour with his "lady love by a little
maneuvering of chairs in half-obscure
corners, or staking out a claim
op some deserted staircase.
Use Unshaded Candles
The prettiest way to light a table is
with unshaded candle. A silver can
delabra in the center and two Dingle
sticks throw a soft, friendly light over
both table and room.
The custom of asking an especially
dear friend to assist in the duties of
hostess by pouring coffee at the head
of the table is'most advantageous to
the busy lady entertaining guests.
A lunch of thi3 sort may be served
with a minimum of confusion in a
home without a maid. With the ex
ception of replenishing the coffee pot.
and possibly the sandwich plates, no
service Is needed; for the entire sup
per, as well as the dishes and silver
for serving, is placed on the table.
The service plates are set In piles
at one end; whatever silver is needed
is laid out In regular rows; the nap
kins are also placed In piles; the cof
fee tray, with cups and other acces
sories, is set at the other end con
veniently before the person who is to
pour. Plates of sandwiches, olives,
pickles, salted nuts, bon-bons and
cake are scattered about the table in
the most attractive way.
A simple menu consisting of two
kinds of sandwiches,, olives, sweet
pickles, salted almonds, assorted can
dies and various kinds of individual
cakes (these latter should not have a
soft frosting as they are to be handled
more or less with the fingers), makes
quite as elaborate a tunch as is nec
essary, And the snowy cloth, shining silver,
gleaming glass and the bright red and
green of holly, all glowing under the
soft light of old-fashioned wax can
dles, makes a picture attractive
enough to add tastefulness to far
simpler food.
Dainty service is the first requisite
of all parties, elaborate or otherwise.
The watch party lunch should be
served not later than a quarter to 11
so that all may be cleared away and
the guests gathered about the piano
just before midnight singing the New
Year in.
to get around
utilized to further a
knowing that there
May the saddest days of your New Year be no sadder than the gladdest days of
the year just past.
fac t lhat there were to be three dif
ferent political conventions held at the
same time, republican, democratic and
Accordingly, after receiving the as
surance that a ma jority f the mem
bers were willing to come; to Pierre
at their own expense, Governor Nor
beck issued a call for a special session
to be held December - at 7 o'clock in
the eveninr. According to law, three
legislative da are necessary for the
passage of the bill. Therefore, the
first and second readings were given
in one day and final passage took
place at 12:44 a. m. December 4.
This was the first time in the history
of South Dakota that a legislature
convened in the middle of the night.
Phone your Classified Ads to The
Republican. We will collect later
Phone 4331.
by Olive. Roberta Barton.
Grace of Contour and Beauty of Eyes
Mark Armenian Women
o. Cor sscae
i?' JSC
If your tea tastes bitterish
nrui puckcry, cr is not ihz
ricl . and delightful bever
age that tea chould be, ycu
arc riot paying enough per
pound. You are getting more
tanijin-tastc than ten-tastc.
Tfjhe costs cf getting tea
froifi; the tea-garden to your
kitchen arc about the same
for Jgood tea as for corn
mod tea and they are much
greater than the original
costiof the tea in the Orient.
So jpay a little more ,pcr
pound, and get tea with
twice as much tea-flavor.
That's what you want
real, tea-flavor. You get it
in Schilling Tea, the fine
economical practical tea of
There exe four flavors of SchHHng
Tea Japan, Ceylon - India, Oolong,
English Breakfast. All one quality. In
paicbmyn-lined moisture-proof packages.
At grocers ererwhere.
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Ti r ' - - -"ntf
i! iP
71 v." 1
mm' ' J"''""1 v 'v'' f1
til J j
2i i - f --y - ',v.,v,. I
T i hM'A4.
: - '' ? t
J - ' y-S' r
t t t-.--.-i , , , t
: ' ' ' ' i r
r t I
7 ' ' . ' " V i .'4 f I
I ' ; " - , - ' ' 1
V ' YJ, r
r v ' ' ','. - r
7 'v
r . J
mm.mfr I"
-t- V
In the Spider's Web
Nancy and Nick were caught in the spider's web when they were out
hunting for Jocko, their -lost toy monkey. They had lost their magic green
shoes, which was too bad. because they were as little as ants, and now they
couldn't wish themselves big again. But as the mushroom in Nancy's pocket
said, "TWey.must be brave and patient," and they were trying to be both.
"Here's the spider now," said Nick, peeping through the grass. "She's
coming back. She's found our green shoes, and she's got 'em onl"
Sure enough along came the spider, looking as proud as a peacick.
"Better be careful she doesn't wish to be big, as long as she has the shoes
on,; children," whispered the mushroom. "She might get as big as a cow."
Just then the spider arrived.
"I found your shoes," she said, "but I think I'll keep them. I ve always
"I found your shoes," said the spider, "but I think I'll keep them. I've always
wanted some green shoes, and they just fit me, too."
wanted some green shoes, and they just fit me, too." And shev brushed off a
speck of dust.
"I wish " she began when the twins cried, "Oh, don't please!"
' She looked very much astonished, but started again, "I've always wished "
"Oh, please Mon't," they begged again.
. "Well, I declare, what odd bugs you are or flies, which is it?"
"We're children," said Nancy.
"Indeed! ' Well, . children, I couldn't find an ant and I'm hungry, so X
think I'll be having dinner. And her eyes glittered as she came toward them.
But what do you think happened? She couldn't walk In the web with
those shoes. They slipped whenever she took a step, so she had to take them
off. , : - -
Quick as a wink the twins firabbed them and put ".hem on. "Please make
us big," they said. "And in a twinkling they were their proper size again and
the spider was nowhere to be seen.- . ' . .
"Soft glances from southern eyes."
has long been the expression which
stands as a symbol of the many
graces, which, united make up the al
luring charm of the 'women from
southern lands. This charm is uncom
monly frequent amongr tho Armenian
women. They are as a rule slender
and graceful, but not tall- Dark glow
ing eyes, matching just as dark hair,
are enhanced by a faultlessly clear,
olive complexion. .
MIsaArmene Ohanlan. ArmanJan
beauty, is typical of her sister beaut
ies. Representing the women of the
wealthier classes, " she displays the
qualities of loveliness which mark
them tho soft, olive Rkln, the large,
thick-lashed, heavy-lidded eyes, un
der delicately-pencilled jroW3 and the
delicately-carved lips and nostrils.
Among the majority of Armenian
women the hat is taboo. Instead they
wear veils or silken scarfs draped
jrracefully over the hair, outlining the
shapely contour" of the he
Eskimo Toys
r Carved From v
Wood or Ivory
Whatever the conception of Santa
Claus held by Eskimo boys and girls,
their Ideas of toys are just as defin
ite as any hopes cherished by boys
and girls of America. Little Eskimo
girls, for Instance, are as fond of play
ing with dolls as are any other child
ren." Home-made Puppets
The majority of their dolls are cut
from driftwood, many times being
made by their fathers during the long
winter months. Some of these dolls
are made to turn their heads from
side to side by means of strings wound
about the neck and pulled, by : the !
cnuo s ruurer pueneu up oeneaux ifti
doll's clothing. , .
Doll houses are often perfect minia
ture snow houses, provided with soap
stone lamps, little kettles and -other
essentials. An Eskimo Jack-in-the-box
is cleverly made with a whalebone
sprnp, which causes a strange' look
ing animal to jump from a box.''--Mr.
and Mrs. Noah
A complete Noah's Ark is easy for
the Eskimos, clever carver In wood
and ivory. They carve the animals
from walrus tusks. Though many of
these animals differ from those fa
miliar to American nursery collec
tions, the group as a whole presents
the same idea. The reindeer and dog
are prominent members of the ark
family,' in company with the whale,
polar bear, seal,, sea otter, sea Hon
and porpoise. Even the Eskimo types
of Noah and h!s wife and family ap
pear. . ,
I Use The ReuMlcan Classified Fares
I for Results Read for Profit . . -
Of the many new things which will
be seen in the coming year, changes
In women's dress styles will be up In
the fore. And among these new styles
none point to greater charm than the
bloose fashions of the new year.
Entirely new embroideries will form
odd yokes, deep trimmings on the new
development of the casaque blouse.
The main changes in this popular gar
ment, however, Will . be a shortening
of the length and a perceptible widen
ing at the waistline. In some models
it will have a box cut appearance, and
in others a full,' belted, ' youthful sil
houette. All will retain the slipover
or open shoulder seam feature. The
new casaque lines are closer to tho
figure than have been the Balkan
and Russian blouse models.
Kid Blouse May Come
Some of these blouses being shipped
from Paris are of tricolette basket
weave trimmed with rows of wool
fringes and borders of large beads and
queer metallic devices. Many are
trimmed with embroidered strips of
leather. Charming smocks are being
made of silk serge, heavy silks and
silk duvetyns, with elaborate collars
and girdles for outdoor wear this
It may be that the Paris novelty
last fall, the kid blouse, will gain
popularity In the states this spring.
The best known model sent to Amer
ica in the fall was of flesh pink kid
with a perforated design. Although
such a blouse is highly decorative, as
well as practical, it still awaits a gen
eral acceptance by leaders of fash
Ion. Hand-Made Blouse
Far from last In importance is the
complete revival of the handmade
lingerie blouse. Essentially French, it
remained for the American women on
war duty in France to bring back
with them a renewed desire for this
blouse. French voile stands high in
favor among the materials, on Account
of its firmness, sheerness and tub-i
King qualities. All the old-time deco
rative idea drawn work, shadow em
broidery, hand-made beading, fine
tucking, "point" edge and high
padded embroidery are coming back
with it. Even the finely pleated jabot
frill of delicate lace, for morning
wear with semi-tailored suits is al
ready in vogue. Laces Irish, cluny
and antique filet will be the loveliest
and best of trimmings.
Living microbes have been found in
Franco between the pages of a book
five centuries old. scientist, n-hn ex
amined them, insist they are at least
6500 years old, probably the oldest liv
ing things in the wrlri
alone the redwood trees of California-
row that they have found microbes
of an age which makes Uncle John
Shell seem a mere boy by comparison,
let us suggest to our learned scientist-
Let's Write
Home Every
Week Next Year
New Year's resolutions are slowly
forming in our minds. "Why not make
a different one this year?
Here is a resolution that kept
brings a great deal of personal hap
piness with it.
Let's promise ourselves to be better
correspondents than ever. Those let
ters wo have Intended to write, but
put off from day to day those let
ters we owe that weekly letter home
let's not let. them snow us under
during the year 1920.
A letter is so easily written, takes
so much happiness with it, and in so
many cases is looked for so longingly,
that we would all feel happier and
live closer to those we love if we would
just keep this one resolution.
discoverers that they hunt for the rules
and regulations of these mkrobic lives
that we may "take a tip from them.
For wouldn't it be fine if the human
race could point with pride to men
who had weathered five centuries of
If microbes can do it why can't we?
Darius Green once asked a somewhat
similar question, and the answer was
the airplane.
Chamber cf Commerce Building
Phoenix, Arizona
Phone 3692
Get a Free Calendar From the
Then' keep your eye on it; watch the days go
slipping by.
They are your most precious possession, your
life ; they are all you have. -
Squeeze each of them hard before it goes for
ever through your fingers.
Make it give you what you want work, joy,
love, accomplishment.
- Learn from your calendar to look ahead, but
learn from it also the predominant importance of to
day. ; Do not sacrifice the present for the future.
Live now.
Treasure the day that is. " Make its coming have
served some purpose before you. tear off the pad that
reveals tomorrow. Keep your eye on the calendar.
The Republican has feared, in the face of the
shortage of paper, that its readers this year might not
be able to get their calendars with accustomed ease.
So it procured for them
; : It was made by the Navy Department and car
ries a message from that service to the young.men of
America. It is artistic, handy, in every way satis
factory. ' "
Fill out the coupon below and mail as indicated.
-.Our Washington Information Bureau will-serve you
in this as in scores of other matters, if you but get
the habit of using it. Act now !
Frederic J, Haskin, Director,
I enclose herewith two cents for return postage for a free copy of
the 1920 calendar, 4 . ;
Name ;
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